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i'l Latest Items of Interest From Utah and Gem State
I; ffm
Inquiry Being Made in Wreck j
of D. & R. G. Train
Near Payson '
, SALT LAKE, April 9. An invest!-,
gatiou is being made of the vrrcck of
P & It. G. train Jo. -109 near Payson i
jestcrday morninp; in which oiphlccn
parsengers were sli.chtly injured. Two
passenger cars, baggage coach and the
i lender left Iho track. According to
i Engineer H. E. llannlgan. the rails
ll must have been spread as the train
' was not oxcecding rift ecu miles an
Dr. L. B. Stewart of Payson altend
11 ed the passengers who required mcdi-l
1 cal assistance and a special' train from
' Provo took them to Springville. where
. a special train from Salt Lake brought
them to this city.
I Doctors and surgeons from Provo
vere available to give. aid Tnit. their
r.ervices were not required.
On the arrival of the s.pccial in Salt
Lake, Dr. R. S. Allison and Dr. J. F.
Critchlow were on hand, but all the in
, J jurcd were able to go to their homes
' with out assistance, with the excep
i lion of Conductor C. .1. Campbell, who
received medical attention. He was
I found to have received no serious in
juries. I Following Is the list of those who
sustained injuries: Dr. E. J. Novell.
1 Eureka; Uert Jacobs, Provo; Mary E.
Jensen, Spanish Fork; Lavina Taylor,
i .Midvale; D. S.. Powelsen, Goshen; Mr.
I and Mrs. W. C. Estes, Kichita, Kan
1 ' .sas; Victor M. Fitzgerald, Provo; E.
I Higgenson, Silver City: Ira Hinck
ley, Provo: J. J. Alexander, Los An
l poles, Calif.; Jack Corak, Eureka; O.
. Daniels. Payson; E. L. Durfoe. Eu
reka; Wesley Durfee, Eureka; 11. M.
Ka.su. Castle Dale; "Wilford Scofield,
. Mammoth City; Kenneth Soulhwick,
, Springville.
' no
Special meeting American Legion at
I niversity club. Saturday, April 10.
Full attendance requested.
; (Advertisement) L. J. HOLTIIEIl.
Fraternal Societies
I Meet in Salt Lake
Representatives of Ogden fraternal
societies will meet tonight in the
Nowhouse hotel In Salt Lake together
with representatives . from all parts
H of the state at the annual conven
Hltion of the Utah fraternal co'ngress.
Delegates to the national convention
H of the society, which is to be held in
Hj Chicago during August, and officers
H f or the year 1920 will be elected at
Hthc meeting.
HI Trcsldent H. M. Wolfe of the con
Hl gross will preside at tonight's meeting
Band will deliver the annual address.
Forest Service Man j
Loses Way in Stonn
j, E. Christcnsen, a scaler em-j
ployed on Black Fork creek, near
rjNanston. "Wye, after having lost his'
:.vay three times in a snowstorm, ar- j
icdw at the commissary almost fam
shed, according to a report made to I
ho Ogdcn forest jservlce offices. Re-j
niaining behind to finish some work
lifter the lumbermen had gone to
lamp about fifteen miles distant,
bhristenscn was overtaken by the
Itorm. He look refuge in hjs cabin
lor some time but was forced by buii
L'cr to set out an the trip to the com
Imssary, having sent all his provlalona
lo headquarter. Snows in that no'p
lion of the Wasatch national forest
Ire rr ported unusually deep this year.
Bchool Teachers
Granted Diplomas
Dolll Hale Laffen. 0JO Twent-I
urd street was granted a high achool j
(r diploma yesterday by the wlate i
oard of education. Among those,
b en grammar grade llfp diplomas
Sarah J. IT. Adams, Kaysvilie;
hen O Allred, Lognn; Mrs. Lottie C.
Jwenson, Logan: Mrs. Ray Stewart,
, o Twenty-abcth street, Ogden.
