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The Mhr4ur Miner. I
,' Voli X lercMC. Tooele County, Utah, Wednesday, September 6, 1905 No 34 H
i, " Published Every Saturday nl
j ' ' Mercur, Tooele County, Utah.
1 ' One year 1. 60
" Months 1..5U
! J Three months , ., 1.00
( '
,,,' -jjt Advertising Rates.
; . 4 On application to publishers, box 17,
f - ' Salt Lako City, or our local agcpls.-
' ' Entered at the Postomce at Mercur as j
' Secqnd-Clnss Matter.
' , : " GRAY & JAKEMAN ... . Publlshfi
; ', J. T. JAKEMAN ... Manaqeo'
v f ' Tuesday, 29. Silver, G2V6; copper,
i f IT, G-1G; lend, J3.60.
i l' .- Wednesday, 30. Silver, CO; copper,
. f (! 13 G-1G; lend 3.60.
, j : Thursday, 31. Silvor, i0; copper,
. - 1G 5-10; lead, J3.60.
. '' Friday, 1. Silver, 00 3-4; copper,
r, G-1C; lead, J3.G0.
Saturday, 2. Silver, Gl',4: copper,
l. 5-1G: lead, 3.G0.
'. Monday, 4. Silver, CIVic; copper,
.; 15 G-1G; lead, J3.G0.
, With a suddenness for which nelth-
. ' er tho world nor anyone In It not or.
j. ' flu" excepting tho plenipotentiaries
If thcnibclvcH was prepared, tho Ports-
. j , . mouth meeting came to u close oi.
( - ' ' Tuesday last with tin ngrccnient for
r ' '''" peace. In reaching this astonishing
P1 ', . . result In such an astonishing manner
p", " It was of courso necessary for one
f '-'' v nil its contentions us to the disputed
I' side or tho other to yield absolutely
points, and the fact thnt Japan finally
did so docs but add to tho wonder-
i incnt of tho situation. Up to tho Inst
nilnuto tho Japancso envoys showed
if indemnity In ono form or another, np-
I', :i disposition to stick nnd hang for
4 purently not caring in tho least that
, y. the failure of tho deliberations meant
' ' . war to u finish, nnd thoso of tno
, ".irth's pcoplo who did not know It
I beforo know now thnt Japan Is nbun-
( iluntly ablo and quite willing to fight
U us long and ob hard as may bo nee-
Ir? oxsnry; furthermoro, tho bulldog ten-
' uclty of tho llttlo brown fellows has
SS. ' ' been abundantly seen nnd henru nnu
jflfoV t felt. This being the status of things,
BsC," ' ,tho nnnmincement of peaco camu as
BBCjteic-tftrUJHmUSrlioiUtrom jT.clCftrk,v.Xap:UIf
V" ' ' "" is" no wonder that many who "read or
woro Informed of the nowB would not
nt first believe it; it seemed self
contradictory. In receding, however,
Japan has lost nothing of prestige but
gulnod instend. She had already, by
Hturn cannuest. carried every point
for which sho originally contended nnd
could well afford to rlso to the
greatness which only comes or mag
nanimity. Tho outcome makes President Itoos
ovolt tho most conspicuous flguro in
modern diplomacy. All honor to him I
On Wednesday silver dropped to GO
from tho quotntlon of G2V4 only tho day
previous. So great n rail In sa Bliort
n tlrao la only n mntter of n moment's
wonder, and It Is not nt nil attribute.
