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6 TRUTH- , I
i When, for humanity at large, the no-
dulo of unknown Japan was knocked
open by the diplomatic hammers of
Commodore Perry and Townsend Har
ris, the sparklo of the crystals within
surprised the world. Hero wore things
of form, color, beauty, that had taken
ages to grow. Such results could have
been evolved only through centuries of
steady operation.
When again, In 1894, the mighty
bubble of great China's military repu
tation was pricked by the Mikado's
bayonets, the world again wondered
at the academic nicety of organization.
Now, in 1905, when colossal Russia's
x craft and power by land and sea Ho
humbled before the whilom puny Ja
pan, tho world's breath is taken away.
How was It done? asks the critic who
thought ho know. Yet wo who worked
J , night and day, and shoulder to shoul
der with tho Japanese thlrty-flvo years
ago "to re-lay tho foundations of tho
empire" are not and cannot bo surprised.
Three great elements of powor make
up tho Island nation's Impact In war.
and tho same havo made and will
' make her great in peace. Alas, that
tho world noted these less than the
i slaughter and tho sinking! Each of
,', these potencies Is embodied In n class
t Tho educated brain, tho trained hand,
j. tho hardy and willing reserve of raw
i force rightly disciplined, are In tho
samurai, tho craftsman, tho peasant
respectively; or, in tho nobles and gen
"1 try, tho skilled workers, and tho Indus-
i? trlous sons of tho soil. ,
(1 Yet to all things there Is a begin-
;j nlng. There was a tlmo when there
if; was no Japaneso nation, but only un-
;i related tribes of various origin, not
oven so much as agglomerated in one
J) state of commonwealth. Tho neat
. house of today was then but an Ainu
r) or aboriginal hut. Not until tho sixth
century did a unifying political system
,-, exist or were letters or writing known
and not till thon did tho Buddhist re
f llglon nurso of Japaneso art and
! mother of Japanosq civilization oxerl
Its beneficent powor. From tho sixth
, to the eleventh century tho armies of
" tho supremo Yamato trlbo, with Its
chief, tho Mikado, woro busy In subdu
lng all tribes to obedience. Tho mis
sionaries of Buddhism brought all
minds In subjection to tho gontlo spirit
of lord Buddha (of Aryan birth), and
thon, and not till then, was there a
Japaneso nation mixture of many peo
ples moulded and unified after one
model. Tho Japaneso and tho English,
' ' both Island peoples, and now in alll
I anco, woro bom about tho same time
and aro of tho samo age young, full
of energy, lifo and hope.
Yet from tho first, proofs of an over
mastering lovo of beauty and dainty
craftsmanship abound. Beforo there
was history there was art. Dig up tho
pottery of Yamato (central Japan) and
put its originals bosldo those of tho
Asian continent and ono quickly notes
tho difference. Tho spoil of beauty is
over even tho Island shard. Oldest of
all, tho legends and centuries before
text or writing, Is tho variegated story,
as rich In toxturo as gold brocade, of
the Sun Goddess and her maidens
weaving dainty fabrics; of her loom de
filed by that scamp Susanoo, her
younger brother; of hor pouting and
hiding In tho cave; of the earth's
gloom; of hor enticement forth and Il
lumination of all tho universe again.
But how? By tho Incitement of hor
curiosity, through tho music of instru
ments with song and dancing as well
as through mirrors and necklaces, jew
els and pretty things. In a word, wo
havo told us, in poetic myth, tho origin
of tho arts.
Tno Heaven Shiner or Sun Goddess
retiring in tho cavo meant a world not
only in eclipse but in anarchy and Bar
barism. How get her, tho creatrix,
forth and havo light, joy, civilization?
Tho answer Is given In tho union of tho
flno and tho useful arts, poetry of
sound and motion, with noblest proso
of craft and skill. Iteliglon Is first.
In a flro of cherry bark, a stag's horn
is placed. Tho solution of the mystery
and tho programmo of action Is read In
tho cracks. Tho fowls of night and of
day tho crowing cock and tho black
birds, for watch and notice of tlmo, aro
duly sot. Thon bellows and furnace,
with tho melting of metals and tho
meeting of anvil and hammer, follow.
Tho mirror, made and polished, Is
aung where first tho beauty in tho cavo
will seo her own lovely reflection.
