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=n?3 t-e Gjldfeld News
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--- “All that’s New and True of the Greatest Gold Camp Ever Known"
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VOL. |. No 29. Goldfield, Esmeralda County, Nevada, Friday, November II, 1904. _Price 10 Cents.
sin the Mines—Good Strikes in the Com
bination and Florence.
A strike which has been kept quiet
was recently made on the lease of Wood
ward, Lothrop and O’Keefe on the_Flor
ence. The ore runs from $200 to $800
per ten and the lessees now have about
14 tons sacked for shipment. It is evi
dent that the crosscut cut the ore shoot
near its apex and it will be necessary to
sink deeper before the tonnage will be
what it should be. Like on the Flor
ence Lease No. 3, yds strike shows the
wisdom of going a few feet further l>o
fore quitting work. Lockhart and Mc
Clelland, two of the owners of the Flor
ence, had this lease and after doing con
siderable work and finding no shipping
ore, they threw it up. The present les
sees did the few feet more work neces
sary to find the high grade ore.
New Strike on Combination.
At a point about 175 feet south of the
present working shaft, a shoot of rich
ore which crops to the surface has been
discovered on the Combination. The
shoot has been proved for a distance of
100 feet, the ore hotly varying from 3 to
8 feet in width and the values go from
$100 to $500 per ton. As it is well known
that the values in the Combination go
down for at least 300 feet in depth, the
importance of this new strike is appar
Butte Goldfield.
\V. YV. Wishon and YV. A. Stevens,
two prominent mining men formerly of
Butte, Mont., and Idaho, together with
H. T. Bragdon and L. L. Patrick of Gold
field, have bought the Hercules group of
five claims a little over two miles soutli
eistoftown. As was stated last week
in connection with (.'apt. Hassell’s
strike, the country to the southeast has
been neglected up-to-date, hut is now
receiving the attention of some of the
best mining men who come info camp.
Wishon and Stevens are two of the most
competent finning men who have come
into Goldfield and alter a careful exam
ination of the formation and geological
conditions, they have selected this sec
tion as the most promising of the unde
veloped portions of the camp, and are
backing up their opinion that they can
make a mine with their own cash.
Bragdon and Patrick are among the
most successful of the old timers in camp
and their taking hold gives gieat eonfi
dence to those who own property in that
section. The Butte Goldlield Mining
• and Reduction company has been in
corporated to take over the Hercules
group, and as the name indicates, the
company are also figuring on erecting
smelting and reduction works. Mr.
Stevens is one of the best mill men in
the business and they all realize that
Goldfield offers a splendid chance for
such works.
Goldfield Diamond.
Work on the Head Center claim is
progressing fairly well, hut has been
somewhat delayed for want of timber
and other material, blit now that a sup
ply is on hand, the work will progress
more rapidly. The present shaft is fol
lowing the ledge on the foot wall, which
lias a dip northerly of GO degrees. This
shaft will be continued to a depth of GO
feet, then the ledge will be crosscut and
drifts run on it each way. At the same
time a double compartment vertical
working shaft will be sunk about 50 feet
north of the present shaft, to catch the
ledge at a depth of 100 feet. The ore
body has made a very satisfactory in
crease in value with depth, and the
quartz is becoming more compact, and
is well mineralized.
The BlacH Butte StriKe.
The crosscut from the shaft on the
Black Butte has struck the ledge and
some shipping ore encountered. Some
handsome spccimens'have been taken
out. but the tsidyjof shipping ore is not
very large at present. No doubt is felt
that a little further development will
place the Black Butte on the ^shipping
list. In tin upraise from the tunnel on
the south end of the Black Butte good
ore was also found during the week.
Across 3 feet tiie ore will average $t><)
per ton and small streaks w ill go several
hundred per ton.
Velvet Gold Mining Co.
The Velvet Gold Mining company
Inis been incorporated with the follow
ing of beers and directors: John Erik
son, president; (Maude M. Smith, vice
president; Louis W. Bond, secretary
and treasurer; K. II. Lathrap and Geo.
A. Kerniek. The company owns the
Velvet, Sunflower and Algae claims
and the wonderfully rich ore w hich has
been found on these claims is well
known to our readers. The capitaliza
tion is 1,00(1,000 shares of the par value
of $1.00 each and the company is in
corporated under the laws of Arizona.
The officers and property of the com
pany ate too well known in Goldfield to
need further mention.
