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Truth. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1901-1908, November 18, 1905, Image 10

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jiullco existing, as is well known,
against Utnh and tho Mormon people.
Tho question In its truth and entirety
i is not understood, and tho continuous
agitation sent out from our homo city
and Kept up by unthinking un-Amorl-
I cans or prejudiced people, keeps our
, city and our state as a picture of
Idirkness beforo tho gazo of the Amer
ican people, but withal I found a deep
interest everywhere, In both private
and public gatherings. Tho peoplo
aro anxious to know tho truth, not
only about tho physical Utah, but as
to tho faith and beliefs of the Mor
mon peoplo, Tho young missionaries
I met out in tho world aro a credit
to tho state, but they aro in nearly
every instance unwelcome guests. 1
had tho pleasure, as a friend, of open
ing tho doors of many good peoplo for
,tho boys from Utah, AVhero they aro
known they aro received with duo
consideration and courtesy.
J! There Is not only a deep unrest In
IB religious life, but emphatically so In
H political and social life. Ono is lm-
m pro3sed, by tho actions of mobs
throughout tho United States, that
tho Americans aro getting to bo as
n effervescent as tho French. At tho
slightest provocation, whether real or
Imaginary, a mob Is formed and the
cry Is heard from a thousand throats,
"Kill him! Lynch him!" For exam
f plo, a woman had fallen in alighting
ft from a street car. An automobillst, in
m passing, stopped to assist tho unfor
m tunato. Tho cry was raised that tho
chauffeur had run over a woman, and
H in a very few minutes there was a
jJT mob of a thousand peoplo, yelling
U "Kill him! Lynch him!" With dlfll-
culty ho was rescued.
Rj . A simple fellow stood on tho cor
II ner of Halstead and Van Buron
U streots, Chicago, some few Sundays
m ago. Ho had on a now suit of clothes.
il In a Jocular vein, ho told a man who
K was passing, who had made facetious
Mj remarks about his clothes, that ho
was going to show tho girls that ho
m could do somo mashing as well as tho
fl other boys. Word was passed, in a
ji jocular vein at first, and like the threo
I black crow story a mob was formed,
n tho riot call was sent In, and the
U poor dovll was rescued with difficulty
II from tho mob, by a largo pollco forco
H and a few thinkers.
W Governor Herrick of Ohio was not
ill far from tho mark when ho said:
"Tho greatest danger now confronting
M tho American peoplo Is tho readiness,
Hi In response to somo sudden whim or
II pretext, to desert party principles and
J follow some Individual who claims,
a sometimes In sincerity, often with hy
H pocrlsy, to represent' a cause that is
II higher than party fealty." Tho Ohio
U i peoplo havo given every Indication
H , that they believe in Republican prln
i4 ciples, but they voted for Mr. Pattl
Ufi son, a Democrat, because tho false cry
lift was raised against Governor Herrick
Hr that ho favored tho saloon. No ship
II , can run without a captain. No sod
I ' oty can exist without a head. No
I - , homo can bo perfect without a parent.
Hence, when wo cry against tho boss,
wo must bo careful and not destroy or
cruelly assasslnato an honest leader.
Tho world needs more mind. A few
thinkers aro worth moro to America
than a field of ignoramuses. Let our
educators in tho college, on tho plat
i form or in tho pulpit put forth their
? best efforts to dovolop thinkers, who
will march under tho torchlight of
reason, and America will not fall Into
tho throes of discontent, anarchy and
, mlsrulo. Yours very truly,
' ' Trj 8hepard Co. on collections.
Salt Like City, Utah Established 1859
, A C'-.. al Banking Business Transacted
ty Deposit Boxes for Rent
You can depend upon it the price is not out of proportion to the Value. ' 1
Wc want you who don't already know it to understand that what you huy here can be de- 1
pended upon to be just what it is represented to be. II
We do not deal in high prices and big discounts for Cash. Every article in the store is 1
priced honestly priced so that a fair profit is obtained, and no more that is why Dinwopdey's 1
store has always been the largest of its kind in the city why ive have always had the largest trade 1
in town why we have the confidence of the public. ' II
The Rocker shown is only A MONDAY SPECIAL room
one of many. It has a Cob- Following our usual custom
bier Scat. Comes in Golden to make Monday one of ,the CHAIRS
Oak. busiest days, of the week ,w,e
Or Mahogany, and the back offer for that day only a Everything that is good in
is Upholstered in Velour or CENTER TABLE, like cut,! chairs is found here.
Leather. golden oak or weathered oak,
A splendid value at, each Monday only, each 99c , R . ,
W , $4r!M c A beautiful and durable ta- to .Sv yohrS
We have Cobbler Seat be well made and a useful A good solid chair neat
Rockers from $2.50 to ?7-SO picceof furniture for the far- and l . . '
each and a general line of lor, Bed Room, Dining Room, Jsl nerfcctlv ox Seat
fancy Rockers in the follow- Hall-or , in fact, any Room in Golden or Weathered Oak and
mg well-known designs: the House. An article always in every respect a first-class
COLONIAL SOLID MAHOGANY called for and is sold for $1.35 ... : n , ,. ;
SHERIDAN CHIPPENOALE Each. We will part with them arilU(- niV' cacn
Prices range from $10 to $50each Monday for only 99c Each. $2.50
This is only one of a large assortment, which we have on display and in such variety '6f
styles and designs as to enable us to suit all tastes.
Wc have chairs of all kinds, High Chairs. Baby Walking Chairs, .a convenient thing at
this time of the year to keep the crawling baby off the cold floor. Rockers in all grades, Leather
Chairs, Morris Chairs, and, in fact, any kind of chair can be fojiind together with anything in the
house-furnishing line at the
Nowhere else in the city can yon find so J Z&ffit
complete an assortment. . . fj- ,fTmu.?T't .
Here is one that comes in two sizes, 4 ft. V "N ITSvT T ty
6 in. and 3 ft. 6 in., and in assorted colors to , v?V f-.Mf - !'
match any room. Wf(lljli, ' j3C '
Our price is only, each, $2.75. Our entire 5 ''llllllln In. t , "
line, embracing every conceivable design in ''''PMT!lll(f!fili:in'
Iron and Brass beds, at equally low prices, r? Ri -k,-- f f
which range from Ujfes.. U'
$2.75to$3?0.00each pBlIKal'-'

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