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i t ' H
$ V- The Mercur Miner.'1' I
( . . ' .. - ,.r., ,..... .. . M
r;5 ! Published at
&& j Mercur. Utah's arcat Gold Camp.
! Utah's Johannesburg.
V j ' Subscriptions:
I'l'j'Sj - ine year J2.MJ
', J ' 6lx months i.r.o
V,-J ' Three months 75
' , Grnnt Van Hooso Editor
James T. Jaketnan Manager
During our absence any business
transacted with W. i. Peckliam for us
will be O. K. The ge ttleman will receipt
(or money due the oll.ce, will take orders
for Job printing, etc.
James T. Jakeman,
M Wo have been very fortunato In bo-
I curing tho services of l'rof. Grant Van
u Hooso as editor of Tho Miner and
D fcol certain tho public of Mercur will
I approciato tho change.
mi m
For President of the United States,
4' Fop Vice President.
r Governor.
t JOHN C. CUTLER of Salt Lake City.
Secretary of 8tate.
C. 8. TINQBY of Ncphl.
Supreme Judge.
D. N. STRAUP of Salt Lako City.
t Auditor.
y SI A. EDWARDS of Brlgham City.
Ib Attorney General,
L U. A. BREEDEN of Salt Lake City.
' Superintendent of Schools. x
, A. 0. NELSQN. ot Monti. xm
f Congressman, . V?
L JOSEPH HOWELL, of WellBVttlo."
f0fSwmltftTlVi'tO'6VQai LakeVCItyT"
JAMES A. MINER ot Salt Lake,
a W. WADE of Ogdon.
For District Judges:
of Salt Lako City.
For District Attorney:
ot Salt Lako City.
Peter Clegg, of Tooele.
TRICT. William N. Gundry, of Stockton.
. Charles Anderson, Grantsvllle.
John 8hlelds, Tooele City.
William N. Gundry, 8tockton.
E. M. Orme, Tooele City.
A. O. Evans, Ophlr.
John B. Gordon, Tooele City.
Joseph E. Mlllward, Grantsvllle.
-j ' Ivor Ajax, Central. ..
I Frank Frailey, Stockton.
William Leaver, Lincoln.
j. Andy Anderson, Mercur.
C .
The followlni; Bpecch of Socrotary
$ Bhaw at Denver Is of moro interest
fj "' " to tho voter of Utah than any other
,.' pleco pf llteraturo that will bo clrcu-
'', , lated this campaign by cither party. If
- iny question Is of vital Interest to this
V stato, Irrigation is that question. Tho
M gontlomnn said:
pjvj "I recently examined a publication
V prepared by William E. Smytho and
'. supposed to liavo been sent out by
t tho Democratic National Commlttuo,
y'i entitled, 'Which Is tho Party of Irrl-
', '") gatlon?
"Tho document Is a labored argu
ment to show that Senator Nowlands,
of Nevada, drafted the Irrigation bill
which was ultimately passed by n
Republican house, n Republican sen
nto, and signed by n Republican Pres
ident. Ono can but ndmlro tho bold
ness of tho minority party In thus
claiming credit for legislation enacted
by tho majority In strictest harmony
with recommendations of tho Presi
dent. Tho conclusion reached Is equal
ly refreshing. Tho Democratic na
tional commit too evidently takes tho
position that if nny provision of tho
Nowlands bill ns drafted was ulti
mately enacted Into law, then of
course tho electors of tho arid states
hotild vote ngalnst Theodoro Roose
velt. In this they do no violence to
their reputation for subtle logic. Rut
as this Is tho only claim which our
Democratic frlonds mako for respon
sibility for nny nfllrmntlvo and pro
gressive legislation, It mny not bo out
of placo to oxnmlno their title.
"Tho cntlro delegation from tho
arid states, regardless of pnrty, has
favored Irrigation for moro than a
decade, and many bills havo been in
troduced providing for largo appro
priations for tho reclalmatlon of nrld
lands. I would not rob these gentle
men nf anv of tho crodlt to which
they nro entitled for protecting the
Interests of their Immedlato constitu
ents, but I can not forget that If nny
one of theso honored representatives
had failed to do his utmost for irri
gation ho would have been retired to
prlvnto llfo.
