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I Time Table.
Sao Pedro, Los Angeles and
Salt Lake Railroad.
H Utatlons Dally.
H LvBalt Lake City 7:30
H Lchl Junction 0:40
H Cedar Fort ' 9:16
H Fairfield 9:35
H JCvFairfleld 9:3S
B ArMerctir (S. L. fe M.) 10:45
H LvFlve Mile Pass 9:43
H Hush Valley 10.05
H Del Monte 10:20
1 Doremus 10:40
H Houlter Summit 10:50
H Tlntlc Junction 11:15
H P. M.
j A. M.
H LvTintlc Junction 12:15
H Boulter Summit 12:35
H Doremus 12:50
H Del Monte 1:15
H Rush Valley 1:35
H Five Mile Pass 2.00
H ArFalrfleld 2 20
H IiV Mercur (S. L. & M.) 2:10
H ArFalrfleld 3:24
H L.TFalrflold 3:30
B Cedar Fort 3.45
B Lehl Junction ...'. 4:30
! Trains at Salt Lake make direct inn-
ArSalt Lake City 5.35
1 mictions for nil points north nnd east
I aenernl Passenger Agent.
H J. L. moori:, I
H Commercial Agent.
Hr West.
m Atrlve 10-45.... Mercur 2:10 Leave
H Leave 10.30. ...Summit Jet. ...2:25 "
B 10.00.... Manning ....3-02
H 9:35.... Fairfield ....3:24 Arrive
H J. O. JACOHS, Hon, Manager.
H Salt Lnko City.
H notici:.
H During our absence nny business
B tt ansae: ted with V. II. Pcckhnni for ur
J -w. ill lie O. K. The gentleman will rcc oljit
J for money due the office, will take orders
J for Jot) printing, etc.
H To Improve tho appetite nnd
pj strengthen the digestion, try a few
J doses of Chamberlain's Stomach nnd
Liver Tablets. Mr. J. II. Sett, of De-
trolt, Mich., says "They restored my
J nppetlto when impaired, relieved me of
a bloated feeling nnd caused a pleas-
nnt and satisfactory movement of the
bowels." There are people in tills com-
munlty who need Just such a medicine.
Every box warranted. For sale by
Mercur Drug Co., Mercur, Utah.
J M. E. Drown, Stockton, Utnh.
B Fiom Stockton Sentinel
The awful catastrophe which lias Just
happened In a Chicago thentet numbeis
among Its IcUiiih one who the w liter
pj of this very well knows. Mis. Lulu
pj Alexander, funnel ly Miss llou, of
pj Hpilngvllie. Utnh. It Is quite postdblo a
pj number of our renders also knew bet.
pt She was leading lnd with the Johnson
H Rros. )enrs ago and haH often inter-
pf tnlned tlie people In Mirlous paitR of
pj this State In the title tole In the "Two
pj Orphans." We knew the lady pen-on-
pj i.lly and regtet vet) much her cad fate
pj She was n noble woman and an Ideal
pj wife and motliei We s)iupnthle wltli
pj 1'iof. Alexander in Ills gicut loss, and
pj also lier father and mother, Mr and
pj Mrs. Philip Ho)et. and faml) She
W leaves a host of fi lends In Ogdtn, Salt
pj Lake, I'ltno, Sprlngvllic- and neail
D 'Viry town In the Stntt
jM a timdly suaansTiox
pj This Is the season of the year when
pR tlie prudent nnd enrcful housewife te-
pB plenlshes tier supply of Chamberlain's
pj Cough Remedy, It Is certnin to lie
pj needed before the winter Is oer, nnd
pj lesults nre much more prompt nnd sat-
lsfactory when it li kept at hand nnd
pj given as soon as the cold Is contracted
pi and before It has become settled In the
pj system. In almost every Instance a se-
1 veru cold may be warded off by taking
H this remedy freely as prion an the fir ft
pi indication of the cold appears. There
pi Is no danger In giving it to children, for
pi It contains no hnrmful substance. It
pi Is pleasant to take both ndults and
chlidton like It. Ruv It nnd )ou will
pi get the best. It always cures. For
pi sale
J Mereur DiugCo, Mercur. Utah
B M. n. Drown, Stockton, Utali
H From tho Sentinol.
