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I TRUTH. 13 71
1 Ij Lawyer's Directory.
Ifi For handy reference, Truth prints
If the list of Salt Lake's practicing
J lawyers, with their addresses. If any
1 name3 are omitted, or if there are any
errors In the list, corrections and ad-
9 dltions will bo made on receipt of notl-
Adams, Thos. 720 McCornlck Block.
Anderson, J. R 58 Hooper Block.
Anderson, T. J 58 Hooper Block.
1 Armstrong, S. P.-123 Com'l. Bloc'
1 Barman, G. H.-32 Main St.
9 Bailey, L. J-. Jr., 7 Des. Ntl. Bk Bldg.
Baldwin, Chas. 74 Com'l. Block.
Barnes, A. R 212 S. Main.
H Bennett & Bleror 1G3 S. Main.
H Bird, W. H. 400 Scott-Strovell Bldg.
H Booth, Leo & Ritchie 500 Auerbach.
Hi Boswell, Wm. 401 McCornlck Block.
H Botkln, Theo. 153 Keith Building.
H Bowdlo, J. R. 82 Com'l. Block.
Bowman, J. M. 431 D. P. Walker.
fH Boyd, C. W. 604 McCornlck Block.
9 Bradley & Rlschel 300 Atlas Block.
H Braftet, M. P. 517 Dooly Block.
H Bramel, W. H. 401 Auerbach Block.
H Breeden & White 311 D. F. Walker.
JH 'Brothers, M. R. G9 Com'l. Block.
H Brown, Arthur 212 S. Main.
JH Brown, H. C 516 Progress Bldg.
IB Browne", T. E. 2G Com'l. Block,
g Buckle, G. C 502 McCornlck Block.
B Cannon, Irvine & Snow 614 Temple-
H Casey, A. W. 95 Com'l. Block.
Cherry, A. N. G and 7 Eagle Block.
H Chrlstensen, A. E. 34 Com'l Blk.
H Chrlstensen, P. P. 34 Com'l Blk.
Chrlstensen, Soren X. 220 Atlaas Block.
Christy, J. W. 224 Dooly.
Bj Clark, P. H. 402 McCornlck.
Coad, J. C 17 Grape.
Collins, C. W 93 Com'l Blk.
Darke, S. W. 508 Progress Blk.
Darmer, J. E. 18 Com'l Blk.
M Dey, C. C 400 Auerbach Bldg.
n Dickson, Ellis, Ellis & Schulder 513
il Progress.
l Diehl, C. B. 14 & IB Com'l. Blk.
m Dlnlnny, H. J. 85 Com'l Blk.
il Duncan C. A. 201 Temploton.
M Edler, A. B. 525 Atlas Blk.
M Evans & Evans 411 Atlas Blk.
M Farnsworth, Lund & Truman 305
I m Templeton.
Ml Fowler & Fowler 218 S. Main.
ffl Frlck & Edwards 615 McCornlck Blk.
la Gatrcll & Johnson 419 D. P. Walker.
! Gilbert, Joseph 315 Const'n Blk.
IB Goodwin & Van Polt 12-13 Com'l Blk.
Gunter, W. T. 609 Progress.
Halgh, D. M. Murray.
Hall, w. C 51G McCornlck.
H Hall, W. R. 10 Eagle Blk.
' Hamor, Wlllard 502 McCornlck.
Hamilton, J. M. 31 Latimer Blk.
II Hanson, Wlllard 317 D. F. Walker.
Harkness, R. B. 102 Keith Bldg.
Harrington & Sanford 429 D. P. Wal-
I Hartley, R. G. 112 Com'l Blk.
I Harwood, D. V. 203 Scott-Strevell.
I Hatteroth, W. H. Des. Ntl. Bk. Bldg.
I Hempstead, D. B. 124 S. Main.
I Henderson, Pierce, Crltchlow & Bar-
I! Irirett0- 504 McCornlck.
; H gglns & Senior 155 Keith Bldg.
i 's' Bden 400 Scott-Strovell.
Hoffman, Frank 72 Com'l Blk.
goge, E. D. 52 Com'l Blk.
Hoppaugh, A. L. 309 Auerbach.
