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Iron County record. (Cedar City, Utah) 1893-1982, December 29, 1922, Image 2

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H Bankers Aro Ready t6 Advanco Loan
H To Berlin; Government Atti-
m tudo on Collections
H Moro Lenient
H ' Washington. Tho Unltod Stntos, as
H Uio outstanding movo In Its plnn to
H nvort a collapso In tho old world. In
H nbout to Invito tlio European powers
H to mako a final attempt to sottlo tlio
H Gorman reparations problem, It wns
H learned from tho most authoritative
H Bourcca bore.
H Tho "plan" ot tho United States for
H Intervention in tho Europoan altun-
H Hon, which lias filled two continents
H with excitement and anticipation, part.
H ly because of tho (loop mystery sur-
H rounding It, can now bo revcnlod. It
H fellows:
Hj Bollcvolng that roparatlons Is tho
Hj koy to tho present European crisis, tho
H United States will patrlclputo in n
H commission or somo other form ot of-
H flclal Inquiry to establish an exact
H flguro for Germany to pay. It would
H bo n flguro that would constltuto Just
H roparatlons for tho war nn ampunt
H that would bo up to Germany's ca-
H paclty to pay, but not beyond.
H If u settlement ot tho reparation:)
H problom can bo otfoctod by an iik ---
H mont nmong tho European powers on
H such a flguro, tho United States can
H Rlvo aRsurnncos that American bank
H ers stand ready to advance a loan,
H with tho proper securities, sufficient
H to put Gormany on her feot and Btnrt
H her towards amortization of the in.
H dcmnlty.
H Finally, tho United States govern-
H ment Is willing to adopt a moro lon-
H lent policy on tho quostlon of collcc-
H tlon of tlio allied war debt to tola
H country. That Is, it is ready to con-
H Blder tho obligations of each of tho
H dob tor coutrlos on their own merits,
H granting moro leniency in tho torms ot
H collection to thoso countries less nblo
H to pay.
H State Troops take Hand In Feud
H Monroo, La. Tho colobrated Mer
H Itiugo kidnapping caso, which, . for
H tour months has Ineffectually taxed
H ull of the logal mnchlnory of tlio
H Btntc ot Loulsana in Its offorts to
H solvo, and niovod forward another
H chapter when national guard troops
H wore ordered to movo to Bastrop, La.,
H Dear Mer ltougo, originated accord'
H Ing to woll-informed observes as a
H reported by II. V. Blake, postofflce
H inspector on his return from invostl
H gating tho affairs ot tho Frisco of-
H flee. Sullivan wus not nrrcstod, bo-
H cause of his physical condition, lie
H is reported to bo suffering from acute
H tuberculosis and It is not expected that
H ho will survlvo many days. Ho was
H In charge of tho postoffico during tho
H absonco of his slstor, who is the
H Frisco postmistress. She has bocn
H In California for oovorul months, and
H Sullivan lias boon in charge of tho
H office in Iter placo as assistant post-
H mastor. The caso was investigated by
H Blako and by II J. Hndcnty, spoclal
H agent of tho American ltallway Hx-
H press comimny, which was also con-
H cerned in tho shortugc. Sullivan
H octod also as agent for the oxpross
H company nnd a portion of tho miss-
H lng funds is said to havo belonged to
H Ku Brothers In Rcaalla Barred
H Harrison. Instructions to arrest
H anyone nppearlng in tho city wearing
H tho regalia of tho Ku Klux Klun and
H orders, to havo tho saulty ot all such
H persons determined by physicians.
H woro posted by Ghlof of 1'ollco. Tho
1 orders, ndoptod by tho common court-
H oil, also Include the unmasking of
H hooded Individuals and ton days' Im-
H prlsonmont
H Picture Actor Recovering
B Los Angeles. Appearing brighter
B e every way nnd with his tempera-
1 turo and respiration said to bo norm-
H 111. Wallaco Itcld, stur of tho silver
H hcct, who Is fighting u winning bat-
H tie for health after breaking himself
Hj of tho habit of using narcotics, was
m declared by his physclnns to be muoh
H Youths Held For Train Wrecklno
H SL Joseph. rollco holding two It)-
H ycar-old boys, who they claim have
H confesoed to wrecking Iturllngton
Hj paBsengor train No. 10 from SL
H Joseph to St. Louis last Tuesday night
M T1ilch endangered tho lives ot mora
m -than u hundred paoncngers.
