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I ' 4m
Vol. 4; No. 17. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH JANUARY 7, 1905. Prick 5 Cbnts I ! II
1 H The State Legislature H
B The legislature will meet on Mon-
B day next and orgonlze for Iho session.
B The senate Is composed of eighteen
B members, llfteen of whom are Repub-
B icans ani tnree Domcrats- Tne
B house has forty-five members, forty-
B two Republicans and three Demo-
B crats, making the total membership
B of botn nouses C3 of whom 57 are Re-
B puhlicans and C are Democrats. S. H.
B Lvo and Wesley K. Walton are the
B leadlLd candidates for the presidency
B of ,ne senate while Thomas Hull Is
Bi tfle favorite for speaker of the house.
B L076 and Hull are both from Salt
B Llko county and If the two chief
B Places of honor go to them the coun-
B tfy wil1 claim about every-
B tnInS else In the way of clerkships
B anQ PaIa officers of all kinds. The
B members will meet in caucus Satur-
B day night to decide those questions.
B The nrst ballot for United States sen-
H ator will take place eight days after.
B Jan. 9, In each house separately and
M the following day the two houses will
Dk meet In joint assembly to confirm the
B result of the separate ballots. It is
B thought only one ballot will bo neces-
B sary as the sentiment for George Suth-
K erland is so strong that no other can-
B dldato will stand any show.
B Tho full list of members of both
B houses Is as follows:
mt A. G. Barber, Logan, Democrat.
H Willis Johnson, Clrclovlllo, Ropubll-
H can.
B Cl ? Holllngsworth, Ogden, Repub-
H Hcan.
Peter Clegg, Tooele, Republican.
K Harden Bcnnlon, Vernal, Democrat.
H olmon Bamberger, Salt Lake, Demo
mt crat.
Wt Frederick Rasband, Park City, Ro-
C. E. Ijose, Provo, Republican.
1. C. Calllster, Fillmoro, Republl-
B ?,', V; LarEn. Mantl, Republican.
Wesley K. Walton, Republican.
B v.?1, N- Williams, Salt Lako. Ro-
B u,e.orgo N- Lawrence, Salt Lake, Re-
j Publican.
B HcanePhen H" LVe' Salt Lako' Rom,b
I lican"1"01 ' Park' Salt Lako' RepUD"
n?nry Gardner, Spanish Fork, Re-
M A. B. Lewis, Mllford, Republican.
David McKay, Huntsvllle, Republi
can. Republicans, 15; Democrats, 3.
R. Kuchler, Ogden, Republican.
George S. Dean, North Ogden, Re
publican. George M. Miller, Huntington, Re
publican. W. J. Panter, Union, Republican.
Harry S. Joseph, Salt Lako, Repub
lican. Charles B. Marks, Calder's Park
Station, Republican.
J. E. Petersen, CIrclevIlle, Republi
can. T. H. Merrill, Richmond, Republi
can. James P. Curtin, Winter Quarters,
W. H. Maughan, Wellsville, Repub
lican. James B. Wilson, Midway, Republi
can. George Spencer, Randolph, Repub
lican. Charlos Carroll, Ordorvlllo, Repub
lican. George Stringham, Thurber, Dem
ocrat. T. C. Pancake, Ogden, Republican.
Alfred Luther, Escalanto, Republi
can. A. R. Hawley, Inverary, Republican.
O. L. Thompson, Sclpio, Republi
can. H. B. Cromar, Salt Lako, Republi
can. W. N. Gundry, Stockton, Republi
can. William L. Stewart, Warren, Repub
lican. Ezra F. Richards, Farmlngton, Re
publican. William McCrea, Salt Lako, Repub
lican. M. J. Dalley, Park City, Republican.
N. C. Christiansen, Sterling, Re
publican. Herbert Hopes, Eureka, Republican.
George A. Hone, Benjamin, ROPUb
llCan. .L
F. W. Fishburn, Brlgham City, Re
publican. A. V. Anderson, Bingham, Republi
can. . ,
John H. Wootton, American Fork,
Republican. .
Orrin D. Allen, Maesor, Republican.
Thomas P. Cottam, St. George, Dem
ocrat. Thomas J. Jones, Cedar City, Re
publican. James A. Anderson, Morgan, R&-
D. R. Roberts, Logan, Republican.
Georgo Austin, Lehl .Republican.
Closson S. Kinney, Salt Lake, Re
publican. , .
Thomas Hull, Salt Lake, Republican.
W. T. Edwards, Salt Lako, Republi
can. John E. Paco, Richardson, Republi
can. Walter C. Lyman, Bluff, Republican.
A. Johnson, Mt. Pleasant, Republi
can. S. T. Stookoy, Sugar, Republican.
Grant Simons, Payson, Republi
can. John F. Tolton, Beaver, Democrat.
Tho now stato and county officers
who woro Inaugurated on Monday,
January 2, aro as follows:
State Officers.
John C. Cutler .governor.
Chas. S. Tlngoy, secretary of state.
D. N. Straup, justlco of Supremo
James Christiansen, stato treasurer.
J. A. Edwards, stato auditor.
A ,C. Nelson, stato superintendent
of schools.
M. A. Breoden. attornoy genoral.
C. W. Morso, M. L. Ritchie, George
G. Armstrong, T. D. Lowis, judges of
tho Third Judicial district.
Fred C. Loofbourow, district attor
noy. Joseph Howoll, congressman.
