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I v. l Pet
1 Cincinnati 39 29 .574
Brooklvn 41 31 &9
1 St. Louis 3S 35 .621
Pittsburg 3.". 33 .515
hi.- p. i 3" 35 .507
Boston 29 33 .468
i New York 33 89 458
Philadelphia 27 13 386
v ceterdaj Results
At Cincinnati Boston-Cincinnati
gAme postponed, rain
At Chicago New York 6, Chicago
' At St. Louis Brooklyn 14, St.
Louis 2.
At ritlsl.urK Philadelphia 0. Pitts-
I urg I-
I 'da i 'u S Ih-iIiiIc.
Philadelphia at Pittsburg.
Boston at C incinnati.
New Vork at Chicago
, Brooklyn at St. Louis.
Brooklyn Wins From St. Louis
and Pittsburg Defeats
'fie-' Philadelphia
WW i 'HICAGO. July 8 Toney was hat-
W i tod freely and Chicago defeated New
V ork eight to five in the first gum
of the ser!o? Twombly's home run
in the sixth inning which sent two
A runners in ahead of him clinched the
m game for the locals Score
R H E.
I Sew STork ...... S d
- UT: Chicago H fl
H Batteries Toney. Winters and Sny-
tiH der; Tyler and Klllcfer
iH ST. LOUIS, July 8. Brooklyn hit i
four St. Louis pitchers hnrd and aid
" lH ed by the locals' ragged fielding
ily won the first game of the series
B 14 to 2. St Louis was helpless before
fjl Grimes. Score: R. H B.
Brooklyn ...
H St. Louis 6
H Batteries Grimes and Miller Tay
lor. Halne. North, Klme, Bchultx and
Dllhoefcr. Clemons
PITTSBURGH, July 9. Pittsburg
defeated Philadelphia 1 ;o ft Adam
and Meadows onsa-' 1 in a pitchers'
battle, the only run of the cam" being
scored In the eighth inning on hits bv
I Adams and Carey. Fletcher's error and
a sacrifice fly by M. Kcchnie Score
1 Philadelphia 0 1 1
Pittsburgh .17 1
a; Batteries Meadows and Wheat;
W Adams and Schmidt.
(Princeton Man Wins
Dash in Londoii Meet
LONDON, July S i By The Associ
ated Pressi R. E Brow n, of Prince
ton, won th 100-vard dash In the
Princcton-cxfor.l track meet this ar
ternoon. B. G. D. Rudd. of Oxford, the
South African runner, was second; R
D. Clark, of Princeton, was third, and
"Wood, of Oxford) was fourth
Three-mile run Montague, Oxford,
15 minutes, 16 seconds
Halfmlle run Rudd, Oxford. 1 min
ute. 59 4-5 seconds.
I oo
) Western Rowing Club
Bit Wins St. Louis Event
I " CHICAGO. July 8 The Western
H ' Rowing club of St IjOuIs won the Jun-
lor barge event three-quartcr-mllo
ErjHji distance in the western amateur row-
IBl lng association regatta today. High
NBHj wind temporarily halted the other
events on the program
SKf Central Rowing club of St Louis
was second. St Louis Rowing club,
UBSr third, and the Baden Rowing club of
mjOmW Bt Louis, fourth Time. 4 17
if j Roosevelt Will Keep
pi Post For the Present
1 1 '
jBHi STOCKTON, Calr, July 7. Franklin
5wJXKb D. Roosevelt, assistant secretary of tho
MSl navy and Democratic nominee for vice
KBjTjSBS president said today he would not r-'-
ip.n his -office as assistant secretary
of th- navy for several weeks yet. it
had been reported that he planned o
resign immediately.
i l Wire Tr apshoot Waits
I On Return of Becker
-t2s5jB l 1 Th trap shoot scheduled between i
m the Detroit Rotary club and the g-
j den Rotary club for this week hoc
j been postponed until 'Gus" Beckei
HflJl I returns to Kden from the cast, ac
cording to President George Glen Of
the local club
j When staged tne match will be hMd
MHI by wire and will see four crack men
on both aggregations. Tho Judges and
other officials for the shoot will be'
named this week
H H ' nn
BUCHAREST, July 7. Queen Mao
served notice on all Kumanlan mer
chants today that she was not a war
profiteer and would refuse to pay the
prevailing prices for food and clothing.
The queen made known her attitude
when she returned to a local estab
lishment an afternoon dress which she
had selected and for which they de
manded the equivalent of about $60.
