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1 tB
I" Clara Kiinball Young 1
"The Forbidden Woman'9
j UTAH Theatre jj
I1 Ogden butchers and packers meet
ing: yesterday at the "Weber club with
Willard Scowcroft and Dr. H. M.
Rowe, local members of the federal
- Xair price commission, agree to co
operate with the government in its
campaign for cheapen meat cuts.
According to Mr. Scowcroft an ab
normal demand for the choicer cuts
has forced the price up, but by prop
; ei" methods the cheaper meats may be
made just as palatable.
' During "save money on meat" week
which starts in Ocden next Monday,
butchers and market men of the city
will offer meat to the housowlves as
low as 12 cents per pound and up
; to 20 cents, with Instructions as to the
proper handling to procure best rc
! suits.
! Electing with the Ogden fair price
commissioners were J. P. Murphy and
Stanley Chambers, representing the
Ogden Packing and Provision com
pany: A. M- Miller, Washington mar
ket; J. V. Wilcox. Modern market;
James Ballard, of Ballard & Mor
tonscn; George Grill, of the Grill mar
ket. They prepared the following price
schedule of prices:
Chuck' steak, 20c; boll from three
to four hours.
Pot roast, 17 c to 20c; boll from
three -to four hours.
Rib boll, 15c to 17 c; boil from
three to four hours.
Neck boll, 12V&C to 15c, .boil' from
threo to four hours.
Soup bone, 5c to 10c; boil three to
four hours.
Beef stew. 15c to 17',c; boil three
to four hours.
Ox tail, 10c; bail three to four
What khml the Present Upheaval
to Germany?
What will be its effect on the peace of the world? How about
the Russian question? And India's growing mov cmenl.for
.self government? These things affect 'us because they affect
j ' our country in Its present role of international leader.
j '':jg.
'. Hear first hand information about these countries and their ,
; problems in the lecture. 'Vi
"A Diplomatist At Large"
Sit John. Foster Fraser .
lamouB world travolcr, correspondent, writer and lecturer.
Here, then, is a man who knows the world at first hand as
M lew men do. He has traveled In 50 countries more than any
c - other living man ho has been in Russia during the revolu--
( lion he has seen massacres in Armenia he knows the Bal-
f I Kan territory like a book, and India, China and the Orient.
f ' If you want to be transferred, as though on a magic carpet,
j j.' ' from the practicabilities of American life to the romance of ' !
S J the East you can do no belter than sit at the feet of this
II A world traveler. Ho has the rar faculty of explaining the most
t- 1 complicated inteniioiii:! oituatlons in cleai crisp words so
V that listeners sic entranced.
i' Don't miss it remember tomorrow night Saturday the 101b
r ST. M., Tapcrnacle. $1.00. 10c War Tax
hidA Under Auspices of University Club
f Mclcets on sale at Culley's Drug Store and both Mclntyre
! j; P . Drug Stores
Spectacular Posing of Famous
Paintings and Monuments
Top Show
Spectacular posing, including repro
ductions of many famous paintings
and monuments, feature tho offering
of Henrietta Dc Scrrls and her fifteen
beautiful models as the head liner on
the Pantages bill, now showing' at tho
Orphoum theatre.
This act is said to be creating a scn
I sation wherever It is shown, and Og
i den vaudeville patrons will agree that
i It Is an offering 'quite out of tho ordl
I nary. Miss Do Scrrls has assembled
a group of beauties who, with herself,
1 were formerly engaged in life classes
at the Paris academy. Among the
poses are "Angelus," "At the Winning
i Tost." -Priam at the Feet of Achillea"
and another group representing the
sacrifice of the American doughboy on
tho fields of France.
Hud Snyder and Joe Mclino arc
, gloom dispensers who have an cnter-
tainlng comody act that hits on all
I eight cylinders and never misses fire
once. Austin Goetz and Fao Duffy in
I a variety of oddities rollick along lu
, comedy talking, singing and dancing,
pleasing everybody.
"A Rural Delivery" is the title of
the bundle of joy unwrapped for tho
I Pantngcs audiences by Eldrldge. Bar
I low and Eldrldge. Bert Stoddard adds
his quota lo the general entertainment
' In "The Forgetful Teacher," and tho
Mori brothers top off the bill In Jap
anese pastimes.
Albert Erlckson and his orchestra
' with tho Pantagescopo concludo the
j Pantages offering, which will run
j through Saturday with the usual matl-
I hours.
j Corn beef, 17c.
Breast of lamb, 15c; boil two and
, one-half hours.
j Breast of veal, 20c; boil two and
one-half hours.
Veal for pot pie, 20c; boil two and
one-half hours.
Veal shanks, 15c; boll two and one
half hours.
