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Truth. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1901-1908, October 25, 1905, SPECIAL EDITION, Image 2

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BB. L V 4
PB How Voters Can Make an Adequate Supply a Certainty Only One
PB Ticket by Which to Reach the Desired Results.
flfl "An adequato water supply, and
PPJ that, too, by noxt summer."
PPJ That is the .dcflnlto purposo of Re-
PPJ publicans in this campaign. This do-
pfl claratlon by William J. Lynch, Repub-
pB Hcan candidate for Mayor, is in no
PPJ uncertain terms.
PPJ If there is ono thing suro in polltl-
PPJ cal administration, it is that when that
PPJ party is in power tho Republican party
PPJ carries out the projects it adopts. So
PPJ the success of tho Republican ticket
PPJ now means that Salt Lako will secure
PPJ a water supply sufllcicnt for munlcl-
PPJ pal purposes.
PPJ Mayor Morris cannot bo re-elected.
PPJ None but misinformed persons, or
pB those who nro inovod by selfish mo-
pfl tives, assert to tho contrary. If it had
PPJ been possible to re-elect Mr. Morris.
PPJ ho doubtless would havo' continued
PPJ to make efforts for an Increased wa-
PPJ ter supply, although he would not havo
PPJ n majority of tho Council from his
pi party to support him; for it is not pos-
pflj Bible at this timo for the Democrats
Pfl to sccuro a majority of tho Council-
men to bo elected. Nor Is it possible
pfl to re-elect Mr. Morris. Ho was chosen
pi two years ago becauso thousands ot
PP Republicans voted for him. Tho Re-
pfl publicans now havo a candidate of
pB their own, whom they are satisfied is
IB the ablest and best man in tho Hold
pfl for Mayor.
Tho so-called "American" candidate
HH is against any practicable, economic
flfl plan for more water. His party stands
flfl for graft, not water or honesty. Even
HH if he were elected nnd were to be con-
fl. y' verted to some scheme for more wn-
B tor, it is not posslblo for his party to
lfl secure a majority of tho Council; and
HI if ho were elected we would simply
hhvo two years more of bitter qunr-
rcllng. That is what tho Kcarns gang
H wants; it is what no business man or
B property owner can afford.
B Hero is tho situation on tho Council:
B. For tho so-called "American" party
B to get in control it would have to dec'
B eight Councilmcn, by carrying four
B out of tho five municipal wards. That
B is an utter Impossibility. Its leaders
are only hoping for two Councilmcn,
or ono ward, and they are not likely
to get anything.
For tho Democrats to control tho
Council, they would havo to elect six
members; this they cannot do; it is
HI doubtful if they got two members, and
they now havo only two holdovers.
The Democrats know they cannot get
control of tho Council.
HH Tho Republicans aro certain to elect
B six now members, nnd they already
HH have sufllcicnt holdovers to give them
BB a clear majority on all questions. Thev
BB aro likely to elect ten now members,
fl giving them all but the two holdover
BB Democrats.
fl Thus Republican control of tho
BB Council is assured.
B What will thoso who want moro
fl water for tho city do?
fl Tho Kcarns"Amcrlcan" gang is
H against an increased water supply.
B Tho Democratic ticket is beaten be-
fl yond hope of even second place.
fl Tho Republican ticket is squarely
B nnd emphatically for "an adequate
fl supply of water, and that, too, by noxt
fl summer."
Then, what will senstblo voters who
fl Want moro water for tho city do?
flfl They will' vote for Lynch for Mayor,
HI because, having tho support of tho
II Council majority within his own party,
HH to election of Lynch means moro
HB Water for tho city.
HI jTho election of tho Republican
HB ticket is tho best and only moans at
hand by which tho desired result or
an adequato and permanent supply of
water for the city can bo assured.
These aro tho cold facts, an J Truth
sets them forth pointedly, that every
voter may bo fully and fairly Informed
and make a deliberate choice.
