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I Batsmen Bunch Hits on Barnes
and Take Lead Sherdell
-'v Strikes Out King.
W. U Pet.
Cincinnati 2S 20 .553
Brooklyn 27 20 .574
St. Louis 2S 23 .549
Chicago 25 2 6 .4 90
Pittsburg- 21 22 .4SSi
Boston 21 23 .4 77
New York 21 2S .429
Philadelphia 1& .2S .404
Yesterday's .Results.
St. Louis 5 at Now York 3.
Cincinnati 1 at Brooklyn o.
NEW YORK, June 13. The St.
Louis Nationals made it two straight
from New York here today, winning
by a score of 5 to 3. The St, Louis
batsmen bunched hits on Barnes in.
the early innings and took a com-j
mandlng lead. Doak weakened for SI. J
Louis In the seventh Inning1, but Sher-
dell struck out King with the bases
full. Catcher demons had a finger i
hplit by a foul tip and was forced to
retire. Score. R. H. E. ;
St. Louis -. 5 H 0
New York J S 2
Batteries: Doak, Sherdell and Clo
nions, Dllhoef er. Barnes and E. Smith,
... Gonzales,
BROOKLYN. Juno 13. Cincinnati
displaced Brooklyn In the first placet
in the National league standing today I
by defeating the Superoas 1 to 0. In
a pitcher's battle between Ring and
Marquard. i Each twtrler allowed only .
six hits but a wild pitch by Marquard
and two Red hits in the sixth inning ;
put over the winning run. ScWe: j
R. H. E. I
Cincinnati 1 C 0
Brooklyn 0 C 0;
Batteries. Ring and Rarlden; Mar-1
quard, Smith and Miller. :
I Pacific Coast League
SALT LAKE ... , s . . 4 1 .l? '
San Francisco SS 29 .5C7
Vernon 40 ai .5t'j'
Los Angeles 37 31 .5-14 (
Portland 30 31 .402 j
Sacramento 28 39 .4 IS.
1 Oakland 29 4 1 .414 !
Seattle 25 40 . 3 S D I
Yesterday's Results.
Salt Lake 5-13; San Francisco 2-9.
Vernon 3-5; Seattle 7-1.
Oakland 9-11; Portland 7-2. ,
Los Angeles 6-3; Sacramento 2-2.
The Series.
Salt Lake 5, San Francisco 2.
Portland 4, Oakland 2. '
Los Angeles 5. Sacramento 2. '
Vernon 5, Seattle 2.
, Tuesday's Guinea.
, Los Angeles at Salt Lake. ';' "
San Francisco at Sacramento.
Seattle at Oakland. ' ;
Portland at Vernon. ' , .
OAKLAND, Juno 13. Scores:
Portland 7 12 i
Oakland 9 12 2
Batteries: Kallio, Glazier, Jones,
Ross and Baker; Holllng and Mitze.
Afternoon game R. II. E.
Portland 1 3 41
Oakland 11 12 2
Batteries: Poison and Koehler,
Kingdon; Ragan and Spellman.
' SALT LAKE, June IS. Scores; !
r j-f First game R. H. E.
San Francisco 2 5 2
Sale Lake & 32 3
Batteries: Lewis, Scotl. McQualdo
ind Yelle; Bromley aud Byler.
Second game R. H. E. '
San Francisco 9 11 1
Salt Lake 13 12 3
Batteries: Love, Jordan and Yelle; !
Reiger, Leverenz and Byler. j
Portland Lose j Two to Oaklaud.
OAKLAND. Ji ne 13. Scores: 1
Portland 7 12 -1
Oakland 9 12 2
Batteries Kalllo, Glazier, Jones,
Roes and Baker; Holllng and Mitze.
Afternoon game
Portland 2 3 4
Oakland k U 12 2
Batteries Poison and Koehler,
Kingdon; Ragan ad Spellman.
Take One Apiece.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Juue 13.
