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VOL 4; No. 41 SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, JUNE 24, 1905. Prick S Cents K
Gash Galore to Spend
Those two eminent representatives
of the purity and sanctity of tho
American homo, Furious J. Cannon of
Utah and Fred T. Dubois of Idaho,
have succeeded in working tho Inter
denominational Council of Women of
the east for the munificent sum of
$100,000 for political purposes in tho
states of Utah and Idaho.
A part of this monoy Is to be used
In tho city campaign nero this fall, and
tho balance, if balance there be, will be
devoted to the purpose of electing Du
bois governor of Idaho, after his term
as senator has oxpired.
Dubois realizes that it will be only
by the lavish expenditure of monoy,
mostly, however, on himself, that he
can hopo for any success in his own
slate, and Cannon knows that this city
cannot bo carried for tho "American"
party except by the use of coin, so tho
precious pair, In tho name of purity;
in the name of cleanliness; in the
name of righteousness and straight liv
ing, have "worked" tho councils of mis
informed women of tho oast for this
bimdlo of cash.
Dubois is going to attempt tho for
mation of a now parly, a Gentile party
Jin Idaho, which will have for its object
the election of Dubois as governor and
tho subsequent disfranchisement of all
Mormon voters of that commonwealth.
Reviewing tho situation, one cannot
but wonder at tho doings of the futuro
when this sum of money Is placed In
tho hands of this precious pair of re
formers. Tho records of tho past have
shown that when either of them have
been possessed of cash in any consid
erable quantity that adjournments to
hospitals and sanitariums for repairs
have resulted, and that when tho final
checking up has come tho expense ac
counts have shown that not all of tho
monoy has been expended for purposes
regarded by right-thinking peoplo as
strictly legitimate.
Tho Inter-denominational Council of
Women must bo composed of a lot of
easy marks, for tho notoriously unsav
ory records of both Dubois and Furious
J. aro so well known to the peoplo of
the states in which they live that It
would bo a long time ere the peoplo of
either state would trust them with tho
custody of $100,000 or any part of that
sum for expenditure in political mat
ters. Nor do peoplo think that these
misguided women of the east would be
so liberal with their casli if they know
them as well as do tho peoplo of their
own states. We do not suppose that
tho good women of tho association
know that there aro times wlion Fred
Dubois resorts to tho company of peo
ple that aro not admitted to the select
circles of society, but tho peoplo of
Idaho do. Tho citizens of that stale are
aware or at least many of them aro
of the places Fred Dubois has been
found in during strenuous times
of the political activity that has
marked tho history of that state. Tho
citizens of Utah know of the conduct
of this gallant homo defender, Cannon
hero In this state; of his many esca
pades with women of easy virtue, of
his gallivanting with females whoso
reputations aro not considered by do
cent peoplo as being clean; whoso
duty It is every month to put up a
fine in police court.
Yet, with all tho record of thu unsav
ory past behind them, these two aro to
bo intrusted with a fortuno to con
tinue themselves and their especial fa
vorites In tho luxury of having other
people's monoy lo spend for political
purposes. It is easy to imaglno what
will happen to tho coin paid Furious
I. for work hero, becauso ho will blow
it right and left in his own peculiar
way. Thoro will bo high jinks on tho
rialto and jamborees on tho boulevard
leading from Second to Third South,
cast of Main.
It is but justice to Dubois lo say that
ho will doubtless use somo of tho
money to secure -an election as gov
ernor, but It Is also safe to hot that
after tho votes havo been cast and it is
ascertained that ho is defeated, tho
morning after election will not find
him broke.
Frank Cannon In Utah and Fred Du
bois in Idaho aro synonyms for all that
is immoral, for all that is degrading,
for all that debases and dishonors
wives, mothers and sisters. Yet theso
aro tho Instruments which tho good
women of tho Inter-denominational
Council of Women havo chosen as
their champions.
