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B " Handiest
begin enjoying it tomorrow
9 lii - $4 DOWN IS ENOUGH 1
irAiiai1 sss'
r Party of Mexicans
, j WiU Be Deported
fjflH Department of labor officials, ac-
i companylng HI Mexican undesirables,
armed in Ogden at 10:25 o'clock last
FH night. Tho Mexicans make up the
;. nl first consignment of their nationality
rH to e deported from this country. The
fiflB men were hardly more than boys, ages
nH ranging from J.9 to 24 years old. They
m have been in the United States less
fl than four years and during this lime
have been arrested for felonies of var-
B lous sorts. The aliens were taken
H from the Duena Vista reformatory at
KHE Denver.
BflE Ten other Mexicans arrived in Og-
SHE den from Wyoming this morning and
HjH after having joined the ether party,
continued to San Francisco. They will
I H be loaded aboard a Bhip .it San I'ran-
Bb . Cisco aqd taken to a .Mexican porl
, 0 The contingent tl arrived last
- night, stopped as g i .it thi pity
1 :
Carnival Worker !s
Hj Seriously Injured
fg William Lightnrr, 21 years old, an
jHEj employe of the Worth am Carnival, is
IttlSgjQ at the Dee hospital suffering from a
JyaBjiS broken back which he sustained yes j
HE terday while assisting in the removal
pjjfcF of the carnival fronvLorin Farr park, i
' i Dr. E. R. Dumke is attending the
j man The full nature of hi. injuries
sB6 cannot be determined until pictures
KS laken yesterday afternoon are de-,
I Yi Loped.
tSpnawB Iu assisting in loading heavy fix-j
Wjfcafrl lures, Lighiner v.; lb.-
DH spine and shoulders when a wagon'
KBB toncue swung round. He was crazed.
H with pain, and five men held him until
the ambulance bad arrived to take him
to the hospital
h oo
JH The tulip tree sometimes attains a'
JBfl pi,-. r-n i. mm i ..J. I rrmr- m , j . . i.--
There Is one sport upon which af:e
does not place its ban. It's bicycling.
If the number of noted elderly men
w ho ride regularly Is a criterion, says
I J. El Olson of Browning Brothers
I Co.. th- Dayton bicycle dealer.
' Luther Bin-bank. the naturalist
win Be name Is known the world over,
jean be seen most any dny rldlnS '
j bicycle in the magic orchards of his
I California estates.
j Thomas Edison, the electrical wrz
nrd, employs a bicycle in getting
I about his variola plants, it saves time
land provides exercise while he Is
j busy at his momentous work.
John D. Rockefeller, multi-millionaire
oil king, rides about the grounds
. of his estate on a bicycle. He also
! iies It in ride from hole to hole when
playing golf :,nd says that he fe is
in fine trim when he finishes the
Many other men whose names are
associated with bik lehlevemente ana
who take time for regular exercise
find th:U the bicycle serves Ou-ir pur
pose bet'.er than any other recrea
tion as it can be adapted to any de
gree of strength they feel like putting
Into it, says Olson.
National Guard 83
Per Cesit of Strength
The National Guard of Utah has 83
per C'-r.t of . trength authnriz d lur ;lie
fiscal year, with Wyoming in the lead
with 90 per cent according to infor
mation w hich reached Ogdcn today, i
The authorized enli3ted Strength for
the fiscal year in Utah is 713 and the
number enlisted is 5S.
The present strength of the officers
is: Reserve. 2; state staff corps and
department'-, 2; line. 20. There are!
fourteen statis that have no national
guard Nevada being the only one in1
the mountain and coast country.
Franklin D'Olier Will Be Wel
comed to State Here By
State Officers.
Opden members of the American
Legion have been. Invited to attend a
general meeting to be held Thursday
evening, July 26, in Salt Lake, In
honor of Franklin D'Olier. national
commander, who will visit Utah on an
inspect mn trip July 25. Arranpe
ments for the meeting are now beins
completed, according to an announce
i nient made this morning at state
headquarters in Salt Lake.
Murray McCarty, state commander,
and J. E Holden, adjutant, will meet
Mr. D'Olier at Ogden. He will aril-.,
here from Pooatello and go to
Salt Lake by automobile, it is said
It is expected that a luncheon will
I he given ai the Commercial club, the
quests to include stale and city offi
cials. An invitation will be extended
to the public to attend the mass meeting
I hi you think you have a lot to he
sad about? Do you believe that Old
Mun Gloom has t baaed J out of
I vour life forever? Are you bowed
down under a heavy load of business
responsibilities that have a tendency
i i peesimize your pood nature? Has
Misfortune tried to make a pal of youl
If sueh Is the case, then don't full
I to see Mary, Pickford in "Poliyanna.'
