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The Merur Miner. I
H Vol Mercur, Tooelle County, UtahljWednesday, October 18, 1905 No 40 fl
H., ' Publlihed Every Wednesday
K r at
Sp" Mercur, Tcctle County, Utah.
mM' srH.sniiPTiotts.
'Xfff One year, 70 cent;.
HRkgi Six Month!, 40 writ.
HPWL Three months, 35 cents.
R, Tlio rutM hold pood until January
fJV' '"' lj,,t ''' not ,in!rt'' ,0 ,inc,: n:
Haf 'mints.
Hjft A '.winMng laics on application to
(Ok. tlio Publishers.
KB) ' ' I,ox 17 SllIt l'"Uo CIt''
P5k Ja. T. Jakeman . . . Manager
(Sjf i
HJi. This paper It kept on file by THE
JH&-Z2 Chamber of Commerce Building, Den-
Efy ver, Colo., v.here our readers will lie
welcorwa to the use of the leading pa-
Hi pers frvm the various mining sections
Hp' of th'cr west, a scientific library and
H& miners tpchlblt.
HIT. ,,.
VtPH All new subscribers paying 75 cents
jwLl' Tor ono jenr, or 40 cents for bIx
SJJE LI ' i mouths, the Amerlcnn Former will bo
jjHLT hf,nt free for on0 'ear Tnls ofrcr
WSi ' holds pood until January 1, 190C.
,JE thi: ruBMSHBRs.
2nBm Sttiriinj". Silver, C0V4, copper, 1G;
COT" '
Hjjth Con. Mercur at Home.
HRf ristilfrtsy. BIO. r.'i't, ashed, fiS'4.
Dp At Boston.
Br' Hiturili). Quitted at Co" centn; 1'no
Htr nharej told.
. Sacramento at Home.
ft Saturdiy. Hid. !,H; asked, 10; Kin
6E tharcs told at M',4 conts.
&1 Ingot at Home.
Kt SUutday. Bid. 1; 'naked. 1 centa
Bfctv ,
Jiasfe , , lta,
)'ip I tn liven-nrp'rlns peaks
With lrrtllo ailpjs it their base
And trenu rn rich wltliln tholr hearts
All typify tli5 noble race
j; Which name mill nlnd, through
' stcrm ni d ctrcss.
t A t-tato born of t ho wllilornesfi.
Their lieirts made bravo with thrill-
IPS liopo
Audforelie'ds llftod to the sldos,
Our. hero victors fjnvu them strciiRth
And bido n nation's home arlre;
Through long, dar!t days, with dansor
' Tboy did I ho work that Cod had
Where o:Tco the sterllo plain lny dead,
Tlio mlfihty hand of labor wrought;
liown front tlio barren mountain
.1 slopes
The crystnl tlcods of llfo wcro
1 All Knturo smiled. Jior pov;or freed,
And ppresd- her Joy o'er Hold and
s now In Utah slorlrus State
Our vetoes ring with words of prnUe,
eh. n"iv wo not, hi prosent pride,
S..- ' KornH the men of other cloys;
And fhln our prnyor: that (3od may be
Vlth to hapo our destiny.
"riie ncmlnatlon for olllcos of the
dlflervnt cltlos, nro pretty much nil
f made now, and tbo work or tl:o various
convenlloiiH Is boforo tho p Me for
nppr-.vnl or dlsDi'jroval. Of course
tho Rroatcst Intcrost contros In Salt
l.nke City, wbo'B thoro Is u ln'.ir-slded
tlbt tlio two natloiul orsinl-.atlons,
v',;o Amcr'can party nnd the Soolallstr
muklng up tho quartelio which wll
. ).iiiid from now on for tho mattery.