M Thirteen Arrested In Bank Robbery
M Chicago. Twelve men nnd a woman
H wero nrrcBted here charged with rob.
H Mng P. J. Cnldwcll, a mosticngor for
H tho Logan Sniinro Trust and Bnvings
H Jlank, of $10,000 Tuesday. Sovonil
H lltouBiind dollars in cash wero rocov-
Hj orod. At tho sumo tlmo police spread
H A wido dragnet for bandits who rob-
B bed the offices ot Jamos E. Harrison,
M lown-town diamond broker of $100,.
B COO worth of unsot diamonds and
iH 2,000 cash.
Auoustut T. Seymour of ColumbUi,
0., who has been appointed assistant
to Attorney General Daugherty to suc
ceed Col, Guy D. Goff, resigned.
Requisitions Doctored and Excess Ma.
terlals Thus Obtained Were Sold
Contractors by Workers; Ar
rost of Others Expected
Wow York. Twenty-two civilian
employes of tho Urooklyn nnval base
wero arrested by department of Jus
tIco,,agcnts in connection with grand
Jury indictments charging moro than
$l,U00,U0O worth of goods havo bet i
stolon from tho haso since the war.
Twonty-threo mon wero named in
tho Indictments. Tho arrests wore
miitlo under supervision of William
.1. Ilurns, chief of tho department at
Goods stolon from tho naval baso
Included clothing, oil nnd other ma
terials, according to tho federal
agonts. The twenty-two men aro to
bo nrrnlgnod boforo Federal Judgo
ArrcBt of tho twenty-third man In
dicted was declared to bo expected
soon, tcdornl authorities also announc
ing that additional indictments and
arrests aro planned.
Tho arrests woro said by police,
who worked with tho federals, to be
only tho beginning of tho exposure of
a hugo conspirurcy to defraud the
government extending over tho last
thrco years.
Ninety moro arrests aro oxpoctcd,
It was disclosed.
Clerk's, chauffoura, laborers acd
others wero among thoso arrested.
As they came to work they woro llnod
up by guards and hcrdod Into trucks
and tnkon to tho fedarl bullmng.
Policemen assigned to provent Just
such ttiofts aro Implicated, it was
The federal agents said tho thofts
wore workod through "doctored" re
quisitions. For instance, when nn in
voco was presented for shipment of
100 pioces of any article, tho num
hor was raised to 1400. Tho extra
thousand was sold to outsldo con
ractors and concerns by tho "fraud
ring,' it is alleged.
Post Office Found Short $2,000
Snlt lako City. A shortage of ap
nroxlmatcly I'.OOO in tho accounts ot
icurgo A. .Sullivan assistant post
master ot Frisco, Henvor county, was
rosult of a feud botweon rival fac
tions ot Morehouso parish. Although
tho Ku Klux Klan organizations of
Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi
havo been moro or loss charged with
being involvod in tho mysterious dis
appearance of Major Watt Danlols and
Hiomas Klotcher ltlchards, citizens of
Mor Hougo, following tho kidnaping
ot theso and threo other Mer ltougo
citizens beliovo that tho mysterious
case goos much doopor than alloged
Ku Klux animosity. It is believed
to bo more or loss racial and rivals,
In many respects, the celebrated fouds
of the Cumberland mountains of Ken
tucky, Tonnessec and Virginia.
Prince Operated Upon
London. Prince Georgo youngest
son of King George and Queon Mary,
was successfully operatod upon Tues
day for appendicitis.
Bandit Confesses To 8hootlnn
Salt Lako City. Tho bandits whose
gunfire probably fatally woundod Itoy.
lanco Fitzgerald Saturday night havo
boon raptured. Both of them have
confessed. Sheriff C. Frank Emory
so announced. Tho men uedor arrest
aro ltctf Aylett and W. A. Farr, both
of Mldvalo. Aylett has conre6sod he
was In tho bandit car which pursued
that In which MIbi Fitzgerald was
tiding. Ho has declared that ho.
fired only imu ohot. Tho others,
ho said, were fired by his accomplice.
State Department Denies Proposa
Has Been Forwarded Covering
Movo This Country Is
Wilting t0 Make
Washington. Franco soon may bl
asked by tho Unltod Statos to place
nil hor cards on tho table.