This is Miss Pickford s first pnoio-
J play sine- she joined the ' I'lff Four.'
It is being released by the United
Artists Corporation and will be shown
at the Alhambra theater on a return
. tic .i ri- nt in t Thursday onb
There Is hO better tonic for those
I who have been the victims of bad luck
and who may as a result he down-
I hearted or even resentful against fate.
' than this remarkable play. It carries
the message of good cheer to one iiniJ
all, points out that no predicament is
I so bad but that It might be worse.
"Play the glad game all througn
life' that Is the theme of the story
This philosophy began with the ar
rival u Pollyanna's humble home or
I a Christmas barrel which did not con
tain i single useful article. Polly
anna's father taught the little girl to
apply tin- "Gl id" philosophy to every
circumstance that arose.
As time went on she became the
Prophet of Gladness, and with all the
sincerity of childhood proselyted along
j the Pathway of Life, winning many
1 eonverta to this new religion.
And if you will go to see this splen
did screen play. Poliyanna will carry
I her message to you. When you leave
the theater you will feel refreshed;
j you will have a new Vigor and vim
i with which to tackle the problems
that it la necessary for you to woru
I out.
Printer Tells Police
of Robbery and Fight
Highwaymen attacked and robbed
ICharli Nye, a Standard-Examine'
printer, on West Twenty-ninth street
at to o'clock last night, according to
la report made to the police. Nye told
the officers that two men confronted
; him and ordered him to throw up his
band! Hfl showed fight and in the
bi ttl which followed his shirt was
'..in From his back, according to the
police report
Overwhelmed with the attack of the
two men, ye said he was finally held
while one man went throufrh tils, pock-
eti extracting ?L'; "nc of the hold
ups Is siid to have received a black
tye In the melee. The police have
bi a unable to locate the robbers.
1 mi
1XR DYl 'ill SUPPLl
(H Internatinnnl News Service.)
WASHINGTON Certificates for'
distribution of German dye stuffs that
O Tires have added a I
I new word to the language I
of motoring Sihertown I I
which stands for service. I
I I i
i i
! r GoodricJh I
! o ilver town
j oAmcricas First Cord Tire
L j
Hie Goodrich Adjustment 7afs . Silvcrlovjn Cords S000 Mites ; Fabric Tres, 6000 Miles '
Vl l : I
are being Imported In sufficient quant-1
itles to meet the needs of individual
eonnumers for periods of six months
will b granted, It has been announced
by th- War Trade IJoard. The nppli-i-ant-
tor the certificates will be asked
ti eittlmate their requirements .-s ac-j
1 uratel as porslble. Applications that
appear to eall for excessive amounts
w ill not be acted imon. it is st..;ed.
The total amount of dye stuffs ex
ported from the United States In 1919
had n value of $17,094,495, Japan
ranked first among the principle
countries to which the materials were
By International News Service.)
H'Jl'Ol !T IN, Mich. Announcement
of clas honors at the Hancock IHxh
School conimoneement recently in
cluded lga Selde. seventeen. No. 2,
,iul i'n diTlku S. ble. sixteen. No. 7 in
a Hat of ten The cirl. are Russsian
Jews, They came to Hancock wtth thei:
i mother from Russia three years ago,
knowing not a word of English. -L I
Some seventy cities, with a popu
i 1-Htlon of .10,000 or more, have adopted
II -fli 3P9BBstui I Hwq ML WtKKS y Robert Loun b t e v r n o o n
I Cool, fresh Air"" l10c 80c 1 lOc 20c 30c ' , j I
The Alhambra Is the coolest spot in Ogden. The epiendid ventilat- SCHEDULE SCHEDULE (TrO JSSlllf
U-2 ing cyatem io so perfected that each cubic foot of air is replaced Doors Onen 1-4, nnnr Onert 1 -4ri JLiJlJLl lVA UOtV I
cve,y o.xty jecond. by fresh cold air. The A.hemnr. is J safe DrS ... 14j ' p ' 14 Excellent muo,c ,s furn.shed both afternoon and even.ng on the
fr i Unitary theatre. Send the children. Curiam at Curtam at . -i , E
H 2:15,4 00,55,7 30,9 15 , 2 15, 4 00, 5 .45, 7 .30, 9 15 big K.mball organ by Mr, Garner and Mr. Lammers j g
1 Ililil llMMIIIIIMIllll llllilMIBMam 1, I
9H I - "a BHPnH BBBs3M

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