Committed in Ireland)
LONDON, April 9. One thousand
d eighty-nine outrages were com
itted in "Ireland between January,
hg, and March 29. 1920, according to
I official white paper which attrl
kes tbem to tho Sinn Fein move-j
Jnt Thirty-one police, military and;
licials, and five civilians were killed: ;
hi one were fired upon; thirty-two
Irhis total does not Includo the po-,
1 barracks to the number of more
In 200 were destroyed during Easter
ASHINGTON, April 0. Popula-
i statlstcs announced by the cen-:
bureiu today included:
n.tland, Maine, GO.lflC an in-
ce of 10.5 or 1S.1 per cent ovei'j
idricford. Me., 1S.O0S. an increase
r'O or 5.4 per cent.
uin. Mass.. -17.611. an . increase
., 060 or 45.9 per cent-
L ancaster. O., 14.706, inrceasc 1013
12.3 per cent.
cutler rar
Testifies 'of Existence of Com
mon Sales Agency for Three
Utah Companies
SALT LAKB. April . That until
January' of this year there had been a
i common sales agency for tho sugar
produced, by the Utah-Idaho, the
Amalgamated and Layton sugar com
panies was tho testimony given by
Thomas R. Cutler, former general
mapager, and Stephen II. Love, sales!
manager of the Utah -Idaho company,
at yesterday's hearing of the federal
trade commission's complaint against
the two former companies. Ernest R.
"Wool ley. A. -P. Cooper and E. P. Cul- 1
len, charged with 'restraint of compe
tition In interstate trade.
Air. Cutler was examined at length
concerning alleged circumstances con
nected with the building of the inde
pendent Sprlngvllle-Mapleton Sugar
company factory by Jesse Knight and
others. The. former general manager
of the Utah-Idaho said that he dis-;
cussed tho matter with Mr. - Knight, j
but found that tho latter had given ,
his word lo proceed with the factory'
and that it was impossible to change ,
his plans. ' '
Mr. Cutler denied knowledge of any
l!eged steps taken by C. W. Nlbley orj
Merrill Nlbley to obtain the influence
of either the United States department;
of agriculture or the war priorities
board to pijevcnt the construction of'
the Springvllle-AIapleton plant. I
He was asked by Henry Ward Beer.!
special 'attorney for the coinmissian. '
j what knowledge he had of efforts to ,
I obtain the. services of German In-1
I terncd prisoners for work in tho beet
.fields. Air. Cutler stated that he-was
aware that some steps had been taken
'Howards thkt end. but that he did not ,
know how tliey were taken, who made,1
them, or where it was desired to, won;
the prisoners. 1
j Air. Cutler denied that' he had ever
: discussed the question Of the joint sell
ing agency with former United States'
District Attorney W. W. JSay In reply I
; to question by Air. Beer. 1
I After repealing a number of times
j that the price the Utalvldaho Sugar!
: company got for its products was not
reached by any agreement with the
i Amalgamated or any other sugnr com
1 pany. and that the Utah price depend-!
! ed on the Snn Francisco marlcpt, '
which in turn was based on the New
York market. Airs. Cutler replied to a!
query. "Certainly we sold for hs much
as wo could gel." The question of
I price, the witness said, was primarily
ialwas one of supply and demand.
I POCATKLLO. April 9. Governor '
i Davis was asked to meet with the
commissioners and chambers of com-'
t mcrce from both counties in the ncar
i future to discuss the improvement of'
f roads between Pocatello and Amcrl
j can Kails, in a resolution adopted lafct
.ntght at the good roads banquet held
In the Bannock hotel. The matter of I
(obtaining federal aid In road building'
' will also bo taken up .-ft the meeting.
