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Truth. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1901-1908, February 25, 1905, Image 15

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If TRXJ TH- 15 Fl
f III m a D 1904, and duly acknowledged
II Ind also duly recorded June 8, 1904,
i n? nSe 154 of Book "F" of Mortga-nd-
II "e3l0f Emery County records, where
1 1 hv the first parties convoy to the sec
'by II nnd party all of tho real estate and
ity water rights hereinafter described, to
m- 19 ceciiro tho payment of a certain prom
he II Issory note of oven date therewith, In
lit IB ho sum of two hundred and fifty dol
ler II lars ($250), executed by said Peter
el II Fransden and payable to tho order
st I of said Lewis, with Interest at tho
ed ! rate of eight per cent per annum from
d I dato until paid, said promissory note
en I being payable October 1, 1904, and It
a' I was provided In said deed that In case
rk B default should be made In the payment
H of said note when due, then said trus-'1-
H tee (second party) should sell said
H real estate to tho highest bidder for
'd Bfl cash after having given duo notice
s- H as In said deed Is provided, upon the
d H request of tho holder of said note,
t H and the holder of said note to whom
H tho samo has been duly assigned, hav
k B Ins notified mo that said promissory
lc BKj nato and tho Interest thereof Is still
e BB wholly due and unpaid, and having
. Bfl requested mo to sell tho premises In
i- BH Said deed described, in accordance
3( Bfl with tho provisions thereof and for
i-' HI tho purposes therein specified. Now,
) BB therefore, on Saturday tho 11th day
BB of March, A. D. 1905, at tho west front
1 Bfl door of the city and county building
i Bfl (court house), in the city and county
Bfl of Salt Lake, In tho Stato of Utah, at
Bfl ten o'clock In tho forenoon of said
Bfl day, I shall sell to tho highest and
BB best bidder for cash all tho right, title
BB and interest which tho said Peter
Bj Fransden and Tine Fransdon, his wife,
had on tho 15th day of March, 1904,
In and to the following described real
estate and water stock situato In Em-
ery county, stato of Utah, to-wit: Tho
northwest quarter of tho southwest
quarter, and the south half of tho
n southwest quarter all situato In Sec
1 Hon Ten (10), in Township Nineteen
f (19) South, in Range Eight (8) East
fl of Salt Lake Meridian, containing In
: all ono hundred and twenty (120)
'm acres; also four and two-tenths
m (4 2-10) shares of tho capital stock
S of tho Blue Cut Canal company, ovi-
denced by certificate No. 134, togeth
w er with all other water rights and ap
jJ purtcnanccs.
IM Trustee.
fjfl Eugene Lewis, attorney.
IB Dated February 13, 1905.
I N. J. SHEOKELL, Attorney,
1C2 So. Main St.
if In tho District Court of the Third
II Judicial District of tho Stato of Utah,
I County of Salt Lake.
R Fannie Dashiell, plaintiff, vs. W. C.
i Dashiell, defendant. Summons.
I The Stato of Utah, to the said De-
You are hereby summoned to ap-
I Pear within twenty days after tho sor-
! vlco of this summons upon you, If
served within tho county in which this
! action is brought, otherwiso, within
I thirty days after service, and defend
tho above entitled action; and In case
jf your failure so to do, judgment will
no rendered against you according to
I "l c mand of tho complaint, which,
within ten days after service of this
summons upon you, will bo filed with
mo clerk of said court.
n n Plaintiff's Attorney,
i O. Address 1G2 So. Main St., Salt
I Lnko City, Utah.
Commercial Block.
,.tlce !s hereby given by Eugene
owis, trustee under a certain deed
of trust, wherein Peter Fransden and
Tlno Fransden, his wife, are parties
of tho first part or grantors, tho said
Lewis is second party or grantee, and
Frederick W. Greene Is third party or
beneficiary, bearing dato of Novem
ber 23rd, A. D. 1903, duly acknowl
edged and which was recorded at
page 94 of Book "F" of Mortgages of
Emery county, Utah, registry of deeds,
whereby the first parties conveyed to
tho second party all of tho real estate
and water rights hereinafter de
scribed, to secure tho payment of two
certain promissory notes of even date
therewith In tho sum of ono thousand
dollars ($1,000) each, executed by
said Peter Fransdon, and payablo to
tho order of said Greene, with interest
coupons of samo date In tho sum of
lorty dollars ($10) each, and whereas
It was provided In said deed that In
case of default for more than twenty
days in payment of interest, tho hold
ers of said note at their election
should declare the whole of said notes,
principal and Interest, duo at onco at
there option, and whereas tho Inter
est on ono of said notes duo May 1,
1901, Is still duo and unpaid and the
Interest on each of said notes due
November 1, 1904, Is still duo and un
paid, and whereas the holders of said
notes have notified mo that they have
elected to declare said notes duo, prin
cipal and interest, and have requested
mo to sell tho promises in said deed
described In accordance with tho pro
visions therein and for tho purposes
therein specified. Now therefore on
Saturday, the 18th day of March, A. D
1905, at tho west front door of tho
City and County building (court
house), In tho City and County of Salt
Lake, in tho Stato of Utah, at ton
o'clock In the forenoon of said day, I
shall sell to tlo highest and best bid
der for cash, nil tho right, title and
Interest which tho said Peter Frans
den and Tine Fransdon, his wife, or
either of them, had on tho 23rd dny
of November, 1903, in and to tho fol
lowing described real estate and water
stock situato In Emery county, Stato
of Utah, to-wlt: Lot ono (1). In block
twenty-seven (27), Castlcdalo town
site, and also tho north half of tho
northwest quarter of Section twenty
six (2C), in Township eighteen (18),
south of Rnngo eight (8), east of Salt
Lake meridian; also soventy (70)
shares of tho capital stock of tho
Mammoth Canal company shown by
Certificates Nos. 110, 228 and 399, to
gether with all other water rights and
Dated February 23, 1905.
