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H Those persons who must register bo
Hi fore they will be permitted to vote at
HJ the coming election should not torgct
H Oct. 31st Is the only remaining day.
Hi The rules for registration are that
U all new residents, who arc entitled
HI under the law .to vote, shall register
H before they can vote. All persons who
H registered for the special bond elec
H tion, but who wero not registered pro
Hj vious to that registration, will have to
HJ register again.
HJ All persons who were not regis-
HJ tercd last fall for tho presidential
HJ election will have to register this fall
HJ to bo allowed to vote.
HJ Persons who registered last fall,
HJ but havo since moved to another dis-
Hi trict, may on any day before
Hi election day sccuro a transfer ccrtiil-
HJ cato and have their names entered on
Hi the registration list whero they now
HI reside.
Every citizen of tho United States
HJ (and if of foreign birth, he must havo
HJ been naturalized ninety days before
HJ tho election) who has lived in the stato
HE for a period of ono year, four months
HC in tho county and sixty days in tho
HK city, is entitled to register and vote.
HI The names of tho registrars and
HJ the places of registration are as fol-
HJ lows:
HJ Dist Name. Address.
HI 1 Lina Wilkinson, 1374 Tenth East.
HI 2 Charles E. Beers, 1073 South
HI Eighth East
HV 3 J. R. Sauircs, 710 East Seventh
Hk South.
Hi 4 Emma L. Iverson, rear 323 East
Hi Seventh South.
HI 5 Adclla W. Eardloy, G21 South
HI Main street.
HI C O. C. Drown, 27 East Sixth South.
HI 7 M. II. McAllister, 155 East Sixth
HI South.
HI 8 Fred Dnrrow, 452 East Fifth South
HI Street.
HI 9 Mary L. Bcrnhiscl, 3G3 East Sixth
HI South.
HI 10 W. H. Harrison, 81G East Fifth
HI South.
HI 11 Ephrlam J. Swanor, 318 South
HI Tenth East.
HI 12 Douglas Q. Ferguson, 123 West
HI Seventh South.
HI 13 John McNeil. 1012 South First
HI West.
HI 14 Hulda Carlqulst, G21 South Fourth
HI West.
HI 15 Nellio Li. Shannon, 27 Johnson
Hi street
HI 1G E. F. Woodruff, 020 Cannon street
HI 17 Thomas W. Green, 424 West Fifth
HI South.
HI 18 John E. Cowley, 453 South Second
HfJ West
HI 19 Jennie A. Frolscth, 28 West Sixth
HI South.
HI 20 Emily Fox, 137 West Third
HI South.
HI 21 M. O. Corey, 10 West Second
HI South.
HI 22 C. D. Hoikes, 224 West First
HI South.
HI 23 Feramorz Y. Fox, 2G1 West Sec-
Hl ond South.
HI 24 L. C. Johnson, 404 West Third
HI South.
HI 25 Benj. G. Guiver, GG0 West First
HI South.
HI 2G Mary B. Howells, G2 South Sixth
H West.
M 27 James M. Campbell, 118 West
HI First North.
HI 28 Belle White, 44 North Second
1 West
M 29 Joseph E. Mullett, 2G2 Wall street
HI 30 Mary Katz, 253 West Third North.
HI 31 E. J. D. Roundy, 542 West First
HI North.
HI 32 Elizabeth E. Davies, G4 North
HfJ Fifth West
HI 33 Elizabeth Haslam, 331 North
HI Sixth West.
HI 34 Edith Y. Budd, 504 West Second
HI North.
HI 35 Fannie L. Rldd, GG4 West Fourth
HI North.
HI 3G John C. Sandberg, Superior Addi-
HI 37 Belle M. Gray, 80 Third street
38 Ivio R. Burton, 39 East North
39 Mrs. John A. Maynes, 175 G street
40 Lewis R. Wells, 17G G street
41 Henry T. Ball, G03 Fifth street.
42 Orson Allen, 830 First street
43 John A. DoValloy, 1133 First
44 Alice Hilpcrt, 54 South Twelfth
45 Jonnlo Davidson, 252 South Ninth
4G Henry Coulam, 54 South Eighth
47 Peter Hansen, 2G7 South Seventh
48 Grace S. Cottell, 421 East First
49 Jettio Browning, 435 East Third
50 C. O. Farnsworth, 47 East First
51 Mrs. Nellie Edwards, 1G4 South
Second East.
52 Peter F. Goss, 2G3 South Main
9G Annlo Parker, 751 South Eighth
West street.
EFFECTIVE MAY 1st. 1005.
From Oregon Short Lino Dopot, Sail
Lake City.
No. C7 For Stockton and Tln
tlc district 7:45 n.m.
No. B3 For Provo, Mercur,
Mantl and points on San
poto Vnlley 8:00 n.m.
No. 61 For Provo, Nephl and
Lynn 8i00p.ni.
No. 1 Ior Los Angeles and
Intermediate points 8.30 p.m.
No. 55 For Nophl and Inter
mediate points 11.30 p.m.
No. 2 From Los Angeles and
Intermediate points Oi30n.ui.
No. 52 From Lynn, Provo
and Intermediate points ... 0:50 n.m.
No. 60 From Mantl, Nephl
nnd Intermediate points.... 1:30 p.m.
No. 54 From Nephl, Provo
nnd Intermediate points.... 5:40 n.m.
