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The Ogden standard-examiner. (Ogden, Utah) 1920-current, April 05, 1920, LAST EDITION - 4 P.M., Image 12

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... -vnr
I NEW YORK, April 5. Resumption
of trading in the stock market today
after tho Easter recess was attended
by an irregular undertone, due in pait
to latest foreign developments. This
was not reflected in foroign exchange,
however, the London rate continuing
to strengthen. Oils, shippings and mo-
tors featured the backward issues, los
' lng one to almost two points. The
stronger stocks were represented by
equipments and specialties, notably
food, tobaccos, rubbers and textile
shares, also utilities.
Shorts availed themselves of the un
settled foreign situation to exert pres
sure in various directions before the
end of the first hour. Prices of oils,
motors and steels reacted one to six
points with concurrent heaviness in
equipments and Vails. Advances In
specialties were cancelled and the en
tire list fell back. The reversal was
t soon halted, however, and a few lead
ers rallying substantially oh the7 fur
ther improvement of exchange. Easy
money was another helpful factor, call
loans opening at seven per cent.
Additional rallies during the mid
session were based mainly on the fui-
4 ther relaxation of call money to si
per cent. Crucible Steel. General Mo-
tors, motor subsidiaries and equip
I ments weie prominent at extreme
gains of two to four points and food
shares extended their early advances.
NEW YORK. April 5. Butter firm;
receipts 2051; creamery higher than
extras GSrGSc; extras 02 score, 07
, (t?67c; firsts isS to 1)1 score, G3'u
66ltc; pack;ng stock, cunent make
I number two 37c. '
Eggs steady; receipts 25. CDS; fresh
gathered exira firsts. H&'O bc,
firsts 4244c.
I , Cheese irregular; receipts 2:J9;
I state whole mitk Hal?, hold specials
I 30 31c; ditto average 2SJi)c; slaic
whole milk twins held specials -S
i , 'vide; average run 22Sc.
5 Live poultry firm; eiiickcn? ZS(-v
43c; fowls 47c; old roosters' 26c; tur-
keys 5iiJ 60c.
j Dressed -steady; broilers, f.rozon, 39.
If faolc; stag's fresh 2CJ2c; Iro.cn 35
vi.ioc; fowls fresh oUiH")u; -lrozcn 30
1 1 i il)c; old roustors iresrr 2(&'2S:;
!" frozen 270"2Sc; turkeys ?lVf5iyse.
I I OMAHA. Neb,. Anm f. Moss lie-
i ceipts 13,000; market steady to wc.ik;
bulk1 $13.50 15.00; heavy fl3.0l"y
11.75; medium $i'!.5lli'13.257 light j
SH.00a5.50; pigs ?1j.1GLL !0
I Cattje Receipts 12. UU0; market gen-:
orally steady; choice heavy sheers
$13 2514.25; medium $Yi..2i'n 13.
J5; common $9.51 IL.1'5; ii.uce
lijrht $11. 75013. 5; common .Guft.'1
11.75; butcner hciicrs ST-Outy I2.t"j; ;
coks $6.501'll-.'3; caiuicrs $LoO'd'!.
, 50; calves ?lt . i5t;j.li3. J5; fecara $S.-;
I 5012.00; stackers ? .UUitfll .25. j
; ' 2hes.p Receipts 16.uiy; lamb
steady to easier; oiheis slJ.suiy; lumb.s
?18.25T20.25: cu.'ls Jj-l.VoOIM'f .6u; :
; snriugs $17.00'J3.0T1: yearling wcUi
ers ?15. 50518. 00; choice uv.es ?13.t5
U. 50; culls $5. 006 11.00.
I u OMAHA, Neb.. April 5. Wheat No.
H j 2 hard $2.58$f-2.;6; No. 3 hard $2.55
l 2.51; No. 4 spring ?2.C2; No. 5 spring
11 $2.-59; No. 1 mixed ?2.5'; No. 3 mi.ed
I $2.55.
Corn No. 2 white ?1.C6; No. 3 white
1.621.63; No. 4 yellow $1.GS; No. 3
1 yellow $1 . 6501.67; No. 2 mixed $1.63;
No. 3 mixed $1.61-1.02. '
1 Oats No. 2 while SS'JiDOc; No. 3
( white 979Sc.
I KANSAS CITY, Mo.. April 5. -But-
I A ter: Creamery unchanged;- .packing
I 'c? higher, 36Vc, .
I j Eggs current receipts 5c higher per
U j case, $12.15; firsts unchanged. "
K Poultry unchanged.
Minneapolis, 'Minn.,. April 5. P'loiir
unchanged. '
Bran $49.00.
j Wheat cash: No. 1 northern $2.90
I Corn No. 3 yellow $1 .65U67.
I ' Oats' No. 3 while 93?a'??95"c.
JBarley $1. 31(g) 1.59.
.Flax $i.81l.S3.
NEW YORK, April 5. Final prices'
today were: ,
ZVzS 96.64; first Is 91.20; second'
4s S9.66; first 4s 91.28; second 4s;
89.70: third -P4s 92.96; fourth -U',si
89,90; Victory 3-;is 97.91; Viclorv I
! liS 97-.S6. " j
i NEW YORK, April 5. Spot cotton 1
steady; middling 42.00c. 1
Cotton futures clotsed steady; May
40.25c; July 37.70c; October 34 .73c;
December 34.04c; January 33.45c.