I Appointment of an Ogden woman to
j represent the housewives of the city
land who also will demonstrate prep
aration of the various cheaper cuts,
I Is to bo made this week, Mr. Scow
I croft said.
j Everyone should take a cleansing,
j purifying laxative Remedy this month.
HolIIster's Rocky Mountain Tea Is a
great Spring Cleanser fiz-Ik. A. R.
ruclntyre Drug Co. Advertisement.
I 00
j WIO Take Up Street
! Car Status or Paying;
To determine what is to bo re-
quired of tho Ogden streot railway i
company in regard to paving along the I
car tracks north of the river bridge !
on Washington avenue, Chrfs Flygare, '
city commissioner, and City Engineer
Joseph M. Tracy are in Salt Lake to
day conferring with members of the
stato road commission. The Ogden
representatives will return this eve
ning and will announce tho plans for
the paving work and the date- on
which it will begin.
uu i
Sweetest Story j
Ever Filmed
"Betty Takes a Hand," j
Olive Thomas, and a Fatty
Arbuckle comedy, "Fickle j
; Fatty's Fall," at Congvega-
tional church this 8 p. m. 1
1 Ask far Parking m
West Thirtieth Streetj
j Thirteen property owners of Ogden,!
in a petition sent today to Mayor!
Frank Francis, have pointed out the !
I advantages of a parkway In the center
jof Thirtieth street, west of Lincoln!
I avenue. The property owners draw at-
tention to the sixteen feet of surplus i
j roadway in the district anl ask that;
I the street be beautified through the j
i installation of lawns, gardens anil'
; curbing in the stree center
j Change Ruling on ;
i Checldng Accounts
I According to a statement made by
. the county assessor of Salt Lake coun
fty yesterday, checking accounts will
I not bo assessed at their full value,
j which is an opinion handed down by
the county attorney of Salt Lake and
which is opposed to the opinion hand
ed down by the state board of equali
zation on Monday last and sent out to
the county assessors throughout the
1 "After a long and careful study of
this question I am personally con
vinced that money deposited in banks
should be classified as solvent cred
its," said Mr. Lynch yesterday, in re
ply to the state board of equalization's
I notice which he declines to put into
j Transfer Home to
Cynthia Pingree
A warranty deed from the James
Pingree company to Cynthia Pingree
for portions of lots G and 7, block 14,
plat A, was recorded yesterday with
the county recorder. The considera
tion Is given as $10,000. The property
in the deal is at the corner of Twcnt
sixth street and Jefferson avenue.
Continuing In ucacc times tho ef
forts mado during the war period to
stlmuluto tho production of food at
home, tho Siandard-Kxnmlncr will
dlslrlbuto lo Il3 subscribers tomorrow
without charge a number of packets
of selcctod garden seeds secured from
the dopartmont of agriculture at
"Washington through the courtesy of
Senators Smoot and King. Subscrib
ers living in Ogden may secure the
seeds at the Standard-Examiner oflice
tomorrow by bringing in tho coupon
, properly signed, the coupon being
I published today Those outside Og
I den may send tho coupon by mail and!
j will receive tho seeds through the I
Mayor to Issue Proclamation
on Clean Up and Paint
Period for Ogden
Cleanup and palntup week for Og
den will open Monday, April 10, for a
six-day period, according to an an
nouncement made today by Mayor
Frank Francis. A proclamation will
be issued tomorrow by Mayor Frank
Francis urging tho people of Ogden
to co-operate In making the city clean
and sanitary place in which to live
and boy scouls, school children, civic
organizations, the fire department and
the city officials, will be asked to en
list and complete their sharo of civic
The initial request of residents of
the city in the campaign will ask that
the accumulation of winter rubbish be
placed at the curbs only at such time
that wagons may collect promptly
thereby avoiding the littering of tho
streets by the displays.
Flour Prices Raise
15 to 20 Cents Barrel
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.. April 9.
The Northwestern Miller's review of
I the week's flour trade says a some
what better outlook with prices for pat
ents up fifteen to thirty cents per
barrel marked the week's trade, though
actual buying was in limited quanti
ties only. A revival of demand seems !
to be generally expected bef(i long.
The output continues to decrease owJ
ing to car shortage, the spring wheat
mills producing only' thi try-six per cent
of capacity, the hard winter wheat.'
mills producing only thirty-six per cent!
per cent and the Ohio valley soft
wheat mills thirty-three per cent.
OO : j
State of Sonora Takes
Over S: P. Railroad
NO GALES, Aria., April 9. Prior to
the departure today of Governor Adol
fo de la Iluerta for Iiermosillo, the
state capital, the government of the
state of Sonora took charge of the
operation of the Southern Pacific of
Mexico railroad, running trains with ,
the strikers themselves and paying'
them the wages conceding tho hours v
demanded in the complaint of the;
trainmon against the road.
