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As he finally passed beyond tlio en--niy's
pickets and felt safe, his
thoughts began to turn onco mora
towards Lyndlmrst.
Ho wondered whether the old darky
with his snatl-movlng mule could liae
arrived and delivered the note Major
Worden . had so kindly written con
corning his rate.
if so, how would she receive It?
Colonel John wanted to bo magnan
imous, but ho was deeply Interested
here, and ho never In his llfo wished
so much for anything as a 6hanco to
witness what occurred when that note
was delivered.
It would possibly, settle Rome little
matters In his mind, which were be
ginning to worry him.
And thinking thus, ho reached the
Bato that opened Into tho spacious
.srounds of I.yndhurst.
Then tho house loomed tip.
Lights could still bo seen about the
I Iiouse, though tho hour was closo on
I to midnight.
Ho wondered at this, for they re
tired early ns a usual thing.
Upon entering the house John felt
a deep satUfnctlon over his escape
Somehow ho seemed to nssoclntu It
with .Molllo why not, when she was
tho prlrno cause of his adventure?
j Ho advanced to tho library; a voice
J fell upon his cars, a volco that was
peculiar, and which ho know belonged
to tho odd genius of a darky who had
driven tho mulo by means of which
; ' "Worden conducted his prisoner of war
to tho shell-wrecked house
Tho special courier had arrived
ahead of him.
Colonel John halted Just beyond the
door. A mirror In the hall reflected
i tho Interior of tho Ilbrnry, and ho
could seo that Molllo was alono with
Wonlcn'a messenger, who was fum-
I bllng In tho pockets of his ragged
' army coat.
"I dono speck I lost Mm missy. Do
majah ho skin (lis darky allbo if dat
bo true. I'd Jest ns soon bo dat Yank
-wlf do ropn round his nock ns dls olo
I coon. Dar's on'y ono last chance dat
I put It In do llnln' ob my hat. Slioro
! nough, do kentry am sabed agin," and
ho triumphantly dragged forth tho
1 missive that had been Intrusted to his
"Is this for me?" sho asked, recclv-
j lng It.
i "Ho dono Bald so, missy."
t "Who gavo It to you?" unfolding It.
"Do majah wld do curly mustache
I and do flcrco oyes wat mnko a trcm-
( bio como up from old Pomp's shoes."
Her oyes wero fixed upon tho page.
! Colonel John moved a step nearer,
i and, unobserved by cither, stood In tho
j doorway, his gazo fastened upon tho
faco of tho Southern girl, his wlfo by
tho fortuno of war. It wait as though
ho cxpcc!d to read his fata thcro.
Over hor usually composed features
y thero shot a sudden look of alarm, of
oven horror, as sho read Warden's
' messago.
"Can It ho posslblo they havo dono
I this tcrrlblo 'thing? Why, I saw him
hero only a fow hours ago, allvo and
1 -well. At cloven It Is now half past.
! And Worden has dono this ho ex
pects to win my esteem by such an
act. Colonol John was an. enemy to
my country, but an honorablo foe. To
mo ho wob a friend. Oh! I cannot
bellevo this It Is a dream. Ho can
not bo dead that would bo too cruel.
I havo seen a cousin and a brother
go to battle never to return, and now
" tho same fato overtakes this
Sho suddenly caught tho darky's
"Pomp, wero you present when this
tcrrlblo thing was done nnswor me."
I , "Deed an' I wasn't, mUsy, but doy
had do ropo all roady, an' do Vankeo
osslfer ho smoko urn cigar Jest as cool
as a cucumbor," returned tho ebony
mosscnger, showing his Ivories.
Sho wrung her hands In distress.
"It is too lato then. Ho has before
now suffored tho extremo penalty of
the court-martial. If I had only known
of It In time I would havo saved him,
even ns he did mo from tho burning
liouBO. Ohl I shall novor forget tho
clasp of his strong arm ns ho bore me
-r out of the flames. I awoke then to a
knowledgo of tlfo fact that I no longor
hated him as formerly " j
Sweot words to tho man who stood '
at the door and strained his hearing
to catch what she said.
Ho Raw her press a small kerchief
to hor ej es she was weeping for hlra.
Yo godsl how It thrilled John Kldgo
way he had never betoro felt tho In
fluenco of the dlvlno M'urk, and as Is
natural, when a man reaches tho ago
of thirty without having given nny
time to love mntlcrs, then tho Rhock
when It comes has nn Irresistible
Then her frame seemed shaken with
emotion, and tho tears could bo Been
'gUMcnlng In her eyes as sho turned
to the negro.
"Do ou really bellevo they hung
him, Pomp?" she BBked, with a tremor
In her voice.
