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No man loo poor to use
H Bain Wagons
No mnn wenlthy enough
B lo buy bollor.
H YcurgMndfttherw i lamll'arwlth B
H the good qualiic ol TIo UMn, U
B and your (ran cli Idrfu will be. 1
H Don't be mitirdi there It only one fi
H Bett In (arm vagon, and experi' 8
H ence proclaim Daln. always Unln.
H When ncedng Implement, Ve- 1
H hiclet or Stovei, write ui We tire H
H you money, gtve ycu good good
H and good treatment.
B Leading Implement Dealers
H Vt&h and Idaho
H Consolidated
Wagon and Machine
H GEO. T. ODELL, Gen. Mir.
Houics (t Salt Like, Ogdea, Logan,
H Idaho Fall tod Montptllcr
D The Modern Machinery
H We have lately Installed In oor Jewelry Shoj
makes It cosiltle for us to bandit difficult
B work tromptly and very reasonably.
Ay J ,862 9
I iii&
Union Assay Office
Mission Contributions.
H, A report of the Student Volunteer
j movement shows that 1383,430 was con-
K trlbutod for missions In tho last aca-
Hi flemlo year In the Institutions for
' higher learning In the United States
H and Canada an tncroase of $10,540
- Tcr the previous year. Of this amount
sbbbb 126,192 was for city and home mis-
Hr" lions, and 157,238 for fore I en mis-
H" los, 130,150 contributed by faculties
H and friends, and 103,271 by students.
B I Scattered Subjects.
H I The king of England has In Asia
moro than 300,000,000 subjects; In
H lAmorlca. 7,500,000; In Africa, about
H 43,000.000; In Australasia, over 5,000,.
H 000, and In Europe, over 42,000,000.
H Classifying them broadly by religions,
H' thero are 203,000,000 Hindus, 94,000,-
H 000 Mohammedans, 53,000,000 Chris
1 tlans, 12,000,000 Buddhists and 23,000,.
H 000 of of various pagan or non-Chrts.
H tlan rollgtons.
H We Make Travel Easy.
H rive trains dally via the Atchison,
H fTopoka & Santu Fo, Colorado to Kan-
B sas City, St. Joe. Chicago, Qalveston.
El Paso, City of Mexico. Ask me
H about reduced rates. C. F. Wnrren,
H 0. A.. A. T. & 8. F. Ily.. 411 Dooly
H Block, Salt I.ako City. Utah,
H An Elegant SuSlclency.
H Mrs. Sllmdlet r.avo some more of
H tho mackerel, Mr. Hoarder.
H Mr Hoarder No, thank you; but I'll
H take a bucket of water, If you pleaser
H N. Y Weekly.
H Insurance Journals.
H No buslnes Is so well supplied with
H trade. Journals as that of Insurance-
H thero being over 70 of theso weeklies
H In the country, it Is said. Thoy dr
H jicud largoly on the advertising of tin
H companies, and , tho withdrawal ol
H much of tho patronage of tho three, big
H Ufo companies of Now York as a re
H suit of tho Investigation Is causing
B them some trnh'e
Glass 1-iate Drills.
j Mercury temporltig If used for drills
H which are to be employod In porforat
H Ing glass plates. The drill Is heated
H to a white heat and plunged Into the
B mercurr, which makes It extromely
H hard. Tho drill ts kept moist with a
H saturated solution of camphor and oil
H of turpentine The process require)
H considerable care and labor to product)
1 results.
H When Booms Stop.
H Easterner I understand the great
H land boom at Dugout City baa col-
j WesternerYes; no use- keeping II
H going any longer. All the land Is now
H owned by outsiders. N. Y. Weekly.
H I Her Innocent Occupation.
H ' "I wonder where Sue IsT I hain't
H seen her this hour an' a half."
H "Sho ain't fur," replied the old man.
j "Last time I seen her she wuz klllln'
B a couple o' rattlesnakes, to git rattles
H enough to make a necklace to wear to
H the partyl" Atlanta Constitution.
H Topular Pastime.
j As a revival of tho old English cub-
H torn of shooting at tho butts attei
KfAfB Divine worship, the Amberley (Kng.)
B mlnlatdre rlflo club is open on Sun
H day afternoons, and la very popular.
I (food Jokes'
' A Necessary Preliminary.
Aim high' You'll hit the mark o( famo,
As mnn. men you know did;
Dut there's no usa In taking aim
Unluss your sun Is loaded.
