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Truth. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1901-1908, January 21, 1905, Image 4

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; 4 truth- I
I; II I Mrs. E. Y. Whitney entertained at
I III a luncheon yesterday.
I ft Mrs. William Bayly, Jr., loft on
' Thursday for Los Angeles.
I Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker left
for Now York Wednesday.
I Mrs. A. E. Walker will leave for
1 1 San Francisco about February 1.
I Mrs. Dorsey Ash will entertain the
I H 500 club at her home next Friday.
1 1 Tho Bridge club met with Miss
I n Kathorlno Williams last Tuesday.
1 1 Mrs. Joseph Stowo of Park City Is
1 1 In town, visiting her tlnughter, Mrs.
II C. L. Rood.
1 1 Mrs. Agnes Osborne gives an In-
1 1 formal musicalo at her homo next Mon-
1 1 day evening.
H After a pleasant tiireo weeks' in
1 1 Now York, Mrs. I. C. Glosz Is again at
II homo In this city.
1 1 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney K. Hooper on-
1 1 tertained tho Auld Lang Syno club
1 1 Thursday evening.
1 1 Mrs. William Burko of American
1 1 Falls, Ida., is visiting her daughter,
EH Mrs. R. H. Channlng, Jr.
Hj II Tho Plato club will meet today
II I with Mrs. J. II. McMillan on Fifth
nil East and Eleventh South streets.
Dr. and Mrs. A. C. wing; gave a din-
H "or Inst ovening in compliment to
UU Mrs. M. S. Lnccy of Colorado Springs.
II H Mr. nnd Mrs. Dorsoy Ash outer-
H lalnod at a dinner Wednesday evening
JU In compliment to Bishop F. S. Spald-
II Mrs. A. F. Cook, oV 112!) Enst Sixth
HI South street, cntortalned Tuesday In
la honor of tho Ladles Aid society of Iliff
In M. E. church.
H Mr. nnd Mrs. .7. F. Grant onterlnlnod
In a fow friends at dinner Wednesday
H ovonlng for Mr. E. E. Poolo of Den-
1 ver, who Is their guest.
I B Mrs. A. W. Taylor of Santa Bar-
I Rj bara, who has been tho guest for tho
1 past week of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel II
H Spencer, will visit Dr. and Mrs. M.
I I R. Stownrt for tho noxt fow dnys.
II I ' Mr. nnd Mrs. C. W. Boyd will enter
I fl tain nt dlnnor Monday ovening In lion-
or of Mr. nnd Mrs. F. K. Fcrnald or
B Elkhart, Ind who nro guests of Mrs.
I I Fcrnnld's slstor, Mrs. James T. Clas-
I I " Tho Rev. Fred W. Norrls, formerly
of St. Mnrk'n, but now of Brooklyn,
I has accoptcd tho Invitation of Colonel
Blunt, formerly of Fort Douglns, to nc-
m ' company him to Egypt nnd tho Holy
I I Tho Assembly ball at Chrlstonscn's,
scheduled for February I!, promises to
bo ono of tho most enjoyable events
of tho season. The mannglng commlt
I B. too Is composed of Lewis B. McCor-
I nick, L. W. Nnson, John S. Crltchlow,
I I , M. S. Ilnnauor, Chnuncoy P. Ovorllold,
J Gordon L. Hutchins, Konnoth C. Kerr,
I It Fi Q' Schramm and J. Frank Judge.
I "Tho Club do Lnuguo Francnlso"
Mi will moot at tho homo of Mrs. Mnry
HI; F. Kelly, 333 Second street, on Fri
Bj day ovonlng, Jnnnury 20. Members
Hei will bring somo small article caro
BUl fully packed which may bo sold dur
Jig! Ing tho ovonlng for 10 cents for tho
BJJKt benefit of tho treasury. A lino pro
Bill grammo has been prepared under the
HBJB direction of Mndamo ITclnz.
. Abbbbm
Mrs. George Brown and baby
daughter of San Francisco aro visit
ing Mrs. Brown's mother, Mrs. A. H.
Little. Miss Franoes Llttlo returned
wltli Mrs. Brown nttor a month's visit.
Jt &
Mrs. O. E. Leo has Issued invita
tions for a luncheon to be given to
tho Reviewers' club a week from next
Monday at the University club. Tho
day is president's day, and the club
members nnd tho former members of
tho club will bo tho guests.
Mrs. Graham F. Putnam has Issued
Invitations for a piano recital to bo
given in tho Congregational church
Tuesday, January 24th, at. 8:15
p. m. Mrs. Putnam will bo asslted by
somo of her talented pupils and Mr.
