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K I mmw iiii iiaiiig3imjii.'iujgMiaMJJiJiJiiaBgBM m
' Children Cry for Fletcher's
H' The Kind 3Tou JETavo Always Bought; has hornc the signa
m ture of Chas. H, Fletcher, and has been made under his
personal supervision for over 30 years. Allow no one
to deceive; you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
"Just-as-proon" aro hnt experiments, and endanger the
Jiealth. of Children Experience against JExporiniciit.
-k Oastoria is a harmless substitute lor Castor Oil, Xare-
1 gorlc- Drops and Soothing Syrups, it contains neither
Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substanco. For
s more, than thirty rears it lias been in constant usofortho
V relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and
Btii "Diarrhoea: allaying Fevcrishncss arising therefrom,
, and bv regulating the Stomacli ad Bo-vrels, aids tho as-
, slmllation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep,.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend,
: v ' Tho Kind You Have ASways Bought
j& Bears the Signature of
.-' A: ?ac ccrcTAar. sc-ra.-rr3 new ranis cnv.
t Jii order to arrive at uniform rule
' and to clear up all1 misunderstanding:
relative to the hour of closing stores
, on Saturdays, a meeting of the re
tail merchants of Ogden was hel i" at
the offices "of tho association.' room
202 Ecclcs building' on Friday. April D.N
1 At this meeting, a resolution was
adopted that there should be no at-
B tempt mado by the association to cn-
force a weekly half-holiday closing
1 rule, and a second rosoultion adopted-
that all stores should close at C p. m.
Wl on Saturdays, beginning April 17.
60 which is the closing hour for other
jL ' . week days. ;
$j This action was taken after very'
careful consideration and was tho
unanimous view of the merchants re'p
resented at the meeting,
i In order to make the decision of
p( the merchants a matter of records.
and to clear up all misunderstanding
'( pertaining to the weekly half-holi-
i j day closing, a canvass has been made
fa by representatives of the association
sj and the following firms have signed a
statoment unanimously agreeing that
wr ' there will be no weekly half-holiday
i" National Guard Gains i
3,279 Enlistments!
' ' WASHINGTON', April 12. Tho na
tional guard during March made .i
net gain of 3279 enlistments, it was;
officially nnnounced today. The guard
numbers -12.000 or aboul 24 per 'cent
. -of the' maximum 7of 170.000.
New units authorized today, in - j
' ' eluded one squadron and three troops
i of cavalry for Colorado. j
1 ' ' .
SALEM, Ore., April 13. William
Howard Taft in a telegram received by
the secretary of state of Oregon re
quested that his name be not allowed
I to go on the Republican primary onl
Lv'' lot in Oregon as a. candidate for prcsi
j k dent. It was said at the state house
r ji if petitions are filled for Mr. Taft they
U " cannot be withdrawn under a supreme
j t court ruling,
k m.; oo
Br Most earthquakes occur In the cold
7 aii) months.
i ticc
In a
com Prevent Falling Hair
vjvy.' With Cuticura Shampoos
The first tiling to do in restoring dry,
ll thin and falling hair i3 to get rid of
J ' dandruff, itching and irritation of the
j , scalp. Rub Cuticura Ointment into
f ' the scalp, especially spots of dandruff
and itching. Next morning shampoo
with Cuticura Soap and hot water.
4 Rinse with tepid water.
Cuticura Talcum is an antiseptic, prophy-
m uctic, soothing dusting powder of delicate,
j K fascinating fragrance. 25c everywhere.
recognised or put into effect by them
at the present time:
Christensen Shoe -store. Glen Bros.
rioberts Piano company. Kern's com
pany.. Dorothy Madson millinery. V.
ii. Wright and Sons company. Golden
Rule Mercantile company. Osrdcn
Furniture and Carpet company, Wolfei
Cloak and Suit company. YVatson
Flygare Hardware company. Watson
Tanner Clothing company. II. W.
Jones Shoe company, The Fashion
shop, Ogden Electric Supply company,
Fred M. Nye company. Independent
Meat company, Washington market,
J. S. Daniels, J. S. Carver and Sons.
Williams and Smith, Ballard and
Mortensen X. U Sturgeon Millinery
company, Boyle Furniture company.
