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I; CIMiliOf
Lawns in High District Suffer
I ing as Consequence;
j Warning Issued
I Restrictions instituted by the city
j regarding .the use of water for lawn
sprinkling- are not being clo?oly fol
lowed by residents in some localities,
i according- to an announcement made
yesterday by Mayor Frank Francis,
i Mayor Francis declared that as a
result of many persons ig-noring tlic
regulations, residents In the hlshcr
sections of the city are suffering from
lack of water, as the preasure Is de
creased greatly through sprinkling.
After July 1 no water will he al
lowed for gardens, Mayor Francis
said, and tho Hume regulations that
are in effect in come districts for lawns
now apply to gardens. The restrictions
i in full are contninod in an advertise
I Joent, which appears in this is3itc.
1 fn.
I Missionary Society j
to Meef a Tuesday
The Womens Home Missionary' so
ciety of the M. K. church will meet
Tuesday at the home of Mrs. W. AVI1
son. 2753 Harrison avenue. Election
i of officers and other business will bo:
I Cacn up.
A full attendance of members Is de-
'on Ls rfMH rn
HLLLr rumLtii
Daughter of County School
j Superintendent, Falls on
Rocks in Waterfall Canyon
Bella Fowler, S -year-old daughter
;of Superintendent H. A. Fowler of the
Weber county school, met with an
accident yesterday afternoon while on
'a. sjilke. with., a. number of school!
ifrlfeuds In- the Waterfall canyon. The
'little girl, while climging tho moun-
tains in the canyon, in some manner
slipped and fell a distance of 30 foot,
'sustaining- several had cuts In the
head. The fall rendered her uncon
(s'jlous but she quickly recovered.
Assistance was given the little girl
by the other members of the party
who tore up their clothing and made
bandages with which the wounds wero
dressed. A farmer, wnosc name was
not obtained, brought the girl back to
this city. She was taken to the office
.of Dr. E. I. Rich, who found it neces
sary to put thirteen stitches in the
cuts. The little girl was later remov
jed to her home where she is resting
an well a3 may be co:pccted.
CHICAGO, June 5. Congressman
William A. Rodenburg, who will noml
j nato Governor Lowdon at the national
I Republican convention, left today for
St. Louis, where his mother died last
Pry 7 ' i
I I i . '"
. jfflwnwwnmni 1 1 utiiiiiiniMMw i i inn ! ii .i j m,;,f fflaM
l ! Just Unloaded Another
I I Consolidated Wagon & Machine Co. i
1 Qgdes! Has Charms From Air; Flyer '
Takes Reporter on Trip Above City
; ' . ''-y'V 8 This is how a portion or the bufd-
i ' v'i.; y: . ; . tlWrmt ncss (ll-strIct of thc city uprcnrs from
' ? f K. ' . -51 fty jl an airplane nt jono rcct. At tho bot-
- . :T . ' 3&WkM ' SI tom of tho piotoprapii. siipiu left or
MlfeSiPr 1 I thc center, thc Standard-Examiner
i 'V V: - W9WWiW i 1 0 building Is shown. Tkc roof of W. II.
.ft i.ll Wright & Sons' store can also be seen.
'1te? ' - ft ifWyC . 18 At thc right n portion or Washington
yAt : V' -T $t 1 rJII avenue Is visible together with Twcn-
i&itoL I 13 -- v JUkdH bjS feSSfl O'-tlilrtl street nnd Hudson avenue.
