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H Sequel lo " The Cow of Orange Ribbon."
H (CupHieht, I'WO by Arietta H. Dnrt)
H Arenta's Marriage.
H For n few weeks, Hyde's belief Unit
H tlio vory Htarw would connive 'with a
H truo lovor seemed h reliable ono.
H Madamo Jnoobtis, nttrnoted nt tholr
H llrHt mooting to the youth, soon gnve
H llin an astonishing afiectlou. She ut
H unhid hor nephew's claims with hardly
H n thought, and pleased herself day hy
H day In bo managing nnd arranging
H events thai Hyde nnd Cornelia met, as
B n mnttur of comae. Arei.tu was nut.
H howovor, deceived; she understood
B every iiiunonro, hut the success of hur
HB own nfTnlrs depended very much on hor
mjm mint's cooperation and generosity, and
H i.o sho could not nfTord, r.t tills time, to
H interfero Tor her broinor.
j "Dul I shall alter tilings a little as
H soon as I am married," tdie told her-
M HOir. "1 will take caie of tint."
H Aronta's feeling were In hind and
H mensuru shared hy oeeral other peu-
H plo; Or. Moran hold them In n far hit
H . torcr mood; hut ho, also environed hy
Hr circumstances nn could neither niter
H nor comuinuil was compelled to sat
H Iflfy bin disapproval with promises of
H a futuro chunge. For Iho wedding
H Aronta Van Arlcns had assumed n
H ;;rent social Importance. Aruntu her-
H self had talked about the affair until
H all classes were on the tiptoe of ex-
H poctntlon. The wealthy Dutch fninl-
H Ilea, the exclusive Amerlraii set, the
H homo and foreign diplomatic circles,
H wcro allko looking forward to the
H Bplendld ceromony. nnd to tho great
H breakfast nt Peter Van Allen's house,
H and lo tho ball which Madame Jacobus
H was to give In the evening.
Hj Ono morning, as Dr. Moran was ro-
H turning homo nfter a round of dls-
H agreeable visits, ho saw Cornelia and
H Hyde coining up Broadway together.
H They wcro sauntering Bide by side tu
H all tho In.y happlncBS of perfect love
H and as ho looked at them the sorrow
H of an limnonso disillusion tilled him to
H tho lips. Ho believed himself, ns yet,
H to bu tho first and the denrest In his
H chlld'H lovo; but In that moment his
H eyeH woro opened, and ho felt as If he
H had been suddenly thrust out i.'om It
H and tho door closed upon him.
H Ho did tho wisest thing possible;
R ho went homo to his wife "Where. Is
H Cornelia, Ava?" ho asked tho question
H with a quick glance round tho room,
H an If ho expected to Unci her prcsont.
H "Cornelia Is not at homo to-day?"
H "Ih sho over nt homo now?"
H "You know that Arcntn's wed-
H ding "
H "Aronta's wedding! rtless my soul!
Hj of courso I know. I know ono thing
H nt least, that I have just met Cornelia
H and that young fop George Hydo com-
H lug up tho street together, as If thoy
H two alono wcro In tho world. They
H novor saw me, thoy could sco nothing
H but thomsolvos."
H "Men and women havo dono such a
H thing before, John, and they will do
H It again. Cornelia in u beautiful girl,
Hj nnd It in natural that she should havo
B u
H "It Is vory unnuturnl that she should
iiB ( zr- rrr: 1
B Arenta lifted the pearls.
M chooso for her lover tho son of my
iHH worst cnomy."
B "I am sure you wrong Gen. Hydo.
m Who n was he your enemy? Ho
H could ho be your enoniy?"
M "When was ho my oucmy? Kvor
M ilnco tho Irst hour wo mot. And you
B want mo to give Cornolla to his son!
Yes, you do, Aval I tieo it In your face.
You stretch my patience too far. Can
I not sea "
"Can an angry man over sec? No,
ho cannot. You feci1 your own sub-
pluloiiH, John. 1 think Hem Vun
BJH Arlcns has as much of Cornelia's Ilk-
lnu as Gocrgo Hydo; and perhaps
Hj neither of thorn havo enough of It to
JH win her hand. All lovers do not grow
EC to husbands."
Wm "Thank God, they do not! Uut what
you uny about Item is only cobweb
stuff. She Is too friendly, too pleas
antly familiar, I would HKo to see hor
moro shy nnd sllert with him."
