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H j 1
H ff
; Etlibllthid 1864 W. P. KISER, Mgr.
m jj Henry f
'J S Wagener 3
I 1 I Brewing
I I co. f
l I
y Social attention given to bottled
HH n Jt
1 beer for family trade. Free
'' m m
', 1 m delivery to all parts of
H I the city. it
J m
M ' office:
ll m PHONE 21B.
j I
M f Provo, Utah, Sept. 8. Tho cam-
H j , palgn for tho municipal election will
H bo lato In starting this year, if the
H ' present Inertia in the political Held
H is a fair criterion.
H t) ' Tho main office is going begging
H on tho Republican side, that of mayor,
H ' if silenco regarding it is any criterion.
H Tho Democrats aro compelled to line
H up with Mayor Roylanco or repudiate
H ; ' their own administration, and that
H ! is not likely.
H The old fight of east and west end
H will cut some figure again, and the
H Republicans may this time attempt
H to run a west end candidate for may-
H or. L. L. Nelson is mentioned, and
H . ho Is a likely candidate, having
H served two terms in the council, one
H timo ns president; but ho got into
H, , nn unfortunate feud with members
H of his own ward at tho last school
H election. Nearly two hundred Repub-
H llcnns at the north end of tho ward
H are raid to be against him.
H A. L. Booth, at present a member of
H the council, is said to be holding his
H lightning rod high in tho air, hoping
i that tho mayorallty may come his
H way. Ho would bo a happy compro-
H miso between the west and cast end
H factions.
H Democrats will not scrap on the
H mnyornlity, but there is a nice little
H row brewing over the marshalshlp.
H If Mayor Roylanco keeps hands off
H tho opponents of Marshal Henry
H though they are saying hard thing?
H about him, will have a hard timo to
H defoit his rcnomination.
H The peace officers of Provo aro gen-
H erally having a hard time of it these
H days. Sheriff Harmon has demon-
H stratcd very poor executive ability.
H Though he now resides at the jail, the
M county having furnished him with ele-
M gant accommodations, prisoners will
H escape. When ho undertook to censure
H ono of his doputles, that important
M functionary In tho offlco up and re-
H signed. This is the second timo Jack
H Buchi has wanted to go, but the slier-
M iff Is said to bo at a loss to run hip
M office without him, and it will likoly
1 result in another truce, with no ben-
H efit to the service.
H Tho appointment of Rev. S. H.
H ' Goodwin to tho important commission
M ' that Is to determine tho courso of
H studies at tho Agricultural college and
H tho Stato University was a general
H surprise. It meets with poor favor
Hl among tho cducataors. Rov. Goodwin
Vj ruins a mission school, whoso teach-
H ers do not fraternlzo In any way with
NH - church or public school teachers. Tho
preacher's courso will bo closely
H. S. Pyne, tho erstwhile political
correspondent of the Tribune, is very
quiet during his vacation. Ho Is now
studying to enter tho George Wash
ington university department of mea
iclno nt Washington.
A. C. Sorenson says ho is also going
to the same school, and will not be
a candidate for anything this fall. It
may leave Recorder Harding easy sail
ing for rcnomination.
The delay In deciding the location
of tho state experimental farm is con
ceded to havo been detrimental to
Provo. Tho committee still believes
that It has a bare majority where
once It claimed a fair majority.
Do not postpone tho opening of a
sayings account simply because of
tho smallness of your first deposit.
All things, you know, must havo
their beginning. Tho big things of to
day were tho little things of yester
day. Remember wo receive deposits
as low as ono dollar. Utah Savings
and Trust company, No. ICO Main
street, Salt Lake City. Established
1889. W. S. McCornlck, president;
John J. Daly, vice president; Heber
M. Wells, manager. In tho heart of
the shopping district.
Russell Sage In a Turkish Bath.
Russell Sage once visited Boston. It
is said that after a rather dusty jour
ney ho thought he would like a bath.
Ho visited a Turkish bath, and, in
quiring tho price of a bath, was told
$1. Mr. Sago objected to the price.
On tho proprietor telling him that
they would sell him twelve bath tick
ets for $10, Sago's reply was: "How
do I know I'll live twelve years, any
how?" Which the proprietor of the
bath thought indicated that tho mil
lionaire takes a bath once a year,
"whether he needs it or not."
Americans and Britons.
An Englishman In Canada writes
homo In considerable excitement as
follows: "Tho majority of Canadians
never read an English paper of any
kind whatever; all their literature Is
American. All the booksellers' shops
aro filled with American books, Ameri
can reviews. American papers. And
with what result? There can bo only
one result Canadians will think
'Americanly.' "
Lord Wolseley's Daughter.
Miss Frances Wolseley, tho daughter
of Lord Wolseley, spends most of her
timo at Farmhouse, Glynde, England.
Sho Is one of the keenest women gar
deners and thoroughly understands the
scientific side of the subject. Sho has
founded a school for gardening at
Glyndo and personally superintends
tho teaching. Miss Wolseley Is heiress
by special remainder to her father's
Musical Comedy in England.
Musical comedy was Introduced into
England May 23, 1G5G. Dignified by
tho name of "opera" an entertainment
called "Tho Cruelty of Spaniards In
Peru" was produced at tho Cockpit
theater on that day.
Device of Beauty Doctor.
