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Iron County record. (Cedar City, Utah) 1893-1982, December 29, 1922, Image 3

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By Dr. W. L. Wanlass, Dean of tho
School of Commerce and Busi
ness Administration Utah
Agricultural College
rtf uMnny vcnturoa in tho flold of co
V operation have failed becauso tho
, ' oopomtora did not iMferonttnto bo-
' Avtwoon tho thlnga thoy Bhould and
' cou,(1 n0 an(! ohould not attempt to
nV. do. Thia does not mean that nil
' "S groupa Bhould attempt to d0 Uiq same
,'' t things. Much depends upon tho Ren-
" - nil situation. What la tho principal
,;' objoct to bo attained through eoop-
' , oration? What Is to bo tho size of
ftl' tho orBantsntlon? What commodity
.$,'- r oommodlLten aro to bo grown or
handlod? AVnat Will bo tho probnblo
; ,.,' Upon Uio answers to tlioso and
similar quostlons tho scopo or nctlvl-
l tos of Uio cooporatlvo enteri)rlflo
; hould bo determined. But through
It nil this fundamental principles mimt
) ' ,)0 Kept in mind; Successful coopcra-
4 Hon. like charity, must begin at home.
U Is futllo for nny group of farmon;
to tninic or ronchlng away out to per-
fo.m the complex functions of mnr-
, , kotlng or distribution until thoy havo
y Joarnod to do woll tho thlngB that are
closo nt hand. Failure to rocognizo
r' tlila important principnl lins been tho
V rock upon which many a welMnten-
. A- tioned ontorprl.se has founored. As
one fltudloo tho lii3tory of our most
Isuccosafiil cooperative organizations
ho finds that nearly nil of them havo
v " had to back up for a second start
.5 simply bocnitsa thoy did not at first
y -- rocognizo tliolr own limitations. Nn-
i, turnlly, Uio lesson Is learnod nt ter-
,, rife coat, filost orgnnizntlons aro so
' . Injured by tho shock that thoy do not
btvo tho powor to ntnrt anew.
What thon, aro Komo of tho tilings
-' thflt- a group of farmers can do in a
cooperative way with reasonable hopo
of auccoss? If it is a marketing or
ganization, ono of tno easiest and at
tbo snmo time ono of tho most Im
1 ' lortant things nucli a group can do Is
to detorniino-with great caro Just
what commodity or commodities can
t)0 most successfully produced. Tlioro
aro many fnctorn to bo considered.
Soli and climnllc conditions, distanco
I to murket, metliods of ronchlng tho
markot, tho particular vnrlety or typo
that Is In grentost demand tlieso and
many olhor items must be cnrorully
woighod nnd examined. Tho writer
hna in mind ono locality whicli sot
out cooperatively to gain Its economic
Kalvatlon bygrowlcg strawberries for
rathor( dtatanr markets. After much
mponnituro of offort thov discovered
that Uio particular vnrlety of borry
selected and plnntod though lovely to
look upon, would linrdly stnnd ship
ping across tho Btreot. Necessarily,
tholr salvation was considerably do
Inyed If not Borlously Jeopardized.
Otiior localities that havo studied
ttiono matters with great care havo
built up roputatlons which aro worth
millions of dollars. Thcro is much
to( bo nccompllshod in this direction.
- - Vc-ry raxoly nro markets gluttod with
" r ' superior products that have attained
o, " ft market reputation.
Anotlior markoting function closoly
,, related to tho ono already doscrlhed
1 ., wlilch farmorB working cooperatively
can perform bettor and cheaper than
nnyono olso Is that of grading nnd
packing products for market. Hero
ngnln il)o opportunities for Improve
ment nro groat. Few indeed are tho
cooporatlvo ontorprlsos that havo
renllzod fiolr full posslblltios in this
dlroctlon. lOverywhoro consumers aro
-moro and more demanding commoui
tlOR that aro uniform nnd dependable
throughout. To meet this demnnd
markets and mnrket agencies nro will
I v Ing to pay a promlum for products of
(i this class. Hero Is the producer's op-
i portunity.
To do theo two things thoroughly
and woll In nu adequate program for
I nny now cooporatlvo onterpriso no
mnttor now ambitious It may bo.