Morning gamo R, H. B
Seattle , 7 13 3
Vernon .. 3 9 8
Batteries Brcnton and Baldwin,
Dell, Iiouck, Shellenback and Alcock.
i -1 Afternoon game R. H. E
Lfr3l' Seattle 1 4 1
W Vernon .. ... 5 7 1
A 1 Batteries Gardner, Schorr and
yJr" Baldwin, VT. Mitchell and Dcvorraer.
Los Ancelc Wins Two.
STOCKTON, Cal., June 13. Scores:
Morning game R. H. E.
Loa Angeles 6 12 1
Sacramento 2 6 1
Batteries Portlca and Lapan; Flt
tery and Cook.
Afternoon game R. H. E.
ty Ls Angel 05 3 8 0
1 Sacramonto 2 7 1
1 Batteries Aldrldge and Eassler;
Malls, Prough and Cady.
Wk , Oakland Wins Twice
H h In Ragged Exhibition
H' SAN FRANCISCO, June 14. Oak-
'r land was victorious over the Beavers
91 twice yesterday, the score being 9 to
Hl. and 11 to 2. Both games were rag-
1 ged exhibitions. The scores:
H First game
I, B. H, E.
fif-v Portland ........7 12 1
tf. Oakland 9 12 2
T Kalllo, Juney, Glazier, Joneo, Ross
3 and Baker; Holllng and Mitze. ,
'i Second game '
R. H. E.
Portland .2 3 4
j Oakland 11 12
, i Poison and Kohler; Ragan and
I Spellman.
Second Game of Series Taken
From Cincinnati, 14 to 0 j
Makes 17th Home Run. J
W. L. Pet. I
Cleveland 33 17 . G60f
i New York 3 1 IS : 654 ,
Chicago 2S 22 .560,
Boston 25 .21 .54 3 ,
, Washington 24 24 .500
St. Louis 21 27 .438
Detroit m :3 .327
Philadelphia 10 35 .314
I Yesterday's Results. 1
Philadelphia 3 at Detroit 4.
Washington 2 at Chicago 9.
Boston 5 at St. Louis 11.
New York 14 at Cleveland 0.
CLEVELAND, O.. June 13. Before'
the largest crowd that ever witnessed
a game at league park. New York
won the second game of the series
from Cleveland. 14 to 0. Uhle was
driven- from the bo;: in the first. in-,
ning and New York continued its hit-1
ting off Myers and Facta. Ruth made
his seventeenth home run of the sou-i
son in the sixth inning with a drle.
over the rightflcld wall-that cleared!
a house on the opposite side of thej
slreot Scoie. R. 11. E.
New York 14 IS 0;
Cleveland 0 12 lj
Batteries: Shawkoy and Hannah,
Uhle. Myers, Faeth and Thomas,
DETROIT, June 13. Detroit climb-'
ed out of eight place for the first time'
this season by winning from Philadel-'
phla lodn. I to 3. The gamo went'
ten Innings. Philadelphia scored three;
runs in the third, but the Tigers even-j
cd up by scoring one m tho fifth and'
two in the eighth, when Veach hitj
a home run with a man on base. A
single and a triple In tho tenth gave
Detroit the winning run. Score: I
R. H. E.j
Philadelphia 3 C 1 I
Detroit 4 11 1 j
Batteries: Perry and Perkins; j
Ehinke and Alnsmlth. ' ,
ST. LOUIS, Juno 13. St. Louis con-1
tinued its hitting streak today and de
feated Boston for the second straight
time. The score was 11 to 5. Sister
sent the locals In front with a single
that scored Gedeon In the: first In
ning aud his home run In the third (
also came with a man on base. Score. !
R. II. E.j
Boston 5 it 5
St. Louis 11 13., G
Batteries: Jones and "Walters; I
Shocker and Sovercld.
CHICAGO. June 13. Chicago hit
Courtney and Shaw hard In the clos
ing innings today and won easily from I
Washington by 9 to 3. Williams was!