?Vj Writing the store proprietor a pro-
nSf g - lc9t In her own hand, she declared
she was not one of those whom the
HI II ar had enriched and she desired all
I I Rumanian shopkeepers to know that
he would refuse to pay the present
extravagant prices. The shopkeeper
j I 'hen offered to cut the price In half
but the queen declined to accept the
j di 'ess at any price.
W. L. Pet.
I Cleveland 47 2fi i53
New York 49 27 .645
Chicago 45 28 .t18
i Washington 36 81 587i
! Boston 34 36 .486
St Louis 36 38 ,475i I
, Detroit 23 47 329
Philadelphia 20 57 260
Yesterday's Results.
At Washington Cleveland 4, Wash-I
ingt on 2.
At Philadelphia Chiago S, Phila
delphia 5.
At New York Detroit 4. .New',
! York 3
At Boston St. Iouis 4 Boston 0 I
Today's Schedule,
Cleveland at Washington.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
Detroit at New York.
St. Louis nt Boston
Goes Into Lead in American
League Race By Defeating
WASHINGTON, Jub 9. Cleveland
won both games of a double-header
from Washington today, 4 to 2 and 9
to 6 and again went into the lead in
the American league race. Speaker
hit safciv seven consecutive times at
hat, getting five hits In five times up
in the second game.
Score first guiiiei: K. H E
I Clev eland 4 10 0
Uaehingtyn 2 5 1
Batteries: Morton and O'Neill.
Sha u and Qharrltj
Soor (second garnet: II. H E
Cleveland 9 17 1
ashlngtbn . 6 13 l
Batteries: Neih'aus L"hi and
o'Neiii: Snyder, Brlckson, Schacht
aid Oharrity.
NEW YiKK, July - g. Detroit won
I he opening game from Ntiw York, 4
t 3 Goi'ix into the ninth inning the
Yankees were leading ; to l, but er-
iiprs i.. I ' u s ; , r and Hannah. utipled
with nils by Heilman and Cobb gav
the Tigers three runs Ayerj and Col
lins pit bed tine ball, the former re
tiring for .i pincb hitter in the eighth.
Si o:- R. H. E.
Detroit 4 6 2
New York ... ...3 3 2
Batteries: Aye'rs, Okrie, Ehmke
and Ainsmlth, Stanage; Collins and
BOSTON. July '.'.Shocker- piuhed
effeetiveK with lui 1 1 i -. n t ennnnn c ,l
m .
Si. Louis defeated Boston 4 to 0
Smith doubled three times and Shock -
i doubled once and singled twice
Gedeon lieided well.
8core: r h e.
St. Louis 4 12 1
Boston o 7 y
Batteries: Shocker and Severeid;
Peiiiiock and Walters.
delphia staged a five-run rail) ;igalnst
CUotte In the ninth, but Chicago's
bombardment of Moore and Hasty in
the fir.ni half of the Inning netted the
visitors an 8 to 5 victor) Nine men
batted on each side In the final inning.
Store: R 11 E.
Chicago s 16 o!
Philadelphia b g 4!
Batteries: Cicotte and Schalk.j
Moor.- HaM and .Iatt
I i
I M t KA .
Althpugb Johnn Wilson shot up
into a champion rather suddenl, Dovo
Bfackay, Newark promoter, does not
think the newcomer is a sap" by any
lnean. He says
I ne 1 n.iw ;i southpaw who was
as effective aa Wilson. Everyone will
have to admit that Lew Tendler Is
supposed to be the last word in left
handers, but. take my word for It, that
as n fighter with portside effective-j
nej-v, Wilson is 50 per cent better than)
I w I saw him boxing his sparring
partners recently and it waa a shame
what he did to them From what I
tan learn about the Wllsoh-O'Dowd
match Mike had all his troubles In
trying tp sole tlie southpaw delivery
of Johnny "
Manager Hill Easlck of the Vernon
Tiger.x said he could have told "Doc"
Btrub that he had no chance of land-!
lng Lefty d'Doul from the Yankees I
before the .seal magnate went -M
Bill says:
"O'Doul would have Joined the Ver
non club if Muggins had decided to
farm him out. 1 have been trying to
put him In a Vernon uniform ever
fdnee he left tho coast Moreover,
don't take Any stock In tho rumor that
Huggins wants me to trade that boy.