Stops boyonil tills in the marketing
process Bhould bo left to other ngen
cios which, by ronson of experience
and specialization, nro much bettor
fitted to do Uio work than a now or
ganization of farmers can possibly bo.
With a local group, actively coop
eraUng to do tho thlngB thoy nro so
prominently fitted to do, proporly con
nected up with 11 dependable distrlliu
J tlvo agency, wo have an almost Irtoal
marketing arrangement tionerally,
A " tSilB should lie tho psrmnncnt ar-
I , rnngomont. It may bo, howovor, that
,1 as tho local organization gains ox-
Iperlence nnd is nbie to nciiiiro effi
cient management it may with profit
, ', roach out nnd perform other func-
f ' tVSas thnt nro moro Btrlctiy a part
T i of tho marketing process. 'I his is
t trt imrtlculnrly truo whero tho volumo of
liublnosH handled is largo. A con-
i, , sldorablo numbor or our most buo-
',''' coasful cooporatlvo enterprises, after
a most luunblo beginning, have grad
ually wldonod tholr scopo until thoy
, now cover practically the ontiro (lis-
i - tanro from producer to consumer,
j 1 Most frequently this Is accomplished
. ' by n number of local organizations In
' ' a district fcdorntlng themselves to-
" gothor to fonn a central snlea ngency.
It Is not nlwnys possible Cor n oc
oporattvo association to establish con
, nftcttons with nn independent mar::et-
- ' ' lag or dlatrlbuUvo organization which
is tnoroughly dependable. TI1I9 is un.
fortunnto for thoro are undoubtedly
many rollablo soiling agencies. How
over, tho fnlluro to establish suitable
connocttons and the general luck of
confidence among farmers' organiza
tion in existing markoting agencies
has lod tho Anicricnn Farm liuroau
Fodorntlon, through various corpora
tions which It hns fostered to estab
lish nt vurious mnrkots Belling or
ganizations which aro supposed to
represent tho organized farmors dl
roctly. Tliua linstock commlsBlon
houses havo bcon estoblished in row
oral of tho principal llvo-stock mar
kets. It la Uio aim of these commis
sion houses to connect up with coop
oratlvo llvo-Btook shipping associations
In. Buch a way as to handlo all ship
ments mado by thbs'o orgnnizntlons.
Already, a largo volumo of business
has boon handlod in thia way, To
a lo3s oxtcnt but in a similar mannor
grain la bolng mnrkctod througn
agencies that nro suppox; i0 bo di
rectly roprosontntlvo of tho organ
Izd fnrmora thomselvcs. Tho point
to bo noted Is thnt Mieso cooporatlvo
selling ugoncles bwcom avnilabio to
fnrmors only nftr thoy havo perfected
local organisation to do tho things
lndlcntod in tho earlier part of this
Up to tho present tlmo an effort
Hub been mado to sot more or loss
woll definod limits to tho field of
cooperation, lioforo concluding it
should bo polntod out thut thoro nro
a few fundamentals upon which all
successful cooperation must bo bas
ed. Thoso principles must bo ad
heroil to whether tho organization 'bo
largo or small. Thoy may bo briefly
slated as followo:
First, thoro must bo Intellectual
or spiritual cooperation boforo thoro
can bo successful material coopera
tion. To bo good cooporators, men
must bo thoroughly convinced of tha
viiluo of cooporntlon. For this rea
son it is much hotter that tho move
ment bo Initiated by the pooplo Im
modlatoly concomed than thnt it bo
brought to them by some ono from
Socond, ' tho physicnl conditions
must bo fnvorablo. There should bo
n sufficient volumo of business, ac
tual or potential, to warrant tho for
mation of nn organization. Only ono
commodity or n small numbor of sim
ilar commodltlos should bo handlod.
TJiird, no business, cooporatlvo or
otherwise can succoed without rea
sonably goo management. As volume
of business donu or number of func
tions performod increases nrrnngo
ment becomes moro and moro lmpor
Fourth, thoro must bo absolute
loyalty on tho pnrt of tho member
ship toward tho organization. To thia
end tho association Bould havo definlto
objects in viow and thoro should bo
a common understanding as to what
tlieso objects aro. Whero thoro Is
any doubt na to tho loyalty of mom
her thoro should be n binding con
tract botwoon them und the associa
tion. The thousands of highly successful
cooperntlvo organizations in tills
country show conclusively that coop
oration nmong fnrmors Is both feas
ible and profltablo If thoy will but
rocognizo tholr limitations nnd ad
here to sound fundamontnl principles.
