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trt The Story
Whether Hand Sapollo got a more
enthusiastic welcome In homes where
Sapollo was an old and tried friend,
or where It was a stranger. Is a ques
tion. Where women had come to rely
on Sapollo for rapid, thorough clean
Ing In every part of the house except
the laundry, they commenced without
loss of time, to avail of this new prize.
Grubby little hands, and stained, work-
worn older ones, whitened, softened,
1 and smoothed out as It by magic, cal-
M a lous spots disappeared, and corn
er' ' , plexlons cleared. Children ceased
their strenuous objections to the scrub-
blag up process, because It became a
f 'att
pleasure. It freshened up the hands
after dlsh-washlng, removing the most
disagreeable feature of that necessary
. task. It was found to keep delicate
' baby skins from chafing better than
salve or powder, and the crowning
note In the song of delight came when
an adult member of the family used It
t In a full bath, and realized that a
Turkish Bath at a cost of one dollar
I was outdone by a small fraction of the
little, ten-cent, velvety cake.
But, strange though It may seem,
there were people who had not learned
to prize Sapollo. To these the adver
tising of Hand Sapollo came as a
surprise. Sapollo, a scouring soap,
tub first sTr.r ?
I (rum aell-raspeclla lack ol
cars la parvoaal claanlW
I !'"".! "' "rat rn.iv. Ia 1
I liulMlad up a proper prlila I
I J man, wnranti, cir child I
' l l? vU1' " ""i I'xlblub. I
r I Tim can'l lia liaallhy, or I
1 pretty, or even doou", un I
IT".?"" "" clean. Uaa
plaaaa averyooa.
i adapted for the hands, the face, the
general toilet? Impossible, It would
be horrid. Who ever heard of such a
use? Finally a bold shopper carried
home a cake. Docs It took like kit
chen Sapollo? A'o one Is sure, and a
cake of that Is bought, and comparison
mode. Behold a family using both the
Sapollos for every conceivable - pur
' pose, and comparing notes 1 After
t easily and quickly cleansing a greasy
' pan with Sapollo, Jane thought the
i other would be gritty, and was aston
ished at the smooth, dainty lather.
' Another was certain It would harden
llboiew!forqaitX plot Hi XP.
lIltlbeatrularHaioliobt; It
rordlrt lt mluueX Uhadi X
Then all thcacayinbols we will add.
Tbe X and minuaX drop out Kit
Kaaaf (Aa aayouecan eca no doubt)
0V And leate what mutt the hmuewife pleaie
W Tim happy ejiuliolwa call eai..
the hands and could scarcely realize
V, how soft and "comfy" they felt after
tbe washing.
Thenbegan the excitement of adven-
7 ture; what would the new soap NOT
do? A girl tried a shampoo, tier
hair, pretty, soft and silky "went up"
perfectly, with none of the unmanage-
' ' ableness that generally exists for a full
week alter the usual process, vi man
used the delightful lather for shaving.
Game Name to Small Coinage.
v BIr John Swlnbumo obtained tb
distinguished honor or having
tbo three-penny bit named after him
V .throughout South Africa. When he
wont to Capo Town first there was no
copor coinage, and ho vnn provident
enough to tnko out a sackful of the
smallest "collection In Bllvcr," to bo
used for lipping. So throughout tho
colony this coin U still known as. "air
John," whon It I not called a "tickle."
- " Denetlt of blight Fasting.
B Fasting for one day will often pro-
rent a serious Illness. More peoplo
luffer from eating too much than too
To Disinfect Dishes.
t ' Soda.. In n 2 per cent solution, Is
' recommended Jiy Prof. Kamarch of
i Oottllngen na Ihe. best means of dlsln-.
fe'ctlng eating utensils.
and felt no need" for cold cream after
wards. A pimply face was treated
to a dally bath- yrV Ing with the
full suds, and . promptly bc
cameclcar. h. Tartar on
the teeth yielded
to It, w and
test X that
CARE of your mouth and
neglect your pores, the myriad
mouths of your skin ? Hand
Satolio does not gloss them
over, or chemically dissolve
their health-giving oils, yet
clears them thoroughly by a
method of its own.
had a yf tend-
ency to- . wards
hardening V S of tho skin
regained their natural condi
tion, till another family had Joined tho
chorus of friendly acclaim. And so It
Is everywhere, those who know tho
"elder brother" welcome the new
comer, for tho sake of tho first known,
and those who meet both for the first
time are plunged Into a whimsical
worry as to which they could better
spare If they bad to make a choice.
