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mmmT , (MB
I' . Pchieago Wholesale Grocery Co. I
" " I Phone 486 2376 Washington
We ship to all points in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming j
$1 box No. 10 macaroni ... 85c Laroe Kellogg's corn flakes . . 20c 1
$1 box No. 10 spaghetti "... 85c Medium Kellogg's corn flakes
$1 box No. 10 vermicelli ... 85c 2 for , . . . 27c
1 dozen Golden Age macaroni, E. C. corn flakes 10c
spaghetti or egg noodles ... 98c 2 Grape Nuts for ...... . 38c
4 cans Sunbrlgfit cleanser . . . 28c Cream of Wheat 30c
7 pounds sal soda 25c Golden Wheat Gems 25c
50c Instant Postum 42c Shredded Wheat Biscuits, 2
I 5 pounds fancy Jap rice . . . 80c for . . 33c
I SWIFT'S SILVER LEAF LARD 2Sc bottle Hire's Root' Beer ex
I 5 pound pail . 1.60 tract 20c
I 10 pound pail ...... $3.15 I
PARAWAX AND JAR RUBBERS 20c bottle Fisher's Root Beer ex
Jar rubbers, 25c package 21c; tract, 2 for . m 35c I
10c packages, dozen .... 85c $145 Price.s ,emon or vanilla
Economy Jar caps 30c; 6 packages extract $1-3Q
for 45c
Mason' Jar caps 28c; 3 packages 80c Price's lemon or vanilla ex
for 25c tract 70c
'yz pounds Blue 2 ds Red 10 pounds Red
,1 - Karo 27c r u 1 pn
5 pounds Blue Karo 34c Karo 51-20
Karo 58CK-nn,.riH, r.h 2JA pounds honey 79c
10 pounds Blue 5 Pounds Red L M
Karo $1.07 Karo 65c 5 pounds honey $1.53
No. 1 cans 11c; No. 2 cans 18c; No I1 cans 22c
6io pound box soda crackers $1.25 ; No. 5 soda crackers 75c ;
y2 pounds graham crackers $1-32 J
rTTTJTITrmnn rrr , hi. ITrTTHT II I I I I i -
After you eat always use
ljjforFnR tour stomach's SAKEJ
Hj one or two tablets eat like candy.
j Gassy Feeling. Stops indigestion,
foodsouring, repeating, headacheand
the many miseries caused, by
H Acid-Stomach
HH . the harmful acids and gases right out
Wfm-r' of the body and, of course, you get
SjMW'w well. Tens of thousands wonderfully
&Wr benefited. Guaranteed to satisfy or
mm money refunded by your own drug-
?IM gi3t Cost a trifle. Please try itl
I - Shanghai's Notorious 'Wheel'
Was Largest in the
Far East
SHANGHAI, June 11. The great
' gambling- establishment in this city
notorious for years under the name of
"The "Wheel," which originally cost
. more than 500,000, is to be convert-
jpr ed into a charity hospital. The Chl-
'r nose authorities have announced that
they intend to confiscate the huge
building which now stands dark and
: empty, lis owners, however, threat
en to fight this program.
Up to about three years ago when
the place was closed by Chinese au
thorities, "The Wheel" In Shanghai
was one of the biggest gambling es
tablishments In the Far East. It was
located "in Chinese territory on North
Honan road, a 15-mlnule automobile
ride from the heart of the city. In;
,'tho days when the establishment
flourished, three roulette wheels with
six layouts, beside l'aro and other
0 games were operated.
After this establishment was closed
as the result of the efforts of mis
sionary interests no open gambling
on any largo scale was permitted in
Shanghai until last fall when the in
terests that formerly operated "The
Wheel" opened near it a smaller rou
lette establishment which in turn was
closed after a few weeks.