They Were Honeymooner.
Sho had said something thnt dis
tressed him and, seeing the look on hla
face, sho exclaimed: "Oh. my durllng,
Tm nfrald I have hurt you."
"No, dearest," ho replied, gravely,
"the hurt I feel Is due to the fact thut
I know It hurts you to feel that you
havo hurt me."
"All, no 1" bIio said. "Do not let that
hurt you for nn lnstnnt. My hurt Is
bscnuso I know It hurts you to feel
thnt I huvo hurt myself hurting you."
"No, no, my. precious! My hurt Is
becauso you nro hurt over feeling thnt
I nm hurt becnuso you feel that yo&
hnvo hurt mo and aro Uiereforo hurt
yourself and "
But lot us leavo them, dear reader.
They will get over It In Ume. Boston
Kvcnlng Transcript.
Canada's Canal systems.
Thcro uro six canal systems undet
tho control of tho Dominion govern
ment, tho most important of which Is
that between Fort William nnd Mon
treal. Tho other systems nro between
Montreal and the intcrnatiocol boun
dary near Lake Champlnin; Montreal
und Ottawa, Ottawa and Kingston, tht
St. Peter's canal from tho Atlantic
ocenn to tho Bras d'Or lakes, Cnpc
Breton and the Incompleted canal from
Trenton to Luko Huron.
The Homecoming Turtle.
For several years a turtle, althougl
owing to damago dono It was removed
several miles fiom Mllford, N. J., had
been coming back to a tomato patch
In that city. Scientists became Inter
ested nnd It was taken several miles
beyond tho Delaware river. After four
years It was again found among tu
tomato plnnts.
Through the Little Window.
"So you're back from your vncntlon,
ehV' we remarked to our favorite
postal clerk.
"Yes." he replied, "back to the old
stamping ground." Boston Transcript,
"What are you girls going to do
"What nowr
"Just sow one stondlac In front ot
n bnrber shop rubbinj her chin."--Loutsvlllo
(Copr (or Thia Department Supplied fa)
the American Legion New SerTlo.)
Major General Tyndall, National
Treasurer, Advocates Financial
Credit of tho American Legion's
sound financial standing Is glvon by
Legionnaires to
flHfev MaJ. Gen. Robert
HPQPW Tyndall of Indian-
B&im l,1)0l,8v rocpnUy "
--ft?f ) nppolntcd nutlonal
Waftrtgt treasuror of tho
liV-Mwl cx-scrvico men's
VSrNpVP - organization.
Tm$om& At n nutlonal
W$!?jy conventions nnd
teM Legion gatherings
gJQf 0 various kinds.
L k General Tyiulull
3-"v hns Insisted upon
ssm. laH tlio adoption of a
Robert H. Tyndall flnunc,,u Vlcy
vhereby nntlonul
hondquartcrs shall ha nblo to stand
upon Its own feet without Incurring
any outsldo obligation forcing tho Le
gion to lose n bit of Its independence
and freedom of action.
General Tyndull's message to Le
gionnaires this year Is a reiteration of
his ndvoency of flnunchil Independence
with a request that Legion members
pay their dues early in order that tho
posts may find themselves frco to
carry out tho program of relief for
disabled, Americanism and other Im
portant measures. General Tyndall
believes that too much energy Is ox
pended In tho collection of dues wlilch
should be paid to the post finance
0 nicer upon notification of the mem
ber. Tho military career of General Tyn
dall dates back to 1S07, when he en
listed na a private He served In
I'orto ltlco during the Spanish-American
wnr, on the Mexican border as
commanding officer of the One Hun
dred nnd Fiftieth artillery of tho
Forty-second (ltnlnbow) division In
tho World war, participating In nil
major offensives. Ho now com
mands tho Thirty-eighth National
Guard division.
National Vice Commander, of Wyoming,
Typifies Spirit of the Weot
In Great Conflict.
