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H ' . . . i i . i .I mi ITTTTTTT B' " " " ' 11 "" '-' "TttTTTI WiW'll I III I I ' I II II l l mn i-gg- i .am 1 11 1 11 gMw . IH
- the most eagerly wek ;
corned event of the w
Our entire line of summer footwear including the j
latest styles in slippers, oxfords and pumps. Black,
and Golden Brown. That these are high grade in
I every respect is indicated by the fact that other
places are asking as high as $15. Special at Clark 's
this week '. $8.65
j " We are letting go a few high quality black, brown
; and white kid slippers and oxfords at this astouud-
ingly low price to clean up a broken, lot. They are as
! ' ' good as any in the store, but come in odd sizes. At
this price ' they will go fast. Come early save
' '
; For Good Sh&e4
2356 Washington Avenue Ogden
I Dog Killed by Police
! Afflicted With Rabies
Dr. J. M. Elliott, city health inspec-j
( tor, received word from L. L. Dailies,
j state bacteriologist. yesterday that the!
head of a white Spitz dog, sent to Salt
Lake for examination a few days ago,
' showed the presence of rabies beyond
I j all question of a. doubt,
i This animal was killed near Thirty-
j third street and Jackson avenue by
i Walter Moore aad Robert Chambers,
i The dog had not bitten any one, as far
as could be ascertained, and ivas
killed because of its peculiar action.
Dr. Elliott stated that because two
dogs had been found In the city that'
were afflicted with rabies, that there'
was no need of fear on the part of the
citizens. He reports that a number
I of people, who boar an aversion
against a neighbor's pet dog, are en
deavoring to trum up stcries that will
result in the death of the animal.
Unless there is reason to believe that
persons have been bitten, and proof
to show that the dog has attacked
Mm ! I i ii meragBaBiPMaaim i iiiimii
some one, there will be no Immediate
death sentence, although the dog may
be kept under surveillance, according
to Dr. Elliott. s
oo :
Heavy Rails Arrive
for Street Car Line
Two carloads of steel rails which
will bo used by the Utah Rapid Tran
sit company in double tracking1 the
lino on "Washington avenue, north of
the river bridge, to the city limits,
arrived in Ogden yesterday from
Pueblo, Colo. The arrival of the rails
came as a surprise to the street car
officials, as delivery was not promised
until July 1,
Iarly arrival of the rails Is expected
to mean work on the installation will
begni earlier than planned and with
the' starting of the track work the
pavement on the cast" side of the ave
nue will also be laid.
The double-tracking of the Wash
ington avenue line will be the largest
piece of work accomplished by the
traction company in a single season.
Adrlanople was the Ottoman cap:-1
tal until the fall of Constantinople in
r in i i ii i ii i ii ii ii ii 1 1 1 1 in i ii ii ii
fl Our wonderful offer of an extra pair of pants free with ,
each suit at the reduced price of $'39.50 has simply
swamped us with eager buyers. We apologize for the
) inadequacy of our service. It was impossible to wait
1 , on everyone but we arc now ready for you with an
1 j extra force of good tailors to take jrour measurements.
' Again Ve Offer .
B; Suit to Order 'WSn
I At the Specially Reduced Jrgl
1 t iT EZf union jflU
H , U7.JV MADE jg
H j Guaranteed Strictly All Wool
j s This is indeed an opportunity. Even without the extra
pair of pants it is a big bargain, but theadded induce-
i ment really makes it wonderful.
1 0WF(J Williams
i i " JJ 2309 Washington Ave.
Eddie Brooks Will Go Through
Feats Over Ogden This -Afternoon
Thrills are promised spectators this
afternoon at 1 o'clock, when Eddie
"Brooks, Denver pilot, hops into thtf
air from the aviation field near the
Utah Hot Springs and will go through
a serins of air stunts. Brooks an
nounced last night thnt he Will at
tempt all the difficult acrobatic man
euvers such as looping the loop, tail
spins, failing leaf, lmmelmann- turn
and other feats in order that the pco
pic if Ogden may witness the fun.
Brooks is a noted acrobatic flier and
although the plane he uses in Ogden
is a, passenger carrier and' not built
for stunt flying, he doclarod that prac
tically all of the difficult air feats can
be accomplished if enough altitude is
attained, - Before "stunting" Brooks
will flv to an altitude of approximate
ly GOOO feet.
