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HHT i. .i i. i. . , nwn II I ! I 1 " - - --- . - -
,(' Miss Katlierino Early left Monday
li evening for San Francisco.
IS William Price has returned from
I San Fnnclsco and the fair.
J James Hoglo has returned from. a
J three wcls' visit In Idaho.
I Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Wells left Mon-
I day evening for Los Angeles.
I. Mrs. E. Hugunin has gone to Brigh-
HI ton to remain until September 15.
& &
II Mrs. E. h. Parker will beat home
HI at the Manitou after September 1.
HI Mi3s Fannre Buckbeo is home from
HJ'a, a visit with friends in Prdvo canyon.
If' ' '
H f! Miss Daisy "McCllntock has gone for
HJli a trip to Los Angeles and the north-
HJili west.
II -
' Miss Elizabeth Crumby left last
HJ1 Wednesday for Stanford to begin her
Hhj junior year.
w t
jjl Miss' Katlierino Goblo of Hock
HJ 1 Springs, Wyo., Is the guest of Miss
HJ,t Louise Lathson.
i ' ,,,
Jftj Miss Olivia Jackson has gone to
HMf Harley,- Idaho, to' spend ten days vis-
HJi iting with' friends.
HJI ,,r . . .'
JJ Harry P.' Griffin of Iowa is the guest
HHJS of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Jennings for a
HJI I couple of weclcs.
'! &
HJa Mr. A. F. "Jackson and Miss Anna
HK Richards of Ouray, Colo., are visiting
HW friends in tbo city.
HJ t
HJ Miss Ethel Lane has gone to Wa-
HJ satch to be the guest for a few days
Hit of Mrs. Mllliron.
HW & ot
HH , Miss Sarah Alexander has returned
HJl ' from a week's stay at the Hermitage
HK ' in Ogden canyon.
HHT Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand J. Fabian
HH entertained a party of friends last
HHt Tuesday evening.
HH',1 Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Gross of St. Lou-
HH' Is visited friends in the city Monday
HJ on their way to tbo fair.
H i5
H; Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Frankcn of Chi-
HHi cago were guests In tbo city Monday
H on their way to the coast.
HH v
H' Mr. and Mrs. Collier of Louisville,
HHt Ky., were guests in tbo city Monday
HHV on tholr way to tbo coast.
Ji Mr. and Mrs. Fred Doless of Boston
HHJ aro the guests of Mr. and Mrs. James
HHL Bclcss for a couple of weeks.
HJI' i
H Miss Lqunh Scrnck hns returned
HHJ1 from a three weeks' trip to Portland,
HHJ San Francisco and Los Angolcs.
HHJ Mrs. Wiliam McGrath and .Tames
HHJ Paino have returned from a ten days'
HHJ trip through the Yellowstone park.
HHJ Miss Elsio Schcid has returned from
HHJ Brighton, where sho was tbo guest of
HHJ Mrs. A. M. Howard for ten days.
HHJ A few old friends of Mrs. Presley
HHJ Denny, and Mrs. Gchr were entertained
HHJ by Mrs:--Rash Monday aftornoon.
HJ jj"1'
HHJ .MJs. Bollb v stalling of Greonv'lllo
HHJ v jAlaleft Monday ovonin A fortva'
HHJ ' 'month's visit with friends In Los An-
HHI geles. r-v, -.ft- .-
H Mrs, James A, Kirk, who lias been
HHHLSmjBtt i
visiting friends in the east for the
past two months, Is expected homo to
day. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maddux have
taken the Wood home and .will bo at
C59 East Third South street after Sep
tember 1.
Mrs. Will George and Miss Leona
George returned Monday from a two
weeks' visit In Los Angeles and San
i &
Mrs. Wnllahan and her daughter,
Miss Mamie, of Denver, nrc the guests
of Mrs. Eno and Mrs. Wallace at 703
Fl'st street.
v &
Mrs. Sam Porter accompanied by
her sister, Mrs. Anderson of Chicago,
have gone for a visit with relatives
and friends in Chicago.
& ft
Mrs. J. H. Grier and daughters, La
vedo and Edith, of Chicago, are visit
ing at the homo of T. G. Wlmmer, C01
East Third South street.
Lou Tobias of Leadvillo, Colo., and
Miss Mary A. Kelly of Denver wore
married Monday evening by tho Rov.
Dr. Young of tho First Methodist Epis
copal church.
