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Replies to Questionnaire Is
WM sued By National Board of
IS Farm Organizations.
Draws Distinction Between
L Earned and Unearned
WASHINGTON, April 25 Replying
as "a private citizen" to the question
naire issued to all candidates for pres
idential nominations by the national
board of farm organizations, former
Secretary McAdoo tonight outlined his
position on various propositions being
agitated in the pre-conventlon carn
al paign.
Present tax laws, Mr. McAdoo de
dared, should be simplified and the
burden of taxation "re-dlstributed so
that the men who earn their Incomes
by the sweat of their brows and with
I their brains shall not be required to
pay as heavy taxes as those who live
in idleness and draw incomes from
Safe investments."
Earned and Unearned Incomeo.
"A distinction should be made," he
said, "between earned and unearned
incomes." He declared himself oppos
ed to all tax free bonds.
If after a two-year period of privato
ownership, the railroads failed to
function properly, Mr. McAdoo said,
he would favor re-opening the railroad
" question. He declared for "a fair
. trial of the now railroad law, but de-
clared it "cannot settle the railroad
problem because it does not reach
Federal Farm Loan System.
Mr. McAdoo declared himself for
t broader publicity for operation of the
f federal farm loan system; for means
to bring producers and consumers clos
er for representation of agriculture on
boards and commissions "when con
sistent with public welfare"; for a sec
retary of agriculture who "understands
actual farm conditions," for a reduc
tion of farm tenancy; for the same
service and supplies for farmers' or
ganizations In interstate commerce as
apply to private enterprises in the
...... ! 1 r-.. 1 . f . -
Isuluu uu uuLUbuiuues; 101 regulation oi
monopolistic control of corporations in
interstate commerce and as "absolute
ly opposed to any abridgement of the
right of free speech, free press or free
"I regard with concern," said Mr.
McAdoo, "the tendency to restrict or
Impair those great constitutional guar
antees upon which rest the founda
tions and perpetuity of Democratic In
y Btitutions."
Mr. McAdoo's answer was given in
r' a letter to C. A. Lyman, secretary of
the national board of farm organiza
tion! uu
rail Failed in Reconstruction, Cost
i of Living and Treaty, Says
jjj i Leader of Labor
ft 1 WASHINGTON, April 26. (By the
jWK Associated Press.) Sweeping charges
J-1 M that the present congress has failed
ill h the nation "with completeness and
yj abandon," are made by Samuel Gom-
P Jlj pcrs, president of the American Feder-
fjfist ation of Labor, in the curront Issue of
WJ - tho American Federationlst,
llsi jt "America must got rid of its veto
::K?JMVr' congress and elect an action con-
' k f gress,' he said, "Tho 'no' congress
jffjj must givo place to a 'yes' congress."
m , The labor leader asserts that con-
Vm gress has failed on the peace treaty,
lI i in reconstruction and the high cost of
11 living, and tnat it also has "failed us
1 in intelligent comprehension of every
I great question affecting the lives and
welfare of our people."
. 'i Sins of Commission.
I; ' "The sins of tho present congress,"
( he added, "were of commission as well
I as omission, as there had been "al-
I . most an eagerness to do tho wrong
things," the cnactmont of the railroad
1 bill being cited as a "shining c.xam-
I i "The blind and bigoted action of
I congress in refusing to deal intolll-
1.3 gently with the peace treaty has made
. I " it impossiblo for the United States to
I manifest the prof&e concerns In these
I affairs," Bald Mr. Gompors, aftor as
serting tho affairs of the world are
tho concern of the Unltod States.
m J "On our own continent there is tho
mhm same need. For weoks a senatorial
sub-committee has been going up and
down the country gathering testimony,
tho evident purpose of which can be
H but to inflame the minds of those who
think littlo and take much on faith.
At periods all too frequent the United
j States is brought to the verge of war
j with Mexico. It is not difficult to see
the evidences of satisfaction on the
Supreme Council to Make Ar
menia Independent and Am
erica to Settle Lines.