"Dinner Is waiting. John, nnd
whether yen cnt It or not, Destiny
will o straight to her mark, l.ovo Is
rtcitlny, nnd the heart Is Its own fate.
Rid I not know thee. John, tho vory
moment Hint we mot?"
She spol.c softly, with a voice sweet
er than music, nnd her husband was
touched and mimed. He took tie
hand she stretched out to hltn nnd
kissed it. and she added:
"Let us be pntlenl. l.ovo has rcn
sons Hint reason does not iiudorHtnnd.
nnd If Cornelia Is Hydos by predes
tination as well as hy choice, vainly
we Mini! worry nnd fret, all our op
position will come to nothing. In n
'few days Areata will have gone away,
anil ns Ur Hyde, any hour mny sum
mon him to Join his father In Eng
land; nnd t.ils summons, as It will In
clude his motner, he can neither evade
nor put oh". Thou Hem will huvo his
"To he patient to wait to say
nothing It Is to give opportunity too
much scope."
"Time nnd absence ngalnst nny love
affair that Is i.ot destiny! And If It
be destiny, there Is only submission,
nothing olso. Uut llfo has n 'mnybe'
In everything dear; a mnybo that Is
just as likely to please us as not."
Then Doctor John looked up with n
smile. "You nro right, Av.i," lie said
cheerfully. "I will take the maybe.
Muybes have a deal to do with life.
Yet, take my word for It, there is, I
think, no mnybo In Item's chances
witji Cornelia."
"Wo shall see. I think thcro Is."
Hem, with tho blunt directness of
his nature, watched with Jealous dis
like, and often with rudo Impntlence,
tho familiar Intercourse which his
aunt's partiality permitted Hyde. He
wns, Indeed, often so rudo that a less
sweet-tempered, a less Just youth than
George) Hydo would havo pointedly re
sented many offences Hint ho passed
by with that "noblo not caring" which
Is often tho truest courage.
Uut wrath covered carries fato.
Kvory ono wns In some measure con
scious of dnnger nnd glad when tho
wedding day approached. Even Aren
ta had grown n llttlo weary of tho
prolonged excitement sho had pro
voked, for everything had gono so
well with her that sho had taken tho
public very much Into her confidence.
And, ns If to add tho last touch of
glory to the event, Just a week be
foro Aronta's nuptlnls a French armed
frlgato camo to Now York bearing
dlsputches for tho Count do Moustlor,
nnd tho Morquls de Tounnerro was
selected to hear hack to Franco the
.Minister's mchsnge. So tho marrlago
was put forward a few days for this
end, and Arenta In tho most unexpect
ed way obtained tho bridal journey
which sho desired, and also with It
tho advantngo of entering Franco In
a semi-public nnd stately manner.
"I am tho luckiest girl In the
world," sho Bald to Cornelia and her
brother when this point nau ueon no
dded. They wero tying up "dream
cako" for tho wedding guests In
mndamo's queer, uncanny drawing
room us sho spoko, and tho words
woro.yot on her lips when nindamo
entored with a sandnl wood box In
her hands.
"Item," alio snld, "go with Cornolln
Into tho dining room for a fow min
utes. I havo something to say to
Arenta that concerns no ono olso."
As soon ns thoy wero alone madamo
opened tho box nnd upon a whlto vel
vet cushion lay tho string of oriental
pearlo which Arenta on cortnin occa
sions had heon permitted to wear.
Aronta's eyes flashed with dollght.
With an intense desire nnd Intorest
sho looked nt tho beautiful beads, but
mndame's fuco was troubled and som
ber, and sho snld almost reluctantly:
"Arontn, 1 am going to nmko you an
orfer. This nocklaco will bo yours
when 1 die, at any rate; but think
thoro Is In your heart a. wt have
It now. And ns you aro going vhat
Is loft of tho Fronch court, I will give
It to you now, if tlu gift will bo to
your mind."
"Thcro Is nothing that could bo
moro to my mind, doar aunt. You
always know what is In a young glrl'a
"First, listen to what 1 say. No
woman of our family has oscaped cal
amity of somo kind, If thoy owned
thiso bends. My mother lost hor Iiub
hand tho year sho received thorn. My
Aunt Hlldogardo lost hor for tun a as
Boon as thoy woro hers. As for my
solf, thoy vory day tho becamo ralno
6ur Undo Jacobus sailed away and
ho has uovor come back. Aro you
not afraid of such fatality?"
