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Operations in Mining Stocks
Fairly Active With Ma
jority Steady
The tmdlng this mornlnk in mining
ninrk on the Snlt lvke 'took & Mln
Ing Ejfh.mge wsn fnlr) ,-ictlve. with!
price in the majorlt ot lha stocks!
about slrnrt. I'hitus which was 'h"(
feature of thr mnrket nnd Tlntlc
Standard were nbout the only two j
stocks to show any Hironpth whntso-
ever, the former opening V 32 cents,
and selling as high an 37 cents H
losed strong with If. cent bid and 3.
rrnts nsked, while 'h, lifter was very,
active. 4.400 shares changing hands as
high as S3. 00.
American Con. Copper sold at 2
omits, Big Hill nrough. I cents. Kareku
Uly was steady at cents Columbus
Rexall sold as low as 44 cents. Mfchi"
H pan-T'tah wa motive at 8V4 cents. ;
H Kureka Bullion chanced hands at lft
H ctwnts. Prince Con brought 31 anil
LH 31 cents. Sells sold as Ion as cants,
H Silver King Ton honirM and
H Zuma changed hands al 1 7 cents.
( losing Balca.
LH xmerlcan Con. Copper. 4,000 at 2c.
'LtefefefM pi Mill. S.fOO nr 4r.
VH F.ureka I.tlv- 11.000 Si Bp.
Columbus P.Tx.ill. 200 ..! Mc; soo
Cardiff. 3"0 at 1.8(
aH Michigan-Utah. 4.000 at 3 4
New Quinev, i.ooo nt :,lx- : """ at
VH Plutus Ton at 32c. 200 t 33-
B Prince Con.. 100 at 31 4c; 1.300 at
H Sells 1.000 at 5c; 20.000 Si
LH S1lvr Kins ''on 700 at H.45.
. Slotiv .Mines. 1.000 nt 3U S 000 at I
H Stiver Shield, 100 al ISC
LH North Standard. 1,000 at 4l-
Tlntlc Standard. 100 al IS.f 1.100
Zuma, 300 nt 17c
rintnj; Sn!'-.
H l.ehl Tintlc. Sfni at 0r
LH F.ureka Bullion. 2.00 m V?c
B Phitus. 100 at ItftC 10ft it 34c; 200
LH at lc: 300 at 7c.
f TinMc standard. ioo at 2. 07ft; 100
H at $3
(Quotations furnished over piirate
wire ! r II .zlc Co.,
EccJea Building i
Alta Con f ot $ -6ft
l Albion
H American Con "1ft .03
l Alta Tunnel ,01ft
:, Copper ... "' i
H Big HIU "6 04ft
LH Big 'ott on wood ... 1
H Bullion 03 .04
H Black Metals
Colum bus Rexs
H rown Point "3
H Colorado i'oii
Cardiff 1.10
H Kast Crown Point ... 01 "-'
H Kast Tin Coal OlVl -01 I'
HJ Eaat Tin.' Con
H Eureka Mines 04
H Kureka Uly
H Kureka Mullion ,08ft .01
1 Km ma silver 06V4 rOI
wavu .Mines .2 -
tioln i.' ha in 08 10 ,
;i a nd Cantral S! -47
Howell oi .nt;
Iron Hlossom 2 7 .32
Hon King 22 .26
.uiripe Mining 1.80 I 3 7
I Kennebec 10 20
Keystone 75 .80
Leonora o .02
leht Tlntlc o-, Of ft
1 May Hay 02 -02ft
Miller Hill ... 02
Mammoth 3" . 60
Mtchigan-rtah 02 01ft
North Stan. 08
New Qulncj 06 4 . 06V4
Ohio Copper
pohonjco t'"!'5 .004
Nail Driver 68 1 00
Plutus . 3 ti 37
Prince Con 31 3 2
Provd 0 4 04 V4
Palonm ... .01
Rico Argentine 01 .03
A Rico Wellington . . 11
T Sells 0o4 .06
Sller Kins "oal n 1 32 1 45
i Silver Kiiik -'n 1.40 I . I .".
jj Sioux Con 03ft .042
South Ifecjlu 92 1 . 00
J Soutb Standard 12
ISllxer Shield .". . .82 334
Tar Bgby 03ft .04
Tlntlc Central 01ft .02
T.ntic Siar.d.iifl . . . 2 : 7 3 . On
Utah Cons 01 .01ft
1'ncle Sam 004 ...