Its steady use will keep the hands
of any busy woman as white, un
tanned and pretty as If she was
under the constant care of a city
manicure. It Is truly "The Dainty
Woman's Friend," in the suburbs
or on the farm.
Those ugly darlc brown streaks
on the neck, arising from tight
collars, and the line where the
sunburn stops, can be wiped out
by the velvety lather of Hand
Safolio. It Is, indeed, "The
Dainty Woman's Friend.''
Burglars Wear Gloves.
Four burglars, arrested In tho act
by the London police, were nil wear
ing gloves In order not to leave finger
prints behind them
Under Management of The Utah-Mexican
Sugar & Livestock Company.
Only ?7fi.00 round trip. TIckotB
good leaving Utah October 2Ht. Final
return limit December 'Jlst, 1U05
Itouto going- via Itlo Grande Santa
Fo and Mexican Control Hallways.
Returning via Mexican Central San
ta Fe nud Union 1'aclllo Hallways.
For further Information boo local
representatives of ahovo lines, or
Hobor M. Wolls President, or James
T. Hammond Secretary, Utah-Mexican
Sugar & llvoetock Company,
Salt Lake City, Utah. ,i,
The Pig Wind In Oregon.
Port Oxford evidently Is a very
windy place. A gentleman Just from
there reports that last week tho wind
blow n sheep up against a barn, about
twenty feet from tho ground, and held
It there four days, until It starved to
death. Drain (Ore.) Nonpareil.
Tea is almost nothing;
how much weight do you
think there is in the taste
of it?
Weight is no measure for
Soap from Pompeii.
A few years ago n soap-bnllor's shop
was discovered In Pompeii, having
been burled beneath that terrible rain
of ashes that fell upon the city 79
A. D. The soap found in tho shop
had not lost Its efficacy, although it
had been hnr'pfl t fto enrn.
Hero Is Relief for Women.
Mother Uray, a nurso In New York, dis
covered a ploaaunt herb reined v for womon'i
Ills, called AUBTUALIAN-LlJAF. It I thi
only certain monthly regulator. Caret
female weaknesses, Ilackache, Kldnoy and
Urinary troubles. At all Druggists or bj
mail M cts. Samiilo mailed Fit Ell Addrots
Tho Mother Gray Co., Lclloy, N. Y.
Wouldn't Play Second Fiddle,
i lloro Is a story a Kansas Irlsbmai
tells on hash. An Irishman who ar
rived In this country only a fow doyt
before, was offered soma hash. lit
refused It. "U't them that chewed It
eat It," ho said. Kansas City Journal
Storekeepers and Hotelkeepers
Should Investigate ucotylono gaa
Wrlto "Acetylcno Jonos" to-day.
British Goods In Petersburg.
An Kngllshmnn trnvellng In Russia
wax depressed on scanning a mllo of
shops In St. Petersburg and finding
only ono which displayed an article of
llrltlsh mnl.x.
Tea intelligence; what do
you think that is?
Wrlle lir ear Knowlrdva lteea. A. BlbllUotc ft
Oampanr, San r'raaetOTM.
Moro than 200.000 pilgrims visit
Moccn every year.
It is a most mild dclicht;
but it is a delight good
ten, fin' ten
' ' , ' wa ..
Kgypt wait the. first country to pos
sess an; army. "
She Will Carry Fresh Herring to
Ports on Puget Sound.
Tho English torpedo boat Albatross,
which was offered for snlo by tbo au
thorities whon tho navy depot nt Ks
qulmault. I). C, was abandoned, has
boen secured by tho Nanalmo flshor
Ioh company of Nnnnlmo. 11. C, with
tho object of running frosh herring to
sound markets.