The el"ft'on occurs uniformly In the
r!M- aul towns ot tho stnto on
TtiMdnv, Noveirtbrr T, so thoro 1
riiHUd-rt time for evch vpter to pret
htpkeU thorciugliN Hi to the mrlts
.1.11 1 uomerlu -f tl.j urts nr ' thf
candidstcu icrrotertlng t.iom; it is
to be liopod aieli wl'l do so' Hid than
set liUollleiilly and ladependsntlv Ip
scordanre with his eonvlcUom.
Ill the cmiltal city the Amor'' 11
nartjr which mud Its trial trip In
t November last, will tint In the Held
,' this full rtul li the rubjeet of no llttlo
j Doeuliitloii at to Its htreneth and
proopools at )hc 'iretont tin-- Thnt
11 lies Krnwu rontliiprably elnce It at
launclied u(n the iiirhulenc wn 01
y!ittet, fu' icx-rcely lx dfijMtwl uy
- y
een Its nrtit Irnlcnt opponent"!, be
cause tho fr.ct Is pclf-ovldcnt. Tho
only qiHMlc n Is as to what i-i-iit
It has Rrfili: At tbo ck'clliui tpoUeti
of tho Rtiiiilillmnn polled In rnmid
numbcri; nearly jii.iiim) vote In ibis
clly, while tbo liumocraU ami AiiktI
cans each cc cured nioiuiil li.uim. it
tbercdorci fcilluufl Hint lo win if any
thliiR near ns iVilIows' a vole u Hurt
Instanced shall be polled tho Aiui'rt
cans noiilcl bavo to drnw stomethlii);
over 2,000 voles from tho' Ropulillcnns
nlono unles thoro should be imlookfil
lor defections from them to the Donic
crats nlso, oach of which would
amount to a ncfiatho Rain on lull a
volo for tbo AmcrlcatiH while each
veto Rolns to thorn from the Demo
crnts would bo a full veto Rained,
and each Republican votu would
amount lo tv.o votes gained. It Is In
this connection, to bo noted that to
all appearance tho greater number of
acccttlons to tho Americans of late
havo been fiom the Democrats,
though previously they wero almost
entirely from Republicans, and umoiiR
theso tho desertions nro continuously
occuiTlnR, though not, ns stated, to the
samo extent ns Is the case with tho
Dsiuocrats, ht f : ns cin be deter
The Bltuallou Is n very Interesting
one viewed from nny standpoint, nnd
IT tho Amei leans get ns much ns one
third of the voto3 of tho municipality
they stand n good Miow to win, un
lets there should bo n slump fiom one
to tho other of tho old parties, as was
the cose last fall. It Is not likely that
more than 20,000 votes will bo cast
ind It Is morally certain thnt the Am
ericans have gained r.t least n thou
sand votes rIiico last November. This
WoiilcU glvcAt.hchucbout TjOQPi.'-uck'1'"
t"ienvIo as'rvasthen and hot
ountlng tho negatives nsslstnnco of
i he Socialists, which party ought to bo
jood for fully 1,000 votes. Wo shall
soon know nil about It.
Latt Week, This Week, and What Is
Coming. .
Kvery lender of American litera
ture Is familiar with tho great novel,
"The l'lt," nnd ever slnco It was an
nounced to nppcnr nt tho Salt l.nko
theatre cm Thursday night of this
week nil tho theatre going people hac
boon looking forward with pleasure
for tho ovont.
"Tho Ideal llurlo-snuors" appear this
week nt Lyrlo In "Hvory Day Life,"
which samo llfo Is full of comedy,
catchy music, dancing, nnd electrical
effects. In addition to tbo chorus of
tlils, tho compiny Includes the four
Llvlngstcns, said to be wonderful
icrobats. OHiors In tho company nro
.Miss Kathorlno- Clalru, Kryo H. Allen.
Oruot & Oruet. nnd rrank O'llrlon
with llttlo Carrlo Franklin In tho sou
bretto part.