Seeks Divorce m
Cruelly Charges
Charging that her husband, Michael
Mearo, is guilty of cruel treatment to
the extent that at various periods hoj
inflicted bodily injury and called her,
vile and obscene names. Zayda Macro
will begin her suit for divorce this af
ternoon in the district court before
Judge A. E. Pratt. The couple were
married in JJrigbam City, October 5,'
1913, and Mrs. Mearo filed her com
plaint last November.
In her complaint Mrs. Mearo alleges
that her husband is guilty of several
atlaclcs upon her in which he inflicted
painful injuries and that at other times
he upbraided her and threatened lo
kill both himself and Mrs, Macro.
The plaintiff asks that alimony be
awarded her and that she be given
tho custody of two minor children.
(By International News Service.) 1
churches of this place, the Christian,
the Methodist and the Congregational,
arc completing one of the handsomest
church buildings in this section.
By consolidating their congrega
tions, tho three churches bcllevo they
will bo able lo do much more effec
tive religious work in tho community.
Thobu lid lng Is expected to be com
pleted at an early date.
KINGMAN, Kan. Kingman county
farmers have started a campaign to
beat the high prices charged for lum
ber by erecting sod houses, barns and
sheds on their farms.
Tho sod houses are exceptionally
warm In winter and cool in summer.
Ridge poles and other supports arc
obtained from native timber. The
lumber dealers arc being called upon
only for windows, doors and flooring.
. no
CHICAGO, April 9. Butter lower;
creamery 4Sg6-l V6c.
Eggs unchanged; receipts 22,434
Poultry lower; alive springs SSc;
fowls -lie.
' oo
Something more than a century ago
paper was 30 dear In ' England that
butchers used to give their customers
the meat , wrapped up In a large vege-table-leaC.
. N - . .
.S-,' ' -
malls without cost. Each subscriber
will receive five packages of seed
while they last.
The city commissioners, acting upon
request of thoso fosloring tho home
garden movement, have issued an or
der allowing tho use of city water
without charge until July 1. In the
opinion of competent agriculturists, an
opportunity is afford in this period to
ralso a splendid early garden. Such
a distribution is an annual ovent in
the history of the combined papers,
and lias brought forth the commenda
tion and .co-operation of the Civic,
league and other, organizations work
ing for tho benefit of the homo and i
city. 1
Department of Justice Expect
ed Here to Take Annetta
Martin in Charge
Annetta Martin, arrested by officers
of the Weber county sheriff's depart
ment on a complaint of issuing
worthless checks, and who was sen-,
tenccd yesterday to twenty days in tho j
county jail, In which time the sheriffs I
office was to make further invest!-1
gation of her record, was Ihe subject1
of another complaint issued by deputy:
Sheriff Richard Wootton this morning, ;
which charges her with drawing a
check on the First National bank of
Pocatello. Ida., for $15 and cashing the I
same at W. II. Wright and Sons com-)
Report comes from Salt Lake that,
(Miss Martin, who is 29 years of age, is
the person who has issued forged!
checks in the capital city and it is '
expected that officers of the depart
ment of justice will come to Ogden
this afternoon to aid in the work of
. j
Mayor and Associates to i
Make Inspection of Paving, I
Streets, Water Distribution
Following the receipt of scores of j
applications from uU parts of Ogden
asking for cxtcnlons of water lines,,
plans were made for a tour of Inspec- '
tlon by the members of the city com- '
mission, according to Mayor Frank
Francis. During the survey an in
Kpccllon will also be made of the con- ,
dltion of pavements' and streets in va-(
rious sections and where other Im-;
provemcnts are proposed. J
Invitation has been extended by
Mayor Francis lo Engineer Finch, of
the federal road'bureau and his assist
ants to accompany tho commissioners
on the tour. The date for the inspec
tion will be determined at a meoting
of the commission at a later date'
We Need More Pay
Admiral Tells -Senate
"VVASH I NGTON. April l. Consress
must increase the pay of both officers
and men if the navy is to be "saved
from disaster," Hear Admiral Wash
ington, chief of the navigation bu
reau, declared today before the senate
committee investigating 'the Sims
Daniels row.
Foreign countries have Increased
the pay in the navies, he said, adding:
"I understand tho Increases abroad
are being paid largely with money!
borrowed from the United State3."
The committee was told that tho
r.avy had been "going down hill" rap
Idly since July. 1910, and that the do-'
scrtions in the last half of 191& totaled
i.CCG men, including 1,000 pelly offi
cers who had served more than one 1
term of enlistment. Jn January tnc
desertions amounted lo SOS and in
February 765. and the rate shows no
decreaso at this time.
Not only are' tho men leaving. Ad-1
miral Washington said, but recruiting
is on the decline because of low pay. !