"I specks dey did. missy. Dar was
a tool: on do mn J all's face dat mean
huslncRi, I dono reckons him goose
cooked shuah."
"The contemptible wretch, to think
tho wny to n womnn's heart Is over
tho body of her husband for ho was
such to me by law, even If I did say
I hated htm. Poor Johnl I did not
know prejudlco blinded mo. As for
llasll Worden, I shall never speak to
htm again. Ho has created an abyss
between us that will live forever, and
cannot bo bridged. Oh! John, why did
j on come to arouso theso strango feel
ings In my heart! I thought I Nvas
devoted body and fcoul to tho rausc,
but now I feel strnngo doubts arising.
Wo nro losing tho game perhaps his
sldo Is tho right ono after all."
Sho Gccmed to sadly muse, and the
uiiBecn witness was wondering how ho
could dlscloso his presence without
giving her too great n shock, when
suddenly sho looked directly at him.
Ho advanced.
Her paltor gavo way to a rosy blush
sho oven looked glad for n moment,
though quickly allowing a sbado of
anger to sweep over her face.
"So, you nro allvo after all was
this a trick on your part to tinmnsk
my feelings? It would bo contempti
ble If true," sho Hashed.
"What you say Is qulto Just. As It
happens I havo Just escaped from your
friends, leaving them In tho old house
with Home wounds to caro for nnd an
empty nooso on their hands. Hence,
you seo I don't merit your sarcasm."
Sho looked Into his faco eagerly as
If desirous of reading tho truth.
"Can It ho posslblo jou would not
dccelvo mo?"
"Why should I? Seo, my six-shooter
is empty upon my wrists notico
tho marks whero tho cord cut Into
my flesh, nnd hero wo havo tho burn
Hint Inovltably followed when I ap
plied tho nro or my clgur to my bonds
at tho Inst mlnuto. To clinch tho mat.
tor you havo tho major's message."
"It Is true. I am glad you escaped,
John IUdgoway," avortlng her eyes.
"Is that all, Molllo?" advancing an
other step.
"Why, what more can 1 Bay?" trem
bling. Ho picked up her kerchief.
"This Is moist I saw you cry
tears shed for mo! Ah, Mollle, I daro
not Bay more that oath prevents my
making advances they must como
from you. I pray you lot no faUo mod
esty stand In tho wny to wreck our
Slib suddenly held out her hand.
"How can I help It, John Illdgeway?
I hate you no longor. Wo nro friends
yes, you may oven hope. Uot mo go
now, pleaso. Rood night, John."
War In the Mountain Passes.
Though strongly tempted to take
her In his arms John forbore, and It
wns Just as well, for Molllo had not
yet realized that sho loved him, this
man whom a strango fata had raado
her husband.
Ho squeozed tho llttlo hand, whllo
his eyes eloquently declared tho burn
ing language his dumb lips dared not
speak, for thoro was no clauso in that
contract prohibiting tho languago of
the soul.
Then ho dropped her hand.
"Good night Ood bless you, my
dear girl I shall hope, yes, more, I
will bellevo that when this cruel war
Is over, and tho North and South nro
again united as of old, you wilt not
deny me the privilege of calling you
j by that blessed name of w'fe. I shall
sav no more good night "
Sho was gone, nnd Colonel John, left
alone In tho library, paced up nnd
down for half an hour wrnppod In
thought, nnd Judging from tho smile
upon his fare, he must havo had pleas
nut cogitations.
Then he went out to glvo more pos
Itle orders to the men on guard, hav
ing nn Idea thnt tho venomous Major
Worden might make still another at
tempt to unhorso him.
Morning enmo without further ad
venture, and with It n sudden order
from hendqtmrtcrs calling for Colonel
John's presence.
Ho was not oven glfen n chanco to
flco Molllo again, but looking back as
he galloped down tho nvenuo ho saw
a fluttering white kerchief held In n
hnnd that protruded from tho shut
ters of her room, and raised his cap
In answer.
ncnchlug Sherman's quarters, ho ro
celved Instructions to get his com
mand In rendlncss for Immediate ac
tion. Already a relief detachment had
gono forward to nisumo tho guardian
Rhlp of I.yndhurst, nnd John would
thus havo all that wns left of his com
mand. Upon leaving Atlnnta their courso
wns almost directly northwest,
through tho rugged defiles of tho grent
chain of mouutnlns that guards tho
border line between tho threo states,
Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee
Fow know whither they wero go
ing. Sherman kept his secret well.
Among tho officers, however, tho
fncts wero known.
In his march from Chattanooga to
Atlnntn tho Kcdcra general had been
compelled to fight almost every foot
of tho way.