He (old me be thinks O'Doul will de
velop Into one of the greatest players
In the game and that It will be with
the Yankees when he comes through "
NEW 'iiiKK. July 8 The Aero
luo of America announced today that
li has selected the following to repie
Sen1 'he ("nlted States in the interna
tional airplane race to b held In
Prance the week of September 27:
Air service, I'nlted States army, air
plane to be piloted bi Major R W
Aero Club of Texas, entry four, by
I S. F. Cox pilol l. be named who
will use Curtlss plane
Dayton Wrighl division of General
Motors, pilot to be named
Tho James Gordon Bennett trophy
awarded for this event now l held
by France.
NEW YORK, July R Conev Island,
New fork's playground, vvas added to
day to the llxt of possible battle
grounds for th. prospective Dempsy
t'arpentler heavyweight championship
boxing match when the managers of
the two puglllsiH met here to discuss
ttrms for a bout
Thanksglvlnrr Ha- was ths date dis
cussed at the conference.
N .L.'. . Staff Correspondent
NEW YORK. July S The Charlie
Chaplin race of the Olympic sched
ule m the 1000 meter walk.
The event usually excites a roar of
merriment from spectators that Is
rather disconcerting to the partici
pant. "In th- recen.i moots at Philadel
1 bla Willie Plant, who appears to be
the greatest American walker, finished
In the event nearly an eighth of a mllo
he.d of his n'-are.st competitor. S0
vear old D. F Reamer of the Ameri
can Walking association
In doing so he broke all Ameri
can records for the event, his time
ueinx :oniei rung uici i miRUCSB
America has always played second
1 fiddle In ihe walking event. George
iouldlng the Canadian, shining In It
Gouldlng, however. l said to be not n
hll best while Plant Is shining bright
er than ever and will probably best
Bridges the one-Armed English ,r"
and heel aitist when it comes t( the
I showdown.
W'llle Plant ; also a star at lonx
dlstance running event, and believes
' h h 1 walking has something on ever
other exercise as far as health Is con -
' cerned.
If every American business map
I who Is too buay to plav gol or tgnni
or do gymnasium vorK, would buy
Time has not passed by Joic f'.av
I the wonderful American distance run-t
ner. He is still the Mercury-footed.!
impetuous boy on the track. He
skipped round the mile In the olym
1 pic trials at Chicago In lit) with a
.r-ard lead on the field Joie has
run more miles than any other ama-
I teur living and holds 'he American
I championship in the mile w ith the
decord time of 4 minutes 12 2-5 sec-!
onds for the mil His strongest com-'
petltor will likely be A. G. Hill, the.
English maratlionei who does the
mile in the same time. Whether t h ;
American ace will run the Briton off.
Ins legs will only be determined at'
Antwerp Hill has an extra sprint at!
the finish
Mike O'Dowd and
His Party in City
Mike 0 Dowd who won hands down
from Gordon McKay in a scrap for
tin middleweight boxing title at Poca
tello laot Monda. In company with
his manager, Paddy Mullen. spent
four hours In jgden yesterday prior
to departing for the east via Salt lake
and Denver.
Mullen stated ihut O'Dowd would
probably meet Johnny Wilson at Poo
atello for th.' title on Labor day If
plans of J Robb Brady mature He
also stated that had not Idaho laws
been in effect at the scrap Monday
his man would have won by a
knockout Thev are scheduled to
ifrh B( Paul during the early part
f the coming week
DAYTON, Ohio. July 9. Howard
Rinehart chief teat pilot for the Dav
ton Wright airplane company was rt
day chosen to represent his company
In the international airplane race to
be held In Prance In September. Rine
hait and Major R W Schroeder, w ho
will CI v or the army air service,
are preparing for their planes here to
leave for Prance early in September
Major Schroeder will use a special
ly designed speed plane, while the ship
to be piloted by Rineh.n t is now being
completed in secret.
LITTLE ROCK. Ark , July y. It
was announced here that Pitcher Carl
son and Outfielder Calvo, recently of
the Washington Americans, will Join
the Little Rock Southern association
club at Xatfhvllle tomorrow. They
1 ome to Little. Rock in part payment
for Outfielder "Blng" Miller and
Catcher Tony Brottem. who will Join
Washington at the close, of the South
ern association season.
SALT LAKE CITY. July ! Albert
Gould, who ranked high among Pa
cific Coast league pitcher last year,
Is on his way to Los Angeles to Join
the Salt Lake club, according to a
telegram tonight from Manager John
son of the locals. Illness prevented
Gould from Joining the club last
j . (-
V v $ . J
Carpenter and Dempsey Not
Likely to Meet Before
Next Year
N'EiV FORK, July 9. Chances of a
championship bout between Georges;
Carpenlier and Jack Dempsey are re
garded as unlikely before next year,
"If ever." Jack Kearne, Dempsey's
manager, declared loduy following a
onferenc" here with Francois Des-
amps, the Frenchman's manager, and
others piornlnent In boxing circles.