In rare trim and held the visitors to i
four hits In the first secn Innings, j
Felsch featured Chicago's attack with
two triples. Score: - R, iH. E. I
.Vashlngton .. . Z S 0'
Jhicago .. ., ; . 9 11 l,
. Bajterleat Courtney, ' Shaw and
Piclnieh: Will Sains-and Schalk. '
nrt I
American golf team will not play In!
the Olympics at Antwerp, according
to an announcement today by Captain
Marston of this city, who -had charge
of the arrangements. Marston said he
had found It Impossible to get a rep
resentative team together. Out of the
clevezi men Invited to make the trip,
he said, only two. Bobby Jones of At
lanta and himself, definitely had ac
cepted. Two otherB. Robert Gardney
and Nelson Whitney, are already
abroad and promised to play on the
Olympic team. The United States Golf
association, Marston said, wanted at
least eight men.
Carthy of the Coast league Is strict.
He has fined Manager Bill Esslck or
Vernon twice and Charlies Graham
, once for protesting umpires' decisions.
America is neither peculiar nor
nelflsh In disliking to see ltx trophy
cups wandering about In foreign lands.
It prefers to have them at home.
The first lesr bf tho quest for the
Davis cup, emblematic of the world's
team chapionshlp, will soon be undtr
The teams representing tho United
States now abroad Is concoded to oe
the strongest this company has ever
entered in tho International event.
It is made up of William M Jolin
ston of San Francisco, national c:iam
plon; William T. Tllden II of Phila
delphia, Indoor champion and second
on the ranking list. R Norrlc Williams
IT of Boston, formerly at the top or
America s tennis aces, and Charles t.
Garland of Pittsburg, captain of Yale
university tonr.ls team and former ju
nior champion.
These four are accompanied by
Samuel Hardy, veteran Callfornian.
who Is to act as non-playing captain.
L'RANMORE. Cal. This town as-1
serty Itself as the healthiest commu
nity In the state, basing Its claim upon I
the fact that the local cemetery has I
not had a grave dug since 18C3. the
date of the last funeral in Cranmore.
Since that time several residents of
tho community have died In other
sections of the state, but it Is a re
markable fact that not a single death'
has occurred in the community since
AIX-LES-BAINS A great many
people have come here from tho Riv
iera, the Casino club doors are open
and the gambling tables are ready but
as yet there are no players. It 13 tho
English reason here now and Eng
lish Is the prevailing tongue on the
streets If not 1n the hotels.
Test at "Wlinblcdon.
The first test will com In England
at tho Queen's club on tho great Wim
bledon courts, beginning June 21.
The results of theco matches win
glvo a lino on what the International
team Is liable to accomplish in tnej
Davis cup preliminaries when tho Uni
ted States mceta France at Bast
bourne, England, starting July 8.
The will tour Europe, finally meet
ing tho crack Australian champions,
present holders of the cup
Johnston and Tilden will, in all
probabilities, shoulder tho responsi
bility of America 'In the singles, with
the combination for the douolus tcuni
to be seloclcd later.
Weakest In Doubles.
Tt Is In the doubles that the Ameri
cans are weakest.
Johnston and Tllden flashed tho
best exhibition of doubles of any
American pair against Norman E.
Brookes and Gerald Patterson, tnc
Au3trallan stars who toured the Uni-
Astronomers study the beautirul staro (JyT
That ahlne In the azure 8ky, Sej 2-.
And also 'tis said that pugilists do 4 VC-? 4
Whon given a poke Is tho e7e. .
King Alibi Say. he's the guy,
Who's never been unseated.
You can't tear down his bloomln'
Though he's oft been mistreated.
You'll hear him snort In every sport,
And when he's really loose.
He comes to bat, and you'll know that
His last name is Excuse.
The fellow who wrote "There's a
Reason" knew that If he couldn't think
Just what said reason was, King Alibi
would give him a lift.
