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I The MercAjr Miner. I
H We bogln tills tHfiic our ninth year.
H During Hint period Mercur has under-
H gone many changes, ns has uIfo the
H .Miner. Wo are here, however, not to
H complain at fate or fortune, but to work,
H ns It the past, for the bent good of Mer-
H cur. We hope to better pleane them
H than In the past.
H We hope our frlendfl will help us by
H paying up their nrrenniKes and thUH
j jjlve an Impetus to the paper that will
n enable us to do more good In our Held
H than Is possible without u cash reserve
H on hnnd to draw from. There In pulll-
Hk clent due us to ense us of the few oull-
W gntlons.wo owe and glve-us a small sur-
f plus. Friend, w'on'UjomkliHlly r'enum;
B ber this next payday?" A few dollar
H each yoii will not miss and the iiKKre-
I Kilted amount will help us materially.
Hfl We shnll make thin volume as much
better ns our friends will help us to
HH not by giving us anything but simply
B paying us our dues.
HI A glass or two of water taken halt
nn hour before breakfast will usually
B keep tlio bowels regular. Harsh ca-
H thartlcs should be avoided. When a
purgative Is needed, take Chamber-
laln'B Stomach and Liver Tablets. They
are mild and gentle In their action.
M For sale by
H Mercur Drug Co.. Mercur, Utah.
H M. 12. Drown, Stockton, Utah.
VI The Miner begins n new year with this
ftl number.
H The school nt Sunshine Iiiih closed too
few pupils left in that camp.
Hj Principal Van Hoose of the Mercur
H schools spent part of the holidays In Halt
H Lake City.
M Mark Wicks, who sklped his crcd-
itois here, Is working for the Slant Line
H In Salt Luke.
H In consequence of the discharge of o
many men at the mine a number of
H families have left Mercur.
H Mr. Tied Wlttlch took his family
M home after the holidays and Is now
1 spending a few days In Salt Lake.
M We are all pleased to learn that Mrs.
H Alf Evans is Improving t-o lapldly and
M will soon be out again with her friends.
H Last evening the old City Council
m went down and out and the new one
H took thglr places. AVe hhnll wy more of
H thinitxtseTl).ji.ji.,
M Mr. Joseph Lee has returned to try
H and Interest capital In hlH bonanza
H property In Arizona. The gentleman
1 has good holdings there nnd we hope to
B see him mnko a fortune out of them.
H The Hoard of Education. J. W. Lee. C.
AV. Corileld audi Charles Connor, are to
B bo commcudLd for the ihteiest they hnve
taken In the schools and for their geu-
:rous expenditures for all things ntedid.
H Miss Cudalmch. a very popular and
J highly esteemed young lady fiom Sa-
linn, was among the Xraos visitors to
1 Mercur and wuh the guest of her sisters,
1 Irs. Nelson nnd Miss Uuntshan. The
M young lady N tenchlng the third nnd
B fourth grades In the Sallna district
school and W n great favorite with her
pupils, as well ns with the people of the
M niunders nre sometimes very expen-
slve. Occasionally life Itself Is the price
M of a mlstnke, hut you'll never bo wrong
H If you tnko Dr. King's New Life Pills
H for Dyspepsia, Dlzzlnesn, Headache,
1 Liver or Bowel troubles. They nre
H gentle yet thorough. 2pc at Mercur
M Drug Co.'s drug store.
M Several iiujiIIs from the schools en-
H Joyed their vacation In Salt Lake.
B There will be full day sessions In the
m primary room nfter January 4th. the nd-
H dltlon of another room making It possl-
K School opens on January 4th and will
1 continue live months longer, four
il months having been completed befote
Blf Christmas.
M Mrs. Olldden will remain in Salt Lake
j for the l'nttl concert on Monday even-
f Ing, January 4th. and will make up the
PI day lost on the following Saturday.
. The Janltress has scrubbctl the rooms
KM and furniture and has In many ways
Q worked during vacation for the comfort
H nnd convenience of teachersi and pupils,
H Her work has been most gratifying to
H all concerned.
H Tliare were nly three families having
ftH children or s. l age left In Sunshine,
H Mr. JnckMn. .ii Householder nnd Mrs.
H IleynoldK. The schoolhouse has been se-
H ( urely closed, to await more prosperous
H days for the camp.
H3 There will be another teacher to take
Hl charge of the room fitted up some time
H ngo. The school nt Sunshine will close
H on account of the few pupils remaining
IH there, and Miss A'nn Hoose will take
H ohnrge of the new room at Mercur.
