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The Ogden standard-examiner. [volume] (Ogden, Utah) 1920-current, April 06, 1920, LAST EDITION - 4 P.M., Image 10

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NEW YORK, April 6. A few lead
ers were slightly lower .it the opening
o today's slock market, hut in gen
oral yesterday's late rally was ma
terially extended. Steels, equipments
and motors were the strongest fea
tures, Crucible making an enrly ad
anco of almost six points, white Bald
win Locomotive, Studebaker and Inter-
v national Motor were one to three
points higher, respectively. Food
shares added substantially to recent
gains, especially sugar and corn prod
ucts Oils lagged at the outset but
Improved within the first half hour
oh extensive buying of Pan-American
Assurances of easy money, which1
were borne out by the opening rate of
six per cent for call loans, gave the
market much of its momentum during
the morning. General Motors was the
only recent leader to hold back, the ad
vance embracing a wide variety of
I issues. Shippings and metals wee
affiled to the strong slocks but fr.ecu
lativeinterest continued lo concen
trate in steels, equipments, moioir.i
oiIj and food shares. There was steady;
bujing of Baldwin Locomotive. Amer
ican Car, Republic Iron, the high
pi Iced petroleums, Corn Products and
ugars. Rails wore moderately active,
but made only nominal gains. j
Rails displayed greater strength dur
ing the mid-session, transcontinental?,'
gi-angers, coalers and trunk lines shar
ing alike in the advance of 1 to 2 '
points Elsewheie trad'iig slackened
'M a marked extent but gains among
representative industrials, especially
equipment and motor specialties, were
increased. I
CHICAGO, April C Forced closfug
out of trades belonging to a fi.m
which had been conspieuoSs of laie;
on the bear side of the cu-n market ,
led to a lresh advance today m die
price of nearby deliveries ul corn. As'
soon, however, as the open interest'
1 reerred to had been covered, the mar-l
kel underwent a shaxp decline. The I
forced buying was estimated at l.OOit.-5
000 bushels. The subsequent solback
was ascribed 10 heavy calling of bar-;
gains, as much as 35c a busl ci on com
beiug demanded in some cases. Open-;
nig quotations, which ranged rrom fcc
decline to l4c advance with May.
51 66 to 1.67 and July Jl.GO'i to 1.61,
were followed by a tumble all around
to well below yesterday's finish. ;
Oats lacked the stimulus which ;U!
first lifted the corn market. After I
H opening lc down io c advance, in-'
eluding July at St to S-PtC. the mar-j
y ket underwent a general decline, '
Upturns in ihe value of hogs gave;
I relative firmness to provisions. j
I Cattle Receipts none; choice hoavv:
steers ?0.50ilu. 25; good steers .fSiji) j
V 3, fair steel's $G0i; choice feeder
r steers ?7gS; choice" cows and heiforj i
I. ?7.50J50; fair to good .ows and neil
I ers ?6.50Q;7.5u; cutters $56; can
I ners ?31; choice feeder cows S5&6;
I fat bulls ?5(g.6; bologna bulls $I.fc)5;
I; veal calves $1011.
I Hogs Receipts G40: choice fat hotrsl
I hogs, 175 to 250 lbs., ?Ri bull:!
I o: sale3 ?13.5013.75; feeders $luii
I 11 50.
I J Sheep Receipts none; choice lambs
SK-a-li,; wethers ?9fril, lat er.- 57 1
&S. feeder lambs $1215.
Arrivals J. H. Norsworthy. Gothen-i
burg. Ne"b., G cars hogs; Peck and'
Eldridge, Malad, Idaho, 1 car hogs. j
CHICAGO, April 6. I
Open High Low Close'
Corn I
May ?1.6R 1.66 1,G2 1 62A !
July 1.60 1.61 1.56U 1.5Bi
Sept. 1.55 1.56 1.52 1.52-Ji J
.925J .91 .90 .30
Ju'y -S ' . .84 ,S2 .82 -k
Pork , s
' -May .... 37.50 ' 37.-10 37.10
Jltfy 38.00 3S.00 37.50 37.50
May -20.80 20.S0 20.62 ' 20 G"
Jul;. 21.50 21.60 21.37 21.10
19.00 .19.00 1S.90 18,92
July .19.50 19.50 19.10 19,10
CHICAGO, April 6. Wheat not
Corn No. 4 mixed ?l.Gi1.6P,-: No
2 yellow $1.70V.
1 Oats No. 2 v.-nite-$1.02V6i.0C1.
I KJ'g No. 2 not quoted; No. 3'?1.SS"..
Barley ?1.66.