NEW ORLEANS, La., April. 5. Tho
I Louisiana. slrawberryYcrop is seriously
k threatened . by the predicted frost to
night, according to the local weather
; oo
CHICAGO. April 5. Butter higher;'
) creamery -lOSS'fcc.
1 Eggs unsettled: receipts 18,970
rases; firsts -nzifyw-c; ordinarj
firsts ST'G'SSc; at mark, cases includ
ed, -ll41Mrc. ,
i Poultry alive higher; springs 38c;
1 fowls f2c.
I " JflHo!s &Co
) - eccus m main sir
CHICAGO, April 5. Fresh advances
in tho corn market today provoked
general selling and brought about a
sharp setback. At first, owing to traf
fic delays duo tp the switchmen's
strike and to widespread storm ef
fects, there was a scarcity of offer
ings. On tho ensuing bulge, though,
; commission houses turned with de
icidcd vigor to the bear side. Opening
! prices, which ranged from to IVi ;
i advance, with May $1,63 to 1,65 and
I July ?.5S'4 to 1.59, were followed by
in tumble all around to well below Sat
urday's finish.
I Oats, like corn, showed sudden fad
ing away of strength. After opening
(Spc off to Ogc advance, including
!July at S2M: to S2'tc, tho market tin
jderwent a material sag.
' Highel" quotations on hogs lifted pro
visions, .
J Later the market rebounded owing
I largely to a prevalent opinion that the
I switchmen's strike would be settled
tonight. The corn close was strong
114 to 3c net higher with May $1.65U
to 1.653s and July $1.60 to 1.60-b.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 5
Close: Corn, May $1.61; July $1 ,575s
' (3.1.57 V; September $1.521 l,62s.
Cattle Receipts 411; choice heavy
steers $9.5010.25; good sleeia $8fa
'J; lair steers $Gfj'i'; choice feeder
steers $7(ffS; choice cows and heifers
$f.5043.50; fair to good ows and neil
crs' $6.507.50; cutters $56; can
iiers $UQ'l; choice feeder cows $56;
la l bulls $5(56; bologna bulls $4.(U'5;
eal calves loll.
.. flogs Receipts 67S; choice fat hogs
ihogs, 175 to 2iu lbs.. $13.25(&U1; bulk
'of sales $ io. 50)13. 75; fecuers $luli'
jll.au.' (
i Slioep-rRecGipis 622; choice lambs
'$Hi3l.-.. v.-etliers ?9Ca'll; tat ewra $7
! jj. v itcder lambs $1(5'J5.
j Arrivals Opden Packing company,
Omaha, Nob., J cars hogs; North and
Clark, BlHckfoot, Idaho, 1 car hogs; L.
1 Walker. -Delta, Utah, 1 car hogs; Allco
M Uoohcr. Uiland. California. 1 cai
Ihogs: Grilfiih UiotJiers, " Smllhfield.
lUtah, 1 car, cattle; McFarland and
i Son, Elslnore, Utah. 3 cars cattle' and
j I uv-'.' hog3: Vhurnley Land and L've
j stock-Co.t Valmy, Nev., 6 care sheep;
!Lhri5 Miller. Oasio, L'lah, 3 cars cat
Jl.c; villiam Hcndrrson, Lewisltn.
LiRh,. 1 car caak-; W. S. villianv,
GuJin:son, Clan, l car cattle. i
t CHICAGO, April 5. ,
! y Open Kigh Low Close
Corn !
May $J.633i' l.CSTS 1.601 1.65U I
.l:.iy J .5S J,i 1.601 1.55 1.60 j
fccp;. -U5I. L56vi 1.51
i oats-- ' ' .
Miiy; r., . .ajUo '.asvi - .ss .yii 1
July' " .s .S'S v -SI .S3i
.May' . . t-37,a0. - 37.3i 37.35
Juiy 3.'.SQ ' 37.70 . 37.50 . 37.57,
I Lartr1 . ' 1 ;
May '."20.75 300 20.37 20.03
;July 21.55 21.G0 21.1p 21.12
Ribs i
May- 1S.77- 19.00 . 1S.77 J9:00
'July 19.50 J9.5D V).30 -J9.4:7
. CAShPSALES.' . ' ,
j . CHICAGO, April 5. Wheat No. 3
i haul $2.63; No. 3 northern-$2.60.
I Corn N'o. 2 'mixed $1.65; No.' 2 yel
tlow $1.69 -til. 70.
Oats No. 2 white $1.00(511-01.
i ' Ryu i'o. 2 $1.8S'i
I Sariey $1.42(31.88. ' ' -1 "
! Tji))oliy seed -$?. 0012. 00.
Clo;er.secd $45.0055.00.". .
Pork nominal.
UzrA $20.05.
Ribs ? IS. 00 1.00.
NEW YORK, April 5. Mercantile
jpper. 615)6 per cc"nt.
Exchange strong; sterling 60' day
! bills $-1.00; commercial 60 day bills on
'banks $4.00; commercial 60 day bills
i$3.99Vjr demand $4'. 04; cables $!.
I 04' .
. francs: Demand 14.47; cables
; 14.45.
