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I Does Your Garden Grow?
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' Ogdenites Take Chance
5ff as? as? 3s as? se? as? as?
Weeds Win Over Spade
By Harry Bag ley, Jr.
Though not impelled by needs of
war to snntle, and rake and hoe, and
I to litter up ihe back yard, offer en;
couragement lo neighbors' poultry',
, and irrigate a choice crop of as
sorted noxious weeds, a number of
i Ogdenites took the chance and in
1 trying to get "back to' nature" with
out leaving town, betook upon them
selves the cares and anxieties and
responsibilities of a two by twice
garden, hose irrigated.
One man, two weeks ago, proudly
boasted thathis Tadishes would be
ready days "before the Utah crop
appeared on the market.
And before they had matured suf
ficiently for table use, a gaifg of
neighborly boys had appropriated the
fruits, or rather the vegetables, of
his labor.
Has it ever occurred to the gentle
reader that spring onions, turnips,
and such humble representatives of
I CM CORA1. t-&jeew) I T
the vegetable kingdom have unusual
magnetic properties whe;i'. they first
4 appear, especially if boys reside in
the neighborhood?
What amateur gardner has not ex
perienced surges of elation, thoughts
of self importance, community spirit,
and other high 'and lorty brain
storms, at the thought of being a
PRODUCER of necessities as he fin
ishes spading up tho back lawn and
planting carrots. How enthusiasti
; cally he waters the plot, how care
fully he "watches for the appearance'
of the first weed, and how promptly,
with his ever ready hoe, he severed
the first weed. I
I This state usually continues for at
least two weeks, then the garden
j becomes a mere blister-raising patch,
fit only as a place to stand and cuss,
and to figure how much more profit-
I;; Old Resident Given
i ( Up hy Physicians
"Given up by five doctors, my onlv
hope an operation. I rebelled on cut
ting me open, as I am 75 years old. A
neighbor advised trying Mayr's Won
derful Remedy for stomach "trouble. I
got relief right away. I had "not eaten
for 10 days and was as yellow as a
) gold piece. I could have lived only a
few days but for this medicine. " It
is a simple, harmless preparation that
removes the catarrhal mucus from the
intestinal tract and Allays the inflam
, mation which causes practically all
( stomach, liver and intestinal ailments,
including apjpedlcitis. One dose will
convince or money refunded. A. R.
Mclntyre Drug Co., and druggists cv
i eryvrhere. Advertisement.
m i
: -!
j i A Sure Way to
End Dandruff
There is one sure way that has never
failed lo remove dandruff at once, and
1 that is to dissolve it, then you destrov
A i entirely: To do this, just get about
( four ounces of plain, common liquid
j arvon from any drug store (this is all
you will need), apply it at night when
retiring; use enough to moisten the
1 scalp and rub It iu gently with the
finger tips. j
i ' By morning, most if not all, of your
dandruff will be gone, and three or
four more applications will completely
dissolve and entirely destroy every slri-1
, gle sign, and trace of it, no matter howj
much dandruff you may have., 0
You will find all itching and digging1
,, I of the scalp will stop instantly, audi
I your hair will be fluffy, lunrous, gloa-l
sy, silky and soft and look and feel a!
hundred times better. Advertisement.1
able a little fishing trip, or some
thing, would have been, if the time
had been at. his disposal in a lump.
We know pne man who successful
ly cultivated a garden. That is, the
garden was a success until about the
1 middle of the summer. Then he was
I visited by myriads of beetles, bugs
and things of every description, and
fiouMDS I (' VAW ' Lw? y
J the more he sprayed with arsenato
of lead, essence of nicotine, strych
;ninV and carbolic acid, the better
I the bugs thrived. He swears that
after he had besprinkled his cabbage
i wilh nico.tine that millions, of grass-,
hoppers -came to his garden 10 get
a "chew." This invasion he curbed,
however, by sprinkling plugs of
"horseshoe" among his radishes and
summer squash, and cabbage. !