M t
Miss Rose Howard of Boston, who
has been the guest of Mrs. A. M. How
ard at Brighton for tho summer, will
arrive in tho city on Saturday en route
Mr. and Mrs. Don Porter will be
hero from Los Angeles on Saturday,
whero they have been visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Spencer Mann for the
past month.
Dr. and Mrs. C. F. Pinkorton have
returned after a two weeks' camping
trip in Parley's canyon. Thoy aro at
home at 200 West Second South
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Robinson are
up from Scoileld and aro tho guests ot
Mrs. Robinson's mother, Mrs. C. H.
Thomas, whero she will bo at home to
her friends, 71 Nortli State street lor
a month.
Mr. and Mrs. R. V .Smith and chil
dren left for Cedar City Monday even
ing, where Mr. Smith will take charge
of tho scientific department of the nor
mal school.
Mr3. N. F. Putnam and her daugh
ters, tho Misses Louise and Ella, are
at homo for tbo present at the oKith
apartments. Alter the first of the
month thoy will bo again in their own
homo at 1111 Eighth East street.
A number of Salt Lakers spent last
Sunday In Ogden canyon, taking din
ner at tho now Hermitage. Among
them were Mr. and Mrs. ,. L. Terry,
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Jennings and
Mr. and Mrs. Don Carlos Roberts.
The Misses Mamie and Rose Ste
phens have gone to Dillon and Butte,
Montana, to bo tho guests of Mrs. Wil
liam Ames and Mrs. John Scovllle.
Later thoy will spend some time with
a party touring Yellowstone National
Tho marriage of Miss Mary Louisa
Maddison and Edward M. Garnet took
place at 9 o'clock Wednesday evening
at tho homo of the bride's mother. Tho
ceremony was performed by Rev. W.
M. Paden and only the family, of tho
bride was present.
'' i
Miss Mary W. Gardner of Utica, N.
Y., who has boon a guest at tho homo
of her brother, F. L, Gardner, fop tho
past three weeks,- departed Weflnes-
day for a Visit to Yellowstone park, af
ter which sho will return to her homo
in tho oast.
Miss Genevieve L. Carter gave a
farewell party Tuesday evening In
honor of her friend, Miss Rose M. Her
plch, a promising young singer of
Denver. The color scheme was pink
and white. Sixteen guests were pres
ent. Miss Ethel Wilkinson, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wilkinson, became
tho bride of Garfield ONn at a homo
wedding Tuesday afternoon. Rev. Jo
slah McClaln officiating. Mr. and
Mrs. Olin will be at homo aftor Sep
tember 1.
Dr. W. M. Brown of tho Keeloy In
stitute has gone to New York for a
period of two months whero ho will
take a course of lectures, paying par
ticular attention to new phases in al
coholic treatment. During his ab
sence Dr. 0. B. Greggs of Brooklyn,
Intl., with 12 year3 experience In in
stitutes, will have charge.
Tho usual rule at the Country club
Will bo suspended this evening and the
four young men who will bo the hosts
will give a dance to which members,
will be allowed to Invite resident
guests. The hosts are D. Macpherson
Boyd, Hugh Satterlee, "Jack" and Da
vid Taylor. There will be tho usual
tea in tho afternoon and a table d'
hoto dinner In tho evening preceding
tho dance.
In tho presence of rolatlve3 only,
Miss Hannah Davidson and William F.
Koytlng woro married at 4 o'clock
Wednesday aftornoon at tho home ot
Miss Davldron's aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth
Small, G3C East Fourth South street.
Rov. Clarence Brown, formerly pastor
of tho First Congregational church,
who 13 visiting in Salt Lake, ofllclated
Following tho ceremony thero was a
reception to friends between the hours
of G p. m. and 7 p. m. The couple will
take up their residence at 1!) Wayne
Two lieutenants, .Fred Smith and
George Worthen, have resigned their
commissions as olllcers of the First
Battery. These resignations were ten
dered 'as the result of a demand from
nctlng adjutant-general Geobegan that
they either fish or cut bait, that is to
say, either work for the guard or get
out of It.
It Is understood that Colonel Geo
began will become adjutant-general In
fact. Becauto lie cannot, under the
foolish statute of Utah, draw tbo sal
ary of tho place, unless ho has tho
rank. Although Colonel Geobegan
will be entitled to the salary, ho does
not propose to draw it, but will pay It
to a clerk who will be on duty at head
quarters all of the time. It Is rumored
that Colonel Geobegan, when ho be
comes adjutant-general, will bo de
clared In command of the guard and
this movement on tho part of tho gov
ei nor will doubtless be balled with de
light, because, as has been stated time
and again, there were many objections
to Lund being designated as command
or by virtuo of his seniority of rank.