Belgian francs: Demand 13.64; ca
bles 13.62.
Guilders: Demand .38; cables .38!&.
ijire: uemancl 2U.47; cables 20. 4n.
Marks: Demand 1.50; cables 1.32.)
Goveriimcnl and railroad bonds ir-j
regular. j
Time loans strong; 60 days, 90 days
and six months 8 percent.
Call money easy; high 7 per cent;
low 6 per cent; ruling rate 6 per cent;
closing bid 6- per cent; offeied at 7
.per cent; last loan 6 per cent; bank
acceptances 6 per cent.
I .
CHICAGO, April 5. Hogs Receipts ;
, 4000; market mostly 50 to 75c higher: I
buik $15. 75(16.5: heavy $15.25(Tj)
10.40: medium $16.0011)16.75; lights
i?15.50(T)lG.75; pigs $14.00g)15.75.
i Cattle Receipts 3000; market un
settled; choice heavy steers ?14.00(&
J15.50: medium $11.75iQ)14.00; coni
:n:on $10 . 25 (511 . 75; choice lights $12.
T'514,75; common $10.0012.75; i
butcher heifers $8.0014.00; cows
?8.00gil2.50; canncrs $5.008.00,
calves $16. 00)17.50; feeders $9.007)
16.00; alockers $6.755)11.25.
Sheep Receipts 500; market nomi
nal: lambs $11 .7537)20.50; culls $14.
1 50(5)17. 50; choice ewes $11 .0015.00; !
culls ;6.00Ji 10.75. '
KANSAS OITY, Mo., April 5. Hogs I
'Receipts 8000; market 15 to 35c1
highpr; bulk $14 .5015.70: heavies
$14.5015.00: mediums $14 . '75)15.
1 50; lights $15.5016.00; pigs $12.00
j Caitle Receipts 7000; market
i steady to fifty eenlr. higher; choice
heavy steers $13.2oi3)14.o0, medium
$11.5013.25; common $10.00(6'11.
40, choice lights $11.9013.60; com
mon $9.0011.90; butcher licifers $7.
i25(g13.25; cows $6.90)12.00; can
(ners $4.506.90; calves $14.5016.
50; feeders $S.60i12.65; stockers $6.
75)11.50. Sheep Receipts 10.000; market
(steady; lambs $17.50(5)20.50; culls
j$14.0017.25; yearling wethers $15,
j 50(5 17.75; ewes $12.001475; culls
I $5.50ji'11 .75; breeding ewes $9.005)
16.50; feeder lambs $14 .2517.90.
CHICAGO, April 5. Potatoes
strong; receipts 37 cars; northern
round white sacked $6.256.35; Idaho
russets $7". 25 ft 7.50.
, NEW YORK, April 5. Bar ullver
Mexican dollars 96c.
Tlugtuhting SALES
Sells and Union Chief take Up
ward Graded Tintic Stand
ard Sells at $4.7712
Gcnornlly speaking the tradjng on
the Salt Lake Slock & Mining Ex
change wan more active than it has
been for some time with prices both
u.p and down, the ones taking the up
ward grade were Sells and Union
Chief, the former opening at IS cents
and changing hands as high as 19V
cents, it closing strong with this price
bid for it, while the latter has showed
considerable strength the last few
days and today it changed hands a.
12 cents, It closing strong with th'is
price bid for it. Tintic Standard open
ed at $4S0 but sold off to $4.77V3, it
closing with the slocks offered at $4.
80 and with only $4 .75 bid.
Alta Con changed hands at 9!A
cents. Albion was active at ,11 cents,
Big Hill changed hands from 12 to
jlSVi cents, Empire Copper brought
32V cents. Keystone sold as low as
!92 ccntSg Naildrivor brought 72 cents,
(Emma bilver weakened a trifle, it
(changing hands as low as 11 cents,
South Hecla sold at $1.15. North Stan
dard changed hands as high as 12
cents, and Tintic Central brought 3
' cents.
i (Quotations furnished over private
I wire of J. A. Hoglc & Company,
Eccles Building.)
' Slock - Did Ask
;Alla Con j .09V .10 J
'Albion .11', .12
j American Con j . 03 V1' .01
'Alia Tunnel j .09Vi .20U
Big Hnl 2'.A .13j
j Bullion .. ., r. .00
Black Metals .. M2'i .13
Columbus Rc.vall 66 .67
Crown Point . '...'....I .u5 .07
Colorado Com .-....' .05', OS
Central Eureka ,011 .02
'Cardiff . 1.60 ! 1.G7&
Dragon Con. ...V.V.. ' .l-ll '.IS
Dai West. j 4.25 4.75
Eui Crown Point-" .' x. , .031 ,.032
(jast Tin. CoaL, .. .V. Q5?i '.07 "
East Tin. Con .12 " .12'
Lureka Mines .j .08 "
Eureka Lily ..-.j -.19J,$ O1.
iurcKa uuiiion .u .22
I Emma "Silver.,. . .11 .12
iLmpIre irincs . ..:.-.-... .08 I .11
iGold Chain . .05 J .10
LiaJid Central ...'.V.IjL' .40- .IS
: How oil 1, . .07 I .OS
jlrcn Blossom .. U .40 .50
j iron King '.33'2! .35
Judge Mining . ....... .4.45 5.10
-Kennebec ' -1 5 f -25
'Keystone ...... j .91 .92
Leonora .. 1 ' .Q25J .03
Lehi Tintic . . ; . .17- .lS'
May Day ;. ..". .Q. ." .'.04'AJ .06
Miller Hill .. . .' ,- .01 "l .02
JJoscow M- ".5 i .09
Michigan Utah 03? .09
North Stan '.lllz .12''-.