To accomplish this, Indeed, to re
main even at Atlanta for months It
wns necessary that his lino of com
munication with Chattanooga remain
Of course, onco Atlanta fell, the Con
federates saw tho chanco to rcduco
their victorious enemy, and for tho
tlnio their energies wero devoted to
tho task of cutting of his lino of com
munications. If this could bo dono, Sherman
would be In n serious condition indeed.
Thoro promised to bo somo lively
times on tho scenes of former desper
ate battles.
Colonel John nnd his regiment hnd
been ordered to Join tho column about,
to move bnck to the relief of tho brnvo
general who hnd been left among tho
mountains of Georgia to guard Al
toonn Pass, a point of Immcnso vnluo
to Sherman In keeping up communi
cations with hts base of supplies at
Messages had been received from
General Corse, messages that told of
overwhelming foes against which ho
nnd his llttlo command wero holding
out with n bravery born of despcra
Hon. So nbrupt wns their departure, ow
ing to tho need of haste, that Colonel
John wns not given a chanco to havo
another Interview with tho girl whom
tho fortuno of wnr had mado his wife.
Ho sent her a message, however,
Jimt ns they wero lenvlng tho city.
The march was ono of hasto.
Should Altoonn Pass bo taken by
the enemy, much of Shcrmnn's hard
work must ho dono over again,
That meant despcrato fighting,
climbing tho granite-faced hills In tho
midst of n deadly flro, of awful hand-to-hand
fights all this and moro It
bravo Corso had been compelled to
surrender beforo Sherman arrived to
succor him.
Thero wero not mnny obstacles in
tho way.
(To bo continued.)
His Prize.
A Pittsburg widower, whllo away
from homo on n business trip, met and
married a lady who, though famed for
her goodness of heart, would bo spo
ken of oven by her friends as "plain."
The man believed that sho would he
a kind mother to his two children,
howovcr, nnd ns shu was also pos
sessed of a fair amount of this world'B
goods, was not inclined to expect tho
beauty of tho peach In a potato.
After his marrlago ho telegraphed
to tho eldest of his children, n girl of
"Hnvo won a prize. Am mnrrlod.
Will bo homo to-morrow."
When tho brldo nnd groom arrived,
tho children wero watching at tho
door, and nt sight of their futuro
mother, gavo a llttlo gasp of conster
nation, Tho second child, n boy, nudged hts
sister and whispered:
"Say, Noll, that mil' havo been tho
consolation prlzo that pa got!" Hor
oor's Weekly.
Cupid was showing us through his
laboratory. Thoro wero rows and
rows of grent Jnra that contained tho
gcrmB that thrlvo In klssos.
"Show us tho most harmloss gorm,"
wo Implored.
Cupid romoved tho covr from a
big green Jnr.
"Thoso aro tho most harmless. They
aro found In tho kisses of schoolgirls
and elderly maidens."
"And now tho most dangerous
Cautiously Cupid unscrewed tho
cover of a steel protected Jar,
"Here nro the most dangerous of
all. They nro found In tho kisses of
chorus girls and grass widows."
London's Latest Fad,
Tho Anglo-French "entento cordl
nlu" has resulted In London trades
men labeling goods in their show win
dows "tres Jollo," "rochorcho," "bon
gout," "la dcrnlcro," etc. Anything
Fronchy Is tho correct thing In Lon
don now.
Too many men who run Into debt
don't oven attempt to crawl out
Pensioned from Ulrth.
Miss Hobb, who recently died In
LMInburgh nt tho ,i'o of 91, hnd beon
on tho English navy pension roll sluco
birth, as she wns tho posthumous
child of Capt. llobb, of tho royal navy.
Salt Lnke City. Utah, October 3rd,
Tho business of tho Into John Mo
Vlcker. Assnyer, will bo continued by
his wife, nt his request, under tho
nnmo of John McVlckeY Assay onico
at 40 lllchnrds St. Mr. Arthur Solby,
for threo years nt tho Union office,
will net ns manager, which will bo n
guarantee thnt nil work dono nt tho of
fice will bo satisfactory.
Mrs. McVlcker and Mr. Sclby ask
that all old customers coutlnuo their
patronage nnd solicit new work from
their friends,
- - - T I- - -
Amy, Chemical and Metallurgical
168 South West Temple Streot.
Bait Lake City. Utah.
W. A. HodrfM. f, llodrfti. E. liodfi,
W. A.Hodges Sons
u Assaycrs Q Chemists
135 W. 2 S. St., Salt LaKe, City
I Assayera and Chemist. 5
iOinco nnd Laboratory, 229 S. W.ff
Tetnplo Street,
Western Engineering and Construc
tion Co., Chemists and Engineers.
Experts In testing Oils nnd Minerals.
Wo also design mining, irrigation and
power plants. Wo finance nnd pro
mote nil kinds of logltlmato cntoi
prises. Sell all kinds of machinery.