Truth would like to see mo iNntlonal
Guard prosper, and will aid In any wy
It can in upbuilding tho institution. It
has been criticised for its criticisms of
Lund, but in this case it does not re
tract ono Iota. Tho fact that ho has
worked hard doo3 not relievo tho sit
uation ono bit; the fact that ho Is a
fairly good drill master; that ho can
haitdjo a command does imt dispose
of tho question that others have
worked as hard as he hns and that' tho
success of tho guard Is duo to their ef
forts and not his as an Individual. As
a, matter of. cold fact those, who made
it possible for Utah's volunteer- 0
gain glory on tho battlefields ot
Philippine Islands were treated (, ,
blly, both before and after the t, ,
And no military system can be m ,
talred where favoritism Is shown ,
where the wishes of tho majority ,.
disregarded. Militia organlzati, .,
aro not like tegular organizations n
tho former tho soldier gives hi tt o
for nothing and Is often out of pool i
because of tho military spirit that ,
vados his being. In the latter lie s
nctuatod by what thoro is in it an
in timos of war, and then It Is tlio .
untoer who gcos and do03 tho groai ,
part or the fighting. Tho Utah Natl.
al Guard has bon shamefully negloi
od during tho time It has bodn In c I
istencd. Tlioso vested with aUthorin I
havo used that authority to aggran.l I
izo thomselvos; to exalt themsehrs I
above their follows. Tho enlisted nn n J
nnd the lino officers havo boon treated J
with a sort of Contempt and recognized I
only In times whon a parade of tho I
forco might give some field oflldor u I
Ohanee to display his buttons. General I
Gfiohegaii has a llard job alidad of Iilni I
bdCauso those who tried to make the I
gUartl a success havo tho memories ot I
many discouragements still burning. I
Wo hope ho can make a success oi J
tho reorganization, for that is what It J
means, and that Utah will have a mil- J
itary organization she can bo proud of. J
o m
Colonel Tanner, editor of tho South I
Omaha Domocrat, was In town thl3 I
wook, accompanied by Mrs. Tanner. I
Thoy havo boon taking a vacation of
two or threo weeks In "doing" tho in- !
tormoitntain country and woro on their
way homo. Colonel Tniinor is a man
With a romarknblo history. Starting
as a reporter, anil ho was a good one,
On thd Omaha World this Was boforo
Hitchcock bought tho Herald and In
sorted a hyphen between thd twt) !
names Colonel Tanner has worked in
almost every capacity until he reached
that of owner and proprietor of a
daily. Ho went to South Omaha sev- i
oral year3 ago and established the
Democrat, first as a weekly and next
as a daily. Several people tried to
oust Colonel Tanner fiom business.
Plenty of papers were started by men
who entered tho town prepared to
"run Tanner out of town." Most
of them walked out of the place with
an appetite.
Colonel Tanner has never been long H
on securing ofllco, but he wields a po- J
tent influence in legislation. LaU J
winter, Mike Leo, a leading politician h
of the city of Omaha, and formerly
president of Its city council, conceived J
nn Idea. It was to consolidate the city J
of Omaha with the city of South Onm- J
ha and swell the census reports. MIko, J
being a member of tho legislature, J
wrote a bill having for its object the J
consolidation and introduced same.
Colonel Tanner organized a band of ,W
live hundred South Omahogs and wont O
to Lincoln. Just boloro starting he ,M
had an inspiration which led to his t
hiring a Bohemian Ijnnd, not a member
of which, outside tho leader, could
speak a word of English. Colonel Tan
ner Instructed tho loader that tho band
was nover to stop playing until he,
Colonel Tanner, gave tho word. This
army invaded tho capital. Tho band
played and tho crowd shouted "No
consolidation." Miko Leo fled to tho
attic. The legislature threatened tho
band with arrest but it was of no use.
Colonel Tanner declined to order It
to stop playing and play It did until
tho two houses adjourned lor lunch,
which happened an hour earlier on
that day bocauso of tho presence of
said band. In tho afternoon Colonel
Tanner and his party went back. They
threatened tho legislature to play until
the end of tho. session. Tho two hous
es woro overawed by tho threat and
In order to, stop tho band struck out
the enacting clause of the bill. Then,

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