Palestine Under British Man
date and Home for Jews
SAN REMO. April 25. (By The As
sociated Press). The supreme council
is sending a formal request to Presi
dent Wilson that the United Stales
government take the mandate for Ar
menia. The council is leaving to Pres
ident Wilson the arbitration of the dif
ferences over tho boundaries of Ar
menia. There seems to be division on the
part of the council as to whether the
region of Brzerum and Its vicinity
should bo included in the territory of
the Armenian republic. -The Turkish
nationalists are strongly claiming Er
zerum for themselves.
Dispatches from San Remo on Fri
day last announcing the dclsion of the
supreme council to make Armenia an
independent 5tate, said that the boun
daries of the new republic had not yet
been defined. The new republic, the
dispatches add, would probably be con
tracted, owing to the belief that the
smaller the country, the more easily it
could protect itself and the fear that
if too many Turks were left within
Armenia they might overthrow tho
The supreme council today decided
to ask President Wilson to arbitrate
the boundaries of the new republio Of
Aimenia. Tho council awarded a man
date for Mesopotamia and Palestine to
Great Britain and a mandate for Syria
to France.
In placing Palestine under a Brit
ish mandate the council established
within the ancient limits of Holy Land
what Is called "the'national home for
the Jews."
Mandate Protects Rights.
The terms of the mandate protect
the national rights of Jewish citizens
of other countries. That is to say, a
Jew of American, British, French or
otner nationality may retain his na
tionality, although he is also a citi
wn of the state of Palestine. The
rights of Arabs also are protected,
there being 600,000 In Palestine and
3 00,000 Jews. The mandate Is limit
ed generally by what Is known as the
B&lfour declaration. British forces
have been in occupation of Palestine
since the defeat of the l'urk forces
by the British Field Marshal Viscount
Franco has been? the protector of the
Christians in Syria sinco the middle
ages, having been designated for the
purpose by the Holy See. The ques
tion with regard to Syria has been
in serious controversy between the
French and British governments since
the armistice was signed, particularly
over the point whether France shall
have all of what Is geographically out
lined as Syria, or only certain party.
Anti-Jewish Cruelty
in Hungary Denied I
BUDAPEST. April 2 6. (By the As
sociated Press.) The recent corn
communication sent by the Jewish
delegation In Paris to the peace con
ference regarding alleged anti-Jewish
atrocities in Hungary have cvolfed ex
pressions of indignation hero. Simon
Hevosl, the chief rabbi of Budapest,
said today;
"Tho alleged facts are untrue. Af
ter the collapse- of Bolshevism there
wero somo Isolated cases of excesses
against Jews, but the government did
its best to maintain order. It scorns
it is to the interest of some neighbor
ing states to sound tho tumpet about
disorders in Hungary."
court of predatory Interest at each of
these periods, nor Is It difficult to dis
cern the propaganda which fosters de
velopment of them. It Is no longer
possible to feel with certainty that
high government officials have not;
been the tools and pawns of those
who seek intervention, tho latest term
for which Is 'Cubanlzation.'
"nostilo to Mnsses."
"Democracy must mean equality of
opportunity. It must mean tho sov
ereignity of the masses. It must "mean
absence of domination by a select ru'
ing class or caste or clique.
"Congress has done much In recent
months to Indicate hostility to these
principles. Powerful forces in tho
United States are seeking to wound or
cripple democracy. They do not want
equality of opportunity. They want
an unfair advantage in the industry of
the nation, in the legislatures of tho
nation andjn the courts of the nation.
"Tho labor movement of America
speak.s and It must bo heard.
"We will resist with our power the
re-election of those who have been
false to tho trust which humanity
placed in thorn,"
Latest Items of Interest From Utah and Gem State
Several Persons Slightly Hurt
in Head on Collisions
SALT LAKE. April 26. Within two
hours, last night, two automobile ac
cidents of similar circumstances oc
curred near the outskirts of Salt Lake,
George Paul, his wife, their daughter,
Rosemary, two years of age, and Mrs.
K. B. Freeman, 155 McClellan avenue,
were all slightly hurt at 9 o'clock,
when their machine met in head-on
collision with an automobile just south
of Murray. Mrs. Paul, who was
knocked unconscious, was tho most
seriously injured, receiving a deep cut
on her forehead. Tho others woro
shaken up and bruised.