At tho Urnnd theatre "WyomlnR," n
now play by U. Allln Martin, will i
given. It Is n comedy ilrnma of tho
Wostcin typo, as Us nnmo Indicator
In stating his rensnns for prPbentlng
tho play hero first, tho manager gays:
"My assoclatos urged mo to tako
'Wyoming' to Chicago or New York
for Its Initial performance. I said no,
that If 'Wyoming' will go In Salt l.nko,
It will go In any city In tho country. I
romombor ten joars ago, whan I wns
In Sslt ljiko with the original produc
tion of Tudrt'n Head WlUon." v re
ceived equally as strong a reception as
wo did In any oily In the country, nnd
smlii thro) years later I camo hero
with Cley CIr-nicut. a new star, nnd n
new play, ami the ' indfu'i ot people
that witnessed cur performance was
lndM graterul. When I returned In
September f tho samo year tho ap
proval ' Mr. Cloment and his play
os n be f'uud In tho box office receipts
at tho l..lt jx..3 theater, nnd I told
my rwnolntea end the people that It
Is n artistic ts though It had been
built In New York. We carry every
pleco of fcenory for this ' Jduotlon,
Including a stago coach, two honra
and a steer, nnd ther nre twenty-tTro
op!u required to product the play."
v' Ji ,
Ou Suadny next (the i'StjcJ,), thq
(Ira lid will orrsr Its rntroni tlio maro
4 J
j drama. "Undo Josh IVil.lns." Tlif
I will he followed on Thursday by tnt"
coined) drama, "Sweet Clover." j
I .'t : 1
i .Mali) tin iiuiRlct.iti and tirtlst, iiiiT
hh comp.iii, will Rive it purforinatic'
ut tin- Suit I .a ko the.ilor Motiduy, OX
toher 2!. uiiilur Y. M. O. A. nuHpict'f.
of iiiiiu.M.';ueiit woru of the bcrt and;
.1 . J
Uist woell'M bills nt nil tlio iilnrow
were well jMtK-iilgcd. 1
W can say to our render that the)"
will be repaid by noting our coliimni
of the attractions In the mitnipolls Ifl
the cuiitemplnte u vlt.lt thire. "j
Local & News Itens
Tlicro has been n ipiUe n number of,
blrlhi In Mcrinr receiilly increasing
our census for ISIOfi. 3
A good showInK of ore Is reported,
at the Stockton (i. M. nnd Milling'
Company's proper! Ick. 5
The recent ruin slorins were an nil
around blessing In those parir. Mora
would huvo been appreciated. S
Perfect as n beverago or medicine Is
1. W. Harper Whiskey, the kind your
grandfather iim-iI. Sold by Adams IS
co. i
Mr. Thus. Uebb, who loft Stockton
on September 27 In search of workjj
has secured employment nt Bingham
City. b
. o i
J. M. I'owell and tumlly of Stockton
lavo gone) to pastures new. The foi$
ner to lndlnii'inolls, lnd and tho lat
ter to tJllroy, Cal. 4
v' J
Mr. Oscar Anntriou of Stockton bar,
loeu unable to work far the Inst weeli
in account of sickness, but his condl?
tlon Is Improving.
Jlrs. J. (1. Brumi i,i Stockton spenti
covernl days .In SaltriLakulalt weOkJ
It -of
There Is cxmsli,erai,iL activity In tbo
dd milling camp of Dry ('aii)ou and
boho" now oiicratlug thero look for
vnrd to u "boor" n"t summer.
Mr. 1). W. Cull oi Slocl.lon, who
left lion; mine time ago in nrch ot
.vork. Is now located In Kurekn. where
in hns futind luc-illv employmi-nt.
J Jt
Mr. nnd Mis. A. T. Andornou bnvc
'eturued homo to Stockton from their
wedding tour nnd are now domcstl
at oil In their new Imme In Stockton
J -t
Mrs. I). R. Williams or Stockton
who hns been (-otillni'd lo hor bed fo
the past Huven weeks. Is beginning tr
Impiovo. Wo hope her recovery wll
!io rapid.
wl Jt
Mrs. M. A. Wulipilit. daugliler ol
Mrs. (Jeoi-Ro Dt'iiton, ramo out tc
Stockton from Salt Ijike Clly Wednos
lay morning und expects to romnlr
ioernl dnys.