Afflicted with the "itching
foot." Howard Eldrcdge, four
year old son of James Eldrcdge,
155 Twenty-fifth street, answered
the call of the wanderlust yester
day afternoon by boarding a
Bamberger train for Salt Iake at I
3.30 o'clock. Because ho was not
observed by the conductor until
the train was well on its way to
Salt l-aice tho youngster was" al
lowed to ride, lie was returned
on the next train, arriving in Og
den at 6:10 o'clock. At the train
a guard made up of policepien
took the youngstT In their charge
and escorted him to the police
station where he remained until
S o'clock.
Mis father, who had been In
formed of his son's travels ap
peared on the srtne and took ihe
boy home.
, oo
Deaths and Funerals
SNIiDOOX The funeral of Thomas
Sneddon will be held at Llndquist fun
eral chapel this morning at 11 o'clock.
'Mr. Sneddon died at Diamondville
(Tuesday. He was veil known in Og
den through his connections with coal
production. The body will arrive here
this morning and will be taken to the
Llndquist chapel.
Services will be conducted by Bish
op George 13. Browning. Interment
will be in the city cemetery.
JANS Funeral services for Bcrend
Jans were held Friday at 2 o'clock at
the Second ward meeting house, with
I Bishop George E. Browning presiding.
: Songs were. "Some Time We'll Under
stand," by Miss Josephine Shorten.
"I Know That My Redeemer Lives,"
I Mrs. Flora Howell; "Oh, My Father,"
j by Mrs. IVIary Farley and ''Sweet Best
in Heaven. Robert Howey The
speakers were John G. Kruitbosch.
John Vanderwerff, F. Springer of
Salt- Lake and Bishop Browning. In
terment was in the OGden City eeme-
tery with B, Tostma dedicating the
LEE Funeral services for Norma
Lee were held at the Eleventh ward
meeting house at '1 o'clock Frldav,
conducted by Bishop X. A. Tanner.
Tho Sunday school class sang, "Jesus
Wants Me for a Sunbeam," "Some
Time We'll Understand," was sung bv
Mary Bell Taylor, and "Oh, Dry Those
Tears." and "Unanswered Tet," were
sung by Jennie Forcnsten. The speak
ers were President A. L. Scoville. John
H. Davis of American Falls and
Bishop Tanner. Interment was in. the
Ogden City cemetery with W. L. Por
ter dedicating the grave.
! IWTTJ5KSOX Tho funeral of John
I Patterson, state road inspector, was
.held at the Llndquist chapel yester-i
day. Rev. Henry E. Seacrow of the1
i Magna Baptiut church officiated. Miss
."Josephine Shorten sang 'Will There
Be Any Stars in My Crown?" "My!
Ogden Chamber of Commerce
" Back of Campaign to Raise
Funds for Site
THe drive for the Ogden armory will
bo started in earnest Monday morn
ing, it was announced yesterday. Mem
bers of the Chamber of Commerce Avill
solicit funds for the building site
which is $12,500.'
If Ogden is to have the armory
building the citizens must provide the
site and tho state has pledged the
sum of $87,000 for the building, it Is
ham. j ne government has also prom
ised to equip the armory at great cos'.
Citizens - of Ogden .will therefore be
called upon to make the necessary do
nations for the purchase of the site.
If citizens let this opportunity pass j
the army building will be secured bv ,
i some, other city, it is stated. ;
I On September 20 last, the board of
(directors of the Ogden Publicity Bu
ircnu, now the Ogden Chamber of Com- j
jmerce, adopted a resolution to the el-
j feet that an active, strong, . patriotic
I national guard Is essential to the best
interests of tho city, state and nation
and urged that a unit of the guard be
established In this city nnd each mem i
jber of the organization was called upon j
. to encourage and' support the orgaui-;
Following tho organization of th" :
j guard unit an investigation' was made1
i by a committee of the Ogden Cham-'
ber of Commerce for a suitable site ic.
a new armory that was badly neede.l ;
in ihis city. Ot tno various sites pro-
posed two were inspected by Governor !
