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ft . " 1
h 1 Entered as Second-Class Matter at the Postoffce, Ogden, Utah
. ! Member of thQ Audit Bureau of Circulation and the Associated Press
1 1' An independent Newspaper, published every evening and Sun
day morning without a muzzle or a club.
Subscription in Advance
One Month $ .75
One Year 9.00
I The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republi
cation of any news credited to it not otherwise credited in this paper
and also the local news published herein.
Having called on those vriio are directing the affairs of the pro
Dosed local irrigation district to explain certain phases of the plans
1 J )f organization, The Standard-Examiner has received from the coun
, ;y agricultural agent the following reply :
trAs per your request, we are submitting herewith some infor
mation on the proposed irrigation district for "Weber county. The
two statements attached, on water allotment gives you an idea of
qow simple it is to have adjustments made on allotments. Our of
k Eicc has supplied this information to the land owner as an accom
1 adation the law does not require that he should be notified other
man by the legal notice which appears in the local press. The land
Dwner does not obligate himself in any v?ay by signing allotment
"If adjustments on water allotment are not made to suit the
i individual land owner, it will be because he does not take advantage
?f the opportunit' of meeting our engineer at his home town to se
cure information and make adjustments, or else he desires to be
eliminated or have the amount of water reduced much below that
! aeeded to properly irrigate his land, thinking that he will receive
! I U 4. e i .1 v.. i-
il "On the matter of power development, there is,, in my opinion,
p rery little to be said other than that the district proposes to build
! reservoirs, first to supply additional water; second, by building power
J plants or entering into a contract with other concerns, to develop
'J pewer to be used in the pumping of water to irrigate certain lands
1 )f the district. The irrigation district law provides that the district
m may develop power for such purposes, or contract wth other agen-
Ij ;ies for same. The section of the law covering this point is attached
Df hereto :
l. Sec. 11. Organization powers and duties final, allot-
(j ments purchase of system condemnations contracts
J with United States proceedings of Board.
I In addition to the means of supplying water foresaid
if I district proposed by the petition submitted for the', forma-
1 1 tion thereof, the Board shall have the power to contract for
the purchase of a system of irrigation thereafter to be co'n-
I' structed, construct, purchase, condemn, or otherwise acquire
when necessary for the use of the district any and all canals,
Ij ditches, reservoirs, reservoir sites lands necessary or inciden-
I; tal to the use and operation of irrigation works and reser-
1' voir sites which lands may be leased when the leasing there-
I of will not interfere with the aforesaid uses, also water,
water filings, water .rights, rights of way, or other property
I or any interest therein, including power plants when ac-
I quired or developed in connection with an irrigation sys-
I tern with the right to sell' or dispose of the surplus power
I therefrom. The board shall also have power to purchase
stock of irrigation canal and reservoir companies.
1 Satisfactory adjustments on water allotments are being made
I throughout the country. W. W. McLaughlin has spent a day each
I Huntsville, . Eden, Farr West, Marriott and Wilson in assisting
land owners m determining the exact-amount of water they need
1 for their lands. At each town a local committee was on hand to as-
sist jIr. IcLaughlin and to receive allotment cards after changes
had been made. The committees will make recommendations and
I! present requests of each land owner to county commissioners on a
iate set for hearings. Ninety per cent of allotment cards from towns
dsited are in hands of local committeemen and 99 per cent have had
0 adjustments made to the satisfaction' of .the owner and local com-
tnittee. " ... 1
I The local committee and engineer will meet farmers in towns as
follows :
I Tuesday, April 27, 9 a. -m., North Ogden, at meeting house
I Wednesday, April 2S, 9 a. m., Pleasant View; S p. m., Riverdale.
Thursday, April 29, 9 a. m., West Weber; 9 a. m., Taylor
Thursday, April 29, S p. in., Riverdale.
X Friday April 30, 9 a. in., Hooper; 1 p. m., Kanesville.
Arrangements have been made with the county commissioners
j to have local committee and individuals from each town appear be-
J tore the board on certain daj's. The schedule arranged for is
J Tuesday, April 27, 10 a. m., Huntsville.
Wednesday, April 2S, 10 a. m., Farr West; 2 p.- m., Eden
ff Thursday April 29, 10 a. m., Marriott.