OMAHA. Neb., April 6. Hogs Re
ceipts 15,000; market strong to 25c
higher; bulk ?13. 7515.25; heavv
?1 3. 2514. 75; medium $1-1 .50f? ln.3o";
light $H. 2515. 50; pigs $12. 001 1 .
50. Cattle Receipts S000; killing
j classes steady -to 25c higher; stockers
and feeders weak to 25c lower; hcavy
. choice steers ?13.2514.25; medium
?11.25(5'13.25; common ?9.7511.25;
( choice lights $11.75fi)13.75; common
i 505711. 75; butcher heifers S7.00
3 12.00; cows ?6.5011.75; canners ?L-
5tl6.50; calves ?14.7516.25; feed
ers $S,5012.00; stockers ?7.00S.ll.-25
J , cneep Receipts 8000; market
steady; lambs ?18.00'2u.00; culls
BftW i 5017.50; yearling wethers ?15.-
: 50(3718.00; choice ewes $12.25514 .-
BH 50; culls 5. U0(a)11.00,
BBH NEW, YORK, April 6.-,Bar silver
Mexican dollars 97J,ic,
: NEW YORK, April 6. Cotton u-
BH tures opened steady; May 40.18c; July
BH S7.66cf October 34.78c; December
BH L 34 08c; January 33.46c.
BH NEW YORK, April 6 Flour stead ;
BnV spring patents 513. 0014. 00; winter
BnV - straights $11.0011.50; Kansas
straights $12.7513.50.
' Lard steady; middle west $20.35(5)
j' . Other articles unchanged.
! LONDON, April 6. Bar silver 72d
H t per ounce.
I Monoy 3i per cent.
. Discount rates: Short bills Wp
T 1 SH P?r cent; thrco month bills 5
A per cent.
"Si stocrI
General Tendency of Market
! Upward Keystone and Sil
ver Shield Most Active
1 The demand for mining slocks today
'on the Salt Lake Slock & Mining Ex
: change was greater than it has been
for the past week, with the general
! tendency of the market upward, It be
ing most noticeable in Keystone and
I Silver Shield, the former changing
; hands up (o 95 cents and closed
! strong with this price bid for it, while
! the latter sold as high as 71 cents.
Tiiuic Standard was again very ac-,
'tive, 2500 shares changing hands a'j
$4.75, it closing with $4. 72 bid andj
$4.75 asked Columbus Rexall was,
practically the only slock to sell oftl
' m price, it opened at 6G cents and '
i chanced hands as low as 61 cents. I
i Alta Tunnel sold at 9V and 10,
cents. Bullion brought G1. cents, Car-
difi changed hands at ?1.6U, Eureka
Mines brought 8 cents, Keystone sold!
a high as tin cents, Leonora was ai
trifle stronger, it changing hands at
'2?i cents. Michigan-Utah was active
up io 9 cents. Keystone was steady at,
i cents, Prince Con brought 65 and'
wi cents, K.co Wellington .void as low'
l.3 3Jl,2 Cunts, Sells brought 19',-
ccius, ouiith Hccla sold at ?1.15 and
$l.liJ2, Pniiic Standard was steady at
i.'5, "uild lama was olf a little, it
.en.ng at 28 and 2S3, cents
(Quotations furnished over private
w.ic- oi J. A. Hoglc 1 Company,
Eccics build. ng.)
:-iolk mil Ask i
Aita con ? .09 is? .10 I
.lbkn .11 -12
Ainti.o.n Con j .Oi!; .01 I
Ana lUiiuel .09Vi .10 j
Uig -in I .12 .II1'..!
Life Cottonwood j .OO'i; (
Uui.in j .U5't .05:i
Uiack Motals .12 .12 j
to.iiraujs liexall . ...j .61 j .65 ,
CioWji i oint ... j .06
coiuiadj con. . -07 j .OS j
Central liureka . .'. ... Ul .03 j
c;.ruiii - l.C2 1.70 i
ui-ugn-Cou .j. . . '. .. . ' .IS
., ,eal 4.25 4.75 !
Lt4vn Point .... .015 .OuVij
xmv. i in. Cual . .05 j .07
...ji xui. Ccn '. .. .12 .12
tl i-en.il ..ililCS .0f .OS1;
i.uroka Lny ,.j .10 V .20 h
Lureka ojuilion .20 .21A
lmma Silver -10V .11
empire Mines .j .08 j
Golu Chain j 0f .10 j
uiaud c.niral j .42 j .'.6 :
ii owed . .1)7 j .0. '
iron jjlossom' j '.0 "j ,47 ;
iioii iv.ug .v3l .35
Judge Mi.iiilg j 4,50 5.1U
Kennebec, '.30 !