Kearns had signified his willinKiie1
at the conference to contract to box
Carpenlier at any time or place agree-
able to the two principals, for" the
highest purse offered but William a.
Hrud,v. representing Charles Pochran,
London light promoter, produced a
contract which Carpentler signed ufter
he had knovked out Joe Beckett. Kug
hsh heavyweight in London lat fall.'
1 his contract gave Cochran an option
until Dim ember 31 next. A clause foi -bids
Carpentler or his manager from
ev n dlscusaiufi Dempsey fight withj
any other promoter
Descamps took refuge behind the
Apparently the onlv avenue openi
for discussion of a match would be
for Kearns and Dempsey to accept
Carpentler'e challenge issued in Paris
last year m which It was specified!
that thr bout would have to be held!
in England or Fiance under Coch
ran management
Kearns, however, refused to consent I
to have Dempaej go to Europe to de-1
fend his title. He would not bind
himself to deal with Cochran alone.
B8 he believed it would preclude all I
chances of obtaining a higher bid'
from Home other promoter.
Carpentler, who came to the L'nited
Slalf: several month.s ago will s.nl
for home next Saturday. He said he!
would return to this country Septem
ber , to box Battling Levlneky on I
October 10.
Charles Jaffp of New York, played a
1 draw game with Frank J Marshall, V
I S. champion. In tlo second round of
ihf Masters' chess tournament here to
dav. The game went 68 moes. It
w'as Marshall's second draw.
George CJ Neidich, of Cornell uni
versity, defeated S. T. Sharp of Phila
; delphla. and Neidich and Stasch Mlot.
IkOWSkl of Los AiikcIcs, adjourned their
I ga mr-s.
LONDON. July 8 The Princeton
university track teams won tho Intel
national meet against Uxford at the
; Queens club this afternoon, capturing
I six firsts In ten events, six second! and
five thirds nr by the American svstem
of reckoning fifty-three p"lnt to Ox
ford's thirty-seven
Play In the opening round of the mas
ters' chess Lou rn am 1 nl started here to
day with six entries David Jnnowiskl
.of Parid. French champion withdrew
Stasch Miotkowskl of Los Angeles, j
drew with Frank j Marahall, United
States champion. In 2S moves, end j
Charles Jaffe of New York, defeated
E B. Jackson of Philadelphia in 42 1
moves. S. T Sharp of Philadelphia,
and G Q Neidloh of Cornell univer-l
slty. adjourned
CHICAGO, Julv 9 Bill Lrennan,
ChlcaKo heavyweight, was called to
New York tonight by his manager,
J.eon Flynn, u sign articles for a
match with lack Dempsey It was
said that only the acceptance of a
club offer Is needed to Close ihe en
gagement. Bronnan fougln Pinipsf
once before In Milwaukee.
G1RAHD, O., July 7 Six hundred
Iron puddlers who wnt on strike July
I at the A. M Byera plant hero are
at work again today
Officials of the Amalgamated Asso-I
elation of Iron Bteel and Tin Worker
said the lompany had .signed an aKre
ment for further negotiations July 30.!
himself a track suit and then tako
a real hik walking at his fastest clip
and exercising all the muscles ol his
bodj as he must do if he attains any
speed we would be a healthier na
1 Ion," says he.
'Most people have not the faintest
Idea of how in walk for exercise and
go out for a walk to merely ' waddle
alone", thereby losing all the benefits
of It. As a lung developer it Is un
equalled because it exercises the lungSt
without unduly straining them, and 0
somewhat unstead heart can be selp-;
ed and strengthened bv moderate
Plant has assured himself of a pla B
on the 1 Hymplc team
no 1
NEWARK Johnny Wilson, middle-1
weight champion, has asked Dave
Mackay. Newark promoter, to get
Mike O'Dowd for him in tho near future.
CHICAGO A delegation of Gary
ateel magnate has offeieil $r,0,0u0 for
a Dempsey-Smlt h match it East i"hl
1 Htn In August Gary plrdges Itself
to buy $30,000 worth of pasteboards
a full-blooded Hopi Indian will
represent the United States in the 10,
000 meter run at Antwerp He is A.