(1 Friday, April 30, 10 a. m., Wilson.
i The local committee from each town will present reauests from
Wj zonstituents on date set. In case there is an individual who wishes
Ar to appear personally, he should wait until he has had a conference
I- . . VUIUWE uu U1S locai iown; also should meet the county
i commissioners on the date set for his locality to appear. Plenty of
I iime will be provided to make all necessary adjustments.
i Strong sentiment in favor of the district was expressed at meet-
mgs held during last week at Huntsville, Eden, Harrisville Farr
Jest, Pleasant View, Marriott, Wilson, Slaterville, Riverdale
h Hooper, Taylor and North Ogden. At the latter town a motion was
passed 100 per cent strong as backing the district movement. This
expression was manifest after a full discussion on purposes of the
listnct and on what would happen if no bedrock could be secured
'or reservoirs or if reservoirs should break,
Rhym es
The town Is shortot dwellings of
small or larger size, and so wo hear the
yellings ot heartsick homeless guys;
they hustle, helter-skelter, to ny to
rent a shelter of some harJ-hcarted
poller, unmoved by all their cries. Jt's
hard to ralso the ante, for any com
mon gent; for he could build a shanty
with what he pays in rem: but there's
no Uillder willing to lake his hard
earned shilling and help him make a
killing, and hence his loud lament. I
zee ?ho homeless hiking around mo ev
erywhere; their bosoms they are strik
ing, and taarlnc of their hair; men
flaunt their rolls of kronors, and ciy,
"Rent up a shack, or we are simply
goners, alas, and eke alac'c. Our kinds
and wives are weeping, for they must
do iheir sleeping In barns whera rain
is seeping through every beastly crack.
Our uncles and our grannies in corn
cribs sit and 3fch, whllo through the
open crannies the winds go whizzing
by; then rent to us, my master, a
house with lath and plaster, or there
will bo disaster, and fireworks popping
h'Ph." In vain there arc no houses
that they can rent or hire, which grcw
soino fact reminds my sturu patrician
in.-; that ncn who have tin plunder
can't rest, a rooftreo under, fills me
vI'h wrath and wonder, the while. I
kick my lyre.
. , "
I was laying on the setting room
floor looking up at the ceeling and ask
ing pop questions sutch as wich makes
the most panefill sting, a bee or a
wasp, and weather their stings hert
more wen they are mad than wat they
do wen they are jest stinging in fun,
and weather munkeys scratch their
selves for the exercize or weather they
reoly feel like scratching, and pop was
trying to reed the sporting pago and
anser the questions at the same time
aDd looking unsatisfied about it, and I
sed, Pop?
Wat, yee gods and little fishes, wat,
wat? sed pop.
Would It take long to count up to
a million? I sed.
Count up to one and see and give me
a little peeco, for the love of Mike,
sed pop.
Wich I thawt for a wile, and then I
sed, Will you glvq me 5 sents If I do,
Do wat, confouwned it? sed pop, and
I sed, count up to a million.
Yes, you bet, I'll give you a dime if
you do, go over there in the corner
out of my site and try it and come
back and let me know wen youre throo,
sed pop.
Yes sir, I sed. And I went and sat
in the corner and started-to count loud
as enything, 1, 2, 3, -1, 5, 6, 7, S
9, 10.
Hay, hay, wat are you doing? sed
pop, and I sed, Counting up to a mil
lion, you told me to.
I ment count to yourself, not at the
top of your voice, hang It, sed pop,
and I sed, Well gosh, G-, pop, I haff to
count out loud or III forgot wat num
ber Im up to , 11, 12. 13, 14, 15.
Halt, stop, yee gods, 111 take the will
for the deed heers the dime go out and
dissipato with it for Petes sake, sc-d
Wich I did, going to the movies with
Puds Simklns and Lcroy Shooster.
Government After Shares of
Shell Company to Fore
stall Americans
LONDON) April 26. Negotiations
arc in progress between tho govern
ment and the Shell Transport & Trad
ing company with a view to some from
of government control ovor this big
oil firm, according to the Daily Mall.
The newspaper 6aya thoro Is reason
to believe that as a result of Great
Britain's war experiences and the
present feverish activity by American
oil interests, the government h.13 re
solved that steps must be taken to in
sure that the vast Intoi-nclo r !
Shell company will never pass out of
British control. The negotiations in
volve a plan for exchanging; .-jovcrn-mont
stock for Shell company shares.
Elaborating Its reference to the ac-
tivitics of American oil men. and tho
view that "their oil fields aro show
ing signs of exhaustion," tho Daily I
Mail Intimated that the governmonf's
action has as ita motive a doslro to 1
prevent Americans from absorbing
companies controlling actual or potcn-
tial sources of Great Erltain's oil sup. 5
Ply. i
I Serve "the beverage li
that is served i
I round the world 9
i There is quality in Jr
HI every leaf II
El Largest Sale in the World
Russian Peasant Leader to I
Sell 20 Millions in Gold
to Establish Credit
NEW YORK, April 2C. A plan for
tho opening of trado with soviet Rus
sia by tho sale and delivery at Reval,
Esthonia, of 520.000,000 of gold, which
could be used for the establishment of)
credit here, was announced yesterday;
by Emerson J. Jennings, presiclont of
the American Commercial Association
for the Promotion of Trade with Rus
sia. The proposition, which has for its
object the opening of trado without
political complications, is fostered by!