Keyoione . .95 .96 j
L.onor;i .02?i .03 j
Leln Tiniic .. .IS j .18
May Day , . . .04 j .05
Miller Hill .... .01 .02
Mammoth j .40 ' ; .65
Moscow j .05 j .10 .
Michigan-Utah . ".T.V.y -0S .09
.ortli Stun j .10j . .11
New Qumcy . .07U .07Ti
Uphtngo ... . .02 .02'i
I w . I') I .1.1
i-'i nice Con .J .63 j .C5 ,
Provo -Uu'i .06
l'aloma .'...... j .01 I
R.co Urgent jie .OlVii' 1 .02
Rico Wellmglun . . . . .92S f .32,
Sells ..., -li1 I -10Vi
il King Coal'ii ...... 2.00 j 2.10'
bil. King Con j 1.55 I 1.57
ij.ou. Con. j .03 .05 .
Souih Hecla 1.1.15 I 1.17
South Stanuard .26 .30
Siher Shield .50 j .51
Tar Baby .03 .04Vi
Tiniic Central .03U .,01
Tintic Standard j 1.72 1.75
Utah Cons ' .01( .02
Uncle Sam .02 .02'..V
Victor j j .01 j
West Toledo . . . .' OS .0a
Walker 3.60 3.95
Woodlawn 17 j .19
Yankee j .05 .07
Zuma 25 .29
Beaver Copper 01 .02
Empire Copper I .30 ) .36
Nalldriver 70 j .72
Union Chief :.. .11 . .12
American Ccn. Copper -1000-1 c.
Black Metals 100012c.
Big Cottonwood 1000-ic
Columbus Ilexall 000(5"-66c; 100
65c; 5001i64c.
Cardlfr 100(5-51.60.
Eureka Mines lOOOrg-Sc.
Iron King 10034c; 50033c.
Keystone 10005'9Sc; 20094c.
Leonora 2000(52c.
Michigan-Utah 000SvC.
Naildrlver S00(5?72c; 900$'71c.
Opohongo 100002c.
Plutus- 110044c
Prince Con. 10066c; 30065c.
Rico Wellington 500(I?33c; 500a
Sells 1600(??19c.
South Hecla 1600(5?1.15.
Silver Shield 500f49c.
North Standard 3500llc.
; Tintic Standard lOOOtf)? 1.75; 50
Utah Con. 10,000Hic
Zuma 15002Sc; 500Cn2Sc
Alta Tunnel 1000&9c; in0(5-10c.
Bullion 1000(f7'5c.
Columbus Pvexall 100(fii65c; 400ip64c.
Colorado Con. 1000Tt7c.
Eureka Mines SOOSc.
Iron King 500534c.
j Howell 500?7c; SOOQi'ViC
1 Keystone 50095c.
Michigan-Utah 1000G SOi c; 5009c.
Provo 500(5150.
Rico Argentine SUOOfalft c.
I Illco Wellington 100f5)32c.
Sells 2900iJ)19c.
' South Hecla 100?1.15; 100rt7 $1 .
! 17.
I oilver Shield lOOSOe; 70051c.
1 North Standard 500fiaic.
j Tiniic Standard ln00$4.75.
Stock Bid Ask
Amal. Sugar $ 14.00$ 14.50
Pref rred 104.50 5 05.50
Con agon 120.00 122.00
Utah-Idaho Sugar 8.00 8.25
Lion Coal 61.00 75.00
'Lion Bonds 91.00
iMvi-ua' Creamery 11.00
I Utah Construction 190.01'
Fir-' Nat., Ogden 330.00)
Pingree National bank j 250.00
Ellison Ranching 130.00
Security Stale Bank.. 155.00 160.00
Z. C. M. 1 150.00
Goddard Packing : ..j 9.00
Uuih Power & Light.. Ol.Ooj 94.00
All is-Chal mors 4!j!4
American Beet Sugar .02
American Can 19 j
American Car & Foundry 145 j
American Hide Leather Pfd 115.'
American Locomotive 105 " 1
American Smelting & JRefg 70's
American Sugar 182 ,
American Sumatra Tobacco .... 00 '-t I
American T. & T. 97 ,
Anaconda Copper . . 1 05-;&
Atchison sjji
All. Gulf & W. Indies 1.73 V4 j
Baldwin Locomotive 13sfi'
Baltimore & Ohio 3 1 VI.
Bethlehem Sioel "B" 97,
Ca mid ia 11 Paci f ic . . ', 12 t':ii '
Central Leather ..' SS 1
Chesapeake it Ohio SG'i i
Chicago, Mil. and. St. Paul , 37
Chicago, R. I. & Pac. 35a;
Chino Copper .. .' 37"
Colorado Miel Iron 40,
Corn Products yg-
Cntcible Steel .. 271 '
Cuba Cane Sugar 51 j
General Electric Ex Div lo?"!