!the dale of which Is to bo announced'
' oo
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'Advertisement. '
, Ogden Assured of
Team in New League
Ogden is assured of a birth of the
new "Wasatch -Weber baseball league
according 10 Manager .Frank Scott of
the local aggregation. The business
men of the city hav0 contributed 1
loyally to the funds and tho team will
be on edge when tho, bell sounds on
"May 12.
Manager Scott and Captain George
YVessler will attend a meeting at Lay
;ton this evening at which time the
J forfeit monoy will be posted. The
players on the local team have- start
I ed practice.
t E. A. Field Maa
Talks to Teachers
Teachers, of the Ogden high schood
uystein. in addition to many other
educators from other Institutions here,
are meeting in the Central Junior
high school this afternoon lo hear
Hugh S. McGIll, national field secre
tary of the National Education associa
tion, who is lo outline the rcorganiza-
tlon ulan to be adopted at the conven
l tlon in Salt Lake this summer.
A curious fact has been noticed by
( Arctic travelers snow, when at a
very low temperature, absorbs mois
ture and dries garments
Cm ' orpheum
Joy of ti."s
1 Theatre World
Raymond fHTCHC0
In His Brand New Musical BH
Chorus or -10 Under 20
vigor, Vitality, Strcngt. jH
Weak Men and "WomeH
Sold by All Druggist
Advertisement H
" r
' j
.Mrs. Helen C. Statlcr.
Mrs. Helen C. Statler of Kalama
zoo, Mich., has announced her can
didacy for '.lie nomination for con
press on the Republican ticket from
the Third Michigan district. She has
been indorsed by a committee of
Michigan women headed by Mrs.
Caroline Bartlett Crane, well known
authority on civic conditions. Mrs.
Statler is the daughter of Col. F. V.
Curtenius, Civil war officer, and
granddaughter of J. P. Woodbury,
one of Michigan's leading financiers
in the '70s and '80s. She is a gradu
ate of Wells college.
SALT LAK15, April 9. The state'
board of education yesterday adopted
the report of a committee recommend
ing lite discontinuance of the emer
gency certificates, tlthough the super-1
intemlenls of school districts of Utah!
have asserted that to abandon the cer
tificate plan may result in the aban
doning ot many school classes In the
The committee of the board of edu
cation, composed of E. J. Norton, J.
C. Swenson and D. C. Jensen recom
mended that, "in .order to provide for
the proper certification of well quali
fied teachers who arc employed after
the summer examinations, and may
therefore not hold certificates. Ahai a
stale examination may be given about
January l."
It was remarked during the discus
sion of this question that the real
difficulty with the schools of Utah so
far has not been so much the emer
gency certificate as the large number
of teachers without a certificate. ;
oo i
(Ry International News Service)
OAIAIIA. Neb. After pouring ker
osene on her clothing, Airs. Claude
Hauschild, fifty-eight, living near
here, stepped into her yard and
touched a imilch to her clothing.
When found three hours later her
dead body, in a sitting posture, was
leaning against a tree
.Mental derangement was blamed
for her act.
t i
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fat is certain to fail of permanent re
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grain tablets Arbolenc removes the
craving for undesirable fatty foods, re
stores natural appetite and digestion,
while it dissolves fatty accumulations
,in the body and eliminates slowly but
I surely, without weakening' or other
evil effects.
Mrs. L. Holly, Imperial, Cal.,
I writes:
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bolonc Tablets for obesity and in sov
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Another Seriously Hurt in
Collision South on Logan
LOGAN, April 0. Three persona are
dead and one in a serious condition as
the result of an automobile collision
a milo south of this city Wednesday af
ternoon. The dead aro; Ernstus Bank
head, 60 years, Airs. Elizabeth Bank
head, his wife, 58 years, and Erastus
Bankhcad, Jr.. 39 years. Airs. Vilale
Bankhead. 35 years, is in a critical con
dition at the Utah-Idaho hospital.
The Bankhcad car, which, in addi
tion to the persons named, was occu
pied by the driver, Howard Glenn, and
Lita Bankhcad. three-year-old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Erastus Bankhcad.