"After ten years of this non-partisan
effort by tho representatives of
nrld states they wero no nearer suc
cess than when they began. Hero nud
thoro In othor states there wns found
a nominal friend, but no Influential
Congressman or Senator from a hu
mid stato was willing to risk his po
litical fortunes by nn nggrcsslvo es
pousal of Irrigation. On tho con
trary, thoro wero many and they
wore not confined to any ono politi
cal party who looked upon Irrigation
as ot doubtful statesmanship and
somo openly declared against tho use
of, publlo rovenueslTn. dov'eloplng west
jiwkleHKWcurture.f!W " ' "Wlilio'lotli political parties In
their national conventions declared In
favor of ndequato national legislation
to reclaim arid lands, there was want.
Ing nn odvocato ngnlnst whom tho
chargo could not bo mado that his
enthusiasm was controlled by local
Interests. William Jennings Rryan,
In a speech delivered some years ago
nt my homo, snld ho once witnessed
a contest with rcforencu to allowing
stock to run at largo within tho city
limits. A board of nldcrmcn was
elected upon that Issuo and tho cam
paign been mo hctitcd. Ho said that
for somo tlmo before election If you
saw n group of men talking, you
would know what they wero talking
nbout and If you listened you could
tell who owned tho cow. Prior to Do
combor, 1901, when you heard a group
of congressmen talking nbout Irriga
tion, If you listened you could tell who
represented arid ttntcs. Hut when
President Roosevelt submitted his
message to congress In December of
that year, conditions changed. In tho
courso of n lengthy discussion of the
subject ho said:
" 'It Is ns right for tho national gov
ernment to mako tho streams nnd riv
ers of tho nrld regions useful by engi
neering works for water Btorngo ns to
mnko useful tho rlvero and harbors of
tho humid region by engineering
works of another kind, Tho storing
of tho floods In reservoirs nt tho head
waters of our rivers Is but an enlarge
ment of our present policy of river
control, under which leveos nro built
an tho lower reaches of tho samo
"This has the ring of Republican
ism. Tho Republican party lias fos
tered overy Industry wherever prac
ticable. It fostered transcontinental
linos of railroad and thoreby devel
oped tho agricultural resources of tho
westorn states; tho mineral resources
of tho mountain states and tho com
mercial Interests of overy stnto and
territory west of tho Missouri river.
And tho development of theso Indus
tries Inured to tho corresponding ad
vantage of every city and hamlet be
tween tho seas. The Republican par
ty, ngnlnst persistent Democratic op
position, has fostered overy manu
facturing Industry In this country.
Thcro would not bo a woolen mill, or
a silk factory, a rolling mill, or a glass
factory, In tho T'nlted States this day
but for tho Republican policy of fos
tering American Industries wherover
American Industries are practlcnhlo.
I repeat that tho President's message
ot December, 1901, as applied to Irri
gation, has tho ring of Republicanism.
"And thnt Is not nil. That mos
sago gives Theodore Roosevelt tho
distinction of being tho first to risk
IiIb own polltlcnl fortunes by espous
ing tho causo of Irrigation. It gives
him tho distinction of being tho first
American In high olectlvo ofllco to
combat tho somewhat narrow senti
ment against tho loan cvon of public
rovenuos for tho reclamation of nrld
Innds nnd thus bringing them Into
competition with humid lands. It
must nlso bo conceded, I think, thnt
Theodoro Roosovelt. was extromoly
fortunato In making his recommenda
tion njt tho exnet moment when senti
ment 'in tho United Btntes respecting
Irrigation changed, or ho must bo giv
en credit for causing this chango of
"I want to emphasize tho fact that
tho representatives of nrld states, re
gardlcsR of their wisdom, rcgnrdloss
of their Integrity, rcgnrdloss of their
enthusiasm, regardless of all tho In'
fluencc they could bring to bear, wero
ns helpless as tho babes In compass.
Ing results. Not so with Theodoro
Roosevelt. Ho was tho leader of tho
dominant party and such a leader ns
(Continued Next Week.)
Local & News Items
Ex-Superintendent Arthur nrown Ib
In town this week.
Mrs. Hillings and children havo re
turned from the city.
Auditor Colliding of tho Salt Lako
and Mercur camo In Sunday on his
regular official trip.
Miss Winnie Smith came over from
Sunshine on Friday nnd returned with
Mr, Erath on Sunday.
vM ,'.