Chiles P. IMummcr of Casper, Wyo.,
nntlonul vlco commander of the Ameri
can Legion, typifies ,,.
the spirit "aT the jgfe, V' K
West In the World M$M. ..', i
wnr. Although he fi$bf$ , I
was thlrty-clght Wgti&l&d
years old nt Its out fiOSaP &vi
break, he couldn't UBK-fS' f ttj1
stuy out of the mm-$fcj
scrap. So he threw jKgiM?
away his four-gal AHPflfcf'
Ion clmpeau a n 1 JHfeir
hat. spending twen flL 1 L 1,,
ty-two months it PS,,.!
tho servlco.
Mr. P 1 u in in c r Chile Plummer
soryed ns captain of
nrtlllery in the One Hundred Sixteenth
ammunition truln, composed of two
battnllons of tho old Third Wyoming
Infantry, remaining fifteen mouths In
France, where his organization was n
pnrt of the Forty-first division,
An organizer of tho George Vro
man post of tho Legion nt Casper,
Mr. Plummer served ns its first com
mnnder. Ho was active In outfitting
clubrooms for that post und in Its
general development. A fighter for
tho rights of disabled ex-service men,
Mr. Plummer's nctivlty In their behalf
obtained national recognition, result
ing In his election as nntlonul ezecu
tlvo committeeman, und inter as na
tional vice commander. Ho is a law
yer, was educated at tho University
of Illinois and Is proud of tho fnct
thnt ho is u fraternity brother of Alvln
M. Owaloy, Legion national com-inandor.
American Legion Poets Wilt Not Re
quest Funds In the Hands of the
Local Chapters.
Funds In the hands of local chap
ters of the American Ited Cross will
not bo naked for by American Loglon
posts, according to Lemuel Holies, Lo
glon nntlonul ndjutunt.
"The American Hod Cross is co-oper-atlng
with the American Legion In ev
ery way in the furnishing of funds for
service to 'the sick und disabled, nnd
In many localities Is furnishing direct
relief to servlco men and their fnm
Hies," Mr. Ilolles sold. "Funds In the
liiinda of local chapters of Uio Amer
ican Ilcd Cross should not be confused
with the residue funds of the wnr
chest, or other emergency wnr organi
zations which, during the war raised
money for work among soldiers and
sailors, but which censed to function
at the conclusion of hostilities."
Based on court decisions at Athens,
O., and Vovny, Ind., the Legion has di
rected Its pouts to obtain all funds In
the treasuries of omergency organiza
tions which are no longer concerned
ltu relief of World war fighters.
,..-,.. ,.T. .
National Vice Commander Cocks of
Georgia Gets Results With His
Financial Policies.
Rehabilitation of disabled cx-scrvlce
men and the establishment ot sound
tlnnnclnl policies
thnva been the hob
Cocke of Dawaon,
On., im'ional vlco
commander of the
one of tlm founders
of tho Georgia dc
Lcglon nnd has
glon affairs over
since. Serving aa
C. Erie Cocke, a member of the
n 1 11 1 o executive
committee, ho ndvocated a financial
policy which wna largely responsible
for Georgia's obtaining tho largest
membership Increase of any depart
ment during 1022. Mr. Cocke la al
ternate natlounl executive committee
man from Gcorgln nnd represented
his state 011 tho committee nt the Le
gion convention in New Orlcnns.
Mr. Cocko wns graduated from tho
University of Georgia, where ho wns
mannger of tho football team nnd
was prominent In college nctlvlties. Ho
wns professor ot mathematics nnd nth
letlc director nt tho ISlcvcnth District
Agricultural college and inter nt Gor
don Military college.
During tho wnr, tho Legion officer
served as n second lieutenant with
tho Sixteenth Machine Gun bnttnllon
In the Gcrardmer sector of tho Vosges
mountains, n defensive Rector nnd In
tho Meuso-Argonuo offensive. Since
dlschnrgo ho has been state editor of
tho Macon (Gn.) News anil manuglng
editor of the Athens Banner. Ho is
now n farmer and real estate nion.
Louisiana Men Are Named as Honor
ary Members of the Belgian
Veterans' Legion.