F. W. Woolworth company, Richard
son Hunt company, BrowniCarlson
Tresoder company, ' Buchmiller-Kap-lan
company. Ilorrocks Brothers, Last
and Thomas, J. S. Lewis and company.
Spargo's Book store. Sylvia Deo Art
shop. Thomas C. Foley company,
Proudflt Sporting. Goods company,
Modern market. I. N. Pierce, Ameri
can' grocery, J. II. Tillotson, G. A.
! Hitchcock ad Johnson
I iif Omaha to -Speak
OMAHA, Neb., April 12. Senator G.
,M. Hitchcock and Senator Hiram
I Johnson arrived in Omaha today -o be
gin a speaking tour for tlipJr candi
iducies for the presidential nomination
respectively of the democratic and Ke
j publican parties. Senator Hitchcock
I speaks tonight at Jolumbus, Neb., and
j Senator Johnson vpeaks in Omaha.
I Anglo-French Situation
Looks More- Favorable
LONDON, April 13 An unauthorita
tive statement issued last night indi
cates the Franco-British situation Is
even more favorable than presented
by Andrew Bonar Law, Die govern
ment spokesman in the house of com
mons. The statement intimated that
a French note is expected accepting
the British view and agreeing to evac
uate the occupied towns rapidly onj
withdrawal of the German trooprf "from"
the Ruhr, which iias already com
menced. Both France and Great Britain are
increasingly convinced of tho necessi
ty of keeping in agreement for the set
tlement of the questions regarding
Germany and thoso affecting other
parts of the world, Andrew Bonar
Law, tho government leader, told the
house- of commons today.
"The approaching conference of the
heads of the allied governments, will
no doubt serve to confirm and consol
idate the complete understanding be
tween the two governments," said Mr;
no :
Public Ordered Off ;
I - Sheets in Germany
FRANKFORT, April 12. (By he
Associated Press.) Citizens of Frank
fort are not permitted on the stveots
after 0 o'clock in the evening without'
special permission from the French oc
cupational authorities, while in Darm
stadt and other towns in the newly oc
cupied terrltorv the public is allowed
on the thoroughfares until 11 o'clock
ir, the evening.
It Contractors and Builders, Attention
ft Gravel and sand for sale. We will be equipped April 10
a! to urn a gdes of washed sand and gravel, also pit-
f I run gravel in any quantity delivered or at the pit. Our
1 1 I gravel is taken from the junction of the Weber and Og
IH ' . j ? .1 en rivers. Free from quicksand and lime and analyzed
Hr i f I as the best gravel in Weber county. Let us figure with
i f 'J you.
ijf j The Walker Co., 623 Eccles Bldg. Phone 1130
Massachusetts Attorney Gen
eral Asks Leave to Inter
vene in Church Contest
BOSTON, April 13. A petition for
leave to intervene in the Christian Sci-
ence church litigation was filed in th-
supreme cour.t late, yesterday by J.
Weston Allen, attorney general of
Massachusetts. He says that the First
Church of Christ Scientist "is a pub
lic charitable trust devoted to the ad
vancement of the religion of Christian
Science for the benefit of its members
and of the .public generally." and is an
unincorporated association.
He polnts out that the powers of the
church directors have been limited by
the report of the1 master in the litiga
tion between the directors and trus
tees of the Christian Science publish
ing society .and that the binding force
and cfect of the directors' acts have
been questioned, if "not denied by thnt
I Because of this, he says, the attor
ney general, as reprefcn'.ing benefi
ciaries of this public charitable trust
10 a necessary parly to the litigation.
:Ic asks leave to intervene aa a party!
lefondant and to file an answer so
;that all questions regarding tho validi-i
ly and elfect of the bylaws consliiut-f
ing Hie church manual a ml s.uthorily
of the directors may be determined. i
The answer which the attorney gen
eral asks leave to file was attached!
to the petition. In it he :-ay? he be-1
,liees appointments of the publishing;
society trustees were valid. He avers
'that it was the purpose of Mrs. Mary
(Baker G. Eddy, founder of the church,
that all activities of the Christian Sci
ence religion should be subject to con
trol of the motner church.
The attorney general says th?t!
through changes in the church man-i
ual, by agreement of all parties .nter-1
csted, "the power to remove and tnere
. I fort to control" the trustees was vest
. et; in the directors and that the di
rectors' control over the editors and
1 1 policy of the official publication of the
jchurch was acquiesced in by all par
ities until about the commencement of
j the present litigation.