"No, I am not. What power can a
fow beads havo over human Ufa or
irppl'ess? To gny so, to : W i.
Is foolish r ess."
"I know not. Yot I baVe heard t1 8
both pearls a .d upn.o have tho povn
to attract to tnemselvcs the III lo.
ttfno of their woarers."
"Do ou bcllove tich tales, a'mt? '
do not. I snnp my flngors ut sut.
"Give them lo you. 1 will not, Ari
ta; but you mny take tt'in fiom in
box with your own I uiius."
The it n tame left the room nt I
Aientn lifted t'no box nnd ennied il
nearer to tho light.. And a llttl? shlvei
crept through her henrt nnd hc
closed the lid quickly and said Irr:
"It Is my aunt's words. S'.ie I
always speaking dark and doubt'ul
things. However, Uip pcaiis nro mli.e
nt last!" aril sho fa rlcil them wif.i
iier downstntra, throwing ' hack her
head ns If they wore round her whita
throat and as was hor way sprcal
ing herself ns she went.
All lire weddings nro muc'i alike.
It wns only In snvh ncldentuls as
costume tlint Aiontn's differed fr,m
the fine weddings of. today.
New York wns rot than too bnsy
making money to take nn Interest In
such a wedding, nnd Aronta's drle
through Its pleasant streets wns n
kind of public Invitation. For Jnrob
Van Arlcns was one of a guild of
wealthy merchants, and they woro nt
"It Is the curse of Adam."
tholr shop doors to express their
sympathy by lifted hats and smiling
faces! while tho women looked from
overy window, nnd tho llttlo children
followed, tliolr treble voices heralding
and acclaiming tho beautiful bride.
Then camo tho breakfast and tho
health drinking nnd tho speech
making nnd the rather sadder drive
to tho wharf at which lay ha Uclle
Franco. Then tho nnchor was lifted,
tho cablo loosened, nnd with ovory
snll set La Hello France wont dancing
down tho river on tho tldo-top to tho
open set.
Van Arlcns nnd his sou Rom turned
silently nway. A great and evident
depression had suddenly taken the
plnco of their 'assumed satisfaction.
They had outvvorn emotion and know
Instinctively that somo common duty
was tho best restorer. Tho samo fool
ing affected, In ono way or nnothor, all
tho watchers of this destiny. Women
whoso household work was belated,
had used up their nervous strength In
waiting nnd feeling, woro now cross
and Inclined to belittle tho affnlr and
to bo nngry nt Areata and themselves
for tholr lost day. And men, young
nnd old, went back to their lodgers
and counters nnd manufacturing with
n senso of lassitude and dejection.
1'etor had nearly reached his own
house when ho mot Doctor Moran.
Tho doctor was moro Irritable and de
pressed. Ho looked at his friend
and Bnld sharply, "You havo a fovor,
Von Arlcns. Go to bod nnd sleep."
"To work I will go. That Is tho
host thing to do. My house has no
comfort In It. Llko a milliner's or n
morcor's Btoro it has been for many
wooks. Ho Biiddonly stopped and
looked nt tho doctor with brimming
oyos, In that moment ho understood
tlint no putting to rights could over
mnko his homo tho snme. Ills llttlo
saucy. BolflBh, nut dearly loved Arenta
would como thoro no moro; nnd ho
found not ono word that could ox
press tho tldo of sorrow In his heart.
Doctor John understood. Ho remain
ed (pilot, silon't, clasping Van Arion's
hand until the dosolato father with a
groat effort blurted out;
"Sho Is gono! And smiling, nlso,
sho wont." ,
"It Is tho curso of Adam," answered
Doctor John bitterly "to bring up
daughters, to lovo thorn, to toll and
snvo nnd deny ourselves for thom, and
then to iieo somo strango man, of
whom wo havo no cortnin knowledge
carry them off captlvo to his destiny
and his desires, TIs a thankless por
tion to bo a father a bitter pleas
ure." Very thoughtfully the Doctor went
on to William street, whero he bad a
patlont a young girl of about Aren
ta'a ngo vory 111. A woman opened
tho door a woman weeping bitterly,
(To bo continued.)