County Officers.
W. W. Wilson, John C. Mackoy, Ed
ward D. Miller, commissioners.
C. Frank Emery, sheriff.
P. P. Christonsen, attorney.
J. U. Eldredgc, Jr., clerk.
P. O. Perkins, recorder.
I. M. Fisher, auditor.
W. O. Carbis, treasurer.
C. M. Brown, nsscsor.
J. B. Swenson, surveyor.
John W. Smith, superintendent of
C. B. DIehl, Joseph J. Whltakor,
city judges.
Dana T. Smith, city justlco of tho
W. F. Hills, city constable.
Tho fact that tho party which has
boon In power for somo years carried
tho election last fall obviated a gen
eral chango In tho porsonnel of tho
staff In tho various offices. Tho
changes In tho county offices aro ex
ceedingly fow and It Is bettor so, bo
cause those already employed aro not
only efficient In a genoral way, but
aro thoroughly trained by exporionco
In tho duties of their positions.
County Clerk Eldrcdgo mado few
changes in tho staff of tho office. D.
A. Smith was promoted to tho chief
doputyship in the equity and law de
partment and W. H. Farnsworth was
made chief deputy in tho probate side.
Mr. Smith has been in tho department
for somo years and is thoroughly offl
clont. Ho takes tho place formerly
occupied by Georgo G. Armstrong,
who was elected district judge and
took his seat on tho bench Monday.
W H. Farnsworth is a now appointee,
but ho is well qualified for that kind
of work. Ho is a bright young busi
ness man besides being well versed
in tho law. From a political stand- ' RilB
point also his appointment Is an ideal ' tojB
one. C. S. Buckwaltor, Harry Evans, wHfl
old nnd ofllclont mon in tho office, ' tfjIB
Mr. Eldrcdgo did well In retaining. iMB
i 'IB
As Truth foreshadowed a month or iHB
moro ago L. P. Palmer retired on Do- ' , ;il
comber III as clerk of tho supromo ' im
court nnd was succeeded by H. W. ' , iilB
Grlfnth, his former deputy. Mr. Pal- 'lijgB
mor wns clorlc of tho Supromo court i Iff Bl
slnco statehood nlno years ago. Ho ' i wHI
was thoroughly ofllclont, connclon- ( sijfBl
clous, faithful to his duties nnd nl- le
ways obliging. Ho retires with lion- , B1
ors and takes n rcspnnslblo position ' if&l
In tho county recorder's oirico. Of !1tB1
Mr. Griffith tho now Supromo court 'riuf BB
clerk, nothing but what Is good can bo V rHB
said. Ho Is thoroughly familiar with KmE?
tho work, thoroughly rcliablo In AfiFI
ovory respect nnd will mako an Ideal 'SSB
clerk. igiBl
" mm
The board of county commissioners , jglfl
approved tho appointments of Wil- '" 'JjfBl
lard Hanson ns assistant county at- ., i F
torney and Miss Woodmansco as f Pitta
stenographer, but declined to npprovo ' v ,j(ijlBf
County Attornoy Chrlstonson's np- '' &ff
polntmcnt of J. P. Lyon ns second ns- Ml
slstant on tho ground thnt ono assist- - m?
ant to tho county attorney was sufll- ' ' MB1
clout. Whllo thoroughly bollovlng In f( " ifa
tho principle of economy, Truth vory IIitBI
much doubts tho wisdom of tho board , ' IwH
In its viow that tho business of tho ',,' ',
ofllco can bo properly conducted with i, M'!
,ouo assistant. Tho ofllco has novor r ,, l
boon boforo run with ono assistant. ' ' f'i'H
Tho iiollco court business is almost " MH
sufllclent to occupy tho cntlro time of , j Jv.
ono man nnd that is only a small por- , l)u
tlon of tho work which falls on tho ' jtHijl
ofllco. Wo notice thnt at tho ond of I i ' H?H
last year 77 criminal cases, a largo , , '!iH
number of which woro charges of fol- j i,. '3f
onles, woro dismissed mostly for lack ' , '3!y
of evldonco sufficient to convict. If tho ' , jjf
former county attorneys had had moro ' if fH
ho) p it is moro than probablo that ov- , jiilH
Idonco could liavo been c '"cted at i , ,;1b
tlio proper time, which w .nl havo i f'JB
gained convictions In a go dly num- ' 'iH
ber of thoso ensos. Too many crim- i iK'H
inals cscapo justlco. Tho county at- i , ifuE
torney 's ofllco Is a poor placo to prac- j li2'Bfl
tlco cheeso paring economy. S H
Tho county board also turned down ! i , SmBl
County Treasurer Cnrbls' appolntmont u jji iffiH
of Frank Swenson to a position in I f UB
tho treasurer's office. Mr. Swenson ' 'VH
Is a good, steady, efficlont clerk. Whllo Jj 'ij&H
no causo was given by tho board for ! I IfBfl
not confirming his appointment it Is j iMHl
generally understood it was for pollt- i pnH
leal reasons Mr. Swenson having loft ' j 'lifiH
tho Republican party and affiliated i ,jHHl
with and worked for tho "American" ) IMS
pai ty in tho recent election. Tho roa- jj vmS
son for the non-cohiirmatlon is valid. wH
Sensible Man. rj ftB
There's a man In Chicago who, nay K jj aBfl
that what he likes host about his wifo i, '' ;H
Is his arnio. Eli'BBl

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