With tho success or falluro of the
Amorlcan movo looking toward n so
lution of tlio old world's economic
crisis virtually hanging on tho atti
tudo ot France, this government is
understood to be proparlng to ask
Premier Polncuro for a definite Htatc
mont as to the utmost concessions ito
is willing to mako on roparatlons
and kindred questions In order to re
lievo tho situation.
This government, roallzos tho Pom
care government faces n difficult po
litical situation bocnuso of tho strong
demand In Frnaco for tho use of
force In tho hnpo of compelling Ger
many to nay tho huge reparation fig
ure which hai been imposod upon
hor, and tho Inquiry to tho French
government will be propounded In tho
most frlondly manner.
This govoinmont bus received tlio
German proposal calling for n com
mission of oxpertsr profombly Amer
icans, to rovlso tho reparations down
to tho hghest possible ilguro that Gor
many can pay. This proposal was re
vealed exclusively by tho 'press and
caused unusual lntorest In official cir
cle. It Is holovo.l that any plan tho
United States agrees upon will bo lie
ceptublo In the main to Great Britain,
thus making It necessary to harmon
Izo lis much as possible tho wide dif
ferences between Franco nnd Ger
many, if a solution of tho problem is
to bo reached.
Tho plun of this government is to
got tho vlows of all the powers and
then outllno a common ground upon
which negotiations could bo opened
with tho United Stntos acting ns a
sort of mediator.
Stato department officials denied
that the Informal discussions between
this government nnd tho nlllos had
reached tho stage whero a. dcflnito
American proposal had been framed,
and Bald hero was no truth in re
ports from London that tho JJnltod
States at tho roqueBt by German" Chan
cellor Cuno had proposod an Amorl
can commission of business 'mon to
rovlso tho roparatlons figure.
Bonus Law Under Test
Springfield. A friendly suit to
tost the constitutionality nnd legality
it tho Illinois soldiers bonus lnws
wns filed In tho Sangamon county
court. Half a dozen objections to
tho bonus lnw aro raised. It Is com
plalnod that tho law was not legally
passed and that it Is unconstitutional.
Tho proceedings took tho form of a
petition for inunction against tho
service recognition board and stato
Chicago Land Mark Dstroyed By Fire
Chicago. Smouldering ruins mark
ed tho site of tho.Denrborn stroot rail
road station, a landmark since 181,
and once known as tho best mil road
station in tho world. It was destroy
ed by fire Thursday afternoon, be
lieved to have started in offices on
Uio third floor. Officials who Investi
gated tho blazo woro said not to put
much faith of reports that it wns of
incendiary origin. Hardly had th
floors and walls coolod boforo work
men started romovlng debris and mak
ing the ruins at least temporary us
ablo us a station.
Money Truck Yields Good Sum
St. i.ouIn. Six bandits nrmod wltn
sawed-off shotguns hold up n nionoy
truck of tho Stlx Ikior and Fuller com
pany horo. compelling two employees
and a policeman to turn over to thorn
approximately $5,000 In cash. Tho
pollcomun and employee-! wero tnken
by surprise nnd offered no resistance
Tho money had been collected nt
various delivery stations. Tho bandits
escaped In on automobile.
Farm Council Will Be Permanent
Washington. Permanent organiza
tion of tho national council of farm
ers cooperative markotlng associa
tion was authorized In tho closlnj
session of a threo-lay conference ol
representatives of farmers' associa
tlontlons In all soctons of the country
The purpose of the council will b
to handle common problems of vo
oprrativo marketing "bodies without
conflicting with Activities of otho
associations, and acting aa the!,
mouthpiece. '
Growers May Insure Against Fros'
Los Angeles. Orango growers hnv
appealed to Lloyds for insurance fo
their crops against frost, accordln
to officials of the Fruttgrowors' Kx
change. Whothor tho company wl
iissumo Biich a risk has not been nr
uounced but exchnngo officii! sat
thoy bollevod tho underwriting woul
bo done. So far this season, thor
has been no frost of sufficient 1)
tensity to alarm trout hern Cnlltornl.
orango growors.