-f'AlH Experiments have been conducted
'HlMI at Vancouver. B- c- toward building
LilftN bouses from marble dust and sawdust,
ySH at a cost of about 6 cents a foot.
m f ' I NEW 1
Hjl I See the New Model I
I J j 432 25th St. Phone 387 I
lisi I J-1-.miii i i null"
i Five Arrested as Vags Tell
Tale That Wins Them
Freedom j
Another episode of the adventures
of the "Prune Pickers Quintette"
was registered last night when Detec
tives Everett Noble and William Tay
lor arrested the five on a vagrancy
The quintette rendered pouplar
melodies behind the bars and disturb
ed slumbers for other inmates of
"Hotel de Gink" and they sang well,
the late shift officers said.
This morning, when hailed boforo
i Judge D. R. Roberts of the city court,
the boys looked like they might have
been hoboes of tho worst description.
Remnants of army clothing, a pair of
bell bottom seaman's trousers, Just
plain pants and condescript sweaters
and overcoats wore worn by tho men.
They were headed for "Uncle Hen
ry's" ranch at Douglas, Wyo., and had
started out from San Francisco with
plenty of money, and a Ford car as a
means of locomotion. Tho car pro
gressed in an erratic fashion, one of
the boys stated. "We would push the
Ford up one .side of a hill and then
coast down the other side." Finally
the hills became too frequent so, aban
doning the Ford, they took to the
I "bumpers."
The boys were expecting money
from home today.
Three of them were students of
the Santa Clara university in Califor
nia. TJpon recommendation of City
Attorney Samuel Powell they were
Tho boys who started on the event
ful joy ride wore as follows: A. Covert,
JohnJ. Henn, Mike Henry, Claude
Hall and Harold Halub.
Ogden Team Plays
Honeyville Saturday
The Ogden baseball club of the
Wasatcb league will clash with the
fast Honeyville aggregation In a reg
ular league game at Honeyville tomor
row afternoon. Ogden will present
several new faces in this contest
several of the old heads having re
ceived the "pink" slip since the last
Sunday afternoon the locals will
mix with the Wellsvllle club of tho
Cache Valley league at Lorln Farr
park in what should bo a first rato
contest. Allen is slated to heave the
Sunday tilt while Lockwood is sched
uled to work the mound in tho con
test tomorrow.
PHILADELPHIA. Juno 11. Phila
delphia won the Grlscom cup by de
feating New York in the final series
of the trl-city women golf matches at
the Philadelphia Cricket club, St, Mar
tin's, today.
' egieeiiig
HOf . . Many potato dealers have the idea that their poorer pota-
Httj toes "will do" for Potato Flakes. We
Hn -flffe always refuse their offer of a "bar-
Bll tZZ&tt0 ls gain" In potatoes.
WzZtt t G 0nly BIG Potatoes will produce the
R yii blg M & G flakes large as half vour
Bl' 6?TA 1)alm- 0nly PEnFECT potatoes will
l rX Cv-v malce golden-colored, even-textured
vstelmmit H mW1 jjUL 0nly l'olatoes grown In Rocky Moun-
HII HmBivTMWj mti&WjmmjmML tflln altltude and sunlight possess tho
Bi jjSffl VhsM KMlwSII MATCHLESS FLAV0R yu ind i
Hl I F'"'8 1 BMjaaz&wy por pcnC5 stock up with M &. Q'o at
HJ f&l ifc .- () your orocor'a
mmPl A"UviDyS Colorado Potato Flake & Mfg. Co.
r ' XiX Denver, Colo.
mm j '
MU '
Site for Public Grounds Lo
cated and Will Be Made
Ready at Once
LOGAN, Juno 11. A site for a pub
lic camping ground for Logan City
has been, selected by the auto camp
ing ground committee of the Cham
ber of Commerce and this will be
rapidly put Into shape to accommo
date tho heavy summer tourist traf
fic,, according to Secretary Merlin Ho
vey of the Logan Chamber of Com
merce. Tho site chosen by tho committee
16 commonly known as Johnson's
grove. It Is on tho main paved high
way Just south of the Logan river
bridge. While final arrangements
havo not been mude with tho owners
of tho property, these will be com
pleted immediately and the grove will
be put Into proper condition.