Brooks was instructor in acrobatic
flying In the United, States air service
before going overseas and at oni time
had as his pupil. Lieutenant Locklear
who has staged some of the most thril
ling flying ever seen in the county
while employed by a motion picture
company on the Pacific coast.
oo '
Here as Representative of
Grand Aerie to Take Up
j Local Club Obligations
Colonel George Choylnski, one of
California's leading lawyers and
: brother of Joe Choylnski. prizefighter
I ol some note, was in Ogden yesterday
jto determine whether or not the
Grand Aerie of the Fraternal Order
of Eagles will aid the Ogden Aerie No.
US In paying the debt on their home
on Grant avenue between Twenty
fourth and Twenty-fifth streets. Colo
nel Choyinski came as representative
of the Grand Aerie from San Fran
cisco, but declared he was not ready
to state the results of his findings here
before leaving for the coast.
The Eagles' lodge, Colonel Choyln
ski said, is now filled with prominent
men in all parts of the country and
particularly is this true in California
where practically all justices and at
torneys are members. In Yerrlngton,
Nev., three members of the supreme
court belong to the Yerrlngton lodge.
Colonel Choyinski was originator of
the Eagles' patriotic fund, which, dur
ing and following the Avar, proved of
valuable aid to lodge members who
entered the service.
Returned Missionary
to Be ivej Reception
Bryan "Wotherspoon, son of Presi
dent James Wotherapoon, of the
North Weber stake, who recently re
urncd from a mission in Uio South
ern states, will bo guest of honor at
a welcome .home party to be given
in the Third ward hall Wodnesday,
Jun6 9! All members of the ' ward
and other friends residing in the ward
are cordially Invited to bo present,
Mr. "Vothov3poon left Ogden Novem
ber 14, 1017. He labored fifteen
months in the Ohio conference and
was then transferred to the Florida
conference and labored in South
Georgia and Florida. The last four
months were spent in Tampa, Ho at
tended the county conference at Doug
las. Georgia, May 7, 8 and 0, and was
then honorably released to ireturn
home. The conference at Douglas was
attended by over 500 people.
Orpheuai Proceeds Go
to Boy Scoot Funds
Manager Joseph F. Goss. of tho Or
pheum theater, announced yesterday
that thc entiro proceeds of tho Or
phcum will be given to the Boy Scout
organization Monday, Juno 7. A very
attractive program will be given at the
usual prices and Scouts and tho public
are invited to attend. There will be
a continouous show from 1 p. m.until
11 i). m.
Scout Exrocutlve George A. Goacs,
commenting upon the generosity of the
Orpheum theatre manager,-says that
the .scout organization needs some ex-
Aggregation Gets. Out to Ad
vertise Ball Game to Be
Held Today
With music, shouts, banners, signs
and songs, more than 100 Ogdon and
Salt Lake members of the Elks lodge
last night formed in parade and told
Ogden that they were going to stage a
baseball ga.mo this afternoon at 3:30
o'clock at-Lorin Fan- park. The game
will be played between the teams
formed from the Ogden and Salt Lake
lodges and a spirited contest Is ex
pected. (
With the famous clown band com
posed of Ogden Elks, furnishing the
noise, the parade passed through the
business district of tho city and drew
hundreds of spectators to the curbs.
The parade was Identical with that
formed by the Ogden Elks in Salt
Elks in Salt Lake yesterday afternoon
with the exception of the Southern
Pacific railroad band, which, could not
appear last night.
Leads on orsc.
Leading the parade on a horse, and
carrying a huge American flag, Miss
Hope Fox, of Ogden, provided the
first glimpse of the long line of cele
brators to the spectators crowded
along the streets. She was followed
ny tho Ogden clown band, which won
fame In tho Salt Lake parade yester
day afternoon. The. band was originat
ed and formed under the leadership
of Olie Reeves and Dick Wootton. Jt
played the latest "Jazz" stuff and put
the necessary "pep" into the congre
gation following.
All the band members were dressed
In arlous colored clown costumes
which provided many laughs for the
onlookers. In addition to the band
members, several clowns, mounted I
upon bicycles and running along the
lines, produced comical capers.
Following the band came the dec
orated automobile which won first
prize in tho Salt Lake parade. It is
owned by C. R. Searle and was cov
ered with flowing whito paper and
trimmed with purple. A huge Elk's
head was carried from the radiator
and other Elks' heads were painted
upon tho sides of the machine. Pur
ple streamers added tho finishing
Uniform Garb.