Perfect and Exact Reproduction of a
Spider's Web.
Did you over mnko n "sporo print"
of a toadstool or mushroom ropro
duco on pnpor tho delicate lines, colors
and conformations of tho marvelous,
Innumerable and frequently Infin
itesimal "gills" of a toadstool or mush
room T
Did you over mako a print or a spid
er's wob?
If you hnvo performed either of
Uicbo feats you nro something unusual,
although doubtless you havo longed
Ic do bo far back In the happy, child
ish days when nil toadstools wero
"fairy umbrellas," nnd when" tho sll
7ery cobweb Invariably figured as an
Mchnnted castle, restraining a beau
teous princess.
To the re.nl nature lover, however
StefifN'--:::: J
'.- f$ X'-w. ..
l-l CAj I
scientific in trend nnd nttltudc, tho
childish lovo is carried straight up
to tho adult consciousness, modified
rather than translated or broken.
Wherefore It comes nbout thnt so
many nnturo lovers and scientists
l.nvo been much Interested In tho "fairy
umbrellas" of tho 200 supposedly
cdlblo vnrleties, of which it is possible
to eat so few without suffering, and
tho gleaming, shimmering, fragile cob
webs that must surely hnvo convoyed
to tho world's first lacomakors theli
oilglnnl impulse and Idea. To one
such Chicago nature lover has It been
grnntcd to accomplish both the feats
Just montloncd. Mrs. Bertha 11
Jacques, artist nnd devoted nature stu
dent, cannot only boast tho finest col.
lection of "sporo prints" In Chicago
In nil Mie world most likely but also
a remarkably wondorful because pre
clsoly exact and perfect reproduction
of a spider's web.
World's Output of Gold.
.oaHa w in ii n
The total output of gold since tho
Ncgliinlng of mining is hero shown
compared with man.
Trade In Sea Lions.
Ono of the most peculiar Industries
of the l'ncltlc coast is that conducted
by two old sea captains, Calllce Vas
quo, nnd Charles Lyons. It consists
In capturing nnd training sea lions.
Cnpt. Vasquoz attends to tho sea end
of the Industry nnd with his sloop nnd
crow visits St. Nicholas, Snn Clomcnto.
Snntn Catallnn, Snntn Cruz nnd other
Islands off tho const to capturo pupils
for the school "which Capt. Lyons
mnlntains on shore. This Industry is
not so Insignificant n ono ns might ap
pear at first glance. Tho domand for
trnlned nnlmnls Is, greater than theso
men can meet. From nil parts of tho
world como orders for sea lions which
havo been moro, or loss educated.
A Fishing Smack.
Hunter Bagcjed Tame Cat.
A cunning story from Lnkovlllo,
Mass., Is to tho effect that a Taunton
ox-nldcrman went out with his gun
after rnbblts. and nftcr a tlmo found a
l'lco, sleek bunny, which Jio shot.
When ho picked up his gamo ho found
It to bn n cat, and fiom its nppenranco
It wob some one's pet.
Mrs. P. HrmiMil, wife of 1. Hrunzel.
stock dealer, residence 3111 Grand
nvo., Everett, Wash., stiys: "For Of
icon years I Buffered rjjH -.
with terrible pain Ul
In my back. I did I JJSf?
not know what It &M',YSV
was to enjoy n LijS
night's rest, and jjMvh
nroso In tho morn- -VF
ing feeling tired and EjJjVVA
unrofreshed. My K.I'VC
suffering sometimes i,W','YV
wns simply Indo- lf)V7,,,A
scribnble. When 1 $UVfl
finished the first box jiliAy 'j,Vli
of Doaii's Kidney iajSJoViS Oj.
Pills I felt like a Vjr
different woman. I uj-.J
continued until t had taken flvo boxes.
Donn's Kidney Pills net very effec
tively, vory promptly, roliovo tho ach
ing pains and all other annoying diu
Fostor-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
For snlo by all druggists, price GO
cents per bos.
Agriculture in Korea.
Koronns cultlvato tholr Holds large
ly with spades. Ono of theso Imple
ments has a handle nbout eight foot
long. Tho wooden bowl Is tipped with
Iron and has two straw ropes fastoned
to It Tho man manipulating the hnndU
pushes tho spado Into tho ground.