A Happy New Yeai to out lendtts'
B y t
M The demand foi houses to lunt mill
BBBB. -coiitlnues.
B Thecliilditii have l)en enjojlng them-
BBBBf Delves coiistlng during the past week.
BBBBJ Thomas Qundr Is building an addl-
BBBBrl tlmi o IiIh residence at two largo looms.
BjBjBjl Ilencqfortli tlie laiKlness of tho town
BJBJBJI will be attended to by the now Itoaid of
BjBjBjf Trustees.
H Tim little llurileH of winter we hud so
BjBjBB far aie only slight lemluduis of last
pBjBjfl winter at thla time.
BJBJBB We had plenty of fetlltle In Stock-
JBJBB ton during the holldus. Wo ate pre-
BJBJBB pared foi work now, and don't ou
BJBJBfl - v
BJBJJ Much work hns been done on the
BJPjB -water line this week, but Stockton Is
MB titlll a "dr" town, dood excuse to diink
Ll sJBJfv something else.
LHK- The snow wh'ch fell December 22ud
BjBJBTj ntlll lirs an the ground, but not man of
PJPjBJtl our citizens have availed them wives of
BJBJBN tlie excillent sleighing.
pjpjpjj tttoekton of today Is somewhnt differ-
pjpJBB vein to Stockton n year ago, and will be
jBJBfl iulte different to Stockton a ear hence,
BJBJBB Just see ut grow In tho next twelve
' Now the holidays are over everything
BJBJBJB wlll'Stttle back to Its normal state, nnd
Stockton will continue to forge aheid
slowb, It mil) seem to some, hut urel
and peimimtntly
Xmns gifts, delajid on atcount of the
"swamping" of the Salt Lake P O.. are
dall mnklng their appearance from
two to live daH late This Is espeilftll
tlie case with registered mall
The weather has been delightful din
ing tlie pact week, which lias added
gieatly to the enjoyment of the holidays
The ball given by tlie A O. l W.
vi.s a ilnanclnl and oclal success
though not so Inigclj attended as thnt
given Xtnas eve.
r v '
The holldajs have been spent In a
quiet, enjoyable waj, Not lnuih in
routing going on. Many who have loved
open elsewhere have gone to visit with
them, and otlieis have come from other
t laces to visit ft lends and iclatlves heic.
? ?
Mondny night will we a change of
administration In town nffaiis In Stock
ton. The newly elected Council aie an
excellent set of good men and the town
will no doubt forge right ahead If the
piesmt Council do ns well ns the outgo
lng Council, then, Indeed, is the town
nil tight
Mali predictions are made foi tlie
rapid advancement of our little town
within the next cm These aie not
made by "boomets" clthei, but by men
capable of knowing and Judging of con
ditions which will result In this State.
Oui praiis. hopes and alms an toward
lilts end, but our citizens will all have
to pull together and woik lit Mt. lurt and
Owas for Stockton's welfaie, If till"
dished loudltloii Is In ought about
Digests all classes of food, tones and
I strengthens the stomach nnd dlgcstlvc
nignns. Cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion,
Stomach Troubles and mnkea rich red
blood, health and strength. Kodol
Dspepsia Cure rebuilds worn-out tls
nues, purines, strengthens nnd sweet
ens the stomach. Gov. G. W. Atkin
son of W. Vn snys: "I hnve used u
number of bottles of Kodol Dspeps!a
Cure and have found It to be n very ef
fective and, Indeed, a powerful temedv
ror stomach ailments. I recommend It
to my friends." Sold by
Mercur Diug Co., Mercur, Utnh.
Meicur Meat & Gro. Co., Stockton,
M. E. Drown, Stockton. Utnh
Fiom Stockton Sentinel
All ownets of mining propcit nie
looking nfttr assessment woik tlusi
Glllidi) .V: Colvln, ltnsets In tlie Ga
lena King, aie still working In ou. and
expect to mnke a very piolltable ship
ment etc- long.
Quite a foue of men hip woiklug nt
the Illnck Diamond mine, and prep.inir
tloim aie being tnnde to comment e- op
(latlons on tlie Bullion.