Johnson's grovo will maku an ex
cellent camping ground for auto tour
ists, says Mr. Ho vey. It is well cov
ered with luwiifl and large shade trees,
has running water and wood for fires
available and Is on the state high
way entering Logan on the south.
Every effort Will be made to make
It Ideal for tourist traffic.
A permanent auto camping ground
for Logan has aleo been decided upon,
says Mr. Hovey, but It will bo a year
or more before this can bo made
ready. The permanent camp Is to bo
on Logan's main fltreet, one block from
the business district, near tho post
office, garages and laundries, and tho
proposed site for the city hall and
Carnegie public library. It will be
sown to grass, trees will be planted,
water mains laid and washing sta
tions, lavatories, etc., will be install
ed. Lights will bo arranged for and
electric power for cooking, oil will
also be available.
"We could not have found a better
place for a permanunt camping ground
than tho one selected," says Mr. llo
vey. "It will be close to town, an
excellent point from which sido trips
can be made to the Utah Agricultur
al college, Logan and Blacksmith
Fork canyons, and' will be on the
through road to Yellowstone Nation
al paTk. The Chambor of Commerce
and the Logan City commission will
co-operato in putting tho camping
ground in shape. We expect to havo
one of tho most beautiful little spots
In the state when v,c arc through."
Swimming Tourney
Planned for Summer
Swimmers of Ogdon will have nn
opportunity to show their wares' dur
ing the coming summer in competi
tion with teams of this city and
Salt Lake if plans now being con
sidered mature. The present plans
are being worked out by the Utah
Hot Springs, Ogden Sanitarium, La
goon and Bock's and it is expected
that clubs from each organization
will have representative teams in the
limelight during the season.
The clubs will be open to both
men and women swimmers nnd every
sort of water sport will bo encour
aged. It is the plan of the officials
to have team matches," individual
races, water polo, and other sports
on the mantle. During the latter
part of the season tho officials are
planning a state championship meet
between the four clubs mentioned
and other clubs and Individuals.
oo .
Electrical Worker
Gets Severe Shock
Henry Clilpp, olectrical worker,
who received a severe shock yester
day morning whllo wiring at the
Washington Market, is recovering
today, it is reported.
Chlpp, an employe of the "Light
house," was standing on wet cement
and was installing a 110 volt wire.
In some manner tho wire came in
contact with his body and because
of the dampness of the cement, gave
him a severe shock.
He sustained, in addition to the
shock, a sprained ankle.
Dr. Relnhold Kanzler and Dr. C.
J. Cragun attended tho injured man.
Chicago Colored Ball
Team Going to Idaho
Fifteen colored athletes, members
of the famous Chicago Giants, were
in Ogden today for a few hours en
route to Idaho, Montana, and other
ounea iu engage in contests with
clubs of that section of tho country.
Tho club is under tho management
of Robert Watltins, one of tho most
famous diamond players in tho world
in the colored class.
Watkln, for a number of years
managed a professional team in the
south and tor three years copped
tho bunting in succession. Games
Villi the Ogden club will be arranged
when tho crew roturns from the
Northwest en route east.
Tank at Experimental
Farm Injured by Frost
Notwithstanding the fact that tho
concrete tank at the Great Basin ex
periment station near Ephrlam had
been built of the best concrete, and re
inforced with steel wire, it has been
damaged by frost, according to infor
mation received from Dr. D. A. Samp
son, In charge of tho station.
The tank is 12 inches thick at the
base and tapers to eight inches at the
top and in addition to tho steel wire,
contained a number of smooth and
twisted iron Tods.
It is reported that an expenditure of
at least $400 will bo necessary to cover
expenses of the damage.
