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Truth. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1901-1908, February 25, 1905, Image 3

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I TRUTH. 3 hi
osea II qnuth Main btreot there
n I 0e?estaurant, the proprietor
most II is a CWneso ". dlf
ants. II of which . as fa ueu ,lfI, q(
ndiy II fcrenco between.
,n I tldlor has carried the following bit
V? I 'Hnfwmatlon all week: "Nice Dinner
hlch otwoTmau
'nPle- I eV the c& advertises "50c worth
B Jnilar" Under certain clrcum-
Lncos flfty cents is worth a dollar.
I imMimes more. "Shoes shlned and
I S S insTde" attracts attention to
bootblack stand and causes one to
Lnder who would have his shoes pol-
IZi inside. A Main street cafo ad-
B vertises "Sandwitches" among other
. 'lands, while a State street caterer an-
I nounces ho will sell "too eggs 15
n cents."
A few days previous to the recent
H election J. Ogden Armour, head of the
beef trust, declared himself in favor
I of tho re-election of Roosevelt. In the
v light of the recent activity displayed
'O. by Teddy in bringing that unlawful or-
I ganization to taw it is fair to presume
that J. Ogden Armour will soon chew
H the bread of repentance.
3 H Tll Tribune has filed an answer in
1m tlic Sllit of Superintendent Jones of
I tho Infirmary for libel, and parades the
El H statement that its allegations were
H true with great eclat. Nothing
H strange about that. Had it not an-
iJS H swered in that vein it would have had
n H to confess itself a liar. Tho Tribune
H ls consistent In this one respect if in
'0- I no other. It never admits that it II03
Id H not even lf tuo auverse party proves
the allegations.
Rattlo brains always make the most
ml A straight sword is better than a
It crooked cannon.
;c II Many dlvlno appointments look liko
fM disappointments.
d if The rejection of tho messenger does
y not rescind tho message.
e I Somo churches aro solid simply be-
' causo they aro frozen stiff.
II No matter how great the profits tho
balanco is always on tho wrong sldo
I If tho soul Is not enriched. Ram's
Every living organism corresponds
with its environment. When It ceases
to correspond it is a dead one.
Individuals may vary within tho
typo, but no two 'mechanics will vary
as much as a mechanic and a doctor,
for instance.
Tho fact that tho vast majority of
men receive rewards proportioned to
heir efforts and abilities, and that tho
vast majority of women do not, is the
fundamental cause of tho intellectual,
moral and temperamental differences
hi tho coxes.
Tho most salient feature In tho en
vironment of every one of us is the
aj wo get our living.
tralnh?fUy'u hmo influenco, early
I-'!11 put tosether havo not so
wav U 1 Wlth maklns us aa the
wa? we get our living.
Borrowed troublo perpetuates Itself.
Married women don't bellovo In
Don't depend on luck to push you
up hill.
Disappointed genius may bo known
by Its haircut.
Many a fat pocketbook Is filled with
unreceipted bills.
There's one thing I liko about eggs.
They never get too fresh.
It is no disgrace to bo poor; neith
er is it a crime to bo rich.
Success, when it comes, comes sud
denly, like a one-card draw.
Pride goeth before a fall, and after
that there isn't much left of it.
Never tell a girl sho's a bird: Sho
might want you to fly with her.
The man who marries for money
deserves all that's coming to him.
Fools and children tell tho truth,
but tho tombstone is In a class all by
Hero worship ls tho admiration wo
feel for people until we get to know
them better.
It is often a good plan to look be
fore you leap, and then ttay right
whero you are.
The old maid always wonders why
married women can't manage their
husbands better.
Perhaps truth is stranger than fic
tion because wo are not so well ac
quainted with it.
A woman is seldom as pretty as
sho thinks sho is, nor as homely as
other women think her.
We aro told that it takes two to
mako a quarrel; also that a man and
his wife aro one. It ls hard to recon
cile these statements. Now York
Mistletoe Is only ono of tho fifty
two varieties of excuses for kissing.
Do you ever stop to think that you.
often say "They say" as if it really
meant "I know?"
Tho difference between amateur and
professional actors Is that tho ama
teurs do not got so many chances to
toll of their histrionic successes.
Young man, folks will tell you that
you amount to something until you be
lieve It, and then they will say you
amount to nothing for that reason.