And then baseball went and become
the great American game and he
found new grounds on which to gam
bol freel and frequently
Aagels Win Twin Bill, ;
Take Senators' Series '
Angeles won two fast contests from
the Senators here yesterday by counts
of 6 to 2 and 3 to 2. In taking the
twin bill, the locals won the series
5 games to 2. The scores:
First game
R. IT. E.
Sacramento 2 C 1
Los Angeles 6 12 '11
Pertlca and Lnpan; Plttery and;
Cook. 1
Second game I
II., H.
Sacramonto ..s 2" 7 1
Los Angeles 3 S 0,
Trough. Malls and Cady; Aldrldge 1
and Ba3slcr. j
And tho king, bless your heart,
knows no such thing as an error!
They don't have those things in nis
kingdom! , '
Al had his origination in the Great
American Home and was frequently
"crowned" by Mr. Husband.
He admits that managers haven 1
much faith In hlni, but contends, at
the same time, that a common player
who uses him, and then stops out and
rights such use with better playing, is
a valuable player.
And maybe the king is right.
Rainiers Split Even
With Tiger Combine
LOS ANGELES, Juno 14. The Tig
ers and 'Rainiers split oven on 'the
Sundav doubleheader, the vicltors win
ning the first game 7 to 3 and the
Tigers taking the second tilt 5 to 1.
The scores:
I First gamo
R. H. E,
Seattle ,.7 r12 2
i Venoh ...3 .,9 S
; Brentan and Baldwin; Dell, Hotlck.
SholenbacK and DeVormer.
I 'Second game , .
I 1 'R.'H. E.
Seattle I I 1
! Venon , 5 7 1
1 Gardner. Schorr and Baldwin; W.
I Mitchell and DeVormer.
PRINCETON. N. J.. June 14.
Princeton's 173rd baccalaureate Sun
day was observed yesterday. Presl-j
j dent Hlbbon addressed the graduating
class which numbers 250, In Alexan
der hall, dealing with tho present day
'problems of the world. He called the
graduates to a realization of their ob
ligations to maintain the traditions,
and the religion of the past against
the "unrest and demoralization" of the
j The afternoon was given over to the
.dedication of the Poe memorial field,
named In honor of Johnny Poe. a fam
'ous Princeton football player who was
klllod In action during the world war.
ted Slates last season.
I Playing together for tho first time
thoy decisively dofeatod the Austin- ,
Han veterans. With more practice to- J
j gether. such as they will get this sum
mer, they will gain etrenglh.
Johnston's speed And unerring juag
ment and Tilden's dynamic ctyic of !
attack and whlpllne service, makes
an Ideal combination.
Williams Is still regarded by Nor
' man Brookeu as potentially the great
j em of them all. When he 13 on ms
I game this star plays such sonsallonal
j tennis that ho has been called tno
"su per-Wllllams."
I Garland proved himself to bo cioac
I to England's be3t at 'Wimbledon last
! summer.
The outcome In the final tests will
depend a great deal upon the luck of
the drawings.
It will take wonderful tennis to beat I
these American tennis aces.
Tho United States last hold' tho Du
vls trophy in 1913.
Eddie Mulligan Stars, j
Bees Take Boi Games i
SALT LAKE, June 14. The Bees I
took a fast twin bill from the Seals 1
here yesterday, ending the series wlthi
the invaders, the scoros being 5 to 2 1
and 13 to 9. Eddie Mulligan was the
real hero of the day. In the seventh
frame of the second game with tho
sacks loaded and with the Seals one!
counter to the good, Eddie rode one
out of the lot, thus cinching the
doubleheader. Bromley worked on
tho rubber for the Bees in the first
tilt and allowed but five hits. Lever
enz worked In the second melee.
It Is estimated that more than 10,000
fans wero In attendance at the games.
The scores:
First game
R. H. E.
San Francisco 2 6 'J
Salt Lake t 12 3
Lewis, Scott, McQualdc and Yelle;
Bromley and Byler.
Second game -
R. H. E.
San Francisco 9 12 1
Salt Lake 13 12 - 3
Love. Jordan, DeVItalls and Yelle;
Reiger, Lovercnz and Byler.