H The pupils ranking highest in general
H , average Itv the prlr 'it's room for the
Hi month of Decern! r were: Edith Atz-
U bach, James S' love. Delpha Seren,
HB Mny Tlmnilr iul David Peterson.
I Edith also rniiKed first In November.
HA They nre present every day nnd on time.
Hjflj Hofore acatlcn Mr. J. W. Lee, presl-
H Oput of the Hoard of Education, visited
K the different rooms nnd gave the pupils
H ii very Interesting account of his trip
to the Orand canyon of the Colorado.
The pupils were so much Interested In
the narrative that they voted unnnl
mous for Mr. Lee to continue his dis
course through the recess period
Running like mad down the street,
dumping the occupants, or a hundred
other accidents, are every-dny occur
rences. It behooves everybody to have
a reliable Salve handy and there's none
as good ns Ducklen's Arnica Salve.
Hums. Cuts, Sores, Eczema and Piles
disappear quickly under ItM soothing
effect. 23c nt Mercur Drug Co.'s drug
Salt Lake Tiibune.
Last night's arrivals from camp le
port a steady i eduction of the forces
employed on the properties of the Con.
Mercur Mining company, and tiat the
new year has begun with the payioll
reduced to about 300 names-, the output
of the territory, which has added near
ly JIO.000,000 to the nntlon's supply of
gold, to about f00 tons of ore pel day.
Until such time as a solution has been
found for certain dilemmas, snld a
miner who came In from camp to seek
employment elsewhere, the manage
ment has decided that retrenchment Is
the better policy, and It Is this, It Is
said, that has Inspired the i eduction of
the foices underground. The trouble
has not originated, It is claimed, with
the quantity of oie now blocked out,
but with its composition, the sulphides
or niftnlcnl ores having materially In
cunsed during the past year. How
ever, assurances of relief aie coming
from a new chunnel which Superintend
ent Hrown has been opening up, nnd
with this conditions should Improve.
At the mill. It Is said, hut four of the
battel y of nine toasters are now being
operated, and that this will continue
until the volume of oxidized oie Is In
creased. Theie wh n story on the curbstone
during the afternoon that the earnings
or sixty days have been less than the
cost of operation, but this Is dh( ('edit
ed by the more prominent among local
Intti ests, who Insist Hint tho report
oilginntes with those who have shoittd
the company's shales. The latest llg
ureH to which the public has had access
were those which showed that In JU03
the gioss earnings, amounted to $1,019,
.100. Iteports f i out the animal meeting
recently held In New Jersey will be for
warded' to the shareholders in pnmphlet
form nt n later day.
ft-JTliosG, who wlll.perslst,luio&sU!K,th.clr
ears against the continual recommend
ation of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, will have a long and
bitter fight with their troubles. If not
ended enrllPr by futnl termination.
Read what T. R. Reall of Uenll, Miss.,
has to say. Last fall my wife hail ev
ery symptom of conmimptlon. She took
Dr. King's New Discovery nfter ev
erything else hnd failed. Impiovoment
enme nt once and four bottles entirely
cured her." Guaranteed by Mercur
Drug Co.. druggists, Price, COc nnd
$1.00, Trial bottles free.
Superintendent George Dein was In
camp Saturday.
The Geyser people have had some
trouble with their water pipes. The
pipes have been frozen up and lequlred
a great deal of labor to clear them.
With the opening of next spilng the
"Dip" will probably be booming again
nnd seveial piospects In and around
Mercur working, and then, "Hurrah for
our town" once moie.
It Is Hild the prospects at the "Dip"
nre very fluttering nt this time. With
the opening of the Daisy again If suc
cessfulwe may expect to shortly hear
of the Helvetia and Snowstorm being
The Ingot has run up fiom 1 to U
cents a share. The natural conclusion
of those who know anything about the
surmundings of the Ingot If that It will
jet be a good stock, and piobably run
above par.
It Is said the prospects at the Golden
Gate nre betu than they have been for
somu time. good body of ore has re
cently been uncovered. The "Gnte" Is
liable to be the best of the Con. Mercur
proptrles yet.
With a good market for Its mercury
and the development of newly prospect
ed ground, the Sacramento should' boom
ere long. The company hns been handl
enped for want of n market for the
quicksilver, but they have finally suc
ceed ed.
The following from The Tribune evi
dences the fact that ex-Superintendent
Edwards Is busy nnd that his knowledge
of mining Is being put to account.
"George '.. Edwnrdfi hns submitted the.
results of his recent examination of the
Orient of West Tlntlc to President Pow -ers,
nnd additional work will be the pol
Icy the piesent season."