The Gnleua King is being put In lendl
ness to lesumc work when tlie great
dialn tunnel l completHl. The latter Is
being pushed ahead with great nipldity
Mr. R M. Edmunds has been In search
of and has located mine asphalt claims
In southern Utnh, nnd If expectations
piove true he'll soon be a bonanza king
Adam Stolper, who has been develop
ing the lllue Jay mine at Glshorn (Di
canjon), has suspended opeintlons until
npilng and returned with his wife and
son to their home nt Lacygne, Knn.
It Is icported that J. C Uevnolds
made a "deal" with the "Western Explo
intlon company, whereby the "Hunker
Hill" ptopcity was absorbed by that
compiini We have not henid whut the
Kiri-lderntlnu was.
C J Onrlicr. mnnnger of the Dr
Cnnon Consolidated Mining iompnn.
Is still "pegging nwa" on that propeuj
If nny one l deserving of success it is
Mr G. and IiIh associates, and no doubt
tlulr long lontlnued effoits will be suit
ably levvarded In the nenr future.
The Mining Iteiord sn: ','Davld Oi 111.
engluiti foi the Hiavti Con. mine In
lit over Lake district, was In tlie city
last week, (iijojlug the holldajs with
ft lends. Mr. t'llll is an excellent ouug
man, with mau stcillng iiualltles, nnd
f 'pushliiK' himself up In tlie woild"
"Dave" Is well known In Stockton,
white he worked for about two veins
foi the lltn llanlfon comp.ut) Ills
ninn filindR lit le aie pleated to hem of
Ills success and elidoise the views of the
M It com titling lilm
Is tlie nlue II A. TlBilaio. Summeiton.
S. ( placos on DcWItt'H Witch Hazel
Hilve He siijh "I had the piles foi
twenty enm I tried mini) doctors
and medicines, but all failed except
De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. It cured
nt." It Is a combination of tlie healing
piopertlen of Witclt Hnzel with antisep
tics nnd emollients: relieves and per
manently elites blind, bleeding, Itching
and protruding plies, sores, cuts,
InuUes, eczeiun, wit rheum and all
skin diseases. Sold by
Mercur Drug Co., Mercur, Utah
Mercur Meat .t Gro, Co., Stockton,
M. K. Urovvn. Stockton, Utah.
Fiom Stoiktnu Sontlnci:
Man) of our citizens are going to the
metiopolls Monday to hoar the divine
P. W. Mulenbiuck Is again In harness,
after a pleasant visit with his fiunll)
nt Ptovo.
Miss Minnie Holsteln ot ltlngham
spoilt New YeaiJB day with her aunt.
Mrs. D. W. Heuston.
Our teaeheiH, Miss Mcintosh and Mr.
Hammond, are enjoying themselves
with relatives at their homes. School
vv 111 commence again Monday, Juuuary
Mr. D. Trennin, superintendent ot the
Stockton Gold Mining and Milling com
pany, hn returned to his post after sev
eral dayH spent with his family in Salt
Luke City.
The home of W, P. Mltehener Is cjunr
nntlned on account of diphtheria. Ills
little daughter., Morcella, Is suffering
f i oin n very mild attack of this dreaded
disease, but Ih eonvalewlng rnpldl).
Etl Ciarey. whoso light ee wns'badly
liijuied b) a piece of hot lion fttrlklng
It while engnged nt his trade hlaek
smlthlng Is able to be about and
thinks tlie eye will soon be ns well as
Misses Lizzie and Dolllo Mocklnttm
it turned to their duties in Illngham
nnd Salt Lake C'lt) last Friday. The
former Is cmplo)ed as teui hed at Hlng
hani and the Intter attends ITulverslt)
of Utah.
Mrs R. M. Edmunds, the genial land
lady of the Mltchenei houe, entertained
lie i frlendu In a charming mantlet Fil
day afternoon. Mis Edmunds hns tlie
happy knack of making every one feel
nt home.