ft 1 wt)dyCKnnailSEiiiSiwi m Mfearf
Prince Saccha of the ancient houee
of Thurn and Taxis of Czechoslovakia,
son of Prince Alexander, rich sugar
merchant of that country, who Is now
In the United States to make a study
of the motion picture Industry. The
prince, who Is also a captain In the
Chechoslovakian army, alms to intro
duce the movies to the people of his
Soldiers Stationed Several Mjler
Away; Identification Likely to
Be Difficult, Correspon
dent Asserts
Shrovoport, La. Tho bodies of two
men in high state of decomposition,
beloved to bo Watt UanlolB and Thom
as F. ltlchards, missing victims of
tho Morehouse mob of last August,
wore found near tho Eastland ferry
on Lako La Fourcho, which soparates
Alorehouso and Itlchland parishes, ac
cording to the roportB. Tho llmba of
tho dead men wero tied with wire.
They came to tho surface as tho ro
Hiilt of a big chargo of dynamlto ex
ploded by unidentified persons.
Tho bodleB wero nudo except for
belts and a portion of tho trousers.
Ono man's head was gono. It Is
thought that thoso who used tho ox
plosive loft without knowning tho bod
ies had como to tho surface.
A ferryboat had brokon from its
moorings nnd drifted n considerable
distance downstream. Tho bank nenr
whoro tho boat was accustomed to
landing was badly torn up. Mnny
dead fish wero on the surfaco of tho
The nearest point whore soldiers
were reported stationed 1b said to bo
several miles from the place of tho
dynamiting. Owing to tho condition ot tho .bodies,
it Is beloved it will be dlffic0.1t to ro
movo them nnd that ldcntifcntion will
be iilffcult, unless thero are marks on
the belts.
Sovonil shots woro fired nt them
nnd tho men disappeared.
Cooperlake Is surrounded by denso
swamps In nn inaccessible part of
Morehouse parish, and it has been
named ns tho spot whoro the bodies
of tho two missing men, Mnjor Watt
Daniels and Thomas Fletcher Itlch
nrds, might possibly havo been thrown
by their kidnappers, according to re
ports mado by private detectives.
Ford Announces Big Plant at Chicago
Detroit Honry's Ford's decision to
construct a .?l,000,UUU plant jioar Chi
cago for tho building of automobiles
bodies and nssombllng of automobllos
Is only a Btop In a gigantic program
on tho part of tho Fcrd Motor com
pany "thnt will rank ns ono of tho
greatost industrial dovolopments the
world has over soon," It wns stated
at tho Ford company offices hero by
persons in nuthorlty.
To Take Care of Exiled Orphans
Shanghai. While slxtoon shiploarth
of nntisovot rofugcea from Vladivostok
remain hero, their futo uncertan, word
from Amorlcan Ited Cross headquar
ters Ib awaited on the proposal thai
orphans among the exiles bo taken
under tho wing ot tho Ited Cross to
bo cared for temporarily in Shanghai
and later sent to Amerlcn top be
reared. A- similar scheme to send
the orphans to Anstralln was rejected
by the Australian trade commissioner
Persons hore than irrged the American
ited Cross to assume the guardianship.
Forgers of Money Orders Taken
Asbury Park. A long search by fed
eral and private dotoctlves for coun
terfeltors who have been flooding
tho country with forged money orders
has been endod with tho arrest here
of M. Itanney, and tho arrests In Now
Orleans of Watson and It. Melon, It
was dlsclosoo. ltnnney who jvns
aid to ho a Now Yorker, was arrested
Hovorul days ngo. llta capture wse
opt secrot, however, until tho othoi
illegetl plotters were taken into cus
Man on Motorcycle Is Hit Without
Warning; Trio In Car Covered
By Band and Money
Pittsburg. Four bandit shot and
wounded ltoss Dennis, 'paymaster ot
tho Pittsburg Coal company, and es
caped with a satchel containing about
JTJO.000 in curroncy. Tho holdup oc
curred in tho nllls behind Mount Le
banon, noar hore, whllo a party of
company officials wero taking tho
Christmas pay to minors at Heading,
County dotoctives, armed with riot
guns, wero rushed to Mount 1Cbanon
from tho sheriffs oirico hore.
Donuis was riding a motorcyclo In
advanco of nn automobile: In which
Superintendent William Young of tho
Heading mino and threo other om-
ploycs woro guarding tho pay satchol.