New Quincy o?Vi . 07
Upohongo .. . . ......4. .02 j .02U
Ofiginal Bannack-. .., . . 001-1 .01
1'lUtUS .,.J " ..)(
Prince- Con. G5 .68
Provo .05 I .06
Paloma ,oi
Rico Argentine .. .T. .019i. . '. . . . .
Rico Wellington 25 1 .34i
Sells i9j,, .20 "
Sil. King Coal'n 2.00 " 2.10
Sll. King Con 1.50 '1.57'
Sioux Con 03J4I...
South Heela 'l .15 !i 7'.
South Standard- .26 .30
Silver Shield . .-. .49 1 .50
Tar Ba by .03
Tintic Central '.. .03', .04'"
Tintic Standard ..T... '4.75 I 1.80
Utah Cons. . .o .02
: Uncle Sam - 02 I .O'"'.
J West Toledo . . ...... ,07V.
Walker 3-CO " 3.9o"
Woodlawn oy
Yankee .. ft ... . ".06
Zuma .29 32 "
Beaver Copper .'OH. !o2
Em.pire Copper 30 " .35
iNaildriver .72 ,73
I Union Chief 12 .14-
All.. tntn.nt 1
illld 1.UII. J.UUU'17'a V"C.
Albion 4000(5)lHc."
Black Metals 100013c.
Big Hill 1000)13c; lOOO'G'lSc.
Columbus Re.all 100g)fic;"l0067c.
East Tintic Coal. 1000(5'6'c.
Iron King lOOSJc. " . "
Empire Copper 2000(g'32Vc.
Keystone 100 93c; 100ij)92c. '
Leonora 10003c.
Emma Silver 3000lliAc. '
Prince Con. 60067c.
Sails 1000j18c; 1000(&18c; 1000&
19c; SSOO'&lOiic. '
South Hecla 20$1.15.
North Standard lOOOllc.
Tintic Standard 45fj'S''$4,S0: 10
$4.90; 50$4.75.
Alta Con.. 3009ic,
Albion 5000(g)ll c.
Big Hill 50013c; 50012i4c.
Keystone lOOtJ-OSc; 200&i92c; 300fr
Lehi Tintic 1500lSc. - "
Michigan-Utah 10008 c.
Nail'drivcr 500()'72c; 500(f'72c.
Opohongo 225'5)2c. '
I Plutus 1000'44c.
1 North Standard 1000lPc; 1500CT
Emma Silver 1500(?Jj11c.
Sells 1500Ci)l,9sc. "
Silver Shield 400049Vc,
Tintic Central 000)3 ic
i Tintic Standard 500$1.S0; 100fi
$4.82Vi; 400054.77.
j Union Chief 2000'12c; oOOQ'll'ic.
I Stock 1 Bid I Asjc
'lAmal. Sugar ? 14.001$ 14.50
Preferred j 104.50 105.50
I Con. V. agon , 120.001 122.00'
Utah-Idaho Sugar .... s.00 S.251
Lion Coal .. 6.K00 75,00 1
Lion Bonds , ... 91. 00
Mutual Creamery ll!ooi
Utah Construction 190.001
Firi Nat., Ogden 330.00
Plngree National bankj 275.00
Ellison Ranching 130.00
Security State Bank.. 155.00 160.00
z- C. M I 150.00
Goddard Packing g . 00
Utah Power & Light.. 91.00 94.00
NEW YORK, April 5. Raw sugar
strong; centrifugal 14.79c; refined
firm, unchanged to 1c higher; fine
granulated 14,0016.00c.
Sugar futures closed firm; sales one
thousand tons. May 14 35c; July 14.
40c; August 14.40c; Septomber 14.4oc.
British Exchange Rate
Rises Above $4 Mark
NEW YORK, April 5. The British
exchange rate ros 'eabove $4.00 today
after being below that figure since De
cember 1, last. Cables on London sold
at $4.00V2 shortly after the opening
and demand bills at $3.99'Y,.
Notwithstanding tho disturbed Fran
aud German rates 4.)OV V6gq
co German -situation. French, Italian
and German rales also were firmor,
tranc checks opening at 14.55 to tho
dollar, lire checks at ,20.52 to the dol
lar, marks al 1.51 cents, Canadian dol
lars at 91.65 cents.
By noon demand sterling advanced
to $4.01?i and cables to $1.0214.
1 . .
Vionlin. ApVll 5. Looting of freight
trains, particularly of foodstuffs and
wearing- apparel, goes on unchecked
throughout Austria. Unless comiocJ.
U Is said, .aj shipment stands little
eliHiico of coming thtough Intact. Tut
robbers seem .well organized auJ
armed, and often so numerous as lo
resist arrest.
Gift 'cargoes .from other European
states seein the favorite plunder, a.ul,
according to report, much of Uio
.itolcn Koods has Uev. found for sale
in the open market.