General Motors 330"
Goodrich Co 71 '
Great Northern pfd. 791,l'
Great Northern Ore Ctfs 39-sl
Illinois Central 9 1
Inspiration Copper 6Hi!
Int. Mer. Marine pTd. ' 941; I
International Paper SG1
Kennecott Copper ,., 33 i
Louiswlle & Nashville !l05 '
Maxwell Motors .' '. 351.!
Mexican Petroleum .!l97'
Miami Copper 2 1 "1
Midvale Sleel " 47
Missouri Pacific .. 27Vi'
Nov.- York Central '. 731; ;
N. Y.. N. H-. t Hartford 33 " 1
Norfolk & Western ao I
Northern Pacific .. 79':'
Ohio Cities Gas 43V
Pennsylvania 2sk
People's Gas 36-v
Pittsburg and West Va. si"5
Ray Consolidated Cooper ' "0-i
heading -m , , g, '
Ren. Iron Smrii .ia-?-
binclair Oil && Refining 43.-
southern Pacific 395
Southern Railway 23U
Jiudebaker Corporation .. ..!.'!iii "'
Tennessee Cooper . . ...... " it-
Texas Co ';....!".".! !2S0
Union Pacific r'O77
Uniled Cigar Stores .. . " yz S
U. U. Ind. Alcohol ssy.
United Stales Jlubber 112'A
United Slates Steel ."!!.'!l06 "
Utsih Copper 7.
Westinghouse Electric '" 5-.-'i
Willys-Overland 24'.
American Zinc. Lead and Sm."!!." 19'i
Butte and Superior -o i-
iCala. Petroleum 39.--?
I Montana Power .. .'. " 55
Shattuck Arizona . . .. . .y. . 11
American Inter. Corpn.' .. . " "ioi;
Royal Dutch, N. Y iqoh
Texas & Pacific '. ' ' .pi
Standard Oil of N. J !!lll7.'
CHICAGO, April 6 Hogs-rReceipts
3,000; market, steady to 50c lower
heavy declining most; bulk $15.255
?16.2o; heavy ?1 1.75 16.60; medium,
51t.65$16.50; lights, ?1516.50; pigs.
Cattle Receipts 1,000; market firm;
choice heavy steers $1415.50; me
dium 511.7514; common $10.25?
11.75;; light weigh!, good and choice,
12.7514.75; common. ?1012 75
butcher heifers ?SM; cows,
?12.50; canners. $5S; calves ?16
$17.50; feeders. ?95I11.85; stockers,
Sheep Receipts 2,000; market nom
inal; lambs $1820.75; culls ?14.75
?17.7o; choice ewes, ?1115; culls, ?6
NEW YORK, April 6. Raw sugar
slrong; centrifugal 15.30c; refined
strong; fine granulated 15.0016.50c;
sugar futures closed strong; sales 2300
tons; May 15. 25c; July 15.35c; Aug
ust 15.40c; September 15.15c.
"KANSAS CITY. Mo., April 6 Hogs
Receipts S000; market steady to 25c
lower; bulk $14.2515.35; heavies
?14.25ffT15.75; mediums $11. 5015.
(40; lights $15.25(0)15.75; pigs $12.00
j 15.75.
! Cattle Receipts S200; "market
jsloady to 50c lower;- choice heavy
steers $13. 25(1 1 .50; medium $11.50
5713.25: common $10.0011.40; choice
lights $11.9013.60: common $9.007
11.90; butcher holfors ?7.0013.25;
cows $6.4012.00: canners $4.250.
90: calves $14. 5016. 50; reeders?8.
50(7t'12.50; stockers $0.5011.50.
Sheep Receipts 6000; market
steady to 10c lower; Inmbs $17.50(7)
20.40; culls ?H.00rfM7.25; yearling
wethers $15.501?17.75; ewes $12.00&)
14.75; culls $5.50(ri)11.75; breeding
ewes $9.016.50; feeder lambs $14.
AMAHA. Neb, April 6 Wheat No.
2 hard $2.61(g)2.70; No. 3 hard $2.58?'?
1.59; special spring $2.40; o. 3 mixed
;$2.54&'l .57: No. 4 mixed $2.52(52.55.
j Corn No. 3 white $1.65; No, 4 while
.$1.601.61; No. 3 yellow $1.07; No.
,4 yellow $l.Gltf?1.65; No. 3 mixed $1.-63(51-65;
No. 4 mixed $1.60ffT1.61.
Oats No. 2 whito $1.00; No. 3 white
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., April 6.
Flour unchanged.
Bran $49.00.
Wheat cosh No. 1 northern $2.85
Corn No. 3 yellow ?l.G5f'l .07.