Tho bandits shot Donnis without
warning. Ho fell from tho motor
cyclo. Before tho driver ol Uio pay car
could stop his machine tho bandits
wero upon it. Thoy covorcd tho su
perintendent and the guardB, ob
tained tho satchol and escaped.
Collection Box Stolen By Pupil
Bowling Groen. Tho Juveuile court
has reloascd Sammy Jennings, O, when
ho returned 74 conts and confessed ho
had stolon it from tho first grado col
lection 'box. Tho pupils in Sammy's
class had put their pennies in a box
to bo glvon to tho Ited Cross to buy
Christmas presents Tor tho poor. "1
wanted to buy a present for tcachor,"
Sammy told tho court.
Kaiser Sells Wedding Photo
Doom. Tho former German em
peror has sold to a lxindou and New
l'ork company tho world rights in
what ho describes as tho first offi
cial photograph of his rccont wed
ding. Tho price paid was JJIO.UUO.
Tho picture shows tho former kaiser
in tho uniform of a field marshal.
Princess Ilcrmolono Is Wearing tho
famous dlndcm, tho wedding gifts ot
her hnsband. 'it Is understood that
Wilhclm wns considerably annoyed
when ho lcarnod of tho profits that
had ihcon mado from tho oalo of his
portrait by unofficial and unauthor
ized pnotugraphors and this consider
ation together wih a dcslro to aug
ment his incomo, Induced him to make
the safo.
Mint Robbery Bill Found at Baltimore
Baltimore. A ?fi 4)111 handed In to
pay a meal chock at a down town
lunch room was identified as having
been part of tho haul mado by tho
bandits, who shot and killed tho fed
eral reservo band guard at Uonvor,
nnd-stole 500,000 in currency. Tho
monoyMurnod over by tho lunchroom
to tho fodcral authorities has been
dorinltoly identified as part of the
5&JUO.OO0 takon from tho Denver mint.
Tho pollco of tho'wholo country havo
been notlflod ot the theft and told to
bo on tho alert for the appcaranco In
circulation of tho money. Aa tar as
is known this Is tho first discovery
that has been mado bo promptly after
tho passing of tho money.
Must Not Sell Booze In Capitol
Washington. A Campaign against
bootleggers In the United States enp
ltol building tho homo of the prohi
bition amondmont baa boon ordered
by sonnto loaders. Tho cnpltol police,
In view of tho recent activities of
bootloggors, havo been warnod to uso
all their powers to break up any at
tempt to purvoy booze within tho capi
tol or tho sonato or house offico
buildings. Tho order was Issued by
Senator Curtis, ltepublicau leador,
bocauso of prlntod reports that sena
tors had boon solkitod by bootleggers
In tho senate lobby.
Block Quarantined; Smallpox Scare
Philadelphia. Phllndelphians prom
lment in business, professional and
socioty llfo wero kept prisoners for
six and a half hours Saturday when
a smallpox quarantine was thrown
around the block bonnded by Fifteenth
Sixteonth, Spruce and Pine stroots,
which included soveral fashonabic
apartment houses. Moro than ito.OOU
residents woro examlnod by fifty
physicians and botweon 1100 nnd 1,000
vaccinated. Fifty-five policemen ropd
off tho area nnd maintained the
quarantine, whloh resulted from tlu
discovery ot a negro suffering from
tho dlseaso In a house on a smaii
thoroughfare In the district.
Stockyard's Fever Fatal to Cattle
Washington. Hcports havo reacho
the dopartmont of agriculture o
outbreaks of shipping fovor or stoci
yards fovor among cattle and shoo
In tho Mlddlo West. Tho disease
"tnown ns hemorrhagic soptlcoms, i
Wood poisoning which provos rate
tulckly, according to tho bureau c
uilmal industry, dlslnfectln of stoc
ard3, which may he effective tour
ratily, cannot hs rollod upon to pr
ict .animals shipped to farms U
Mews Notes
From All Parts of
'Logan. Lo Ornnd Walker of Pleas-
ant Grove, has been awnrdd tho Untou
Pacific scholarship for Utah county
This scholarship Is offered by tho)
Union Pacific railroad company to to?
boy in oach couaty through which its
road passos who excels In agriculture
nnd civic lmprovemenL It provides
$7fi with which to defray expenses
whllo attondlng school at tho Utah,
Agricultural college.
