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I Build Stadium By I
All Means, Ogden j
I Citizens Declare
I Standard-Examiner Conducts
Survey of Sentiment Here
Toward Municipal Ath
letic Field
'Dock Ogden want the proposed
municipal stadium !
Thin question v. propounded by
the Siandard-t.xuim.iei o i v pre.enta
live citizen of Ogden and all with
substantially the au.n reauU,'"Bj all
means let's have an athletic field and
stadium,' and lu UK is ol Dlstricl
Judge A W. agee, as .' matter of
civic pride 11 snould oo built and
maintained by the cli
Expressions from these cltlsens arc
glv rn as follows;
i oBtinaeter George G Browning "i
mt iif ..i.i- in favor oi anytniug whli h
w in ueneiit Ogden and i believe
i.-.d needed, it the citj can give
pusutiVc assu.unce iliai it win lecom
pti.se nv businc-i nun. it Hiiould be
Sheriff H. C. Peterson "W need
aji athietlc ileni tne ori planned
However, it srlould be assured inat me
c.iy will maintain it in propei Shape
ajtter It is bum. Otherwise will
vi little value."
Mayor Frank Francis Eventually
t!ie cay will have lo have a stadium.
v c must have a plact tor high sctiool
and college athletics, where ounrt
manhood vn:i be built and make for
tetter ci IxenjAiip and happlei condt
tlona The1 city will relniourse tnose
Who will build such a stadium."
County Clerk Walter1 N. Farr l
am in favor of a stadium, l.'! I Hunk
tii.a an auditorium should tr includ
ed, where automobile shotfa am. oth
er exhibits eould be held, m this
Idea, l believe I am stating the senw
nieni of more than fiJtJ persons whom
1 know and who arc in I nor of hav
ing an auditorium."
' Judge A. W. Agec "A stadium Is
heeded and wouni he a fine thins
the my if it could be bu II and u In
tlncd properly. As a inaucr o: hie
pride we ougni to hae a municipal
' A V Mcintosh, c:shier Utah Na
tional bank "The Stadium Idea Is a
good one and should he tiev eloped for
I th" good of the commiihlty. A city of
this size should have a tiling of this
IC. A. Wright of VV H Wright and
Son's store "There is no doubt ahou;
tin- desirability of .-. stadium as sug
gested. We need it badly and ti funds
can bo raised, It should lie built Hot -ever,
Whethei u would be wise lo
build it at the present time. With con
ditions as they are, la a matter of SOT- i
lous consideration'
Seoul Executive G. A. Goatcs "The
stadium is one pnasc of improvement
lor the, city that shouM be erected at
once. Ogden is fust growing and her
youths must have a playground A
stadium as planned would be Of great
credit to the community and should by
k al means be constructed."
The athletes of ;h Ogden high
school and Weber Normal collegi have
long been without an up-to-date ath
letic field,'' said Coach alalcoiin Wat
son of Webor. "and the stadium
in every way answer tuo paiposc. 1
am heartily In ia or ui such .1 move
and only hope that tne citizens ui
ogden and tne citj ofilclals will take
steps to put Hie pluns ovet tut top." I
O. J. St 11 well, secretary Ogden
Chamber oi Commerce -- "Simpl)
great The stadium idea war- prlglnut
ed here some time ago and by all
means should he carried out v. uh I
election the wild wes; show ma) be
staged annually, the athletes ot the
I schools will bate :m up-to-dati ath
letic field, and the city in gcinul will
bt benefited to u great extent It Is
II my one hope th it the plana will be
completed at once and work started "
i "Now that the ball is rolling, let's
I lit over the goad work and give Og-
H J uCD a lirst-clus athletic park.' said
i bupt. Karl Hopkins of tho Ogden
Bl bciiOQl ay stem, The needs ot tne
Hl ictes are best told by the athletes
Hl ud in my estimation their needs were
Hf i ever greater than at the present lime.1
H udeu Dei ds Just such an improve-
H liient and 1 will lend my aid In pcr-
1 lcetlng the plans startled."
