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The Ogden standard-examiner. (Ogden, Utah) 1920-current, July 13, 1920, LAST EDITION, Image 9

Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library

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Real EttBtc
o-ROOlt modern t r I It Inrc basement
;.ir.i-. lot $2 1 2x266 ft.' lorrc lawn nnd
beautiful shade close In on L'lth St. onls
$r..ooo, trrms
KSW room modern white h-ir.lolnt brlok.
In rK- hiisemcr.t. larjre llnic porch,
ower and sidewalk all paid up; J4 nnn
4room shlnf.lod bungalow, modern, close
In on 22nd St.. $2,250.
2 5 room modern homes (fine for roflrOAd
! - men) In west pnrt ol city; jn.OO.i enh nrl
rnsy terms. Smith nnd Fllndert Co
Phone li '7. :t 5 i k
WHY In veil in speculative i"-ki when
you ran buy Real Estate, the basts of all
wealth", at pri-cs mcntlonci below?
acres on Sand Ridge, abo' e rovern
merit arsenal, undl r propoped 'High Line
Canala" whlrli i practically a.s.-e.ir.-.
When water la secured this land Will be
worth a largv sum of monev. ic are of
?r1njr this tract of land at the very loW
price of J35.00 per acre. Will p: ood
mforojt on monev Invested In fli farm
crops. You can see cruln frrowlng on the
property now. Act quick; this bargal i
will not Inst long
30 acre., coorl soil, small p.uli!rr. CrOpa
win speak for Its quality Good watei
richt, house nci other Improvements. Tha
v price la So ,000. which is low Let at si cm
I you this place ind you be :he Jud,' Will
I accept Ocden City property if It Is prlct d
L9P fi fcres cood land 4 ncres In orop., mo?l
lj beeta - acres ood paature Housa
nnd other Improvement. nom- m.i. bin
MB en Water rljrht Thla property is well!
.. ; , locAted nnd will sHI nulck: will accept
( lW Ocden City pro port ns part payment.
. 1'A I 17 ncres pood orchard land, ill In beating
' tr-er, and the price- la $6,000. Some arp
I (king as hlph ns $1,001 per acre for pood
V -Jl or. h.- rd land Sec 'his
M ! 27 acres it Clearfield, no better soil onv-
Where I I ml'e from statu eetnent hiph
KMMl way. Crops show quality of soil: 4 room
H fraine house and other Improvements
H Water stern rlirhl with place, if you
w.int the hcM of land see 'his u Jin.SOn.
Bl nth and Fl.nders. over fommerclal
MConal bank ttM
14.75041,000 CASH will buj ' room mod
LXU crn double npertnn nt houar; paved
Ml f street-, close In; modern convm
v I icncej Snap
1 W0 On terms will buy new up-to-date
H4. ' brick bungalow Largt
fjk Alfred E Stratford, 2250 Wash. Aye
3 n or 23 J ' j
FOR SALE By owner 1 80x182 feet.
huiidinc lot on Twenty fourth street
L "f, block from paemnt. sldewall;. curb put
j 1 tera sewer and pas. lnis paid to ''
J.fmjl Bengali for quirk Bale. Phone ("ha nib vs
Mgff ' Jill!
IV r K & Goo.) five room hous- In good
tflJr i locution 232 Orarit Ave. 'Hi 2
A At jjy CUVM'T.-1 room :nO.-m brick house
Phone 8JS6 1-. 2Zi
W FIVE ROOM, made ol brlel For sale hy
rnvnor about to leave cltj Call after 5 P
m at ir.73 Twenty-fourth SI Bargain on ,
A price nr.n terms if taken at once 33M
M. KPTY acres lm'' m Jfnlfa nt h bn:pn!n
Ml win take in ezchaiife modem bungalow
)r Ogdeti Phonj ieM W
r A gY OWNKR Four' ror.i.1 modern house
1 m Ith f.ieepinp porch i oal and frail '
MH lar. cheap with terms. 2C".l Monro- Ave
Phone ;;47 " 1
KOOMIN''' hon.'e. nine romi r.f ' Mr-
iH nlsbed. for sale ISSVi Twenty-fWth St
THREE acre chicken fnrni. Pno
W. 4
w rt.m F.NT house close Ip on Waah
Inpton avenu- ha? nine two r.nd thixe
MB room apartment' c-'u rid shed In-o-i-
IMS a month Price 11,500. Half caah
Mipht consider pan exchange wx .