A largo consignment of this ch-irac-icr
from Sweden arrived this week,
and when the well arranged food iir
:els, containing flour, fats and other
staples, wej'e opened, itrwas fou'id
that a portion of the fat and fiotn
bad been skilfully removed from -vich
package and a sack of Austrian Jt :
Kubstltutetl to make up the rcti'iiuto
Austin. Tex., April 5. The waste of
natural gas in Texas, which at ojio
t'lniv amounted to 300.000 cubic feci,
or the fuel equivalent of 20000 tons
of coal per day, has boon reduced un-j
III there b no considerable waste, ac- j
cording lo a statement from ih oil
and gas division of the Texas railioad
commission. Tho statement said :n
"The railroad commission gives .
credit for this happy condition largji.v
to the operators, who have show;i
such a splendid spirit of co-opcrallon.
especially so when there Is so little
market for gas as at present, anu
where. In many cases, if the wells
wore allowed to blow, -ihuy might
come In as good oil producers. "
Fort Worth, Tpn3. April G. Tho
great sacred cattle of India have gone
to home pastures with blue'- ribbons
for the first time from the Fort
Worth al stock show, setting a new
era in the industry in tho southwc&t.
The Li rah mas came from the great
Pierce ranches in Wharton counts.
What attracted ' most attu;iiion
about the "sacred, cattle" Is the fact
that tlipy are lick-proof and drougnt
resisting. Originally purc-breds. tbcoe
giant, gaunt catllo have been crowed
with Texas stock until they have
dropped somo of the physical "chur&t.--lerisU.cp
of their kind. But thuy still
retain the hump and their natural
wildncss has bpen Intensified.
(International New3 Service)
Npw York, April 5. Charged with
endangering the health of his thico
chllren. all less than six years old.
by feedlng them food taken from gar
bage and not providing sufficient
clothing for them. John Paraldo. for
ty years old, a farmer, was arraigned
before' Magistrate Simpson in Wasii
ington' Heights court.
Paraldo was held in $500 bail Tor"
trial In special sessions. Ho denied
the accusations.
Here is a aprlnp model whose
charm and daintiness lies in the ac
cordian pleated skirt which is the
favored mode for.this spring. The
elaborately embroidered bodice,
however, is also a pleasing feature
and its b'eauV is enhanced by the
une of a dainty collar and cuffs of
white organdy and lace.
In tho Matter of the K3lat nnd Guar
dianship of John M. Letwitt. a Minor.
The undersized -will sll at pri.ile
sale the following- described oiopi-rtv sit
uated In the-Count of W'obcr, State of
A part or the Northwest ruartcr of
Section Twenty-one. Township Six
North, Ran?e Two. Weal of the Salt.
Lake Meridian. heKlnnlnpr nt a point
Twenty chains South and Twenlv
chains East of the Northwest cor
ner of Bald Qunrlcr section and run
ning ihcncc North KlRhl Rods, thence
"Weal ten rod, thence South clclu
rods, thence East ten rods to the
place of bediming.
Thai the dimensions of said property
arc eight by ten rods nml the saino and
all thereof will be sold on or after the
lnth day of April. 1020. and written bids
will bo received at Room .1. Utah Nation
al Bnnk Uulldfn? on the comer of Twenty-fourth
.Street and "Waahlnpton Avenue
of Ogden City. Weber County. Stalo of
L tali. Terms of sale, cash o
Guardian of the Person and Estate of
said John M. LcnvItL a Minor.
R S Farnsworth. Attorney for said Guar-
dlan. 150
Stale Engineer's Office, Salt Lake City.
Ltah. March 3. 1020.
Notico Is hereby given that Ezra Jt.
Hn( ey. of AVest Weber, Utah, has made
application in- accordance with the re
quirements of the Compiled Laws of
l'lah. 1917. as amended by the Session
Lawa of Utah. 1319. to approprintc three
and flvc-nlnlhs (3 6-9) of a second-foot of
water from Grcenwell Slough, in AVcbor
County. Said water will be diverted by
means of a pumping- plant at a point
200 ft, west of tho E, V coiner of Sec
tion 16. Township G North. Range 2 AVesi
Salt Lake Base and Meridian. The walcr
will be conveyed 200 ft. In a ditch and
there used from May 1 lo October 1 of
each year to Irrigate SO acres of Innd em
braced in tho W. ,i Sec. 15. and Lots 10
and 11 in Sec. lfi. township and range
aforesaid. This application la designated
hi the Slate Engineer's office ajs No.
All protests against the granting of said
application, stating the reasons therefor,
must be made by affidavit in duplicate,
accompanied with a fee of 52.50. and filed
In ibis ofrice wlllWri thirty (30) das aft
er the completion of the publication of
this notice. -
State Engineer.
Date of first publication March 8. 1920
Date of Inst publication April 5. 1020.
Stale Engineer's Office, Salt Lake Cily.
Utah, March 3. 1020.
Notice Is hereby givn that AVilliam
Knight, of JMaln Cily, Utah, has made
application in accordance with Iho re
quirements of Sec. S, Chap. 67. Session
I Laws of Utah. 1919, lo change tho placo
j of use of teven and one-half (7Vi) second-feel
of water diverted from the We
ber River, In Weber County, al n poI:.t
which lies 900 ft. south and 700 ft. east
fiom the northwest corner of Sec. 19.