I nlon Chlaf b .08
West Toledo 04ft .10
Walker 3 3 . 10
Wood lawn .10
Yankee 02'i .03
Zuma 15 .14
Kmplre Copper 30 .10
uMAHA. Jul 1. Cattle - Ilecelpts.
3. 500; beeT anil buti hers, steady to
strong, best ycarltncs. $18.26. heavy
Steers. $15. S5, en!. weak. StOCkSri
und feeders, steady.
Hogs Rccslpta, I I uneven. 13
to 36c lower, good nnd choice btltcbsr
grades at greatest dSCllnp; top, $15.65,
bulk. $14.00 16.00.
8heep Kecelpts. 4.000. killing
classes. 50c to 1 UO lower; best early
sales of native lambs, 314.00; best
o ws, $6.25. fcedeis. Staad)
( Hit , Kl I 8TOt K
CHK LQ43. July I.- 1 attla Re
ceipts, 10.000. beef steers, strong,
early top, $16.30. bulk. $13.000 14.00.
butther and feeder stock, stronger
canners and bulls, slow; calves, un
evenly lowei.
Hour Heceipis. 33.000; mostlv
to 40c lower, than .esterday's aver
age, early top. $ 1 6 25. bulk Ugbt,
$15 76-8 16.10. hulk. 210 pounds and
over. $14.000 15.60. pigs, 26 10 50c
Sheep Receipts, 23.000, very slow,
top native lambs. $15.00. prime wet
ern lambs held higher. he p. steadi
to lower, bulk. 1 6.60 6.08,
mh . 1 M VRkrr
f'HlCAGO. .luly 1. Opening corn
prices, which varied from unchanged
figures to 2ft lower, with September
1 Sft to 1 6? and Pecember 1 4 1..
1 J4ft. wsre follow1 by declines ail
Aftei opening unchanged to 1
lower. Including September at 86 to
$6. the market continued to sag
Provisions were easier.
I I "I
. ... sjsaa 1 1
sv .7 , . . . jf apt . te
.' '
'. j . ySS
WASHINGTON. TTicse are the first photographs for which President Wilson has
posed since his illness. 1 hey verc taken at Wilson's desk in the White House by George
W. Harris of Harris & Eving, who spent almost r.n hour with the president while he was
tran;;d inn his iegu!ar morning business. Th5 camera remained set up in the room and
Wilson ciid not know jusl when the pictures were being snapped. "The president looks
fine," gaid Harr.s. "Much better than I had expected." llie only other pictures of trv;
president since Irs illness were snapshots taken when he was motcring.
( Last Sale. )
AJUa-Chaimtri . . . . . 37 's
American Beat Sugar Sl
AnifricMii i nn 40,i
Ainaricau l'.h Sundry LIS
Amar. HWt & Lea. ber, pfd., bid. s: Vi
Amarlcaa mterhatloual Corp. .. s
Aii. ei lean .melt. llcflning... 59i
American Sugar, bid 122
American Suioatni Tobacco.... ST'.i
American 'i T. t-. ' i
American Woolen I -V
Anaconda Coppyr
AU hton I T'J ;
All. Gull Jt W. luuivs if 4
Uatldirin Locontotlve lis-
Battimora i- .iiio 30
BethleAem 8iec. "li" on
aii.idiun PaCltiC ....1124
Central Leather 65'.
i handler tfOtore jm
Cheaapeaka a: hio 6T
IJtaicagOi Mil. and .--t Paul, bid . 81
Chicago, H. . Ac Pac 3"e
"hlno Copper 29
Colorado r'uel A: lrcn 32
Lwrn Pirodui . . .. 95
Crucible Steel . . .'. 154
v'uba fane Suit.ii 83
Erie '. . I 1 '
' Goneral Klcctrlc 141
.tiener.il Mmois 2 4 :
: Ooodricli Co 61 'a
Ureal Northern pfd TO'-j
, Ureal Nor", hern 0ra Ctfs r, T.
i Ultnolfl ' lantml, bid si
llnaplratlpn Copper t''1!