Dressed uniformly in blue coats and
white trousers, with straw hats and
carrying canes with pennants at
tached, more than 100 members of the
Elks lodge followed the band. They
shouted and " told the world," that
there was going to bo "some" baseball
contest this afternoon. Banners and
signs announcing the game were in
cluded in various portions of tho
The game, today, which begins at
3:30 o'clock on the Lorin Farr field
is expected to uttract a record break
ing crowd. Ogden's team was defeated
In Salt Lake by the Salt Lake team
and revenge is sought by tho local
players and their followers. The Og
den players declare they cannot do
it again and the Salt Lakers grin
and say, "easy," Let's go and see.
Picture to Be Exhibited Here
Under Auspices of Local
Rod and Gun Club
Sportsmen of Ogden are promised
a treat next Thursday, Friday and
Saturday, when pictures showing game
hunting and fishing in all parts of tho
United States, will be shown in the
Alhambra theatre in addition to the
regular program. The. pictured will
be exhibited under the auspices of the
Weber County Rod and Gun club,
which has gone to considerable ex
pense to provide the sport thrills for
its members and sportsmen of this
locality. Members of the Boy Scouts
will be admitted free.
The sport program will show the
following subjects: ,
Taken in the big swamps on Winyah
Bay. S, t, starting out in the early
morning, putting out the decoys, birds
coming into tho stool and caught in
the air with a "Scatter Gun."
A good old southern coon hunt, with
tho coonflnally treed, and one of thci
best dog and coon fights you have over
seen on the screen.
Taken in the big swamps in North
Carolina. Looking for signs, build
ing jLhe blind; a big gobbler coming
in to the bait, and a hen called from
the swamp and caught by the camera
just as she is folded up.
With horse and hound; about the
only way they can ho hunted in the
south. "Mlhidy" kills a big buck,
which is finally taken after an ex
citing race with horse and hound.
This reel consists of about one thou
sand feet of Big Game, including Elk,
Sheep, Goat, Bear and Antelope.
The story of a Salmon, Fishfng.trip
up one of New Brunsklck's beautiful
rivors. Poling up the rough water,
and killing Salmon from eighteen to
twenty pounds. "
A remarkable Quail Hunting picture,
showing the coveys rising, dogs at
work, retrieving, etc.
A day at Little Egg Harbor Inlet,
j including the killing of a 30-lb Chan
nel Bass, and a six-foot Man-eating
shark taken on light tackle, so light
that it was just about to snap when
the Shark was grabbed by tho tajl
and pulled up on the beach. Directed
, by Van Campen Ueilnor. ,
penso money. He called attention to
tho fact that the Boy Scout organiza
tion in Ogdon is making 800 better
citizens and there are 800 more boys
to whom scouting must be extended.
Over 50 adults are devoting considera
ble time to the betterment of the
Ogden boy scout, he said.
BUDAPEST. Juno -1. A rain fell
during parades in protest against the
peace treaty, and it is hoped that the
promising harvest will be saved.
Spring Clearance I
Women's and Misses' j I
Suits, Coats, Dresses, Skirts SI I
j' Blouses, Sweaters j I
: fl B
I Tomorrow lhorniiig at 0 o'clock: c inaugurate our Spring Clearance of our entire stock of H
k spring .garments. Our unfailing rule of "no-carry-over" makes it imperative that Ave d'is- H
Psp of every one of these garments promptly regardless or I H
4 lheu' original cost. Every garment to be sacrificed in this H
' ale is of the high quality and standard 'of excellence that H
' " Pk ' lias always kept Wolfer's so noticeably different i'roni the i H
y '" ordinary store. s
I ikMf 0NE HALF : 1
1 9mf ' LESS ' . I
1 Mm k J 11 Entire Stock of Suits j J
j j j i IMx Entire Stock of Ladies Spring Coats J '
1 ' Hji ww ' , Entire Stock of Spring Silk Dresses I '
1 JIWH Entire Stock of Cloth Dresses g
j 8 ' '7";' Entire Stock of Cloth Skirts j
1 - Nr4 ' ' Entire Stock of Silk Petticoats 1
1 5 . . jj i
. Choose from our entire stock of high grade blouses in geor- a
t ' . gctte, crepe dc chine and tricolette in this great sale at 20 a
is ' . ' per cent off. S ,
I i
2 1 E
5 Positively nothing has been bought for sale purposes. Even-
1 garment offered has the distinctiveness characteristic of this J
1 exclusive shop. . . 1 "; J
1 p , ;
2378 Washington Avenue
! Government 'Experiments at
Dubois, Ida. Meets With Suc
. cess- Says Forest Chief
District Forester L.. F. Kneipp has
returned from Dubois, Idaho, where
he visited the government experiment
I station for sheep at the place. He says
that a type of shqop has been evolved
that promises to surpass all other
breeds common to the intermountaln
region in the matter of fleece weight,
productivity and meat carcass.