Lot us know your wants.
2C1-2C2 Commercial Club Tlldg,,
Salt Lako City, Utah.
Ii ' vr , " l
Samplos by mail or express will
receive prompt nttcntlon.
1U-HG West South Temple St.,
Salt Lako City, Utah.
iC;Kn1mt lighting
jcouiine systems I
1 Special Lamps for the Home. I H
AbRolutoly safo nnd rollnble. COn-candlo power, 34c per hour. bH
9 Full lino of Mantels, Globes, etc Correspondence solicited. H
V Send us diagram of your building nnd wo will submit estimate ,M
I 8UNI1EAM LIGHT COMPANY. 107 13. Second South Street, ''bUH
f I Don't See ?
iWhy other Jowolors don't sell Watches as CHEAP ns 1 H
The Carter Jewelry Co. f I
1 sea In their window a I B
17 Jewel Hampden Watch $14.75 a M
IS Jowel Hampden Wntah 12,7b f M
Thin model mid 20-ycar guarnnteo caso. This looks good I M
to mc. I'm going to buy ono right nway. Jh M
Carter Jewelry Co., V fl
Sfo California gfc I
fcT& Winter Excursion Tickets now r?t
xPU on sale. &JjjS H
The Route of the Los Angeles Limited- Utah's Finest Train. H
New Short Line to Goldfield, Nevada, ,H
via Las Vegas Now Completed.
Leaf es Salt Lake City 7:15 p. m. today; IH
Arrives Goldfield 7:05 p. m. tomorrow. -
Ask the Agent, or Address J. H. Burtncr, District Passenger M
I Agent, Salt Lake City, Utah. M
I Turn Dimes I
Into Dollars. I
Phenomenal Success of ,1
The St. Patrick Mining & Milling I
COMPANY OF UTAH (Incorporated). H
B, A. M. Froisctli, Sccty.,
St. Patrick Mining & Milling Co.,
Salt Lake City, Utah.
I subscribe hereby for , , shares of
stock, fully paid and nonassessable, of the "57.
Patrick Mining & Milling Co.," at the price of Ten
Cents a share, for which I enclose ? ,
as first payment, balance to be paid in four equal
monthly installments.
Address . .
Over 15,000 already bought by eager In
vestors and we now offer the 35,000
shares remaining of its first block
of treasury stock placed upon the market at the
low price of ten cents per share. The proceeds of
the sale will be judiciously expended to the further
development of the property, which is loctaed in Big
Cottonwood Mining District, Salt Lake County,
The Board of Directors arc A. j. Smith, Presi
dent; Hans II. Peterson, Vice-President; B. A. M.
Froisctli, Secretary and Treasurer; Mrs. Lcona F.
Smith and David A. Buck. The latter is also super-
THIS REALLY is $1 SECURITY for 10 cts.
"Good mines from good prospects grow,
Thus wc harvest as we sow."
Dont' delay, buy now, and get in on the ground
- - H
Ohwnlrta mni Attayera. H
M. S. Hanauer. J. V. Sadler fl
101 Weit Temple. H
r. O. Bos 1448. Bait Lako City, Utah M
Analytical Work a Specialty. H
Utah, and consists of six promising mining claims. y M
Over fifteen hundred dollars have already been i - H
expended in development work since date of incor- H
poration, February, 1906, consisting of over 500 ' H
feet of tunnels and inclines. Minerals already H
found carry values in Copper, Gold, Silver, Lead H
and Iron. Wc are now driving the tunnel ahead 'H
to cut the mineral vein which is believed to be H
an extension of the well known Maxficld mute, thai H
has already produced hundred of tlousands o H
dollars. H
The property is equipped with hoisting ani H
pumping engines, ore cars and steel r. Is in tunnel. 'H
Our company is capitalized at 250,000 share, ' H
of which 100,000 shares arc set aside for working M
capital, and the remaining 150,000 shares of stock jH
is poolrd until at least one-half or more of its treas- ! IH
ury stock is sold. i H
Bear in mind that thU stock is unassessable, and H
that private property of stockholders is not liable H
for corporation indebtedness. H
. vflB
$ 5.00 down and $5.00 monthly for four months ' H
buys 250 shares. H
$ 10.00 down and $10.00 monthly for four mouths H
buys 500 shares. H
$ 20.00 down and $20.00 monthly for four months I
buy's 1000 shares. Q
$ 30.00 down and $30.00 monthly for four months ,H
L ivs 1500 shares. H
$ 40.00 down and $40.00 monthly for four nYpnths 'fl
buys 2000 shares. H
$100.00 down and $100.00 monthly for four months I
buys 5000 shares. H

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