Jr., collided with a car driven by Don-j
aid Hubbard, seventeen-year-old son of
Joseph T. Hubbard of this city, at the
Intersection of the Hyrum and Well
ville roads. The skidding of the Bank
head car caused the collision, and.
with the. exception of the driver, all
occupants vyero thrown from the Bank
head car with great force.
POCATELLO, April 0. The body
of Gcorgo n. Hc'rman. shcepherder
for a Shoshone company. wa3 found
near Klniama with a bullet hole
through the heart,-according to word
received here yesterday. At the in
quest it was decided that the death
had cither been caused by suicide, or
accident. Burial took place at Sho
shone. The man has no relatives in
this section of the country.
REVENUE $250,000
, SALT LAKE, April 9. Revenue for
automobile licenses for the first three
months of the present year totaled
$2r,0.601.20 as against $ 1 75.-1 -4 1 for the
corresponding quarter of last year, ac
cording to tho quarterly report Issued
yesterday by Harden Bennlon, secre
tary of state, to Daniel O. Larson,
state treasurer. :
on 1
SALT LAKE. April 9. Alathonihah
Thomas, United States federal prohi
bition director for Utah, yesterday re
ceived definite instructions from the
national prohibition bureau regarding
his offlcal dutes. Other developments
in setting the prohibition enforce
ment in motion here was the appoint-
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I j Delidcniswiths j' ;
ment of ,T. E. Shield, former stale
prohibition officer, as a federal prohi
bition agent for Utah, and the arrival)
In Salt Lake of N. B. Miller, special
prohibition field supervisor, to super
vise the transfer of records from the
internal revenue department to the
new prohibition bureau.
The instructions received by Mr,
Thomas are lengthy and outline the
work that is to be done by his depart
law. They partucularly call attention
to the value of obtaining the co-operation
of city, county, state and town
officials throughout Utah in connection
with the work of the federal prohi
bition bureau.
Notice of Hearing on Petition for Forma
tion of Irrigation District and of Ap
plications for .rlusion of lands (.here
from and Inclusion of .lands therein,
and rovfslon of Writer Allotments.
In the Matter of the Organization of
Weber County Irrigation Ulstrlet.
Public Xotlee is hereby given that a
do! i Uon of the Honorable Simon Bum
btrrger. Governor of the Stale of Utah,
j praying for the formation of an Irrigation
j district under the laws of the State of
L'lah. proposing to Include therein the
hands In Weber Countv. Utah. set out Jn
the pint annexed to the said petition and i
hereinafter bounded and lo be known as
Weber County Irrigation District, was. on
the 17th day of October. A. D 1010. filed
with the IJonrd of County Commissioners
o' Weber County, Utah; that the water
survey and allotments to the lands -within
said proposed district have been made as
provided by low by (he State Kngin
cer of, ihe State of t'tah. and the return
of the said surve.v and report of the said
water allotments have been presented to,
and are now on file with the siid Board I
of County Commissioners: and that the
2Glh day of April. A. D.. 1920, at the hour;
of 2:00 o'clock p. m.. at the Board Room
of the said County Commissioners in the
County Court House in Ogd,en City. We
ber County, Utah, has been fixed by the
said Boaixl as tho time and place for the
hearing upon the said petition as veil as
for the hearing upon all applications for,
the exclusion of lands therefrom and tho
inclusion of lands within said prbposeil
district, and the revision of the said
water allotments
Tho said irrigation district as proposed
includes all of the lands situated within
Ihe following boundaries, the samo being
the boundaries of the said pioposed dis
trict, lo-wll: '
Beginning at. the northwest corner of,
Seetlon 15. Township 7, North, Range 1
West of the Suit Lake Meridian, thence J
running west 3 miles to the NW corner of j
Section IS. said Township and Range,
thence westerly along tho County line I
between Box Elder and Weber Counties toj
a point where said County line intersects
the easterly shore line of Great Salt I-akc.
i hence meandering in a southerly direc
tion along and following the suid caster-1
lv shoro line of the said Great Salt t-ake
to a point in Section 22. Township 5 ,
North. Ilanco 3 West of the Salt Unke I
Meridian where the said shoreline Inter
sects Ihe County line between Davis and i
Weber Counties, thence easterly along
and following the naid County line to a
point on-and where said County lino In
tersects tho easterly line of Section 25.