If ono docs not do something,- .i
funeral results. Sometimes tho doctor
gives temporary relief, but tho gorms
linger in tho system and then tho phy
sician gets another chanco to call. Tho
host way to get rid of tho disenso Is to
treat it scientifically. Visit tho Rus
sian Healing Institute, 319-321 Con
stltutlon Block, and havo a frco con
sultation. They cure la grippe
The Castle In Spain.
In tho midst of tho gloaming,
Whllo soft dripped tho rnln,
Ills thoughts full to building
Thnt castlo In Spain:
And bright shone tho vision
With mystical Blow
When sounded n whisper:
"Wake! Enter and knowl"
Ah. tho court nnd tho turrota
IIo looked on with Joy
Wero only tho farmhouso
IIo loved when a boy;
And tho Princess who dwelt there
Kor nyo ns his brldo
Was sho who n decado
Had leaned at his sldo!
And tho wlno Hint" ho ordorcd
Ills cup-server bring
Was a. drnft from tho faithful
Old pasture-lot spring;
And tho wealth of tho Indus
That decked his nhodo
Was two darling faces
A trundlo-bed showed!
Whllo tho music that quivered
And thrilled through tho keep
Was n mothrr-volco singing
Thcso chlldt en to sleep.
Thus there In tho gloaming,
Ah soft dilpped tho rain,
IIo found ho had entered
Ills castlo In Spain.
Youth's Companion.
A meeting of tho stockholders of tho
Torbnnchill Mining Co. for tho election
of directors and for tho transaction of
such other business as may properly
come beforo the meeting, will bo hold
' at tho ofllco of the company, Dcsorot
National Bank building (ofllco of
Young & Moylo), on Tuesday, March
11 ,1905. DAVID SMBLLIE,
Kept Busy.
The woman who seeks to Improve
herself has littlo tlmo to boo imper
fections in otltcrs. Sho has business
of her own.
1 Q4 WorK, L xif iS I
C Omod "rtc. IS. 3 HI
j Oto4 Trltn. V I l
THB I 111
I iOOK 4NOM . . . B
i SM Uka CKjr, Vuk, 91
loho tumrAKom rLwOMi HI
) -mfkmtU ? J9I
Advertise in Truth. pi
Broke Leg In Catching Fly. '
Tlioro havo been many cases whoro iff I
ball players In throwing tho sphoro 'Hal
about havo fractured tholr arms at III
tho elbows or tho shoulder, but tho 'IK I
records show only ono lnstnnco whoro ill
a player ovor broko both logs In nt- '91
tempting to catch a fly ball. Umplro '!Hr
King, ono of tho Amorlcan lenguo's Hi I
Judges of play, several years ago, ii'l
whllo taking part In n gamo, ran nftori Hfl
a foul fly. IIo misjudged it and in if I
suddonly turning around to mako thd ifl
catch ho fractured both kneo caps. flH
'As a result of this queer accident ho Hf
was confined to his bod for soven ill
months and novor playod ball again. i
Not Equal to His Task. UjU
Cnpt. Stovons, an Irish gontloman, nH
was wont to rownrd his car drlvor y
with a glass of whisky and gavo it 111
to him in an antlquo glasq, which III
did not contain ns much ns cabby 'Ml
wished for. "Tlint's a vory quaro, S
glass, captain," said ho. "Yes," ro- !
piled Capt. Stovcns, "that's blown iSI
glass." "Why, captain," says tho Ml
carman, "tho man must hnvo boon ill
Bhort in tho breath that blow that." fi
Grapes as Diet. ifl
Many well-known physicians insist Ii'l
that to cat and ropcat tho porform- Hsl
anco thrco or four times a day will l(;kl
work wonders with thin, nervous stl
annemic pcoplo who aro prono to h
worry and whoso digestion ls out of flisil
order. All wo know Is that tho grapo Iril
has wonderful gastric virtues and Is Mssil
perhaps tho most dlgestlblo fruit In, wsl
existence ill
If wo do not got our living at all, M
but Inherit It or havo an Incomo given Sllkl
us by somo ono elso, that makes a 9'tSll
very distinct typo of man. Each em- Iftll
nloymont Btamps nnotbor' typo. JtlSSlI

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