Oats. No. 3 while 93fa94e."
Rye No. 2 $1.79 1.81.
Barley $1.291.67.
Flax No. 1 $4.S0H.S5.
NEW YORK, April 6. Mercantile
paper 6Tj)7 per cent.
Exchange weak; sterling 00 day
bills $o.!Jo:J; commercial 00 day bills
on banks $:;95v.; commercial 00 day
bills $3.90'; demand $3.99; ca-
bles $4.00.
Francs: Demand 14.79; cables
H.i 7. v.
Belgian francs: Demand 13.72; ca
bles J3.70. I
guilders: Demand .37-7.1; cables!
Lire: Demand 20. 7S; cables 20.76.1
Marks: Demand 1.51; cables 1.53.
Government and railroad bonda!
11 rm. 1
Tinic loans slrong; 00 days, 90 davs
and six months Sf S per cent.
P.nNrSr y.0IlK April 6--Copper firm;
electrolytic spot 1919c; second
quarter 19Uc
Iron steady and unchanged '
Antimony 10.75e.
63 00StCad'V; SPl ?6lJ-50: Aprll-Jlay
,rlMol' fhange quotes lead steadv;
May S.90C bid, 9.00c asked; June
o. itjc bid.
Speltei steady; East St. Louis
delivery spot S.oOc bid.
At London: Spot copper 105 12s
snot r,10S 10s: electrolytic
SJVJ-tft11V.futurea 117: lin spot
3u0 os; futures 349 15s; lead spot
40; futures 42 5s; zinc spot 4$
10s; futures 51 5s.
CHICAGO, AjrII 6. - Potatoes
otrong; receipts 37 cars; northern
round white sacked $6.000.75, Ida
ho russets $7.5007.75.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., April O.-But-,ter
packing ic lower; firsts 30
1 tC: ceamery unchanged,
j Eggs 30c lower per case; $11 30
iHrst unchanged. 42c.
j Poultry unchanged.
CHICAGO. April C.-Butter. higher
creamery 4966c. & t'r ' j
Eggs lower; receipts 25.296 cases-!
Jhz. a,,vo hishcr; sprinss 4oc
. 1
nfNhV 'uK Apr" G Iial prices
of Liberty bonds todav were-
! 9n3&! 9fC"3,0; ,il'st ,s 5l-30; second 4s
ll'S- lvir( 445 92'34; f0h l(ls
5y297.9u,Ct0ry 3'iS 7-90; Vicl0
Educational Drive
Against Fire Hazard
In connection with the educational :
campaign for fire prevention, which I
has been launched by Ogden dix-'
trict offices for the territory of Utah I
and three neighboring stales, letters
have been sent out to state supcrin-1
tendents of public instruction in
Idaho. Utah and Nevada. Mimeo
graphed copies of these letters were
alf,o issued for distribution to county
superintendents, principals and other
educational officers. Through these
letters, local officers hope to cstab
( lish close working relations with
I the state school authorities through
out the lntermountaln region. This
will be followed up by furnishing
intermountaln schools with material
of a nature Interest ing'to children.
Notice Is hereby given, that a spe
cial meeting of the stockholders of
the Ogdcn-AYyoming Oil company baa
been called by resolution of the Board
of Directors of said company, to be
held at the principal office of said
company at No. 314, Col. Hudson
building. In Ogden City. Ycber county,
State of Utah, on Saturday, the 10th
day of April, A. D. 1U20, ai the hour
of Two o'clock P. M , for the follow
ing purposes, among others:
1. To consider and act upon the
joint agreement ontcred into by the
Boards of Dlrcctoro of tho Ogden
Wyomlng Oil company and the Logan
Wyomlng Oil company, whereby the
Logan - Wyoming Oil company n
merged and consolidated with and
into the Ogden-Wyomlng Oil company
upon the terms and conditions act out
!at length In said agreement.
! 2. To vote upon the proposed
! amendments to the articles of incor
poration of the Ogden - Wyoming Oil
company, which are as follows:
Amending Article Seven to read aa
"The total authorized capital stock
of the corporation is and shall be One
Million Dollars 151,000,000), divided
into One Million (1,000,000) shares
of the par value of One Dollar ($1.00)
per share, and of which amount Six
Hundred Thousand (600,000) shares
shall be, and is hercDy set apart and
designated as Treasury stock, to be
sold or othorwiso disposed of by the
Board of Directors of the corporation
for the best Interests c the said cor
poration."' Amending Article Eight to read aa
"The officers of this corporation
shall consist ol a board of nine (D;
directors, from which shall be elected
a President, Ylcc-Presldent, Secretary
and Treasurer; provided, however,
that the offlco of Secretary and Treas
urer may be held by the same person
if deemed so advisable by the board
of directors. Each director and offi
cer must be a stockholder of the cor
poration." Amending Article Eleven to read ad
"Five of the board of directors 3ha.ll
bo necessary to form a quorum, tnd
shall be authorized to transact the
business of the corporation and ;.er
cise the corporate powers thereof."