The officer situation also is "very
bad," tho admiral said.
in I
Loses His Council
Seat By Coin Toss;
GJIAND RAPIDS. Wis., April 9. t
For the second tlmo John Ostruskio
lias beon defeated for a seat in the city
council by the toss of a coin. Os
Iruskio and Grant Babcock, candi
dates for councilman,' drew a tie vote
in Tuesday's election, so it was decided
to flip a coin to decide the honors. As
as the master of ceremonies was about
to toss tho coin. Ost ruckle said; "What
will you take. Mr. Babcock?"
"I'll tako heads," replied Babcock.
"Then I'll take what's left,'' said
The coin was flipped and fell .heads,
giving Babcock the seat in tho council.
Four years ago Ostrusklo tied with
Mike Lcmonez for tho seat and tho
toss of the coin went against him.
LONDON. Infantry and cavalry,
which have been the "bread and but
ter" of the armies of the world since
the days of Alexander the Great, will
soon be obsolete, according to Lieu
tenauL W. S. King-Hall.
In a remarkable .article in "The
Journal of the Royal United Service
Institution," he writes:
"In the near future the actual de
struction of enemy communications ;
which .feed armies on foot and horse i
soldiers will be unnecessary because1
Owing to enormous size of production, nnd length of performance, cur- i!H
tain rises promptly nltjhto at .3 o'clock. Patrons are respectfully requested to H jH
be In their seats by that time as POSITIVELY no one will be seated during D jJ
tho first scene. Ej M
Messrs. Lee and J. J. Shubert present IH
The New York Winter Garden's Stupendous Revue B
, JoHreg&usJ sjm 8 10 SINGERS H
colorful DANCERS AND
enthra l l Ing, HP COMEDIANS , H
SPECTACLE NaBpKfec A that R,val ,n I kHflr
PRESENTED IN SrMR Splendor an I h4K
1200 costumes Wi"?nSii?ffe5le ' fl
WORLD'S BEAUTIFUL IMIm Roy Cummlngs Helen Carrlng- S9H
Swdmpw VvhJitl'l ww Phllbrlck , ton 1.,
WOMEN Aw&'l ohn R.i-i,,. Leeta Cordcr I H
ALLURING 1 Urkc Emily Miles I 1KM
ENTICING &Wi Edward Basse Alexandria v WBSl
BEAUTIFUL ' . feM: "Y0"11?" n WM
Rrvnwn ' VfZktPl Victor Bozart Dorsha I
BEYOND W'. A. Jack Hall Peggy Brown I WM
COMPARISON J Frank Hall Bllllc Shaw VlSE
lV Mary Booth Dolores Suarcz J , HB
there will he no foot and horse sol
diers, except for ceremonial purposes.
These men will then he regarded much
as today we regard the Beefeaters.
"The transport tank will eliminate
tho use of sabres and bayonets. The
transport tank will have a speed of
thirty miles an hour. About 125 of
these tanks will convey 10.000 men."
(Hy Tntcrn.Klonal Jfejvs Service.)
WASHINGTON. D. C Tho average
American soldier who participated In
the world war put on 3.33 pounds In I
weight during his period of service i
In the army, and grow .23 of an inch, j
according to statistics made public by
tho war department. These figures
arc based on the physical measures of j
nearly a million men upon Inductance
into service In 1917 and upon dis- ' i Efl
chargo in 1919. 1 Bjfl
A comparison of tho average height iflHi
of soldlci'3 participating in the civil fl
war and those serving in the world fl
; war shows that the average civil war iDI
doughbboy was G7.6 Inches in height, H
while the average of the world wai jN
j was G7.5 Inchc3. jHfl
From November 11, 101S, to Marc) jH
24, 1920, a total of 2,404 resignation!.. jHSl
of regular army officers were accept- R3fj
Between February 2S, 1919, and fEtf
March 2 1. 1920, 1S9, 511 enlistments jHl
for the regular army were reported, lilHX
Including 2,239 for the week onded v
I X 'le Sat sport. Aviation can I SUflf
j? r,cj e learned in less time and pays I
! M tffiH?tg& better than any other profession. RmS
! Iy-. 91 ' -' Either a complete course of 50 I Ee&l
1SP fjvi lessons or a short course of 10 I j jB9
I lessons with no breakage charge.
I Ten years' experience. Special offer will be made to first I
lady student. For particulars call 1
C. O. PREST ! gW
Office at Christy-Studio r M,
jj Phone 77 2469 Washington Ave. j .
Same loir Price As j! . Hi
j Before The War j Hi
and Hie saute pure, ' , ! IH
lj wholesome beverage so wmm
j; marry have eryoyea. far HP
j hns a pleasind coffee - j IlllK
, like flavor hire is more HK
j economical than, coffee
i . and has the added value C iBn'
j of absolute freedom from. jj g Hv
jj caffeine or other harm- : f jnj
Postum Cereal Company", Battle-Cn;ck..Mich. ' .'5 flf

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