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HP. "w i bbbbbbI
I .. .' The MERcilr MKEr.;k, I
.r --- . hr- - - - - -.- - v -'i& H
P Vol. XIII. Mercur. Utah, Wednesday, February 12, 908, lS2SU?i ".H
AC w " " ;
mm " Publlihed Every Wednesday.
Ofllco publication, Contcr Street, Mcr-
W cur. Utah.
One year, $2.60! bIx months, U.GO;
, H throe months, $1.09.
i ' This paper Is cntcrod as second-class
I matter at tho post ofllco at Mercur,
I JAS. T. JAKEMAN.. Managing Editor
! County Seat, Tooele City.
Clerk Ivan AJax.
Treasurer E. M. 'Ormo.
Recorder P. W. Frailer.
Sheriff A. O. Evans.
Assessor J. A. MUlward.
Attorney J. D. Cordon. '
T v' Surveyor Haines Qrlndley.
Commissioners C. Lo Roy Ander
son, J. O. Drown and W. J. Ham
r, . moni.
L ,
' U Local & News Ite-ns I
f Tho L. D. S. Sunday school will
convene at 10 o'clock a. m., mooting
j at 8 o'clock p. m. every Sunday.
Everybody invited.
Special Meetings. Deacons' meet
ing Monday, evening; teachers,
1 . Wednesday ovenlng; choir practice,
. . Friday ovenlng.' J. "W. Loo, Bishop.
. -
1 '
- NIco weather In Mercur at present.
T. M. KoycB of Park City Is visiting
in .Mercur.
1 .. J .
t , Mm. p. M. King was Jn Salt Lako
f' tho latter part of tho week on bus!"
j. .. -' ness.
- . jt yl
1 Wi T. Janney was In Manning on
" business Sunday for (ho Con. Mercur
Mining Co.
.& liBM re. d., W,' BvorJiti-andJ". daughters
Wbi 1 1 7 1 1 Trr"'n vIsIUnE.l n ; 8al tL'Lwi'anttfark'
p Hon. Frank Cnffoy returned Satur-
, day from a week's nbsenco In ZIon on
mining and other business.
j J
Tho addition to Thlno's Process Is
nearly completed, when It will bo n
lr.oro complete process than ever be
, fore.
Mr. and Mis. O. II. Dcrn entertnlncd
t tho card club Friday ovenlng nt bridge
. vhlst, flvo ablos being played. Tho
1 ! V following guests woro present: Mr.
L nnd Mrs. James Quirk, Mr. and Mrs.
, r C. W. Evcrs. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. T. .Tan-
! ' noy, Mr. nnd Mrs. P. E.' Coffey, Mrs.
(John I.uft, tho Misses Aiinlo Luft, Cora
Brown, Annlo Loiter, Blrdlo Savago,
, r Kato Coffoy. Messrs. Prof. McCorklo,
I i Br. Tnto, Dr. Cntes Mlldan Orr, P. E.
Bollinger. Tho first prizes woro won
j by Miss Kate Coffoy and Mr. Ballln-
f per, consolations going to Miss Blrdlo
Bnvngo and Mr. Evers. After tho card
gnmo a delightful lunch wob served
by tho charming hostess. Tho card
club adjourned to meet nt Mr. nnd
Mrs. James Quirk's noxt Thursday
Misses Letter and Snvngo gavo a
COO card party Saturday evening. Tho
fallowing guests woro present: Tho
Misses Kato nnd Clara Caffey, Miss
Frances Bawllngs, Dr. Tato, Prof. Mo
Corklo, Oscar SwenBon, P. Bnlllngcr
nnd Mr, Orr. Miss Knto Caffey nnd
Mr. Orr won Indies nnd genetlomen's
llrst prizes. Aftor tho card gamo tho
liofltoss sorved n delightful lunch.
1 n
Tho "Stockton Sentinel,"
Yho Ben Hnrrlson Bhnft caved In
laBt Tuesday, No 0110 happened to
lio In tho sbnft nt tho tlmo.
. jt
Tho stores of our town nil hnvo n
nlco lino of vnlcntlncs, Oo nnd got
u largo ono for your sweothenrt.
If your neighbor bother you about
loaning tho Scntlnol. tell them to
subscribe nnd get four monthly mag
azines for premiums, nil for 1.50.
. .
Mr, Win. McFarlnno Ilhono Pol
I ton nnd John P. Connor nnd family
& nttontloil tho funeral of T. J. Connor,
m father of John F. Connor, nt Salt take
m. Inst Tuesday, who died at tho Holy
Be Cross hospital last Sunday, Feb. 2.
w .iiii- 1 if-- -- -
I W Bturktnn Sontlnel.