Frank Gundiy, min of Mr. and Mrs
Rlchaid Oiindry, mii priced his patents
b) diopplng in on them unexpeetcdl)
New Year's day. I"rank could not vlrlt
his home Xtnas on account of tlie lush
In the P. O. at Salt Lake Clt), where
he Is emplo)Hl
An edition of the free traveling li
brary of tho Utah, Federation of Wo
men's clubs Is at the Mercur drug
store. The books are for free circula
tion, nnd after they have been used
for a certnin length of time they will
be exchanged for a new set. Call and
see If there Is not something you would
llki to read.
It will be good news to the mothers
of small children to lenrn that croup
can be prevented. The first sign of
croup l hoarseness A day or two be
foro the nttack the child becomes
hoarse. This Is soon followed by a pe
culiar rough cough. Give Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy freely ns soon ns
the child becomes hoarse, or even after
the rough cough appears, nnd It will
dispel all symptoms of croup. In this
vvny all danger and anxiety mny be
avoided. Thin remedy Is used by "ninny
thousands of mothers, and has never
been known to fall. It is, in fact, the
only remedy that can nlwa)S be de
I ended upon and thnt Is pleasant and
safe to take. For sale by
Mercur Drug Company.
M. E. Urown. Stockton. Utah.
Fiom Stockton Sentinel
Tiuth published a ver.v neat little lom
pllmentnr) send-off to Col. P. S. Soweis
We ate pleaded to leproduce the ui
tlcle: It Is ltiiuored that Col. Peic) S. Sniv
els, specinl agent of the Interioi de
pattment In Utah, ma) be trnnsfeiied
tt nnnthet State, If the plans ot luti test
ed parties here ptevall This would lie
it regi citable clteunistnrce, because Col.
Soweis Is a man of quiet, deteitnlnid
character, hioad, lo)al and featless and
one who believes tlie people nte co-ot-dlnate.
His enfoicement of the laws
against tlie gient corporations nnd In
dividuals alike has been without par
tiality to either. Resides. Col. Soweis
has been of material assistance to the
people of Utah and of this city espe
clail). When It was propoed to thiow
the lands of City cteek open to settU -tuent.
im act which would have cost
Salt Lake $2.'O,00O for the protection of
lt water supply. Col. Sowers' action
stopped the game and saved the tax
paeis hcie a latge sum of mone). Ills
action In the watershed on the cast side
of the city, In the Wasatch range, was
,i splendid thing for uu also Tlie de
paitmetu gives the specinl ngent con
sldr tabic discretion, nnd that discre
tion was exercised during the leient
advance In tlie price of coal, for the ben
efit of the poor. Ordlnnrll) men ennnot
go Jnto the enti)ons and haul wood, but
permission was gi anted by Col. Sowers
to the Salvation Aimy nnd others, which
enabled many poor families to secure a
cheap fuel suppl) by picking up tin
dead timber scattered In these place
Utah could ill nffniil to lose him, nnd
we hope the lumoi will prove to be unfounded.
Tlie pleasant to take and harmless
One Minute Cough Cure gives Immedi
ate relief In nil ciiwh of Cough, Croup
and LnGrlppe, because It does not pass
Immediately Into the stomach, but
draws out the Inllnmmntlon, heals nnd
soothes and cures permanently by
enabling the lungs to contribute pure
life-giving and llfc-BUStninlng oxygen
to the blood nnd tissues. Dr. Armstrong
of Delia, Tex., prescribes It dally and
says there Is no better cough remedy
made Sold by
Mercur Meat & Gro. Co., Stockton,
Meicur Ding Co, Meicur. Utah
M. E Drown. Stockton, Utah.
trict Court of the Stnto of Utah In and
for Tooele County. Sarah Short, plain
tiff, vs. James A. P. Short, defendnnt.
The State of Utah to the Snld Defend
ant You are hereby summoned to uppenr
within twenty days after the service of
this summons upon ou, If served within
the county In which this action Is
brought, otherwise, within thirty days
after service and defend the nbove en
titled notion; and In case Ot your failure
ft to do, Judgment will be rendered
against jou according to tho demnnd of
the complaint, a copy of which Is now
on file with the clerk of said court
Atttorney for Plaintiff
Postoillce Address, Mercur, Utah
Flrf-t Pub.. Dec. 1C, 1003. Last Pub.,
Jan. 13, 1904.
NO C469.