Township G Norlh. Range 2 AVest, Salt
Lake Base and Meridian, and originally
intended to Irrigate 520 acres of land em
braced In the SW. U SW Vt Sec 18. NAY"
ri NW. U. Sec. 19. T. 6 N.. R 2 V SE'
i SE. U. Sec. 13. NE. U 12. t W. and
AV. i SE. J.i Sec. 21, T. G N., R, 3 W. it
Is now desired to convey the water In a
ditch for a distance of .;3G5 ft. and there
use 10 irrigate 335 acres if Innd embraced
In the SE i and E. SW. U Sec 13
and NE. U am! E. z NAV. ; Sec 2L T.
C N.. R. 3 V and Ihc AV. A NAV. M Sec
I 10. T. G N.. I". 2 W, This application Is
Rdcslgnaled In the State Engineers' office
as No. a520.
All protests against the granting of said
application, stating the reasons therefor.
must be made by affidavit In duplicate.
accompanied with a fee of 52.50. and filed
in this office within thirty (30) days after
the completion of the publication of tills
State Engineer.
Date of first publication March s. 1920.
Date of last publication April 5. 1920.
State Engineer's Office. Salt Lake City,
Utah. March 25. 1920.
Notice Is heieby given that Ihc Davis
& Weber Counties Canal company, with
principal office at Ogden, Utah, has made
application tn accordance with tho le
qulremenls of Section S. Chapter 67. Ses
sion Laws of Utah. 1919. to change the
placo of use of fifteen thousand (15.000)
acre-feet of water stored in a reservoir
in East Canyon Creek. In Morgan County,
and heretofore used to irrigate 15.0U0
acres of land embraced In the southern
part of Township G North. Range 2 West,
the major part of Township S North.
Range 2 Weal. Township 1 North. Range
I West, and Township I North. Range 2
AVest, and Sections I. 5. G. and 9. Town
ship 3 North. Range 1 AVest. Said com
pany now desire? to use the water as a
supplementary supply to Irrigate 19,200
acres of land embraced In Sections 30 and
31. T. S N. 11. 1 AV.r'Secllons 23. 2G. 31,
35. and 36. T. 6 N.. R. 2 AV. . Sections 6.
IS. 19. 20. 2S. 29, 34. 35. and 36, T. 5 N..
R. 1 AV.: Sections 1 to 3; 9. 16. 10. lo 36
Inclusive.. T. 5 N.. R. 2 AV.; Sections
6 to 0. 15 to 23. 26 to 35. inclusive. T. 1 N..
R. 1 AV. : Sections 1 to 6. S lo 17. 20 to 20;
31 to 36, inclusive. T. N.. R 2 AV.; Sec
tions 1 to 6. S to 11. Inclusive. T. 3 N
R. 1 AV.. Section 1. T. 3 N.. R. 2 AV. Tlds
application Is designated in the State En
gineer's office as No. a527.
All protests against the granting of said
application stating tho reasons therefor,
must be made by affidavit In duplicate
accompanied with a fee of 52.50. and
filed in thl.T office within thirty (30) days
after the completion of tho publication
of this notice.
Slate Engineer
Date of first publication March 2D, 1020.
Date of completion of publication April
36. 1920.
Scaled bids will be received by the
Board of Education of Ogden City. Utah,
at Room 308, Colonel Hud3on building,
Ogden, Utah, until S o'clock p. ni Mon
day. April 12. 1920. for labor and materials
in connection with excavations and con
crete foundations required for a parjL of
! the AVashinglon school which the said
I board proposes to erect In Ogden. Utah.
Bidders may obtain diawlngs and specl
! in atlons as required to prepai-o bids for
this work at tho office of Leslie S. Hodg
son and Myrl A. McClcnahan. Architects,
Loom 829 Eccles building. Ogden, Utah,
i All labor must be performed and all ma
eilala furnished and placed as required
to complete the work under the contract
In strict accordance to tho drawings and
specifications and to the entire satisfac
tion of the architects. ,
The board reserves hc right to reject
an or ull bids.
A certified check mndc payable to said
board for a sum of money not less than
five per cent of the amount of the bid
must accompany each bid. and the check
of any successful bidder shall be forfeit
ed In case he falls or cefuses to enter Into
tho necessary contract and furnish a bond
required by the board".
Tho contract shall contain, among oth
er things, a stipulation that at least twen
ty per cent of the contract price may be
withheld until the -work In the contract
Is completed and accepted by the board.
U order of the Board of Education of
Ogden, Utah.
i Clerk.
Published In the Ogden Standard from
March 31st, 1020. to April 12th. 1920. inclusive.-
i ONE bald faced horse colt 3 years old
I Popndkeop II C. AVansgard .Constable.