II. E. Corser, 132 Dooley court, 68
years of age, sustained a severe lacera
tion behind his right ear when the
automobile his son, IL A. Corser, was
driving, between Mldvale and Draper
at 7 o'clock, collided head-on with an
other automobile, driven by J. C.
Hoffo of Sandy. Mr. Corser came to
Salt Lake in his machine, which was
not badly damaged, and received
treatment at the emergency hospital.
Tho Injured in both accidents wero
riding towards Salt Lake. The roads
over which tho cars were traveling
were both narrow and automobiles
were following the machines. As each
turned out to pass the auto ahead the
driver did not see the auto coming to
ward him until It was too late to avoid
the collision.
An eastbound South Temple street
car, operated by Motorman G. D.
Darkln and In chargo of Conductor
M. T. Zucker, struck an automobile
driven by Charles lrwln Grow. C50
Pugsley place, carrying Grow's wife,
Mrs. Fay Grow, and Thomas Black
burn, at Second East'and South Tem
ple streets, at 9 o'clock last night In
a head-on collision. The front end of
the automobile was spun around,
throwing the machine off the track.
Mrs. Grow, who was sitting In the
rear scat of the machine, was thrown
forward, her head striking the robe
rail on the back of the front seat,
knocking her unconscious. She was
oi.-nn in fho nmprcpiiw hnsnltn.1 and
later removed to her home. Her In
juries consisted of a bump on the
head and a laceration on one of her
fingers. Mr. Grow was slightly cut
by tho glass breaking the windshield,
but did not go to tho hospital for
treatment. The automobile, which
was traveling west on South Temple
street, turned into Second East street
in front of the street car. The win
dow In the street car In front of the
motorman was smashed. Mrs. Grow
was taken to the hospital In an auto
mobile by Benjamin Welner, 257
Sandbery place,
BOISE, Idaho, April 26. Official
notice of action taken by the federal
commission on the complaint of the
state public utilities commission of
lack of shipping convenience between
north and south Idaho, was received
here by Attorney General Black. Tho
state prayed that the Interstate com
mission should order tho Northern
Pacific and Camas Prairie and Pacific
and Idaho Northern roads to com
plete a line between Grangevlllo and
Now Meadows.
Tho federal body asked that the re
lief requested by the state should bo
granted or an explanation submitted
within twenty ays from tho Issuing
of tho order, which brings tho dato
May C.
SALT LAKE, April 26. Engineers
state that if tho proposed bond Issue
of $3,300,000 Is voted by Salt Lake
citizens on Tuesday, tho city will get
a water supply adequato for a popula
tion of 500,000.
If tho entire issuo Is voted all tho
water from the city side of the Wa
satch range will be obtained for Salt
Lake, and fanners who have used tho
pure wator for Irrigation purposes
will bo traded water from Utah Lako.
The Issue Is, howevor, divided Into
soveral Items on which tho pcoplo
may vote separately.
SALT LAKE, April 26. According
to Floyd T. Jackson, special agent of
the federal department of justlco,
everything Is In readiness for tho trial
of tho yardmen and switchmen who
walked out of the Salt Lake yards on
April 8 and 9. They will appear be
fore United States Commissioner H..
Van Pelt at 2 o'clock Wednesday af
ternoon. The men hold a meeting at the
Moose hall yesterday afternoon and
assembled again this morning at 10.
Insane Jealousy Believed to
Have Been Cause of
BAKER, Ore., April 26. After kill
ing his wife here last night, Till Strat
lon sent a bullet eraBhing through his
own brain and died on the way to a
hospital. Stratton and his wife re
cently arrived from Caldwell, Ida., and
were stopping at the Commercial ho
tel. where the tragedy occurred.
Stralton's-desperate act leaves five
children parentless, the oldest, a girl
16, who was too hysterical tonight to
talk coherently. Insane jealousy, how
ever, is believed to be at the bottom
of the husband's crime.
AMERICAN FORK, April 26. That
miners and their families living in
nearby mountains are running short
of provisions is the report brought to
this city by telephone linesmen who
fought their way through heavy snows
to repair tho telephone line to the
Pacific mine. Heavy snows are pre
senting traffic over canyon roads and
skiis are the only means of transpor-J
An appeal was made yesterday to'
county authorities to clear roadways'
In canyons to mines, of rocks which
have slid from mountain sides during
the winter, so that provisions can be
taken to the marooned miners and
their families.