Department of tlie Interior, Land Of
fice ut Salt Lake City, Utah, December
22nd, 1903
Notice is liereby given that the fol-follovvlng-nnmed
settler has filed notice
of his Intention to muke llnnl proof In
support of his flalm, and thnt said proof
will be made before the Reglmer nnd
Receiver U. 8. Land Oilice at Salt Lake
City, Utah, on February 0, 1904. viz.:
Hany R. Peterson, H. E. USS4, for the
noVi nwV4 nnd n neV4 sec. 33, and nwU
nvvH sec. 34. tp. 6 , r. 2 w , 8. L. M. He
names the following witnesses to prove
IiIh continuous residence upon nnd cul
tivation of wild land, viz.: William Sny
der and Andrew Parle of Fairfield, Utnh:
Milton Reunion nnd John M. Cannon of
Forest Dale, Utnh.
FRANK D. HOURS. Register.
The Semi-Weekly Salt Lnko Tribune
not only renches intermountnln readers
from one to four dnys earlier than
either Enptern or Pacific Coast pnpern,
but Is a bettor paper for the people of
all this teglon. because of Its special
State news facilities here not possessed
by outside papers At $1.50 from now
until May 3i, 1903, It is not only the best
but the chenpest. Send for It now
Down In Texas at Yonkum, Is a big dry
goods firm of which Mr. J. M. Ilnller Is
the head. Mr. Haller on one of his trips
East to buy good said to a friend who
was with him in tho pnlaco car: "Here,
take one of theBO Little Early Risers
upon retiring nnd )ou will be up early
In the morning feeling good." For the
"dark blown" taste, headache nnd
that logy feeling DeWItt's Little Early
Risers nre the best pills to use. Sold by
Mercur Meat & Gro. Co., Stockton,
Menur Drug Co., Mercur, Utnh.
M. E. Brown, Stockton, Utnh
M. A. NO. 3769.
In the United States Land Ofllce. Silt
Luke City. Utah. Dec. 18, 1901.
Notlie s liereby given that. In pur
suant e of the Act of Congiess. ap
proved May 10, 187-', "To promoto the
development of the mining resources of
the United States," the Dry Canyon
Consolidated Mining company, a cor
poration of the State of Utah, having
Its principal place of business at Salt
Lake City Utah, anting through its
dill) nutlioilzed agent and attorney,
Flunk II Stephens, whose pnstofllie
inldicsH Is Salt Lake City, Utah, claim
ing 1112 lineal feet of the Queen of the
West No. 2 lode with surface gtound
f,C0 feet ill width.
, 1112 llnent feet of the Queen of tho
West No 1 lode with surface ground
C00 feet In width.
1112 lineal feet of the Queen of thj
West lode with surface giound 115 feet
In width.
1500 linear feet of the Ke) stone lode
with sin fait ground 501. R feet in width
1"01 7 lineal feet of the McKlnley mine
lode with sin face ground 5,17 feet 'n
12MI.C linear feet of the Lucky Uoy
Mine lode with sulfate ground f"7 feet
In width
1491 0 llueai feet of the Silver Dollar
lode with surface giound 6S4.9 feet In
1479. .1 lineai feet of the Unite S.tm
lode with sulfate ground 315 feet In
1479 3 lineai feet ot the Admiral
Dewe.v lndi with suiface gtound COO feet
in width.
1479 ! linear feet of the Queen of tlie
West No. 5 lode with sin face ground
COO feet In width.
1479 .1 linear feet of the Queen of tlie
West No. I lode with surface ground
T.9U.7 feet In width.
1489 I linear feet of the Queen of tho
West No. C lode with surface ground
MiO feet In width.
1141 9 linear feet of the Qui en of tlie
Wet No. 3 lode with surface ground
iiOO feet in width.