Truth does not forget that some
Democrats aro claiming ono day that
their ticket will bo elected by Repub
lican votes, and another day by so
callled "American" votes; but they do
not claim to bo nblo to elect It by
Democratic votes, and as thoy cannot
?ot the Republican votes and aro los
ing to tho Kearns crowd rather than
drawing from them, tho Democratic
ticket Is really not In the raco except
to hoi I voters that otherwise would go
to tho Republican ticket In the general
dcslro to keep out tho Kearns corrupl
It is not saying anything against
Mr. Morris to point out that Mr. Lynch
Js quite ns well acquainted with tho
water question, and is ns able a man
and has better oxeeiitlvn nhlllfv tlmn
Mr. Morris. Ho Is temperate, careful,
upright, and has decisiveness of char
actor, with littlo desire for ostenta
tious display.
Mr. Lynch, being born in Utah, has
general knowledge of tho water ques
Hon nnd its importance; the personal
and ofllclal experience of Mr. Lynch,
throughout tho county as well as in
tho city, makes him as fully equipped
with spscial knowledge of the city and
bounty water question as is Mr. Mor
ris. The Kearns candidate, Mr. Thomp
son, is anti-Mormon, anti-water, nnd
Is absolutely controlled by Tom
Mr. Lynch's position is:
"Wo must havo moro water than
wo havo had. and our supply must
bo taken better caro of than before."
That is business. It is what the
peoplo want.
Mr. Lynch also says:
"Our streets must bo sprinkled prop
erly, nnd tho city thus bo kept free
'rom dust, If wo would havo a healthy
That, too, is business, such as the
people want.
Again, ho says;
"Tho peoplo must havo water, not
only for culinary purposes, but for
their lawns and shrubbery."
Straight business again, and tho
people's business, too.
Moro from Mr. Lynch:
"Wo must also keep pressure in our
water system to insuro protection from
Good business, too, such as tho peo
plo require.
Still moro;
"I will use my utmost endeavors to
forward plans to secure an adequate
and permanent water supply for all
municipal purposes."
Senslblo business, that the peoplo
shall have a permanent, adequato wi
ter supply.
Yet another announcement from tho
Republican candidate for Mayor:
"In tho expenditure of public monoy
I am willing to take tho public Into
my confidence, ns I think It should bo
In tho caso of public business."
That is doing business with tho peo
ple nnd for tho people, shutting out all
mysterious, dark-lantern schemes.
Just ono moro excerpt from Mr.
Lynch's declaration of policy:
"The securing of an adequato water
supply, and that, too, boforo noxt sum
mer, Is a work of vast Importance. It
would bo a calamity for Salt Lako City
to bo compelled to pass through
another famine like that wo havo just
Good business and political sense.
Only a man of superior ability, famil
iar with tho situation, and heartily in
accord with tho wishes of tho peoplo
in regard to tho water situation, can
present such practical, forcible and
particularly fitting suggestions to meot
the present exigency.
Truth Is ready to do anything that
honorable peoplo can do to defeat the
dishonest, Immoral, un-American
Kearns gang, that is trying to ruin
this city and state.
To do this, Truth would havo sup
ported Mr. Morris with all Its soul, 11
ho had been tho stronger candidate;
but it knows absolutely that Mr. Mor
ris cannot bo elected; that ho has no
moro chance of succeeedlng in this
campaign than has tho Socialist can
didate, and that a vote for Mr. Morris
Is virtually a vote for Ez Thompson
and the Kearns gang.
In the existing situation, Truth is
trebly gratified to bo able to support,
and to Invito every reputable citizen
to support, a man so eminently well
fitted to deal with tho water question
and with all other questions now fac
ing tho municipality as William J
Lynch, tho candidate for Mayor on the
Republican ticket.
Now, to every citizen who wants nn
adequate and permanent water supply
for Salt Lake City,
It is your only chanco to win for
Salt Lake and her peace and prosperity.
For bare-faced misrepresentation
and malicious lies, tho Salt Lake
Tribune occupies a field all its own.
Its latest piece of pure, unadulterated
cussedncss appeared in Sunday's is
sue, when it gave a long list or prop
erty owners ns men nnd women whom
the Democrats and Republicans are
holding up to public contempt'. Even
in Trlbuno columns, nothing could be
further from tho truth than is this
scandclous statement. There is only
ono name In tho entire list which can
bo properly held up to public con
tempt and that is one Thomas
Kcarns. Others there are whoso posi
tion as tools or dunes of tho main
malefactor excites tho pity of both
Republicans nnd Democrats, but ,lt
cannot bo said that they are held in
At At
The election of Morris means a fu
sion of Democratic and Republican
votes; tho election of Lynch means o
straight Republican vote; the election
of Thompson means ah means
damflno what It does mean.