Standard BXajnlner 1
ktoit room home, Blei flnp pohea
Phone 8870 11
Til 1 : 11 room i .-;e two lots. o!21 ' 'n
Ion axonue, cheap Terms or cash PI one
l? ACRBS, crop? Impleinenta horaea on
state hlahwav. M mile north Cloarfleld.
Phone ii r l
! BY OWNBR Goeo sixteen room apart-
Ji nrnt house, furnished, sleeping porches,
; C pas ranges, finest location In town. J140
' a month Income. Coed terms Phonf H'2
- j
l a WE have a large list of Irrigated farms
for sale or trade. Write or see WONES
ORISWOLX) INTV CO.. Eurley. Idaho
W. L. PORTER. Real K-tV.e nnd l-.in,
!37C Washington avenuo Phono 1S7G.
Li ( . ER Corn it lot llGxPS f t
Tr-cnt" -second and Reeeo avenue
Phone i-rcfi ttt
BY OWNER Fi vi imiin modern fur
iSJfSS nlshed house 147 Jnmes Court. Phone
j j74 wi
ify - XEW 6 room modi rn brick himc-iVv.
FkK'-jCcS Pull basement, all modern convenience
l I , 25th and Io'a.i 3511
To Buy
HIGHEST prices oald for old clothes
aJpsaW Send a postal New York Clothing 8 ton
Mm, I If 8M Twenti flftli Bt ",vz l
1 PI LLET8 and hena. all apes, phone 1213
Affl(M Western Grain & Feed Co.. 2351 Wash
in pi on Am- 3386
li GOOD medium juztd r-af Railroad Port
I ers and Walters' Club. 151 Twenty filth
' '-t Phone uor, 3320
WK HUV all cars repaidles.s ot conJI
V lion. Auto Salvago . L' 14 S Gran' ve i
j 3197 I
M Miscellaneong
Wf THREE Ohio vacuums In first clnss con 1
QQi dltlon. Jl day Call J, Barlow. 2384 J
UHb ' MCijiiiin. 3 1 .1. i) I'tion. ?1 i:-,.
STOK;E room fo n ni Call An.esto-'r--
ProdurU co Phone Hi''-v w$
forTTent s
Cinj TWO rooms foe hourekecplng. Close in
Xo children Phone I186-.M
FOUR monorn furnlafced roeens for rent
7.'3 23rd St,
two and Bdroom apartments private
LH 1001 J kalsomlned. Close In Phone
toom apart mi-nt. Cai: 26'"i dftms A
2 LARGE rooms Inauire. 27.3 J-fferson
ve Jin month. K$i
2 ROOMS and place for leni.i horses. 2336
I Mudlson Ave 3465
TWO room.-, gas 536 Thlrt) flrii streel
4 ROOMS, modni liuusekeeplng -..Iosl- in
1 Keny - Herrick. 1032
I To Rent 1 1
fflB WANTED 5 room modern unfurnished
IKB house, pood residence district, hv mnn
and wif.- Phone Exchangi 8500 Room s
or BOX 80, Standard Examiner 3434
3 OH I ROOM wnfurnlMn-d house cTTil
Mrs Knowlea Phone -IR6 from S m to
; p- , .-.nt,
U'.WTFD -l or 2 rooms for hOUMkeop
inp, by widower; mechanic Uox 108
S tandard-Exarelner 4$i
' Opportunitie
K FOR RENT or lease, good road house !