MOBILE, Ala.. Juno 10. Constan
tinople Is offering $100 for Alabama
coal. The Turkish capital is willing
to pay thut much for fuel delivered
from tho Birmingham district, but
coal operators havo been forced to re
ject all orders because they cannot
' guarantee deliveries.
asw i
mm .'. ' Hi H
m R H
H MIMI))W hi nil,, i in V'ri.'i:iJ. I
1 V will be interested isi this "l 1' m
i ;:' of Hart Schaffner & Marx."-: I I
- 9m WMM
I and Society "Brand Clothes I I
jl style for style, woolens for woolens, tailoring for tailor- B 1
m ing this sale offers every man greater value than he has I I
n had in years, here are suitsfresh from the tailor shops, -m
9 the products of foremost designers and expert workmen--- I I
I selling at less than today's market cost. I I
i regularly retailed regularly retailed regularly retailed I I
at $40 at $50 at $60 I ' I
Sessions Will Be Held at
Weber Club June 18
and 19
Bankers from all parts of Utah -will
attend tho Twolfth annual convention
of tho Utah Bankers' association,
which will bo held hero Friday and
Saturday, Juno 18th and 10th, The
roomn of tho Wober club havo boon
placed at tho dlnpoaal of tho associa
tion, in which all sessions will bo held
and headquarters established.
Four sessions will bo on the pro
gram and E. O. Howard, president of
tho association, will deliver tho ad
dress of welcome at 10 o'clock Sat
urday morning. Tho first session
will consist largoly of the president's
addrosa, report of tho secretary-treasurer
and standing and special commit
tcoa. There will also be Included in
this session an nddress by Joel B.
Farrlsh on "Personality In Banking.
banquot and danco will be hold
In "tho Ilermltago hotel, Friday even
ing, June IS, In honor of the visiting
delegates and association members.
Deaths and Funerals
COAVXiISITAAV. Funeral services
for Ltflo Cowllshaw wore held yester
day at 2 o'clock at tho Larkln fun
oral chapol with Bishop Counsellor
Desmond Barker officiating. Four
little girls sang, "Jesus Wnnta. Jlo
For a Sunbeam." "I Nood Thee Kv
cry Hour," and "The Christian's Good
Night" was sung by Artlo S. Blaka
lcv. The speakers at the sorviccs
woro Joseph Bldwcll, E. A, Larkm
and Desmond Barkor. Interment wa.-j
made in the Ogden City cemolory
with Lylo Y. Larkln dedicating the
LONDON, June 11 The silver mar
ket quotation rose today to ClVid per
ounco nfter having been down to 4Gd
on June 7. Tho market has been sub
jected to unusual fluctuations slnco
May 2G when the prica whs 59 d.
Motorcycle Riders
on Outing Sunday
More than one hundred motorcycle
riders and their wives arc expected
to be on hand next Sunday morning
and afternoon In Ogden canyon when
tho Annual Gypsy tour of motor
riders Is started. Tho Gipsy tour
will include riders from Salt Lako,
Provo and Ogden,
Athletic stunts with motorcycles
and other entertaining features are
being prepared by tho Ogden repre
sentatives. " Tho sport card will he j
on deck at tho Hermitage.
Ogden Golfers Go to
Salt Lake on Sunday
The championship golf match be
tween Dr. F. W. Baker and W. M.
Budlger for .tho president's cup will,
bu played on tho green at the Ogden
country club next week, according to mmm
information given out today. Both IH
mon have been practicing hard of late ' EmwM
and a flashy game Is cxpocted when mEWM
tho men clash. mmm
Sunday morning more than "fifty IH
golfers of tho local club will motor
to Salt Lake to mix with tho Salt ' IH
Bakers on tho green. Tho following mwM
Sunday a return match will bo played WM
on the local grounds. 1
DENISON, Tex., Juno 11. Warn-
Ing to bo on tho lookout for Grovor I. MWm
Cleveland Bcrgdoll, millionaire droit V jH
evader from Philadelphia, was flashed jmWM
to officers all over north Texas today IH
by federal officials hero today follow- IH
ing receipt of information that a man ; IH
answering Borgdoll's description pass- N jH
od Dcnison last night 1 IH
BERLIN, Juno 11. The Lokal An- ,
zelgor declares today that President
Ebcrt will not present himBolf again IH
as a candidate for tho prosldoncy bo- I
cauue of persoual objections laised j H
ngainaL him within hia own parly
ranks, which ho resents. H

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