1290 lineai feet ot the Queen of the
West No. 7 lode with sutfneo ground
117.0 fiet in width
All covering veins, lodes nnd mineral
deposits heat lng gold silver and other
pieclous metals, and all l)ing and be
ing and situate within the Ophlr Min
ing Dlstilct In the County of Tooele nnd
State of Utah, and being consolidated
us one ginup of claims, Mineral Survey
No. 49"4. has made application to the
United States fm a patent for tlie Rild
consolidated mining claims comprising
all of the .ibove-de-cilbed claims, which
Is mote full) described as to metes and
bounds by the official pint and by the
Held note .'t survey lieu of now filed
In the office of the Registet of the Dis
trict of LandR, subject to sale at Salt
Lake City. Utah, which field notes of
siirve) describe the boundaries nnd ex
tent of said tlnlp. on the surface with
magnetic vatlatloii nt 1G degrees 2i)
minutes east as follows, to wit:
Peghinlng nt cornet No. 1, Lucky Roy
Mine lode, which Is Identical with cor
ner No. 1 McKlnley lode, this survey;
whence V. S. M. M. No. 8 bears north
7 degiees 7 minutes east 723,9 feet,
thence south SI degrees 54 minutes east
12S9 C feet to corner No. 2 Lucky Boy
Mine lode, this survey; thence south
degiees C minutes west 8C.1 feet to llnp
1-2 Silver Dollar lode, this survey,
thence north 51 degrees east S50.3 feet
to coiner No. 2 Silver Dollar lode, this
surve) ; thence south 21 degtees 20 mln
uttH east C07.1 feet to corner No. 3 Sil
ver Doliur lode, this survey; thence
south CJ degrees 7 minutes west 1492. S
feet to coiner No. 4 Silver Dollar lode,
tills sutve) tin nee rorth 21 degiees 30
minutes west 5SC.3 feet to line 3-1 Lucky
Ho) Mine lode, this suivey; thence
north SI degiees 54 minutes west 844.3
feet to coiner No. 4 Lucky Doy Mine
Iod,' identical with coiner No. 2 McKln
ley lode, both ot this survey; thence
not th 81 degrees 54 minutes west 1301.7
left to tot net No I MnKlnley Mine lode,
this survey; thence north 8 degrees 0
minutes eitHt 557 feet to corner No, 4
McKlnley Mine lode, on line 2-3, Key
stone lode, both of this Hiitvey; thence
noith 81 degrees 51 minutes west 557
feet to corner No. 3 Keystone lode, this
survey thence north 8 degrees C min
utes east 501 5 leet to cottier No. 4 Key
stone lode, this sutvey; thence south 81
degrees 51 minutes east B17.1 feet to
corner No. 3 Queen of tlie West lode,
this survey; thence north" 8 degrees C
minutes east 115 feet to corner No 4
Queen of the West lode, Identical with
corner No i Queen of the West No 1
lode, both of this survey, thence noitn
8 degrees C minutes east COO feet to
corner No 3 Queen o the West No 1
lode. Identlcul with corner No. 2 Queen
of the West No. 2 lode, both of this
survey; thence north 8 degrees G min
utes east GOO feet to corner No 3 Queen
of the West No. 2 lode, this survey:
thence south 81 degrees 64 minutes east
1112 feet to corner No, 4 Queen of tho
West No. 2 lode, on line 1-2 Queen of
the West No. 4 lode, both of this sur
vey; thence north 8 degrees 6 minutes
east 499.7 feet to corner No. 2 Queen ot
the West No. 4 lode, this survey; thence
s'outh 81 degrees 54 minutes east 417.2
feet to line 1-2 Queen of the West No.
G lode, this survey; thence north 47
degrees 3S minutes west 1211 4 feet to
corner No. 2 Queen of the West No. G
lode, this survey; thence north 42 de
giees 22 minutes enst GOO feet to cor
ner No 3 Queen of the West No. G lode,
this survey; thence south 47 degrees 38
minutes east 1489.1 feet to corner No.