j A. l Glasmann, editor Btandard-
B Kxamlner-- Attempts have been made
H! j on several occasions lor the erection
H oi a stadium or a tlist-class athletic
i park in Ogden, but all attempts have
H failed. Personally 1 urn highly in
H i favor of such u move and hope that I
m', the city officials and the citizens of
H j ogden will take enough Interest in'
H J the plans to aid in the wotk as out-'
B lined. This city has always had first-
t class athletes despite the fact that the
H;' ooudiuons were int from being first -
class and many funs of the city are
V ' v cindering Just what kind of athletic
H aggregations ogden could have if her
athletes could have first'class training
H and playing fields. It will he one of
Issssssa-' 1 th;- best moves In the history of the
city and will aid in many va8 In plac
ing Ogden to the fore."
Just the thing for Ogden." ald
'tis Weeks, division engineer ror the
Southern 1'aclfic lins. Tie. live
wires have at last started the ball
rolling and now that their work Is
started, co-operation lo needed In or
oer ihat aUCCeSS may he spelled It will
l when completed he one of the great-
leal improvements for the city in the
lus'vor.'. of ugoen and Will g:ve the
alhletoa of tne scuoois their luUcn de-j
.ne. i training facllitlea"
Captain w. P. Katz, constructing I
ngii.eer L'mtea States arsenal "By I
'.Ui means construe! the stadium it j
. ui Da ono or tne big boos. lor the
id., and a cits o; Ogaen'S s.e should
have a place of sum a nature. The
athietea ot tne cit need a piuee oi
jusi such construction and in order
to put the Old-time pepper :,k;un lu
tne limelight, action snould be taken I
ut once "
"Life and ginger rule in any man's
yard and the pians as outlined roi the
stadium snouid place iR'n-u 10 tho
ii out in the athletic WOild and nlso
in the voild of coiupetitlon, ' said
ttlchai m liurrietl, owi.ei of the t-or-loia
cafe. Tho atnlctes of the city
have needed just sucn a place for
years and foi uianj .vears nave been
inuo'ing under adverse conditions,
Nothing would pleuse me better man
to see a siuuiuin ejected, a piace
lien entertainment oap co nr'.c ami
Wh re i lie tans may Witness suiue 1 1
i.i indeed .. K'en uudertauing, but fori
i .in hoping that the p ana will
mature and tiiui Ogdan vnl at last
.ive u nrst-tl.iSH siadiurn."
Ke John Edward Carver- If Og
den is ever to aspire to entertaintng
an) nuniber of people at any kind of!
Bji out-door meet we all know liierel
must be derjunte and modern fucill-1
ties for seating tin? manv who will i.e.
sire respeciahle accommo'da uc ne.
Therefore it is plain thai one of the1
first steps to in suig g of any event
that Is of more than very local inter-'
est is to have ti stadium We be evc
I lu,r is ripe lor Ogdon to at empt
Interstate eve. its and thlo s:adium is
food beginning. Moreover, co:n
n:u.iity ser'lce cm not only help mi
i ns event, bir. will be glad to do morel
ihan it's pint In providing other ren
turea us community service did in the
recent lose festival In Poi tland."
R. H. Woi'm. business manager g
den baseball qiut ogden !s badl. in
'need of a si.id.uin and no 0!ie 'an re
late tne needs tetter Ihan meinbers
Oj the (Jgdel Uu&eball club The pi -grounds
at L.orla tan pari: are in
fair .-mape. but witn the lack ol fence
busebs.ll playing to a crowd ., just
:'-o-t out of the gpesUon. it !h ced
ed, and with the nmk started lor such
cn elaborate structure, let's nil aid in i
putting tio finishing tuuehes to the
proposition "
PreiestaLit Churdes
to Meet in Salt Lake
Plonr. are In formation for a con
ference and convention of the work- I
era of '.he various protectant churches
of Utah to be held in Salt Lake City
tli" first week of September, it was
announced here yesterday. The meet
ings will be held In the buildings ot
Westmlnater college and sessions win
convene at lu a. m . at 2 p m. and at
N o'clork The morning and afternoon
sessions will be of a constructive trena
and the evenings will be given to aa
dtesses of n more popular nature.