Tho boat Is n very fast craft. Sho
was bnllt some thirty yearn ngo for
tho Chilian government, nnd saw serv
ice In several South American Imbrog
lios. Fitted with triple-expansion coin
round engines, nlr pumps nnd water
tight compnrttnuntR. tho vessel enn bo
drhen nt n IiIkIi rate of speed through
or under the wnter, as opportunity of
fers In any wenthor.
Her length ovor nil Is 100 feet, with
but nino-foot beam, and her appear
nnco lying squat on tho water much
moro resembles n fish than n fish car
rier. Fishing (iazotto.
Quaint Old Custom Still Prevails In
English Town.
Citizens of the old Devonshire
(Kng.) town of Ilnnlton nro Immune
from arrest until sunset ono evening,
for whllo the horBo fair Is In progress
tho arm of tho law Is powerless. This
Is in continuation of a quaint nnd pic-!
turesquo ceremonial which has been
handed down from tho tlmo of Honry
III. When tho Iiorso fair begins tho
town crier, In tho gorgeous dress of n
hcadlo of the InRt century, nppenrai
carrying a pole, nt tho end of whlcha,
n largo gilt glove, decked with flowers.
Having rung his hnndbell throo times,
tho crier, in his three-cornered bnt;
announces, "Oyez, oyez, oyczl Tho
fair Is begun; tho glovo Is up; no man
can bo arrested till tho glovo Is down.
God savo the king." Kach sentenced
Is chorused by tho children standing
round, and at tho conclusion they
scramble for nuts. Tho glovo Is taken
down nt sunset.
World's Smallest Graveyard.
What Is said to bo tho smallest
graveynrd in tho world may bo seen nt
nalashlcls, Knglnnd. For over a hun
dred years no Interments liavo taken
place, nnd tho gravnvard may now bo
A Neglected Corner In Galashiels,
styled "no man's land," and a recop
taclo for rubbish.
Tho burial placo measures 22 ft. by
1-t ft. and Is surrounded by walls. Of
tbo two tombstones which havo sur
vived neglect and abuse, ono may bo
seen on our picture, blocking up tho
cntranco, and tho other a largo flat
ono mny bo observed In tho ccntor
ot tho graveyard.
Made Good Guide at Night.
Jason Hoover, a farmer ot Western
WJscoftBln, ventured out ono very
dark night to visit a sick neighbor.
His wlfo followed. Tbu man kept up
an incessant conversation, not for an
tertalnment, hut that his helpmeet
might bo guided by IiIb Bonorous volco
along tho treacherous and uncertain
Suddenly Fanner Hoover shouted a
warning, stumbled nnd fell heavily.
After Homo grumbling nnd much as
slstanco from his sympathetic wife, ho
continued tho Journey, limping pain
fully, and rubbing his bruised thigh,
"Jason, you may stop talking," sug
gested his wife, considerately; "It Is
easy to follow yrut now."
Mr. Hover becamo Inquisitive, and
was astonished t. learn that In rub
bing his thigh ho had caused tho phos
phorus to glow, which for a long tlmo
bad beon accumulating on his trou
sers from tho many matches struck
there Now York Herald.
Alcoholic Drink from Rice.
Tho alcoholic drink used In tho
provlnco of Cho-Klang, In China, la
mado from fermented rice. Formen
tatlon Is Induced by tho addition of
cakes mado ot wheat meal. An ex
amination ot thoso cakes by K. Salto
shows that tho particles ot wheat arc
penetrated through nnd through by
tbo mycollu of various fungi. Somo
sovon or moro different species wore
found, Those fungi grow on tho moist
ened nco, formontntlon follows and a
yellow liquid with an agreeable odor
Is produced.
Constable as Violin Maker.