Mrs. Joo Garland will have Uie as
slstnnco of a llttlo lady In nbout fif
teen years, whoso existence bcgaiu
last Monday at noon, gt
- fl
Manager Dcrn, ot tho Cou. MercurJ
returned on Sunday from " a week's!
Mrs. Simpson of Manning, came
down Sunday to visit her husband.
Engineer Simpson. Mrs. Simpson
moved to tho city for school advant
ages, J
Mr. Raker, ex-county attorney, and
W. N. Gundry of Stockton, Republican
candidate, for tho Stato Legislature,
wero In town Monday In tho Interest
of politics.
S .
Mnnngor Wlswnll of tho Goysor
Marlon, went to Silt Lnko on Friday
to vlst his fnmlly nnd Incidentally to
take In tho football gama nt tho Uni
versity of Utnh.
Mrs. Hattlo Hughes, left town on
Wednesday to spend n few weeks in
Silt Lake, Mill Creek, and Cotton
wood, visiting and resting. Hor
boarders will board round till bIio re
turns. At school, tho fourth nnd fifth
grades seem to bo considerably In
terested In ono Cinderella, n young
Indy that In past ages used to steal
i march on tho old folks nnd take In
tho dances.
Did you know that Frank Ernth car
rlos ono of tho freshest and most com
nleto stock of fruit nnd produce to ho
found anywhero In tho stnto? If you
don't know It, crowd In snmotlmo
and bo convinced,. Ho will bo glnd to
wait on you In your turn.
Wo aro sorry to hear that Mrs. Co
lettl, a citizen of long standing In
Mercur, contemplates leaving Mercur
to reside In Salt Lnke. Her son Ous
tt, one of tho brightest boys turned
out by tho Mercur schools, hns a good
position In Willis nnd Home's Drug
store and Mrs. Colettl will Join him.
Wo wish thorn both tho success they
so richly deserve.
From tlmo Immemorial pcoplo havo
desired to peep under tho voll thnt
conceals, from them tho futuro and
from tlmo to tlmo seers have nroso
that wero ablo to glvu glimpses to tho
credulous of what ovents nro to corao.
It Is reported that a certain gentleman
of this town, whoso namo wo will not
mention, a railroad agent, and n dis
penser of black diamonds, sought ona
of those seers and asked to know tho
past, present and tho things that aro
shortly to como to pass ho fouud
Manager Dothwell, of the Sacrnmon
to, was down looking over tho mine
last week nnd roturned on Friday.
From his gonernl conversation It
scorns tho Sacramonto has a great
quantity of soft oro carrying good val
ues but at prosent there Is no known
process of working It. Tho experi
ment of roasting It will be tried and
should It succeed tho gold department
of tho mine will bo In good condlton
for years to como. It It falls, tho pros
pect In tho leaching department In not
good. A fair prospect of quicksilver
has been struck on tho Incline, hut
not as much as had been expected.
tTTho "pbk-n-Boo" waist Is doomed In
Wisconsin, but thnt will havo no ef
fect, "'
i? -
Kpo you cloan your teeth overy day?
Don't )ot tho dentist have nil your
. , i
ft M. A. No. 3859.
TKln tho United Stntos Land Offlco nt
Salt Lako City, Utah, August 1C, IDOL
t Notlco Is hereby given that In pur
sutinco of tho net of Congress ap
proved Mny 10th, 1872, "To promoto
ho development of tho mining re
sources of tho United States," Tho
Consolidated Mining Company, n cor
poration of tho Stnto of Mlbsorrf hav
jog its principal ofllco at tho City of
-ot. Louis, Stato of Missouri and hav
ing complied In all respects with tho
laws bf Utnh relating to foreign cor
porations, by Frnnk I). Stephens, Its
agent and attornoy, whoso postofflco
Sjldress Is Salt Lako City, Utah, claim
ing 1,500 linear feet of tho General
Sherman lodo, voln or mineral do
posit, bearing gold, silver and other
vreclous melnls, with surface ground
COO feet In width, lying, bolng nnd
situated In tho Ophlr Mining District,
County of Tooele, Stato of Utah, be
ing Mineral Survey No. 4932, has
'made application to tho United 8tntes
for a patent for tho said mining claim
which Is moro fully described as to
metes nnd bounds by tho official plat
nnd by tho field notes of survey
thereof, now filed In tho offlco of tho
Register of the District of Lands, sub
ject to sale at Salt Lako City, Utah,
;vhlch field notes of survey describe
ino boundaries and extent of said
c.nim on tho surfneo with a mngnotlc
variation at 1C deg. 30 mln. cast, n
' Beginning at Corner No. 1, which 1b
Identical with tho northwest corner
ot thlB location, from whenco U. S. M.