3. To elect nine (9) directors to act
as the directors of the consolidated
corporation until the next annual
meeting of the stockholders.
4. To consider and act upon any
other matter in connection with or
pertinent to said merger and consoli
dation, and any other matter or mat
ters which may properly be brought
before or considered at a special or
general meeting of the stockholders
of said company.
By Order of the Board of Directors.
DAYID JENSON. Secretary.
In the District Court of "Weber Coun
ty. State of Ulah.
In the Matter of the Estate of John
Rigby, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given, that pur
suant to an order of the District
Court of "Wcbor County. State of Utah,
made and entered on the 29lh day of
March, 1920, in the matter of the
estate of John Rigby, deceased, that I,
the undersigned administrator of said ,
tauut, Ml SCII, U.I IJlllitlC O.LIl., Ill uuu
parcel to the highest bidder, on the
terms hereinafter mentioned, and sub
ject to confirmation of said District
Court, the following described real
and personal property, located in "We
ber County, Utah, and further de
scribed as follows:
A part of the southwest quarter
of Section 'Fourteen (14), Township
Five (5) North, Range Three (3)
West, Salt Lake Meridian, U. S. Sur
I vey. Beginning at a point 2.S2 chains
1 North and Sixteen (16) chains East
from the southwest corner of said
I quarter section, and running thence
I east 12.90 chains, thence North 10.50
chains, thence West 12. DO chains,
thence soutn 10.50 chains to the place
of beginning containing 13.5 acres
more or less, together with five shares
of the capital stock of tho Hooper
Irrigation company.
Said sale will bo made on or after
the 10th day of April. 1020. Bidswil!
be received for said property at the
office of John A. Sneddon, attorney
for said administrator, at suite 316
! First National bank building, Ogden.,
Terms of Sale Ten per cent (10 per
cent) of tho amount bid upon the ac
ceptance of the same, and the bal
anco upon confirmation of said sale
by the above entitled cqurL
Dated at Ogden, Utah, this, the 29th I
day of March. 1020. I
Administrator of the Estate of John i
Rigby, Deceased. j
Attorney for said Administrator. I
Scaled lids will be received by the
RoRrd of Education of Ouden City. Ulah.
at Room 303. Colonel Hudson building.
Ogden. Utah, until S o'clock p. m . Mon
day. April 12. 1920. for labor and materials
In connection with excavations and con
crete foundations required for a part of
the Washington .school which the satd 1
board proposes to erect In Ogden. Utah. I
Bidders may obtain drawings and speel- I
ficatlons ns required to prepare bids for
this work at the office of Leslie S. Kodg
con and Myrl A- McCIcnahan. Architects,
Room Si'J Kceles building. Ogden, Utah.
J AH labor must be porforni"d and all ma
terials furnished and placed aa required
I to complete Ihe work under the contract
111 strict accordance lo the drawings and
apeeiiirntions and to the entire atiaiac
tlon of the architects.
The board reserves the right lo reject
any or all hid?.
A r-crtided check made payab. to said
.board for a sum of money not Ich than
I five per cent of the amount of the bid
imunt accompany each bid. and the check
of any .vuceessrul bidder shall be forfeit
ed in case he falls or refuses to enter into
I the necegj-ary contract and furnish a bond
required by (he board,
Thn contract shall contain, among oth
er things, a stipulation that at least twen
ty per cent of the contract p;1cc may be
"withheld until the work In the contract
lis completed and aecepted by (he board.
I fly order of the Board of Education of
Ogden, Utah.
! Clerk.
Published In the Ogden Standard from
1 March Slat. 1020. to April 12th. IOL'0. In
i elusive.
ONE bald faced horse colt 3 years old.
Poundkcep H. C. Wansgard .Constable.
Notice is hereby given, that a spe
cial meeting of the stockholders of
company at No 3H, Col. Hudson
building, In Ogden City, Weber couno,
;ho Logan-Wyoming Oil company has
been called by resolution of the Board
of Directors of said company, to be
held at the principal office of jald
State of Utah, on Saturday, the 10th
day of April, A. D. 1920, at the hou:
I of Three o'clock P. M., for the fol-
lowing purposes, among others:
j 1. To eonsider ami act u;in:i the
Joint agreement entered inty by the
Board3 ol Directors of the Ogdou
Wyoming Oil lompiny and the Logan
Wyoming Oil company, whereby the
Logan - AVyomlng Oil company ia
I merged and consolidated with and
j Into the Ogden-Wyoming Oil com
1 pany upon the terms and conditions
I set out at length in said agreement.