Thon thoso holding tho ropes throv
nn insignificantly small amount ol
earth a dlstanco of about two foot.
In the Korenn flolds ono may often so
nine men thus employed on ono spado.
$100 Reward, $100.
TberMdcni of lhl puper win tie plotd to leira
(bat there ! at leant win drcaJcl dlieais tlial clones
inborn atilo tu cure In all Its lUxe. auJ tbat l
CaUrrti. lUK'a Calnrrli Ours U tlio only poaltlr
Sure now known to the ma Ileal fraternity. Catarrh
e uu a conitltutlun.il iltco. rcqulro a cocatltn
onal treatment. Halt's Cnturrti Cuts la taken In
ternally, actlntr dlrcetlr upon tl.o Moo.1 and mucoua
urNcca of tlio ajutem. thereby dettroylax the
foimiluliin of the ilpeaia. nnil kIvIiik tho pitlrnt
itrcngth by liullillm; up thoronttUutlon an't aiUtln
nature In doluu Ita work. Tho proprietor! hare aa
much fnlih In Ita euriUUo power", that they offer
One llunilieil Ilollata for any eaie tbat It falu to cure.
Semi Mr Hat of teitlmonlHl.
Adlre F .1. CIICSKV Jb CO., Tolodo, O,
PoM by clrUKclt,?3c.
Uall'a Family I'llli uro the beat.
Witty Answer of French Prefect to
During the reign of Emperor Na
poleon III ho and tho empress visited
Normnndy nnd had arranged to spend
a couplo of dnys at Kvreux. M. Jan
vier do la Monte, who was tho pre
fect, learned that tho revolutionaries
Intended to hiss tho sovereigns as
thoy passed, and so ho summonod tho
leaders of tho movement and told
them that ho know of their plot. "If
you carry out your plan," said ho to
thom, "you will get six months In
prison; If you do not, your frlonds
will nccuso you of cowardice and trea
son. As a way out of tho difficulty I
propose to lock you up at onco until
the emperor has gono." Tho conspir
ators nccoptod tho terms offered them.
After the emperor nnd empress had
gono tho prefect went In person to ro- ,
leaso hl3 prisoners, who had had such
a plensant tlmo that they greeted him
with cries of "Long II vo tho protect!"
to which M. Janvier do la Monto, who
was a man of wit, replied: "My
friends, do not overdo It."
An eccentric minister in Virginia
was noted for quaint sayings. Ho was
tho ownor of u fino yoko of oxen, and,
losing ono of thom a loss ho could
(11 afford was well nigh Inconsolable. '
his good wife, endeavoring to comfort
him, quoted: "Tho I.ord givcth, and
tho Lord taketh away." "Yes, Eliza-'
both. I know; hut I can't sco what
the Lord wanted with an odd steer."
Doctor Was Fooled L His Own Case
for a Time.
It's easy to understand how ordi
nary pcoplo got fooled by coffee whon
doctors themselves somotlmos forget
Uio facts.
A physician speaks of his own ox
porlcnco: "I had used coffee for years and
really did not exactly hollovo It was
Injuring mo although I had palplta
tlou of tho heart ovory day.
"FInnlly ono day a sovoro and al
most fatal attack of heart troubluf
frightened mo and I gavo up b)i'i
tea and coffco, using Postum Instoau,
and slnco that time I hnvo had nbso-
lutoly no heart palpitation oxcopt on t
ono or two occnslons whon I tried a $
smnll quantity of coffoo which causod 'f
sovore Irritntlon and proved to rao I
must lot It alono. ,
"Whon wo began using Postum It ' ' , .
Boomed weak thnt was bceauso we
did not mnko It according to dlroc-
tlons but now wo put n llttlo bit of
butter In tho pot when boiling nnd al
low the Postum to boll full 15 minutes
which gives It tho proper rich flavor '
and tho deep brown color.
"I have advised a gront many of
my frlendr nnd patients to leave off
coffco and drink Postum; In fact, I
dally give this advk'o." Namo given
by Postum Co., Jlattlo Croek, Mich. '
Many thousands of physicians uso '
Postum In placo of tea nnd coffco In H
their own homes nnd preacrlbo It to
patients. "Thero's a reason." '
A remarkable little book "Tho Road (
to Wellvllle" can bo found in each ' :?4-

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