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H School superintendents of tlic stnte
H hold their ntintiul convention In Suit
B Lake last week.
H Taxpayers of Uintah county passed
H tho school tax levy of threo mills for
H n $25,000 Indebtedness by a vote of -110
H to 125 nt. n .spcelul election,
H Tlio Uintah cunning factory bns
Hj opened for the summer run. String
H Iicnns are now being canned and corn
H and tomatoes will he next In lino.
H A Inrge plaster parls enst of the cliff
H dwelling region nt Mesa Vordo, Colo.,
H was received nt the University of Utah
H hist week-. The cast is reproduced in
H There arc two kinds of mosquitoes In
j Utah, sny experts, tho nodes and tho
H nnnpbelcs, tho latter the breed that
H carries malaria and spreads It. They
H are in the minority.
H Colonel Tlionins ( Webber, 81 yonrs
H of age, merchant ami former m-unpa-
H per man, who for years has been jumi-
H vnil mnniigor of the Z. C. M. I. at Suit
H I.ala;, died August 15.
H i Tho Aniorlcun Jersey Cattle club ban
H .written tho Utah iatu Fair iihiocIii
H tlon a letter In which It offers $200 to
H bo distributed to exhibitors of Jersey
H cattle nt the annual fair.
H Melon-growers of I'rovo bench, tfa-
H lent and .Santnqulu report that tho
B melon, crop is Just coming on and local
H jauloiiH will now take tho place of tho
H Imported crop on all local markets.
H In I'rovo there are sixty-five fewer
H children of school ngc this year than
H last, according to the school census,
H tho number aggregating .'1101, which is
H practically tho same as ten years ago.
H The 1020 winter wheal acreage in
H l mIwih iwmitiai lit ii ii I l ( 1 1 1 luiliiiii
ppj euer county is cousnierauiy noimv
pjM tlutt'of 1010, and the spring wheat
pjpj acreage is greatly In excess., according
pJAj to figures submitted to the bureau of
pjM crop estimates.
pjM Venial will have a University club If
pjS plans 'of some of the leading business
pjA men of the city mature. About sixty-
pjM five college men ami women have been
pjM listed ami many more are being added
JM to the roster.
H Cedar City Is erecting one of the
H most i.p-to-dato auto camp parks In
pJJ tho state. Tents and cook ovens will'
H bo provided, while shower baths are
pjM being Installed and the grounds seeded
pjM to lawn and trees planted.
H Bryco's canyon has been tho Mecca
pjpj for tho auto tourist this reason, thou-
pjAj sands visiting the wondorlaud. All
pjM visitors are enthusiastic In their pratse
H of Bryco's and ninny additional thou-
H sands will make tho trip next season,
pjM it Is predicted.
pjfl Work on tho new Millard county
pjfl courthousu nt Flllmoro Is progressing
pjfl rapidly and It will bo ready for occu-
pjM pancy by tho latter part of October.
pjM It is located on the park of tho old
pjfl capltol grounds, a short distance from
JM tho old capltol.
pjAj Farmers of tho Cnllao section take
pjA exception to recently circulated state-
pjM lueuts to tho effect that the people of
pjM Callao were maintaining a inudliole for
pJAj personal gain, that they might extii-
pjpj eato' autolsts from the mudholo at an
pjfl outrageous rate.'
pjM Harold 11. 1 lagan, stato Inspector of,
jj crops and pests, will servo part of the
pjpj time as an Instructor In zoology nt the
pjpj University of Utah beginning with the
pjpj fall term, September 27. Ills work at
pjpj the. state Institution will In no way In-
pjpj terfore with his present duties,
pjpj The formal dedication of Ion nn-
Jpj tloual park on September in has been
pjpj suggested to the Salt Lake Commercial
pjpj club, which Is to have charge of nr-
pjpj rangements, by Stephen II. Mather, dl-
pjpj rector of national parks, who has
pjpj agreed to attend the ceremony at that
pjpj The secretary of the state board of
pjpj health Is In receipt of a letter from the
pjpj United States public health bureau In-
pjpj forming him that It will be Impossible
pjpj for the bureau to comply with his re-
pjpj quest to send an agent to conduct a
pjpj campaign against mosquitoes in the
jS Bear lllver alley of Mux Elder county.