Bamberger and his parly and the siioi
on Twonty-third street just east of
(Washington avenue was selected. This
site is 1G5 feel wide and 261 feet deep. '
The new armory will be two stories
with a basement. The basement will
be used as a stable for horses, storage
of equipment, and also heating planl
and coal storage. The main floor will
be for armory aiid general social pur- ,
posesr containing offices, lobby and
headquarters rooms. The second or
Lop floor will be used as an auditorium
for public gatherings and will have a
seating capacity of 2000 people. The
building will be of concrete floors and
walls, with steel roof trusses. Club
feature's will be included in the build-;
ing that will stimulate membership '
and provide a homo for tho boys. '
At a meeting held in the Weber
club on May 22 members of the Og- j
den Chamber of Commerce passed a
resolution accepting the offer of the j ,
state to erect the building on condition,
that the site be provided by citizens ! i
and that the drive for the necessary I
funds be proceeded with as quickly as !
possible. j I
-fY,.- -c-. - v.n
CHICAGO. When nominations for
'the presidency are in order at the Re
publican national convention, Charles
S. Wheeler of California, will step
forth and present the name of Hiram
Johnson of California,
i .
Loved One Pwcst," "O My Father" The
Magna and Garfield Knights of Pylh
, las attended tho service and conduct-
ed their ritnals. Interment was in the!
city cemetery. '
I Charlie Chaplin and William Desmond at the Orpheum Theatre Monday j I
I to help Ogden Rotarians extend the Boy Scout movement to every I
boy in Ogden. I I
This is a side splitter. The sober funny Charlie puts over the funniest I I
thing ever presented. I I
j This is the snappiest, fastest drama that the racing rollicking Desmond I
I ' ' has ever appeared in on the screen. 1 M.
i . , Every Scout Responsible for Attendance of One Person : ! I
j Continuous show 1 p. m. until 11 p. m. Usual prices j j
'.MM'MKi Hill l'MiiWAgMgEMMMBBaBBlt r, I ,, jMBiJ1yjlauiLfca!JU ' :
1 '-' mZZZ" " ,H-,l.UULJMJM.,ir ..IL1LI j
Are -"Pussyfooting," Chairman
of Prohibition Party
, CHICAGO. June 5. Reporting on
his inquiry among Republican presi
dential candidates. Virgil. G. Hlnshaw,
chairman of the Prohibition party,
said tonight that most of them were
"pussyfooting" on the prohibition is
sue. Gov. Frank O. Lowcicn has come
the nearest to making a statement of
real meaning of any of the candi
dates, he said. Mr. Hlnshaw's state
iment was made after personal visits
to presidential row.
The prohibition chairman reported
that General Leonard Wood told him
ho was waiting for the platfprm com
mittee to act. Mr. I-IinshaNv made
several calls at tho Johnson headquar
ters without result, he said.
"There seems to bo few outstand
ing leaders with reference to the
mightiest moral victory w.on in tho
ages, who are in line for presidential
honors," said Mr. Hlnshaw's state
ment. "Wo are hoping that before
tho Republican convention proceeds
far It will forget the indefinite ones
and seize upon some one who is hope
ful for the success of the national
prohibition amendment."
The Ogden Land & Investment Com
pany has just secured 5,000 acres of
the famous Bear River land, and Is
putting it on the market. If you want
to buy more laud or change your lo
cation, it will sure pay you to see them.
411, Twenty-fourth Street, Ogden.
Phono 35 9. Advertisement.
Cautions Against Individual
Booms to Forestall His
NEW YORK. June 5. Public Ser
vice Commissioner Lewis Xixon was
endorsed for the Democratic nomina
tion for president of the United States
at a Dolly Madison "breakfast" of
the New York Women's Democratic
I League hero today after James W.
Gerard, himself a candidate for the
nomination, had walked out of the
meeting following an admonition
against going on record for individual
: candidates.