1 Ul1
i " LONDON, June 13 Tho" United
j States tennis team will meet tho
' French team in play for tho Davis cup
I at Eastbourne, England, July S, 9 and
10. The wlnnor will play the British
team at Scarborough on July 16 and
1 17.
( 00
j PARIS. June 13. The Prix du
I Jockey club, at ono mile and a half,
I was won today by J. Hennessj's Sour-
bler. W. K. Vanderbllfs Battersoa.
with O'Neill up, ran fourth. J. Chllds
I had the mount on Sourbier, which
' came In handily In front by three
) lengthB.
j The pari-mutucls paid 9 and 5 to
on the .winner.
nn . 1
NEWPORT. R. I.. June 13. Tho
America's -cup defender committee
announcod today that the eighth race
in tho elimination series between th
yachts' Vanltle and Resllute would be
sailed on Tuosday. The Resolute went
to Bristol today for a slight overhaul- i
Ing tomorrow.
Hymnody developed In eastern
churches before those of the west.
Vienna possessep a unique orches
tra. All the members of It. from tho
director down to he drummer, arc
doctors of medicine.
Visitors Start Bombardment in ,
Thirteenth That Wins !
Game 101o 6.
YVellsville started a bombardment m
the thirteenth Inning of their game
with Ogden here yesterday and when
tho spasm was over the invading club
was out In front, having chased over
four runs, the final count being 10 to
fi. From tho ninth frame until tho
thirteenth, the score was tied at, 6 all.
The feature of the game, was tho
hitting of Miller. He collected a homer,
a double and two singles in five trlp3
to the platter. The score:
R. H. E.
Ogden 6 12 3
Wellsvllle 10 14 2
Batteries: Shipley and Miller; Jen
sen and P-opperton.
SYRACUSE. N. Y. June 14. Jules
Jusserand. ambassador from France,
and Major General Clarence R. Ed
wards, U. S. A . joined with Syracuse
university Sunday in honoring tho
memory of her sons who died In the
world war. j
"We all know America, we of
France," the ambassador said "We
have gone deep enough to find ou
out. Only a great nation could do as
you have done. There is established
a. friendship that nothing can break."
General Edwards said a vital need
today "is a system that will train our
boys to be citizens, that will establish
their health and fit them for the battle
!of life, that will turn them out fit to
marry at 20.
I "And if you thluk that wars are
I ended, put two nine months old babies
together on tho rug and drop a toy
i between them and sec what happens."
I nn
! EAST HAMPTON. N. Y., June 14. '
1 A pick and shovel brigade of private
detectives today will begin a systema
tic search of the 100 acre estate of
Enrico Caruso hero In a final effort
to discover the hiding place of half a
million dollars worth of Jewels that
were stolen from the tenor's home
several day6 ago. The detectives are
confident that the mlslng Jewels are
.secreted within tho estate.
The guards were doubled tonight
as a result of threats made against
members of the family.
i'ORK, Pa. Center Square was in
possession of an immonse swarm of
bees recently. For more than an nour
the air was full of tiny insocts, which
, invaded stores, offices and trolley
uar3. Even the traffic cops beat a rc
t treat before them. Numerous porsons
; were stun? bofore somebody discov
ered and, hived the queotl, after which
' the bees were quickly collected in a
, convenient box.
4 H
'Football Is a progressive sport like i Jt
any other, thinks Coach John W.