No. 58 From Tlntlc district
nnd Intermediate points.... (1:09p.m.
Standard Pullman Service dally be
tween Salt Lake, Milford, Callente, Las
Vegns and Los Angeles.
Direct Stage Connection for all Mining
Districts In Southern Utah and Novadn,
Including Bullfrog.
City Ticket Olllcc, 17 W. 2nd So. SI.
TcIcphoncM 10S0.
Gen. Pass. Agt. District Pass. Agt.
In Effect June 1, 1005.
No. A From Ogden, Chicago,
Omaha, St. Louis, Kansas
City and Denver 5:15 n.m.
No. 8 From Ogden, Port
land, Butte, San Francisco. 8:30 n.m.
No. G From Ogden and In
termediate points 0:30 n.m.
No. 12 From Ogden, Cache
Vnlley and Intermediate
points 11:45 n.m.
I. 2 From Ogden, Chicago,
Bt. Louis, Kansas City,
Omaha, Denver and San
Francisco 4:45 p.m.
o. 10 From Ogden, Cache
Valley, Butte, Portland and
San Francisco 7:40 p.m.
No. 5 For Ogden, Omaha,
Chicago, Denver, Kansas,
City nnd St. Louis 7:10 n.m.
No. 7 For Ogden, Portland,
Butte, San Francisco and
Intermediate points 10:30 n.m.
No. 1 For Ogden, Omaha,
Chicago, Denver, Kansas
City, St. Louis and San
Francisco 1:40 p.m.
No. 11 For Ogden, Cache
Vnlley and Intermediate
points 4:10 p.m.
No. 3 For Ogden, Denver,
Kansas City, Omaha, St.
Louis nnd Chicngo 0:05p.m.
No. 9 For Ogden, Cache
Valley, Butto, Helena, Port
land, San Francisco and In
termediate points 11:45 p.m.
D. E. BURLEY, G. P. & T. A.
D. S. SPENCER, A. G. P. & T. A.
City Ticket Onico, 201 Main Street.
Telephone 250.
Note: Trnln numbers shown nbovo
aro Oregon Short Line train numbers,
nnd do not apply to tho Southern Pa
cific west of Ogden or tho Union Pacific
east thereof.
In Effect Mny 21t.
No. 10 For Hebor, Provo
and Mnrysvalo ... 8:00 n.m.
No. 112 For Bingham 8iIOn.ni.
No. 102 For Park City 8:15 n.m.
No. 0 For Donvcr and East 8:50 n.m.
No. 13 For Ogden 10:25 n.m.
No. 6 For Ogden nnd West.l0s35 n.m.
No. 1 For Ogden nnd West. l:45p.in.
No. 113 For Bingham 3:00 p.m.
No. 2 For Denver and East 3i50p.m.
No. 8 For Provo and Tln
tlc 5:00 p.m.
No. 11 For Ogden 0:05 p.m.
No. 4 For Denver nnd East 8:00 p.m.
No. 3 For Ogden nnd West.llilOp.m.
No. C From Ogden and
West 0:40 n.m.
No. 12 From Ogden 0:50 n.m.
No. 7 From Tlntlc and
Provo 10:00 n.m.
No. 5 From Denver and
East 10:25 n.m.
No. 113 From Bingham ....10 50 n.m.
No. 1 From Denver nnd
East 1 :45 p.m.
No. 14 From Ogden 3:05 p.m.
No. 2 From Ogden and
West 3:40 p.m.
No. 101 From Park City .... 5:15 p.m.
No. 115 From Blnghnm 5:40 p.m.
No. D From Provo, Hober
Mnrysvalo 0:00 p.m.
No. 4 From Ogden and
West 7:50 p.m.
No. 3 From Denver nnd
East 11:00 p.ia
All trains except Nos. 1 to 6, Inclu
sive, stop nt Intermediate points.
Ticket ofilcc, Doolv block. 'Phone
205. I. A. BENTON, O. A. P. D.
TRUTH is a legal Journal. Send In
your Mining Notices, Assessment No
tices, and Delinquent Notices. TRUTH
OFFICE, 241 South West Temple. Both
Phones 1938.
When Going East
Try the Illinois Central R. R.
and St. Paul
Unexcelled service to those points,
as well as
and all points South. Between Omaha and t W
Chicago tho line runs through the bcstdlstrlots --
In Iowa and Illinois passing through Fort
Dodge, Waterloo and Dububue, Iowa, and
Rockford and Freeport, Illinois.
For full Information and literature
cation or write,
Commercial Agent,
27 West 2nd. So. SALT LAKE, CITY, UTAH
LAKE! II 111 I Hfc CURTA!fl8
Three Nights, Beginning Thursday, October 19,
Matinees Friday and Saturday
in Wm. A. Brady's Production of
fXday "The Pit" ssy
Saturday . v
Friday (( fl 99 By
Matinee PlfDV Request
It Depends
on the Line
When going fiishing your success and pleasure
depends on the line.
When traveling to Chicago and the East your I
comfort depends on the Line. Ask to have
your ticket read via the
Union Pacific and
Chicago, Milwaukee St. Paul
Two trains every day Ogden or Denver to Chi
cago. These trains carry standard sleepers
and free reclining chair cars.
Tickets of all agents, 0 r write to
CLAUDE S. WILLIAMS, Commercial Agent.
106 West Second South St. Salt Lake City, Utah.

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