pjpj Mrs. (iurthu Wheeler, 17 years of
jpV age, was anvted at Ogden and bound
jpjl over to the district court on the charge
pjpj of bigamy, The complaining witness
Is Elmer Wheeler, the woman's bus-
jpW band, who claims that he has Just
jpV learned that the young woman was al-
JpV ready married when she married him.
jpW An audit of the books of the Utah
jpV Agricultural college, which bns Just
jpjj been completed by Joseph Itlrle, state
jpj auditor, shows an overdraft of tilmoxt
jpV $ir0,000. The deficit Is due to expense
jpj Incurred by the erection of buildings j
jpjf, for the accommodation of soldiers
jpfl while tho war was In progress, It is
jpj Tho Southern Utah Federated Com-
jpW merclnl clubs became an actuality on
jpj August 1 at Cedar City. The com-
jpV merclnl organizations of Washington,
jpW Iron, Ucnver, Millard, Clarfleld and
jpJM Kuno counties are lirosent members of
jpjl tho federation, but commercial organl-
JpV nations of other counties arc eligible
jpV to membership.
pjfJJ Tlio stato mental hospital at I'rovo
pjfJJ lias tho Inrgost population now the
pjfJJ ' Institution has ever had. There nre
jTM C01 Inmates, nine more than on July
H 1. During July five wore discharged
pjfJJ an'd threo died.
pjpj Tlio Fanner-Labor party officially
pjpj tossed Its bat Into the stato political
pjpj ring at its convention In Salt Lake,
pjpj August 1, with the selection of a
jfji partly , complete state ticket and tho
pjpjV naming of a committee to act in cou-
PJtJJl junction witli tho executive committee
pjpjr of tho state In choosing candidates for
pjfpj1' -remaining offices.
Los Angeles Man Gained Fifteen
Pounds Takinjj Tanlac Hi
Troubles Overcome.
"Tnnlac hns not only rid me of ray
troubles, but lias added fifteen pounds
to my weight," said Joseph A. Dim
mire, of 402 Crocker St., Los Angeles,
Oil. Mr. Dunmlre has been n trusted
employe of tho Los Angeles Transfer
Co., for twenty-seven years.
"Before I started taking Tnnlac,
he continued, "I could not cat n single
meal without my food fermentingnnd
gas forming so bad it made mo miscr
Se. I had rheumatism in my right
i leg so bad nt times I could hardly
. got about and at night I was too rest
less to get much sleep. I had verty
little appetite and went down hi 1 so
fast that I lost fifteen pounds and got
sTwenk I could hardly Jo my work.
"Well, air, In spite of the had conr
ditton I was In I hadn't taken more
than half a bottlo of Tanlac before I
felt a hundred per cent belter. Now
all my sufferings havo stopped com
Setcly, can cat three hearty meals
! every day and sleep like a log nt night.
I have regained every pound of my
lost weight and am in rfs good health
as a man wants to be. I have started
my daughter taking Tnnlac, so you
see what I think of it."
Tnnlac is sold in Cedar City by the
Cedar City Drug Company, and in
Parowan by the Tarowan Drug Co.
The now building of the Southern
Utah Plumbing Compnny across the
street north from the new hotel, is
now practically ready for occupancy.
Thb outside is entirely finished, the
doors and windows are all in, tho plas
ter and inside woodwork nro finished
and the painting nnd decorating is in
progress. The first floor will be occu
pied by the "Goodio Gnrdcns," n lunch
nnd refreshment room with cabaret.
The fittings nnd decorations for this
room nro of tho very latest design and
aro very pleasing. The plumbing
company will uso tho rear nnd tho
basement and there arc cute electric
ally fitted apartments upstairs for
those who wish to keep house with all
modem conveniences and comforts.
