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TUESDAY. JULY 13, 1920.
SSI I iii . a ii ii i ,-v ir-v t- r-r Ik 7 1 EH
I It's A Riot!
And as for speed, love, daring, a glorious fight and excite
ment Oh. Boy! Oh, Girl!
The Best Program Ever Sho.vn
Officials of Ogden Team Will
Start Drive For Funds
Official! of the Ogden baa i.iii club
Will start a drive for funds In the city
tomorrow. The remaining days of the
present week will be known an Boost
er" days and booster tasa. which will
admit one to any of tho remaining
Ratnes on the local schedule will be
disposed of. The following games re
main on tho local schedule: Saturday,
July 17, Saturday, July II, Sunday,
August 15 and Sunday, August
These games arc all regular leafi ie
Ogden tram also plays here on Julv
Z4th and Sept. (ith. but these are holi
day date and the gate Is diverted so
the booster tags will not be good on I
these two dales
The other league, games In which
the Ogden team la schedub-d to appear,
will b played away from home.
The local team will also try to ar-i
range attractive outside of the league'
games !or Sunday dat -a v. nn h are not
tilled and to these, the tags will n..t I .
good for admission
The local club hopes that them will
he a ready and lan?c ealo of these
tags ns every effort Is being made to
provide sufficient funds to enable the
ugden team to finish the 1920 season. '
Hot Here But Jusi
Scan This High Mark
Ogdcnltes have been complaining of
the heat during (hf past few days and
WhlU their complaints have been
hoard, the heat In this se't.on Is not
comparable with that of Kevada des
ert, according to Walter Hagenbarth.
Chicago merchant who was an Ogden
visitor today en route to his home
from San Francisco.
The heat on the Nevada denert yes
terday In certain sectlous of the long!
stretch of sand and sage brush was
terrific, according o his statements
It register", 1 decree at one pla
In crossing the American Desert,
which In his estimation Is hot enough.
LSHINOTON, July 13. iCensus)
North Adame. MasSr, 22,262; In
crease 283, or 1.2 per cent.
Pro TO, Utah 10.303; Increase 1.37S.I
fr 15.4 per cent.
Program to Be Given at Lorin
Farr Park On
kl IS:
Community day -win he celebrated
at Lorln Parr park Thursday after-
neon July 13. Tho day will be ob-
-rv id with games of all sorts with
entertaining feature for both voting
nnd old aiv.i a ree-ij-.l crowd is expect
ed lo attend.
The ,.;itlie program v. Ill be conduct
ed under th' direction of the ugden
Community Service, Mayor IPrankl
Francis will be the principle speaker ;
Community singing, itory telling,
athletic games nci- as volley ball, in
door outdoor ball, races and other
sports will b on the tard. It is re-1
quested that those attending bring
basket lunches ns the program will ex- 1
lend well into the evening.
The park piano l as been tur.ed and
some of Ogden. best known musicians
will be heard l:t piano solor. The ,,ro
Kr.iiM will he conducted as rollows
gypsy story telling, circle singing
games, rommunitv singing, competi
tive games, relay races, address bv
Mayor Frank Francis, athletic games
I pic nic supper. Ml are invited to
Baker Hearing Goes
Over k City Court
Though defendant, complainant
and witnesses Were assembled In the
city court room this morning for the
preliminary hearing of Mavis Baker
charced with assault With a deadly
weapon with intent to kill, the cose
was continued until August 17, when
Judge d. r. iioheris received Informa
tion that a sevm-ycar-old bov had
been struck by a train at Uintah and
killed. As ex-offlclo coroner. Judge
Roberts' presence at the scene of the
accident was required.
Baker Is alleged to have shot Her-I'tp-t
llessler ns the result of a quar
rel between the two concerning water
rights. At the time of the affair, sev
eral months ago. Gertrude Raker. 16
year-old daughter of the defendant
Is alleged to have .-hot Hessler while
tlie latter was assaulting her father.
Prior to the shooting, hud blood Is
alleged to have existed In lm ni The
two families nt the result of frequent
quarrels over water rights
A bat cannot rise from a perfectly
vcl surface
I iBi You Prosper As 0de
I Prospers
( tTy B Whatever your business or occupation,
-" Mr you cannot help being benefitted by the
J Wi Orowth of your community.