Mo to U" f'lvorlto return) of oastorn
NllvcrphablBts overproduction. A,
"ir is eoln5 mi between two gold na
tions, no mntter what two nor where
ilia contest is located, moans an ad
. vunco In tho prlco of every comnjo
illty which wo produco nnd they or
i-lther of them use: so It was with, tho
whlto metal, Although Jnpin is on
tho gold basis, sho novqrtholess ubps
great qunntltles of silver; In fnct, it
" I tho only money known to tho mass
es, nud tho same In n moic ivatrlctoil
sonso nppllos to Itussln. Naturally,
tho breaking out ot war which nt the
outset promised to bo qulto ns Ions as
' It has been, between thoso nations,
guvo nn upwnrd Impetus to tho sil
or market and kept It up while tho
I ' c-ontcst lasted; nuturnlly also, with tho
i ' conclusion of peace, tho reaction sots
I In nnd a fall occurs Immediately. Tho
rail in thin case, wo take It, is purely
Kjmpathctlc nnd spasmodic, In no
huiiho reflecting nctual conditions, and
1 If this proves to bo correct, thcro Is
, . no reason why Uio decline should bo
I more pronounced; rather may wo look
' tor complete recovery so Boon ns tho
? Hurry. Tho point from which sliver
S f&. leccded was low enough without rcr-
1 , f orenco to outsldo influeicfs; Inleod,
I -j ' , we would all look with tho utmost
I r "" complacency upon a much higher fig-
3 i ' ' - uro than has been recorded slnco de-
1 I ' luonctlzatlon. .
I Tho hirnngor who for the first time
E visits tho llttlo towns of IHah Is lm-
I pressed with tho provnlllng order nnd
quiet TJrond streets nnd roads linod
on both sides by trees or hodgoa. wv
I lorod by purling Htreams from moun.
tain sldos, neat, cosy, llttlo homes
surrounded by Bhndo treos and cov-
i-red with running vines, "applo and
' peach fmo fruited deep." wall-kept
j ' lawns, guruciiH uud fields skillfully
, ' . ', tilled, birds In tho trees ond fowls by
' tho coop, tho head or tho liouso in
' , health nnd happiness, tho good wlfo
,v In Joy and gladness, tmd children mer-
: ! - ry, huppy nnd guileless, nil make n
; , picture worthy of tho nrtlst, nnd
' ' pleasing in tho Bight of tho Oroat
.Father who first communod with his
I . children in n garden, nnd was wor-
I ' Hhiped in groveB, umtd trees mid How-
1 t-rn long beforo tho nrchltectr.ncs of
? temples were laid by num. TJils or
' . aerl pescoful, happy, contento l rura.1
lifo him been the foundation of groat
nes In. every ngo and, nation. Jts de
cay has ever innrlu'il n rim'sformatloir
In HJfllul; UolUcil, ynd Industrial lire.
Tho city niuyuoi tho ptuco for power
and vscalth, but, tho country Is the
place for hupplncss nnd health.
' ,U lorytay .con't RCt anybody In
Europe to hold down tho throne, there
nro two or three nround here willing
o trjr thOjJob
How dusty the ronilsl How tho
poor horses must suffer as from
heavy breathing they Inhalo tho grltl
Humana drivers will glvo them on ex
tra drink now and then during tho
day. Sponging tho faco and eyes,
nose and mouth would refresh them.
Try It.
Tho Inhibition upon duck und quail
shooting will bo removed on October
I, I ntho enso of tho latter, however,
for but twelve days. Our sporting
seasons Arc, us somo look nt It, alto
gether too brief, but If tho victims or
tho sporting aero consulted, It Is
hardly likely they would concur In
this view. It would'nt matter If tho
length of tlmo woro doubled ;tho ed
itor, printer and "dovll" would derlye
no benefit from it: thoy have to work
no matter what is going oid outsldo.
Tho great campaign was nwakened
from its reposeful plumber a few days
ugo and paid n visit, for this occasion
only, to former friends und acquaint
ances. It Is ns previously Republican
In politics, urges tho l,0t to "come a"
thegither," and mukeajjatl announce
ment which ought to flLd invor in some
circles, to the orfcct'int tho party
can win tho November election, hands
down, ugalnst tho fluid. However
this mny be, all Indications at this time
point to u hotly congested and excit
ing campaign, at least in Salt Lako
City, with Ogden not likely to escape
altogether, in tho former It looks as
If thcro would bo four tickets in tho
held: Republican, Democratic, Amer
ican und Socialist "and then some,"
Tho ravages of tho yellow fover
have abated somowhat, but tho gult
regions uro by no means rid or tho
pest. It broke out all at onco and
not having been bo prevalent In lato
years It was doubtless thought thero
would not bo much or It and being
thus taken unawnres the people snr
fercd more sevcrclr no doubt thun
would have boen.tht cMaybniUlurblc,
nlng. Tho curso has seldom got na tar
as Mason and Dixon lino and has giv
en tho western regions completo ex
emption from Its visitations. In
Utah wo have ovlls enough to con
tend with and nro qulto willing to dis
pone with them, without taking on
an; now ones.