"Wheels" Are "Headgear."
'G33f e9Bb9BtBV BSK
Tom Tweqty dollars for that slaa
plo fall hat? You must bo crazyl
Clara Well, I must say It's coins
to my hoad. Chicago Chronicle.
Rose Life.
The nlicht sent down a dtwdrey
To where a red rota slept;
The red rose opened wide Its arms.
And In the dowdrop crept.
The aun came softly stealing
Above tho hilltop's crest.
And made tho dowdrop iparkle
Upon the rose's breast,
The south wind came and kla4 It,
And made It dip and nod
It flnmlnK petals, falling,
Mndo rainbows on tho sod.
Milwaukee Sentinel.
Knew What He Wanted.
Young Oont Urn or do you over
tnko hack goods and roturn tho
Jowolor No, sir; but If you havo an
engagement ring, I'll molt It up for
you and pay for tho gold. N. Y.
Ousslo Yoa; whllo 1 was talking to
Miss Itoso sho had a far-away, ploasod
look In hor eyes.
Miss Sharp Porhaps sho was
thinking that you woro far away.
Chicago Dally News.
Good Taste.
Its bite may lead to marriage
nut I can toll you this
That 1 don't blame a microbe
For lurking In a kiss.
Houston I'oat.
True Reciprocity.
Clarence I told tho mlnlstor he
might kiss you.
Cordolla And what did ho say?
Claronco IIo thaukod mo, and said
that undor tho circumstances ho
would forego tho usual foo. Illus
trated lilts.
Human Nature,
The path of duty leads, 'tis said,
To self-approval. Dut
A lot of people strlro each day
To find a shorter cut
Chicago Dally News.
That Was All.
Efflo Jack and I flshod for Tour
hours yesterday,
Elsies Catch anything?
Efllo (coyly) Only Jack. Itoal
Yes, Indeed.
Bho wild that she thought It was perfect
To go out for a row on a day Ilka this:
Hut her arms woro bare, and I see with
That bliss to-day will meun blisters to
morrow! Cleveland leader.
Not on the Programme.
"Of course," sho said, "yoa'vo seen
tho cake walk, professor?"
"The or tho cako, madam? No,"
turned tho professor. "Hut I un
der a stronj Ions, you understand
' Uan sucu the clionje mobilize."
"Odd, you can't understand n worn
an," ho said, dlsgustodly. "It's no
use trying."
"What's happened now?"
"I met that pretty Miss Swift In
dark hallway and kissed hor. I didn't
think shod mind, am know."
"And sho did mind?"
"Woll sho pretended to bo very an
gry, so I thought I'd smooth things
down by tolling hor that It was all a
mlstako that I thought sho was
somobody else,"
"And then?"
"Why, then alio really was very an
gry." Judge
Judging by Looks.
Uacon Sho says sho Is 28 yean
Egbert Well, sho looks as If she
would say sho was about that old.--Yonkera
The Cd, Old Story.
He couldn't read his title clear
To mansions In the skies.
In fact, he had none anywhere
II didn't advertise.
Chicago Itecord-IIerald.
The Rule of Golf.
SLBs aSJBflfe. fll W
Clara Can you always toll a bo
glnnor on tho links?
Claudo Well, as a rulo, you can't
toll him much. Cincinnati Enqulror.
I want to be an Ice man.
And with tho Ice man stand.
An auto at the sidewalk,
A bnnlt book In my hand.
Milwaukee Sentinel.
In the Wee Hours.
"What wua that nolso In tho parlor
last night?"
"Why, Uondor came homo from tho
club and started to make that elec
trical experiment."
"Whnt electrical cxporlmont?"
"Why, rubbing a black cat on tho
back to sed If ho could sco any
"And did ho boo any sparks?"
"No; but ho saw a myriad of stars.
Tho cat clawod him, and ho fell ovoi
tho piano." Chicago Dally Nows.
A Sure Cure.
Tho NovolUt I am troubled with
Insomnia. I 11a awako at night think
ing about my novols.
Tho Critic Why don't you get uj
and read ono of thorn? Brooklyn
Send Check.
Ills wife la at tho seashore.
And every day's a gay day;
Ilia daughter Is with mamma,
And every day's a wade day;
Ilut they write lovely letters
He gets ono every pay day.
Houston Post.
Tho ecojy-tooklng stranger ap.
proachod tho Quostlons and Answer"
' "May I havo your assistance" he
nsked. "In settling a wager?"