M. No. 4 bears north 14 deg. 12 mln.
'west 1157.8 feet, and corner No. 2,
survoy No. 4931, of tho Uattlo Ax lodo
tears south 4 deg. 23 mln. east 30G.O
feot. and running thonco south 21
aeg. 20 mln. wost 1B00 feet to corner
No. 2, thonco south C8 deg. 40 mln.
st GOO feot to corner No. 3, thonco
North 21 deg. 30 mln. east 1500 feet
te'Jcorner No. 4, thonco north 68 deg.
mln. west 004)' feet to cornor No. 1
mm place bf beginning; tho notlco of
oat,lon ot sM-rainlnjf claim being ot
Aeord In $e offla of.tho Recorder of
Teoele Ca&ity. atTMloCtty,Utli.ln
Wook.';H,fnw 90, as shown.by the
words of M&hh 'Fausce,"ulstrlct Ro
MKdwfofjsald mlnliijs'dlstjhjL Wjion
itecor'dor of Tooelo CoirnTy, utanriho
presumed gcnoral courso or direction
of tho said Gcnoral Sherman vein,
lodo or mineral deposit being shown
upon tho snld plat ns near as can bo
determined from prosont develop
ments, this claim being for 1,500 lin
ear feet thereof, together with tho
Biirfaco ground shown upon tho said
ofllclnl plat. Tho nearest known lo
cations bolng tho Teller lodo. Survoy
No. 4780: 1st. Northerly Extension
Miners' Dollght lode, Lot No. 93; tho
Hnttlo Ax lodo, survoy No, 4931; Grey
Eagle No. 2 lodo, Lot No. C2; Vostu
lodo, Lot No. CI; tho Clovcland lode
Lot No. 1C5, being so designated In
tho official plat.
Acres. Acres.
Total area of General
Sherman lodo Is .. 20. CGI
. Less area In conflict with:
Survoy No. 478C, Tel
ler lodo 2.493
Lot No. 93. 1st North
erly Extension Min
ers' Dollght Lodo.... 0.0004 2.4934
Net area Gonernl
Sherman lode 18.1G7G
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely tho mining ground, vein, lode,
promises, or nny portion thereof so
described, surveyed, platted and up
pllcd for, nro hereby notified thnt tin
less their adverse claims nro duly
filed bb nccordlng to law and tho reg
ulations thereunder, within tho tlmo
prescribed by law, with the Register
of tho U. S. Land Ofllco nt Salt Lako
City, County of Snlt Lnko, Sloto of
Utah, they will bo barred by virtue ot
(ho provisions of said statute.
I dlroct that this notlco bo pub
lished In tho Mercur Miner at Mor
cur, Tooelo County, Utah, for a period
of nlno consecutlvo weeks.
, Reglstor.
First, publication August 20. 1904;
last publication October 19, 1904.
M. A. No. 3868.
In tho United States Land Ofllco at
Salt Lako City, Utah, Aug. 1G, 1904.
Notlco Is hereby given that In pursu
ance of tho Act of Congrosa approved
Mny 10th, 1872. "To promoto tho de
velopment of tho mining resources of
tho United States," tho Consolidated
Mining Company, a corporation of tho
Stato of Missouri, having Its principal
ofllco at tho City or St. Louis, Stnto of
Missouri, and having compiled In all
respects with the laws of tho Stato of
Utah relating to prlvato corporations,
by Frank I). Stephens, Its Agent and
Attornoy, whoso postofflco address Is
Salt Lako City, Utah, claiming 1500
linear feet of tho Grey Rock Extension
voln, lodo or mineral deposit, bearing
gold, silver and othor precious metals,
with surface ground COO feet In width,
lying, being and situated within tho
Ophlr Mining District, County of Too
elo, State ot Utah, has mado applica
tion to tho United States for a patent
for tho said mining claim, being Mln
eral Survoy No. 4933, which Is moro
fully described as to motes and bounds
by tho official plat, and by tho field
notes of surrey hereof, now filed In
tho ofllco of tho Register of tho Dis
tricts ot Lnnds, subject to salo at Snlt
Ijtko City, Utah, which field notes ot
survey doscrlbo tho boundaries nnd ex
tent of said claim on tho surfneo with
a magnetic variation at 1G degrees, 30
mlnutos east, ns follows, to-wlt:
Ileglnnlng at Corner No. 1, which Is
Identical with tho northwost coiner of
tho location, and from whence U. S. M.