Patasoni. student at Haskell Institute
Before the trials a.t I'hic.igo the In
dian was unheard of. His time for
the long grind was 33 minutes 36 3-5
seconds. His performance stamps him
as one of the country's best runners
He lapped most of his opponents and
finished the long route with the speed
of a sprinter. But the chances of the
American team to place In this event
at Antwerp are rather scant, as the
great Frenchman Guillemot, is work
ing In great form. The Swedes have
a maralhoner. Packman, who holds
the championship in both Sweden and
England for this distance.
Pacific Coast League
W L. Pet.
Salt Lake 64 3R .587 1
Vernon 66 41 577!
Ix)s Angeles 62 41 .659
Kan Francisco 48 4 4 52 2)
Portland 42 43 .494
Seattle 39 62 .429
Oakland 40 66 417
Sacramento 38 54 413
Yesterday's Results.
Rait Lake 6. I.os AnKCies 0.
ernon 6, Portland 3.
Seattle 7. Oakland 2.
Sun Francisco 4. Sacramento 3.
The Scries.
Salt Lake 2, at Los Angeles 1.
, Vernon I at Portland 1
lakland 0, at Seattle 2
Sacramento 1 nt San Kranc.sco 2.
Sailor Stroud Blanks
Los Angeles Stickers
LOB ANGELES, July 9. Sailor
I Ralph Stroud heaved the Bees to a 6
to 0 win over the locals here yester
day In .1 game complete with thrills.
Stroud had everything that goes to
make a pitcher perfect and allowed
the locals but four hits, two being of
the scratch variety. Brown, on the
slab for the local was hit hard A
home run and a triple by Bill Kuni
ler were the hitting features
I Score R H. E.
Salt Lake 6 11 2
Los Angeles . 0 4 4
Batteries Stroud and Byler; Brown
land Bassler
Tigers Defeat Macks
6 to 3 in Fast Tilt
PORTLAND. July 9. Vernon over-'
came an early lead of the Beavers
here yesterday and won the third
game of the series 6 to 3. Houck out
pltched Brooks all the wav The
score: R. H E
Vernon 13 1
Portland v . . 3 8 2
Batteries: Houck and DeVornier,
Brooks und Tobln
Seals Work Squeeze
Play Winning 4 to 3
SAN K RAN' I SCO. July 9 The
squeeze play was worked to perfection
in tiio eleventh inning yesterday by
the locals who won out over the Sacs
4 to 3 Fitzgerald scoied the winning
inllv on Agnew s bunt. The score.
R H. E. I
Sucramento 3 I 0
Sun Francisco 4 12 1
Batteries ' P rough and Cady; Scott
nnd Yelle.
Oaks Helpless Before
Twirling of Rainier
SEATTLE. July 9. Grarv. on the
slab for Seattle, held the Oaks to four
luts here yesterday, Seattle winning 7
to .' The frame was liashv at all
times The Score: i: H. E.
iSakland 2 4 2
Seattle 7 12 2
Batteries R. Arlett and Mitze.l
Geary and Baldwin
i aiiad-i s pitlpwood resources, at the
present cutting rate, it is estimated,
will last 52 years.
NEW'TORK Assistant District At
torney John T. Doollng. conducting an
Investigation of the. slaying of Joseph
Elwell, New York "card king," Intends
to photograph the retina of the dead
man's cyo in un effort to reproduce
the last Image thrown upon it the
face of the murderer. The suggestion
was made by the F . police. This
Is an heretofore unpublished photo
graph of Elwell, made a short liens
ueforc his death at Palm Beach.
Far Too Busy to Play Golf
G. 0. P. Nominee Works on
Acceptance Speech I
MARION. Ohio.. July 8 Senator f
Harding arrived at his office earlier J
than usual again today in order to ac- j
compllsh as much as possible on his i
npcoch. now under preparation, ac-
ceptlng the Republican presidential I
nomination. Instead of dictating U to f.