. ot
Thw bottiim of tho luolluo shnlt oi
liu Cyclone properly is now in u rock
icily of lead oro. The abaft Is dowr
Xi' feet, tbo last ten of which htm
'icon In tho vein.
or ot
Tho momboiM of tie Methodist chol
if Mnrcur gtivo n surprlno on Mm
Kyler. l-'rldny eveiiliig. The ovenlnr
'vus siient' In RiiiueH slid coiierilloti
ncfieshnients w",n f'vved.
Ot ot
Contlderablo wheal Is being town In
i'arowurt this hoisou hk It has been
lemoiiNtniti'd thai It onii b r.ilst-l ruc
cossfully and with considerable lesf
IrrlKntlon than sirlng miwii crojiK
ot Ot
The Klrnmun or Morcur. of whom
thwe arc no butter volitnteorM lo be
found, hnd n great time nt their dance,
Krldsy ovenlng. mid, (is Is. and should
always be. tbo enso, n tlnnuclal sue
ct-HM wns srorod.
oi ot
Mr. i:. R. Mackliison or Stockton
surct-tHled In bagKlng twelve line snRe
hens whllii on n hunting expedition
last Sunday. He prcifars lo hunt deer
(dc'iir), but claims not to lie ns sue
ctwufiil In thut lino.
vt ot
Mr. .Ins. McKoudrlcK or Stockton
was badly burned last week nnd wns
ikon lo tho I.. D. S. hospital In Salt
like city, whurn nl'l that medlciil nld
can do Is licdnK dono for him. liu c-on-dltloii
Is repoitiMl as Improiwl.
ot ot
A great tnnny In Amorlrnn ForK
urn iisklng for n "CltUeiis' Tlnkot"
and It Is noted Hint a majority of tho
prlnoliwl mo-ors In tho will for u clt
Unit,' tlokct nro lUipiibllcausftnnd the
' Ivn-Ji-rs ot that party aro verjrtaucji
. '
TTluriii. d nr Hit inoii' and nro ilolm?
Jul In tlu-lr iiowir to illMourapo II, im
y nre iifiiiin ihui Mich n mini' will
nipt tlu-lr rsiilx in mirb im vttit
'o nn-'iti u iiiiiiI(i(. lcior) fur the
o ot
Otll lilt I, hi 1 ,1) i-i i lot., (s WlM MKItl
I In 111 tit Id In Amerlean lorl. iiml
n tin. r ni tuyttl win I,,, on. wiiii u
rd ticket, "('itlens' Tlrl.t'l," nltKi
IliR Uir the Tralicl I'c or the oter.
Itles Will llll,e, ,(. "liolllllK" In
nt t-fitiK
ot ot
'he Mum 'I nl Meienr In doing
d wink tin st- il -t h. ,j,-, Wl.(.t
NiP t'lur i Siilwtl guio a .ef Itilt-r-toting
himI liM-'iifllxi lii'lure on
lnn. Hlu liiiiulled her subject In
5lch k wax ik to t-huiN thai fht U
ffilister of tiocthc'K great work.
K .t oi
KV UopubllcHU prlmnr) will be held
W tbo Stociitou K'IkiiiIIiuiim'. Monday
Gwilng. Oi tober ir.tii, ut a p. m., fop
tab punt-he of noinlnatliii; cundlilutoi
0i the olIlct-B tf preldeiit nnd trns
jag of the town or Stockton, mine
Wfic elected Not ember "Mi. Wi.
o'oph miliar of "ophlr sit)s the
cantp Is gradually picking up and tho
onjlisil, U that good times are ahead,
ijnro work Is going on than for u long
Urio pan. The mill of the ophlr Kill
etrtpanj has Just been plnced In
fpo to handle a larger tonnage by
addition of severnl Willie) tables
gorlntendent IJ. W. Clark has Just
completed u new and cozy home, nnd
jmirythlug, so far us the Ophlr Hill
jjeoncerned, Is suggestlv( or u long
career of successrul opcrntlon.
