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f TR.XJ TH. 5 M
19 "TTTldes tho particular director
t6r II reCHnC It accounts in a great measure
II making";'1" u gtock rccently
e II fr,tfor ho "fredktions made in high
ltj- II and for I Un,on Paclflc common
fl "nnld sell at 150 before very long
M " ha been generally expected in
rt- m ,, ,nt that tho present year
ar 1 uldseo an advance in "the dividend
n1 hn heretofore, expectation has no
ne B b anything above a 5 per cent
1,1 I '"I!,' such a development would
,n' I nrnbably he discounted by the preson.
" I Sdco of the stock. Tho promise of p
n S ner cent rate, however, comes from
as SiBh auarters, and is amply justified
l I Ef the earnings of tho system, par-
h ficu arly in view of tho fact that the
!T Kern Pacific may be put on a alv
M S basis within the present year
0 I Siting in considerable "other in
L S' for Union Pacific through its
3 I ownership of $90,000,000 Southern Pa
IV rifle stock.
The extreme weather of tne pas
few weeks has, of course. Interfered
considerably with Union Pacific's
H operations, so that returns for Jann-
'" H arv will not bo nearly as favorable as
A H thev would have been under normal
, conditions, but it is stated in official
auarters that tho reports of the loss
of livestock have been seriously ex
? H aKKerated, at least so far as concerns
in H Union Paclflc territory. Reports havt
been received from Wyoming, Ne
braska, Colorado and from over the
H system generally, and these indicate
!r H that tho loss of livestock has not been
'' H heavy.'
S BBBa ft
h BJ Truth is tired of thfs Insane babble
1 about tho "Arizona Strip." The Trib
" B uno contends that it is a harbor roi
" B criminals; that it is Inaccessible to
B Arizona officers and all that sort of
B thlnB- Sucn statements are not facts.
B Whllo this paper has no objections to
ft having tho strip attached to Utah,
j there is' no need of lying to get it.
The strip is not, never has been and
never will be a harbor for criminals,
1 for tho reason that a 'greater part oi
II it Is included in tho Coconino Forest
Em Reserve, which is constantly patrolled
Jut by a dozen officers, under tho direction
H of Chief Ranger Brown of Kanab
J Drown has kept not only bad men,
I but cattle men, sheep men and In-
dians off tho reserve for six or seven
I years. Grass grows two feet high,
I deer are plenty and fat, and othci
game Is abundant. Most of tho strip
is under tho direction of the govern
H ment. Tho balance Isn't worth quar-
rellng over. As for communication
I with Arizona, there are three trails
I already constructed that make com-
I munlcatlon easy 'and there Is no doubt
I that with an expenditure of $15,000, or
j $20,000 a good road can bo made
across south of Kanab, including, tho
erection of a bridge, tho river at that
point being narrow and tho sito a nat
ural one.
There never has been tho lawless
ness ascribed, and tho people of tho
strip are as law abiding and peace
able as thoso on this sido tho lino.
I-et that bo said to their credit. The
schools in Frodonla, Arizona, aro bet
I ter than in Kanab; the teachers aro
better paid and the pupils make bet
ter progress, because Arizona territory
has a school law superior to Utah's
statute on that subject. Let tho the
pr.st3 who pretend to know all about
this matter stand hitched. Tho writer
knows, for ho has been there and does
not get his information second hand
or manufacture it for tho bonoflt of
tho senior senator' who wants to
build a monument to himself," before
leaving the senate.
Uncle Jasper's Philosophy.
"Dey say dat big ears am do sign
ob generosity," remarked Undo Jas
per, "but no ono cber heard ob do
mule gibing you anyt'lng but his
Edible Menu Cards.
Tho latest thing In hotel bills of
faro is stated to bo an edible menu
card. It is generally made of biscuit
which the guest eats with his checso.
Quickest Growing Plant.
Tho quickest-growing plant in tho
tvorld Is tho kudzu, a species of bean,
.t Is said to have been known to grow
10 feet in three months.
Sour Milk Beneficial,
A Bulgarian physician says that tho
putrefactivo organisms In sour milk
aro not only not harmful, but a "vory
?reat benefit to health."
Good Many of Them Wasted.
Some ono has been figuring out tho
number of words a man utters in a
vear and finds the average to bo 11,-S0O.00O.
Black Canvas for Walls.
Tho very latest thing in furnishing
Is to have the walls of rooms cov
ered with a coarse, dead-black canvas.