"owatt, Andrew 104 Keith Bldg.
uurd & Wedgewood 112 Keith Bldg.
Hutchison, W. R. 512 Atlas,
ingebrctsen, James 49 E. First So.
Jack, c. B. 33 Com'l Blk.
Jones, E. B. 89 Com'l Blk.
Jones, N. V. G19 McCornlck.
Kaighn, M. M. 7G W. Second So.
Kane, Thos. 504 Progress Blk.
Kenner s. A. 202 Templeton.
K' Duiton & King G2 Com'l Blk.
Kinney, C. S. 35 Com'l Blk.
Lnney.H. S.-17 Com'l Blk.
Lwgont, J. A. 161 Keith Bldg.
Stco& Shoup-305 Atlas Blk.
Laymon, T. B. 52 Com'l Blk.
I II herwood. E. O. 16 Com'l Blk.
iSi Sweet 427 D. F. Walker,
'ewls, Eugene 52 Com'l Blk.
Lewis S. H. 218 S. Main.
Lindsay, M. S. 202 Templeton.
Little, W. W. 11 & 15 Com'l Blk.
Loofbourow, F. C 70 Com'l Blk.
McDowall, Samuel 12 Walker Bank
McGraw, P. A. 511 Atlns Blk.
McGurrin, F. T. 52G Atlas Blk.
McGurrin & Gustin Security Trust
McKay, Wm. GOO Progress.
McMasters, Alex. Des. News Annex.
Marks, C. E. 116 Keith Bldg
Marshall & Royle 125 S. Main.
Merrltt, S. A. 511 Progress.
Minor, Aurelius 49 S. Main.
Miner, J. A. 310 McCornlck Blk.
Moyle, J. II. 7 Des. Bk. Bldg.
Nielsen, C. M. 208 Const'n Blk.
Nye, G. L. 413 Atlas Blk.
Olson, C. L. 401 Scott-Strovell.
Orem, F. M. 213 D. F. Walker.
Pardee, J. D. 6 Eagle Blk.
Parson, C. C G08 Dooly.
Patterson & Moyer 105 Com'l Blk.
Pearson, C. E. 1G1 S. Mnln.
E. J. Pithey 406 Dooly Blk.
Porter, R. B. 312 Auerbach.
Powers, J. N 250 Com'l Club Bldg.
Powers & Marloneaux, Eaglo Blk.
Prico & McCrea 11 Hooper.
Rawlins, J. L. 409 Scott-Strevell.
Reed, Christopher Atlas Blk.
Richards, D. B. 311 D. F. Walker.
Richards, Richard3 & Ferry 502 Mc
Rlter, W. D. 102 Keith Blk.
Rives, Henry 418 D. F. Walker.
Rogers & Street 317 D. F. Walker.
Ryckman & Sawyer 308 Progress.
Sanborn, R. S. 35 Com'l Blk.
Sawyer, A. B. 314 Progress.
Sheckoll, N. J. 405 Auerbach.
H. O. Shepard, 120 Com'l Block.
Dana T. Smith, 120-3 Com'l Block.
Smith, J. P. 74 Hooper Blk.
Smith & Putnam, 20 Com'l Blk.
Snow, A. E 419 D. F. Walker.
Snyder & Wight 126 Keith Blk.
Sonnedecker, N. W. G07 Progress.
Stephens & Smith 213 Auerbach'.
Stephens, C. W. L. 401 Auorbach.
Stewart & Stowart 509 McCornlck.
Sullivan & Barnes 422 D. F. Walker.
Sutherland, A. G. 76 W. SeconJ So.
Sutherland, Van Cott & Allison. Klcth
Tatlock, E. W. 213 Dooly Blk.
Taylor, A. V. 315 Dooly.
Thomas, J. M. Eaglo Block.
Thomas & Maycock 201 Dos. News
Thompson, E. D. R. 415 Progress.
Thompson & Gibson 47 Com'l Blk.
Twomey & Twomoy 97 Com'l Blk.
Van Cott, Ray 7 Des. Natl. Bk. Bldg.
Van Motor, Joseph 509 Progress.
Varlan, C. S 425 Atlas.