Police Constablo Oaskln, who has
just retired from tho Metropolitan
forco, has mado qulto a reputation In
musical circles by tho hand-mado
violins ho has constructed during his
spare tlmo. Somo of his instruments
have been praised by thp finest play
ers, and recently Kubcllk paid him a
visit, highly commending several that
be tried. I-ondon Tlt-IJIt.
alv f vaBBBafl
To make Cheap Gas-light for I
Country Homes
TAKE a common Cby Pipe. out extra charge, which uk1 any one of tJfeic 70 H
Put a simple "Acetylene' Galburner on its Aretlrue Generators it had found safe, ami tfTtCtive, H
,. ,''m- , , , J"' permitted hmisr to be' piped for Chy Gas, pH
Hind the two in poU'" with a tight-fitting piece or wired for Electricity, under proper ronditMMH.
of Uiibber llote. Now, the Insurance Companies ought to know H
Ihen fill the bowl of the pipe with fine-ground Cal- whether or not these 70 different makes of Acetylene H
clum Carbide. Generators were absolutely Safe tn use. H
Next tie a rag oer head of the bowl to kcp in the llccmte. icy have to pa the lull, if Fire or Ex- H
Carbide . 1 . plosion occurs, from any one of the Acetylene Gener- H
Now put the pipe into a Gtasi of l atnr llier authorise. B
Water, as in picture ', And, here's a proof of their (rood judgment. H
There you have a complete Gat- t 1- Tlioitajli there are now 'I wo Million people uiing H
plant for 25 cents. - - Aceljlenc Light hi America, llure have only been four H
- Touch a match to the Ilurner , Fires from it itl one year, against M6j Vires from JaH
It ami jon'll get a beautiful White Gas- ' ' $T Kerosene ami Gasol.te. M
n light fl There have also Iteeti 4601 Firet from Flcetricity, H
Of cotiMc, thit it only an experi- 1 107 Hires from City Gas, and 5J0 Fires from Candles. M
1 ment, but it shows the wonderful tint- LJI Resides thete there have lieen afi Fires from the H
flicilv of Acetvlene LiglitiiiK. ft)) Sun's rays. Hut, only four Fire from Acetylene. M
That very simplicity gave Acetylene ffi'J 'I'bat shows how cartful the Insurance Hoard was H
til in its examination of AcrUlene Generatort, and in H
ffff "permitting" only the 70 makes that were above tut- H
11 .rrmflR Hien. out of the txxt exerimeiHs that nere once on H
'' --fjcj) ,,lc mrtct- , H
" " ''ifTTrTnlJil Well, the lxxvm in Acetylene Lighting matle lntr
" sfcBmn IffMl trim poiblc on the inaterial it i derived from, vli 1
lUllUV'l Calcium Carbidr, a material that looks like Granite aH
'' U 1 but acts like .Magic. H
llll' I Today, Acetylene Light it a l iMrtl elifAftr tlian M
nlllw I Kerosene l.iKlit, or Gasoline Light, per Camllp Power. H
' l'm It il not more than half the price of Klectric Light, H
yJlf I nor thrte-fourlht that of City Gas. M
I fl' I If i can't prow these statements to your full satis- H
j) J III I faction my ramc is not "Acetylene Jones." H
fiuTti J l I ""' cel''el" i "tore than the tafeil anil cheafrtt M
dlV I Light nf th year 101)5 M
full 1 il I '' ' 'nl,u ''lc "'''"'" Light the nearest to natural M
H I if -I Sunlight in health-giving Blue ami Violet rays, and M
iTOW l aV. 'I because of this, with its freeilom from dicker, it it M
M M''Jifx ' " j 1 ,nc cnticst of all Artificial Light on the liyet. B
-3?tTL55Ezl - f It it so much like real Sunlight that it hat made HBl
"3K'Jp -- plantt grow 2.1 hourt per day in dark cellars where no HH
. :S&?'"' rry. "' Simlight coiihl rctich tlicnt. It made them grow HBl
Light a setback at first " rtvire at fail at similar plantt that had only the Sun HBl
It seemed utimle' to turn Calcium Carbide into ,iKTii,w:!V,,r!r!.!.i!lfV.u.r.i. 1.. , ,. ,
Gas-light that over coo different kinds of "tankt" and ' a, ,f . ,7, Wl ' '" """'
"Acetylene Machines" were invented, patented, and lnol,,h Per" ,ail; "'" V"V "' M
marketed for the purpose, by about at many different .
people. Now, I've saved tip for the last a point more im- H
Well, the thing to be expected certainly happened I nortant to you than all the others about Acetylene HHl
About 530 of these "Acetylene Machines" had been Light.
invented and sold by people who knew more about It consumes only one-faurlh at much of the vital HHl
Tinware" than they did about Gat-making. Oxygen from the Air of Living rooms or bed-rooms,
The "Calcium Carbide" was all right ail the time, as cither Kerosene or City Gas-Light consumes.
but 530 of the machines for turning it into Gas were That's a Iremrndout difference in a lifetime, mark HHl
all wrong all the tim'c. you thrcc-fourthi of a difference.