Goldfield Lone Star Co.
The Goldfield Lone Star Mining com
pany has been incorporated under the
laws oi Wyoming, to operate the Lone
Star group oi about boo acres, which
was recently bought by Shove, Aldrich
& Co., the prominent brokers of Colo
rado Springs, and it. W. Griswold of
Goldfield. The capitalization is U,<KK>,
000 shares and 000,000 have been placed
in the tieasury. Before very long the
company will doubtless commence ex
tensive operations for the development
of its ore bodies and more complete ex
ploration of its large territory.
Rich Shipment from Kendall.
Another shipment of rich ore went out
from the Oddie-Gardner lease on the
Kendall this week. There were about
10 tons of ore and the assays from the
different sacks showed values ranging
from the $700 to $4,000 per ton. The
new shaft, which is being sunk on
another ledge which inis not been here
tofore exploited, is going down at the
rate of 0 feet per day. The whole shaft
is now in high grade mill ore.
The Tcnopah Club.
The lack of lumber tor timbering has
do laved development on the Tonopah
Chili of the Conqueror Mining company
this week, but work is again progressing
satisfactorily. The shaft on the hanging
wall is now down .‘50 feet, the whole
shaft is in shipping ore and looking
fill 1 v as good as ever.
Strike on Patrick.
Higgs and J>rnke, leasing on the Pat
rick claim of tiie Lone Star group, have
made a strike which may soon add this
claim to the list of shippers. The strike
was made Wednesday at a depth of
(5 feet and the shaft is in solid quartz,
pannings from which indicate values of
better than $101) per ton.
Is Jhe town of the Goldfield Mining District, and always will be
Look at the substantial building going on, and th<- increasing
population, and you cannot doubt the above statement
Real Estate Values have increased ten-fold in six months
and are still advancing
The purest of water piped through the streets. Telegraph and
^ Telephone Communication with the outside world
desirable lots now for sale
r. Address Goldfield Townsite Co. Nevada
INye and Ormsby County Bank 1
1 Capital, - $200,000.00
i T. L. OlJDIK, President JOHN S. COOK, Cashier f
| D. M. RYAN, Vice Pres. R. M MKDER, Asst. Cashier. |
| GEO. S. NIXUN, Gen. Manager ;
§ Resident* of Goldfield are assured that we will give prompt and careful attention to all
Vc banking matters eutrusted to u*. g
f0F~ Only Fire-Proof Vault In Town
§®@@®©5)®©sXsX^]<s^^ > *vs>S
Pioneer Stage L ne,
Carries U. 8. Mail. Stop- for ‘inner at ivlo rid We I ('-r-.-tv'. drivers and
^..urteouH . aen;e
Peter Samuelson, —_ Fare, always the same, $3.Of
Gold Bond Mining Co.
The Gold Bond Mining company has (
been incorporated to operate, the Tin
i liorn group of five claims, favorable
mention of;the development of which
have been'made several times in these
columns. The officers are: R. L. May- |
field, banker of Shreveport, La., presi
dent; W. H. Clark, capitalist of Salt
! Lake City, vice-president ; *W. F. Bond,
i broker of Goldfield, secretary and treas
| nrer. Ten men, under the direction of
i Superintendent' A..IL ’ Crampton, are
now at work on the property. Two
| shafts are being sunk and a large
j amount of good grade milling ore is on
the dump. The owners are' very much
| encouraged over the showing.
Water and Ore Close Together.
Murphy, Myers and Collins have com
| pletcd the assessment work on a group
j of Li claims six miles due west of the
town of Goldfield. The showing here is
very encouraging and the owners intend
to at once start a shaft and,sink 50 feet
on the ledge and then drift. The sur
face indications are excellent and assays
, as high as $74 jht ton were gotten from
tlie croppings. The above named gen
tlemen also own a spring ^nearby which
now (lows \}4 miner’s inches of water.
This supply is also being further devel
oped and with every shot tlie flow of
water ! is increased. With a good body
of even low grade ore so close to water
it should prove a well paying combina
Receiver ror me jumno.
On petition of John MeKane, recently
! deposed from the presidency, the Juniho
! Alining company has gone into rcceiver
| ship, and John S. Cook, late cashier of
; the Nyc and Ormsby County Bank, has
j been named as the receiver. The Me
Donald-Fuller lease lias been closed
down by injunction, but no injunction
was asked for regarding the kernick
Bowcs lease, and the lessees are still
| working. The Zinn lease is also work
! ing, there being no dispute over the ex
tension of that lease, which was granted
some time ago.