Ray Van Cott, Attorney.
Dcseret National Bank Building.
In tho District Court, in and foi
Salt Lake County, Stato of Utah.
Frances B. Lawrence, plaintiff,
against Cora B. Cady, defendant, to
bo sold at sheriff's salo at tho west
front door of tho county court Iioubg,
in tho city and county of Salo Lake,
stato of Utah, on tho 13th day of
March, A. D. 1905, at twelve o'clock
m., of said day, all tho right, title,
claim and Interest of said defendant
of, in, and to tho following described
property, to-wlt:
Lot 31,. Block 1, South Main Street
Addition, Plat "A," Salt Lako county,
Purchase prlco payablo In lawful
money of tho United States.
Dated at Salt Lako City, this 18th
day of February, A. D. 1905.
Sheriff of Salt Lake County, Stato or
By James Cowan, Deputy Sheriff.
Ray Van Cott, Attorney for plaintiff.
Subscribe for Truth
Ilurd & Wcdgcwood, Attorneys.
Keith Block.
In the District Court, Probnto Division,
in and for Salt Lake County, Stato
of Utah.
In tho matter of tho estate of Mar
garet Miller,- deceased. Notice.
Tho petition of Elizabeth Living
ston, administratrix of tho cstato of
Mnrgarct Miller, deceased, praying for
tho settlement of final account of said
administratrix nud for tho distribution
of tho rcslduo of said estate to tho
persons entitled, has been set for
hearing on Saturday tho 25th day of
Fchiuary, A. I). 1905, at ten o'clock
n. m., at tho county court houso In
tho court room of said court, In Salt
Lako City, Salt Lako County, Ulnh,
Witness the Clerk of paid court with
tho seal thereof affixed this 11th day
of February, A. D. 1905.
.(Seal.) J. U. KLDREnGE, JR.,
Kurd and Wedgwood, Attorneys for
Principal plnco of business, Room
88, Commercial Block, Salt Lake City,
Notice Is horoby given that at a
meeting of the directors hold on tho
31st dny of January, 1905, nn assess
ment or twcnty-flvo dollnrs
($25.00) per share was levied
on the capital stock of tho
corporation, payablo at onco to Arthur
at tho Conimerclnl National Rank, In ' i
Salt Lake Cty, Utah. Any to U upon J
which this assessment mny lemaln , lf
unpaid on the 15th dny of March, A. jfil
D. 1905, will bo delinquent and adver- fll
tlsed for sale at public unction, and II
unless payment is ninJo before, will (nBBJ
bo sold on tho llth dny of April, A. D. ifll
1905, to pay tho delinquent assess- fflll
lnent, together with tho costs of ad- lafl
vertlslng and expense of sale. till
HARRY L. FINCH, Secretary. JfH
8S Commercial Block, Salt Lako City, 'luBl
Utah. jjfBJ
Juno Mining Company. Principal : jflflfl
place of business, Suit Lako City,
Utah. Notice Is hereby given that at ' jflBfl
a meeting of tho directors held on tho livBfl
19th day of January, 1905, an assess- jlBfl
incut of onc-qunrtcr cent por shnro "fsflB
was levied on tho capital slock of the JSBfl
corporation, payable Immediately to ' wBfl
F. W. Muhlcubruch, treasurer, Room tflBfl
9, Central block, Salt Lako City, Utah. ilflH
Any stock upon which this assessment iBfll
may remain unpaid on tho 20th day iilBfll
of February, 1905, will bo delinquent flBfll
and advertised for sale at public auc- IPBfll
t ton, and unless pay men t Is made bo-
fore, will bo sold on tho 14th dny of jIIBB
March, 1905, to pay tho delinquent 'llaPfll
assessment, together with the cost of HVflBJ
advertising and expense of sale. mBBI
Secretary. ffiBfll
Office. Room 9, Central Block, Salt liBfll
Lako City, Utah. iB
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