(Being tho personal opinions of tho
writer, and for which no ono else Is In
any manner responsible)
A reverend gentleman In tho east,
with that optimism that oft times char
acterizes his class, his discovered that
tho beef trust has done a good thing
for tho world. Ho argues thnt eating
meat produces a thirst for alcohol;
that when meat is high In prlco peoplo
dlno on vegetables; tho beef trust has
advanced tho price of meat, nnd peoplo
ire eating more vegetables, ergo: the
beef trust has struck a poworful blow
for temperance. If that is not going a
long ways into logic for tho purpose
of demonstrating something, then the
writer knows nothing about excavat
ing. Speaking of reverends, Mrs Eddy,
head of tho Christian Science cult, has
been saying something of lato. Sbo
was Interviewed by a woman reporter
from tho noslon Herald, and this ex
pression of her opinions she declares
will be her last public uttcranco upon
tho subject of Christian Scionco. For
tho most part her replies to queries
were but repetitions of former asser
tions, but in ono place she answorcd so
peculiarly that tho writer cannot re
frain from quoting. Asked If sho de
nied the cxistenco of disease germs,
ho replied in tho affirmative. Now to
deny the oxistonco of tho germs Is just
as sensible ns to deny tho cxistenco of
tho bed bug, tho mosquito, tho flea,
tho sheep tick or nny of tho parasltos
thnt prey upon the outsldo of tho body.
All nro capablo of ocular demonstra
tion. Ono can soo thoso mentioned
with tho naked eye, whllo to detect
tho individuals in tho bacilli of certain
dlsoaso tho microscopo has to bo used.
Not so with massos however. Tho
writer has scon clusters of microbes,
or dlsoaso germs, in culture tubes, with
tho naked oyo. Ho has scon Isolated
Individuals nndor tho glass. Each
germ has his peculiar shape and form
and tho several disease havo their es
pecial sorts.
Two very nblo physicians gave up
their lives in order that tho yellow
fever germs might bo handled. It was
discovered that tho mosquito was tho
method of transmitting this plague;
that whorovor mosqultos wero allowed
inside places where yellow fovor ex
isted, upon their escapo they distribut
ed tho infection. Tho first physician
permitted a mosquito to blto him, ob
serving all tho phenomena connected
with tho lmmediato transaction and
what followed. Ho mado copioim notes
of all matters pertaining to It nnd oven
on tho pathology of tho fe-or as It pro-
grossed In his case for ho contracted ffl
It, and when death finally claimed him Jul
ho had a complete record. As a result IB
it was determined to placo all cases of mm
yellow fovor whero tho mosqultos could Hi
not get at lliem, nnd this being done ml
fevor disappeared from tho island of PJ
Cuba. Tho life of tho insect boing H
brief, its power to dlstrlbuto tho fovor B'
In its generation disappeared when It mi
was provented from getting in com- K
munlcatlon with tho fovor. , jw
Tuberculosis Is tho result of destrue- Qttj
Hon of tho colls of tho lungs nnd in- 8$
tcslincs by n parusllo tho destroys it. Kg
To deny tho oxistonco of this microbe Kt
Is equally ns scnslblo ns to deny thnt !Rt
tho hay in tho manger Is eaten by the Hj
horso. Wo soo tho horso ent tho hay ffl I
nnd wo know ho Is masticating It, bwuI- ,
lowing it nnd will digest it. Wo ox- m ,
amino tho lung tlssuo and wo find it IS ,
hns been cntcn, nnd wo detect tho pros-
enco of myrinds of tubercles that havo . m '.
eaton it. What folly then to doclnro W
that thoro is no such a thing ns dls- M
oaso gorms. Tho lato Wllllnm T. Dal- M
by, M. D., onco invited tho writer to
visit n patient suffering with diph- i$
thorla, and when wo nrrivod at tho Mj
houso tho physician declnro that In a jfi-
fow hours tho child must dio, unloss S
tho administration of anti-toxin, which S
was then a now thing, saved it. Ho j
pointed out tho iiifnlllblo signs of np- JH
proachlng dissolution and procoded to jKJ(
dcmouslrato tho condition that would Jm
result in death in a cortain tlmo. nnd S
was no doubt correct, for his experi- IS
onco wns a long nnd a valuablo ono. Ho 1
then administered tho anti-toxin. For 'JH
flvo hours wo remained with tho child
nnd at the end of that period Dalby J
announced n chnngo for tho bettor, so JM
pronounced in Us nnturo, that with pro- Vj
per trcament tho patient would ro- E-
cover. It did recover and is alivo yot, mS
whllo good old Dalby's romains aro ' M
kopt sacred in a little urn, ho having M
boon cremated after death. JH
That child wns nfflicted with u dls- 'II
enso caused by a germ, or ono that do- Irj
volops n germ. Tho nctlvlty of thoso S
mlnuto organizations: Is what causes Ml
death. Tho administration of tho rem- M
cdy alluded to checked tho activity 9
nnd subsequent administrations caused Wf
tho dissolution of tho bacilli and saved Mu
tho child. All tho Christian Sclonco Mil
In tho world; nil tho other faddlsm in nEll
tho world will not dostroy that fact. MbV
Mrs. Eddy Is very fond of talking Sfi
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