I 2. To elect nine (0) Directors to act
1 as the Directors of the consolidated
1 corporation until the next annual
mteting of the stockholders.
1 3. To consider and act upon any
other matter in connection with Or
pertinent to said merger and con
solidation, and any other matter or
matters which may properly b
I brought before or considered at a
I special or general meeting of the
stockholders of said company,
j By Order of tho Board of Directors.
DAVID JENSON. Socrctary.
You are hereby notified that In ac
cordance, with resolutions passed .it
the special meeting of the Board of
Directors of this Company, he.u on
ho 12th day of March, 1920, at four
o'clock p. m.. a special meeting of
the stockholders of the Company
will be held on Thursday, the oth
clay of April, 1020, at eleven o'clock
a. m., at the office of the Company
at Its packing establishment on Wuot
14th Street. In che City of Uguer..
County of Wcbcir and Stale of Utah,
for the following purposes;
First: To vote upon t.ie iccont
mendatlons made by the Boa id ci Di
rectors at the special meeting abevo
noted, to amend the Articles of Incor
poration of this Company in the fol
lowing particulars.
ia) By increasing the autllorUed
capital stock of ,lhe Company
from Two Million (?2.000.000.CO)
Dollars to. Three Million. ?ou
Hundred and Twenty-five Thou
sand ($3,425,000.00) Dollars, by
which increase it is proposed to
create One Million ($1,000,000.0)
Dollars of "A" preferred stock
and Four Hundred and Twenty
five Thousand (5425.000) Dollar
of "B" preferred stock, in audi
tion to tho present Issue of Two
Million (?2.000.0flO.OO) Dollara of
common stock, with tho righr on
the part of the holders of lb?
"A" preferred stock to exchange
the same for common, stock at
par, and in tho ovent of the af
firmative action upon the quos
tlon of Increase to further con
sider and determine upor. tho at
tributes and characteristics of tho
Increased amount uf capital atcek
and the existing capital stock and
the disposition to be made there
of, and special or relative rlghU
to be granted present common
and proposed preferred chares of
Second: To adopt resolutions set
ting forth the amendments recom
mended for adoption by tho Boaro of
Directors and to tako such fuitl.er
necessary steps to legally complete
and effect such amendments.
Third: To transact any and all
ether business necessary to effect uato
the object of the meeting.
The stock transfer and register
books of the Company will be closed
at ten o'clock a. m. on the 22.nl Jay
of March. 1020. and will bo opor.od
at ten o'clock a. m. on the 9lh day
of April. 1920.
By order of the Board of Directors.
Secretary Ogden Packing & Provliion
Date of first publication: March
16. 1920.
Date of Iast publication: April 'i,
1920. J
State Engineer's Office, Salt Lake City.
Utah. March 25. 1920.
Notice ia hereby given that the Davis
& Weber Counties Canal company, with
principal office at Ogden, Utah, baa madu IH
application in accordance with the re- iH
quirements of Section S.. Chapter C7. Sea- IH
slon Laws of Utah, 1919. to change Hut ll
place of use of fifteen thousand (15.000)
ncre-fnet of water stored In a renervolr
in East Canyon Creek, in Morgan County.
:Hiid heretofore used lo Irrigate lfi.000
. acres of land embraced in tho .outhonf IH
I pari of Township G North, Range 2 West, '1
lh major part of Townwhip 5 North, 1
Kange 2 West. Township 4 North. Range
1 Wc3t. and Township North. Range 2
West, and Sections A, 5, B. and 0, Town-
ship 3 North. Range 1 Went. Said com-
pany now desires to use the water as a
supplementary supply to irrigate 19,200
acre of land embraced In Sections 30 and
31. T. J5 N R. 1 W,; Sections 25. 2C. 3L
35, and 3C, T. 6 N.. R. 2 W.; Sections G.
IS, 19. 20, 28. 29. 31, 35. and 30. T. 5 N..