Plans are under way fur the aerom
mr.Lnlon of all vv no wish to attend
by furnishing hoard In the college
dormitories The rate will be very
reasonable, and only enough charged
to cover the cost. It is eald. Theiv
i will be no price i harged for the meet -,
Notices are being sent to all t:ie
churches In the state regarding this
conference, and It Is now expected that
several of the workers in the Ogden
churches will attend
There is an attempt being made to
make this an annual event in the
state, nnd If this 's done, igden
churches may bring ..me of the yearly
conferences here.
Democratic National
Officer Goes to Butte
Bruce Ciamr. vice chairman of the
Democratic national committee vv.is lu
ooie.i I ..lav night en routr to Huttc.
"Cox and Roosevelt will give Harn
ing and Coolldge a stubborn race for
election." Mr. Crajner said. "and. of
course, we are backing tnem to win."
After a short rest from the arduous
duties of the national convention.
Cramer will leave Butte and ko east
for a conference with Chairman Ho
mer Cunvmlngs and the Democratic
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OUlGtifiii Plir
Community Service Achieves
Remarkah'o Jesuits in
"This past week has been one of
I distinct advance fo: the v'ommunity
I Service In Ogden," said Rev John Ed
iward Carvei-. Ogdon dlrec.or, yestor
da. 'It do'.a i .n is if the long-
ciierlshed dieams of the ones who
' huve ulooii by Community Scivlce here
I a re i.bout 10 be realized. What im
niofai encoui utlng ine fail that the
I national workera nov 111 ugoen are
niore Optimistic icgjrdlng iho ijossi
bitities and pi ob;i biutlea than even the
most enthusiastic of the local cbm
j intttee
"Miss Josephine Randall has more
than fulfilled all that woe hoped when
1 si nc vv secured 10 Initiate tho play
inogrtim of demonstrutlon of org:,n
Lzed and gruMB play or. the city parks.
'1 he two hours of piny leadership c.ich
I day this past w eek has made many
'friends in the movement Miss Ran
dall has met B largo number of chil
dren each morning on Lester p. irk
mil 1 '. "'H niimbfr :n . iil-.'it !
Citv Hall park. The park custodians
have been true helpers and done all
; iii their power to assist. Mayor Krun
I c is. Commissioners Plygare and Ward
j have given every possible aid und the
result Is that it seems as if theri,
I would be a definite foundation made
(for permanent work Th- classes held
ich morning in tin- Madison school
have been well attended and Miss
Randall is optimistic regarding the
I talents of those taking the course
"Saturday there was un innovation
lln the wa,y of story-telling SllSS Ran
idali and Miss Hcndershot. dressed as
I gypsies', met goodly gionps of little
I ones on the depot grounds and out at
'Twelfth and Washington avenue, and
'gave them an hour's story telling and
j games This Is the commencement of
Jthe taking of community play to the
several communities.
I ."R. w. Axbury, recentl) In charge
lof the Community Service in Portland
and assistant In the rose carnival is
1 In Ogden for an Indefinite period. He
will make this his horn until Com
munity Service is over the top What
, is even added news Is the late report
I that national headquarters Is going lo
1 send two more workers here to assist
I In making Ogden one of the 30u clt.e
I where Community Service lc regarded
I as essential as the service of the flro
I I department und police.''
Deaths and Funerals
BARKER - 1 uneral cortege for
Charles I.. Barker will leave the Klrk
endull funeral chapel today at 6
o'clock. The hody will be taken to the
Mountain View cemetery and Rev. J.
E Carver will officiate at the grave.
The body may be viewed at the chapel
Saturday evening and 8unday until
AMRi 1 it Funeral servici Poi
Kate Ambler wore held Friday after
noon at I o clock in the Tenth u.ird
meeting house with Bishop 1 . P Terry
officiating. "A Perfect Day" and "The
Christian's Good-nlghf were sung by
(Mrs. Arta S. Biakely. George Klomp
Rang "Some Tune We'll Understand."
The speakers were W. S. Paine and N
J. Harris. Interment was In ihe Og
den City cemetery wilh Bishop Tern
dedicating the jrrave.
