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IErance's Share Five Cruisers
Hand Ten Destroyers, Half
' German, Half Austrian
: PaSriS, April 6, (Freuch "Wireless
i Service.) Particulars of the distribu
tion of enemy warships among the al
lied countries have just been published
here. France's share, which is 10 per
cent of all the tonnage of all captured
ejieniy ships with the exception of sub
marines, represents 92,000 tons, hsilf
of" which is in German ships and Iho
remainder in Austrian vessels.
Flve cruisers and'ten destroyers are
allotted to1 France and the same num
ber of cruisers and destroyers to Italy.
Prance will receive the cruiser Bmden.
k Forty submarines now in French ports
1 also are allotted to France and of
these ten may be put into service.
France is the only power to which
the privilege of using captured sub
marines has been granted.
Paul BIgnon, under-secretary of
( state for the mercantile marine, de
clares that Germany, in abandoning
her claim to the 200,000 tons of ship
ping which France urgently request
ed, showed great consideration and
that France should be grateful
Manipulation of Com
Market Being Probed
1. CHICAGO, April G. Alleged manip-
t illation of corn in the Chicago market
and existence of a pool to corner May
corn will be investigated by ihe fed
eral grand jury which meets, this nf-
lernoon, it was announced today.
Reliable sources at the federal build
ing declared that an investigation by
the department of Justice had already
disclosed evidence of the alleged con
I spiracy.
I Corn yesterday sold at $1 . 67, a
record price for the year, and 45 cents
above the price on February 9. last.
One result of yesterday's high price
was the closing of the brokerage firm
q E. M. Hoyne and company, which
announced Its inability to protect its
I open trades on the floor.
Mber of Trust Co.
Was Alarm Inventor
' ST. LOUIS, Mo.. April G. Charles
F. Smith, an electrical contractor who
late yesterday robbed the Easton-Tuy-ior
Trust company of more than $15,-
, 000 and killed one police officer anil
seriously wounded three others before
being shot to death himself, was the
inventor of a burglar alarm, police
learned today.
Smith formerly resided in Dayton,
Q and his wife attributed his actions
to a head Injury suffered in an acci
dent seven years ago.
no .
I Bark containing quinine at one pe
riod sold in France for its weight In
I silver.
Attacks on Government More
General Throughout Ireland
Than Ever Before
DUBLIN, April 6. Opposition to the
government never has been so general
throughout Ireland as it is today, some
critics protest against the severity of
the military regime, but their attacks
arc met by demands from others who
assort that stops have not been suffl-j
ciently drastic and that measures in
tended to be coercive have failed of
their object.
Inability to discover leaders of re
cent disorders and failure to gain In
formation as to plans for raids in fu
ture has resulted in sharp criticism.
Government agents arc apparently of
ten victims of misinformation and
some military raids seem to have been
based on data given by persons who
are desirous of cmbarass,lng the ad
ministration. From time to time raids
results in the capture of arms and am
munition, but very often the soldiers
take only quantities of seditious lit
erature. So much is printed adverse to
the government that many homes
quite innocent of sympathy with re
'bellion contain pamphlets that might
J be easily classified as seditious, but
(possession of such literature Is in St-J
self a criminal offense.
Politicians Preparing
for Big Fight Thursday
WASHINGTON. April 6. Republi
can and Democratic leaders of the
house began rounding up their forces
for the big fight Thursday over the"
; joint resolution put forward by Repub
licans, declaring the war with Ger
many ended. Telegrams were sent to
absent members of both parties to re
Jturn here in lime to vote on the reso
lution Friday.
While the Democrats are expected
;io vote almost solidly against It, it
j will have solid Republican support, ac
cording to leaders who havo counted
I noses. Its passage by the senate also
is predicted by Republicans, although
Democrats declare the president will
veto it.
Pittsburg. Kan., April C. Six of the
nine mines not operating eslerday
because of a strike of miners In pro
test against the awards oAlio national
coal commission, were working this
morning, it was announced by the op
orators' association. Two mines work
ing yesterday and three that were
closed yesterday were Idle today.
About 1.000 men are notworking today.
PARIS, April 6. Marshal Foch had
a conference this morning with Pre
mier Mlllerand. Later the premier re
colvcd Hugh C. Wallace, the Ameri
can ambassador.
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Hearings on Utah-Idaho and
Amalgamated Based on
Commission Complaint
SALT LAKE, April 6. That stock
control of the Utah-Idaho Sugar com
pany rests with the Nibley family,
President Hobcr .L Grant of the Mor
mon church, and the estate of' II. L.
Havemoyer of New York, was shown
in testimony yesterday's session of the
hearing of the federal trade commis
sion complaint against the Utah-Idaho
Sugar company, the Amalgamated Sug
nr company, Ernest U. Woolley, A. P.
