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I' "Ti Arav Interest nt tho ruto of
first, shall o f" ttnniim from tho date
ilPer,ctfv as aforesaid, and if any, or
tl'ftynd Installments shall bo un
ilW'0' they bocomo delinquent, ln
Id.eVon sl'a" aM tho ,ra,t0of
t'Mnt per nnnum, until such dolln
Pcr,c.n,tallments aro fully paid.
Jwnt linl taxes are payable at my
All sPe 102 City and and county
oflce. r00,t Liko City. Utah.
L0ag, Sa" "uFiSnEu HARRIS.
..o.uror & Special Tax Collector.
WT?ce H Wood. Doputy.
,Ceiif extension No. 8G.
Sate "of Vat publication, August 12,
.i.m it Slay Concern:
.SShs hereby given that a special
Noir tho purpose of constructing a
UI sidewalk four feet wide, on tho
cenTide of Center street, from Vino
est. m Pearl street, In Sidewalk DIs
f.'vo 27. has been levied by tho city
trlc.,t! and confirmed by ordinance
??" Jidy 31st .1905. Said tax was
W on tho following real property
!fe 'anVrWlc 4. plat
Kk 13, Plat "R"; all of lots 1 and
K 16. Plat "E"; nil of lots 1 and 3.
Lb,v 21 Plat "E":' all of lots 1, C and
l0Lk 23. Plat "E," Salt Lako City
A to a depth of 25 foot back from
M&eet: is payable In flvo equal in
rfiimentV. one-fifth thoreof shall be
me d" Inquent on August 31st, 1905;
S(th on August 31st. 190C: onc
th on August 31st. 1907: ono-flfth on
Jaws? 31st. 1908, and ono-flfth on
A lust 31st, 1909.
Rich of said Installments, excopt the
Urst. shall draw Interest at tho rate, of
t rcr cent per nnnum from tho date
!,the levy as aforesaid, and If any, or
.ther of said installments shnll bo un
iild when they becomo delinquent, In
terest thereon shall bo at tho rato of
leer cent per nnnum, until such dolln
uent Installments aro fully paid.
All special taxes aro payablo at my
oBcc room 102, CItv and and county
MU Salt Uhfl.
City Treasurer & Special Tax Collector.
By Georuo II. Wood. Doputy.
fldewalk extension No. S7.
Pate of first publication, August 12,
Probate and Guardianship Notices.
(Consult County Clerk or Respective
Signers for Further Information.)
N. J. SHECKELL, Attorney.
1C2 South Main Street.
In tho District Court of. tlio Third
Judicial District of the Stato of Utah,
County of Salt Lake.
Sarah A. Hanson, plaintiff,
Thorrald W. Hanson, defendant.
The Stato of Utah, to tho Said Defend
ant: You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within twenty days after tho soi
ree of this summons upon you, if
served within the county in which this
Wlon is brought, otherwise, within
uirty days after service, and defend
w above entitled action; and in caso
jour failure so to do, judgment will
Be rendered against you according to
L mand of tho complaint, which
nin ten days after servico of this
summons upon you will bo filed with
'be clerk of said court.
p Plaintiff's' Attorney.
J- - Address, 1G2 South Main
!!SaULako City, Utah.
p- E. DARKER, Attorney.
145 4th Street.
ceased. f AdolP"Ino Llnroot, do-
TfucWBr? W'U Present clnlms with
KWh M. "i0 undersigned at 457
D, m nr fr001' StUt Lllk0 Clt
bw, a.d Sob110 28th day f
deceased x of AlPino Llnroot,
A.XO905nrst BuWcnon, August 20,
PE-Barker, Attorney for Estate.
NO-BFrS DBnk "lock s
Citv TiHb l Sou,th street- Salt hake
oD'eSerA00"10 -a?
wnld deceased. us
thetrg' A" r
Tompleton Building.
Sal? TtIn?.Dntr,C.t CUrt' In !,nd for
Salt Lake County, State of Utah
Ions Savings Bank & Trust Com
pany, a corporation, plaintiff,
Louisa Corilla -White, W. L. White
and Flato Commission Company, a
corporation, defendants.