Thon, slstrum and drum, fluto and
harp awako to accompany the dancing.
Flno clothes aro not forgotten. Tho
now loom excels tho old. Tho God of
Strong Hands stands ready to grip tho
jato stono at tho cavo's mouth, in front
)f which stands Uzume, the laughing
ind dancing girl, whoso mask now
langs over In tho Japanese home, even
is this dramatizod myth, "tho comedy
yhlch makes tho gods laugh" Is played
y strollers in ovcry village.
Uzumo makes hand music with sis
rum, while tho orchestra of gods and
ipectators watches tho ruddy and rosy
nnld of quivering bosom, who soon
oosens her dress, as she dances In the
ballet, only to mako tho 8,000,000
'goda" burst into uproarious laughter.
Consumed with curiosity, tho Heaven
Shlnor poops forth to see. What Is that
lovely form in tho burnished mirror?
Why do tho gods laugh, instead of be
ing silent In gloom? She peeps fur
ther, but cautiously. Then tho strong
handed Hercules of Nippon pulls away
tho stono. Presto! tho universe Is
"white-faced" once more. Art and skill
havo made tho world light again. Yes
terday, necessity was tho mother of
Invention. Today, art and beauty aro
In Japan to stay for ages!
Craft rises into genuine art when
compassion confronts traditional cus
tom. Of old, when tho chief lord of
tho clan died, retainer and servant
must givo up their lives in order to
keep company with him. Such was
archaic custom not alono In Nippon but
also in many civilizations, notably that
of tho Romans and of our Scandinavian
fathers. In Japan, tho living wero bur
led to their necks in tho earth around
tho master's tomb. Besides hunger
and cold, tho wild beast and bird made
tragedy after starvation. Against this
horror, Noml no Tsukune, potter and
artist, at command of tho Mikado,
made reform. In place of flesh and
blood, ho moulded clay in images of
human form. Tnus, instead of the
groans of tho dying, was the silent ter
ra cotta. "Art had Its birth in morcy."
Yet not till the 17th century was tho
custom of jun-shl (dying with the mas
ter) wholly abolished. William Elliott
Griflls in tho Craftsman.
D. A. Callahan has bought out tho
book store of A. R. Dergo & Co., and
will manage the same, leaving the
other place to his brother "Ted" to
look after. No chango in clerks will
be made at the Main streee place. Wo
have always understood that Callahan
was opposed to trusts, but this latest
movement Indicates that he has an oyo
to consolidation.
How to Get Rid of Mice.
Pieces of sponge packed into a
mouse holo will Induce tho rodents to
permanently vacate a house. By cov
ering the bottom of a bureau or chif
fonier with a sheet of tin or zinc pro
tection from mice Is secured. The
Sensational Journalism.
"Ma foi!" said the traveler, who
was reading a New York paper. "An
officeholder has his head cut oft and
still ho threaten revenge at ze polls!
If zo Americalns vill believe zat, zey
will believe anyt'ing!"
The Profitable Lessons.
It generally happens in tho stories
that tho good fairy first appears a?
as a repulsive old hag. The lessons
that are likely to be most valuable to
us arc seldom enjoyable when wo aro
learning them.
"LJ n
Spring Weddings.
Now and correct-forms Wedding
Invitations, Announcements, at Homo,
23 East First South.
Huddart Floral Co.
Mns. Huddabt, Mer.
Largo assortment of palms,
ferns, and flowering plants
Has. 114-116 E. Second South SI.
Klelit Opposite tho Grand Theatre
Be Sure and Call Phones 106
Wholesale and Retail
J Dealers in
5 Hay, Grain, Flour, Feed 2
and COAL
125 B. Second South Street.
J Phones 1995.
S Carload Lots a Specialty
Orders Prompt; Delivered
List Your Property With
Real Estate, Insurance
and Loans.
153 Soutb Main Street.
MH smilltsttl imelock ""
In the world, $1.50.
ffl Accural!, loud, long
U iw.-rwCW7- 1 Through the medium of a life insurance policy the sheltering arm
B rvl r" 's stM streched over the loved ones, when their protector is gone.
3wr N"9' I Insurance Co., Montpelier, Vt. I
MAl GEORGE D. ALDER, Gen'l Manager. 1
H1H1H1 HMailliMflB

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