) Tho funeral of tho Into Thomas J.
K Connor took place nt Snlt Lnkn Tuos-
" I day afternoon at 2 o'clock, from tho
, chnoel nt O'Donncll'a undei inking cs-
B tnbllshment, After tho Impressive
1 services of the Cnthollc church, tho
I body wns takon to Mt. Calvary for
i Z burial. Mnny friends of the ploneor
' H nttonded the services and nccom-
lmnled tho rcmnlns to tho grnvo. Tho
j inembors of tho family present were
V JobnF. Connor of Btockton, Utah.tho
' ' only Burvlvlfg son, nnd Mrs. Ellon
ljary nnd Mrs, Mamie Paxton, daugh
ters of tho lato Mr. Connor.
Reprc8cntnllves of the Knights ot
Columbus, of which Mr. Connor was
a member, also nttended tho services.
Since tho death ot Mr. Connor many
stories concerning tho ploneor are re
called. Back In tho '70s ho becamo Interest
ed In mining for tho first tlmo. Ho
financed somo Spaniards In a mlno
called tho Sunnysldo, on Lion Hill, In
Tooelo county. On tho property there
was a splendid showing of horn ttllvcr
and Mr. Connor was offorod 1100,000
for tho mlno, which was n largo sum
for those early days. Ho haughtily
rejected tho offer. His sons woro
then engaged In tho mnnngomont of
n lumber mill, nnd tho pioneer, bellov
Ing that fortune Bmlled upon them, In
formed them that tho rise and fall ot
lumber would soon ceaso to Interest
tho family. But tho Sunnysldo proved
to be merely n Burfaco showing and
tho pioneer's dream of millions van
ished. Mr. Connor was extremely conserv
ative about all matters of politics and
religion. When tho agitation relatlvo
to religious questions wns at Its
height In Utah ho refused to take a
part, lnslstlng'thnt as long as ho kept
on good term's with his own con
science ho had fullllled all that could
eb expected of him. It was tho Bame
In politics. Ho kept on good torms
with himself and let others do tho
Stockton Sentinel. .
L. L. Baker of Tooelo was a vultor
Saturday. , ,
Wo wish tho Buckhorn mlno would
resume, as rumored.
Dnlton. shipped something llko 25
cars for'tho Ophlr Hill Co. last month.
Dr. Z. O. Logan nnd wife nre week
end visitors in Salt Lako this week.
Wo seo tho Boss fixing up Ills auto.
Qucss bo's looking for a February
J. II. Gordon, county nttorncy, nnd
Snorlff Evans nro visitors In town this
Ophlr lodge No. 38, I. O. O. F.,
Conferred tho first degree -on four ap
plicants, Tuesday, tho 4th InsU
town board to fill tho vacancy caused
by tho death of Arklo Wnrron.
f f t
Tho Ophlr Hill Con. Mining Co. nro
Btlll digging In with 100 men. Tho
temporary cut In wages has not nf
tccted tho town.
The ltcbeccns had a special meeting
Wednesday, tho Cth. Don't know
what took placo, but wo havo a hunch
It means a feed.
II. A. Wngnor nnd family havo
moved to Salt Lake, Mr. Wagner hav
ing severed his connection with the
Ophlr Morcnntlle. A host of fi lends
regret their departure
Tho epidemic of measles has about
vpent Itself, having run short of chil
dren. OPHIR.
Storlei of Undergraduates,
A nervous freshman was dining
with Thomas Herbert Warren, pres
ident of Magdalen college, Oxford.
By way of starting conversation tho
latter glancod out of tho window and
remarked, "Wo havo a little sun to
day," but he was astonished to re
colvo tho freshman's congratulations
coupled with tho hopo that MrB. War
ren was doing well. Another Ox
ford story: During his undergrade
nto days a man who Is now a learned
professor was discovered sitting In
tho "quad" clothed only in an um
brella unfurled nbovo his head. In
responso to anxious Inquiries as to
what ho was doing ho replied: "Hush,
husht Don't you seo I'm a bally
mushroom, and I'm growing?"
A Lottery At Best.
And those who marry for lovo aro
Just as apt to bump up against dis
appointment as thoso who marry for
u -
At the Blood Travels.
Tho blood thrown out by the heart
travels seven miles In an hour, or 4,
2i2,000 miles In a lifetime of 70 venrs.
. i.-fl i.
