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Truth. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1901-1908, June 17, 1905, Image 12

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t 1 1 hi
Tho fishing season opened Thurs
day, and all over Utah skillful Nlm
rods are whipping tho streams with
files, or cautiously permitting bait
hooks, laden with little bullheads, to
s float down In the riffles and on Into tho
pool. Up to the flour of going to press
t wo have no Information as to tho
catches, save from Jack Robins and
nr Dick Rogers, who aro up on Lost
I ) Creek. A telephono message from
Croyden Informs us that they aro liav-
.f lng excellent luck or, no, that Isn't
tho word;' that tho skill of these
'jj mighty men Is producing wonderful
'" results. All trout weighing less than
ft Jt a pound aro carefully replaced In tho
"'jl water and only tho big ones retained.
;' I Dick had 232 fish at six o'clock Thurs-
day evening, while Robins and his
I'i1 partner wore close seconds with 231
all and 230 each. That's going some. Wo
jj r have no reason to doubt tho sincerity
of this statement, becauso Dick never
J ! lies, and Robins and his partner
r i couldn't, If they tried.
'h Dr. George, W. S. and W. h. Eller-
jt heck went over to East Canyon and
, ! from a man who just drove In wo get
'f tho Information that the natives weio
! y up In arms becauso of tho wonderful
I 1 ' success displayed by this trio. Tho in-
, Ji habitants declare that if tho Eller-
iH becks are not driven out of tho coun-
ji) try theio will not be a fish left in the
1;if creek. Jack Humo and some others
;h also went to East Canyon, but they
if were not In it with tho Ellcrbecks.
H Harry Shlpler, tho photographer,
J strayed over to Willow Creek, and
I thereby hangs a tale. Not tho tall of
1 1 a fish, but tho tails of several fish,
f Shlpler took a camera with him and a
1 !i bundle of suspicious looking articles
that looked like papier macho trout.
H So, any results recorded by Shlpler
J on this trip can bo looked upon with
So suspicion.
Ijl Next week's papers will fairly
J bristle with fish stories, so look out.
B4& -
Ijl V. P. O'Meara, better known to his
111 friends as "Billy," Is no longer a bach-
I if oloiT ho is a benedict. Ho married
$ l-i Miss Katherln T. McCormlck of Los
If : Angeles last Wednesday , tho cere
' mony being performed at the Catholic
'! ' cathedral in that city, witn
,i great pomp and circumstance,
i' amid tho presence of many ad
,1 miring friends of both tho contracting
II parties. Tho brldo Is a very pretty
ii young woman; is highly accomplished
and has a host of frlonds. Of courso It
i' la unnecessary eo say anything about
' " " 'Billy," for wo all know him. Truth
- . joins with his many friends In wishing
' him and his wife happiness. It also
J, congratulates tho groom upon getting
i- married. Ho has been idling upon the
n 1 faco of tho earth too long and it is a
"ji pity ho did not moot Miss McCormlck
,, sooner. But better late than never,
' ' and all's well that ends well, so hero'b
I to Mr. and Mrs. O'Meara; may they
J live long and prosper.
ii.; ..
Jj', ! Midi a'Nest of Criminals.
Ji ( ' You will not find Midi marked on
! tho charts. It is, indeed, practically
unknown to civilization, and yet it is
1 1 on tho shores of that highway of
J' civilization, tho Red sea. It is tho
-' I homo of pirates and slavers, a regular
i nest of criminals. Tho placo Is in-
J habited almost entirely by men; for
tho sheik, who hold absolute rule
there, only permits a very few of his
t best warriors to marry. Midi pays
J,1 no tribute to tho Turkish govern-
fi ' ment, and, as It lies at tho far end
j of a long, narrow, muddy harbor, in-
J accessible to war vessels, Is seems
In probable that It may pursue Us law-
H less career uncheckod for many years
to como. , .,
They Reap Not, Neither Do They Spin,
but Are Always Busy.
How Is it that birds and beasts
manage to pass through life without
succumbing to ennui, or at least with
out being bored nearly to death? aska
tho Indian Times. Animals, as a
ru'o, do not loaf; It is not thus that
they solve tho problem. Loafing is an
art which but few living creatures un
derstand. Lizards, crocodiles and
chaprassies aro tho greatest authori
ties on tho subject. Animals have ac
quired tho knack of making mud
ado about nothing; they hare learned
to bo very busy without doing any
thing. This accomplishment obvious
y differs from that of loafing. It Is
ono which animals havo brought tc
perfection, and of which many human
aelngs chiefly women aro very able
exponents. There Is overhead a wasj
busy exploring tho holes In the trunV
of a tree. Why he does this he prob
ably does not know; ho has no timo tc
stop nnd think. Ho is quite content
to explore away as though his life de
ponded upon it. Fivo times within tlu
last six minutes ho has minutely In
spected every portion of tho samt
hole. All this labor is useless, In s
sense. Without it, however, tho wasp
would In all probability dio of ennui
Tho wasp is not an Isolated case
Most animals aro experts at frittering
away timo; they spend much of theli
lives In activity doing nothing. Watch
a canary In a cage. Ho hops back
ward and forward between two
porches as though ho was paid by the
distance for doing so. Look at a but
terfly. Ho leads an aimless existence.
Nevertheless ho Is always busy. A
boo probably visits twenty times as
many flowers in a day as a butterfly;
for all that tho butterfly Is always on
tho move.
Announcement of Undertaker Rather
Out of Place.
My father was a member for sever
al years of tho Now Hampshire and
Vermont Methodist Episcopal confer
ences, says a writer In tho Boston
Horald. In common with all country
pastors, ho had somo laughable ex
periences, and ho never failed to seo
tho point In each one.
At ono time ho was called to attend
the f uncial of a man who had been
well known and highly respected by
his townspeople. 'Twas a delightful
summer day, and tho attendance of
friends was largo and crowded tho
small farmhouse, so It was decided to
placo tho casket In tho front yard.
Tho undertuker was a man of good
Intentions, but not gifted In speech,
and when tho time camo for tho
friends to view tho remains ho electri
fied tho officiating clergyman and
somo others by extending tho Invita
tion in this manner:
"Tho house being small, our dead
friend will bo exhibited outdoors."
The Eagle Pigeon and Squab Raising
Tho Eagle Pigeons aro tho best
squab breeders on earth. Will cam
(10) ten per cent per month to the
people who raise them. Wo - ono
of tho largest Pigeon Breedeis foi
squnb-ralsing purposes in tho world.
For prices of Birds per pair, address
H. D. BOOGE, Mgr.,
Lock Box 243. 1211 West Sixth St.
Topeka, Ka. p
They are all installed.
They are all in the Book
Count your Directory when you have a half hour to s re
and make sure you are getting- all the solicitors promised' ou
Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Company
Tickets on Sale
MAY 27th, 29th, JUNE 3rd, 5th, 10th, 12th,
Chicago, Milwaukee (Sh St. Paul 1
Reduced Rates to Other Eastern Points,
Ticket, Office: Claude S. Williams,
106 W. 2nd South St. Com'I Agent, Salt Lake, Utah
! !
X " 'ass. " Utah Light & Rallriy to. $
1 . , ....iirtaiMrtBMlM

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