Cooper, and E. F. Cullen.
The actual amounts of tho holdings
are: Heber J. Grant as trustee in
trust for the L, D. S. church. 361.919
shares; Heber J-, Grant, "special," 50,
000 shares; G. W. Niblc-y, as presiding
bishop, 1475 shares; Niblcy & Co., 756,
325 shares; C. W. NIbley, 2500 shares;
Joseph F. Nibloy, 11,737 shares; Pres
ton Nibloy, 4164 shares; Alex Nibley.
1000 shares, and Jool NIbley, 1G25
The item of the 50,000 shares held
under the "special" designation by
President Grant could not bo explained
by the witness, W. T. Pyper, assistant
secretary of tho company, who like
wise claimed ignorance as to Whether
Nibley & Co. is a Utah corporation and ;
as to the nature of its organization.
and general manager of the company,
was called to the stand after Mr. Pyper
had been excused to get additional in
formation. I Mr. Cutler wan examined concerning
j the affairs of iho company since he
ibecamo identified with the sugar In
dustry, in which he was one of the pic
neers in Utah. Ko testified in reply
to questions by Henry Ward Beer, spe
cial attorney for the trade commission
that he had'cnlisted the aid of iho late
H. L. Havemeyer in getting capital for
the building of factories after the first
difficult years with tho Lehl and oth
er early plants.
Tho arrangement with Mr. Have
meyer, he said, has been made on the
basis of tho New York man's supplying
50 per cent of the capilr.l lor new
plants, in consideration for which he
got one-half or the stock of the ccm
panv. This stock, he held, he said,
until his death in 1911.
Mr. Cutler said he paid the promoter
of a proposed factqry at Gunnison his
expenses in order "to get rid of him."
Mr. Cutler said that he had never
heard of the "special" stock held by
President Grant, and that until it was
brought about yesterday, did not know;
how much stock Nibieys held. lie
likowise said that he learned yesterday
for tlie first time that such a concern
as "Nibley & Co.," oxlsted.
Mr. Cutler told of efforts and sug
gestions made for a factory at Pay
ette, Idaho, and Mr. Beer questioned
him without result as to alleged action'
taken at the time to prevent the com
ing of independents. The witness
told of the failure of the Nampa, Ida
ho plant and of its removal to Spanish
Fork, Utah.
The former general manager was
questioned by Mr. Beer regarding the
reasons for forming tho Utah-Idaho
company through a merger of various
concerns. Mr. Cutler said that the
move was made to effect greater eco
omies in operation to provide a cen
tralized b j;.rd of directors, and for ai.
other reason that it wouli -'"ce the in
dustry in a safer position as regarded
competing factories, and give the com
pany a sounder hold on the sugar in
dustry in Utah and Idaho.
Lemon extract and bay rum
caused grief to three individuals
who appeared before ' tho city
court this morning, in addition to
making a big dent In their bank
Dan Traccy, a farmer, 30 years
old, acquired a lemon extract Jag
last night, the police say, and was
fined $50 by Judge D. It. Roberts.
Chrl's Frigner,. 3S, a farmer,
chose as his "piscn" bay rum. He
drew a similar sentence. ,
William Johnijon, -10, of L,ogan,
had harder luck. Ho had ap
peared before, court records
showed, on a similar charge, and
was given sixty days in the city
jail, with no fine as the alterna
tive. Johnson had also been Im
bibing too freely of bay rum. It
was alleged.
00- I
Hawaiians Select Two
Delegates to Convention
HONOLULU, T.H., April 5. The Re
publican territorial convention, meet
ing four days hi advance of its sched
ule, today selected two delegates and .
two allocates to the Republican na
tional convention at Chicago. Ter
ritorial Senator Robert W. Shlnglo
was re-elected Republican national
Drug Clerk Knocked
Down, Killed by Fall
CHICAGO, April C Travis Walsh,
drug clerk, and two friends engaged
in an argument on a downtown cor
ner early this morning. A remark
made, by ono of the men offended a
woman -who was passing and her
escort knocked two of tho men down.
Walalv was killed by the full. His as
sailant disappeared.
PROVIDBNCB, R. I., April 6. Con
demnation of the "marked socialism of
President Wilson,"1 and warning
against the trend toward nationaliza
tion of Industries as . suggested jn his
partiality to the soviet plan." , w.er.e
voiced at the Republican state convert
tion by Congressman Simon D. Fess
of Ohio.