. C. B. Potty, vice-president of tho
Hurricane Commercial Club nnd a
momber of tho Arrowhead Trails As
sociation, was in Cedar yesterday on
his way home from Salt Lake where
ho has been for about n month recov
ering from an operation. Tho doctors
removed his appendix and an ulcer
from his stomnch. Dr. Edgar Petty
came to Lund to meet his brother nnd
take him home.
Sahara, Aug. 18, 1920.
Mr. Win. Jenkins of Beryl called nt
Sahara on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Meads were call
ers nt Magnussen's on Monday.
Mr. J. E. House spent over Sunday
with his family.
. The section men from Snhnrn have
been helping the Lund section for a
few diys.
Word has been received that Mr. C.
R. Couch will start for his homo near
hero on Sunday, Aug. 22nd. We will
bo glad to have him with us ngnin.
Word has been received hero from
Mrs. II. T. Griffin that Mr. Griffin
is out of the hospital nnd doing fine.
So wo can look for them beck with us
some time soon.
Miss Tncoma Baker left on Sunday
with her parents for Modena where
Mr. Baker now holds tho position as
section foreman on tho S. L. R. R.
I Miss Tacomn will spend a few weeks
I with her folks.
Mr. Russel Connor, a homesteader
from Ilnmblin Valley is living in Mrs.
Louis Benton's houso with his family
and working with the rest of tho
Sahara men on the section. We nro
glad to welcome them into the com-
munit y.
Mr. En 1 Freeman arrived here
'Tuesday from Ogden nnd is visiting
i with Mr. nnJ Mrs. V. M. Carlson and
Mr. and Mrs. N. L, Mcndcs while here.
I Ho will lenvo for Los Angeles in n few
days and expects to stay for tho win
tor. Mrs. Freeman is expected in n
short timo and will remain hero for a
few weeks nftor which sho will join
her husband and son Ford in Califor
nia. One morning lntcly one of our
neighbors was awakened by nn un
usual commotion in tho poultry yard.
She rushed out doors to investignto
" ' V " ,,M
jl Small Cars and the Declining j
II vl. Cost of Tire Mileage
j You are aware, of course, that dur-
! ing the last ten years, Goodyear has
j ydsS5 been able steadily to increase the
I fPsf"1 A aniount of mileage built into its tires.
II i(s$$k ou reaze also, that this in-
V' TIBSr crease bas been accomplished with- j:
II ryOoliBi out extra cost to t"-ie user that j'
I rJSK IllSlhl Goodyear Tires are priced no higher
ftOfllMll today than in 1910? ' ' ' I
I 'jyu nllllll 1 n no re n t"ie Goodyear line is '
I! n fll-l t"ie declining cost of mileage more i l
II lCy I evident than in the present 30x3-, jj j
II (SCX I 30x3!2- and 31x4-inch size Good-
I iwCfi I year Tires made especially for small I i
I illPffiL I ou own a ol'd Chevrolet, Dort, J I
J iSHf I I Maxwell or other car taking these j I
I rSSSBwll I 1 sizes, go to your nearest Service jj
II UiliiLI f l tatin fr Goodyear Tires get the jj il
II vlSiRM exceptional worth and endurance jj
j WwiL Gdyear builds into them. JJ j
9 30 x 3l Goodyear Double-Cure AOCISO Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes cost no more than the price I ',
Fabric, All -Weather Tread ZD you arc asked to pay for tubes of less merit why risk costly j
30 x3' Goodyear Single -Cure $'7'50 casings when such sure protection is available? &ASO I 1
Fabric, AntlkldTrcad LL 30x32skc in wattrproofbas T- l
j "''''aCTiiBwnMiiiw i nun n ,i,inmumimmmmgmmmmmmmmmtmmmmtmnmmrmmBammnmmntMmmaaa& M
- i I
"iimiHiiiimiiiumMimnummim iiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiitiiiiiMiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiu.
SB ci
MiiiiiuiiiiiiiiJHiiili:i(Ul.l.iliniM(IUIIIIIIIIItHIIIIII1IMUlttHIIIMIIMIIIMIIUIIII1UiUltnilllIIIttlUllltllllllllllllinititt1llllliMtuiiil iiiuniiiiiit iiniiiiiiiiiiitiiuKii
Summit, Aug. 18, 1920
Fanners arc very busy at present
harvesting the second crop of hay
and also their grain. Tlio crops nre
excellent this year, and there will bo
a great deal of hay for snlo here.