So Acetylene Gas "got a had name," though it is Because, Oxygen it Life HH
clear enough iiotiMhat it never deterved it at any time. And every bit of Otygen stolen from the Inngt of
It wat like selling Wood Slovet to burn Hard Coal Women, Children and Men, through Lighting, is a
in, and then blaming Ihe Coal for not burning. loss that can never be made good again.
A 2.1 Candle-Power Acetylene Light costs you only HHl
Lots of things happened to grieve the Owners of hvo-Kftht of a cent per hour. HH
these 530 makes of alleged "Acetylene Machines." That's about $$&$ per year, if burned ccry night HH
Iliit very few accident! occurred from them even in in the year for four steady hours. HJ
the days of rank experiment and dense ignorance, A Kerosene l-amp of equal capacity would cost you HH
among, "Generator" Makers. a third more, vir three-hftht of a cent per hour for HJ
Of course, a jjun will go off unexpectedly, now and Kerotene atone, or $8 75 per year. HH
then, if the trigger be pulled by a person wno "didn't That's exclusive of broken lamp chimneys, new HH
.know it wat loaded." - wicks, and the everlasting drudgery and dangor of , HH
Hut, that's 110 fault of the Ammunition is it? cleaning, filling and trimming daily. HH
Well, finally the Insurance Companies got after I want to prove these figure to you, Header, If you , HH
thc!c 530 odd makes of "Acetylene Machines" that are'n hmite-owuer or storekeeper. HH
wouldn't Acctylatc, and the Insurance Hoard made an Tell me how r-nny rooms you've rot ant! I'll tell you HH
investigation of all Generators that were submitted to what It will cost to light thcin with brilliant, beautiful,"-'' HH
them. Sanitary, ry saving Acetylene. HH
Then, out of the 600 odd "Machines" pitentcd. Write me today for my Fiec Hook about "Sunlight HH
only about 70 were "permitted" by the Insurance Hoard on Top " HHl
to be used Just address me here at HVJ
Oh, what a howl was there! 'Uetvlrnc Jones," HJ
By "permitted" I mean that tm Insurance Board o Adamt St . HH
was willing that any building should be Insured, with- Chicago, Ills. HH
Pleases tho most particular hoiikovvlve.H, It cU-uni, whitens nnd purified tin clothe to perfection. Try It. Your fl
grocer hells it. A largo "J-ounco package for 5 centn. Itemember thu iiiimu bo that yon will not bo deceived. fl
Color mora ooodi brighter ind Inter colon than an) other die. One 10c picVige colon tl fiber. The dtaln cold ailer better than an other die. YouCandia HHl
ani sarment without ripping apart. Wrlto tor tree booklet Ho to Dra, bleach and Mil Colore. MONROE DRUO OO., Unlonvlllo, Mtataurl. HHl
copon tir fY . r-- HHl
Vnlll lha U.I day to find oul about Holiday 111011 nHAIIK ANI) IIKVKItNlllI.K MAT'tf Ji T
preaanla. Wrlla la ua now and maka aur ae- Mads from tour old Carpata, Ingralr.e -.. In t S HHl
Irciian. Wa will lay anjlhln. aalda lor yoi. and Ilru.la, Cbenllla Cuilalna, Kte. Z53r"lJ - ,' .'A HHJ
Owr .loth ia ao larsa wa wan'l mlea il. freight paid on. way . . ijS2Sf)f ' - I1 HeVJ
..Establliihody FLUFF-RUG WORKS SPgffl ,'.i'! H
Jrkm. ... A? JJS W South Trmpl. i Call I-ak. City, Ulah Vii j s X aaH
f l H ,a62 m W Indepaadent Tr- ' " Hrll "1'bona VOti 1 fmJGiZM i 's' O "Zl Haaai
mWjTnf 1 M A, -a When Antwerlng Advertisements -''lttWi,'llll " I T !Bafla1iliinsaf ' M
B mm L-rr Kindly Mention This Paper. TbUutu.umrro.ir.atint. viaoainare HH
.aaHl mm II 1 ,'i W I 1 1 1 tlDarrnt aiatlaa ITIraa from M.U) to lliou Ait .