Int. Aler. Marino pfd 90
International Paper "'s
Kannaoou Copper 25
llouisvlllc &. N'aiibVllle, bid 98
IHaJtweli Aiotuis, bid 20
Mexican Petroleum 184
i II laml t'oppcr
! Middle States cnl f86
Mid vali Steel 41Vg
Mlssoui I Pacific 2 4'.
'New Yurk Ccntrul, Ex-Ilv ,6'iVi
1 N. y. N. M. ii nd Hartford 28
! Norfolk L Weetern 89
: Northern Pacific ll.2
! Oklahoma Prod &. ilcf 4 4
Tan Anu-iican reirok-uin 103 Vic
I Pannayl Vanla 33
l eople's Gas. bid 35
IPlttabUrg and Wcat Va. 287
Kay Consolidated Copper 16s
i Ueiiding 84Ts
Kep. Iron A Stoel 21-.
Royal Data h. N Y 1J3
Shell Tran S Trad , bid 73
Sinclair on. I U 30S
! Southern Pacific
Southern Railway 23S
Standard nil of N. J., pfd 104 Vfc
8tudetaker Corporation T 1
I Tennessee Copper 10
' TrXit CP i 40",
.Texas t T'actflc i0
Tobacco Products 69
LTranscontlnental OH 16
l"nlon Pacific US'
IV. S. Pood Products
P. S. Retail .Stores
I S Ind Alcohol 93
Cntted Stntea Rubber 95
Cntted States Steel J3
I'tah Copper fi6l4
Wstlnghouse EiCvtrlc ........ 43li
Willy's Overland 19
American Zlnr. Lead and 8m.... lS'-s
, Buttx and Superior T Va
Cats. Petroleum 31'
' Montana Power, bid 60
iShauuck Artaona, bid t
mi i vj. M ill I 1
NEW YORK. J'jlv I. Copper, dull,
electrolytic, spot and third quarter. I
! Iron, firm and unchanged
Tin spot. firm. 49.50. Julv 4$. 60;
I Augvuit. 4x 1
Antimony, 750.
1 Lead. firm, spot and Julv offered
at 810.
Zinc, dull. East St. Louis spot. fSO
U M l -Till I 1
NEW YRK. Jills 1 -Prospects of
another flurry in cll money were r
Inectad'ln the uncn trend of prleee
I at the outset of today's stock market
sslon Cru-iM Ste-I s InltUl ad
vance of two points wns almt Im
mediately followed by forfeiture of
half its rise.
Thr market Improved on ver, !ih'
dealing! 1urtn the mornlr.g. slthoucb
call loans opened at 10 per cent, the
highest Initial rate in several weeks.
Interejst In tbc market lagged per
ceptibly during titr fnid-aeaslon, when
cvail money advanced to 12 per cent.
WASHINGTON, July 1 The bid f
1800, 000 for tho former German liner
Ie Kalb, m;.de by the American hlp
and commerce corporation, was ac
'ceptcd today by the shipping board
TIip offer of $3. 000,00 for the rrcat
I liheT Leviathan, made by llie L'nited
State MimI Steamship cumiiuny. still
i under ooi Ideratloii-
-t t. i: M IRK i i
NEW yORK, Jn'y I. Raw eugar,
str.id; ; centrifugal, 1V31: refined,
Steady; fine granulated, 22.00 Q 24.00.
i BAR 11 BR
NEW YORK. July 1 Bar silver,
dome, tic, 09; foreign. 90 U. Mexi
can dollars, 67.
.m hi I ms
CHICAGO, July l. close: Corn
Sept, $i 6811 ; Dec. $1.567.
Mts Sept . 85c; Dec, 834c.