To be happy you must be well. If
I you are frequently troubled with con
stipation and indigestion you cannot
'be altogether happy. Take Chamber
lain's Tablets to correct these disor
jdcrs. They are pronipt and-effectual.
easy and pleasant to t;rkc. Advertise
ment. i oo
Predicts High Wages
Are Mere to Stay
TOLEDO', O , April 13. Sane think
ing, frank utterance and courageous
consideration was urged by Senator
W. G. Harding, Republican presiden
tial candidate.
"The world is in a state of unrest,"
he said. "All humanity is in a greater
or lesser degree of rebellion against
things which are, and curious to try,
a new and unknown social and eco
nomic order.
"There is just one way to recover
Horn waste and altering burden of war.
Nothing has ever avail. d save vo"k
and trade attended by thrift and per
sistence. High wagps com;1 as a war
inheritance. ' They will abide, I think
they ought to abide."" But high wages
are of no avail if living cose growj
higher. Money has lose its standard
of value. We cannot restore it uiTtn.
wo recover our poise an 1 get 'o hink
ing and acting soberly again."
i Xero Is said to have played a bag-
pipe. '
; I ' ' .I
The material fr this frock is in-
destructiblo voile. Tho skirt is a
harem and theso harem skirts are1
modest, graceful and comfortable
with the rubber tape in the hem to
permit freedom in walking. Tho
bodico is .a kimono affair with the
bauding inset as a panel.
Rippling' !
I Rhymes
In Germany all things are mixed,
and nothing's settled, nothing's fixed.
One government has quite a boom,
and then it journeys up the flume;
another comes, and it may bust, and
leave behind a cloud of dust. And old
Ex Bill, he sits and blinks, and many
kinds of thoughts he thinks. "They
can't cut ice without a throne," he
sighs, as he sits there alone; "they
talk republics and the like; republics!
For the love of Mike- That sort of
stuff is purely rot; they'll have to send
for Me und GotL" Of course you'll
say his thoughts are vain, that ne is
neither safe nor sane, that Germans
wouldn't dare to place this relic of a
bughouse race upon the throne we
overset, but wait a while, already yet.
It's suiv, when all is said and done,
we cannot trust the (ricky Hun. He'd
do the, thing we least expect, although"
the universe he wrecked, if thereby he
could jar the foes who lately led him
by the no.s And Germans want old
things again, the throne, the crown,
and war lord men. And so the dreams
of old Ex Bill arc not so wild, already
. nn
All Syracuse Switchmen'
Vote to Return to Work1
SYRACUSE, N. Y., April 13. All
striking switchmen of the New York
Central and Delaware, -Lackawanna i
and Western railroad companies!
agreed late Monday to return to work'
at 7 o'clock Tuesday morning, ponding
the outcome of a conference with!
brotherhood heads in Washington.
Four delegates from the employes of
both roads were appointed to attend
the conference.
Cheyenne Switchmen
Leave U. P. Places
CHEYENNE. Wyo.. April 12.
Switchmen employed by the Union Pa
cific railroad in local yards struck
today in sympathy with Chicago yard
men. The number of men out was
variously estimated at from twentv
to fifty.
oo- j
axtend Control Over !
Electricity oa Coast
SAN FRANCISCO, April 13. The
unified system of distribution of elec
trical energy throughout California
this year under the control of the rail
road commission also -nay extend into
Nevada, State Power Administrator H.
C: Butler said In an address here to
day before the. San Franci3co electri
cal development league-. An intercon
nection is projected, he said, between
Tho bones ot a giraffe's leg arc
With Bitro-Phosphate on $300
NEW YORK. If you nre foollnp: run
down, weak, nervous, tlrcd-ln-the-morn-Inp.
and generally ailing, these arc the
symptoms that should warn you to take
care of your health.
Four persons in everv ten are needing
more phosphorus in their bodies AVhen
ou see thin and fretful people: or those
who nre anaemic, pale, frail, oft despon
dent dr lacking In energy, you may lcok
roi the need of certoln elements thut
make for a strong constitution.