Tho steadfast and humano attitude
of President Iloosovelt during tho
pence negotiations, and nt tho samo
tlmo his porfect success. In keeping
aloof from Interference with the plen
ipotentiaries or showing tho slightest
partiality stamp him ns not only ono
or tho greatest or tho world's states
men but as u Christian gentleman In
tho front rank. Few thero bo who do
not appreciate his Bterllng character
istics and general capacity; ho Is ad
mired by thoso who opposed him and
Ik not o'iposed by thoBO who hivo nil
nlong admired him. Thcro Is but ono
President Uoosovolt In nil the world
nnd ho Is ours. Truly, tho foremost
nntlon of tho cirth has much to bo
thankful for, and having the foremost
man 1b not the least of Its causes foi
profound gratitude
Tho last holiday was Labor day, nnd
occurred last Monday. Wo aro plenti
fully blest with holidays in this state,
tho number, Including Sundnys, being
about sixty nnd either tho governor
or mayor of any city can proclaim nn
extra ono whenever thero Is thought
to bo occasion for It. Mntt OiBbom
says this Is nothing to what they hnvo
In Moxlco, "whero they have 305 hol
idays In tho year, honoy." Somo peo
ple seem to hnvo tho Idea that Labor
day is a natlonnl holiday, but this Is a
mistake, Its observance being tnado
compulsory by congressional action
only In tho District of Colimbln. Thero
aro no nntlonal holidays, -oach stato
having such ob it chooses, thpiigh tho
Fourth or July, being obsorvi1 In tho
fullest manner by all of them mounts
to that In fact.
Tho total ccllpso or the sun which
occurred on tho 30th ult was preced-,
ed n few days by ono of the moon.
Tho latter was partly visible to Utah,
but tho former was wholly Invlslblo
throughout tho Paclilc coast. Tho ob
scuration began near Lako Winnipeg,
Manitoba, tho path of totality proceed
ing thenco eastward with the velocity
of a cannon ball through Now Unins
wick, south dwfoundland, across
tho Atlantic it Spain, thenco to Ara
bia, whero tho curtain roll on tho
grand exhibition. Tho period ot to
tality at any point near tho middle ot
the shadow's path wsb the longest
In many Voara, lasting exactly four
mlnutos and Bclentlllc expeditions
with the moft Improved apparatus
were dispatched to points on both
sides the Atlantic such occaslous be
Ing those which no civilized nation or
promlnont astronomer over overlooks.
Herbert W. Fox, n former chemist
nnd metallurgist nt tho Con. Mercur,
nnd for four years nsslstnnt superin
tendent of the United States Reduc
tion nnd Refining compiny's plants nt
Colorado City, wus In from tho neigh
boring state to rcnow acquaintances.
l, "o:,. " ma
Local & N&ws ttciis I
' i.i Y t ii'l
- -s. r
Monday, 28. Con. Mercur In Dos
ton, 53 cents; 100 shares sold.
Tuesday, 29. Con. Mercur quoted
nt r.5 cents.
Wednesday, 30. One hundred
shares of Con. Mercur sold for G5.
Friday. 1. Hid, 4r.c; sales, CO
shares at 4Cc.
Saturday. 2. Quoted at C2c: U00
shares 'Bold ror G2 cent,i
In the Local Market.
Monday, 28. Con. Afiprcur bid, 60;
nsked, CJ; Sacramcntob!d, 10.
Tuesday, 29. Bid for Con. Mercur,
r.l: asked, G4V4.
Ten cents asked for Sacramento. ,,
Wednesday, 30. Con. Mercur bid,
47&; asked, G5. Sacramento, bid,
8; askfcl, toy,.
Friday, 1 IJlil. 48c; naked, Glc.
Satnrday.2. Did, 47 1-ii asked GOc.
C. E. Clreon or the Clark electric
power plan;,' xas a Salt Lake visitor
last week. ,
. J J
Tho Joo Bowers Mining company,
near Silver C.lty, has elected Hon.
John Dcru president.
Horchol will havo a mill. The mat
ter or beginning the construction is
due to natural causes, but tbc mill will
be built.
Tho capacity of tho Ophlr mill Is
being doubled. This Is another Indi
cation of tho brightening up of mining
Interests in these parts.
Jt J
Kvcrctt Qlcnn and Miss Lcanore
Mills of Tooele havo decided to hence
forth sail down tho sea of life as one.
A llcenso was secured In Salt Lake
last week.