.St .St
Anything less than 5,000 Republi
can votes going to tho "American"
party, moans tho election of Wm. J.
Lynch and tho Republican ticket.
At At
There Is not another city In the
United States that would tolerate a
second issuo of a sheet like tho Sail
Lake Tribune. If Its tent was pitched
in Denver or Los Angeles and Uf
present polciy pursued, tho lead and
Iron smelters would get a fow wagon
loads of old scrap. That would bo all.
Tho Kearns organ, nnd mouthplecp
of the maverick party, proclaims that
Senator Smoot has been deposed nnd
that tho church is out for Morris. The
morning after election It will proclaim
that Smoot is in tho saddlo and that
tho church elected Lynch and the Re
publican ticket.
jt At
How about Ez Thompson's record
on franchises when Tom Kcarns was
brfsking in the favor of tho church?
Wo daro tho Tribune to print It. Truth
will furnish it, free of charge.
Jt At
The maverick organ, Kearns' only,
City Offices. JH
For Mayor William J. Lynch. B
For Auditor Willis E. Vlgus. 'R
For Attorney W. R. Hutchinson. jH
For Recorder Calvin 8. Buckwal- flj
For Treasurer Walter J. Beatle. JH
Council Ticket. 9
First Ward Frank J. Hewlett, long 9
term; Stephen Stanford, short term. 9
Second Ward J. W. Currle, long 9
term; J. A. Ekman, short term. 9
Third Ward T. A. Calllster, long 9
term; E. F. Parry, short term. 9
Fourth Ward A. H. Peabody, long 9
term; Joseph Johnson, short term. 9
Fifth Ward H. N. Standlsh, long 9
term; A. C. Bower, short term. 9
Is wailing over the loss of tho tender- I
loin districts, and is shedding croco- I
dllo tears for tho inhabitants thereof. I
If tho mavericks aro elected the in- I
habitants of tho tenderloin district I
vlll not only contribute to the city I
treasury, hut will be grafted nearly to I
1eath. This is tho reason for tho ten- I
lerloln district refusing to vote for I
Immaterial, irrelevant, Incompetent I
and Easy Ez.
At At I
The maverick party is in hard I
straits. Tho tenderloin districts that j
supported It last year have given no
tico that they havo had all of that
oarty thoy want. This accounts for
tho loud wail in tho Tribune.
.St &
The Trlbuno is making an effort to j
stampede tho Republican Gentiles to I
Thompson by shouting that the church ,
Is out for Morris. What kind of a per
son does the maverick organ take an j
average Gentile to be? A short time J
ago, according to the Tribune, tho i
church was going to elect Lynch. Now i
It Is going to elect Morris. What kind j
of dope does tho maverick organ uso 1
to produce such pipo dreams? 1
At At i
Tho Third precinct went Republican -f
last year by over COO. It is safe to say I
that it will go Republican this year 1
and that Lynch will beat Morris, ir
Morris cannot carry tho Third, how
can ho possibly bo elected? fl
At & m
Immaterial, irrelevant. Incompetent m
and Easy Ez has quit giving out inter- fl
'lows on tho water question for pub- I
At At
Charley Wilcken and his whisper is fl
again heard in tho land, but not to fl
much advantage, however. Charley fl
has been taken to task for misrepra- H
A! At 9
A voto for Lynch is a vote for good 9
government, Increased water supply, H
and tho destruction of a party founded H
on hate and rovonge. BJj
At At HI
Georgo Sheets is working very hard H
for tho maverick party. Sheets want3 HJ
to be Chief of Police and that is tho
reason he wants immaterial, etc., flj
Thompson elected. BJ
At At H
A large number of Gentiles counted 9
for tho Maverick party havo openly H
refused to voto for Easy Ez. Somo
peoplo don't seem to llko Tom Kearns BJ
and his man Thompson. BJ
In 1904 tho averago Republican ma- flj
jorlty In tho city over tho Democrats
was nearly 4,000. Tho "American" flj
party wns then in tho Hold. fl
At At w
In 1904 tho Republicans carried ov- t
ery municipal wp.nl In tho city. i
Ai At j
At the election In this city a year

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