Some people, after relying upon re
parations composed chleflv of i"lts
quinine, drastic drugs, iron, tntonicl cod
hver Ml, etc.. wndcr why thev find no
benefit. That Is easily explained bv the
fart that such persons need the pros'pnrr
u element, which is a most potent essen
tial to health, and contained in BITRO
PHOS PH AT13. the famous health prepara
tion. Now obtainable everywhere
Tiie right thing for you to do 'is make
a trlul of BITRO-PHOSPHATE beginning
at once. It is not a patent medicine; tho
formulu is prescribed by many physicians
for tho ailments and weaknesses men
tioned above.
With every box of BITRO-PHOS-I'HATFJ.
are a few simple health rules
and n $300 guarantee. Buy a box of BITRO-PHOSPHATE.
It Is sold and rec
ommended by all good druggists every
where. Advertisement.
How Ladies Improve
"Many ladies, old and young, suffer
a round of torture with their nerves,
and many are so frail, thin and blood
'less that their splendid features are
lost sight of, while a vain attempt -o
conceal the angularity of the figure
deceives no one but thems'elves and
really excites the pity or ridicule of
i the world," said a well known largely
employed practicing physician, in a re
cent lecture at a young ladies c611ego.
"I do not mind exposing a little secret
of mine to all such, as it can do no
harm and may result in much hanpi
noss and health. It is rlnrply this:
any thin, bloodless, nerve-tortured
man or woman can become as fit as
the fittest by taking regularly for sev
eral months an easily obtained phar
maceutical product known by the pro
fession and pharmacists as throe grain
hypo-nuclane ta.blets, put up in sealed
packages with directions for home
use." Advertisement.
Cut out this slip, enclose with 5c and
mail It to Foley & Co.. 2835 Sheffield
Ave., Chicago, 111., writing your name
and address clearly. You will receive
in return a trial packago containing
Foley's Honey and Tar, for coughs,
colds and croup; Foley Kidney Tills
for pain in sides and back; rheuma
lisni, backache, kidney and bladder
ailments; and Foley Cathartic Tablets,
a wholesome and thoroughly cleansing
cathartic, for constipation, biliousness,
headache, and sluggish' bowels. Sold
everywhere. Advertisement. .
GOODRICH on an Inner II ull
Tube jxieans the same as Lu
Goodrich, on a Silvertown Cord. H
TireSatisfactory Service. j H
Goodrich Red Inner Tubes nave , H
all the power and endurance and JH
long life that Goodrich knows I
how to put into rubber. I
Gdbrich 1
;;.fr; . TUBES I
The B.F. Goodrich "Rubber Company, Ahyon3 Ohio 1 1 '
OAaHtTS of the Silvzrtowk Cord Tvrt 1 11
1 w
Cheesman Automobile Company II
j Ogden's Motoring Headquarters
I 2566 Washington Ave. Phone 325
i -
the Southern Sierras Power company
at Florislon and the Truckee General
! Electrical company, whicli. serves ter-
1 ritory thirty miles east of the Callfor-
I nia boundary.
, ,
I Churchmen Asks Turks'
j European Expulsion
j WASHINGTON, April 13. A memo-j
! rial appealing to the government to
exclude the Turks from Europe and to
Free Recipe
After being almost totally bald a New
York business man prrew bair nnd now
has a prolific growth at age of CC for
which ho will send the genuine recipe
n ee on request to nny man or woman who
wishes to overcome dandruff or gtiin new
hnlr growth. Or testing box of the prep
n ration. Kol'alko. will be mailed with re
cipe If you send 10 cents, .stumps or
j silver Tils address is John H. Brlttaln.
i BT-301, Station F. New York. N. Y Ad
j vcrtlsoment. .
It's Easy to
Put on Flesh
All vou have to do if you arc too thin
and want to put on several pounds of
solid "stav-lhere" flesh Is to take u five
grain tablets of Blood-iron Phosphate
with e.nch menl. This builds up the nor- I
vous system, enriches the blood and thus
enables the vltul organ3 to assimilate the
flesh building, strength-maklm? elements
of your food which now largely go to
waste. Folks who hnvo tried it state they
not onlv put on flesh hut Mint ft i-lso ul
moat invariably lncrcnr.es their smnrlh.
energy and endurance. You can got
enough treatment of Mclntyre Drug Co.