The signal honor of blng made hon
orary member of the Belgian Vet
erans' Legion enrao to Chirence J,
Bourg, Loulslann American Legion na
tional executive committeeman, nnd
Muyor ltobert Mouton of Lnfuyette,
La., "during the Interallied Veterans'
association convention In New Or
leans. There nro only five honorary
Clarence J. Dourg and Mayor Robert
members of the Belgian ex-sorvico
men's organization.
The (Louisiana men acted ns hosts
to tho Belgian delegation at tho Now
Orleans gathering. Presentation was
formully made by M. Joseph Jnnne, as
sistant minister of labor for Belgium,
u vlco president of tho association nnd
commander of the Belgian Legion.
The diploma and badge will be pre
sented to the Americans by King Al
bert at tho next association gathering
at Brussels in 1023.
American Legion Men Report Marked
Hospitality Whllo on Recent
Visit to Cuba.
Talcs of excellent hospitality from
American Legion members In Hnvuni:
have been brought to tills country by
Legionnaires who Journeyed to Cuba
following tho recent nntlonal conven
tion in New Orleans.
The program held by the Havana
buddies Included a visit to Loglnn
headquarters, a trip to the Jul alal
game nt the Ilnvnun-Mudrid Fronton
which provided front boxes for the vis
ttors und visits to Morro castle, Cn
bnnns fortress and other interesting
points. Hotels and restaurants wel
comod tho Legionnaires with elnbor
nto decorations and specinl rates In
addition to providing Information
bootlm nnd othor conveniences.
Havana hus one of the lurgest for
eign posts f the Legion. It Is com
posed of veterans from nearly every
brunch of tho service. The reception
arrangements were conducted by Cnpt
George T. Street, post commander, and
John Blavka.
Hear Radio Address.
When a representative of the United
States Veterans' bureau broadcast a
radio talk on the "Possibilities of a
Rehabilitated Rx-Service Man" nt At
lanta, under the direction of Joe
Sparks, tho new chairman of the Anicr
icnn Legion's nntlonnl rehabilitation
commlttoo, his remarks wero listened
to with interest by 200 veterans In n
training school at Cooltvllle, Twin., BOO
allien awuyv
" ' "1U ". ! -i ll-,WI SMf. H
" "' " ""' mm hi ! 1 1 em m p ,.,....,, mm mm oaiiiiiiiH
thai Pr!!lis yrUr COn'r; f,k? usc of ,h for 'our "'formation on questions H
fullv Z f ualin8y "til b my pleasure and privilege to answer can
UmLTt Pron,P7 aU quails submitted to mo. Your question must fctf
F?r 5 Wt yHUr lulKmme an! oM must accompany each letter. H
luVvP. U 1 11n,f?rmnllo1n 8cml -famped envelope. All communications will'
iways bo held m absolute confidence. iH
Helrn nriCtt!Crn 'c fifS vcry Plnlnly pen and ink to"
Helen Brooks, Box 1545, Salt Lake City. i ilH
unr Mlia DrooVat
Will jou pltnio nniTrrr two quratlonn for
m. (1) Will you tdl m all you can about
th nam "noma," what It meant, origin, ale.
(S) What do tho word. "81c fractm fortls"
tnoanT Thanldna you In advance I remain,
I have bwn UAnhla with tha material at
hand to find ven the meaning- of tha name
"ItCTna." If I nnd It later, however. I will
tell you about It, "Slo fractus fortla" U
Latin phrase meanlns, "Thui teMih Uio
tronir." or "Thut tha atrcnirth of 5i irrcatcat
U broken."
Dear Ml.i Uroola,
I have been very Intemted In "Jut tlelwecn
You and Me," and hava learned many thing.
My friend and I hava torn puullne question!
wa will be very thankful If you would answer.
W ar lending them all together an please
xeui Ui number. (1) What will remove Ink
atalm from tan allk pongeT (2) I it proper
or a girl to epeak a greeting first on pasilng
a. boy friend on tha treet or lcwherT I nm
sending ray nam so you may send It to Dob
and Dill. Wishing you lots of success, I nm
(1) It It proper for a girl to say, thank
you, at th clot of a dance? (2) Can
you advlsa a good method for waving or curl
ing hatr that will not harm the hair and that
wUI sav ns much time as ponlbl. Please
send ray nam to llob and Dill.