"Certainly, sir."
"You'ro suro It'll ho no JjubIo to
"None at all. I'm perfectly willing
to help you."
"Lot mo havo $10, then, I lost"
Cleveland Loader.
Hairy Persiflage.
Ilarher Hair cut or shave, sir?
CuBtomor Eh? Oh, meroly eut,
thank you.
A Layman's Impression.
"Father," said tho small boy, "what
Is a scientist?"
"A scientist, my son, Is a man who
can tell you things you already know
In such unfamiliar language that you
regard It as something brand now."
Washington Star.
Alicia Oh, that poem of youri U
Just the dearvBt thing!
Alphonso I should say It Is. 'n
spent $20 worth of stamps sending It
U muguzltioncievu.ltml leader.
How Emperor William Is Hattllng
Against a Dangerous Heredity.
Emperor William's father died of cancer
of the throat.
L'mperoi- William himself had infantile
parali, and has had to struggle uith
many inlirmitlcs.
It has been whimpered that he hlmwlf
is troubled with the tune maUdy which
airicd oil his father, llojal blood It un
fortunately most generally deteriorated
blood. I.mneror William knows this a
ell as anvlioily, and is doing hi beat to
eradicate the bad blood from hjmielf and
hi family by the adoption of sunplo life
Throuah the vinit of a countrynvui of
hi to flattie Creek, Michigin, while in
Ihi country, ilting tho World's Fair in
Chicago In 1603, Emperor William became
tcquninted uith the llattlc Creek idea of
simple living ami has to a Urge extent
adopted the methods in hie family. Hi.
wife and children live the simple life and
take llattle Creek light baths. Their
uncle. King hdward.alro has theoe baths
inatalted in his Windsor and lluckinjtliam
Palaces for the use of himself and Queen
Among other thlngi GOOD HEALTH,
the oldest health joiirml in the orld.
tell shout the llattle Creek idea and the
simple life. I.very number is brimful of
upto-date ideas. Sample copy 10 cents.
One dollar a year.
If ou will eut this out and send to
llattle Creek, Mich., with a quarter you
will reccie a trial three months' subscrip
tion to this handsome illutratcd monthly
health magazine. Write to day.
About the only way you can arouse
a mean man's conscience Is to catch
him at It.
more goods, brighter colors, with less
work than others.
Great Poet's Letters.
Twenty years ago a Gorman pub
lisher began to Issue a oompleto col
lection of Goetho's letters. Thirty-four
volumes aro now In type, and it Is ex
pected that the rest of tho letters,
which will fill IS moro volumes, will
appear within four years.
In a Pinch, Use ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE,
A powder. It cures painful, smart"
lng, netTouB foot and ingrowing nails.
Il's tho greatest comfort discovery ot;
tho ago. Makes now shoes easy. A
cortain euro for swoating feet 30,000
testimonials ot cures. Sold by all
druggists, 25c Trial package, FREE.
Address A. S. Olmsted, Lo lloy, N. Y.
an Mactaren's Successor.
Tho Hov. Alexander Connell, who
succeeds to Ian Maclaren's pulpit at'
Sefton Park, Liverpool, has saeen pas
tor ot Ilegont Square Presbyterian
church, London, Blnce 1393. He was
born In tho Scotch Highlands Just 40
years ago.
Poison In Yolk of Eggs.
M. O. Lolaol has arrived at the
'epmowhat startling conclusion that
the yolk of the eggs of fowls and
ducks, as woll as those of the tortoise,
contains poisonous substances. When
Isolated and Injected Into the veins of
rabbits or other animals these prompt
ly cause death. Tho phenomena pro
duced are thoso ot acute Intoxication
of tho central nervous system.
Transmission of Facial Characteristics
It would appear that tho transmis
sion of facial traits subordinate to a
definite law, that is to say, that an
oettral facial expression and appear
ance aro more often than not trans
mitted through the female members
of the family, who generally do not
exhibit the same characteristics to
the malo offspring, and that the
younger generations show, as a rule,
all tho facial conditions and signs
which wero present In a remote an
cestor. North American Review.
Butler's Stolen Fee.
Tho late Hon. Joseph Q. Hoyt, for
merly of Boston, when a lad attended
a circus and his stiver watch was
stolon. Tho supposed thief was ar
rested, and was defended by Benja
min F. IJutlor, who proved be did
not take tho watch, and never was
at the circus.