To bo sold at Sheriff's Sale, at the
west front door of the county court
house, in the city and county of Salt
Lake, State of Utah, on tho ISth day
of September, A. D. 1905. at 12 o'clock
noon of said day, all the right, title,
claim and Interest of said defendants,
of, in and to tho following described
real estate, to-wit:
Those certain premises situate In
Salt Lake City and County, State of
Utah, commencing at the northwest
corner of lot six, block thirty-four,
plat "F," Salt Lake City survey, and
running thence east three rods, thence
south ten rods, thence west three
rods, thence north ten rods, to tho
place of beginning.
Purchase price payable in lawful
money of tho United States.
Dated at Salt Lake City, this 25th
day of August. A. D. 1905.
Sheriff of Salt Lake County, State of
Doputy Sheriff.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
..W. R. HUTCHINSON, Attorney...
Atlas Block.
In tho District Court in and for Salt
Lake County, State of Utah:
Fred N. Bertholf, plaintiff vs, J.
Schenck, defendant:
To be sold nt Sheriff's salo at the
west front door of the county court
house, In tho city and county of Salt
Lake, Stato of Utah, on tho 25th dny of
September, A. D., 1903, at 12 o'clock,
noon, of said day, all tho right, title,
claim and Interest of tho said defend
ant of, in and to tho following de
scribed property, to wit:
One-third (1-3) undivided Interest
Commencing at a point ono hundred
nnd fifty (150) feet west of tho south
cast corner, Block forty-four (41) of
II. M. Scott's subdivision of Block for-ty-threo
(43), forty-four (44) nnd sixty-two
(02) of Kinney & Gourlay's Im
proved city plat, running thenco north
two hundred (200) feet, thenco west
ninety (90) feet, thenco south two
hundred (200) feet, thenco east ninety
(90) feet to placo of beginning; also
all of lots flvo (5) to twenty-six (20)
Incluslvo In said block; also all of
Block forty-threo (43) and all of lots
ono (1), two (2) nnd three (3 in
Block sixty-two (02) of said subdivi
sion, Salt Lake City survey; also
Interests of Jeremiah Schnook In the
following described real estato hi said
the northwest corner of Lot ono W,
U T H .
"d"th onemdrof' V""1'" "
foot, tCce e"s ""J fty ,"0
half (S'uiflr,, g"ty,tm iml one-
Dated at Salt Lako City, this "Sth
da of August, A. D., 190ET.
Sheriff r c u ANK EMERY,
fcneiiff of Salt Lake County, Utah
v r Tit i . Deputy Shorill.
tiff Hlltcll,nson torney for plain-
Keith Block.
In the District Court, in and for Salt
-ake County, state of Utah.
Sarah M. Brlnton, plaintiff,
Ida May Jacobs and William E.
Jacobs, defendants.
To be sold at sheriff's salo at the
west front door of tho city and county
court house, In tho city and county
? .Sa,t Lak0- stnt0 ot Utah, on the
18th day of September, A. D. 1905, at
12 o'clock noon of said day, all the
right, title, claim and interest of the
said defendants, of, in and to the fol
lowing described property, to-wit:
Commencing at tho northwest cor
ner of lot three (3), block thirty-two
(32), plat "D," Salt Lako City Survey,
and running thenco south ninety-four
(94) feet, thenco east forty-flvo (45)
feet, thence north ninety-four (91)
feet, thence west forty-flvo (45) feel
to tho place of beginning. Purchase
price payablo in lawful monoy of the
United States.
Dated at Salt Lako City, this 25th
day of August, A. D. 1905.
Sheriff of Salt Lako County, Utah.
Deputy Sheriff.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Not Always Subtle, but Exceedingly
Rich and Fertile.
Prof. H. G. Lord, of Columbia, was
talking in Philadelphia about Amer
ican humor. "Our typical humor," he
said, "is not, perhaps, subtle. It Is too
young to be subtle. But it is very
much alive, and very rich and fertile
"There is a story about absent
minded people that is, I think, a gooc
example of American humor. It runs
In short passages, like this:
"A woman put her baby's dlrtj
clothes in the cradle and tho baby In
the wash tub. Sho didn't dlscovci
her mistake till Iho child cried when
she pinned its left leg to tho line as
sho hung it out to dry.