4 Queen of the West No. G lode this
survey, on line 2-3 Queen of the West
No, 3 lode, tills survey, thence north i
degrees 22 minutes enst 731.1 feet to
comer No. 3 Queen of tlie West No. I
lode, this survey; thence south 47 de
grees 38 minutes east COO feet to cor
ner No, 4 Queen of the West No. 3 lode,
this survey, on lino 2-3 Queen ot tho
West No, 7 lode: thence north 42 de
grees 22 minutes enst 5r6.9 feet to cor
ner No. 3 Queen of the West No. 7 lode,
tills survey; thence south 8 degrees 6
minutes west 599.7 feet to corner No. 4
Queen of the Wes No. 7 lode, this sur
vey: thence south 12 degrees 22 min
utes west 1290 feet to corner No. 1 Queen
of the West No. 7( lode, this survey,
Identical with corner No, 4 of tho Queen
of the West No. 4 lode and with cor
ner No. 3 Queen of the West No. 5 lode,
both of tills survey; thence Eouth 8
degrees G minutes west 600 feet to cor
ner No. I Queen of the West No. 5 lode,
this survey. Identical with corner No. 3
Admiral Dewey lode, this survey;
thence south 8 degrees G minutes weiit
600 feet to coiner No. 2 Admiral Dewey
lode, this survey, identical with corner
No. 4 Uncle Sam lode, this survey;
thence south 8 degrees G minutes west
315 feet to corner No. 3 Uncle Sam lode,
this survey: thence north SI degrees 51
minutes west 1479,3 feet to corner No. 4
Uncle Sam lode, this survey, Identical
with corner No. 2 Queen of the West
lode, this survey; thence north 81 de
grees 54 minutes west 169.1 feet to cor
ner No. 1 Keystone lode, this survey,
on lino 2-3, Queen of the West lode,
this survey: thence south 8 degrees G
minutes west 501.5 feet to corner No.
2 Keystone lode, this survey, on lino
1-4 McKlnley mine lodo, this survey:
thence south 81 degrees 54 minutes east
3.1S.7 feet to the place of beginning.
Containing n total aiea of 229. G94
act ex. ftom which are deducted con
flicting areas as follows, namely:
Silver Dollar lode, this survey.... 2.5"!r
Lot No. S4 Mahogany No. 2 lode.. 0.157 I
Lot No. 154 Mark Antony lode.... 12.495
Queen of the West No. 4 lode, J
this survey 3.41S
Making n total of 18. COS
Leaving the net aiea of the H
lode claim 211.089 9
Making a total of 18tC05 acres; lcav- jfl
lng the net niea of the lode claim 211.0S3 W
ait cs. U
The areas In conflict with lot No. S4 H
Mahogany No. 2 lode and lot No. 151 H
Maik Antony lode aie not claimed. H
Notices of location of nil of said inln- 1
lng claims comprising said group being ffl
of retold In the office of the Recorder M
of Tooele County, nt Tooeje City in tho H
County and State aforesaid, the pre- H
sumed general course or direction of H
the said veins, lodes and inlnernl de- '
posits being shown on the said plat as
near ns can be determined from pres
ent developments, this claim being for
the number of linear feet of each lode
together with surface giound shown
upon the official plat, and as herein de
scribed. Tlie neatest known locations
being the Mahogany No. 2 lode mining
claim lot No. 84, the Mark Antony lode
mining claim lot No, 154, the Rover
lode mining claim survey No, 3478, the
Occident lode mining claim lot No. 10S,
the Heichol lode mining claim lot No.
112, the Swansea lode mining claim Lot'
No. 106 and tlie Homestake lodo min
ing claim Lot No. 94, nil of the snld
i latins being so designated on the olil
clnl plat. Said claims are situated in
unsurveyed township 5 south, range 4
Any nnd all persons claiming ndverse
ly the mining ground, veins, lodes,
premises, or any portion thereof so de
scribed, suiveyed, platted nnd applied
foi, ate liereby notified that unless their
adveise cilttiK are duly filed as accord
ing to law and the legulatlons there
undnr within tlie time preset Ibed by
law with the Register of the United
States Land Olllce at Salt Lnke City, in
tlie county of Salt Lake, State of Utah,
they will be Inured by virtue ot the ,
piovlslons of said statute.
I lieieby direct that this notice be
published in the Meicur Miner at Mer
cur, Tooele county, Stnte of Utah, tho
newspaper published nearest to the snld
mining claims, for a petloil of nine con
secutive weeks.
i : I
t Phcenix Indemnity Company, t
Insure yourself against sickness and J)
accidents. ... Also Life Insurance. J
J Installment Plan. ... You pay a J
little each month. XCXXXZXX T
H. A, NELSON, General Agent,
209, 211, 232 Deserel News Bldg. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH.

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