M No. 4 boarB north 43 deg. 43 mln.
10 sec. W. 1099.8 feet, and running
thenco BOtith '21 deg. 20 mln. W. 1500
feet to corner No. 2, thonco south C8
deg. 40 mln. E. COO feet to Cornor No,
3, thonco north 21 deg, 20 mln. E. 1500
feet to Cornor No. 4, thenco north C8
deg. 40 mln. W 600 feet to Corner No,
1, tho placo of beginning; tho notlco
of location of said mining claims being
of record In tho offlco of tho Recorder
of Tooelo County, at Tooelo City, Utnh,
In Hook "H," page 153 of tho Ophlr
Mining District records, hied for rec
ord the 29th day of April. 1887. as
shown by tho rocords of John Faunce,
District Recorder of said mining dis
trict, now on fllo In tho ofllco of tho
said County Recorder of Tooolo Coun
ty, Utah; tho presumed gonernl courso
or direction of tho said Groy Rock Ex
tension vein, lodo or mlnoral deposit
bolng shown on tho plat as near as can
bo determined from present develop
ments, this claim being for 1500 llnoar
feet thereof, together with tho surfneo
ground 600 feet In width as shown
upon tho ofllclnl plat. Tho nearest
known locations bolng tho Lot No. 99,
Mounlnln Gem lodo; Lot No, 87, Hen
rietta lodo; Lot No. 164, Ixist Hoy
lodo; Lot No. 9G, Lllllo Rose lodo;
Lot No. 1G5, Clovoland lodo; Lot No.
G2, Grey Englo No. 2 lode; ljot No. CI.
Vesta lodo, survey No. 4931; tho Hat
tlo Ax, survoy No. 4932, tho General
Shcrmnn, being so designated In tho
snld ofllclnl pint.
Acre. Acres.
Total area of Grey Rock
Extension lodo Is.... 20 CGI
Less nrca In conflict
with Lot No. 99.
Mountain Gem lodo.. 0.010
Survey No. 4931, Battle
Ax lodo 2,064
Survey No. 4932, Gen
eral Sherman lodo,.. G.438
Lot No. 87, Henrietta
lodo .,;..... 1.230
Lot No. 104, Lost noy
lode .. .. .!........ 0.900 10.711
Net area ot Grey Rock
Extension lode .w., .8.90
Any and all persona claiming4 ad'
verselyjhe mining ground.veln, lode,
prl8eflrf'anywrtlorikthwot e'
less their ndvorso claims aro 'duly filed
as nccordlng to law nnd tho regula
tions thoreundor, within tho tlmo pre
scribed by law, with tho neglstcr of
tho U S. Land Offlco nt Salt Lako
City, County of Salt Lako, Stato of
Utah, they will ho barrc-d by vlrtuo of
tho provisions ot said statute j H
I hereby dlroct that this notlcd ho
published In tho Mercur Miner at Mor- 1
cur. Tooolo County, Stato of Utah, tho H
nowflpapor published nearest to tho
aald mining clnlms, for n period of
nlno consecutlvo weoks. H
First publication, August 24, 1904. H
Lnst publication, October 19, 1904. H
M. A. No. 3140. M
United Slates Land Offlco, Salt H
Lako City, Utah, Aug. 2, 1904. M
In nccordanco with commissioners'
letter N of Mnrch 16, 1904, and for tho H
purposo of securing tho Issuance of n H
new and correct patent, notice Ib hero- H
by given that John IX Dooly, ns ad- H
mlnlstrntor of tho oitnto of Nolllo V. H
McGrath, has mado application for
pnlent for tho Fourth ot July No. 2 H
(amended) lodo mining claim, conslHt- H
Ing of 1487.2 linear feet of tho lode H
nnd surfneo ground au shown by the H
official plat, bolng survey" No. 4412, H
Bltuatcd In tho Ophlr mining district, H
Tooolo county, Utah, and doscrlbcd In H
tho pint and field notes of survey on H
fllo In this office, with magnetic vnrln- H