"A man, about to go for a ride,
clapped the saddle on his own back
He didn't discover his mistake till he
became exhausted with trying tc
mount himself.
"Another man put his dog to bod
and kicked himself downstairs. H
didn't discover his mistake till ho be
gan to yelp and tho dog began to
"A doctor put a fee In a patlent't
hand and took tho medicine himself.
He didn't discover his mistake till the
patient got well and ho became ill."
An Old Habit.
Casey How did Finn lose his job
as postman?
Mulligan Shurc, ho stopped work
when ho blow the first wh'stle.
nl !
Hawaiian Method So Destructive That " '
Law Against It Is Demanded. j ''
J. M. Herring Is tho very approprl- i i
ate name of the fish Inspector at Hllo, , i ,
Hawaiian Islands. In a recent report I
he says that the food fishes of Hawaii H
are rapidly disappearing becauso of '
the slaughter of those not fully grown. '
Ignorant natives and Japanese labor
ers are responsible. Besides using I I I
small mesh nets they have a method I I
of making a catch which Is thus do- i
scribud by Mr. Herring:
"The natives use a mixture or com-
blnallon of herbs known as auhuhu or
akia, a ball of which when deposited j
at tho bottom of a pond frequented by ' ,
fish acts in tho naturo of chloroform, ' f J
putting the fish to sleep. When tho , f '
fish rise to the surfneo tho natives 1 I
gather them up, and they aro sold or 1 !
eaten llkn niimr noli R .
"There does not appear to bo nny
harmful effect from tho use of this
drug after the fish are cooked, for the
Hawaiian eat fish killed in this mrn- j
nor with Impunity. But tho action of ' j
the drug is the snmo on all fish within j
tho radius of its influence, nnd tho !
ycung suffer death as well as tho Inrg- '
er fish. j ,
"The present law provides a penalty
for fishing -with dynamite, but does I
not cover this method of destroying I
the fish." !
On Mr. Herring's suggestion a now J
protective law hns been Introduced In
the Hawaiian Legislature. ;
. i
" i
Good Old Game of Baseball.
Somo apprehensive party has ox- i
pressed tho opinion that "tho Ameri
can people will outgrow baseball" and I
an editor has been thoughtless enough 1
to print It. Thoughtless, Inconsldor-
ato; yes, and unpatriotic. Almost im- '
moral. How daro an editor glvo pub- f
llcity to an insidious breath hostilo to
one of our basic institutions! By nil ! '
tho memories of "ono-old-cat" and . '
"town ball," how can. a man utter such i
a. thlncr nnd nn ortltnr olrpulnln ti rri. i
American people rise up in tho grand
stand, so to speak, and resent It with
a mighty hiss. Llfo would not bo
worth living to the glorious, freo and
Independent spirit without bnseball.
We are a nation of rooters. Wo must
root or die. Baseball will live as long
is tho nation. When tho ghouls got to "
Janclng on the diamonds there will bo
none of us to witness It. Baseball will I
be tho last relic to crumble. St. Louis I
Republic. I
Why Man Is on Earth. I
Tho bad object of all food faddlsm I
Is to make food a weariness and a bur I
den. Fcod is to bo nasty, leht wo eat I I
too much of it. Food is to bo chewed i
to extinction, so as to mako a hard 1
work of feeding. All of which Is ar- '
rant nonsense and founded on tho II
wholly foolish idea, which Is more and !
moro obsessing civilization, that man B
Is on earth to work. Ho Is on earth I
to bo glad; If he doesn't believe that M
he is r. ad. Sydney Bulletin. H -
o g
Old Inventory of Railroad.
An old Inventory of tho " HI '
i ,a 'o-n. 1, 1833, H
gives the following as tho total rolling B
stock of tho road at that tlmo: Threo
locomotives (tho John BulL-tho Do H
Witt Clinton jind tho Experiment); i
threo carriages, accommodating twelvo jl(
passengers each; nine, accommodating Tm
nine each; two, accommodating six Iw
each and ilit , accommodating eight- W
een acb, a total capacity of 183,
1 i
I :i

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