Tho Chloride Point mine on Lion
hill has marketed another lot or ore
valued at GG ounces or silver and IJ.50
In gold to tho ton. George Sinclair
& Co. aro working this property under
or j
From September lGth to October
31st, tho Salt Lako Route offers ex
tremely low colonist! ratfc one .way
gflltAUKCWilAWI fer-.W6.0tfr
stop ovcrs"allow(Rl'caTItnfo and Las
Vegas. PersonB contemplating going,
to tho Pacific coast to settle should
bear this In mind as It Is tho lowest
rato over offered. See any agent of
tho San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt
Lako Railroad.
Tho following Is a Herald Interview
with nn old time mining man:
"Whllo It Is now thirty to forty
yenrs slnco I was operating there,"
said he, "this trip ot mlno brought
vividly to mind what Dry Canyon nnd
Ophlr were doing in thoso diys, nnd it
suggested to mo the possibilities that
still exist thero. I am too old now to
think of following mining ns a pro.
rcssion again, but If I could I should
nsk for nothing better than tho oppor
tunnies that nro now simply await
'n tho ninn or combination of men
who might bo willing to Invest money
nnd Intioduco modem methods of
mining, milling and smelting nB thoy
exist today, In old Treasure hill for
"In my day tho, cost of mining and
smeltlnu ores was so great that wo
nover thought of touching ores thnt
we today would bring ns good returns
ns tho high grade material wo wero
then compelled tp contlno our opera
tions to. Thero nro miles of old
workings In Treasure hill and tho
country surrounding which I know
confiln 11 world of ore that could to
day bo handled at u hnndsotno prollt,
wnllo development nt greater doptli
thnn wo felt snro In going would un
doubtedly rovcal riches of which wo
nover dreamed,
"As I wandered over tho hills nnd
rollowed the good roads which wo con
structed nnd which nro good today;
when I saw tho wires of tho W. A.
Clnrk electric light nnd power plant nt
Tooolo running ncross tho hills Into
Ophlr, nnd again saw tho water run
nlng through tho plpo-llno thnt wus
laid many years ngo by Undo Matt
Olsbom to carry water to tho Mono, i
could not help but wonder why thoso
valuable accessories ta cheap mining
and milling wero not being utilized by
younger men men In search of a
profitable held in which to exert their
energies nnd apply their talents,
"Stockton Is bolng rejuvenated, nnd
to every InBtupco whero tho old mlnoB
huvo been taUn hold of In tho man
ner I hnvo suggested most substan
tial results nro being accomplished.
Ophlr. I notlced.ibt beginning to move
ngnln hb It ought to do, for Its pos
slbtlltlou nro almost beyond computa
tion; but Dry Canyon. Its neighbor,
and famous In tho early days for the
richness of Its Burfnco ores, Is still ns
dead ns a mackerel.
I uitf no longer personally Inter
ested In theso camps nnd I am not
talking for tho purposo or in tho hopo
of gaining anything for myself, but
It docs nppenr strange that wuch n
wonderfully rich mineral-bearing re
gion should hnvo been overlooked by
tho army of bright mining engineers
who aro constantly on tho m looking
for good things to present to thoso for
whom thoy Inbor. Someone" ought to
tnko ndvantnge of tho good things that
ure open In the Dry CanyonOphlr region."
(-Wednesday, the 30th, Stockton was
M tho sampler with two cars ot orry
I ,, ,
Tvio cars of Stockton ore was ro
oelvod. nt tho Pioneer sampler Jlon
day ftho' 28th.
I J w
i Supt. Rnddatz of tho Honerlno nt
Stockton has advised that he has
tapped another oro channel on tho
1,100 level nnd nssaya show vnluon of
88 per cent lead, 11 ounces silver,
I 1 o -
I Tuesday tho County Clerk united In
marriage Everett Qlcnn nnd Mrs. Lea
We Mills, both or Tooele. Mrs. Mills
hns been Mrs. Qlcnn for over thrco
years nnd two children wero tho ro
?ult of the union.
Karly last spring tho sheriff of Bowl
iflg Green, 0 arrived with requisition
vapors for Glenn nnd took him back
u Ohio, tho charge being abandon
ment nnd non-support of his children,
I I to was In Jail about 11 week, when ;
tho charge not being proved ho was
set nt liberty.
As ho hail been nwny from Ohio 1
for several years ho was led to be- 1
llovo that hlH llrRt(vl(fi hnd secured
n divorce, but learn) il Iffcrently on
hlfl trip to his nnttyo A l,ace.
Monday n divorce vytni'j'ccured In
Judge Armstrong's cpurt by Glenn
from his Ohio wlfo nnd Tuesday ho
finished tho straightening out by re
mnrrjlng "Irs- Mills,
Effective May 1st, 1905.