Hugh W. Dougall, tho well known
A convict at a French penal settle
ment, who was undergoing a life sent
ience, desired to marry a female con
vict, such mnrriages being of common
occurrence. Tho governor of the. col
ony offered no objection, but the priest
proceeded to cross-examine tho pris
oner. "Did you not marry in France?" he
"And your wlfo is dead?"
"Sho Is."
"Havo you any document to show
that sho is dead?"
"Then I must decline to marry you.
You must produco somo proof that
your wlfo is dead."
Thtero was a pause, and the bride
prospcctlvo looked at tho would-be
Finally ho said: "I can prove that
my former wlfo Is dead."
"How will you do so?"
"I was sent hero for killing her."
Tho brido ncccplcd him notwithstanding.
Though I go forth, I fnco tho dark with
Think not that for Lovo's sake Hfo
starves for song;
That which thou canst not give may
yet bo bringing
Bread to tho soul, and wine that
makoth strong.
Love is (ho manna that grows with
with tho giving,
Thir.o is this gift, but mlno tho end
loss storo;
Pain, tho keen nolo that thrills to ful
ler living,
Calls to tho hoart across a bound
less shore.
Into tho night I go, but not without
Though nevermore blesldo mo whilst
I sing;
Tho splendor of tho stars Is round
about mo,
And. with tho dawn, life mounts on
higher wing!
Virginia Woodward Cloud.
Acts aro stubborn things.
A fair exchange Is impossible.
Christmas butts In once a year.
Don't look a gift in tho price-tag.
Sweet aro tho juices of diversity
Ono good "turn" deserves a prescn
Half a loaf is better than no day of
Art is long, but artists aro general!
If you tell her she's modest or tell her
she's vain,
Sho'll giggle.
Sho heeds not tho fact that It gives
you a pain,
That giggle.
Thou you may address her in serious
Make speech that presents no occa
sion for glee,
Or even for smiling, her answer will
A giggle.
Sho runs to tho door when her Chaw
ley boy rings
And giggles.
While helping him take off his cold
winter things
Sho giggles.
When seated for sparking within tho
bright rays
Of dollar per gas or the grate's cheery
Sho answers tho sugary things that he
With giggles.
In church if she catches a glrly chum's
Sho giggles.
Thcro's no provocation, She doesn't
Just giggles.
Sho'll arch up her .eyebrows like tho
back of tho cat
That stands off tho dog In tho rear of
tho flat
And glvo her eyelashes a humorous
And giggle.
If called to the liter of dead, silent
Sho'd giggle.
If Gabriel's trump should bring time
to an end,
Sho'd giggle.
If up to tho great judgment liar sho
woro led
To list to her fato with the quick and
tho dead
She'd .think it was funny and shako
luer fool head
And giggle.
Denver Post
Interest-Bearing Securities.
McGurrin & Co., investment bankers.
Yielding six per cent, compounded
twlco a year, mako an Ideal invest
ment. They can be procured from
Salt Lake City. Tho Investor holds
the security.
MINES. 0F ljl
Tho Tintlc Miner gives tl,P fol,ov. II
lug deserved boost to a Salt uL II
man and a Salt Lake instltuiou- 11
Hon. Harry Joseph, representative II
from Salt Lake county, Is on the right 1
ttack when ho Is advocating an extra '
appropriation for the Utah School of W
Mines. The mining interests of Utah I
aro great enough to demand the best I
opportunities for this young men of the
state to secure technical knowledw II
concerning all branches of mlninj: ami II
the mining industries. Salt Lake Citv 11
is an excellent place for the location II
of the School of Mines in connection II
with tho State University and that
branch of tho university should be H
greatly advanced and improved until H
there is no beter school in the coun- H
try. Tho mines in the iwar-by camps H
and tho smelters all afford an excellent H
opportunity for tho student to invest!- H
gato actual practical wrok as well as H
theoretical. Bj
n . IB
Somo women cease tc be pretty H
after a short acquaintance. Bj
A woman keeps away from the eye- BJ
glass period a? long a; possible. H
Some men take so much exercise B
that they are all the time exhausted. H
Married men daily make sacrifices U
of which no mention ever is made. BJ
A woman likes to be told the pleas- H
ant remarks made about her appear- Q
ance. BJ
Men waste a vast amount of energy B
over tho problem of how to get rich B
quickly. B
Men would esteem It a favor 11 B
friends did not make Inquiry as to B
their ages. B
Tho man who hns social position H
rarely assumes anything In the way ol H
superior nirs. Bj
Every woman feels suro she could Hi
easily pass for ten years younger than HI
she is In fact. HJ
Mantels ! I
Mantels I
SticUney's fine 0gar$
Win. A. Stickney Cigar Co. II

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