Jupiter Goldfield Mining Co.
The above company is now under the
management of II. B. Lind, the success
ful promoter of the Jumbo Extension
and Vernal Mining companies. The
property lies one and one half miles
south of the Jtinilto and Combination
mines and assays from the suil'acc in
diertte that another good property has
been acquired by Mr. Lind. Four
samples taken this week returned values
of $2.00, $3.50. $20 and $110 respectively
to the ton.
Lazy George.
At a depth of 20 feet some ore was en
countered last week in the Lazy George
claim of the Lone Star groupand a spec
imen assay showed values of $29,000 per
ton. However, no more of this ore has
been found since, hut the ow ners are en
couraged t" believe that a body of high
grade ore will lie found with further de
velopment. The Lazy George adjoins
the Blue Bell group on the east and is
close to the Potlatch and Velvet.
StriKe North of Diaraondlield.
On a group of 22 claims, owned by
“Diamondticld Jack" Havis and associ
ates, and which lie about 8 miles north
of Hiamoiullield, a strike was made last
week of gold ore, the assays from which
went as high as $38 per ton. These
claims lie close to Jack’s well on the
road to Tonopah. This well will lie
sunk 20 feet deeper and a station will
soon be established.
The January.
The new ledge recently cut in the Janu- |
ary is holding its own and a good quail- |
tity of high grade is being taken out j
ilailv. The crosscut at the 230-loot :
level has entered the ledge, hut the val
ues have not been determined yet. The
lessees are also sloping at the 100-foot j
Tho ledge un the Adams-Goldfield is
being crosscut at a depth of 75 feet and
the ore now averages from $40 to $50
per ton. If no big body of high-grade is
encountered, the Adams should prove a
good paying mine from the large bodies
of good mill ore.
Gold Queen Hines Co.
Three sets of leasees are now at work
ou the Gold Queen claim of the above
company and the report of a good strike
may come any day. Not only does the
location justify this hope, hut assays
from the surface croppings go as high as
$20 per ton.
Smelter Returns $4,960 Per Ton.
Returns were received this week from
a shipment of 47 sacks from the Richard
& Co. lease No. 9 on the Jumbo. The
smelter settled at the rate of $4,900 per
ton for the lot.
Empire Hinin^Co.
The shaft on the Silver Tip claim of
this company is now down 27 feet, at
which point the ledge is 4 feet wide and
carries good values.
The Black Rock.
The lessees on the Black Rock are do
ing considerable trenching and opened
up a good looking ledge during the week.
Concert Sunday Night.
A grand concert will be held Sunday
night in Hinman hall, a few doors south
of the new office of The News on upper
Main street. A splendid program has
been arranged and the talent is above
the average. j ^
Will Bt Erected to Amargosa in the
Bullfrog District.
II. II. Clark, general manager of the
Bullfrog Mining company ami of the
Amargosa townsite, lias returned to To
uopah from Han Francisco and announ
ces that he will "at once begin the con
struction of a new telephone line from
Goldfield to the Amargosa townsite in
the Bullfrog district. He has arranged
to purchase the material from the Gold
field and Tonopali line that was used in
the construction from Hodaville and
Coaldale and thus no time will he lost.
No greater evidence of the confidence
felt hv Mr. Clark and his associates in
the Bullfrog country could he shown
and this confidence is shared hv many
who have no financial infersts in the
district. Senator W. C. Ralston, of the
Han Francisco Stock Exchange, recently
returned from Bullfrog. He is very en
thusiastic over the outlook, stating that
the mineralized a.va is very extensive,
strong lodges outcropping in cilery di
rection from the original discovery. He
was particular)’ impressed with the
showing on the pro arty of the Bullfrog
Mining company, stating that the main
ledge is fully IKK) feet wide and outcrops
from the discovery shaft to the lop of
Ladd Mountain a distance of 15,000 feet.
He made no assays, hut is satisfied from
the pannings that this is one of the best
properties ever opened up in Nevada.