I 153
Notice 13 hereby given, that a spe
cial meeting of th stockholders of
company at No. 314, Cot. Hudson
building. In Ogden City. AArcber county,
the Logan-Wyoming Oil compafly has
been called by resolution of thcBoajrd
of Directors of said company,, to be
held at tho principal offlco of jald
Stale of Utah, 'on Saturday, the 10th
day of April. A. D. 192J. at the hour
of Three o'clock P. M., for "tho fol
lowing purposes, among others:
1. TS' consider anu act upon tho
Joint agreement entered Into by the
Boards of Directors of the 0deu
AYyomlng Oil compmy and the Logan
AA'yomlng Oil company, whereby tho
Logan -"Wyoming Oil company Ja
merged and consolidated with and
into tho Ogden-AVyomlng Oil com
pany upon the terms and conditions
eetout at length In said agreement.
2. v To elect nine (9) Directors to act
as tho Directors of the consolidated
corporation until the next annual
Bank Statement j I
Report made to Bank Commissioner of the State of Utah of the Condition of i
The Security State Bank
Loptcri al Ogden, in the County of Weber. Stato of Utah, ;at the close of H
business on the 23rd day of March, 1020.
Loans and discounts ?1,09,'J46.G3
Overdrafts unsecured 6,264.38 iH
U. S. Liberty bonds . . .' 54,050.00 )
Stock3 and other bonds 31,400.73
Ogden city warrants ...V. . '. . 500 ."00 ll
Banking house, furniture and fixtures. .. '. j: . .-. 10,964.96 Pl
U. S. war savings stamps ' ;4. .': , 722.72 il
Due from national banks .'.'. TTrrr. . .60,139.25 iD
Due from state banks and bankers: .fr.: . . 31,665.51 v i
Exchanges for clearing bouso ........... ...iw. ... .... . -..... .'. 17,426.88 H
Checks and cash items . . . ..- 1,504.38 HI
Gold coin '. r.i'i 1. '... 20,035.00
Silver coin . 4.90S.86
Currency .r '.::....'....'.... , . r. 33,870.00 flj-
Expense account .... i . i . 4,910.22 -k
Interest and taxes paid 7 J.I . 1,108.97 '.v,V '
Rent account . . .'. .. . 562.50 W
Total : . . .?'1,302,3SO. 99 '
Capital stock paid In .$ 150,000. 00
Surplus fund . . .1.?.'. ..'. ". 35,000.00 jM
Undivided profits.' intcrest.'cxchang'e, etc. .1. 14,919,31
Dividends unpaid 72!oo
Due to national banks 3,461.-19
Due lo state banks and bankers ; . . 5.S25. SI
Individual deposits 56r;923.75
Certified checks . 466.90
Cashier's checks v .10.78S.00
Savings deposits ; .;...;.V. . . 7v. . 338,398 59 IB
Time certificates of deposit . .V. . . '. . . . .V. ..... 131,495".0n
Bills redlscounted .. . .'..-. .k; ., 50,000.00
Total 51,302,380.99 N
STATE OF UTAH, County of AVcber. ' ' ftw
S. G. Dye, being first duly sworn according to law. deposes and says thai 1
ho is cashier of Iho above named bank; that the above and foregoing report fB
contains" a full, true and correct statement of the condition of the said bank I
at the close of business on the 23rd lay of -March, 1920. luvl
S. G. DYE.
Correct Attest:
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 29th day of March, 1920. 'KB
J. FRANCIS FOWLES, Notary Public -(Seal)
My commission expires May 2?, 1923.
STATE OFUTAH, Office of Bank Commissioner.
I, N. T. Porter. Bank Commissioner of the State of Utah, do hereby cer
tify thathc foregoing is a full, true and correct copy of the statement of the- m
above named company, filed In my office this 1st day of April, 1920. iHfl
N. T PORTER, Bank Commissioner. UH
mietlng of tho stockholders.
3. To consider and act upon, any
other matter in connection with or
pertinent to said merger and con
solidation, and iny other matter or
matters which may properly ho
brought before or considered at a
special 'or general meeting of tilt
stockholders of said company.
By Order of the Board of Directors.
DA AID JENSON. Secretary.
You are hereby notified that In ac
cordance with resolutions passed at
the special meeting of tho Board of
Directors of tills Company, he.d oa
ho JL'th day of March. 1920, at four
o'clock p. m.. a special meeting of
the stockholders of the Company
will be held on Thursday, tho 3th
day of April, 1920, at eloven o'ciock
a. m., at tho office of tho Company
at Its packing establishment on A..jt
ilth Strecl, In the City of Oguci..
County of AA'eber and Stato of Utah,
for the following purposes;
First: To vote upon the recom
mendations made by the Boaid of J" I i
rectors at the special meeting abevo
noted, to amend tho Articles of iticor--orallon
of this Company in the fol
lowing particulars:
(a) By Increasing the authorUed
capital stock of the Company
from Two Million ($2,000,000.C0)
Dollars to Three Million, ?ou
Hundred and Twenty-five m Thou
sand ($3,25, 000.00) Dollars, by
which Increase it Is proposed to
create One Million 151, 000, 000. 00 J
Dollars of "A" preferred stock
and Four Hundred and Twenty-
flvo Thnliwinrt fS.l7n.flnm Dnllnr
of "B" preferred stock, in audi
tion to the present issue of Two
Million (52,000.000.00) Dollars of
common stock, with tho righr on
the part of the holders of ths
'"A" preferred stock to exchange
the same for common stock j.t
par, and In tho event of the af
firmative action upon the ques
tion of increase to further con
sider and dotermino upon the at
tributes and chnracterlstles of the
Increased amount of capital st..ek
and the existing capital stock and
the disposition to be made there
of, and special or relative righU
lo bo granted present common
and proposed prcferredTchares ui
Second:' To adopt resolutions jet
ting forth tho amendments recom
mended for adoption by the Board of
Directors and to take such fuither
necessary steps to, legally complete
and effect such amendments.