1 Pork July. 8325; Sept.. 834.70.
; Lard July, $20.30; Sept.. $21.26.
Ribs July. $17.85: Sept.. $18.92.
LONDON, July 1. -Bar silver, holl-
Money. 64 per cent. Discount
ratea, short bIHa, 1 per cent. Throe
month bill::, f, ll-lfi per cent.
SAN PRANCiadO, Jnl 1
William J. Bryan's prohibition
flank, aroupil which today's fight
in the platform committee Is cen
tering, reads a1 follow
W'e heartily conKratulntc the
j Dr-mocrattc party on Its xplendid
Urtderehip In the submission and
ratification of the prohibition
amendment to the federal consti
tution and we pledge the parly to
'he effective enforcement of the
Volataad law. honestlv an1 In good
faith, without any increase In the
ulcoholtc content of permitted
b( rages nnd without any weak-
. enlng of any other of its provis
ions." j
HCNT1NGTON, N. Y . July 1.
Maintaining his sphinx-like si
lence. William C, McAdoo at hi I
country" home here today declined
I to be persuaded by newspaper
I men to make any comment on the
activities of the Democratic con- j
ventlon at San Kranclsco where
his name has been placed in
nomination for the presidency.
New York state has supplied more
than one-third of all vice presidents
of the l'nited States
Cooks. Walters and Waitresses Lo-
(cal 661. All members, old and new.'
are rnvv requested to attend a
'.special meetlns at the FUjrles' hall on
Friday evening. Julv 2. t t) p. ni.
C. J' 'UN So.V. S
LLl $m'&; sLB
WINNIPBO, Man.. July 1. Air
planes, used for adve'-: Ninic purposes
! will feature the election campaign of
the inembtrs of ihe Manitoba govern-
I ment. who will seek re-election under
I ili- leadership of Premier Norrla this
susnmer. This Unique method Of con
ducting electioneering Is new and Is
retained by otfielali 6f the Norrla ko -1
irnmen; 10 be the firs! attempt to use
It in the world, IMvv rd Brown, pro
vincial treasurer in the present cabinet,
recently took a flight over Winnipeg
and expressed himself us highly ae
, lighted with the possibllltlee of air
planes in the campaign.
Two machines are already engaged
In the enterprise. They will touch at
least one town 111 every' constituency.
Campaign literature will be dropped
from the airplane as It 1 ircles over the
town. After l.mdinp. the government I
supporter In the machine will uddress
the crowd that gillvrs to meet It.!
Supporters of Premier Norrla are en-
tr.uslastlc over the scheme
The mnehlnes at present engaged
display nn apiml iikIhk' voters to sup
I port the present government.
H K N LB Y ON THAMES. England.'
July 1. (By The Associated Press.)
The L'nlon Boat club of Boston was
difi-ateil ly .lesu" 1 olle-e. i" . m urldKe.
ill the second heat for the grand ihal-j
huge cup In the Henley rejratta rowed'
here today.
Wlllluin Chandler of the L'nlon .Boa!
club of llostoo. a defeated by T. M.I
Nussy of King's college, Cambridge. 1
t-t tnelr preliminary heat of the lla
moml sculls.
WIMBLEDON. Julv . 1 By The,
Associated Press. )f-C ha rles S. liar
land nnd It. Norrta Williams defeated
the qther American pan. U'llllam M.I
Johnston and William T. Tilden In the
scml-flnals of the men's doubles In
the British lawn tennis championship '
tournament here today. Their vie-
tory was achieved In five seta
PITTSBURG Th. . it eofjnefl i
crmlnp In lor severe criticism because
of its failure 10 provide for th- up
keep of the Stephen C. Foster Me
DBOrtai homesteail li re
It is felt that more respect should
be ehown the memory of the man who
wrote "Way Down on ibe Suane?
IHver.'" "f)ld Black Joe" and other fa
vorlte melodies.
Children have torn down fences,
shattered windows, trampled flowers
and. In general, have ruined the his-j
torlc old place
00 '
LONIxjN. Th !-idi' tiuild of.