J Keeping your money In the bank helps :
Wt vou "'nd helps Ogden. The First Na
tl tlonnl Bank always has the welfare of
BK the city In mind when Investing deposl-
I B? tors' money. Witness the great civic Im
BP provements fostered by this bank.
r SF Bear In mind, also, that the First Ni-
I l-s"BeaeH3yj WB tlonal Is always ready to assist business
J sscr ' i Bp projects promising greater prosperity for i
Fticv-. u- St the P'tle of Oadon. Your account, large
SS s;-- zLI Wt or ma". wl'l be welcomed at the First
1 Or lfcjk3 K National.
I Iff 1 First National Bank
I lCAPI1L?;sijPLU3 350,000 DEPOSITS 4,000100Q? (
Ogden Member of R. 0. T. C
at Kearny Goes Through
Real Battle Experience.
Elmore Smith finds army life pleas
ant but somewhat snappy, according to
a letter received by his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. 11. Smith of this city.
Elmore Is one 0f the Ogden High
school cadets who are undergoing a
course in military training at Camp
Kearny, Cal.
He reported thot the high school
contingent has Just been treated to
thelr third ".hot ' In the arm, and that
the effects are not so far reaching as
the first two idiots were.
Ho said that a demonstration of a
gas attack delighted the students at
the ramp. Hand grenades filled with
gas generating material, smoke can
dles of various colors, used as signals
to airplanes. Od other war equipment
created the appearance of a real bat
tle, young Smith writes
In his letter he discloses that fact
that D. W, Griffith a wonderful war
pictures, taken In France. .-ir- not Im
ported products at all. but were taken
ljust a few blocks from the tents now
occupied by the Ogden cadets.
Trenches, dugouts." shell hobs and
other appurtenances of a bonafidc
battlefield are present at the camp, he
j states.
Call io d.-iii is somewhat annoying
he states. Each dime some one gets
their shoes off preparatory to taking
In shower, the whistle calling a forma
tion is sounded, he says.
The weather is excessively hot and
the Ogden boy6, upon lettirnlng from
drill, find their raiments completely
saturated, he said.
! oo
Mrs. John Ramdsen to
Be Buried Wednesday
' ...
Mrs. Margaret Scholcs Ramsdcn.
Funeral services for Mrs Margaret
Bcholes Ramsden. wife of John Rams
den, tv'll be. held at 2 o'clock In the
Tenth ward meotln house. Wednes
day, with UlshopT. r. Terry officiat
ing The body may be viewed at the
Itc-mo, 339 Parry afen, this after
"n and Wednesdav until the time
of the services Interment will be In
the Ogden cit cemetery
oo i
N. Y. Library Wants
! Ogden City Directory
The Ogden Chamber of Commerce
lis in receipt of a letter from the New
York Public library asking for a city
directory for their lilirar represent
ing Ogden. The letter follows
I "Tho current city directories of vour
dtj are most urgently needed by the
New York Public Library. Statistics
, show a much greater use of this 11b
rary than of any other in the world;
I end there is no city in tho United
States whose business interests extend
jln such volume to every cltv of the
COUntr) as those of New York
"'We are being constantly called
upon by buyers, wholesalers and re
tailers to furnish them with addresses
I of manufacturers and distributors in
various cities. To meet the demand,
we arc trying to establish exchange
InrranKcmmts with your public library,
jso that we may obtain your city di
rectory every year
"In view of your Interest in the mat
jter. will you not assist us b placing
with your library, each year a copv
of your city dirce'ory which can be
I sent to us in exchange for some of
our duplicate material "
j Two Chinese Fined I
On Gambling Charge
Charles Hop and I. Aubln. Chinese
who were arrested recently pn a
charge of gambling with dice ana
I dominies, appeared for trial before
Judge L. K Roberts of tho city court 1
;thls morning. A plea of guilty wis
entered by n. j Harris. attornc in
behalf of the defendants.
City Attorney Samuel Powell rec
ommended that the men be fined In
tho sum of $20 each and his recom
mendation was approved and acted
upon by .Iinlpe k Roberts
uu '
Tourist Party to
Spend 6 Hours Here
One hundred and sevent'v -four tour
ists will pay Ogden a visit of six hours
tomorrow arriving here at 3 o'clock
snd departing tomorrow evening at 9
o'clock for Yellowstone National Park
The entire party will visit the Her
mitage in Ogden canyon and other
points of Interest while b. re , .
"' part' i-f lj', tourists will arrive .
bt re Saturday on a slmlllar journey
ns sold;
Preston Buys One and Other'
Goes to Cache County
Fair Association.