M. Lltlvinoff, head of tho Russian
council of co-operatives. Ho Is peck
ing a buyer for the gold In this coun-l
try, according to Mr. Jennings. I
Signs Agreement. !
COPENHAGEN, April 25. (By the
Associated Press.) r. Krassln, tho
Russian Bolshevik minister of com
merce, signed on Friday an agreement
with representatives of International
Industrial and commercial organiza
tions, setting tho main lines of tho
program for the resumption of trade
between Russia and the rest of tho
world. The most Important point in
the agreement calls for the establish-!
ment of an international clearing
house, co-operating with Russia, In'
Copenhagen as the center of tho ro
vived trade.
Special branches of this celarinc
9houee are to be established in the
principal trading centers of tho world.
The first and foremost of them will
be the United States.
British Interested. .
COPENHAGEN, April- ''25. The
Berlingske Tidcnde of Copenhagen,
says today that a Danish financial
group, In which British financial con
cerns arc also said to be Interested,
has arrived at an agreement with
Gregory Krassln, Russian soviet min
ister, of trade and commerce, accord
ing to a dispatch to tho London Times.
Trado with Soviet Russia will soon be
resumed as a result, tho dispatch adds.
To Give Hearing.
LONLON, April 26. Decision to
give a hearing to members of a Rus
sian Bolshevik commercial delegation
has been reached by the supreme al
lied council, according to a seml-offl-
Monroe Park i
Tuesday, j
r Alice in Jynglelanf 4 1
6M PEOPLE 600 1
550 HORSES 550 1
Siroet Parado- 10t30 A. M. Daily
P orfonnancci 2 and SP.SrU
cial announcement at San Remo, says
a dispatch to tho Exchange Telcpraph
company. This delegation Is headed
by Maxim LItvlnoff. assistant Bolshe
vik commissary of foreign affairs, but
Great Britain objects to receiving him
on tho ground that ho had taken ad
vantage of diplomatic privileges and
engaged In political propaganda while
In England. On that occasion ho is
sued an appeal to British labor.
Sunlight footmen formed one of the
I earliest labor union in 1700.
(By International News Service.) j
EAST ST. LOUIS This year's col
lege ' grads.'' anticipating a "white'
colar" profession, may bo interested
in the following Item emanating from
Belleville, 111.:
"Administrators of the estate of
William F. Klemme. foundry laborer,
filed an inventory here showing
among other items bank deposits of
tho deceased totaling S12.0-14.55 and
also several hundred dollars in bonds.",
1 1 The Charm of the m
I Table B
H A fresh, needed food in itself Banquet Better O?
Butter adds rich, appetizing, flavor and delightful V&
V daintiness to other foods. B)
P The concentrated richness of the "Cream of the 5
g Cream," churned in our Ogden creamery into Kf I
smooth golden masses and pressed into dainty
fflj molds for your table is BANQUET BETTER W&
I Nelson . E
DOINGS OF THE DUFFS They Have Got to Look Right When HelenVl7I ' 7,
HI I TOM, VoiiU- HAVE. 75 GET UP EAfclA ' WMWMMxW " I 7i TUW,j i 7
Vi?&TarW feTfll Ptosis 1 vmve-GEYVo' mm . , m 1
That's just about the saddest I ;
word in a young man's vocab- B . -A '
ulary. But it's not In the die- i J
tlonary o young men who g 'I I
save. A young man can al- m ' I
ways start a savings account, ft f I
while he has his health and C I I'
earning power. Start now so K 1
that you're not broke in old
age when you cannot start K
We pay 4 per cent interest, H
compounded quarterly on sav- j? ' ,t
ings deposits. I ' j
Utah National Bank I I
of Ogden 1
When the Children Cough,
Rub Musterole on Throats
and Chests'
No telling how soon the symptoms
may develop into croup, or worse. And
then's when you're glad you have a
jar of Musterole at hand to give
prompt; sure relief. It does ncTbJJster. )
As first aid and a certain rendy,
Musterole is excellent. Thousands of
mothers know it. You should keep a
jar in the house, ready for instant use. 1
It is the remedy for adults, too. Re- r
Iieves sore throst; bronchitis, tonsilitis,
croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgiq, , '
headache, congestion, pleurisy, rheu
matlsm, lumbago, pains and aches of S .
back or joints, sprains, sore muscles,
chilblains, frosted feet and colds of the ,
ciiesL ic oiten prevents pneumonia).
30c and 60c jars; hospital size S2.50.
I i
'Uiiticura Soao '
Clear the Shin !
For Infants and Children
fin Use For Over 30 Years '
Always bears

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