TINEY. Utah.
(1) Is It. (or If not why Isn't It) proper
to pick up fork If you drop It at the table T
(t) I am II rears old. I hare blue yes. lleht
long hair, I am slander and tall. Can you
pleas tell me a fashion that I may dress my
hair so It will boom me and also b In style.
I hav a round face. Wishing you lots of
succms, I am BLUE EYES, Utah.
I hop w haven't taken too much ot your
time and spsc. Do you answer personal litters
that you don't put In tho paper 7
Welcome girls. (1) I think you will And
that th following will remov th Ink with
out Injuring th goods wet with clear water
then cover th spot with powdered salts of
loma, and let It remain a fw minutes, WaOt
In clear water. (2) Yea, th girl should speak
(1) No, th young man should thank you.
You may then tell him you also enjoyed the
dance. 2) 'Die fnbrlc covered curlers are the
bait and least harmful. Ot court It takes
the same amount ot time.
(1) If you nro In a restaurant or cafe, the
waiters will pick up th fork and hand you a
clean one. It you aro In a private home,
where there ar no servants. It It perfectly
proper for you or the gentleman neat you to
pick th fork up, and you hrntms will hand
you a clean one. Wave your hair softly nnd
emb straight back frsm the face, letting It
earn wtll In front of the wirs but do not puff
It out. Fatten It low In the back and divide
Into two parts, cross thes nnd form each Into
a twist across the head from enr to ear. Curl
the ends and let them come from under the
ell and to the left aide.
Ye Indeed girls I answer many more letters
personally, than appear her ach week.
Dear Miss nrooks,
I sat a girl of fourtra, I weight about 102
lbt, and am 6 feet tall. I liav light brown
hair and blu eye. Will you pleas suggest:
how shall I do ray hair and what colors should
I wear? Thanking you In advance, I remain
rilUDENCE. Idaho.
You should wear bright blues, roie shudrs,
light browns, black and violet shades nicely,
Prudta, and I ean suggest no prettier style
tban to arrnng th hair softly around the
faee. braid a few ineaes frisa the head and
fastaa with a clasp leaving the curled end tit.
If yur face Is rner long than round put It
out across top and baek uf head and fasten
lightly ehn to th head. Inttoad of braiding,
and still leave th curled ends fre.
Dear Ills Brooks,
I hav enjoyed year ccnr for som time
and would Ilk you ta answer snmt questUns
for me. (I) Is It proper fr a Way t hold a
girl's una while walking n the streets T (2)
It it praper far a boy and girl to go ta thurch
together T (S) Upon being Introduced to a
bay's mother what shsuld yen d and sayT Is
It proper t shak handt with nldi-r prrtoiit
whom you ar Introduced tT Hoping I am
net to much bother. I remain,
(I) It is nevrr proper for man to tak
a Ia4y s arm. me laoy laaes mo man s arm,
when on th street at night. (2) Yes, quite
proper. (8) A perfectly proper and formal
way fr a lady to receive an Introduction is
to bow slightly, smile pleasantly and rryeat the
name of th pertan UtrduoL If you wlh t
b lets formal it It perfectly proper to offer
your hand, though the elder lady usually oiTtrs
hex's first.
Dear Miss Broks,
I am very Interested In yur aasy corner
"Jmt Retween You and Me." 1 h you will
answer my qwstlont. They are: (1) I was
born Aag. 29th. What Is my Ucky number,
day and month t (2) Could you pleas send me
Ut addrex of Urate Gorden and Ruth Roland T
(t) Does It affect your eyes In after years if
ym pluck yur rye-brows T
A GIRL FROM DIXIE, St, Georgo Utah.
(1) Your lucky day li supposed to bo Sun.
daj. Year months January and October, yoar
flower th mmlng-gWry and yr colors, rd
and green. (2) Drue Gordon's address Is, 1&
Park Pls.ce. Venlee, Calif. Rath Roland, Hal
Rch Studios, Culver CIV. Calif. (3) I do
not know I.bbb sare, I hava bvr board so.