That water-wagons arc now in
i great demand throughout the western
country, is evidenced in the speed in
which the city of Ogden has sold two I
of Its sprinkling carts after determin
ing that the new motor flusher is
much more efficient than the horse-j
drawn Vehicles, I'reston. Idaho, has
purhased the largest sprinkler for
500, according to an annoum ement
made to the city commission last night j
by Commissioner Chris Elygare. Cache '
county has purchased a smaller one
for $2G0, to be used b the County
Fair association The sale was ap
proved by the hoard of commissioners'
and announcement was made thai
there are still carts on hand for qulc.c
The bond of the Moran Paying com- i
pany for 91,192.46 Which was one
half of the amount of the contract '
for the paving of the east side of
Washington avenue, north of the river1
bridge was approved at the meeting; '
I The report for the waterworks iv
partment for June gave receipts as
$5 890 4 7. The report was ordered!
California Baseball j
Team On Way to Coast
Eighteen sun tanned baseball stars,'
members of the University of Call-,
fornla baseball aggregation, Which has
toured the east, meeting tho best col
lege .-iKitrega tions In that section, paid
Ogden 'i visit today en route to San
Francisco and Other coast points where
the uniforms will be discarded until I
next spring
On the trip east the team lost but
i two contests out of 24 played accord
ing to Herb Ellison, one of (he mound
Stars of the club. Ellison, twirled a
no hit panic against Princeton In brti
of the two defeats, his club being de
feated I lo 0 In 12 innings despite the
r.ui thai he twirled no hit ball. The
men exchanged gre6 tings with Cali
fornia tracKsters al Omaha, who nr.
en route to the finals for the Ameri
can track team -it BOStOn.
Foresees Victory For
Republican Forces
The greatest Victory in ih history I
of th. Republican party will be made I
next November according to George
Williamson, San Francisco business
man who attended 'he Chicago con
vention and who visited with Ogdenitcs
today prior to departing f"i his home
in Ha i dln ' no" Coolidge the He-
Pllblli i lis h, . e a (e.,m U n hen . a 1 1 ! - hi
my belief, and unless my prediction
tails our party will pile tip more votes
this season thn:i eer before .,
historj of the party," said Williamson
' The I lei r i (y i-xp, e 1 o ;,-' e ' . s a
great battle but from all angles in
i i ma t Ion 1 1 w in be a regular la ;.d
Bllde. The third parly now heme
formed at ' ihlos go will not have
Cham for the honors, mC i heir on
pearnnce In the running will In no
way hamper Republican chances," no
Begh Work on Arsenal
Railroad By August 1
Si eel aifi tile for the Ogden arsenal!
Is arriving dally, according to Cap-'
tain r. P Kal7, a nd -.construction work1
on the ten miles of railroad will be,
started about August 1 Rids for the
j construction work on the railroad
must be In by July 21 at 11 a. m the1
contract to be let to the lowest bidder
Plans for the 50 odd buildings for'
the arsenal will arrive during the
coming week, it is said With the ar
rival of the bulldlnp plans bids will
be received.
condition of Edward H. Moore, of
Youngstown, 0 . the campaign man
ager here for Governor James M Cox.
of Ohio. Democratic presidential nom
inee, was reported aa "greatly 1m
proved" todaj following his being
tconfinod to his room at an out of town
residence for a day beeauso of a ner
vous disorder and a heavy cold
Moore will start for his homo within
tho next two days, according to Wil
bur Marsh, treasurer of the Demo
cratic national committee, who is still i
We wore worried about Mr
Mi ore's condition for a time as no one
was allowed to see him for a day, butj
It was more of a precautionary move
tt'iti any'hlnc il.se. Marsh sa'.d. "He
recovered from the attack SB rapidly
a he u.,H tak'n dov-n with If ami all
bad effects seem to have passed."
In the whole Rrltlsh empire there
are available 30.000.000 horse-power
to be developed by water-power,
w.,. .n d.Jnd ,,.00 'irVi 0 'S W
wh,te n,le cl.h Im ox'ord, now $7.95
?,'t7 Men's low chocs cool, inviting Our l,, 'J''''"
... two ,.$1.95anD $4.45 Sr":"1"" $7.85; J:50 j
White canvas and palrn a j -vj- i I .
jj beach, welt oxfords . . . p4D I ' Mri
11 to 2 2.65 j f
Tne cool barefoot sandal; all leath- A saucy bow adds the final touch if
er the kind that werrs. to these chic summer ties. Ht
The Open Thrcst Tc Is Very Black Kid, French !