RARKKR. Funernl services for
Charles I.ee Barker will be held from
the Klrkendall I'ndcrtaklng parlors at
6 o'clock this evening. Interment will
he made at Mountain View ometery
with the Rev. John E. Carver offi
ciating. The remains may be viewed
today at the Klrkendall parlors
j Australian merino wool Is heavier
than any other.
China has nine grades of mandarins
or etyll governors.
Lift Off Corns! No Pain I
VXJ "" J
Doesn't hurt a bit' Drop a Mttlo
' Freezone on an ..cblng corn, instantly
'.'.iat corn stops hurting, then you lift
It right out. Yes. magic'
A tiny bottle of Freezone costs but a f
few cents at any drug store out is suf- j
flclent to remove every hard corn, soft 1
corn, or corn between Ihe toes, and j
the calluses, without soreness or Irrl- !
tut Ion.
Freezone is the sensational dlscov
ery of a Cincinnati genius. It is won j
I t'crfui Aovcrtlsement
MARION, Ohio Warren C. Haul
ing opened his "front-porch cam
paign" for the presldonc on July 5th,
lln ilaj oi' his arrival, with an addreSM
to dtlsciui f Marion vv!u welcomed
I lint lioine. Tlico exclusive- plioto-
gvaphs by staff Photographer Boh
Dorlnian, tell the story lbOve, a view
ut the crowd llstcutaig to Harding's
SMiCCll. rnivv points to llardlns".
Lcrt, a closcup of Harding speaking
rrom tin front porch of his home
Here lu expects to deliver Ills Import
ant campaign addrCMscSi Right, Or.
C. J Nichols, former epubihan may
or of Marion, listening lo llir porh.
Nh hols and Harding have never who
I) "jibed" Iii local politics, but Nichols
i - for Hai ding this time.
Millionaire Tramp to
I Address Public Here
at City Hall Tonight
James Bads Howe, the "Millionaire
I Tramp" whose activities in behalf 0'
migratory and seasonal workers has
made hini a national figure, is in Og
den. I Howe will rpeak at S o'clock this
evenlng on the eitv hall square. His
subject will be "The Political Situa
tion Toda) in its Bearing on Labor."
The Million lire Tramp is no strang
er in gden. He was hero In 191
1 where he conducted an organized rc
llef campaign for the army of the un
employed during the depression, which
I followed the outbreak of the world
Meeting Next Saturday to An
nounce Candidacy of
Welling for Senator
' Democrat leaders of Ogden will
meet next Saturday to cnoosc a county
c halrman, succeeding Iorenzo lilch
aids, who resigned to take up resl
j uencc in Salt Lake.
The meeting was set for yesterday
; but was postponed
Following the conference next Sat-
urday, a mass meeting will be held at
I which Senator W. H 'King and Con
gressman Milton W'eiiiv- will be the
speakers Tlx -n ndld.n y of Congress-
I man for United States Senator to op
pose Senator Heed Smoot, win bo an
! nounced, local Democrats said.
I Howe's home Is in St. Louis. He is
related to the Eads family which
boasts the engineer who constructed
Bad's bridge over ihe Mississippi. He
lis reported to be very wealthy, but his
'hobby is the betterment of the condi
tion of the migratory or seasonal
He has lived th life of the tramp
nnd Knows what that class suffers,
enjoys nnd thinks of the world.
Howe v'.iine( much newspaper pub
licity from his establishment of the
Hotel de Qlnk' in Chicago This Is
la hotel for hoboes.
see Rises
Comission From Party Here
Will Study Conditions Under
Soviet Rule
DETROIT July 10 A eommittee
of American Socialists will go to Rus
sia to Study social and economic con
ditions sa soon as passports can be
1 obtained, u vv:is decided here todae
I at a meeting of iho Socialist national
( eommittee. here LO map plans for the
coming political campaign.
The commission will be similar to
t.v- British mission which some time
' ago visited Russia.
j The American committee composed
j of four members, will make a report
'on the conditions to the Socialist
party of America. It was announced.