aHLw f ,i HTTiTraff7flaaVaVr if .mi.,i .ilh . Tl i r- in . tour furniture dealer tor It. It (enuloa our Trade HH
liaHWInaTiMMHr, niiri "iT.'aTiU Thompson's Em Waw irv'n'ijr 0 .. , . . H
RCAeoNADL. -rooes '. Ulah Bedding & Manufacturing Co.
Had No Cause to Complain.
Tho Hon. Henjamln Kimball, ono of
Now IlampRhlro'H well known railroad
men, la said to have complained to
ono of the butchers at Gilford, whora
Mr. Klmball'8 summer residence la.
about tbo quality of meat supplied,
asylng: "That lamb you Bold mo
must havo been old enoiiRh tn vote.
It was so tough I could hardly cut It."
"Oh," aald tho butcher, "that Ia
nothing; Tom Kuller said tho last
pleco of meat ho bought of me was ho
touch ho couldn't get hla fork Into the
A Greeley Story.
Itoraco Qroeley was onco asked for
a lonatlon by a minuter "to Bavo peo
ple's souls from Kolng to holl." Hor
aco wasn't feeling well that day, so ho
Irritably replied that "thoro are not
half enough peoplo going to holl, as
It Is." nut tbo minister got his chock
Mine on Fire Many Years.
A mine In Warwickshire, Kiir., has
been alight for years, and man In pow
erless to check It Tho blaze started
In a Beam of highly cnmbuittlblo coal,
and the working, which strotch under
partn of Ulrinlnghnm Itself, are crad
ually being burnt out.
Mre. M'lnalow'a HfMitlilnar Hyrnp.
For children tralhln, aoltrue the a-tinr, riliicaa In
flamuiaUuu, a!!ajra fla, euro wind ujlh. 3oo a UrtUe.
Venomous Even In Death.
William Knglluli and Milton Davis
of near town, wero out biiiitlng on tho
farm of J, I). Powers n fow days ago
and they shot n large rattlownnko,
hooting off Its bead mid about four
Inches of Its body. Th- severed head
was hurled by tho dUchurKO against
thu bird dog of Mr KiikIUIi. It bit
tho dog and he dlod within a fow mln
utos. Perry fMo) KuterptlHe
Hunger Might Oe Good Lesson. H
It would bo an oxcollent thins foi HH
tho snftanlnK of tho hard hearts In H
thin world, mi almost complete cure M
for man's Inhumanity to man, It the HJ
heartlesB could be compelled to live M
on threu or four meulB and no more M
within tbo limits of u sIhrIo wcok. It
would ho ospjolally bunuflcliil to those H
who inako tho huvs which maka hurt- H
ger In such a land as this possible. H
Wallace Hire In Chicago Journal. H
What He Paid For. R
A cynical highland gillie thus ex- HHj
plains a certain rich Amorloan'B ao J
tloii In iut)lng ,26.000 as a year's HH
rental for n castle tn tin n..rth ol HH
Bcotlund. "Ho pajs 5.000 fn tbe HH
hoiiKo, tS.OOU for the flahlng, ,5 01)0 for H
tho dtier, ,:.000 for tho grousb nnd E,- H
000 for being near Ualmora1, Atrrt HH
the king iiri-iivliinsllv vltiia" HJ
I who joes straight to work vlliJriif ",V9 fjrw.wtvw r HH
I a t y?tfVwwMraV nd 'ves ,lm6, money and I H
I Hurls,Sprains,Bruises Mwtf& ttts out of mlMry qulckly' EG
by the uso of aMi""15 Price. 23o. and 30c. 1 SMI

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