On tin* strength of Nenutor Ralston s
rejiort ancl the developments, stock in |
the Bullfrog company is in strong de
mand and has advanced to 48 cents per
share. Mr. Clark states that under no
circumstances will any leases be let, but
the whole net returns revert to the com
pany and dividends he paid as soon as
possible. As the company is one of the
most strongly financed in the state with
an enormous hotly of ore to go on from
the surface, the reasonableness of the
above statement can he readily seen.
It has been stated that the company
has ordered a mill. This is not correct,
Mr. Clark says, but the company is
ready to put one in as soon as tests are
The Bullfrog mine, which was the first
discovery in the district, has been incor
porated under the name of the Original
Bullfrog Mines Syndicate. Work is;
progressing on this property and the
men are Imsy sacking ore. The com
pany has had many applications for
stock by wire anil mail and the demand
fur the stock is increasing daily.
The Bullfrog Townsite company has
the pipe on the ground and are develop
ing a good flow of water from springs a
little over a mile back in the mountains,
which will he sufficient for a town of
several hundred inhabitants. This wa
ter will he piped to the townsite and
ready for use in a short time.
The pipe has also been ordered for a
complete water system for the Amur
gosa townsite as well as for mills. The
postotliec has been ordered for Amar
gosa and the Recorder's ofliee will he
located there also.
Many are headed lor the Gold Center
townsite and a lumber yard will soon be
started there. A petition for a post
office has been sent in, and a lodging
house, grocery and general merchandise
store will soon be put in.
1). Wiggers, the representative of Geo.
1). Meiklejoiin and associates, came to
Goldfield Sunday from the Bullfrog dis
triot to secure tools and other ncoes- j
sal e supplies for commencing work ou i
their property, which is situated about |
three miles northeast ot Gold Center, j
Samples from the property assayed
$121.00 in gold and silver.
15<*n llazeltun. is sucking ore anti'
will soon, commence to ship and ac
cording to our informant, the vein on
this property pans for over l.HHI feet.
The values are found in blue quartz.
J. M. Wilson was in from Bullfrog
last week, lie has eight promising
claims in the district and lias had assays
as high as $25.00.
Beatty is the recognized townsite of
the entire Bullfrog mining district. It
is situated on the Amargosa river and is
the natural base for all the milling and
mining industry carried on throughout
the district.
Water is plenty and the soil is suitable
for alfalfa and produce.
At this new town there are two feed
yards and a number of stores and sa
loons are being constructed. On account
of the unfavorable locations of the vari
ous other townsites the business men
are moving to Beatty.
There will certainly be a thriving
town there and these lots are selling at
Tonopah, Goldfield and on the ground
very fast. There are a few lots left on
the Main street at the original price of
the Townsite company and anyone
lucky enough to procure a business lot
at the present price of $75 or $100 makes
a tine investment.
For further information concerning
the Beatty Townsite see Herrick &
Scott, agents at Goldfield. £
Grand Thanksgiving Ball.
The Ladies’ Aid Society will give a
grand ball on Thanksgiving night, No
vember 24th, in their new hall on Crook
avenue. Marino’s orchestra will furnish
good music and a fine supper will be
served upstairs by the ladies. Tickets
$1.50; supper, 75c. extra Everybody ip
invited to come, have a goods time «i^
help a worthy cause. j 2t
Water and Ore in Paying Quantities
Found This Week.
In the well which is being sunk by El
liott, Williams & Colburn, six miles
from Gold Crater, a good flow of water
was struck this week. This is a big
thing for the district.
The big strike of the week was on the
Hub claim of Sanders & Inman. At a
depth of 15 feet they have 20 inches of
ore that is said will average over $2,001
per ton.
Wm. Inman has struck a large body of
galena and horn silver ore on the Desert
Boy claim, owned by himself and Elli
ott, Williams & Colburn.
Gold Crater has been organized as a
mining district and Frank Cook elected
district recorder. A petition for a post
office will also soon be sent in.
Silver Peak District.
Seventeen miles northwest of Gold
field. in the Silver Peak mining district,
\\\ F. Bond & Co., J. II. Allen and J.
G. Brown have a group of five claims—
the American Bov, Last Chance, Silver
King No. 1. Silver King No. 2 and Silver
King Fraction. The ledge on the
American Boy, opened up by a series of
open cuts, shows ore for a distance of
500 feet on the surface. The ore goes
from $40 to $100, the values lieing in
gold, silver and copper. On the Silver
King fine lead ore has been opened up,
two assays showing 68 per cent and 75
per cent lead. Samples of the ore
brought to the office of W. Bond & Co.
have attracted considerable attention.