Ten feet of snow at tho Belerophon
and seven feot of snow a,t the Pacific
mine was reported by Carl Ferlln and
George Adams, who skied for supplies.
SALT LAKE, April 26. Wolves In
San Juan county are leading a sorry
life due to the energy of the trappers
who recently trapped two wolves that,
have caused serious loss of life amonl
cattle and sheep.
J. II. Loomls, one of the newest to!
the trapping force. Is having good I
fortune. He reported yesterday that
he had come across a den of seven'
wolf pups in the Lower Coyote wash. '
nn i
SALT LAKE, April 26. Two speci
mens of Arizona building slone, which
has been suggested as-matcrlal for tho
now temple at Mesa, Arizona, have
been submitted to Prof. E. H. Beck
strand of the mining department of
the University of Utah for examina
tion. Tho absorption test will be made
With the stones. Melvin J. Ballard of
the council of twelve of the L. D. S.
church has gone to Mesa to Inspect
the proposed" site ofvtho temple and to
! attend the Maricopa stake conference.
BRIGHAM CITY, April 26. Thurs
day, April 29, will be observed here
as Fire Prevention day. Special at
tention will be paid to the subject
iu the classrooms of the city schools
and a moving picture of the subject
will be shown to tho children in the af
ternoon, and to adults In tho evening,
BOISE. Ida., April 2G Auction sales
of the 1006 acres of Ada county land
at the Capitol here last Friday will net
the state $29,726.37. The high priced
section brought $35.50 per acre.
BOISE, Ida.. April 26. Arrow Rock
reservoir is rapidly gaining in storage
water, this weok's report indicates.
The reservoir still lacks about 25 per
cent of what It held last year at this
time. Doer Flat shows an Increase of
7 per cent over last yenr, it Is reported
Stamp Famine Adds
to Austrian Troubles
VIENNA, April 26. Among its
other troubles Austria Is undergoing
a stamp, famine. Not only is suitable
paper very scarce but stamp dealors
have bought up all tho recent Issues,
many printed on cardboard, and
nearly all imperforated. As a first
corrective measure all hlghor value
stamps have been abandoned and
parcels must now bo taken to tho
postofflco anl prepaid in money.
Now is the time to have your last year's suit, spring 1
I overcoat or dress cleaned and pressed. You can wear 1
I them another season. Price reasonable. Work guar- 1
I Phone 368 I
I . I
LONDON, April 25. Lord
(Dewar, who has just return
Jed from central Africa, in giv
ing an account of his travels
there, said the increased cost
of living in the district he vis
ited was reflected in the high
er prices for wives paid by the
natives. Whereas a fine, six
teen hands high wife cost
four spearheads in pre-war
days, she now costs eight
j spearheads, Lord Dewar said,
jand in the cattle districts, the
price of a wife at present is
eight cows instead of four.
NEW YORK, April 26. Col. John)
Boggart, widely known as a civil en
Igineer, died at his home here j'ester
I day at the ago of 84 years. Among
J the various projects with which he
I was connected, .wore the construction
of Fortress Monroe, Va., during the
'civil war; tho state canals of New
York'; electric development of power
I at Niagara Falls and many govern
I mental projects.
Wings of the morning !
A good cup of cofFee for
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Feel Old?
Overwork, worry, anxiety or sorrow
undermines strength nnd health. Theto
amies contribute to kidney trouble, and
weak or diseased kidneys make one
feci old in middle age.
j51eygdiiey pills
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neys and bladder eo that the system is
frco from waste and poisonous matter
that cau8M ono to feci old, tired, lan
guid. They banish backache, rheu
matic pains, sore muscles, stiff joints.
Mrs. J. D. Miller. Syracuse. N. Y.. writes:
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cad rheumatism. 1 bad n severe backscbs ind
flit miserablo and ell played out. I got to
place rrbero I had to do soroarhiog. After UV
inj two bc.lle.i ot Foley Kidney PilL I can say
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Lips ?
rrnnJTV'".? "J"1 fml women ar
rrono to wonder why y0nm of their
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color pink cheeks- nnd red Hps-while
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