A Lincoln ram. he states, was bred
to a number of Rambouillet ewe, and
the progeny of this mating was in
turn bred. For 6eveu;il successive
generations this samo strain was min
gled, until it is now Ihbught that the!
type is fixed.
The new type is reported to be equal J
to the Corricdale type, from Australia. i
Mr. Kneipp stated that a new series j
of experiments Were being contem-:
plated at the station, which may be'
carried out for 10 vears. - The idea of
those in' charge of the station is to
evolve a llamboull'ct type, with the
thick folds of skin eliminated, and
with a carcass better suited for meat
purpoii'S. The present Kamboulllet
tvpes, as a class, have small bodies
and an abundance of long fleecy wool.
The latter experiment will be a mat
ter of selection of individuals, sheep
with characteristic? most suited to the
plans of the experimenters, being se
lected for mating, purposes. ,
oo i
Russian Sunflower
Gains as Ensilage
The Importance of Russian sun
flower as an ensilage food product for
cattle is becoming generally known
throughout the western states, accord
ing to I... F. Kneipp, district forester
of the local offices.
Ho states that this cattle food, as
ensilage, has approximately lialf the
food value of alfalfa. Notwithstand
ing tho greater food value of alfalfa,
the sunflower is tho cheaper feed, a
single acre producing nearly 35 tons
of food which cattle relish.
At tho government experiment sta
tion, Dubois, Idaho, a field of 160
acres Is being planted with the Rus
Hlan sunfloweV, to determine' whether
it can be raised at that altltx ylc.
.The first English version of tho old
I testament was Issued at Doual, France.
Director Arthur L. Agee to
Present Players at Lorih
Farr Park
I A musical treat is promised this
j afternoon at -i o'clock in the" concert
to be given by the Southern Pacific
band at Lorin Farr Park. The fea
jture, of the program will be tho
opening number, "General Pershing's
: March, Carry On," composed by
Lake. It introduces a war themo
which brings in every important fea
ture of the world war. Diminished
at the beginning, it gradually in
creases in volume until it develops
into the national anthem of Serbia,
( the first country to enter the war.
This is" followed by tho war thomo (
in full and later brings in all of the
countries who participated in .the
I, i ii '
conflict through their national an
thems. 1
The concert today will mark tho
initial appearance of the Southern
Pacific band in the summer con
certs. Arthur L. Agee will act as .
The complete program follows: f"
General Pershing's March, "Carry
on Lake
Overture, "Martha" Flotow
Popular (a) "Darktown Dancing
School" Gumblo
(b) "Venetion Moon".... . ;
Goldberg j
"In the Jungle, Trombone Sneeze"- ,
Intermission. I
Wedding March (new) Sousa I
"Beneath Thy Window.. B. Di. Capua i
Pilgrims Chorus from I. Lom- j
bard I Verdi !
The Fighting Allies .Lake 1
-uu ;
CHICAGO, June 5. Opposition to
picketing of the Republican conven
tion by the National Woman's party
was voiced here today by Mrs. J. W.
McGraw, legislative chairman of tho
Illinois Equal Suffrage. HHI
II Good Eyesight If you take your i
II A Serious Problem .cye roubIes ?a 8 fe jH
n -ii f i r louaiyaswedoyou jE
g: will be benefitted by coming here at once:. We !!
B give the simplest case of defective vision the t!
same careful attention as the moat difficult !
M We Get The rapid advancement wo havo mado In our '1 !
. IB! ReSllltS Profc"n due to the painatobng effort wo E 1
lai - xrr Ui and.th confidence reposed in u by our !f ' '
H P' We know the bet there ia in Vornetiymd rfvl B
Rj you tho be.r wo know. j jH
I J-s- i-Ewis & ca Ij
Jlgi Jevclro and Opticians ;E ' H

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