Township 5 North. Range 1 West of the
Salt Lake Meridian, thence north approx
imately 1-2 mlln to the NI3 corner of said
Section 25. thence west 1 mile to the NW
corner of said Section 23. thence North 2
miles to the NIC coiner of Section ll.
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said Township and Range, thence west
mile to the NW corner of said Section H.
thence north approximately 11-2 miles to
the SE corner of the corporate limits 'of
Ogden Cit. Utah, being a point it the'
center of the east line of Section i. said.
Township and Range, thence west ap-;
proximately 3 1-2 miles lo the SW corner i
or the coi noratc limits of said Ogdcn City,
boing a point at I he center of Section 6.
said Township and Range, thence north
along and following the westerly bound
ary line of the corporate limits of said
Ogden City lo the NW corner of the cor
porate limits of said Ogden City, being
a point at the NW corner of the SW quar
ter of tile SIC quarter of Section 7. Town
ship 6 North. Range 1 West of the Salt
Lrake Meridian, thence cast approximate
ly 3 1-2 miles to tho NE corner of the
corporate limits of said Ogden City, be
ing a point at the NE corner of the SK
quarter of, the SE quarter of Section 10.
Township- 6 North, Range 1 West of tho
is. t Lake Meridian, thence north approxi
mately 1 3-4 miles 19 the SE corner of
Section 13. Township 7 North. Range 1
u est. Salt lakc Meridian, thence weat 1
mile to the SW corner of said Section 15.
thence- north 1 nillo lo the place of be
ginning. .
And also beginning at Ahc NW corner of
Section 0. Township 7 North. Range 1
East of the Salt Iike Meridian, ihencc
running south 2 miles to the SW corner of
Section 7. said Township and Range,
thence west 1 mile to the NW comer
of Section 13. Township 7 North, Range
1 West, Salt Ijikc Meridian, thence couth
1 mile lo the SW corner of Said Section
13 thencd east 1 mile lo the SJ5 comer
of said Section 13. Ihencc south 1 1 lie lo
the SW corner of Section III. Township 7
North. Range 1 .East. Salt Lake Meridian
thence easl 1 mile 10 the SE corner of!
said Section 0, thence south 1 mile to ihe!
S corner of Sec. 20. Township 7 North
Range 1 East. Salt Lake Meridian, thence
cast I mile to the SE corner of said Sec
lion 29, thence south 2 miles to the SW
corner of Section I. Township G North.
Range 1 East. Salt Iiko Meridian, thence
cast 1 mile to the SE corner of said Sec
lion I, thence south 2 miles to the SW
corner of Section 15. said Township and
Range, thence cast 2 miles to the NW
corner of Section 24. said Township and
Range, thence south 1 mile to the SW
corner of said Section 21, thenee cast 3
miles lo the NW corner of Section 2S.
Township (! North. Range 2 East, Salt
Lake Meridian, thence south 1 mile to
the SW corner of said Section 2S, thence
east 3 miles to the SE corner of Section
2C. Township 6 North. Range 2 East. Salt
Lake Meridian, thence north 1 miles to
the NE comer of Section 11. Township
C North Range 2 Easl, Salt Lake Merid
ian, thence west 2 miles to the SE cor
ner of Section 1. said Township and
Range thence north 3 miles lo the NE
corner' of Section 2S. Township 7 North.