Miss Florence Otis, Miss Flor
ence Austin and Joseph
Marlin in Concert
Miss Florence Otis, soprano vocalist
Miss Florence Austin, violinist and Jo
seph Martin, pianist, gavo tho first ol
their two recitals last evening at the
Methodist church. The recital waa
conducted under the auspices of tho
Women's Christian Temperance Union
Each of the artists was applauded
heartily nt tho conclusion of each num
ber by an enthusiastic audionce. Miss
Florence Otis' numbers were varied
consisting of opera nunYoers, French
songs and loVe songs, which she gave
in a most effective manner. Miss Otis
has a clear soprano voice and a wide
Her two French selections were
"Tho Maids of Cadiz" (Bizet) and
"Aria." One of hor best numbers was
"Reveries," by Terry. This song was
dedicated to Miss Otis.. M
Miss Austin also won applause by
the masterful way in which she gave
violin selection after selection, with
the true artist's interpretation. Her
two leading selections, which claimed
the praise of nil. were "Second Polon
aino Brliliante." by Wif-niawski and
"The Swing Song," by Ethel Barnes.
The appcarauce uf Joseph Martin
last evening, marked his second ap
pearance in 'Ogden. Last year, Mr.
Martin appeared before a number of
Ogden music lovers; his playing last
evening was enjoyed. His most im
pressive selections wore "Andante'
and "Rondo Capriccioso," by .Mendels
sohn, and. "Septette. 'Lucia' for the
Left Hand," by Iljinski.
Miss Otis, Miss Austin and Mr. Mar
tin will appear in their second and last
recital this evening at the Methodist
church at S:15 o'clock.
A woman should grow more beauti
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with due regard to baths, diet and ex
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bowels In good working order. If you
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liver. Chamberlain's Tablets correct
these disorders. Advertisement.
Dickinson Not to
Serve as Receiver
WICHITA FALL, . Tex.. April 6.
Jacob M. Dickinson, of Chicago, who
was appolntod by the United States
supreme court receiver for tho Red
river oil lands which have been In
dispute between Texas and Okla
homa, declares ho will not be able
to accept the appointment on account
of 111 health. This information was
contained in a telegram from Mr.
Dickinson received here today.
Elmer Apperson Is
Honored by Hundreds
KOKOMO. Ind., April C Funeral
services for the late Elmer Apperson,
president -of the Apperson AutomobHe
company? who died suddenly in Los!
Angeles March 2S, were held here. I
Hundreds of employes of the deceased!
automobile manufacturer wcro formed'
in column and marched to the factory.
nn I
BUENOS AIRES, Auril 3. Striking
students of the school of medlclno of j
the University do la Plata engaged In
a riot today. .Fifty shots were fired
and one student was killed. The po
lice arrested 150 students and took
from them 120 revolvers.
MOSCOW. March 29. At a meet
ing of the Persian communist party
held March 27, a manifesto was Is
sued saying: "The time Is not far dis
tant who nthe red flag of the free pro
letariat will be raised in the east,"
according to advices received' here.
Latin ceased to be spoken as the
language of the people of Italy abu:
the year 5S.
Seventy-One Holsteins Aver
age $901 and $2,300 Top
Price Paid for Cow
SACRAMENTO, Cal., April 6. An
average price of ?901 each was paid
for seventy-one registered HolsteIn(
dairy cattlo at tho annual Pacific
Coast Classic auction sale.
Holsteln herds of Washington, Ne
vada and California were represented
and buyers included men from Ore
gon, Washington, Iowa, Nevada and
California. Some of the stock may go
to tho Hawaiian Islands.
A cow consigned by W. J. Higdon
of Tulare, Cal.. topped the sale at
52300 She was Ida Lotta Winifred
Burke, with a seven-day butter record
of 33.01 pounds. IL L. Holmes of Mo
desto, Cal., was the purchaser.
Tho highest priced bull of the sale
was Ensign Komoyko Model Pontiac,
consigned by A. E, Smith, of Sumas.
Washington, and sold to H. H. Sisson
of WIIlettG, Cal., for $2050.
Among consignors was James J.
Jeffries of Burbank, Cal., former
world's champion heavyweight, but
now a breeder of dairy cattle. Two
of his cows went to the herd of David
Maxwell, of Waterloo. Iowa.
i oo
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Icuits if they use Holley's Self-
Rising Flour. Sold by all lead
ing grocers.
Real Estate Transfers
Frank H. Whitehead and wife to
Mary Harrison, part lot S, block 3S,
plat A; $S00.
Alonzo Hadlcy and wife to Walter
Hadley, part northwest quartet of
soction o, township 5 north, range
2 west: $922.
S. W. Ecclcs to tho Commercial
National bank, chattels, ?1250.
Henry G. Hess to John Stashik and
wife, part block 31, plat: $1450.
Olga Mary Drumler to Edna M.
Clegg, lot C, block 3. Drumlcr's ad
dition: $1.