Dear Mlw Brooks,
This is U tnt trrae I har wtttUn. nud
hp I aia welcome. I read yonr eornsr every
weeV and gahs a great del of knowledge from
It, and Wft to read year alrver nnawera. I
hava a few questions which I would like
you to answer fr ra. (1) T Mhtory of the
Oak and Aeom htafT That It my symbol rn
the Bee Vivo, (2) My Valr is dark brewn and
my eye ar ! dark, rould you toll n
what solor div wqld improve my looks T
(I) What It the latest In hair drtftlngT
(4) How can bobbod balr b Axed to look
dreaeyT (K) What woohi V a good and
tuttabl Chrlittuat Gift for a yoang tnant
Thunktng you In advant.
TOOTS, Bedford, Wy.
Thanks Toots, I am Indeed gtad to know
yu are tieaeilted by our eemr, (l)The nak
tre hss for ages been the symbol of sturdlnets
and strength. It is the aoern which dli
tlnrnlthea the oak from the other treei. The
acorn I th ak seed, Ths trees crow slowly
and do not yield arernt untH they are twenty
year old. Among American species of oaks
tha nobtorl Is th whit oak, th leawt of
wkka lr $vti or MnT-ohapd Ubes. The
bur or mon-ui oak laavsa ax varry Vog and
havo deep lobes: th black oak leave hav fH
broad. brUUe-shaped lobes) the red oak , M
leaf lobes are Irregulnrly-toothcd, bristly H
po nted and triangular in shape nnd they lM
?olnt forward moro than outward. Oaks Hvo L
to be very old, two or three centuries being lM
tho utunl Ufa of an onk. (2) The shade tan. VM
biscuit and fawn, light greens, pink and roto HH
shades, greenish blues and yellows should bo 'LH
becoming to you. (a) Th side part, with hair M
severely marcelled or In soft fluftlncss. brought H
well out In front of the ears and done low In, M
th back are tho most prominent features of H
Uio pc-ular stylo, not differing greatly from. M
th styles of th year pnat, (4) Hnvn tho H
hair you had cut off, mado into tho National M
Iwb curl and place this about your bobed hair M
Is about nil you ean do with bobbed hair. - H
(S) Hooks, fountain pens, pencils, knives, culC ' H
links, leather bill books, nil make suitable gifts M
for men. (0) Your sixth question I lll an- H
swex later, ns spuce will not nllow any moro ' B
answers. Plenio rend rules before vrltlnn i H
again. Your name hna been forwarded tit
Illlll and Hob. ) H
Dear Mls nrooks, H
I am a constant reader or "Just Ilttwti-n H
You and Me," nnd have a few queitlons I i M
would Ilk to nsk. I hope I am welcome In ', M
your cozy corner. My questioni aro: () I I'aH
was born Dee, 25, 1008. What Is my lucky ' H
day, month and number? (2) Cotihl you M
pleas tell me the mid res i of Ruck Jones r.ml .'aal
Hoot Gibson! Thanking you In ndvnncc, I nm, M
(1) See answer to Innulsltlvu Girl. Ht ' aH
George for your birthday reading. (2) Iluck H
Jones' address is, Fox Studios, Western Ave.. M
Hollywood, Calif, and Hoot Gibson. Universal jH
Studios, Universal City, Calif. IH
Dear Miss nrooks t B
I have been reading your corner for mini HBj
tlm and have a few questions I wUh you HB
would nruwsr for me. I nm a boy of lltu-vn M
i ars of age, and have carried n slx-iliootcr M
ever sine I was big enough to hold It up : and
as th world Is getting more civilised I would fl
like to know whether to go on carrying my
gun or lay It aside, take off my flannel shirt M
und chaps, and so with the rest of the world. M
No, I beg f you don't do III We don't ' H
want to loie the really, truly, cowboy (1 do not M
like th word "gunman.") We may need you M
to tak car of the ugly gunmen who nro , M
handling their guns nnd pistols so rccklosily U
of late. The big-hearted, whole-souled cowboy B
it a joy and ns refreshing as n shower in M
August. You ore moving with the times, I nm J
sure. In regard to education anil mental cn- j BWJ
llghtenment. nnd that It what counts. Aren't ;
cowboys still needed In the cow country In f" HB
which wo live T It's wonderful way to live. S