Wilce of Ohio state. Wllce will teach
a class In football at Columbia unrver- t J
elty this summor. Ho says: I
"We are gradually working into a
specialized coaching system. The old '
one-man coaching system Is going vy
the boards and Is being roplacod by a
corps of men, each a specialist In his H
particular branch of football science. ('
in some schools like Harvard a dozgn lj
men aro omployed. The Chicago game u
is tho outstanding point of Ohio State's B IH
1920 achedule. Wo havo been trying R
to get that game for years. Coacn 1
Btagg has Instilled such a fine sports- ml
manshlp Into Chicago students that it IH
will alwayu an attractlvo game. lllH
The latent "fall" in the wrirtlln Hl
world 13 that Earl Ccddock has tne IH
golfing bug. Ho bollavcs It wilt giie
him tno rest he thinks he needs. Earl
"I'm going back wejt this coming
nprlng, and after a good rest I'm gv- IH
In? to take up golf. I'm plain fagged IH
out, worn to a frazzle with what I've
been through In tho war and the work
alnce my return. Steoher didn't help
me any. So when a man's worn down
he uhould shift his entire system to H
something els for a while, I want
uomethlng that's both a diversion and
an exercise, That's golf, I've been ,
talking to Bonny Leonard, Maybe
thero'o where I got tho bug," i
Here's an unusual theory ooneem
ins the cause of Grover Alexander's
effectiveness this year with tho Cuba,
It 3 advanced by Umpire Charley Rig
ler, He sayR;
"Alex looks better than la 1913, and
that'e (laying . plenty, He has more jH
spqed, his curves are breaking better IH
and his physical condition Is good, But
Alex'o control is not so good. aB uaeq IH
to be, Instead of being a handicap
to him It makes him really more effec-i
live, I know this soundq funny, ou
In the p&st his control was too gooa.
Now he cuts loose u, few wild pitches
and the batters do not know what to
expect, Alex, in my opinion, should
have the best year of his life."
nn IH
I PITTSBURG Peter Felcone, a IH
; keeper in Highland park zoo, narrow- '
, ly escaped death when he was at- jH
i tacked by a bull buffalo. Felcono at- jH
I tempted to pet a buffalo calf and the IH
! bull, protecting his mate, made a wild
dash for the keeper. The bull gouged
Felcone against an iron fonce.
J PARIS. Mile. Alice Rnsvau. the I
'leading contralto at the opera comlque 1
has rebelled because she was not the I
(head liner on the poster for a perform- j
jance of "Carmen" and refuses to ap- I
tpear on the samo bill with M. Vanni ,
'Mcscoux, the leading baritone, who
was featured. She threatens to lay I
jher grievances before the minister oC j
fine arts.
MEMPHIS In his own town Pal
1 Moore is more or less of a municipal
I Institution. Business men say that
1 the bantam has done more to adver
Vise Memphis than any other citizen. j
: Keep Your Blood Pure H
! if You Expect Good Health H
Rich, Red Blood Is Escontial to Your
Well Being
You cannot overestimate the impor
tance of. keeping the blood freo of Im
purities. When you realize that the
heart is constantly pumping this vital
Ruid to all parts of the body, you can
readily ace that any impurity in tho
blood will cause serious complications.
Any slight disorder or impurities Is
a source of danger, as every vital or
gan of tho body depends upon the
blood supply to properly perform its
i functions.
Many painful and dangerous diseases
are the direct result of a bad condition
of the blood. Among the most serious
are Rheumatism, with its torturing
pain; Eczema, Totter, Erysipelas and ;
other disfiguring skin diseases; gen-
eral debility, which makes (he strong-
est men helpless, and. many other dis
eases are the direct result of impure
You can iu a large measure avoid
liability to disease, by t!c use of S.S S ,
the wonderful blood remedy that has
been in constant use for more than
fifty years. S. S. S. cleanses the '
blood thoroughly. It is sold by drug
gists everywhere.
For valuable literature and medical
: advice absolutely free, write today to i
Chief Medical Adviser, G07 Swift Lab- 1
I oratory, Atlanta, Ga. Advertisement.
DOINGS OF THE DUFFS Olivia Has Her Photo Taken For the Contest. ' Allman
' A WTliNevMSPAP2 'WM, '"' HAUG RIGHT OH To -THIS VeS.rveorhK?ca-n4MJ h ; 7i? A 5TAP. JUTHC LATEST . H
SAY, POP Alkali Ike Believes in More U-to-date Methods: . t , .- ., - By C. M. Payne
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y one 4ai o-fjus J Voo'll -Have. To Jit ff3s CAtv tIIwe kInuV X
j ''' 'y I

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