Mr. Springer Is In Salt Lake, having
gone after a brief visit to his mining
properties nt the "Dip." Mr. Springer
has great faith In Mercur. He believes
If the company go down nny depth, they
will develop a bonanza even greater
than what they already have. The
gentleman understands considerable
about mining, nnd as he has worked In
the mine a great deal we must put
some confidence In his Judgment. May
It be so.
A sure sign of approaching revolt and
Mrlous trouble In your system Is ner
vousness, sleeplessness or stomach up
sets. Electric Bitters villi quickly dis
member tho troublesome causes. It
never falls to tone tho'.stomnch, regu
late the Kidneys and Bowels, stimulate
the Liver, nnd clarify, the blood. Run
down systems benefit particularly and
all the usual attending aches vnntsh un
der Its searching and thorough effect
iveness. Electric Blttets Is only GOc,
and that is returned If it don't give
perfect satisfaction. 'Gjiflrantced by
Mercur Drug Co., drur'1"! s.
What Others Have t'5:iy of Mercur,
Utah's Johannesburg.
Tho Salt Lake Tribune
(Continued Froiijbur Last.)
to treat' thm?Alimes.
To nccompllsh this u process Improved
by Gtorge Moore, whose genius hns
been divided betweenflflho laboratory
and the practical side or his profession
lor a lifetime, and wliqHe process has
been tried out with thefmost gratifying
lesults. was appealed tff and with this
now Installed the prodVlou plant Is
ngain In full operation, Ith the "thief"
being rapidly overcomes Of the means
employed by Mr Moorg to nccompllsh
this the gentleman himself has written.
The advantages of tlft system are
Flist, a saving of front 40 to f0 cents
per ton In labor; second, a saving of a
like amount In extraction.; third, a sav
ing of. over CO per cen tj In the tost of
Installation. The saving on extraction
Is due to the feet thntjKwhllc the filter
Is In the slimes tank, alijl the suction In
operation Jin oqunllzlnglKctlon Is taking
place, tendering all pitrtf of the cake of
equal leslstancp to theNlow of solution
and wnshwater, so thatjwhei) placed In
the wushlng tanks, n pet feci displace
mi nt of solution Is accomplished. For
example, we might consider that It
would be fxisslble for one spot on the
2W0 squat e feet of sllmfi-cnke to hn.e
u ore of th coaiter slimes, or line sand,
than the other parts, th'en there would
bt less resistance to the flow at this
point; therefore, the ifow would be
brought up, and would ?over this point
tnoie rapidly thnn the other parts, until,
b. this Increased codtlpg, the resist
ance to the flow ould.bcome the same
as at all other olnts,'. ijThls equalizing
Influence is, In fact, so'5-outlnuously In
operutton that at no liwtnnce Is there
nny less resistance to tjtie flow nt one
point than nt nil, polntw Thus, when
lifted out fiom the pllmislcoiiipai'tiiieiit,
the entire basket or infers Is In condl
tlnnfonkWuelilngandpractlcjwe eMrart nil of the soluble ;old.
At the Consolidated Met cur mill all of
the ore Is first passed thiough revoking
( yllnders, where the slimes nre washed
fiom the sands. By this operation the
benefit of the sands, as shown. In the
extraction fully equals the benefit to the
slimes; for, consisting only of the
ennrse granular particles, percolation Is
carried on rapidly, while better dis
placements and washings are accom
plish. The tailings from both the
sands and the slimes assny from 40 to
4." cents, u saving of SO cents per Ion
over the old system. This, on 1000 ions
per day. Is a heavy Item. Each lllttr
handles about seventy-live tons per
day, and one man operates the four III
tets, so the tost of labor Is about 3
cents per ton.
With this plant now In successful op
eration the earnings of Consolidated
Mrcui with the mill screwed tip to Its
maximum will be materially Inci eased
the pretvnt year, while Its reappearance
among the dividend-payers In a short
time Is lelltd on by the management.
At the Sacramento during the enr
operations progressed without Interrup
tion whatever, the mnnngenient earn
ings from Its oies tr7( ounces of gold,
which enabled It to pass around a $r000
dividend monthly, while maintaining a
(Continued Next AVeek.)
o Like Sterling on Silver g I
0 The word "Burl;nKtou" Is like ''ster- b M
ling" on stiver. It denotes a high ft
J standard. ' H
Wo think our service. Justifies tho O )j
O comparison. ' H
g o
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y IllfPHnlvVll '"'" srnery of Colorado nnd over tho J H
O III rill 1 1 1 1' I III 111 "'""' "'"' fr"m Dr,lvr-tno Hurllugtnn. ffc H
lltfnHWilf R' F" NESLEN. General Agent O H
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Salt Lake and Mercur
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