A flroU. ibs Booming Houso for sale
AddriMH or call on J. 8. Nlolson, CO W.
Fourth South St., 8alt Lake City.
CUR. Meetings.
Monday osenlng IlPBoluto Lodgo
No. 10, K. of P., Earl Kllngor, C. C.
Tuesday ovonlng Mercur Aierlo
No. 104, P. O. E., Harvey Dunleavy,
W. P.; Richard Danlols, Sec.
Wednesday ovenlng Mercur Lodgo
No. 25, I. O. O. P.. T. II. Franklin, N.
O.: W. T. Jannely, Sec.
Thursday ovenlng Masonic, Geo.
Hurlburt, W. C; I). U Underwood,
Friday evening Bl-montbly, I. O.
T. M., Mrs. II. lllttor, Com.; Mrs. Ad
dlo Bracken, Jr. Com.; Mrs. Geo.
Wilson, Ilec. Keeper,
Friday ovenlng Bi-monthly,
Daughters of nobeknh. Mrs. Parley
Pratt, N. G.; Mrs. Holena B. Evans,
Saturday ovenlng Italian Society.
Sunday evening Western Fed. ot
Miners, John Uarrott, Pros.; II. H.
Dunloavy, Sec.
Westbound Eattbound
No. 1. No, 2.
Lcavo Arrive
10: G3a.ru ....Fairfield .... 3:08 p.m.
11:30 a.m Manning .... 2:35p.m.
12:20 p.m Summit.... l:55p.m.
12:45 p.m Mercur.... 1:46 p.m.
Arrlvo Lcavo
Effective Octobor 27, 1907.
Gen'I Mgr.
U. S. Land Office, Salt Lake City,
Utah. Doc. 23, 1907.
To Whom It May Concern:
Notice Is hereby given that tho
State- of Utah has -filed In tills ofllco
a list of lands, selected by tho said
State, under th6 section of tho Act of
Congress, approved July 1C, 1891, na
follows, to-wltr J
S. U of Section 8, T. 9 8- It. G W-?
8. L. M. (List 83 Agricultural Col
lege.) A cony of said list, bo far as It re-
latcs to' said tracts by descriptive sub
divisions, baa bcon conspicuously
posted In this office for tho Inspection
by any person interested, andi by the
public generally.
This notice Will bo published for
flvo consecutive weeks, nnd during
this period, under departmental regu
lations ot April 25, 1907, protests or
contests against tho claim of tho Statu
to. any of tho tracts or subdivisions
hfelnbuforo described, on tho ground
taat the Bame Is rnoro valuable for
minora) than for agricultural purposes,
111 bo received and noted for report
to tho Kenoral land o'fce at Washing'
tjn. D. C, Failure o to protesv'or
oate&t,. within tho Urao upcclflcd, will
bo considered sufficient ovldenco ot
th netvmliiQrnl character of tho tracts'
ahd tho selections thereof, being 0th
prjvlso free from objection, will bo
recommended for approval,
jE. D. It. THOMPSON, Register,
ft First publication Jan. 29, 1908.
fILast publication Feb, j0, 108.
I Dr. L. G. ThayjKv
!tT" aunaaoM,..
fl'Mtln Street Mercur. : '
fUnion Dental Co.
vj Painless Extraction of Teeth ot
I'no Pay. All Work Positively Uuarr
fantecd. Phones: Bel), 1120OC;
l,Ind. 1120. S
I 218 South Main. s
u ,
Ask Your Denlor For y a I
S&- let ' "
" T- "MARBLBRRING3," "' .
The PurejTwhlikey. fr ,K
BIEGEIt & LIND.L94'. TMstrlbutoriw " M)W
:tM i- :
, 1 rtiJtinlffii i mi. ! ' .j.
X F e Cheapest Line of Good r $
& KlBMn CJothUg BnppUtm, ln QnnUt, '&
I Hals Street, Mercur. Wm, BILLINGS, gft&
o Salt Lake & Mercur R.ailroad o
From Ftlrflold to Morour, V(h':Grit Cold Camp. ()
O Ono train tx. day each way O
Connects with San Pedro Ry, 0
5c Greatest enRineerinR leat of the West and crookedest little Jf
W railway in the World. Well worlh a ride from Salt Lake to see it. v
O President. General Mgr. f)
ft General Office 417 McCornick Dlock, Salt Lake City. Q
W J. II. MARSHALL. 50c, 75c, 91. $1.50 C)
J MANAGEIt. Yvi.etMS to tmc Mtwy $3.00 Ptr VK. t
44 E. Second South SL lOSSf "lt """" 11
J Ann. WU.on Hotel. 3g-' -, e .. ,, nt.