Salt Lako City. Tlio Dixie Power
company was ordered liy tho public
utllltlos commission to allow tho city
ot SL George a credit of tW07 on
power furnlshod tho city as it apoalal
consideration under tho ngrooment
entered Into at tho tlmo Uio muni
cipal plant was turned over to the
Ogdcn. Stephen U Tointor, t$0, on .-ox-convict,
in an ailegod confession
tolls of stealing to. automobile nt
Groat Fulls, Mom with which ho has
boen transporting liquor from Idaho,
nnd also robbing residences ot well
knnv local cftizous of supplies ot
w'nus and whiskoy.
Nophl, A carload oi modern opera
chairs has arrived from tho pust and
soveral men aro now employed as
sembling anil Installing Bamo In thu
now high sjliool auditorium. Tho car
load contained -176 chairs.
Snlt Inl:o City. Prohibition Kn
forcoment Agonts .lorry Z. Hoyt and
Georgo Baker, suspended Inst woe
ponding un Investigation of tho recent
raid at tho homo of Dr. M. M. Cr.tc'h
low, were reinstated on Uio recoipt of
telegraphic advices from tho commis
sioner of internal rovenuo and Gon
oral Prohibition Director lluyncs.
Ogdcn. G. O. ltobortson, an eui- '
ployeo of Uio Utah-Idaho Central rail
road wus hold up, bound and robbed
by two mnskod nnd nrmod bandits.
Tho robbery took placo In tlio rail
road subpowcr station within 100
yards of tho Utah Hot Springs tiotol,
in Boxolder county. Tho robbers, ac
cording to Itobertson'o story, took
(10.40 a gold watch and an alarm
clock "from him.
ltlchfleld. Tho Llnquist and War
ner furniture atoro wns destroyed by
flro hero. The loss is estimated at
$20,000, with insurnnco amounting to ,,
8,000. Tho flro was caused' by u do- J - - 4!
fectlve heatlng-plnnL Fire brpko out
in the same .store a week ago, out did '
no material damage.
Salt Lako City. Wasatch county
commissioners nnd the county clerk,
uicotlug with tho stato road commis
sion, discussed soveral matters in
eonnoctioa with "cloaning the slnto"
aa between tho two commissions.
Among othor Uilngs, tho county core- .
mlsslonoru indicated that they will 1
sign a contract as between county and i
state, in which tho .county will under- I
tttko tho malntenanco of the lleber
Frultlnnd forest road. 1
Ogden. Beet growors in Utah nnd ,
Idaho woro mailed chocks aggroatlng ,
1310,000 by tho Amalgamated Sugar
company, uccordltg to tho announce
ment made by President Henry 11.
Itolapp. Tho money represents nn ad- '
vanco payment for Uio fanners for
biets furnished under the proflt-Bbnr-
lug contract
Salt Lako Llty. -Tho potiUon or
Charles McKoIlar, convictod v In Uio
lL"8t district courL Boxoldor county,
of voluntary manslaughter, for clom- ,
ency, wns donlod by tho stato board I
ot pardons nt ito regular meeting.
Ogden Mayor Frank Francis, in an J
sddress at tho First Methodist church
mado an appeal to citizens to co-op-crato
with tlio city administration In
Its offorts to cntorco tho prohibition
Salt Lake City. swooping ennrgo
which would virtually abolish tho ft- Jl
nance end of tho stato departmont or I
finance and purchase aro advocated
by State Auditor Mnrk Tuttlo in hit
annual roport mado to Gov. Charles
It. Mabey. Tho auditor holds' Uio
cntirn law as being In conflict with
tho constitution and providing dupli
cation of work and effort in tho fi
nance end. j
Logan. Ono dollar bill rnisod to
ten dollara by pasting the numerals Nf I
in tho cornors, has made its appear l
anrc hero and merchants havo bcrn . f
warned to look out for 1L It cdW, '
not be passed unions In a rush of '' !
business. Ono wns passed In Preston
for ton dollars and Sheriff Becksf.cad
it onco informed tho officers horn. j
, 1
She Gets Along.
A young married woman full ot , .'
ricallsm. met an older woman, nlso
mirrled. ,
"How Is your husband?" asked the
"Pretty well. I think. He works bo
anl I see him about ono.hotiV n day." '
"Oh, you poor thing. How I synipn
luzel" "Oh, no, dear. It's all right the I
our soon goes." American Legion I

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