IB W CNSw(RSiSWW by inoyd A" Tlnunerman. a
-:" S'&S&mSM'a n,cn11)C1, of '-The Standard-Examiner
liSiSa StnfC from U, Lincoln-Standard pns
vcr by E(U1, Brooks. Below the plane
SrfeW is shown before tho flight with Brooks
ifm9i "cnr scnt an" iin -
I First Pictures of City From
j Air Taken by Standard
i Examiner Photographer
I Those who beliec they have seen
the beauties of tho Great Salt Lako
valley havo still many of its charms
J to bohold unless they have given it
:thc "up-and-down" from an airplane.'
j They may have lived in it for years1
and travolcd through Its area from
end to end, but from the ground they!
havo seen nono of its myriad of col-1
ors, its windinpr, silvery streams, and ;
Its meadows of rolling green, in the!
beauty which It can be glimpsed from
among the clouds, X
80-Mile Pace. J j
A person is foolish absolutely'
"nuts" to make any attempt to dc-!
scribe the thrills, the sensations, andj
the wonderful exhlllration that is felt
when gilding along at an eiglity-niiie-an-hour
paeo far above the earth.!
However, they sometimes call mol
"nuts" In tho office, but u real deacrlp-'
tive story could not do Jusilce to tne!
scenery whtcn passed bciow on our'
Of course you know that Eddie
Brooks. Denver ulr pilot and a former
flier with tlio army aviation servlco
In France, is in Ogden with his air
plane. Ho keeps-it on a field near
Lho Utah Hot Springs where there Is
ono of the best landing places in the
west. Eddie la here on uusiness, hut
he don't mind taking a "pleasure hop"
or a "stunt" flight antlmo when pas
sengers are not on hand.
Whether or not Brooks will remain
In Ogden any great length of time will
uepenu upon tno number of passengers
that show up at the flying field and
enjoy a ride. He will take anyone
and give them the best half-hour of
their lives. Expenses of. an airplane
pilo up faster than those contained on
thc "swindle sheet" of a traveling
salesman or a war correspondent. To
make tho lodger balance and keop
Eddio here, means that many Ogden
Hes must see Salt Lake valley from tho
Spcelnl Camera. j
Well, Friday afternoon it was do-!
cided tliut wc get some pictures of
ugden from tnc air. In order to get
even a probable shot at the city it
waa necessary that wo construct a
special camera. It consists of a long
bo, similar to tho old block cameras
ana on tho bottom was fastened a
pistol grip with a trigger attached so
...he entire picture-taking operation'
juld be accomplished with ono ar-h.
with the camera ready we cllnVoed
oaru thc Lincoln-Standard piano
..v. prepared for the flight, shortly af
. J o'clock. Horo something must
. old about the landing ffeld near
springs. Eddie ha3 flown from
of fields In all parts of the
...try and in France and he declares
Ogde-n field to bo tna best ho ever
.topped" from. Th0 ground is level
..id so hard that thc wheels make no
-sprint, but the "drag," tho stick that
i used to break tho spued of the
...ano after it has reachod the ground,
Es In perfectly and The piano can be
rought to a standstill within 100
arda from where it first touches its
,.Uw .t00k off the west into a
Jllght oreeze ana rapidly rose to 500
iect. Wo then completod a circle and
eacnlng 1000 feet flew over tho Utah
..lot Springs and headed toward Og
den. Wo could see bathers in tho big
pool at the springs and they waved as
we passed over them.
Hit Air rocket. J
The air w;as slightly rough as we
climbed toward the south and .the
plane Jumped considerably aB thc wind
roae and, fell. A person can feel an
air pocket at tho mouth of Ogden can- !
yon and as the plane rushes Into tho!
pocket, it sinks rapidly, but begins'
climbing again as good air Is reachod..
Wo reached 2000 feet as wo.nearedl
tu.vcity and took several photographs
fr.om this height. Wo then dived to'
oOO feet and could plainly pick out!
the various buildings and storos.
f Flying over a clt" at a height of SOO
foot is fine dope for a person who I
likes thrills, for if tho motor should,
fail there would be certain to be an
exalting period of dodging telegraph
wires, poles and buildings. For scenic
effect, tho open country is tho proper
plate. It is impossible to convey anv
doscriptlon of tho wonderful beautlffs
which lie beneath to thc reader unless
he ha3 soon It, so why try? Anyway,!
on ,the sport pago of this issue Is a
story written while wo wore In tho air
and't while the news was hot. 1
'W.e -were thirty minutes in the air
and took twelve photographs from va
rious heights. Eddio Is experienced1
in flying to obtain photographs, for he
did this in Franco for months and he
can manipulate the machine to any.
position so your lonae will be clear ;
of thc wings. I
After snapping- our photographs
over the city. Brooks wont througn a
few spirals and weeves for tho bene-';
With whistles shrieking ana a
hundred voices raised in jubilant
shouts and incantations, one hun
dred members of thc Mystic Order
of the Veiled Prophet of the lin
chanted Realm, arrived in Ogden
yesterday eyenlng en route from
Kan3ns Pity to attend a conven
tion of their organization.
