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Au ?f the recent exposures and
muck-raking" articles have, says tho
Ltterary Digest, evoked more or less
newspaper comment. But upon the
I series of articles In Collier's Weekly
, by Mr. Samuel Hopkins Adams, lay
ing baro the swindle and quackery of
most patent medicines, the press has
been absolutely silent. The Literary
Digest, accustomed to present news-
, paper comment to its readers, must in
this instance point to tho singular
j scarcity .of that commodity. Tho rea-
j son tor that, wo are told, is that tho
manufacturers of tho nostrums by
means of their enormous advertising
contracts, have succeeded in keoping
tiio newspapers muzzled.
! .n"1 tak u'" says Mr. Mark Sullivan
.- - in an article in Collier's Weekly, "1
take It if any man should assert that
thero is ouo subject on which tho
newspapers of the United States, act
, ing in concert and as a unit, will deny
lull ami tree discussion, ho would bo
smiled at as an intemperate fanatic.
Ilie thing is too incredlule." And yet
t is shown with documentary proofs
in tho Collier's series that contracts
lor advertising made by patent medi
cines with newspapers carry what is
Known as tho "red clause," which in
tho case of tho Cheney Medical com
pany, makers of Hall's Catarrh Cure
reads like this: "It is mutually agreed
that this contract is void if any law
is enacted by your state restricting or
I prohibiting the manufacture or sale of
proprietary medicines. This is print
ed in heavy red type across tho face
, of tho contract. Tho J. C. Ayer com
pany, makers of Ayer's Sarsaparllla,
i ?B a Provision against printing in
!j Jne newspapers anything "detrimental
1 n?, C Aycr company's Interests."
I rtxese are some of tho ways in which
', tho press is muzzled against tho great
f fraud which Mr. Samuel Hopkins
Adams has been exposing in Collier's.
I The danger In this article of com-
i . merce, the patent medicine, is that its
iraud is not merely an Imposition on
tho purse of the purchaser, but that
! usually it is a deadly poison, like the
cocaln and morphine of the so-called
I "catarrh-cures," "sothing-syrups," and
'cough-remedles," or a mixture largely
alcoholic, as tho "bitters," "sarsapa-
rillas," and "tonics." By means of
these medicines, many people who be
lieve themselves to bo leading temper
ate and exemplary lives are becoming
drug-flelds and alcoholics without
knowing it.
In this article wo can only touch
! tho high places of Mr. Adam's ablo
series. Wo can only mention tho bet
ter known "remedies," the widely ad
vertised. Tho alcoholic stimulants
known as Peruna, Palno's Celery Com
pound, Duffy's Pure Malt Whisky
come in this category. Peruna, out
side of an Inslgniilcant quantity of
certain drugs (less than one-half of 1
per cent) is made up of alcohol and
water, in tho proportion of one to
inreo. -mo cost is about 15 to 18 cents
3 a bottle, which sells for $1. A woll
known authority on drug addictions
writes Mr. Adams as follows:
"A number of physicians have call
ed my attention to tho use of Peruna,
both preceding and following alcohol
and drug addictions. Lydla Plnkham's
Compound is another drug used
largely by drinkers; Palno's Celery
Compound also. I havo In tho last
two years met four cases of persons
who drank Peruna In largo quantities
to Intoxication. This was given to
thorn originally as a tonic. They wero
treated under my caro as slmplo alco
holics." In short, where a given bottlo of
0 whiskey would contain 50 per cent,
of alcohol, tho snmo bottle of Peruna
would contain 28 per cent, alcohol,
Palno's Celery Compound 21 per cent.,
Hostettcr's Stoma rh Bitters 44.3 per
cent. Tho government has prohibited
the salo of Peruna among the Indians
because of Its intoxicating effects.
Other "remedies" aro similarly alco
hollc. As Mr. Adams says: "Lydla
Plnkham appeals to suffering woman
hood with 20 per cent, of alcohol;
Hood's Sarsaparllla cures 'that tired
feeling' with 18 per cent.; Burdock's
Blood Bitters, with 25 per cent.; Ayer's
Sarsaparllla with 2G per cent." So
iar as concerns tho testimonials, Mi.
Adams finds that In twenty-ono of
thirty-six letters by members of con
gress "thero Is. no indication that tho
writer has ever tasted the remedy
which ho so warmly praises." As
a matter of fact, thero is a man in
Washington who procures testimonials
from congressmen at so much a head.
sulfurous acids, with an occasional
traco of hydrochloric or hydrobromlc
I acid. Mostly It Is water." It is ad
vertised to euro thirty-seven varieties
'of diseases, including "contagious di
seases," which head admits of further
numerous divisions. Tho claim mado
Is that Llquozono is liquid oxygen.
"Liquid oxygon," says Mr. Adams,
"doesn't exist abovo a temperature
of 220 degrees below zero. Ono spoon
ful would frcezo a man's tongue, teeth,
and throat to equal solidity before ho
had tlmo to swallow." Tho truth is
that tho sulfuric acid of Llquozono is
oil of vitriol; sulfurous acid Is an
other corroslvo poison.