Mi mliers of the commission are:
I Algernon Lee. New York City alder-
man J. E I'ohen. a printer of Phil
adelphia. Jamc3 Uneal. New York
newspaper man, and Alexander Trach
tenberg doctor of philosophy, at Yale
University who was exiled from Rus
sla following the revolution that pre-
ded overthrow of tho the czar.
The Socialist party will make an j
Immediate appeal to President ilson i
'to act on the party s petition for re
lease from Atlanta federal prison of
j Lugenc V. Debs, Socialist presiden-l
I tlal candidate.
WASHINGTON, July io. The first I
meeting of the assembly of the league '
Ol nations will be held on November j
1 16 under the call which soon Is to
be issued by President Wilson.
While the place for the session had ;
not been selected, It was said at th
department today that this would boi
announced by the allied governments, j
The president Li understood to have
favored Genera but most of the allies
prefer Brussels.
BERLIN. July 10. The Judicial!
eommittee of the Prussian diet today
rejected a motion presented by the
Independent Socialists, providing tor
state confiscation of the fortune of
the Hobenxollern family in Germany.
The ;ilue of the fortune Is estimated
at between 250.000.noo and 100,100,'
000 marks.
Emfrald l one of the softest of all
precious stones.
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Landowners to Vote for Or
I ganizing of Irrigation Dis
tnct August 10
Election of landowners, to whoso
tandl water has been ulloied. to de
termine the question ot orR.ini7.lnK
the Webor county irrigation dislrlcl
will b held throughout the count;, on
August 10 Three directors for ihe
distriCI will nlnojle named.
Number of votes of eaob landowner
will vary nc ordinr lo acre feet of
water the ire allotted
The Judges are:
I'lvislon No. 1. W N. Harker.
North '.igden. M D Harris. Harrls
illc; I" E Palmer, Plain City.
Incision N'. 2. Jos'-pli II Belnap.
Wilson: J I. Hooper. Hooper Henry
I Penman, v"rst Weber,
I llvlion No. 3 Jes-ie M Wilbur.
I Eden; David Chard. Liberty, Lewis
; Wangsgaard, iluntsviiie
j Polllirg places
Division No. 1. School house, I an
West. ,
j Fl Islon No. .' School house.
i ; uiesyllle.
Division No. 3. School house. Eden
Directors will be chosen from these
Division No. 1. J. L. Hobson. Plain
City; It T Phees. Pleasant View.
Division No, 2. James R. Beus,
Hooper; T. R. Jones. Kanesvllle.
Division No. 3. D. D McKay.
Huntsvllle H. B. Stnlllr.gs, Eden.
Results Given for
Farm Bureau Games
hollowing are the results for Class
A and Clatw B teams In the Weber
County Farm Bureau League for
games played vesterday afternoon
CLASS A Clinton 12, Eden a. Plain
I City 14, North Ogden 5, Pleasant
lew 16. Liberty in
CLASS B Taylor 8, West Warren
; 7. Industrial School 9, KanBSVillS 4.
Visiting Here From
Casapalca, Peru
Mr Sidney H Morris of Casapalca,
Peru Is the guest i,f her parents. Mi
and Mrs S P Brooks, -'27 Twenty-1
second street Mr, ftforrjs expects to I
meet her husband in Panama dm in?
September, -ind will return to Peru via
Buenos Aires and La Paz.
CROP AT 110,634,000 BU.
TOPEKA. Kas . July 10 FJstimatort
crop production in Kansas for 1920
'us based upon tho condition on .Inly
1st, acordlng to the report Issued to-
George McGrew, 13 Being
Held by Police for Father
of Estes Park, Colo.
W '
Qeorge McGrew 13-year-oIt son of W'i?1'!
