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m The Western Weekly's Automobile Section J
i Garage Notes
The Sharman Auto Co. report the sale of Reo, 2-cylinder Tour
lg cars to A. C. Wherry and A. II. Birrcll, 20 horsepower, 2-cylin-cr
Reo Runabouts to Geo. Carter and E. W. Rcinhart, and 10 horsc
owcr, 1-clyindcr Reo Runabouts to Dr. G. F. Harding and J. L.
Mr. R. G. Condon has purchased a 2-cylindcr, 14 horsepower,
laxwcll Runabout from the Auto Mfg. & Supply Co.
Mr. S. II. Sharman of the Sharman Auto Co., will leave on Tucs
ay for a trip cast. lie will visit the different factories of the com
anies he represents and get generally posted in up-to-date doings in
On the 15th of this month the Auto Mfg. & Supply Co. will move
icir salesrooms and garage to 233 So. State Street. They will retain
icir present premises as a repair shop.
Mr. T. M. Hart is in the city demonstrating the Goldberg Car
urctor, the agency for which is in the hands of the Sharman Auto Co.
Mr. R. W. Hill of the Durbin Dental & Surgical Supply Co. with
'red and S. H. Sharman, left on the night of the Fourth on a fishing
ip to Croydon. They returned Sunday night having had a very
njoyable time.
Mr. Edward B. Jones, mining engineer of this city, has purchased
n 18-horse power "Jackson" runabout form the local agents, The
Littomobile Exchange.
Mr. Harold Lamb and party left Salt Lake on a trip to Park
ity on Wednesday. July 8th, they arc expected to return to-day.
Mr. A. II. Cowic is the purchaser of a Model II Franklin car.
The Consolidated Wagon & Machine Company report the sale to
)r. Lunbcrg of a "Northern."
The same agency also report the following late sales of "Buicks,"
J. Fabian, H. J. Grant, W. R. Pettic. and Clark S. Whitney have
ach bought a Model F. car, and E. B. Wicks, J. J. Chapman and John
'.. Sharp each a Model 10.
Mr. C. W. Wilcox, western representative of the Maxwell Bris
e Company, was in the city last Friday visiting the local representa
ves of the "Maxwell." He was on his way from Los Angeles to the
ompany's factory at Tarrytown, N. Y.
An auto line, taking the place of the old stage between Escondido il
and San Diego, California, commenced operations on the first of the ,
month. Three Pierce Great Arrows arc being used, making the dis- 'I
tancc of thirty-five miles in, three hours, as against nine hours oc-
cupicd by the .old stage. I
Mr. G. II. Phelps, manager of The Auto General Supply Co., of I
Denver, was in Salt Lake last Sunday and Monday making arrange- H
incuts to open up a branch store in this city. Mr. II. M. Cole who ,H
was until lately with the Salt Lake Hardware Co., will be the local rH
manager and the store will be located at 50 Post Office Place. A com- f'H
pletc line of auto supplies will be carried in stock. They will be H
open for business July 20th. H
At the recent races m Portland, Oregon, the Model 10, 4-cylinder lH
Buick runabout ran sixty-one miles in one hour. H
Foster Crampton, a New York attorney living at Eastport, L. I., H
used his car the other day, first to bring hose to a burning building i'H
and afterwards to carry an invalid woman to safety when she had been H
rescued from a burning house. Mr. Crampton when passing the H
building saw flames issuing from one of the windows. He secured a 'H
hose from a neighbor and hurried back to the fire, where a bed-ridden 'H
invalid had just been removed. After unloading the hose he lifted 'H
the old lady into his car and carried her to a neighbor's house. H
On the subject of good roads wc take pleasure in quoting the H
following from the speech of Hon. John II. Bankhead in the senate H
of the United States recently. Good roads arc avenues of progress, the jH
best proof of intelligence; they aid the social and religious advance- H
ment of the people; they increase the value of products; they save H
time, labor and money ; they are the initial sources of commerce, 'H
which swell in great streams and flow everywhere, distributing the .J
products of your fields, and forests and factories, the highways of the jH
common property of the country. Their benefits arc shared by all.