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it'x ko uniformly successful that your
druggist, n man you know, is authorized
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get stronger and healthier, as well as bot
1 ter looking, Advertisement
iToo'Much Tobacco
! After Forty-five
Suicidal, Says Doctor j
Immoderate use to tobacco after 45 Is;
suicidal, says Dr. Hlrachfeld, eminent
medical author, and other doctors agrco
with him. Excessive use of tobacco Is bad
for anyone, uny time, and how much you I
ican stand can only be told after It Is too
late if you have used too much. Bettor
to quit, and hero Nlcotol will help yon.
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I gist and let them drive thu craving from
I, vou, If you want to resume nftor solng
how much hotter you fool without lobac
ico you can do so -any time, Yirotol is
'sold under u positive inoncy-bfttk guaran
tee, H costs you llttlo lo quit and noth
ing If Nlcotol fails.
Note: If you know you arc r.moklng
loo much let Nicotol help you rcduco tho
quantity and show ou how easy It Is to
quit altogether. Ask your druggist about
jbo success, of Nlcotol. Ilo Knows and
can be trusted lo tell youtho truth, Advertisement,
take a stop toward the assuming Am
erica's share of responsibility for the
welfare of the subject races of the
former Ottoman empire, was present
ed to President Wilson today by a
committee of tho Federal Council of
the Churches of Christ in America.'
Bishop William F. McDowell, of the
Methodist Episcopal church, headed
l he committee which presented similar '
memorials to Vice President Marshall!
and Speaker Gillett. I
IUS9 finoui OIL OF K0REIN. follow dirc- I
tlom ot Kortln ajstcra therewith: become
xjeader. healthier, (trctlTe. efficient; LIVTI 1
LO.NGKBI Sold by buiy druggist), lucludlaj:
?G, F Cave, Tabernacle Pharmacy;!
E. Cave, Cullcy Drug Co., Five I
H Points Druo Oo.. McBrlae Drug Co I
And by'oood druaaht Yerywhra"tTjo"wm I
H uply jou vfllh sinuia OIL OF QftKTNl Ml
Eyes. Strained?
. If your eyes are work-Btrainod or
tired; if your vision is dim or
blurred; if it bothers you to read;
if your eyes burn or itch or nche; if
vou "wear glasses, get a bottle of
Bon-Opto tablets from your drug
gist, dissolve one in a fourth of a
glass of water and use from two to
four times a day to bathe the eyes.
Bon-Opto has brought comfort and
relief to thousands nnd thousands.
Note: Doctors ay Bon Opto atrenrtbctia er
IchtS07 in a week's time iu many intncei.
and stiff joints
brings circulation
and relieves pain.
Get a tube today j
Thru. I'nlny j fVi. V f
Catarrhal Deafness May !
Be Overcome I
If you have Catarrhal Deafness or1
head and ear noises or are growing !
hard of hearing go to your druggist!
and get 1 ounce of ParminL (double)
strength), and add to it V pint of hat)
water and a little granulated sugnMj
Take 1 tablespoonful four times a dayB
This will often bring quick relief ffonjj
tho distressing head noises. CloggertB
nostrils should open, breathing beom(l
easy and the mucus stop dropping Intel
tho throat. It is easy to prepare, costM
little and is pleasant to take. Anyon-JB
who has Catarrhal Deafness or he?fl
noises should, give 4his prescription
AGUA PRIETA, Sonora, Mexico,
April 12. A proclamation has made
its appearance on the streets here call
ing the citizens to arms against the 'H
Carranza government. The proclama
lion is signed by the president of the
municipal of this city and issued "by
order of General P. Elias Calles, com-mander-ln-chief
of all forces of the
'Republic of Sonora.' "
Freezone is magic! Corns and
calluses lift right off HH
Doesn't hurt a bit jH
cents a
the magic Freezone at any drug store.
Apply a few drops of Freezone upon a
tender, aching corn or a callus. La H
stantly that troublesome corn or callus H
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out, root and all, without any pain,
soreness or irritation, These little bot- H
ties of Frcezfic contain just enough H
to rid the feet of every hard corn, soft 1
corn, corn between the toes and the H
calluses on bottom of feet. So easy! H
So simple. Why wait? No humbug".
IJ' or Headache J&b 'JlJB
A rub the forehead gSjgflMjH

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