i. nl. - llonerv Exr.ll.nl lo. :.tion Parlv
n ho can make ice cream and candy pre
f$M rerred. Ren.sonable t.-rm.s Phone m i i
HB Kaysyllle. Utah. R F. D. No. 1, Box fi2
mmf JZZ
Mil EVERYRODY suffering with pll-H. fistula
ulceration, bleeding or Itching piles, write
'or free- trial, painless pile cure, ft E
JCPj Tarney. San Joao, Cal. 70;
' I FarnUhed 1
TIIRni modi in rcK.ms 22a. Grnnt, 350n
LtA IOE 'ront room, outside entrance
I Piano No chlldr. n LM:- A In m. gjgj
LARGE front room wl'h all mod.-rn COn
venleneea for rent Call cr,c3. 3iin
FIVE ROOM HirnL h. d house for r-nl
."040 Chllds .we. 8498
I ' I ) sl.-Mf.l np rr - .. . i . I). I : In -1 li t: por eli
i lose In. Rhone 1960-R '' 108
FI'RMSIN.l) I oil' 'keiplnfr npartmen's
i by week or month. Gates Hotel. 244fi
; Grunt Ave. 3(66
FIVE ROOM modern apartment no chll
dren. Rhone 8918-J, Applv after 5 pm.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms suitable for fnm
il v or bachelor 2X10! Washington Kin
8 R003J modern apartmem also one
housekeeping room. 365 Twenty-eighth SI
8 1 1 S
MODERN housekeeping apartment.
frioutsl fl.or. 2213 Lincoln Ave 3 444
LARGE iKl room for rout 600 Twenti
fourth St 3101
NEW bouse, furnished or unfurnlahcd in
lulro 370 Thirtieth Sf. 330
yery nirp fumlahed apartment, 4 rooms.
I'lm: i-orrh. bath 27S."; Urunt Ave. 3333
Mil' i RN lion ikerplnc apartments no
children Plasa Apsrthients, 231k Anh
lucton Ave. 8408
FURNISHED housekeeping apn rtmenis.
reasonable ren; 2252'a Washington Ave.
T'. O nicely furnished rooms fnrln Res
, ter Park: s-iitnble for one or two gentle
imen 2456 M idl."on Ave. 3113
TWO-ROOM fumlahed spartmeni for two,
Istilwell apartments, 2785 Grant Ave 839J
ESPECIALLY desirable cool room nt 508
, r i in y tint- I 31 8396
MODERN room for gentleman: close In,
'. J3 r.O per .ek releienres 2341 Adam I
Ai e 8405
. VrRNISHRI epinr room for penile.
' ni.in.4:i Tout' llxj h St 3TTJ
ICOOL room, modern home, close In 315
Twenty-ae ' nth si 8382
' STNGLE or double rooms for slecplnp or
housekeeping 84168 Washington Ave 8361
TTIRF'. ROOM mod. m npnrtments R" ..ne
I 188 or . .ill ut 2539 Qulnc- Ae. 3373
r l NTIT furnish" 1 loom 5C Twr n
I I fonri h St. 83 ' 1
3 R'-'V..'? fiirnltnr. tor :.l.- cheap (lOUSS
f.-.i r.-nl Inoulr. ;,',I5 Lincoln A ', 8135
GENT'S sle. ;'iik poreh end room. P. SSS
tv.'O romu apartment; gaa. 836 Thirty
Hr.'t .'In el 3224
i L'RNISHED apartm'iit 2f3( w.i'Mnr
ton avenue 8190 1
APARTMENT and room TvTI Lincoln. I
room .''..i Twenty tv.ir.i streel 1091
Fi'RNisHEi' or unfurnished apartmenl
for renl. 2343 Washington 8110 i
tvo mini i i from rostofflce Gales Ho I
t 1 '( (' n' nv.rnie 8067
rTTi'ci Twenty-third ri03i
' liREE room furniahed houae l'".t Twen-ty-second
street 3117 1
1 V' U KR Nimneie... in v., i s E'idi;
Cnnvon. I'lione 27S0
MICE Ian modem rooms, brenkfs t if
.'. alsed Reference roqiibc L 3689 Jefter
j :3?TED I
MaieHelo j
TWO first-class bricklayers wantM at
.once. Osdi.i Union wages, etc Rockwell
I Sutton Elko X. y ad 8507
1 2 FIR'T claaa auto meihanica, steady
I work. Choesman Auto Co. 3451
' PLYING 'n elf;ht ereeks f! M. C A
Auto School R." Anc- je 3218
I.I I I b..;, : H-' it. i;.-.t. ' 'Pi
FXPFRIEM'KD f n.-." -i r young I
J man prel n d 521 E. . les Bldg. 3fd2
i . l:l' ;RR ii :,ii.i bm n . b. k- r 1 P
Laundry jMj
. vXnted "j
' Fema1eiep J
(URL wanted for summer, for light house. I
work. No Washing, Good wages. Room I
furnished In cottage. Call at Peerv Camp, i
I Ogden Canyon, or write Mrs. J. S. Peery. I
lean D. 1-1 Peei Ol erj 2,'U'i
;-ANTED Competent woman for hou.
iwork In the canon Phone Mrs Bhlford,
88 i .' 34-'f.