Smart 5 to 8 $1.95 : heel $9.95 I
White canvas, French rn Tan Kid, French 1
heel . . ... tpUoVv Q i . 1 1 0 111 8
Vhite canvas Cub2n AC - IO 11 heel $10.95 ! 1
SJ- ::-vv Zl? L. - rs White Kid, French B
Xtr $9.95 Wi to 2 2.6s,' heel $10.95 I
Hampton's Trial to
Be Held On July 27
Trial of Walter M Mnmplon,
which was set for hearing today In
I the district court, has been continued
until July -. upon motion of Hamp-
ton's attorney, whlh was allowed last
Hampton, who was formerly book
' keeper for the Golden Rule store, ,n
I the store headquarters at the Johnson -Stevens
company. Is charged with
! forgery ami embezzlement for the al
lege, filling !n of two ceinija n cheek
totaling $2000. Following his filling
in of the hecks and depositing them
In a local bank, Hampton Is said to
have gone to Rait Iake, where he
opened an account and wrote another!
check for J12.000. His reasons for
his brief period of frenzied flnanci
have never been clear to the officers:
who heard Hamptons story following!
the arrest
Hampton spent several weeks in the
county Jail and finally was released
upon flOOo bonds. He entered a plea
of not guilty when arraigned before
Judge A E Pratt.
Counsel for Hampton asked that
tho case be continued In order that
thej be allowed time in which to plan
the defense. No intimation as to the
line of defense has been given.
TOKIO. July (By the Associ
ated Press.) Universal suffrage was
defeated In the lower house of parlia
ment today when a resolution provid
ing for It, Introduced by the opposi
tion, was rejected by s vote of 155 to
While the measure was being de-
After sweltering during the past
four days in a blistering sun with no
cooling breezes bringing relief, Ogden
today Is enjoying one of the most
pleasant das of the year. The ther
mometer has taken a decided drop
and this morning the mercur stood)
at 58 degrees at the lowest point
against "i degrees of yeaterdaj morn
ing. Yesterday's minimum tempera
ture, as shown by the local weather
records, was SS degrees- last Friday
was the hottest day of the present
year the mercury aviating to 97 de
grees Saturday was also hot, with
a maximum of 94 1-2 degrees Pun
day the highest point was 9.' degrees.
"Generally fair tonight and Wed
nesday." This Is the weather predic
tion which arrived in 'gien thls
morning from the United States
weather bureau.
h-Ued Immense crowds assembled In
nearby parks and held pro-suffrage
demonstrations. Although they per
mltted meetings In mors distant parts
of the city, tho police refused to al
low speech-making near the diet
Students hold an indoor meeting at
which an attempt was made to adopt
r solutions censuring the cabinet for
hinderlnK the development of tho na
tion," but the police Interfered and
broke up the meeting. arresting a
Germany today has 520.000 war
Widow, 1.13it,000 orphans and 300,-.
000 maimed or consiMiiptlves.
Decide Peanani On J j
Full Season s Play 1
Statement In Sunday morning 9 MM 'Fy
paper to the effect that the Lai ton I tfjS
club had cinched the pennant In tho I . U
Wasatch league was not correet as tho I (
same was made on account of the bo- K fK
lief that the Wasatch league would Sasjt
tun their season on the split basis for
each half same as the Cacho Valley I
and Idaho leagues. ag
Information at hand now is to ttv- wr-
effect that the Wasatch league not Mi.w
split their season but ihr winner of the tl
pennant will be decided on the ba.vs
of 1 he entire season Jl
This being ihe case. It Is IcfpOSSlbli BBBBsHsM
to state at this early date that any IjIsbbbhSI
partlcullar club has clinched the riag B'i
as the season is only about half fin- LsBM?fl
Ished. according to officers of the K
league. A I
A 7 mm SI
Woman Files Suit For K?
Possession of Auto
Alleging that payments for an au- Hv-
timohile .sold to J. V. Rockefeller have Bt
not been met as agreed, Edith Deo Hv
Green has filed suit In the district
court to regain possession of the cs
It Is alleged tho car was sold to tho M.
defendant b the C. R. Green Ant..- Mm
mobile Company for J500. with a pay-
ment of f.'.O at the time contract was Lsbbbi''
There is now coring a sum of f 127 . j '
47 for baek payments and interest anci Br
by default of the defendant in mak-
inK payments, the plaintiff asks re- I
possession of the car together witn LsHsVT
Interest and attorney fees amountln - iasTYv
to $100. ' HH I
I GREAT 24th OF JULY 1 1
I We are overstocked in summer wear. Special reductions on everything in stock from now until the 24th
m Silk Kimonas Silk and Georgette Blouses, Silk Voile Dresses, House Slippers, Silk Hose. Everything for sum- M ' '
M mer. Men's Silk Shirts, Ties. Collars, etc. fV
9 Also a complete line of hand-painted china and Japanese novelties.
The Kimona House
M 301 Twenty-fourth Street. W

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