Isn't ItT Writ again and toU me all about It. 9lIB
and U you don't really feet a I do about th 'HraH
cowboy. VJaH
D.or Miss llrooks, H
I would tike to nsk you a few questions, nnd H
I would be pleased If you would answer them. H
(1) I was born Doe. lllth. What is my lucky H
number, day, and month T (2) Could sou H
picas glv mo th nddrccs of Gloria Bwamnn, M
Mary Plckford. Rudolph Valentino and Rich. H
ard Darthflmess T (3) I am fourteen yeitra H
of age. Is It proper for me to write to boy H
friends in ths town where I was rnlsotT I' H
thank you for this ad vlco In advance. I am, H
(1) For on who was born In December, tha aH
golden rod is the flower, colors gold, red nnd H
green, Thursday Is tho dny and February nnd H
June th months. (2) Gloria Swanson and H
Rudolph Valentin may be addrnm-d at tha H
Lasky Studios, Vln St. Hollywood, Calif. H
Richard RarUielmtms In jr of Inspiration
Pictures, CCS Fifth Ave, New York City, nnd H
Mary Pickferd at th Pickford-Futrbankt H
(Studios, Hollywood, Calif. (S) If the boys or H
old friends of the family It would bo quite H
proper far you to write them. H
Dear Mils Drooks: M
This Is my first attempt to e.itet- the Corner. H
and I hope I will be welcomed. My questions
are these: (1) I was born on Dcccmlwr 21, H
1000. What Is my lucky day, color, fiowcr H
and months? (2) Which do you think the bcil H
fr a girl to enter teaching or stenography? H
I hav soro Inclination for tcaolilng, but " H
stonography sorms so much caster. (3) I hnvs H
a rather bad disposition, now can I Improvs H
it? Little things irritate we so. I havo n H
rather quick temper and nm very stubborn. H
I y to be pleasant somutlmes but It doesn't H
sem to help any. Wishing succeas to you and H
your Corner, Yours elneii-oly, H
BOOKWORM, Idaho. ""
You are welcome. (I) For tliMu born In Do- H
crrnber Thursday la said to bo their lucky day) H
February nnd June the months; flower, gold- H
nrod; colors, gold, red and green. (2) ThU
depends so much upon the position you are th H
bettor fitted for. If yoo are dlugnoilng your H
sat of disposition correctly, It would seem A
that It would eliminate tha thought of tench, H
Inxv for If there is one position whioh requires H
mora patience and sweetness to fill succetis. H
fully, than another, it surely is thnt of teach- H
Ing. Serving th public In any capacity r- H
quire amiability, patience, and a dwslre to M
pleikse, to Im at all successful. The world Is 'H
general has little ui or regard for the Irrli H
table, surly, Impatlont, unwilling to plcax H
person; and they always hao difficulty Is H
obtaining a position and still mora difficult? H
in retaining It. Now while you are younj H
and hubts and disposition may be mouldc I H
into the beautiful and lovuble, is the tlmo In H
build a character whldi will b a bleislng to H
yourself and very on you come Incontnct with. H
Tune, place, or environment will not ovrrcoms H
tralta f eharacter such as you describe, wi'h- H
out the del tre and effort on your part; I
when I next hear from you I am sure you nl H
hae nude tlie necessary effcrt und are win. H
nlng, (Sea answer to Dra.) I wish you H
bright aad happy New Year. H
Cowgirl (Texas) Idaho: ' H
Thank for your kind words and also you H
offer. Send me yowr nam. Texas Cowgirl, H
and w will se what we ean do. jH
FURS rn.rJ,r,,fM ""et prr fur f ura and iH
. ,,,J,4! wrll tor prire iUt or ship to M
us. We run make up your furs nnd hide Into ILaB
rubey, ovcrcwits or other rarmrnta. Write for H
catalog, B
American Hide & Fur Co., Farriers & Tanners H
1S3 West South Temple Salt Luk City H
School ot Efficiency. All commercial brancliot. B
Catalog fr. 60 N, Main Bt, Salt Lake City, H
Accordlan. Side, Bog Pleatlrur, Hsmitltclilng,
Duttoas, Duttonholes, Kid Const Parloiv LfW
i E, Braadway, Bait Lak City. WQ

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