During tho civil war Hoyt was in
troduced to Butler at a dinner at tho
Astor house, in New York, and the
latter remarked: "This Is tho first
time. I have had tho pleasuro ot moot
ing you."
"Oh, no!" Bald Hoyt, who thon re
lated tho circus Incident
"Was that you, Hoyt?" asked But
lor, and, being nnswored In tho af-
flrmatlro, Butler laughed and said:
"That was an awful good watch,
Hoyt That Is all I got for dofendlng
tho thief." ,
A Minister Talks About Grape-Nuts.
"My first Btomnch troublo bogan
hack in 1895," writes a mlnlstor in
Nobr.; "rosultlng from hasty eating
mid eating too much. I found no ro-
from mcdlcino and grow to had
ht all food gave mo great distress.
"It was that soro. gnawing, hungry
fooling in my Btomnch that was so
dlBtrossIng nnd I bocamo a elcV. man.
Grape-Nuts was rocomraended as a
food that could bo easily t'l-eutod.
"Leaving tho old diet that given
mo bo much troublo, I bogt . eat
Orapo-Nuts with a llttlo cream nnd
sugar. Tho chango effocted In 24 hours
was truly romarkable, and in a few
wooka I was back to health again.
"My work as a mlnlstor calls mo
away from homo a great deal, and re
cently I drlftqrt hack to fat moat and
Indigestible foods, which put mo again
on tho sick list
"So I wont back to Orapo-Nuts and.
cream and in four days I was r
fight again. The old dull hcadk- i
aro gone, stomach comfortable ad
clear, and It is a dollght tt usuo
my 8Uidlcs and work.
"arapo-Nuta food is worth moro
than monoy to mo, and I hopo this
may induco somo sufferer to follow
the eamo course I havo."
Name given by Postum Co., Battlo
Crook, Mich.
"There's a reason."
Ilad tho llttlo book','"Thsj Road to
WoUviUe," In pkgs.
-i liMil.iJaTJMlM
The Harvest
Once ebbed a sipphlro soa by vagrant
breesea stirred,
Now stubble bristles drear where reap
ers' blades have whirred.
Tho rlponed. sun-kissed fields have yield
ed up their gold;
The yeomen In tholr bins the garnered
bushels bold.
Tho season's wealth Is In; tho scales have
mado their test
The harvest sun, of red, has settled In tho
The harvest year ts done! What treasure
didst thou gain?
What said the scales In pounds when
weighing out thy grain?
How planted thee? And what? And how
beneath the sun
Didst thou thy dally vigils keep with
work begun?
Didst toll a faithful day o'er healthy
planted seed
Or didst thou, careless, tarry whilst the
grass and weed
Crept In and left their suckers on thy
harvest field?
For by that record did thy garmted harv
est yield!
Ahl by thy dally tending shalt Life's
harvest be,
A-scant of bushels or a bursting sight to
The harvest field of Life yields what thy
self hath sown,
And what thou garnereth Is all thy very
Then on tho field of Life It pays With care
to tend
Thy dally duty to the harvest's golden
Sow only wholesome wheat In kernels
sound and strong
Pluck out tho stifling gruwth-the weeds
and tares of wrong!
Once ebbed a sapphire sea by vagrant
breezes stirred,
Now stubble bristles drear where reapers'
blades have whirred
What gloanest thou? A harvest from a
laden field
Or shrunken grain? What Is the record
of thy yield?
Tb.ougb.ts In My Den.
Naturo abhors tho old, who lovo her
A man with a boil on his neck finds
no Joy in 18-story buildings.
Any fool can nsk questions, but It
takes a, wlso man to stop him.
Tho older wo get tho moro we roal,
ho tho limits of our abilities.
Ho who does his lovel best seldom
'finds It necessary to do other people.
Absence makes tho husband's heart
grow fonder after tho dlshos are all
It taltos soods to ralso flowers,
but sqmo mon can rals'o caln with
out halt trying.
No ono knows what Is In hlra un
til ho gets down to hard work and
mines tho claim.
Too many men who have not tho
ability to build a dog houso try their
hand at erecting palaces.
Somo men who think thoy aro reg
ular dovlls aro merely Innocent lambs
with abnormal Imaginations.
It is almost worthy being away
from homo to find, upon returning,
how much she haa missed you.
Tho gooso stands on ono leg and
holds up tho other but for tho Ufo
of mo I nover could toll why.
Some men abhor vlco, but rent
their buildings to hnrlots. Tho lovo
of monoy covers a multitude of bIub.