In an artlclo entitled "Tho Subtlo
Poisons," Mr. Adams dwells on the
danger of the number of ready "rem-
Republican Candidate for County Clerk.
This Is a good picture of J. U. Eld
redgo, Jr., tho Republican candidate
for county clerk. Mr. Eldredgo is so
well known that a biography of him
would bo surplusage. Ho has held tho
position to which ho is now a candi-
As an example of how patont-medl-cino
manufacturers work on human
credulity may bo cited Llquozono.
Twenty years ago, when microbes be
came a leading topic, Radam's MIorobo
Killer, a compound containing sulfuric
and muriatic acids, was a wl.dely ad
vertised remedy. When tho "mlcrobo
gavo way to the "gorm" and tho "bac
illus," Llquozono arose. This "relies
on a weak solution of sulfuric and
dato for re-election for two years and
novor was a county clerk's olnco con
ducted better. Every lawyer at tho
bar Is his friend. Ho has warm sup
porters in all tho political parties and
it is generally conceded ho will bo
cdles" that reach even tho thinking
classes. Orangolno, ono of tho beBt
known prints its formula, but compara
tively few peoplo know what "ace
tanllld" Is. To quoto Mr. Adams:
"Tho wickedness of tho fraud lies in
this: that whereas the nostrum, by
virtue of Its acetanllld content, thins
tho blood, depresses the heart, and
finally undermines tho whole system,
.it claims to strengthen tho heart and
produce bettor blood." Mr. Adams I
subjoins a heart-rending list of deaths
through heartache-powders or "brae- H
ers," containing acetanllld and taken H
without a doctor's prescription. H
Dromo-Soltzor, so frequently taken, the H
usual doso being "a heaping teaspoon- H
ful," contains about ten grains of ncc- H
tanllld to the dose. Five grains havo H
been known to produco fatal results. H
Megrlmino Is another acetanllld H
"remedy," and so, for that matter, aro H
most othor nostrums of the "headache" H
sort. Antlknmnla, so often taken by H
women, Is no less dangerous or fraud- H
ulent than Orangolno." Mr. Adams II
warns all against taking without pro- H
scrlptlou tho lollowlng acetanllld H
"remedies": H
"Orangolnp, Bromo-Soltzcr, Royal H
Pain Powders, Miniature Hcadacho
Powders, Mcgrimino, Anti-Headache,
Dr. Davis' Hcadacho Powders, Antl- H
kamnia, Ammonol, Salacetln, Phonal- H
gin, Cephaigln, and practically all of
the drug store vended 'hcadacho euros' H
and 'nutl-paln' remedies." H
And so Mr. Adams goes on to show H
that Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syruii H
lor Instance. Is so often responsible for H
tho opium habit; that Blrnoy's H
Catarrhal Powder, Dr. Cole's Catarrh H
Cure, Dr. Gray's Catarrh Powder, and H
Crown Catnrrh Powder " all of them H
aro cocaln; tho other ingredients are H
unimportant." Ho shows that tho so- H
called "consumption cures," which H
patients clutch at pathetically, only H
hasten tho progress of the disease, for H
they contain chloroform, opium, alco- H
hoi, and hashish. "Dr. King's Now H
Discovery for Consumption," ho shows, H
"Is a morphln and chloroform mix- H
Ho gives a long list containing Ru- H
pert Well's Radlallzcd Fluid, for can-
cer, Miles' Heart Disease Cure, and a H
number of othor opllopsy cures and H
cancer cures of tho samo sort. All M
aro swindles and tho trail of fraud M
Is over all, regardless of what they M
advertise. M
Will Replace Sage. H
With tho death of Russoll Sago H
thero Is but ono person left in all tho H
country who can dip her hands In her H
monoy bags and say to Wall street: H
"How much do you want and how H
much will you pay?" That porson Is H
Hetty Green, tho richest woman In H
America, with tho posslblo exception
of Mrs. Russoll Sago hersolf. Even H
with Russell Sago living sho has re- H
peatedly gone to Wall street with her H
monoy when tho financial wolves wore
ravening and cent per cont was In
tho clouds and exacted hor morclless
tribute. She Is the ono of all others
who will replaco tho veteran Sago In H
tho Wall streot world of finance. H
Attorney, M
In tho District Court, Probato DI- H
vision, In and for Salt Lake County, H
Stato of Utah.
In tho matter of tho estate of M
James Channlng, deceased. Notice. M
Tho petition of Elijah Butterflcld
praying for tho issuanco to himself of 1
Letters of Administration in tho sc- M
tato of James Channlng, deceased, has M
been set for hearing on Saturday, tho fl
3rd day of November A. D. 100G, at M
10 o'clock, A. M. at the County Court M
House, in tho Court Room of said M
Court, In Salt Lake City, Salt Lake
County, Utah. H
Witness tho Clerk of said Court M
with seal thereof afflxed, this lGth M
day of October, A. D. 100G. M
(Seal.) Clerk.
By W. H. Farnsworth, Deputy Clerk. M
C. M. Nielsen, 1
Attorney for Petitioner. H

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