Westward. Bas'twnrd.
No. 1. ,No. 2.
A. M. Stations. ,'P. M.
11:16 Ar Mercur -Lv 2:00
11:00 Lv Summit ,....Lv 2:16
10:30 Lv Manning ...,Lv 2:G2
10:05 Lv Fairfield ,.v,Ar 3;14
.1, O. JACOBS,
General Mknagor.
I " f
Js Torn Keene 5 ceht Cigar is VS
it beiriig distributed Jby Y ,2
if J'Rieger & Lirfdley,
Is "The Whiskey Merchants." X
it Salt Lake City. H 2
if- " . $
AND FAIRNES8 'jtfWgwaaTnnrpT-" ..VyH
FEATURE8 ': 'SJWfi &?&) W'
To buy furniture from ut by mall at f(dllftiiJ)CTBa2CJf1iSlSilBil
tb do the purchasing In person. jljljipKSwftlMg ifiw WIJj
J Send your order for anything per- K?JSbSu1!
lilnlng to house furnishing, and our l"5jfO&5i3?5lfMHCr
experienced Judgment will make a -BP-''llBMfv ff r
raWrlto today for descriptions and SSsSrfPrc'aaei
tcMJM.'efiWhatever you deilre In that -BA-'1
33-3547 Wet Third South St, Salt Lake City, Utah.
?rtooms 6 and fi Walker Bank IliilM-S H
ft Ing, Salt Lako City. 5 H
ffiWIth Dr. Hector Grliwold for th'f! H
past three years. M
of Utah. I
"The Head of the Public School Syt- H
tern of the State " H
The University of Utah Includes the H
School of Arts and Sciences, the H
8tate School of Mines and the H
State Normal School.
Tho School of Arts and Sciences of- H
fors courses In: H
1 Qencrnl Science L
2 Llboral Arts. M
Tho Normal School offors: M
1 A Four-year Normnl Oourse. H
2 Advanced Normal Courses. H
3 Courso In Klndorgariwi ' Train- M
lngr H
Tho School of Mines onrs courf;i M
1 Mining Knglnoerlng. H
2 Electrical Engineering. M
3 Civil Rnglncorlng, 1
4 Mechanical Knglnccrlng. - ' M
5 Chemical Rnglncorlng. M
A Preparatory School Is maintained M
which given preparation for tho 1
courso In Ocncral Science, Liberal' M
Arts. Engineering, Ijiw, Medicine nnd M
Uuslncss. M
Graduates from the eight grades tit M
the public schools nro admitted to tho M
Normnl School; but a year ot High H
School work Is ncccssnry for ndmls ' H
sion to tho Preparatory School. .H
Now buildings, excellent facilities,
splendid equipment. M
No tuition Is charged, but nn an- jtfl
nual registration fco ot ten dollars is lM
required. Registration, September 11
16th and ICth. Instruction begins 'ialiH
September 18th. jH
Catalogue and urPtb09'klrt.jifeuji4iaiJiH
sept free. upon 'ritt',toifcjfJfS2&WjJgM
iy m VanTvrra,:f '''' CTiiWB
Salt Lake,Cty. "S
" mf (
Utah's Scientific, Technical Initltu- S g Provides Liberal, Thorough and Jj
tlon of Higher Learning. Jj Practical Education. H
Gfe2X3S32!32)S is)(ijX5(i6atSJt
iPTwjff n i ' : I rl
The School of Agriculture. The School of Engineering and Me- H
The School of Domestic Science and chanlc Arts.
1 ' Arts. The School of General Science. H
The School of Commerce. The 8chool of Music. H
The Agricultural Experiment Station. H
' HtHt t HHH H Hf
"Twenty buildings, provided with tho boat rqodcrti c;ulpnient, afford ox" H
'tcoptlonnl facilities ror thorough nnd olllclent work. H
-fA strong Faculty, representing tho host Institutions or America nnd nur-
-fopo, nro In chnrgo of tho work of Instruction nnd experimentation. H
No tuition Is chnrgod. Registration teo, JG.OO. COLLKOn OPENS " ' 9
tsEPTEMUEU 10TH. Wrlto for lllustrntcd Cntnloguo,
4-t-t-r 4- -rT M (I
y I H
2b .. . .. b .v Kit faV
?,!. - A. ' "," H

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