Mr. James Sargent of Panguitch is
hero doing the carpenter work on Bp.
John II. Dnlley's new homo which is
nearing completion. Mr. Sargent is
a 'brother of Mrs. Dalloy.
L. N. Marsdcn and J. Clayton
Mitchell were in town todny on busi
ness .connected with the bank.
Thursday, Aug." 19 has been iip
pointed by the ward officials as clean
ing up day in the cemetery. It is
hoped that all will turn out and assist
in this worthy cause.
Ray Grimshaw has moved his por
tion of the barn recently purchased
from the E. B. Fnrnsworth estate in
to the cencr of his lot. Tin other
j pnrt is owned by Sumner O'Donnell.
. .
j Miss Arvilln Hulct was operated on
for tho removal of tonsils at tho Mac
farlano hospitnl today.
N. C. Madscn nnd family with Mrs.
Elzina Unlet spent Sunday at John
Miller's ranch on Parowan bottoms.
Word has been received hero that
A. T. Lawrence who hns spent most o'f
his timo for the pnst five yean doing
plumbing work'n Beaver was recently
married to Mrs. Margaret S of
Milford. Tlie couple will make theh'
Ihomo nt Mr. Lawrence's homestead
1 near Summit.
and thcro stood a coyoto with a young
turkey in his mouth, not sntisficd with
that, tho greedy fellow had also killed
a chicken. Tho Indy ran back to get
her riflo and cnlled her littlo daughter
to seo the theif. Sho shot nt tho an
imal but only hit his tail. Ho dropped
his proy and 'round and 'round ho
wept chasing his tail like n cat. Tho
IhiM': )
two watchers were so convulsed with
Inughter that they forgot to sihoot
again and Mr. Coyote got away.
Mr. Chas. Anderson left for Los
Angeles Wednesday after spending n
few days witli C. M. Magnussen and
family. Mr. Anderson with his wit
nesses, Joe Yoemnn, Wm. Griffin and
Earl Markwith, went to Milford Tues
day to mako final proof on his home
stead near Sahara. He expects to
take a trip up here later in tho season
in his machine and bring Mrs. Ander
son nnd little Dolly along. He was
very much pleased with tho crops on
.the different homesteads around Sa
'harn nnd took with him snmples of
iV. M. Carlson's corn measuring 8 ft.
4 inches nnd II. O. Dougherty's sou
1 dan grass measuring C ft. 2 inches to
show his friends. Ho nlso took sam
ples of somo very fine potatoes from
our neighborhood some whent, rye,
onts, alfalfa, spelt and soudan from
Mr. Frank Webster's homestead near
I Pickles, Bottled Vinegar, Sauer Kraut, Crackers, Canned To-
I matoes, Sweet Potatoes, Soups, Sugar, Corn. ,
I '
Cedar City Bakery & I
,:: Confectionary ::
Mrs. Annotto Abbott laMltffe M&l
Adams, formerly United AflR vft
Northorn District of Call- T 'Sia55v
j position yot to bo hold by BP "tM
i i r .-t,.- , -; Li yy,.,-!! , Ml 1M. t f-ypr, -amr.sra
The following program will be given
by tho Cedar City Band Sunday evon
ing, August 22, 1920:
"Cinderella" Rosoy
"Cry Baby" Siegel
"Dreamy Moon" Smith
"O'er Tho Desert Wide". . .,. .. .Footo
"After All" Roberts
"Sweet nnd Low" , Johnson
"Molly Malone" Schonberg i
"Let tho Rest of tho World Go By".... I
LaVoma Quartet
"I'eggy" Morot
"I Know What it Means to Bo
Lonesome" v Vincent
"Lnssus Trombono" Fillmoro
(A Trombono Smear)
"My Isle of Golden Dreams" Blnufus
"Freckles" Hess ''
"Flag of Victory" , ,.,V, Blon. ;

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