A beauty doctor doing business In
London undertakes to remove wrin
kles and other lines in tho faco of a
patron by repeated applications of a
pneumatic cup, which draws the sunk
en tissues out.
The Weaving.
Sho Razed nt tho weaving sadly
'lhc warp and weft In the loom,
Wlicro the bright colored threads In the
Seemed always o'erahndowed by gloom.
And ever sho saw tho tangles
Of threads, so often astray,
And It grieved her heart sore that the
Used only a few bright and gay.
So one day sho cried In sorrow:
Oh, loll me, Weaver, I pray,
Dost thou enro If tho threads are so
And so many so somber and gray?
"I pray thou wilt weavo me. Weaver,
In warp and weft of thy loom.
Only colors like tints of the Autumn,
With never a shadow of gloom."
Tho Weaver worked on, 'n silence.
Unseen by tho eye of man.
And ho lovingly fashioned tho fabric
According to pattern and plan.
At last, when tho web was finished,
Ono lato Slimmer evening tide.
With tho hands that had guided the
lie beckoned her to his side.
And there, all complete, ho showed her,
From every tangle free.
That tho web of her life had been woven
In heaven-wrought tapestry.
Valentino March In tho Housekeeper.
No Time for Mere Lovers.
Tho world has no time for mere
lovers. It wants men who can do
things. "Love making," says one, "Is
the Idleness of the busy and the busi
ness of the idle." When a youth for
gets and takes his eyes from the goal,
to become merely a man In love, pen
ning dainty poems to his mistress'
eyebrows, soon you will behold him
among the Idlers and among the fail
Tendency of Fish to Decompose.
Fish, because of Its tendency rapid
ly to decompose, holds a peculiar posi
tion among foods, in England it is
tho subject of a special act of Parlia
ment. So long ago as 1C08 men knew
tho evil consequences resulting from
eating mackerel of uncertain post
mortem age. So they passed an acl
providing that except during the
hours of divino service this fish could
bo sold on Sunday. That act has
never been repealed.
Warned Against Tea Drinking.
A youth at Cambridge University
was in 1717 mildly remo"stratcd with
by his uncle on account of his chand
ler's bill being too high "by reason ol
ye foolish custom you have got of
drinking and treating wth Tea wch Is
not only very chargeable but Is ye oc
casion of misspending a great deal ol
time. I hope therefore you will leave
It of."
The Seven Sleepers.
Tho heart of tho five-year-old heir of
tho house r-d been delighted by a
present of a train of six cars. Ho
played with them until past his usual
bedtime, and then reluctantly went to
his crib. His mother went to kiss him
good-night, and found his beloved train
in bod with him. Sho remonstrated,
and tho boy replied: "But, mamma,
they aro sleeping cars."
Edward Never Sells Horses.
Ono of King Edward's rules Is that
when a horso has been in his service
It shall not be sold. Tho horses are
kept until they no longer can bo used
and are then chloroformed.
An Aid to Appetite.
Do not eat when tired. Lie down
for a few minutes first, then when a
littlo rested tho dlgestlvo organs will
perform their duties much better.
Letters from Prominent Men fl
In a list of unclaimed letters iinb 9
llshed by tho New York postofiice -ifl
fow days ago were missives addressed
to Harry Thaw, the young Pittsburg fl
er, whoso marriage caused a sonsa
tion recently; Rider Haggard, tho Em; S
lish novelist; Marconi, the wireless
telegraph man, and Craig Wadsworth H
secretary of the American embassy in'l
London. H
You may havo littlo power, but youfl
can use it wisely. M
The spending of other people'sl
money never seems to ono like heingl
extravagant. H
Rats Walk on Wire. S
At Sllgo a crowd watched nearly B
150 rats cross high abovo the ground
on an olectrli wire, from the town liall
to a floor mill over 200 yards away.B
Tho rats used their tails as the pro-
fcssional walker on the lofty wire uscs
his balancing pole, and not one madeH
a misstep. H
o 3m
Municipal Poultry Farm. fl
Tho Mundesley (England) Parish D
Council, which struck out a new llne
In municipalization by str- g a poul-B
try farm, has realize'1 )..ts on theH
first year's wo-' 'qtialH
to a reduction 1 of nM
cent and ' tfth v M
Fluorspar to Color Glass. B
A new use has been found for the H
mineral called fluorspar In the maniKB
facture of a very beautiful kind ol H
glass. Tho substance is added to theH
quartz mixture, and produces an ex-j
Quislte play of opalescent color, M
Haunted House to Come Down. jB
Uninhabited for nearly half a cen- M
tury because It Is believed to be liaun- H
ted, a well known house in tho Belle- S
vuestrassc, Berlin, is about to be H
pulled down. S
In Nashua. H
A sprightly young fellow In Nashua j
Determined to throw nil his cashun, j
Cried loudly, "Ha. ha! H
Bring ma a pate fole gras." H
And disdainfully motioned the hashun. JB
KrugVCabinet" I
As nutritious as any English Port-
ers or Malt Tonics, and a H
Connoisseur's delight. S
Krug's "Extra Pale"
Light, and mild, palatable, and jM
appropriate on all fl
occasions. S
Either of the abovo brands deliv- fl
ered in any part of the city.
The Old Resort, I
276 So. Main St.
ADAM SNYDER, Proprietor. M
Telephone I06I-Y. fl

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