K Wives Cheap In Africa.
(fin Africa wives havo been sold for
two packets of hairpins.
(Via Oregon Short Line Railway.
Salt Lnko to Portland and return
(direct) "ni.no.
jjlSalt l.uko to Portland and return
(tffio way via Han Francisco), $12.50.
BfU"Jiko to Portland and return,
(onc?rivoy via lis Angeles), l&o.&O.
Soptcmbor 30th, Inclusive. Tickets
reading ono wny via San Trnnclsco ot,
lios Angeles on snlo August 110, Ul,
and September 1, 2, 'J, 4, C, 0, 13, 14,
IE, 27. 28, 2J. All' tickets good for
dopovcrs. See agents for further par
ticulars. City Ticket Ofilco 201 Main
- U""
to nil points cast, during nny season
if tho year for scenery servlco nnd
equipment Is via tho Midland llouto
Tho Una of moro unlquo nnd Interest
ng mountain wonders than nny oihei
:n the world.
It Isn't so much where you go thai
makes tho trip pleasant, It Is how you
?a thnt counts. Start right by scolnp
thnt your tickets rend vln tho Color.ido
.Midland. Tell mo whero you nro go
ing nnd I will do tho rest. Ticket of
flco 77 West Second South, Bait I-ako
I.. II. Harding, General Agent, lllus
trnted scenery books froo cm rerpiost
Autumn Is tho Ideal weather nt La
Vegas, Nevada, tho now town on the
Salt Lako Route, nnd In response to n
demand special oxcurslon rates have
boon put Into effect on various dates
up to Octobor 20th for tho low round
trip ralo of 30. In addition to tl o In
torest surrounding this now and Uirlv
Ing town, It should bo remnp iptoi
that It Is tho gateway to tho tamou
gold fields of Novndn.
Spo nny ngont of tho San Pedro, ti
Angelos & Salt l.nko railroad, whr
will 13 glnd, to ticket you. or call Vo
17 W. 2nd South strcotboth phones
1SSC, Salt Lake Clly, Utah.
If your tssto for good clothing leads
you to bo critical of Stylo, Kit and
Finish of your garments, you will
snvo yourself no nnd of troublo- by
looking Into our storn and exomliilng
Uio flass of workmiuihhlp and ma
terials wo turn out.
Sorenson & Larson,
140 W. Second South,
Unc-r management of
The Utah-Mexican Sugar A. Live Stock
Only 7.".imj Houndi Trip.
Tlcktts geed leaving U'tah, October
Mit.. Final return limit, December
Oclrg, via Rio Grande, Santa Fe
and Mexican Central Rallroadc.
Returning, via Mexican Central,
Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railroads.
For further Information, see local
ropretentativec of above lines, or
..HCBER M. WELLS, President, or
J. T. HAMMOND, Secretary. Utah
Mexican Sugar & Live Stock Co., Salt
Lake City, Utah.
Hard or. the Widow.