Volkcr Lumber company to Alice
Ycagcr. part lot 9, block 10, South
Ogden survey; 5J.
Peter Robert Shupe by adminis
trator of tlie estate to Peter A.
Shupe, part lot 10, block i, South
1 Ogden survey; $300.
! Roy S. Child and wife to William
Crogg. all lots 1, 2 3, block 3S, Lake
view addition: $10.
Fred N. Hess and wife to Thomas
II. Upton, lots 19 and 20, block 11,
Nob Hill addition; $1.
Mary C- Hanson to Benjamin Han
son, part of the southwest quarter
section 22. township G north, range
1 west; ?2t00. '
Mary C. Hanson to Jenjamin Han
son, parts of northeast quarter sec
tion 19, township 6 north, range 2
west; $7200.
Mary C. Hanson to Joseph Sur
rage, part of the northeast quarter,
section 21, township C north, range
2 wcst:?17S5.
Jorgcn P. Rasmusscn and wife to
11 . 4 1T7U.I..1... ... f 1 1
block 1. plat A; $2200.
Louiee K. Smith to Frank IT.
Whiteside, part of lot S, block 3S,
plat A; $2400.
Ogden Giapter No. 2,
HA. M.
Regular meeting Tuesday and work
In M. E. M. degree. By order of E.
IT. P.
169 1 Secretary
HONOLULU, T. H., April 6. Within
ten days a million dollars' worth or
Chilean nitrate was laid down in Hon
olulu by five ships, according to port
figures. The nitrate is used in man-!
ufacturlng fertilizer for the sugar plan-j
tatlons. Further shipments of 5.000
tons are expected within the nest CO
HILO, Island of Hawaii, T. H., (By
Mail) A. P. Christian, census enume
rator for this Island, has found a new
Industry. He discovered a Japanese in
one of the outlying districts making
starch from the roots of ferns in the
great fern forest back of Mountain
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taking with each meal a five-srain" Lib- j'
let of Blood-Iron Phosphate. This J
quickly strengthens the nervous sys- r KWj
tcm. enriches the blood and increases ) MvrSi
it's oxygen carrying power, and in a B S
remarkably short time the average B '
thin, weak, nervous man or woman be- mk' j
gins not only to put on flesh, but also tf
begins to look and feel better. Sleep, ,' HH
appetite, strength and endurance are !;,
improved, dull eyes become bright, 3
and, unless afflicted with some organic s (
complaint, there is no reason why, I) 1- i
you take Blood-Iron Phosphate r'egu-. J, IH
larly, you should not soon look and 'H
feel much beter and many years young- IH
er. Deposit $1.50 today with Mclntyro e- jH
Drug Co., or any other druggist foi
enough Bloe-d-Iron Phosphate for 3
three weeks' treatment. Use as direct jH
led and if at. the end of three weeks
; you aren't delighted go back and get
your money. Your druggisL a man you
j know, is authorized to give it to you.
! I Easier to Remove -
J Than Conceal Wrinkles I XHI
n 1 on jH
"When yon try to conceal your wrln- iGr.
ikies with paste made from beans, you do- IHfl
j ceive yourself, not me. Let a defect aD IH
which is possibly but small, appear un- rhL H
disguised. A fault concealel Is prcaur. cd" for ll
lo 1)0 great." 1 H
This little epigram of Martial's sugsl luo H
tho presont lay tendency to avoid tli ess
uso of cosmetics which can only conceal ivn HAj:
or hide facial defects, and to adopt in- KFS.
stead rational means of removing thfl FOU IKtv
same. For lite removal of wrinkles, baif- ind H&&
rrlness of cheeks and chin, the sa.olln nn r?3l
I formula, which goes to the foundation v' K?J
'of these troubles, Hocms to have come tl
I into general use since its virtues becaint -le IHH
known several ears apo. One ounco o( ojo H
powdered sa.volltc, procurable at any druq 0 H
slore. is -dissolved in a half pint witch
hazel. Vsed as a wash lotion this tlKht-' tod H
ens the skin almost Immedlatelv, effee- , , lll
tually smoothing out wrinkles and "draw- tn
in? In" hanging skin or folds. t. j jH
It does not take loug, when the kid- i
neys arc out of order and not doing fi
their work properly, for poisonous ' it
seids to accumulate in the system and &t
cause aches and pains. D. C. Damond
2SC5 W. 30 St., Cleveland, 0., writes:
"I caught cold and it settled In my kid- VNE
neys. My back and sides were so lamt aH
and sore I could not stand straight. 1 in ll
use Foley's Kidney Pills with good re- I ot H
3ults and am glad to testify to thclt M
helping power." Sold everywhere
'Advertisement. HH

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