"Tho delegation was headed by
"Puss" Helbrotter, "Bill" Uster
pool and Heinle Uarmann.
Alibaba, clad in yellow silk i
bloomers, crimson Jacket with
gold braid, zouave leggins, and a
red fez, was one of the conspic
uous pnrtles on tho platform.
Anothor individual, clad In
flaming scarlet, declared to no
"ono of the fortytl:lovcs,"was also
much in evidence.
Tho organization claimed to bo
a branch of the Masonic order
and said their intentions wore to
clinch the 1921 cbnventlon of
their organization for Los Angeles,
WASHINGTON. Juno 5. Prosecu
tion under the Sherman antl-trusc and T
Clayton acts of print paper manufact
urers suspected of profiteering was
recommended today by thc senate
manufacturers' sub-committee, which!
conducted an Investigation of the pa
por "situation.
Tne committee fourthermore re
commended that should government
efforts to maintain a reasonable price
meet with failure, a federal news
print board bo established "to super
vise the manufacture and distribu
tion of print paper." 1
Afew minutes of your time"!
will convince you the same as it '
has others. ;
I have suffered for over two years 1
of asthma and lung affection) and '
was unable to get any relief from I i
different methods until I went to
Dr. A. V. Harris, 503-4 First Na- i
tional bank building, and took two
mouths pf modern chiropractic ad- '
UBtments under tension, and now I B
am In perfect health and I havo not
the slightest sign of elthor trouble. 9
(Signed) I
1 M ' '
fit of tho spectators and wo headed
back toward tho landing field.
Circling to our landing wo dropped
to thc ground oo easily that It was
Impossible to tell when the wheels
struck thc ground.
When you see Great Salt Lake val
Io from thc air you will know that
have never soon Us beauties until
ou look down upon them.
Wrights to Put On Beforc-the-War
Dollar Day
"You must throw fresh fuel on tho
fire If you want the blase to dance
upward," said the salesmanager at
Wright's. The public lias been ask
ing for a price-cutting wave, and
they certninly havo it now. It has
lecn a good many years Ime '6
I put on a sale such as tho one" tmit
is now In progress. It simply means
that there, will be no profit Jn the
June sales for the store, but thero
will be a world of profit for tho
"All charges are eliminated so as to
reduce the selling expense to the
lowest possible point and aiso that
wo might raise cr.sh immediately for
tho refurnishing and restocking of
our Twin Falls store.
, "We are having a sale within a
sale on Monday just to add fresh
fuel lo the fire this dollar day is a
genuine old-fashioned before-the-war
Dollar Day. If you want to see a
busy crowd of buyers como in any
time Monday,
"Business is fine thank you. In spite
of the general impression that busi
ness Is not up to standard, it is a
fact that our sales every month this
year have equalled or excelled those
of the same months laSt year and it
looks now as the June moqth would
be a record-breaker. And it should
be with the special and general re
ductions that are in progress."
Siaadard Umber Co.
Has Good Year's Run
C. D. Morse of the local forest of
fices, has returned from a trip to Big
Piney, Kock Springs and Montpelier.
Ho reports that the Standard timber
company of Big Piney hu3 all their
landings broken in, and tho rear of the
log drives should be at tho camp on
Cottonwood creek now.
Thousands of feet of timber, to bo
used for ties by the Union Pacific
company, are being floated into the
Green Hiver. A big boom haa been
built across thc river about half a
mile below Cottonwood creek, and will
hold back tho water until the logs
can bo driven to Green River and
loadod upon cars.