In 1MU tbt- H.vulutlun of Kngland
and Walt a, t-itirt' mile was in. In
1900 the population (lf the United
State was SI 4 it siuari intle; o Hug
land Is coinpnrntixly crow (Jul. Yet
In Lincolnshire it widow had to travel
thirty-nine iuIIim on bur husband's
dflMb. Thus- For a doctor's curlltv
catp, 7 milts, to reglsttr the dtath. f
miles; mtiirn home. !t miles; lo the
grnrt and back, IS tntlt-s; total, 31'
- ' i 'i SjBJBJBJBJj
Apcroach cf the Dsv,n. H
"Wltn r.n mi llitn n tlibt pUe ifffl
snd I'ttrjiiiiiiir -.'in-, htminr jon ui,' . H
j It Ulltlv t,,;t . (Ht.tiot ) old on I. H
lii'liulc lemur .i,i j.n,. p then, ft r af
Unit I. liiM the ,,!-.,,. ,. (,n ,,,., 1BB
that tli- tl,.c win turn." Urr.'-1 H
And Chain the Mat. iH
A lliooM.tn nitiilrtcr of n prep -,
nmtlc.il tiit'n or mlint ha hit tro) t H
dooruiht rtinli.ul to hl hout-e. un, H
to Ilii'iilcrn'e the rlplil Kplrlr In lit. jH
ntr rh.t bap bad the motto "Tnt-t .i H
tiod" utii-ktti In hcatltt It-tttrs of Itrt,' H
.-cl.'i' In tb, midi.le of ll.i mat. B
Elfectlve May lit, 1C06. H
Wifttnrtl. Dasixvni'. iffafj
. N- I- No. is, tH
A M. Klstlons. P. K H
11:1" Ar Mronr I.v Intn H
HM'd l-v SiiminH I., ttl . H
lu:. :n Lv MatuiltiK I. ti'j H
I 'i :(!.', I.v r,lrileid Ar ritit H
(I'lii'iiU Matingtr. 'VH
.rtiH.t'.M'ii'tvt.'rrst.. firi-:i''.:r'.'Mt.jii-.i-r kt x Bill
ti i 'BBBl
:? Rnlooncn! . fj ''
J5 C'ignr.AIcii! J;'?
v-J "Wo Want. Your Businoesl .iffll
v'-j UlKCM'JH&l.IXDIiBY, tt
J-2 Th Whiskey Mm-liniifn, K?
i Hnlt Ukp Citv. -
v" J J IBl
S $ bbI
www.iw-iiw m
SALT LAKE CITY, Opposite South Gats Temple Block. '', M
Beautifully llloslraled Catalogna Sent Free, Write Us, -
"35i!2ifi'ii"f:I!':5':-"rl"',,rf-v---"- -'---."-iiiij'-. -s-c .a.toi. t. )H
xh "Wo enrry tho InrKcM stool: of Ipii'. .."iO juul 1.00 ;
H Shoes nnd PROSlM-XTOlfS' nl MIXHUK' IJODTS ii' '
in Salt Lake. t I
H .Send for CVilalo- ! t .jH
Walk Over Shoe Store, H
55 177 rain St., !'!: tH
5-i Salt Lnl.o City. ft
.VMl'l'l'V'I'l't'.Pl'l't'f't-lyt't't-t-r'rsi'lPrs.iiif v.f wrtH!ti-y,ryri?ir J" fH
' --- - iffl
W L y Vrjr? f ' " "';'1 '-' ""u in " 0,''n !1 1
&&& V- ft'C.i '' p.u-iiity coiiiiu. ja (hen ;'- -H
I f jjLw..'' SJ 1:Ij" ","'"t Uy "4''"' ww hniw
m ' v -Kr-li m vU,t vf"x tol,ppcg uu ' oimr H
Ik iSwlS .'ll.m -onddnel will, Nrth. ;
LJPVjjj) fm'- "i? '"'"' '"'' ovrywlnro. Vfl
Kr IK-ir vHiTTAKcn t DAar.A, ,- 'H
BL ftyjftKy1 MAKcrii. ifl
' K.iK 1 'Uu C.ty. ,
A full Mm ot Stitllon- The bltryrtt i)4 t tiVi A full linn uf Nation., R !
rrjr Alt ttiu It.Jnif "t I'uBin Kivrr la ler c tmrn Tutmrco tsJ h
pcrlwllcol, cur ,. hwukcr. Uol U BJ
Agency Troy Slearn Laundiy, ::::n:.V MERCUR, j I
For the Cheapest Une (&q6&- a .. t
mar.vimmma.mn an oiSk ,.
1? oAfci, AvLp! i O lim
Man Strnt, tow, Wi. mm, p. I
i ( r t . I

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