Bell Ringers ennnot decide whether'
thev should wear their hats while I
"chiming." St. Paul said women should
remain covered in church, but that ,
fails to convince the hatless ringer?, j
5. joo egg i n 111 1 -
vl IMI ItMIM.Chi Ullo
N. E A. 8t' Corrnpononi
PARIS. All race betting records
were smashed In the last few months'
French sesson. which shows that the
average receipt by the pari-mutuels
on the Paris courses amounted to 18,
;!. "ft 1. while the figure for the da;,
of the Grand Prls. June 17. w ea
rscied to reach the 86.000.eoe mark
$8,000,000 I
Utah-Idaho Sugar Company I
First Mortgage Serial 7r, Gold Bonds
Dated July 1, 1920. Maturing serially July 1, 1921 to 1930, inclusive Qf
Denominations $500 and $1000 Coupon Bonds Registerable as to Principal j
We offer these bonds, subject to prior sale, at prices to yield j
approximately I
7.75 per cent Rj
Maturities and Prices J
$500,000 due July 1, 192199 1-4 $500,000 due July 1, 1926 9G 1-2 J
$500,000 due July 1, 1922 98 5-8 $500,000 due July 1, 1927 96 :
$500,000 due July 1, 192398 $500,000 due July 1. 192895 5-8 J j
$500,000 due July 1. 192497 1-2 $500,000 due July 1. 192995 1-4 E
$500:000 due July 1, 192597 $3,500,000 due July 1, 1930 94 7-8 Lf
(Accrued Interest to be added ) Iff
Because of the wide margin of security behind this issue, equivalent to morft if
than $4000 for each $1000 bond, and the high earning capacity of the company,
amounting to more than five and one-half times the maximum interest require- II
ments On this issue, and because of their high income return, we recommend Ii
these bonds as an exceptional investment opportunity.
We anticipate an early sale of the entire issue and we suggest that you wire Ii
or telephone your order at our expense. H I
Palmer Bond & Mortgage Co. m
Suite 412 Walker Bank EHg Salt Lake City. Utah. Phone Wasatch 5888 or 5889 Mj
Our Trading Department trades actively in Ul ih Idaho and other sugar-stocks. We will buy, Wf(
sell or quote, and execute orders in any market. H S
d0& ;
K8SW Tnr.K Reports that Mr
MnOelme 1 on Aor Md r"J laflaadV
n reldenre at Beoo, Nv.. with the;
int'-ntUm of ulna for 1.rir, e. are o-
nled b- both lire Dick nw her hus
band. WlllUm K. Dick, who sro now
st their Long lelsnd hotrve Shown
here are Mr. and Mrs. Pick nd Mr.
Dk s'l r.n bj her first marrlase. John)
Jaob Astor 111.
IU8AIXG CtHXJ) I ' l l
(By International New Service.)
BPAHTA. 111. Mr. and Mrs. Moore
BjlMad W Ma Moore, their tto-er-l
t.J son. A noise came from a nrrb
cistern. Investigating the uw Mnyi
It hsuled little Wylle to ihe surface. I
almost drowned First sld- treat J
mnt revnd the lad. although for a'
time It looked as If the Infant wouldi
nni recover lie had been playing on I
ifeM lot ot the cistern, when one of thai
hoard (a . a waj and he fell In.
Mrs. Hill Says Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound Removed
The Cause.
Knrrr :'!.-, Tenn. "My hark hurt ma
all the time, 1 was all run down, OOUld
rnnrnnnnninninTiii inot eat an my head
IJJJjUllM bothered me, all
' lypHUU J caused by femalo
,:j(PPPB trouble. I was
Pill3 and used Lydia L. Pinkham'a
Sanative Wash ana now I am well, can
eat heartily and work. 1 give you my
thanks for your great medicines. You
may publifh my letter and I will tell
everyone what your medicines diJ for
me. Mr. PearlHill, -U8 Jacksbora
St., Knoxville, Tennessee.