Salt Lake City.
NOW: 73 Main Street
, -, . ..
Arrive at Destination at Same Mo
ment, Learn of Qlrl'a Duplicity,
and Decide Neither
tWanta Her. '
' " f
. aloux Cltj) U. How would you llko
to ride at' break-neck. ap6ed oa horse
back for"100 wiles and arrive at, the
UccnBQ clfirH'a offlcf) just' aa. andtber
fellow 'was takln out a license, (or tha
girl you Intended to marrV? And sup
poo tbo other follow bad jlono tho
eamo lonc-illstanco rfde, a proviso
tnado by tho young woman who had
been wooed by both and who had
promised to wed both? .
This was tliQ situation that coo
fronted J, J. Jackso', and 8. T.
llrethcrton, rnnohers near llutto,
lont They; veVo cbtnlng to fHlGU2
City to marry Mlaa May Florcnco Ilut-
"I Want a License to Wed!"
torflold, nged 22, pretty, nnd the nlcco
or the Into Stato Senator Iluttorflold
ot South Dakota.
Miss Iluttorflold, who also lives
near llutte, was loved by both the
young ranchers. Tbolr wooing was
ardent nnd continuous, Tho wlnsomo
young woman could not decldo which
of tho wcBtcrnors she ndmlred host
And flnnlly, when alio left homo for a
tour ot the cast, sho had half way
promised to become tho brldo of both.
On her return somo bIio stepped off
at Sioux City for n visit. Tlion sho
felt tlmt sho wanted to seo her Im
petuous lovers. And sho sent each a
telegram aaylng sho would marry tho
ono that camo to hor nt onco.
Out In llutto two young men board
ed tbo same train together.' Thoy
climbed Into tbo snmu coach, took
tlio same scat. Ilut ns such thlngi
go ' nolthor dUcussed tho matter
closest his heart. And thoy both rode
on Into tho night, blissfully Ignorant
ot tbo other's Intentions.
At Vermillion. 8. I)., thoy had to
wait for connections, and horo both
young men woro handod telegrams.
They read: "Como nt onco. Called
homo. Father III." Uoth secmod Im
bued with tho Enmo Idea. Thoro
would bo no train for flvo hours, Tho
trusty saddlo was tho only thing,
Horses wore speedily secured and tho
raco for a girl bogan, each still Ignor
ant of tho othor'a Intentions,
Two ronds lead out of Vermillion for
tho Missouri river, lloth aro straight
and hard, but they diverge until thoy
Survivor of Wreck Jumped from
Tree to Tree In Forest.
llrussols. Through tho efforts of
Huron Orynsdanl, tho Norwegian phll
nnthropUt, a man who had lived llko
an apo for 12 years In tho forests of
Dolglum and Franco has boon re
turned to his homo In Norway, Ho
wus tho only survivor of tho Norwe
gian bark Mygroan, which was
wrecked In 189E, Ho had lost bis rea
son from tho Bhock,
When found tho man was In the for
est of Solgnlos, whero ho had lived
for somo tlmo, and had Inspired tho
population In tho neighborhood with
fear. Finally It was decided to form
a party to capture him. Ho was soon
to bo moving along vary quickly,
Jumping from branch to branch, Tho
men tried to seize him, but ho got
away from them and successfully bid
himself In the thicket.
Another attempt this one success
ful was mado by a crowd of villagers
who surrounded him. His body was
come te a point n at MeCeotc, S. '
D., Jt acrose Uw'Iowa llufl iiOKv
horo. No one knows how faat lha
men rodo, but both arlvd In "tho , ,
cpurtyard a few mlnuUa'apart. Their '
pontea were dripping ioam, yet ,th
ranchmen hardly iiatleltfae,aatal H
as thoy leaped from their, basks and , H
ran for tha courthouse. , '
"I want a llcenso to' we4,w hU H
Jackson to Clerk Frank TrlfW
"I want a license to wed." echoed.