Hats of Spider Webs.
Next summer spider-web hats wl!
'jo on sale. Made in Switzerland, an
sailor-shaped, they aro so manufac
hired that they cannot bo injured b:
rain. In fact, when they got wet tin
straw swells, and tho hat Is oven bet
ter than before.
Of your friends or relatives in tho cast
who aro contemplating movement to
tho west during tho coming spring
or summer.
There will be In effect during the
spring months, from all eastern
points to every section of tho west
greatly reduced rates (both one way
and lound trip), and it will be to thel
interest that you give mo tho names
of parties who may be Induced bj
these rates to como wo3t. No matter
whoro they may ho located, wo will
havo our representatives call upon or
write to them and advise them of thr
cheapest and best way to make tho
Call upon or address,
General Agent, Chicago & Northwest
ern Railway, P. O. Box 750, Salt
Lake, Utah.
. n
WANTED Trustworthy man or wo
man to manage business in this county
and adjoining territory for well estab
lishod house of solid financial stand
ing. $20.00 straight cash salary with
all necessary expenses paid weekly by
check from headquarters. Money ad
vanced for expenses. Position porma
nent; provious oxperienco not essen
tial. No Investment required. We
furnish everything. Encloso self-addressed
envelope. Address, Manager,
810 Como block, Chicago, 111.
WANTED Capable men and women
for census work and to act as repre
sentatives in this and adjoining terri
tory for mngazino and music business
of old established house. Our cata
logue's list over 3,000 magazines and
5,000 selections of music at CUT
PRICES. Salary $18.00 per week. Ex
perience unnecessary, but good refer
ences required. Address, Spraguo
Wholesale Co., 270 Wabash avenue,
Chicago, III.
4oa H.O.JENSEN jtsm,
fr moved jgf
IggJ 62 MAIN ST. ;?gff
Advertise in TRUTH.
When Going; East
Try the Illinois Central R. R.
and St. Paul
U .excelled hcrvlun to those points,
us well ns
and all no'nts Soulli. lletwccn Omaliii and
CUioiiKO the line runs llironuli Hie licstillstrlutH
In Imwi and Illinois pusslnu through Fort
I)odne, Waterloo und Uubulnio, Iown, und
Hoekford and Krceport, Illinois.
For ( II Information and literature
call on or write,
Commciclal Agent,
27 West 2nd. ho., SAIT LAKK, CITY. UTAH
Advertise 'In Truth.
v e. Mooonmox. 4. j. daly, 11
phisioint VMa-pasar. dafaal
. H. LYNOH. MANAaaa A M. fll
Dtad savings 4 Trust d. II
CAPITAL PAID UP $110,000 fll
Interett paid on depodu. Loan on p- , HI
Krorad aeourlty. Asia aa axaoator, admla- ' flkaal
itrator. cuardl&n, Miljnee, rorrar, eta, I 9tfH
Tula Qiaranuta DoprUneni Inaara 'MZH
TlUti and maksa Abatneta, fflfH
I Ml Hi
1 (
I The Only Double-Track Rnllway between H
(lie Missouri River and Chicago. (HI
Overland 11
Limited II
The Most Luxurious Train In (he World !
Compartment and drawing-room JSI
sleeping cars, observation cars, din-
Ing cars, bufrct-smoklng and library anil
cars, with barber, bath and Book- 'II
lovers Library; entire train electric jwlH
lighted, through to Chicago without I IPH
change. Direct connection for I lillYf
I St. Paul and Minneapolis I II
I Tlclcl5, reservations, nn4 full In- MMSWai
formation can be obl.ilncj from iraBal
C. A. Walker, General Agent, llffilHB
I Chicago & North-Western Ry.I mm
9 38 West Second South St., Atlaa Illdff., I iil
Inwko Salt Lake City, Utah. I nH
To Save m
on the cost of a trip to and from the East, f B
suppose you go now, and return on a Colo- i M
nist ticket prior to May 15. Only $80 from f fl
Chicago to Salt Lake City or Ogden; $26 wfl
from St. Louis; $20 from Kansas City or fl
Omaha. This rate means a saving of about Hal
25 per cent on the one-way fare. The ser- III
vice well, you simple can't beat it! jllfl
To learn nil nbout our Thro' Standard lilfll
Bleepere, or any other dotal), send Haa!
mo your namo and nddross HIbbI
R. F. NESLEN, General Agent fl
79 West Second South St., II
Salt Lake City II

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