Mr. Morse reports that cattle los
ses are not as heavy at present as was
.anticipated earlier in tho season. The)
average loss on the upper Green river i
amounted to about 5 por cent, while I
j the average loss at Star Valley aver
ages 7 per cent.
Houdinl Is tho most wonderful
character of tho screen when it oomea '
to thrills. The under sea work in .Ter
ror Island Is different than anything
you have ever witnessed in pictures.
Seven reels of terrific action taken
with the natives of the South Seas.
Tonight Is your last chance, to sen
it at thc Alharabra Adv. " J
I The men who are now developing powers of I I
I judgment will be the ones later 031 that will bo . I 1 r
called upon to make important decisions. Judg- -r!
ment is the foundation of leadership , rfj
Good judgment in clothes buying consists of ( ,gp
giving: due consideration to quality, style and ' , i
wearability. Cost should be measured by length
of service not by initial price.
TJundee tailor-made suits fill these requirements i
!to the Nth degree. They are bought by men of
judgment. Wo are waiting for your decision !
with many new light weight fabrics. Priced at -;
fl 930 a.nd upwards. ' !
j On Hudson Avenue by the Alhambra Theater
Scouts in Program at
Eighth Ward Tonight
Toop No. 1, Boy Scouts will give the!
following program at the Eighth ward1
hall tonight at 7 o'clock: j
Song, America Congregation
Invocation Mllen Stcphons I
Song Scout Chorus
Pledge to Flag All the Scouts
Scout, Motto ..Scout Mllen Stophens
Scout Pledge ....Scout Oscar Deming
First Aid Lott Hess
Roller Head . . . .Scout Wallace Goates
Bandages . . Maynard Guild
Spiral Reverse Louis Iverson
Bandages ....Soo'ut Arvid Morgenegg
Scout Laws . . . .Scout Harold Butcher
Semaphore Code
Scout Louis Bjorklund
Talk Steps in Scouting
. , Scout Alvln Lelshman
Talk Scouting In General
....Scoutmaster Parley E. Norseth
Song , Girls' Chorus
Benediction . .Scout Arthur Morgenegg
NEW YORK, June 5. New York's
delegation to the Republican national
convention left today on a special
train, every window of which was
placarded with the legend "America
for thee, we live."
Although tho convention special
comprised 13 car3, George A. Glynn,
Republican leader, said ho did not re
gard as a hoodoo, but rather a good
! Metropolitan Nurse ;
! Chief Is in Qgdem "; ;
A nursinge service was established '
at Logan by Mrs. Cora McGarvey, 1
supervisor of the visiting nurses of the r,
Mcropolitan Life Insurance company J
I with headquarters at San Francisco
and George D. "Bennett who has
charge of thc Ogden offices of the
I Mrs. McGarvey. who has been visit
ing with Mr. Bennett during thc past
week will leave for Salt Lake tomor
row and thence back to headquarters
having completed a tour of tho north- 1
00 : j
Weber Comity's War
History to Be Told '
A. L. Neff, In charge of tho stato w
war library, has announced that work '
of collecting data regarding Utah's 1
'part in tho world war w;ill start im- dhrff
mediately in Webor county, and. In
other counties of the state.
Leaders and crows will bo appoint-
ed in every county, it fs stated, and
will go into a detailed search for all I
Information regarding Utah boys in 1
war activities. , j
Utah plana to havo a, war history I
second to no other state In the Union, '
and all accurate information available !
will be used, it is stated. !
- " ''" iwww 1 I, n !
t 1 , I
When y e buy H
6MoMnfsie Brand.' B m
Meats and Meat Products, . JH
you and your fNJer know Wm HH
you are getting "the highest- Hffi H
quality. Prepared under U. Si H
S. Government inspection. Sj
gdn Packing & m I
Provision Co. ' H H
Ogden, Utah m
U. S. Inspected. IB jH

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