They arc needed by all, they benefit all, and all should contribute jH
to them. M
The Western Weekly Automobile List I
B (Cut nut HiIm lint, fold iiml curry In jour pocket for reference.) H
H 1 Lo Hoy Snow. 55 E. S. Darling. 109 C. A. Walker. 163 L. Hanchott. H
(Not In use.) 5G II. A. McCornlck. 110 L. D. Freed. 164 W. D. Leonard. M
3 Henry M. Crowthor. 57 Nelllo 13. Harris. Ill Dr. T. D. Beatty. 105 B. H. Green. M
4 (Not In use.) 5S Kranlc Llbbey. 112 Walter O. Filer. 166 C. N. Strovoll. M
r J. D. Kendall. 50 C. A. Walker. 113 Sidney Bamberger. 107 Dr. Ross Anderson. M
C Dr. H. S. Scott. CO Dr. Fred Stauffor. 114 H. L. Peck. 1G8 Dr. Fred Stauffor. H
7 Dr. J. M. Dart. 61 E. S. Wright. 116 Studebakor Bros. 100 W. I Maas. M
S W. L. Mnas. 02 (Not In use.) 110 F. C. Loofbourow. 170 A. L. Thomas, Jr. M
a Geo. W. Helntz. 3 Henry Folland. 117 Hubbard Inv. Co. 171 Harry Elliott. M
10 D. C. Jiickllng. 64 Dr. F. S. Bascom. 118 S. A. Whitney. 172 R. E. Daynes. M
11 (Not In use.) 65 Con. Wngon & Much. Co. 119 D. E. Burley. 173 C. Q. Bamborgor. M
12 Alec Boverldge. 6G T. R. Cutler. 120 Miller & Cahoon. 174 P. J. Moran M
13 F. I. Carter. 67 J. R. Vallentlne. 121 Hemenway & Mosor. 175 Dr. Henry La Motto. H
14 M. J. Cheesman. 68 T. M. Schumakor. 122 L. S. Hills. 176 (Not in use.) M
ir Nicholas Schmtttroth, 69 Samuel Newhouso. 123 M. D. Joseph. 177 (Not In uso.) H
16 70 (Not In use.) 124 Jacob Moritz. 178 W. C. Sweet. M
17 G. 1 1. Robinson. , 71 S. V. Dorrah. 125 Col. E. A. Wall. 179 E. G. AVooley. JJB
18 (Not In uso.) ' 72 W. W. Armstrong. 126 Geo. T. Keysor. 180 J. E. Cosgrlff. M
19 F. 13. Baxter. , 73 T. G. Odell. 127 A. T. Cutler. 181 Tuttlo Bros. H
20 O. G. Snow. 74 Mr. Purcoll. 128 (Not In use.) 182 Startup Candy Co. M
i21 (Not In use.) 75 G. S. Hitchcock. 129 S. M. Bamberger. 183 Fancher & Morris. M
22 Robt. Bruere. 76 Dr. tu. S. Wright. 130 A. B. Irvino. 184 Robt. Stanflold. t H
23- Samuel Newhouso. 77 Ray Walker. 131 A. S. Erickson. 185 A. "W. Smith. M
24 H. A. McCornlck. 78 A. S. Home. 132 C. S. Burton. 180 P. N. Nunn. M
25 Col. E. F. Holmes. 79 U C. Sinclair. 133 Finch & Rogers. 187 D. M. Lindsay. M
26 Col. E. F. Holmes. 80 C. E. Miller. 134 Sharman Auto Co. 188 E. L. Shoots. M
27 H. N. Standlsh. 81 C. W. Whitley. 135 Sharman Auto Co. 189 I. R. Stewart. M
28 O. H. Hewlett. 82 H. C. Ballinger. 136 A. H. Walsh. 190 Mrs. J. L. Rawlins. M
29 W. A. Nolden Drug Co. 83 J. A. Earles. 137 John T. Boes. 191 Westminster Inv. Co. iH
30 Houston Real Estate Co. 84 T. R. Cutler. 138 M. B. Covey. 192 A. A. Birch. M
31 Lafayette Hanchott. 85 Eugene Roy. 139 S. M. Covey. 193 Sam C. Park. H
32 T. IL Smith. 86 C. H. Duckworth. 140 W. R. Smith. 194 L. O. Naylor. UB
33 Thos. Homer. 87 Jos. Nelson. 141 J. S. Bransford. 195- E. P. Sears. iM
34 Tuttle Bros. 88 Elwood Bailey. 142 R. C. Gommell. 190 A. D. Bowen. IM
35 Jas. I. Gallacher. 89 (Not In use.) 143 Hoffman Bros. 197 Addison Cain. H
36 Dr. S. J. Dull. 90 O. W. Powers. 144 O. W. Arnold. 198 A. Fisher. . H
37 F. G. Jannov. 91 Jos. J. Daynes. Jr. 145 Auto Sight Seolng. 199 (Not In use.) M
38 C. AV. Freed. 92 R. E. Campbell. 140 Auto Sight Seolng. 200 (Not In uso.) M
39 Tony Jacobsnn. S3 G. E. Alrls. 147 Auto Sight Seeing. 201 Mrs. L. Hanchott. H
10 (Not In use.) 94 August Stocker. 148 C. S. Wray. 202 Dr. A. C. Behle. M
41 F. E. McGurrin. 95 Karl E. EUers. 149 J. E. Jennings. 203 C. V. Gilmer. M
42 Fred II. Perkins. 90 C. B. Titcomb. 150 13. S. Darling. 204 J. C. Ross. M
43 Duncan McVichle. 97- H. L. Shlbley. 151 J. F. Dunn. . 205 M. L. Ren.ua. M
14 Sam Sharman. 98 IT. Dlnwoodey. 152 W. T. Cannon. 200 W. Ai. Thome. M
4r, w. M. Bransford. 99 C. A. Qulgley. 153 J. J. Daly. 207 M. H. Tenesch. M
40 (Not In use.) . 100 L. C. Snow. 154 Dr. E. Vlko. 208 Dr. G. B. Pfoutz. M
47 (Not In uso.) 101 Mrs. S. B. E. Holmes. 155 August Westmon. 209 F. C. Schramm. M
48 Arthur Rueber. 102 (Not In use.) 150 W. G. Roylanco. 210 F. T. Roberts. M
49 IT. D. Mitchell. 103 A. T. Egan. 157 W. A. Powell. 211 A. W. McCuno, Sr. M
50 (Not In use.) 104 Sharman Auto Co. 158 Arthur Snow. 212 Jos. Geoghegan. M
51 Alox Bovorldge. 105 F. J. Hagenbarth. 159 J. T. Richards. 213 C. "W. Whitley. M
52 M. J. Cheesman. 106 C. C. Griggs. - 160 R. E. Wilkinson. 214 S. 8. Dickinson. M
53 Dr. A. S. Bowor. 107 (Not In use.) 161 W. H. Ellison. 215 W. H. Clark. M
G4 J. R. Walker. 108 J. H. Rhymers. . . . 162 O. R. Meredith. 210 oohn Nye. lH

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