A force of men, under Superintendent
Allen, w ill start work immediately, and
the owners expect to extract enough ore
in addition to what is on the dump, to
make a shipment within a week or ten
Mill for Colombia Moontain.
Messrs. Gardner, McKane, Bowes,
Beilly, Patrick and Douglass arc the
principal stockholders of the new com
pany which lias purchased the Garfield
mill at Sodaville and who are moving the
same here for the purpose of treating
ore from the Kendall, Sandstorm and
other properties. The mill is practically
new and was shipped from Sodaville
this week.
Goldfield Treasure.
As we go to press word is received of
a good strike on tin- property of the
Goldfield Treasure company, but defi
nite particulars could not be learned.
The news of the strike is not surprising,
however, as the -company has a large
acreage of excellently located ground
audit was only a question of time and
development when pay ore would be
Huntch Bell Group Sold.
Through Milton M. Detch the Huntch
Bell group of ten claims was sold this
week to Robert Taylor and F. R. Jef
fery of Colorado Springs, acting for Dr.
Anderson, Judge Harris, Judge Gunnell
and Henry McAllister of that city.
Short Mining Notes.
Development work started last week
on the Gold Flat property near Diamond
field and a fine looking quartz ledge has
already been opened up.
W. 1’. MeC'omas, Frank Ish and Sol
Camp have taken a sub-lease from 1’oak
and associates on the south end of the
Quartzite Fraction.
Watterson, Holinshaw and Nelligan
are down 45 feet on their lease on the
Sandstorm and the w hole bottom of the
shaft horns well.
H. C. Marcus left Tuesday morning
for Tide Canyon, where he will let a
contract for sinking a shaft on the Ea
gle group, recently acquired and on
which there is an excellent showing.
On the Donovan lease on the Sand
storm the tunnel is now in 45 feet and
at the breast attains a depth of 50 feet.
Stringers have been encountered from
which assays as high as $495 have been
received and Mr. Donovan believes he is
close to a body of shipping ore.
Richard F. Tobin, of Denver, who re
cently bought some claims near Dia
mondfield, writes that active develop
ment will begin about the first of the
month. Frank Oliver will be consult
ing engineer for the company.
Development work on the Goldfield
Red Lion Mining company’s property is
progressing favorably under the direc
tion of Superintendent Willis Law
rence. The Red Lion group includes
some of the finest looking ground in the
district and news of a strike from that
quarter would not come as a very great
Miss Mabel Hanley has arrived from
San Francisco as the representative of
the Goldbug store of that .place and has
opened a branch store on Main street.
It is the intention of the firm to build a
large store building soon.
Miss Pauline Jaffe of Tonopah has ac
cepted a position as cashier and book
keeper at the Merchants hotel.
Flank Johnson left this week for
Pasadena, Cal., where he will Bpend
several weeks.
Charles Angal, the butcher, is a much
v, anted man. He departed Monday
w ihout leaving his future address and
I His many creditors would like to know
I >ii« whereabouts.
Roosevelt Makes Phe>
suit in Nevat,
Election returns are uncommonly
slow in coming in but enough has lteen
learned to prove that the election has
generally been an unprecedented victory
/or the Republicans. Roosevelt will
doubtless receive the largest vote in
the electoral college ever cast for a pres
The last rejH>rt received from Colorado
read: “Peaboily concedes defeat; Adams
elected by nearly 8,000.
Returns from Nevada are incomplete
at this writing but it now looks as if
Nixon would l>e the next United states
Senator. The race la-tween Van Duzer
and Yerington for Congressman is very
dose and the result doubtful.
Official returns from Esmeralda
county seem impossible to get at this
writing, but the la-st information leads
to the belief that Ingalls ami Balzar are
elected as assemblymen; Bradley as
sheriff; Davidson as district attorney;
Roach as clerk and treasurer; Brodigan
as auditor and recorder; Bell as justice
of the peace and Russell as constable.