Wallace, Jr., G. Y. 105 Keith Bldg.
Walton, E. A. 95 Com'l Blk.
Warner & Davis 80, 81, 82 Com'l Blk.
Weber, A. J. 52G Atlas.
Wonger, D. H. 68 Com'l Blk.
Whitaker, J. J. 315 City & Co. Bldg.
Whlttemoro & Cherrington 401 Mc
Cornlck. Wllley & Dole 407 Auerbach.
Williams, P. L. 522 Des. News Annex.
Young, R. W. Des. News Annex.
Young & Moyle Des. Natl' Bk. Bldg.
Zano & Stringfellow 9-10 Des. Ntl.
Bk. Bldg. .
TICES. Consult County Clerk or respective
signers for further Information.
Booth & Leo. Attorneys,
Auorbach Building.
In the District Court, Probate Di
vision, In and for Salt Lake County.
State of Utah.
In the matter of the estate of Ed
ward H. Ogden, deceased. Notice.
The petition of Sarah Morris Ogden,
executrix of the estate of Edward H.
Ogden, deceased, praying for tno set
tlement of final account of said execu
trix, and for the distribution of the
reslduo of said estate to the persons
entitled, 1ms been set for hearing on
Saturday, the 11th day of March, A.
D. 1905, at 10 o'clock a. in., at the
county court house in the court room
of said court, in Salt Lake City, San
Lake county, Utnh.
Witness the clerk of said court
with the seal thereof alhxod this 20th
day of Fohruniy, A. I). 1905.
(Seal.) clerk
By W. II. Farnsworth, Deputy Cleric.
Booth & Lee, Attorneys.
Estate of Richard G. Lcgg, de
ceased. Creditors will present claims with
vouchers to the undersigned nt No.
(il South Seventh East street, Sail
Lake City, Utnh, on or before the 2Cth
day of Juno, A. D. 1905.
Executrix of the estnte of Richnrd G
Lcgg, deceased.
Date of first publication, February
25. A. D. 1905.
W. H. Bramel, Attorney.
401 Auerbach Building.
Estato of Mary E. Carter Deceased.
In tho District Court, Third Judlclnl
District, Salt Lake County, Utnh.
Creditors will present claims with
vouchors to tho undersigned at Room
401, Auerbach Building. Salt Lako
City, Utah, on or before tho expiration
of four months nfter tho first publica
tion of this notice.
GROSIION, Executors of tho will
of Mnry E. Carter, Deccnscd.
Date of first publication, Fob, 4, A.
D. 1905.
W. II. Bramel, Attorney for Execu
tors, 401 Auerbach Building, Salt Lako
Harrington &. Sanford, Attorneys,
Atlas Block.
Estato of Maggie Smith, deceased
Creditors will present clnims with
vouchors to tho undersigned nt Com
mercial block, Salt Lnko City, Utah,
on or beforo tho 19th dny of June, A.
D. 1905.
Administrator of tho Estato of Mag
gie Smith, Deceased.
Date of first publication, Feb. 18
A. D. 1905.
Harrington & Sanford, Attorneys.
James D. Pardee, Attorney.
Eagle Block.
In the District Court of tho Third Ju
dlclnl District of tho State of Utah,
County of Salt Lako.
Nellie T. Rascho, plaintiff, vs. Pat
rick Rascho, defendant. Summons.