1 S un )' McGrew of Estes l'ark. Colo.. t j
I started out to sec tho world and got. r'
J as far as (igden. Jri '
With a ticket to San Francisco In IL
his possesion h rn n up against Sta- BT
Itlon Master Si Tncy, who proved his M
ni mesls ;
Mi Tracy thoucrht fleorce was too
loung to be going around the country 4;
j unattended and investigated f),
George is now a guest ot the clly fj ,
while his father Is on his way to jj';
j 1 gden to get his wandering son f;
Ho advised the police that he had fl .
lefl Denver and added "Be Kod to '
George, I'm on my way." rtSff ,
Ogden Couple to Make
Year's Tour in Europe
Mr and Mrs Richard van Tonget we
, will leave Monday for New York, fc
.where on July 21, they will embark 5i
j on the S. S. "Drottlngholm," for Eu
' rope They will go to Sweden first ,
.' anrl plan to take in the principal cities I.
lof Denmark, Germany, France and
I England before their return. i
They expect to be gone a year.
oo , &
Chicken Season to mJ
Open on Sept. 15 f
Chicken season in Weber county and
other parts of Ftah will open for u j '
ten-day period September 15, accord- ' fc f.
Ing to word given out last night by fci
President A. T. Hestmark of the We- ii '
ber County Rod and Gun association. i; . ',
rhi i will cbise Si ptembei 2 .-,
The dove season for Utah, which Is w
under federal jurisdiction will open on I pi
September 15 also. I jc'
I GLOBE, Art., July 10. Fire swept BP;
I Grover canyon near hero late today, R-
I destroying more than 100 houses and ) j
'renilerlng as many famjllea homeless. ' W.
The fire wis caused by an overheat-
ed stove. Il Is reported that two chll- U
dren lost their lives. The Red Cross ft.
has taken charge of tne work of sue- K.
121 1 1 i
day by the Kansas offie of the bureau Y
of crop estimates. United States de-
partmenl of aKriculture, ahojM winter V
Wheat 1 10,313,000 bushels; spring
wheat 321,000 hushels, oats 52,41S,0nn
I. ii. It I' b trl. y l.60i huh- I-. -r.uii Jig
sorghum 22.njo.000 bushels. " H h' i
! Ogden Savings Bank r
Located at Ogden, in the County of Weber State of Utah, at the close of ' ust.
business on the 30th day of June, 192C. UffiLfeV
li.oans and discounts 51.525.397.36 ,'
Less notes and bills of this bank redlSCOlinted. . . 15,000.00 51. ISO. 397 36
Stocks, bonds and securities, etc 399.269.49 ll
)ther real estate owned 9,000.00 A '
'ouo from Federal Resen e Bank 54,580 30
Due from other banks ... 156.395.53 R ;
I Exchanges for clearing house 539 25 :
I ,old 4.840 00 LbbbbbbH
Silver . . 216.4b sHHIhI
uiTencv 1 "96.00 r ; .
Total rash on hnnd 9.152.45 B3- ,
nterest earned (not collected) 11,254 81 kWL -
ah short S.12 ri
Total 52,1 20.895. 2 1 ,
Capital stock paid in . 5 150.000 00 ' 'Ut
Surplus fund 150,000.00 : aP
Undivided profits 5 19 280.83
Total 19.280.83
Net undiided profits 19.280.83 'jsga
Regerred for taxes and interest -..4 2,453.69 jBfl
Cashier's checks t 4.589.62 H
Dividends unpaid 156 00 HflflsrB!
Total demand deposits 4.745 62
Savings deposits 1,792.245.52 1
Total time deposits 1,792,245.52
Interest collected (not earned) 2,169. 6 V ,xjtM
Total 52.120.895 34 VKFd
State of Utah. Countv of Weber ss. yf' Iff.
t?barles H. Barion, being first duly sworn according to law. deposes and ' JEp
says that he Is cashier of the above named bank; that the above and fore
going report contains a full, true and correct statement of tho condition of
the said bank at the close of business on the 30th day of June, 1920. KH
Correct Attest. '
Directors, .
(8EAL) BUMNBB P NELSON Notary Public.
Ms commission expires the 15th day of October. 1921.
stato of I'tnh, office of Bank Commlssloqeri
I N T Porter, bank ConxmiasloneT of the State of Utah, do hereby certify !
thai the foregoing is a full, true and correct copy of the statement of the !
above named company, filed in my office this 9th day o! July, 1920
N. T. PORTEK. Bank Commissioner.

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