Dretherton (o Deputy Clark Snyder.
lloth pfllclalfl started to wwply, lmt h
when the name' of tha young wowaa ' H
was asled Clork Tripp .slad! sha -i H
ly at tho other maaadv asked him 7 H
to repeat ft. Ho did "as, ' y ' H
"Tbja la slrango aWj':lfi."Art . , M
yoli gentlemon sure this 'it. nt tba jjH
aamu woman yen wltl to mrryT" jl
In an Instant both rfi.,bia H
"ilcsldos," said Clerk'Tfwite H
muBfbrlng tho girl ln-ewfh Wit jH
UCB3C8." M
A fight betwoeti the two you men . ,H
was narrowly averted, aaboth irtart- f t , jH
ed out to hunt the clHlv.Bridet-be. s H
Hut when thoy loft 'tlief, ware ms. ,t ta
talklag earnestly tosethar. " X. H
,-jiea JackBon BUd'mtborWa'wro, I ' "bbI
scon several hqura later ttieybad evl- v''JilsH
dently made up Ihedr inlaws to ,awi H
groat dcclWori,' f&rc'iH)th sd tho sHHH
beat of friends. ' V . H
"Wo dlscuRBedthe ltiaUer pro wtdi ' H
con?Ysuld you uk JHt'teoa.VMjilyWA'; .' H
concluded that neither ef im ' wmild . i
marry the" girl. v , .'' l H
"I didn't Intend to marry 4.4thr ot jH
the n v anyway," declared MU lHttor- T H
field, with a toes of her head. . Mt her "iBsa
eyes wor red and there wm a1 quiver H
In her olpo. '
.i . -j... J.' 'silllS
-7 :H
. thar,;,' , H
Fort Wayne, lnd. To be eensd H
In tho same oar with a'n' angry ;bOar, ialiH
Which had broken outiot Its Blender H
6onllnemont. waa i mj'ffijteaae.a tgx-. ?L )ibbbbbbbb!
poriencQBt N. l'JtisMByiM'fftW .;-, '-'uJH
limited, enst-bound, recently, Itlch- jH
aidson's homo Is In Detroit, and when jH
ho was rescued by trainmen horo from jH
his perilous position on tho top of n ,H
big pllo or trunks, which ho had IbbbbbbI
gained to cscnpo from tho frouzy ot ll
tho boar, ho was vory weak and could 'sbbbbbI
hardly tell what nn exciting tlmo ha !
had had, i LbbbbbI
Tho boar bad been received In o B
small Illinois town, nnd wan consigned ' M
to somo place In Ohio. At first tbo M
animal did not npiioar In nn ugly H
mood, but niclmisJn was suspicious H
and put tho crato containing It In ono H
corner of tho car. It soon began to H
ehow eymptoms of ugllneHS, and bit H
nt tbo sides of tho crato with great en' fl
orgy, Illchardson then placed a largo U
pllo of trunks nround It, thinking that M
if It did break out tho trunks would U
servo as an additional barrlor, Hut M
soon tho trunks fell away, nnd tho 'jt
boar mado bis apiicnranco with , H
streaks of froth covering his cntlro H
body. Tho animal bogan to cavort J
among tho trunks nnd to sot Itlch- j M
ardson running from It, Lsbbbbb!
Tbo express messonger soon porchod U
htniBulf high upon tbo, trunks which fl
ho bad piled together, and ho staid M
thoro until tho train reached this city, ,, H
ns his cries for help woro drowned Sf3 IbbbbI
by tho ronrlng of tho car. His appeals J-ef
wnro heard by tho station men here, H
and thoy would havo let tho boar cs H
enpo from tha car when they oponcd '
tho door had not Itlcbardson called to H
thorn. It was soon caught and tied, MH
but Itlcbardson rofused to accompany M
It nny farther, nnd It awaited a lator ,H
Tho boar Is of flno 1'oland China H
stock, and weighs 480 pounds. In Its H
career around tbo car It toro open H
suvoral trunks and tho garments, jH
mostly women's, woro strown ovor tho H
covorcd with short hair. Ho had flow. H
lng, disorderly locks and u long mat , jH
ted board, roscmbllng an ourang M
outang. When seized ho shrieked, j1 H
hut did not reply to tho questions put ' M
to him, Tho bread offered him ho ato I jH
ravenously. H
Tho man was Identlded by tlio H
medal attached to a string around his k""H
neck bearing the word "Mygrean." H
When ho boarded tha vossol for Nor- H
way tho captain addressed him In H
Norwegian. Thu nilin was seized with ) H
violent emotion and fainted. When H
ha recovered ho was able to answer H
tho captain's questions sensibly, nnd H
told how ho bad lived In tho forests H
for a dozen years. H
A Funny Man, H
Forry Miss Morton told mo that H
sho thought you were a humorist, H
Hargroaves Iteully, I H
Forry At least sho said you were H
a funny llttlo man. ,M
Develops the Good In Man. H
Franklin: To bo thrown upon ono's H
own resources la to bo cast Into the; jH
vory lap of fortune. H

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