The vote in Goldfield resulted as fol
lows :
Roosevelt Electors—
Ahern, C... 2.50
Butler, J. L. 2.56
Plumb,. .. 242
Watson Electors—
Beck. 10
McCullough, J. B. 0
McCormack, J. M. 10
Parker Electors—
Clark, E. W. 237
Hesson, A. W. 232
Kendall, Zeb. 2;50
1 )el>s Electi >rs—
Cord ill, Win. II. 205
Anderson, A. B 204
Rose, V. L. 200
For Representative in Congress—
Sadler, Reinbold, S. 23
Van Duzer, D. 451
Yerrington, Jas., R. 108
For Justice of Supreme Court—
Bartine, 11. F., D . 395
Norcross, Frank II., R 228
For Regent of State University
(long term)—
Ciree, Win. J., D 343
Smith, Oscar J., R . .... 219
For Regent of State University
(short term)—
Boyle, Emmit, D. 275
Starret. II. S., K.. 195
For Assemblyman—
Balzar, F. B., K. ... 250
Ingalls, W. A., D .. . :’°3
Kiiker, W. F., Sc !,"
Lewis, Geo. 11., . lr'9
Mitchell, J. F., K “ 3
(McKinnon, C. II., Sc.
For Sheriff ami Asses.-' —
Bradley, J. F., K.
Casey, John F., D.
Marquardson, D., Soe
For Auditor and Recorder—
Atchison, J. G., R .. 1C
Brodigan, Geo., D. 36.
Nelson, Joel, Soe. . If
For Clerk aud Treasurer—
Miller, John 1L. R 107
O’Brien, J. E., Soc. 206
Roach, Andrew, D 332
For D. Att’y umlSup’t. Public Schools
Davidson, J. E., Soe 333
Green, Geo. S., R 192
Henley, W. J.. D . 183
For County Commissioner (long term)
Inman, C. C., D f . . 292
Jackson, W. H., Soc . l8l
Lotlirop, J. F., R . . 227
For Co. Commissioner (short term' —
Froberg, J. R., Soe .217
Gale, A. Y„ li . 198
Wagner, Chas. Sr., 1). . 259
For County Surveyor—
Cosgrove, J. P., Soc 294
Garrard, A., D. 294
For Public Administrator and Coroner
Hill, Henry, D 251
Lorraine, J . 11., Soc . 220
Wagner, C., Jr., R . 200
i .1 ill the tunnel and sha^
1 t be many days until the
* happen—the opening up
‘of nnes tionallv rich body of ship
ping oil -when the stock will move up
•■o rape that the opportunity will be
lost to those who have been awaiting
developments. Buy Black Butte now
and you are sure to make a quick turn
within a fortnight.
We continue to advise the purchase of
Goldfield Mining under 75; Goldfield
Daisy at 15; Diamondfield Gold Mining
company under 4(1; Jumbo for an in
vestment at present market and, for a
prospect, Goldfield Brooklyn. Now that
the election is over a sharp upward
movement may confidently be antici
pated. Reynolds, Hedrick & Co.
New General Merchandise Store.
Cassin & lsh is the name of a new
firm which will soon open for business
in Goldfield. Both of the young men
are well and favorably known. Mr.
Cassin was for a long time with J. D.
Lotlirop and Mr. Ish is also one of the
pioneers of Goldfield. The new firm is
erecting a building on Columbia street,
between Crook and Ramsey avenues.
They will carry fancy groceries, hard
ware, tinware and mining supplies and
will make a specialty of family trade.
Buy a Lot in.
Phenix Addition
The Best Located Property in Goldfield
Broadway Street, 75 feet wide, running straight from Goldfield to
Columbia. All travel from Tonopah, Columbia and the mines must
come through it. Also Mining Claims for lease and bond. Call upon
or address
CASH CAPITAL. $200,000
A general banking business transacted. Exchange bought and sold on all part* ol the world.
Mining stocks bought and sold. Correspondence solicited.
T. B. Rickey, Pres. Geo. H.^kyebs, 1st Vice Pres. C. T. Bender, 2d Vico Pros.
G. W. Richard, Cashier. Geo. W. Cowing, Asst. Cashier.
P. H. Peterson J. P. Woodbury Geo. W. Mapcs W. Brougher Dr. 8. Lee E. B. Yerington
9 a. ni. to n m., i p. m. to 3 p. in. Saturdays, 9 a. m. to 11 m. Bank dose* Sundays and.holiday*,
- -1 -
Livery, Feed and Stage Stable
(Formerly. Moore 8c O’Brien’s Corral) .
First-Class Pigs and Saddle Horses
I Stage Leaves vDaily n i p. m. for Tiiopah. Fere, $3.00 Bach \J0*

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