Range 2 East. Salt Lake Meridian, thence
west 1 mile to the NW corner of said
Section 2S. thence north 1 mile to tbe NE
comer of Section 20, said Township and
Range, thence west 1 miles to the NW
corner of Section 23, Township 7 North.
Range 1 East. Salt lake Meridian, thence
north 1 mile to the NE corner of Section
15. said Township and Range, thence, west
1 mile to the NW corner of said Section
15 thence north 1 mile to the NE corner
of" Section 0. said Township and Range,
thence west 1 mile lo Ihe NW corner of
said Section 0. thenco north 1 mile to the
NE corner of Section 5. Township 7 North.
Range 1 East. Salt Lake Meridian, thence
west 2 miles to the place of beginning. . SKHI
All persons, firms, associations or cor IBH
poratlona Interested In tho said matter V VBHb
arc directed to appear at said hearing and HH9
each will thereat be given u 11 opportu- IBS
nlty to be heard thereon. '"""M
Dated at Ogdcn City. Weber County, nSHI
I tali, this, the 23th day of March. A. D., X JM
By Martin P. Brown, Chairman. ,- .. IHH
Attest: 1
(Seal) Clerk . t EH
Consult County Clerk or the Resp.cc- Hl
tjve Signers for Further IIB
Information. HlB
Estate of Frank A. Nalsbitt. Deceased. HH
Creditors will present their claims liHff
with vouchers to the undersigned at 605 iB9i
Ecclcs Bldg., Ogden. Utah, on or before BK
the 27th day of May, A. D.. 1020.
Administrator of the Estate of Frank A. flHS
Nafsbilt, Deceased. tHlfS
Samuel C. Powell, Attorney for Adminls- dHi
trator. Bi
Dale of first publication March 26, 1020 flR
333(5 WWzm.
Estate of William McHcnry, Deceased. MBl
The petition of CaUieriuc MuIIcnry for JllHuls
letters of administration, in the above en- gv- ''nKiJ
titled matter, has been set for hearing jHK
before lion. A. W. A gee, Judge, on Mon- V I
day, Iho 12th day of April, 1020. ul two ' HK I
(2) o'clodc p. 111.. at the county court K 1
house, in the court room of said court, k HB 1
in Ogden City, Weber County, Utah. BB ?
Witness, the clerk of ald court with K a
the seal thereof affixed, this 31st day of.
By Agnes Smith'. Deputy Clerk. Ilvl 1
Henderson & Johnson, Attorneys for Pc; ' HU
Estate of Bernard McCabc. Dc . IH
ceased. HB
The petition of Julia McCabc for an ' 5
order admitting the will of Bernard Bfl
McCabo to probate, in the above en- ' IDB
titled matter, has been -set for hear . IHl
lug- before Hon. A. 1?. Pratt, Judge,. jfl
011 Monday, the 12th day of April,' ' IBl
1020, at Ten (10) o'clock a. m., at the IHh
County Court House, in tho court JBH
room of said court, in Ogdcn City. 'IIh
Weber County, Utah.
Witness, tho Clerk of said court, " 9 H
with tho seal thereof affixed, this 31st HH
day ' of rarcli, 1920. jH
Clerk. . J lB
By Agnes-Smith, Deputy Clerk. 2 vJIH
Attorney for Petitionci.
IT lakes something o a knack lo L;',' '
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; an automobile requires, buloncc ac- fH
quired it becomes ait easy 'habit
which repays you over and "over j: v ,
again in increased service and 'life. p H
N Let us help. you to acquire tho linaifk 1 KB
of caring for your car. Come in any I Hi
time, we'll bp glad, to go gver its J
- mechanism Avith you and explain the -
"Of - simple' care of an automobile. V
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'rTudson1 "Super-Si. Essex ' -v$ MM
x . "GheuW;' " ' ' I I
: M- I
27 Hudson Ave, Ogden Telephone 460 jH
' ' . j J

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