Third: To transact any and all
other business necessary to effect uato
the object of the .meeting.
The stock transfer and register
books of the Company will bo closed
at ten o'clock a. m. on the 22nd Jay
of March. 1 920. and will be otef.ed
at ten o'clock a. m. on tho 9th day
of April. 1920.
By order of the Board of Dimcioos.
SJcretxiry Ogden Pa nit lng Provl&Ion
Date of first publication: March
i, 1920. 1
Dftte of las'- publication; April 7,
Notice Is hereby glon, that a spo
clal meeting of the stockholders of
the Ogden-AATyomlng Oil company has
been called by resolution of the Board
of Directors of said company, to bo
held at the principal offlco of said
company at No. 314, Col. Hudson
building, In Ogden City, AVcber county,
State of Utah, on Saturday, the 10th
day of April, A. D. 1920, tt the hour
of Two o'clock P. M., for thfe follow
ing: purposes, among others:
1. To consider and act Upon the
Joint agreement entered Into by the
Boards o Directors of the Ogden
Wyoming Oil company and ttfe Logan
AA'yomlng Oil company, whxreby the
Logan - Wyoming Oil company is
merged and consolidated with and
into the Ogden-AVyomlng Oil company Hl
upon the terms and conditions set out 11
at length In said agreement.
2. To vote upon the proposed
amendments to the articles of incor
poratlon of tho Ogden - Wyoming Oil
company, which are as follows:
Amending Article Seven to read as
follows: Kfl
"The total authorized capital stoqk
of the corporation is and shall be Ons Lifl
Million Dollars (51, 000,000), divided ' tifl
into One Million (1,000,000) shares
of the par value of One Dollar (1.00) 1
per share, and of which amount Six lH
Hundred Thousand (600,000) shares ll
shall be, and is hercoy set apart and II
designated as Treasury stock, to be V
sold or olhcrwiso disposed of by the ' IH
Board of Directors of the corporation IH
for tho best interests of the said cor- IH
poratlon." IH
Amending Article Eight to read ai VM
follows: IH
"The officers of this corporation '
shall consist of a board of nine O) ;l
directors, from which shall be elected HH
a Prcsldont, Vice-President, Secretary
and Treasurer, provided, however,
that the office of Secretary and Treas- '
urer may be held by the same person j
If deemed so advisable by the board
of directors. Each director and offi
cer must bo a stockholder of the cor-
Amending Article Eleven to read as
"Five of the board of directors shall I
bo necessary to form a quorum, and 11
shall be authorized to transact tht
business of the corporation and oxer
cise tho corporate powers thereof." JA
3. Td elect nine (9) directors to act HH
as the directors of the consolidated Bff
corporation until the next annual WL',
meeting of the stockholders.
t. j.u tuiiaiuoi iiuu aui upon any l ,--i
other matter in connection with or
pertinent to said mergor and consoli- B'
datlon, and any other matter or mat- H
ters which may properly bo brought WL''
before or considered at a special or ELi
general meeting of the stockholders HB
of said company.
By Order of tho Board of Directors.
DAArID JENSON. Socretary.
In the District Court of Weber Coun-
ty, State of Utah.
In the flatter of the Estate of John
Rigby, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given, that pur
suant to an order of the District
Court of Weber County, State of Utah,
made and entered on the 29th day of
March, 1920, in the matter of tin
estate of John Rigby, deceased, that. I,
the undersigned administrator of said
estate, will sell, at private sale. In, one IP
parcel to the highest bidder, on the Kl
terms hereinafter mentioned, and sub
ject to confirmation of said District
Court, the following described real - i
and personal property, located in Wo-
ber County, Utah, and further de-
scribed as follows:
j. i'.iil ui me auuinwcsi quarter ll
of Section Fourteen (14), Township jH
Five (5) North, Range Three (3)
West, Salt Lake Meridian, U. S. Sur-
vey. Beginning at a point 2,S2 chains IB
North and Sixteen (16) chains East Hf
from tho southwest corner of said IH
quarter section, and running thence IK
cast 12.90 chains, thence North 10.50 Kv
chains, thence West 12.90 chains, IB
thence south 10.50 chains to the plact H
of beginning containing 13.5 acres
more or less, together with five- shares
of tho capital stock of' tho Hooper
Irrigation company. JH
Said sale will bo' made on or after
the 10th day of April. 1920. Bids will IH
be received for said property at tha
office of John A. Sneddon, attorney lH
for said administrator, at suite 316 H
First National bank building, Ogden,,
Terni3 of Sale Ten per cent (10 per fl
cent) of the amount bid upon tho ac-
ccptance of the same, and 'the bal-
ancc upon confirmation of said sale H
by tho. above entitled court.
Dated at Ogden, Utah, this, the 29th ll
day of March, 1920. H
Administrator of tho Estate of John '
Rigby, Deceased. IH
, Attorney for said Administrator.

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