Some married couples are nbout as
Illy mated as a dachshund and a grey
houndand still thoy wonder why
thoy don't get on together.
Thcro. Is no city bo nttractlvo to
tho traveler as tho llttlo homo "back
yondor." We seo not nlono with our
eyes, but with our heart as woll.
Tho hill collector always apr nrs
sordid and grasping to tho m who
has Just roturnod from com -nlng
with naturo on his Bummer vncatlon.
"What shall I do with nil tho days
and hours that must bo counted cro
I sco thy faco?" wrltoa a Kansns man
to his Inamorata. How would It do
to suck cldor through n straw or try
Oiling a straight from the top stdo?
"I seo thoo in my drenms, sweet
heart, and yot I cannot reach thoo!"
writes a Chicago man on his vaca
tion to his best girl. I'll bet that fol
low would hug a girl In tho park
whllo a labor day parade was pass
ing. Tho ambltlonloss man Is frequently
happier than Is bo ot restless ambi
tion. Progress Is built by, men
scourging thomsel'vcs to great deods.
Tho contented man seldom builds
Tho revolution Is on in Russia.
Despite hla wishes, tho horoscope
suggests that Czar Nicholas must
soon say with Richard IIS
"I give this heavy weight from olt m
And this unwieldy seeptrn from my hand,
The pride ot kingly sway from out my
Broken Down, Like Many Another
Woman, with Exhausting Kid- I
xtey Troubles. I
Mrs. A. Taylor, of Wharton, N. X,
says: "I had kidney troublo in its
most painful and severo form, and tho
torturo I went
?3(ta through now seems
KyjuMlfty to havo boen al-
sfKt most unbearable. I
Vjt, (SmR nQd back-ache, pains
vS u7- ln tho 8lJo and
M fSji loins, dizzy spells
lijf and hot, fororish
fP$r5xRwffm headaches. Thero
mmrftUSt w r ucaring-down
ORfsSsVJ pains, and tho kid
WUStw.tUs4UI noy socrotlons
passed too frequently, and with a
burning sonsatlon. They showed scd
Imont I bocamo dlscouragod, weak,
languid and deprosscd, so sick nnd
weak that I could not keep up. Aa,
doctors did not euro me I decided to
try Doan's Kidney Pills, and with
such success that my troubles wero
all gono after using eight boxes, and
my strength, ambition and general
boalth is One."
Sold by all dealers. E0 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
' Suffered for "Whlto Lie."
Is a white lie ever Justified? That
at least some people bellevp It has
ao excuse Is proved by tho following
tale: An ancient rabbi camo to a city
whoro all tho pcoplo wero truthful,
married one ot the inhabitants, had
two chlldron and prospered. One day
a neighbor called whon tho rabbi'a
wife was washing her hoad, and the
rabbi, going to the door, was seized
by false modesty and said that she
had gone out Thereupon both of his
children died, and, as no ono died in
that city before reaching old age, tho
neighbors made Inquiries, the rabbi
confoBsed what he bad done, and was
ordered to leavo the city immediately
Considered the Proprieties.
A man In Dallas county tried to
shuffle off this mortal coll by hanging
himself with a blind brldlo. His wlfo
found him Busponded from a raftei
ln tho barn. He was wroth at her In
terposition, saying: "If you had let
me alone a few minutes moro I would
havo been In heaven." His wife re
plied: "Yes, and you would havo looty
ed nice running around over heaven;
with a blind bridle on, wouldn't you?"
Thockmorton (Tex.) Times.
jjjpk Prevented
To treat Pimples and Blackheads,
Red, Rough, Oily Complexions,
Gently smear the face with Cuti
cura Ointment, the Great Skin
Cure, but do not rub. Wash off
the Ointment in five minutes with
Cutlcura Soap and hot water, and
bathe freely for some minutes.
Repeat morning and evening. At
other times use Cutlcura Soap for
bathing the face as often as agree
able. No other Skin Soap so pure
so sweet, so speedily effective.
do you WAmiiisTiisHr
rtllro rant ana akatTt of Saa Vranuuo. Tke
fessU are otar-loadM wllk lb mon. 7 of tbareoDla
aaiUui 10 ! It laufcalMltii. The oo-moD.,1
,Uo .1 lH,Kr...l, jroia fan loM "a"f"f-
C Mil, Mi froa iM MHaaari bneklaitnana Vlai-
TraaiSUsSaa f raaaltco, ana ltlluUruViiu3

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