tlon nt 1C deg. 40 mln, cast, ns fallows. H
Commencing at corner No. 1 and H
running thonco N. 43 deg. W. 1087.2 M
foot to cornor No. 2, thonco N. 47 deg. , H
E. 580.7 feet to cornor No. 3, thenco ' H
S, 41 dog. 53 mln. E. 1087.4 feot to ' H
corner No. 4, thenco S. 47 dog. W. , H
559.G feet to corner No. 1, the place of tlllH
beginning, containing a not nrca of f!'lH
12.768 acres, tho area In conflict with f IsH
Hercules No. 2, survey 3870, of .270 r1 H
ncros and Chlorldo Point No. 2, sur- H
voy 3870, of 1.192 ncros, having been sH
excluded nud tho area In conflict with H
Hill Side, survey 4881, of 1.799 acres I H
being Included In this application. U H
Tho presumed gcnoral courso or CU f. H
rectlun ot tho vein or lodo Is ns shown A H
upon the ofllclal plat. lifl
Said clnlm Is situated in tho unsur- kI
voyed part of township G S, R. 4 W. 'H
Tho N. W. cornor of township 6 8.. R. i iJM
3 W. bears S. 11 dog. 12 rain. E. 7961.7 fH
feet from corner No. 1 of said claim. v' H H
Said claim Is of rocord In tho offlco 7 M
ot the Rccordor ot Tooelo county, at LH
Tooolo City, Utah, In Hook "H,",at ssl
pago 230, Tho adjoining and coifjrjiK ,,, OH
Ing claims are tho Chloride I'o1b1K. . , ' 'H
2 Mi Hercules No. 2, survey 3 87$b4 ..' " -.S"'' - .- mM
Hill Sldo, survey 4884. fjPPBtffe -XL -H
I direct that Uil' .notice "hVJfeWT9mtfoSivB
llihedln tholariMliwr.'attirw.BWglBWjgJsM
UUlft'iOiRKewHfwr, lU4JhsSl95ictOfIS- uH
est said claim, for a period of nlne -mH
weeks, -SH
FRANK D. HOUDS, Register. fll
L, II, Gray, Attorney. )H
First publication, August 3, 1904. MM
Last publication, Sept. 28, 1904. Sfilfl
What it Costs to 1 II
1 See the Fair I v M
H Breakfast 20 H "-"iH
Car Fnro to Grounds 05 H H
Admission 50 H 'H
Luncheon 30 H H
H Dinner 40 . 'H
Car Faro to Lodging 05 -B
j Lodging i.oo
H Tills cstlmato Is published In tho H
J August Issuo of Lcsllo's Mogazlno nnd BJ
was prepared by n man who writes M
from personal experience. Ho ndds: H
"A man on an nvcrago salary may do H ""H
tho World's Fnlr In n generous and H B
cnjoynblo way for two weoks for 1
from $45 to J7(". This, of course, docs 1
not Includo rnllrond faro." ,H
H Tho cost of railroad faro, as nlso do- H M
tnlln of train servlco via tho Rock H , H
Island System, can bo had on appllca- 'H
tlon to M
I ..tfHam. E- iMAKn, a. A. DIDLB, m .fl
I WWfWWPPf "" A(t Trsr. Pua. if t. jfl
I nllMMiVMllllllli li WIIHT .snCOND SOUTH ST., H
I liEcLillililll I sl
H HPWnJH c Da BLOAT, Gob. Agent Pass. Dept. H M
H BOO S.v.nte.otU St., DMNVB. H H
Loavo Salt Lako City at 3:15 any aft 1
ernoon Just a convenient tlmo. Ar- 1
rlvo In Denver, via tho D. & R. a 9
at 4 tho next afternoon, remaining un- ' 'Hl
til 10:35 Just long enough to sec tho
city and your frlonds there. Arrlvo In
St. Ivouls at 7:19 tho second morning M
after Just when you nro fooling host H
and when It Ib eaBlest to roach your
hotol and your friends. H
HHn Tho ontlro trip la mnde In a Stand- M
jBfTjMMHBI ard Sleeping Car, with no changes. , M
HlllJIilHIIH For othor details call on or write fl
HlmH R. F. NEBLEN, Oeneral Agent- fl
lUllllH 79 Weit Second South 8treeL
Salt Lake City. H
, , . ; .,. " v . ' : sMsflsi

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