II. 1 W.; Sections 1 to 3, 9 to 16. 19 to 3C tM
Inclusive.. T. 5 N,, II, 2 W.: Sections
C lo 9. 15 to 23. 20 lo 33. Inclusive. T, I N.. fc- jH
It. 1 W.; Sections 1 to 6, S lo 17. 20 to 29;
1 31 to 3C. Inclusive. T. 4 N., R. 2 W.; Sec
I lions 1 lo C. 8 to 11, Inclusive, T, 3 N.,
I U. 1 W.; Section 1, T. 3 N . R. 2 W. This r JB
I application is designated in the State En- rw "HB
j gincer's office as No. aG27. '
1 All protests against the granting of said
application stating the reasons therefor. H?'
must be made by affidavit in duplicate. . mmi'
accompanied with a fee of 52.50. and Jfe1
filed In this office within thirty (30) days Ki
after the completion of the publication IK
of this notice. H
State Engineer B
Date of first publication March 29, 1020. M
Dale of completion of publication April Kfc
26. 1020. 31
I The great benofit derived from the IH
j use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy H
has been gracefully acknowledged by
many. Mrs. Benjamin F. Blakeney, ;H
Decatur. Ill, writes: "Chamberlain's H
! Cough Remedy Is by far the best medi- :H
j cine for colds and coughs we have
ever used in our family. I gave it to jH
j my children when small for croup and
I have taken it myself." Advertisement
! Potash Company to m
1 Build $700,000 R. R. 1
The construction of a railroad spur B
from Montpeller, Idaho, through Mon- H
pelier canyon, at the approximate ex- H
peiwliture of $700,000, by tho Amori- H
can Potish company, was announced H
today in a letter received from Super- H
visor E. C. Sanford of the Caribou H
forest. H
With the railroad constructed, H
standard gauge cars will be run to H
the potash mines in the canyon and H
loaded direct into tho cars. jfl
The reason for the cxtensivo potash JH
development near Montpeller is due to .D
the enormous Increase in the value of VM
raw potash rock, which at present is jl
selling for $13 per ton on the Atlantic ijl
seaboard. f fll
The report also states that a spui jH
track Is contemplated to potash mines
In Georgetown canyon. jH
With full production of these mines,
the dally output of the American
Potash company will exceed 1,000 nl
cars daily. It is stated. Bl
Tho San Francisco Chemical com- BH
pany is also extensively developing KfB
potash deposits in tho vicinity of ;KI
Monlpolicr. and is at present shipping fHI
large quantities of potash rock. Jl
Literary Club Fetes I
Throng at Berthana In
e.... : u .. r .. . r i u nnn..i nHK
functions, the Ladies' Literary club en- lHi
tcrtalned at an Easter card party and lB
social yesterday afternoon at the Ber- i Hl
thana. The hall was tastefully decorat- il
cd with spring flowers. There were '
about five hundred guests. jH
Besides the card games played dur
ing the afternoon, a unique program
was given under the direction of Mrs.
Arnold Bowman and Mrs. N. J. Thorn-.
as. The program follows:
Vocal solo Miss Dorothy Wright. H
Musical selection Misses Lillian jH
Thatcher, Gladys Rich and Helen
Minute Members of tho Third
grade of the Madison school, under the fll
direction of Miss Emma Baldwin.
East India Incense Dance Miss y.
Elaine Stevenson of Salt Lake.
"Dixie" Miss Kalhryn Shufflebar
Egyptian Ballett Miss Helen Claire
Danes and Miss Elaine Stevenson, ot Bit!
Salt Lake. liy4
Chinese Dance Virginia Greenwell
of Salt Lake. m. a
"Serenade" Miss Helen Claire H
Danes. Mk'' 4
"Moment Musical" Misses Geral-
dine O'NIel. Kathryn. Shufflcbargei i Hi
and Mary Virginia Matson. i jH
Russian Ballet Teddy WotherspooD BH
Miss Inez Fulton, Miss Florence IbVI
Dunn and Miss Natalie Bagley dislrib- - BbI
utcd dainty favors among the guests.
Bunches of violets were also dislrib-
utcd among tho gucsls. TBH
The general committee of tho func-
lion were Mrs. J. Douglas Watson, jH
chairman; Mrs. E. C Rich, Mrs. Ar
nold Bowman. On the reception com
mittec were Mrs. H. W. Dunn, Mrs.
Joseph Scowcrofl, Mrs R. B. Porter,
Mrs. Fred G. Clark and Mrs, Frank
Iligginbotham; for tickets Avcre Mrs.
John Cullcy; card tables, Mrs. H. B.
Bagley. Mrs. I. N. Fulton; flowers,
Mrs. D. C. Eccles, Mrs. E. C. Rich; din- ' bYI
ing hall Mrs. W. C. Wright, MJrs. Jo- - Bi
iscph Thomas, Mrs. John Culley; re- Bl
Ifrcshmcnts Mrs. Joseph Wright, Mr3. BU
I P. .A. Herdti and Mrs. Claude Zinn. HBhBI
. "v BvMvJ
THE CLANCY KIDS' Busines First-Last '" Between. BlS.y:P . !:
rrNv h5rn 1
;' ' - ' ' j0y H
j v . LT ITTBMi ! iMil Mail mini in i mBBBBBBBBBBB i iBLB

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