a stenographer, however, the senator If
following s habit acquired during 30 L
years of newspaper work, Is wr.V-ing j
It out In longhand with a penckUIJ
cording to member of his office fore H
the senator makes "clean copy" and J
few changes arc required in his man
wing to the rush of work, Senator
Harding ha.t been unable since hla re-
turn recreation to engage In his I
favorite outdoor recreation. golf
but he hopes shortly to ar- F
range his engagements so he L
can plav a round occasionally In or- H
der to keep In good physical condition J
during his campaign. There are no t
k j I f links nearer than Mansfield abour
tw.j hours distance by motor from I
Marlon, but the senator expects to r
play during some of the week-end va- j
cations he contemplates taking during
the summer months. F
It was announced today that accord- f
lng to present plans senator Harding I
would remain close to his desk from
now until his speech had been com-
pleted and would stay In Marlon over iL
the week-end Several minor engage- f
ments for Saturday were also expected
to prevent him from enjoying an af-
.ternoon at golf at some nearby city I
After Nlsltlng his office this morn- 1
lng. Senator Harding called at the
home of hla cousin. Frank Marshman, tj
a locomotive engineer, to express his t
condolence over the death of Mr
Marshman's daughter. Later he re- 1
turned to his office L-
Accompanicd by his brother, Dr. j.
George T. Harding, Jr , of Columbus, I
the senator late last night eluded t
James Sloane, his bodyguard, arid
quietly left his home for a 6hort stroll
through the streets of Marlon This E
was the first time he had been awa
from the viclniiy of his residence slncH f
his return. While out, he visited the H
Marlon club, where he was greeted by
a number of old friends. f
Today was the senator's and Mrs. f
Harding's 2Jth wedding anniversarv.
but they planned to observe It quietly H
with a few close relatives Joining H
them at dinner this evening. H
Mrs Harding today accepted an in- ,
ivitatlon extended by Mayor Jewett of 'M
Indianapolis, to attend the annual I
horse, show to b. held there earlv in
September. The mayor had sought to
have her acr as one of the Judges In
view of the fact that she formerly was .
an accomplished horsewoman. Mrs. I'
Harding declined however, to act In j
that capacity but replied that she I
would bo Klad to attend
CHICAGO, July 8. Ohio Repubh- I
can leaders who conferred with Will
H ttays, ( h.i'uman of the Republican
nation it committee, were reported to
have disapproved of the "front porch ' I
campaign plan for Senator Harding '
They favored a swing around circuit "
for the Republican candidate lastead
of th passive campaign that has been j
advocated in some quarters. H
Among those who conferred with I
Mr lla' were Hai rv M Daugherty, '
'who was senator Harding's campaign
manager, and ileorge H. Cook, chair
man of the Ohio Republican state
committ. A. T Hert, national com- j
mltteeman from Kentucky and I. A.
Caswell, Minnesota committeeman also
took up the situation In their states.
' "We haven t the slightest appre
henslon about Ohio.' Mr Cook said
Will II Has. Republican national I
chairman, resumed hearings today
with party leaders of the middle-west-ern
states. He will leave tomorrow
for Marion, O., with T. Coleman Du
pont, chairman of the nomination no
tlflcation committee, to confer with
Senator Harding.
The outlook for the Republican
pariv in Minnesota and the northwest
is generally better than it has been for
a long time." said Irving A. Caswell.
Minnesota committeeman. ' The at
tltude of the Democratic convention
on the subject of liquor will work to
the benefit of tho Republican party I
In Minnesota."
L. 11 Stoddard, one of the !e?der j
of the Progressives In the 1912 cam
palgn, assured parly leaden of sup
pprt on the Pitt of former followers
of Theodore Roosevelt.
CLEVELAND. July Voltage.
Owned by J. D Welsh, Kansas Cit. .
Mo . and driven by Fred Egan, of
Memphis, won the Faslg sweepstakes j
purse ot $2000. the feature event of
todaj s grand circuit racing at North
Randall The Prince Colo colt tooK
the event from ereat juvenile tratters
In Straight heats Worth" Etawab
m ni lam while scorlog and was wul.
Voltage led from the start in the
first heal and b&ci enough in reserve
to withstand Great Briltoc's belated
streich sprint. Natalie the Great, and
Daystar, coupled in the betting, and
heavy favorites, were never prominem
in the first heat
Egan laid back with Voltage in the j
second heat, letting Daystar set the
pace to ihe stretch, where Voltage
passed him and in a fierce drive won
b a length, with Great Britton almost
overtaking Daystar for second place. J
The time, 2:11, for this mile, waa re- j
inarkablo considering the heavy track
Continued rains this morning put the
track in such condition that the horses
were not called to the post for the
first event until 3:30 p. m. and as a
result it was Impossible to finish to- J
day's program of six races, the 2 18
, class trot and the 2 .14 class pace go
ing over until tomorrow, weather per
mitting. Announcement was made that It
would be necessary to race on Satur
day to complete the week's program,
instead of winding up on Friday.
Foxey Ann and Wood Patch were
the only favorite to win today,

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