Hundreds of such letters expressing
gratitude for the good Lydia E. Pink
ham'a Vegetable Compound has accom
plished are constantly being received,
proving the reliability of this grand old
If you are ill do not drag alnnp and
continue to suffer day in and da out but
at once take Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, a woman'a
remedy for woman's ilia.
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
"Ilarer Tsbleta of Aspirin" Is genu
Ine Aspirin proed sfe by millions sns
prescribe! by ph!clans for over JO
years. Accept only an unbroken Bay
er psckase" whlcb contains proper dl
reel ions to relieve Headache, Tooth
sche. Earache Neuralgia. Rheumatism,
Colds and Pain. Handy tin bexe tt
II tablets cost few cents. Drufgists
slso sell larger "Barer packages." As
atria Is trade mark Bsyer Manufacture
Monoaceticacldester of Sallcyllcacid.
vraiL.X. laOI I..;... llritfUl ' - A
U-eM I' ..'..
W Vf T.L. . - eike Bar jmmr
I 7t "r ee.- f riri-crrr. Tra-s
It j i Vo a nt hp pills, it sa
r soid sv vrn'orjisis ff ? Wt
flscevsr) In aaplli 1
ton-, w.ll ponm.ely stunt
1 tVakSn hlr proin; fv
on-rante :rompartle ti h if
bottle rtemove h.iir prr v
itasl jK
Diln or d icomfort City to p
its action Don't healtats to 4bbbbw
ne It. On : lis t It) prt.int aV
I'rug ftores .ind h-? j ff
la Ms n -v. i th' factor, i
Salt Lake City. Utah. bbbbbbbb.bV
Washing Won't Rid i
Head of Dandruff
1 I
The only sure wsy to cet rid of dan- bbbbbbvbI
druff Is to dissolve it. then you ! - BaaaBni
stroy It entirely. To do this, get about
four ounces of ordinary liquid anon; H
apply It at nlsht wlir-n retlrlnK. uso
enough to molaton 'he pciIp nnd rub I J
I' in Bjantly tattb the finger tip. BBBaKaai
Do this tonight, and by mornlnc. Hl
most if not all, of your dandruff will bbbbbE
be gone, and three or four more appll- bbbbbbbH
cationi will cotoplatel dlaaolvi .n-i i ij
entlrelj deatroj arcirj Blngla Men nn-i if
ce mattei I mucJ) dati- i Kr
druff j ii hi
You will find. too. that nil itching
ami digging of ihe scalp will slop ai H
once, and your hair will he fluff, lus
trous. glossy, silky and soft nd look
and feel a hundred time better.
You can sr" Mquld anon at any ffl
... and di ' 11!
I , W '
riir.njfflc.'i, 8 'pleaancsa, IJ
fi. pressed 'fee' loss of j if
apj e)!', digatthrU tr'.-jbs, f If
brain f sg, or alow recovery i Hi
from influenza snd kindred J
I ments. A t' ni-, alteraiivo
ard diun tic f Of '.'Xri and
nerve disorders. i
How Thin Folks H
Can Put On Flesh H
Tf fOl s'e weak, thin and emaria- B
ed and ran t put on flesh or get strong. P
n-i maiier how much you eat, go to LV Pt
Nfclntre Irmc 'o and get rnnuc:i H
Blood-Iron I'hoaphatn for a thre E
weeks' treatment and take It as direct- LsaaaaaaaK
ed If st the end of three weeks you LaaaaaaaaH
don't feel stronger, and belter than Lf
you nave for months. If your eyes BaaaaaaaaV1
aren t brighter, and your nerves stead- Pn
ier. if "U d".i t irep b'-". r, and 111
run, cr and rltaJltJ aren mOft Ii
. than doubled, or 'f you haven't put oa HB
sereral pound of good stay (her B
fleth. you csn have jour money hack K
for tb ssking and Blood Iron Phoa- m
phate VtH co vou nothing.
Important Blood Iron Phosphate is f
sold only m originsl pseksges, con. 1
ti ning enough for thrft HnMfeW trss. I
mint, at 1.50 per package only 80c aaaaaaaaaaH
a wssk.

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