Tho Stnto of Utah, to tho said De
fendant: You aro heroby summoned to np
pear within twenty days after tho
service of this summons upon you,
if served within tho county in which
this action Is brought, otherwise,
within thirty days nftor service, and
defend tho above entitled action; and
In case of your falluro so to du, Judg
ment will bo rendered against you ac
cording to tho demand of tho com
plaint, a copy of which is herowlth
served upon you.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
P. O. address, G and 7 Eaglo Blk,
West 2nd South St., Salt Lako City,
In the District Court of Salt Lako
County, Stato of Utah. fflBJ
Jcllma M. Byrne, plaintiff, vs. Thorn- fll
ns Byrne, defendant. Summons. 'HI I
Tho Stato or Utah, to tho Said Defend- jlBJ
You aro hereby summoned to nppoar fllfl
within twenty dnys aftor tho service jKI
of tills summons upon you, If served xl
within tho county In which this nctlon Kl
Is brought, othorwlse, within thirty mlmm
dnys nftor service, nnd defend tho l
nbovo entitled action, nnd In caso of 'jIH
your falluro so to do, Judgment will fflU
bo rendered ngnlnst you according to Hi
tho demnnd of tho complaint, which 'HH
within ton dnys nftor scrvlco of this Mmm
summons upon you, will bo filed with iflH
tho clerk of snld court. l.HH
WM. R. HALL, iilH
Plaintiff's Attornoy. "8H
P. O. Address, 75 West 2nd So. St., Jl
Room 10, Eaglo Block, Salt Lako City,
Utah. i
Farnsworth & Lund, Attorneys, iflH
Templeton Buildlnu. flflfl
In tho Third Judicial District Court, HH
In nnd for tho County or Salt Lnko, i'lflfl
Stnto of Utnh. IH
Nolllo Gwyn Rnymor, plaintiff, vs. !'EH
Lnrkln Whit Mill Rnymor, dorend- jilflfl
nut. Summons. 'ffiflfl
Tho Stato of Utah, to tho Said Do- illflfl
fondant: I1H
You nro hereby summoned to np- I'lflB
pear within twenty dnys aftor tho IiSBBI
scrvlco of this nummons upon you, If T.flfll
served within tho county In which '$
this nctlon Is brought, othorwlse, IBbI
within thirty dnys nftor sorvlcn, and if'BBl
defend tho nbovo entitled nctlon; nnd 1'BbI
In caso of your rnlluro so to do, Judg- 'if flfll
inent will bo rendered ngnlnst you nc- wBBI
cording (o tho domain! or tho com- -3i flfll
plaint, or which n copy Is herewith JifflH
served upon you. 'jYHbI
Plnlntirf's Attornoy. -!
P. O. Address, 30G-307 Templeton 'iiflH
Bldg., Snlt Lako City, Utah. Iffl!
Stownrt & Stowart, Attornoys, JIbI
McCornlck Block. 'IbH
SUMMONS. I'lflfl
In tho City Court of Snlt Lako City, ilflfll
Stato or Utah. : 'iiflH
Julia Alexander, plnlntlff, vs. Jonnlo ''IsBbI
David, Dcfondnnt. SummouH. M!bH
Tho Stato or Utnh, to tho said Dcrcnd- ''IflH
You aro hereby summoned to nppoar iiflH
within six days artor tho scrvlco or t&BH
this summons upon you ,ir served with- WflH
in tho city In wiilcn this nctlon Is IfflH
brought, othorwlso within ten days &flH
after service, and dorend tho nbovo iiflH
entitled nctlon; nnd In enpo or your ' 'ABBI
falluro so to do, Judgmont will ho ren- 'iflH
dcrcd ngnlnst you nccordlng to tho do- lflH
mnnd of tho complaint, or which a copy BBB
Is herewith served upon you. Ilflfll
Plaintiff's Attornoy. TH
Julia Alexander, Plaintiff. y H
P. O. Address 509 McCornlck Blk, 'BBB
Salt Lnko City, Utah. !?BBB
J. E. Darmer, Attorney, ipflflfl
Commercial Block. '4 BBB
In tho District Court or tho Third HlBBB
Judicial District, In nnd for tho Coun- ifi BBB
ty of Snlt Lako, Stato of Utah. m'BBB
Mary Schcultc, plaintiff, vs. Sydnoy ifJBBBl
R. Lambourno and Beatrice L. Lam- IeBBbI
bourne, defendants,, to bo sold at sher- i IIiBBbI
Iff's sale, at tho west front door of the JUlBBB
county court house, In tho city and HkBBbI
county or Salt Lako, stato of Utah, on ' nBBBl
tho 27th day or February, A. D., 1905, iSSflBBl
at twolvo o'clock noon of said day, ffflBBBl
all tho right, title, claim and Interest wiBBBI
or said defendant, or, in and to the MiBBb1
following described property, to-wlt: I-UbBbI
Situate, lying and being In tho iflBH

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