Subsequent to Mr. Gorard's arrival
at the "breakfast" he learned of an
eleventh hour proposal to endorse Mr.
Nixon. He at onco arranged to bo in
troduced, as the first speaker, and left
nc cnrun ne tin hoi-1 sti;....! r.. rt .1
.-.j uvsvs.. ..u tivj ...in UUIVVICU ma uu-
Mr. Gerard said:
"I want to congratulate you for the
sagacity you have shown In not having
endorsed any particular candidate thus
far; so that when you go to the
Dem6cratic national convention you
will be able to go as statesmen and
not as boomers for any Individual."
He made a plea for support of the
Armenian people, by urging that the
prsident be requested to see that
they are supplied with necessary arms
and ammunition to defend themselves.
Then he closed his address anil left
tho room.
Commenting on the endorsement,
Mr. Nixon said:
"Who wouldn't run if nominated?"
- uu
TjEAYES rich estatje.
LONDON The late Duke of Opono
j uncle of the former King Manuel of
I Portugal, left an estate in England
worth, it is said, l,CS0,000. He left
I all his property to his wife.
i oo
I Goose liver has been considered a
dainty since early times. 1
(Famous Oklahoma Cowboy "Wit
and Goldwyn Motion Picture Star )
I am being paid to write something
funny about this Republican conven
tion. That's funny.
All a fellow has to do to write some
thing funny on a Republican con
vention is just write what happened.
Chauncey Depew and I were about
the last to decide to write. Chauncey
has the advantage of inc. He knows
his jokes aro good- 'cause he has told
them for years.
Tho convention Is starting out with
a big setback. A carload of cham-
nncriin fmm Cn 1 1 -!, lr k;u,i it. i
cago for medicinal purposes was hold
: In tho first place tho convention is
i to. be held in Chicago. Chicago is
. located just north of the United States.
I am well acquainted with tho Ameri
can consul there.
Chicago holds the record for mur
ders and robberies .and Republican
The Republicans had to hold their
convention either in Chicago or New
York this year as no other city was big
enough to hold all their candidates.
Mexico don't know how to get rid
of Villa. Loan him to us for a vice
president. That would get both na
tions rid of him.
i i
If the Republicans split as thev did
eight years ago everybody better "start
preparing to be kept out of another
They don't know whether to scat
the colored delegates or not. If they ','t
do it will be far back near the door. ' f
To show you true democracy will f
rule ahe convention, the first thing r
they did was to throw out two dele- I
gates the people had elected. , JL
The Democrats are investigating tho i
Republican slush funds and If they I
find where it's coming from they IS- 1
want theirs. (
NEW YORK. June 5. The resigna- f !
tion of Major General (George AV.
Goethals as president of the Amorlcan
Ship and Commerce Corporation, was
announced here today from General t
Goethal's office. No reason was as- i
signed. j
nn !
(By International News Service) ' '
OSS1NIXG. N. Y., Sing Sing at- ! j
tendants learned that Edward Geoghe- '
gan, who spurned 'freedom when fac-.
ing execution in the death house j
twenty-seven years ago, has been par- '
doned from Clinton Prison. !
C j f. .yjj,
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PalQe five pnssenoer, In excellent con
dition. Cheap for cash. Sec It at 9
Utah Auto S. Tractor Co., 2331 Hud. H
son Avenue. jj
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'por (QZJp3 Smart or Burn, if Sore,
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BUUR OLO Granulated, use Murine '
often. Soothes. Refreshes. Safe for !
Infant or Adult. At all Druggists. Writefor
Free Eye Book. Murine Eye Remedy Co., Cbicase
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I. ' We have everything ", ' Mgl ' - YoiIT Camp Or Stim- I
l yo want for y ffl WWWl mer house can be f: I M
Hi canyon house. Wick- .f SSFlra!s 2fe i 1 i I
it er reed and willow MM. made much more ;. I
Bj furniture finished in '' TfL. i inviting by the ad- .' H
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Bl ... L.. , m M

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