LADY xn'.tress hi'iulr.- K21 II-.. I '
3 179
; ! R I . w 'it. I i : . . -iw . !' ' : i.
KM'l.l il i I :i . ) . 1 1 i it . m t b ' : .
Mlllln.i . 2343 U . btngti.n v ' 1 1 '
IgIRR b,r g. m ral hou.vwurlc. 25';7 T' l r
! Ave Phone 3743. 3331
Male and Tkzle ;
DEWBERRY p.rk.-rfi Ciish or shares
Phone u
MAN or v. oman to take enre of aged man.
Phone M, or 2462 Gre nt A
I Situations i
WILL toko care of children by dav or all i
the Ut...-. Phoni 2333, 3475,
STUDEBAKER touring car for trade for '
mail property. Phone 13 J-3. v ,
wn ..; cow, giving I .gallons milk a day.
Team ti ears old. Y 111 trade for car or i
sell 8X5 35th St 3605
j Tho Lighthouse. 2452 Washington Ave.,
'opposite the piay.ee bank Phone 511
, Prompt service. 3328
Hemstitch 1 1 ik. pi ut . u-, , ,,,,,:, ,,,, -
1 Ing nnd pleating fterond floor W H
, Wright & sons Mrn H. Layman. 11C9
'SECOND hand goodo bought and old T
jC. Iverson, 1640 Washington Phone 49.
WE tnkn your old range :is first pa-ment
on uny new range, or will buy your old
range outright Homo Furniture Co. 46 la
j moKieyTo
TO salaried p.-oplo v.lthout lecurlty to
o'.V'u ?n p!H,n,t'r f"r,"ure. bouus. 'ate
81 1 Hudi on Bldg Phono 2S4. 243
X"!,""1'1 J" '"piovoO tiKl otii
ICelll A- Herrick 77
CANVAS 15x30 between Twenty-i nd
street and Mudlson avenue and Twi irth I
str.-ei. ' run hoi w it. u,,i .-..'I,', I
PI.TIM M br pin j,,,,, TTTT- '
8491 R. Reward.
A RROWM o:,i 1 1 1 ( w . lhli, n nn,, Jjr .
ham On county road. Phone. 1326 J Re !
'r'' , 3378 '
HI NCU ol !.'-. K. linn lo 3ull J. ft, ,
I .hi Ri WO rd ii in
BBTM BBN Ogden and Brigham. Sib
son mandolin In case. Reward Return
to Stands rd Uxamln. r. . .,,
''SI,N,; ' tackle! s.md.-iv ,,,
b.-twe-n 32nd and Weber canyon on Lin
coin Highway. Under return A. W.
1 jo) ie, Uo le Km rilture Howard 8511
RKCEIPT case w Ith i n 1 m a and Train
men receipt. Finder return 10 ticket of
lice, I'nlon depot. No riuesilons asked
ALMOST new davonette nnd chrrlr chenp
31 .0 Lincoln Pn 732 J. ,': 1 0
CHOICK dewb rries delivered, for few
I 'la? a Only. Phone T222 3t'.'2
FRKSH goat and 8 little one for BalO 175
I 33rd St. 3194
CLARK JEWELL gws rnnire ovens on
top; four hole" Rhone 1837-.I 3417
1 WICKKR babv bugg' brass b'lby bel.
kllchen t ihle 1Q7Q 32nd St .3506
RKAI TIFI R blnck fatln dres silver
iace collar, aecordlan pleated bottom,
, never been worn. Sie. 35, will sell rea
isonable. Call at 2430 Wash.. Arlington
1 hotel Room 1 3G04
l'OR SAFE lll.AP On nerount lenv In
J town full sol blacksmith tools, whole or
1 in pnrt. also furniture for 3 rooms: mod '
! rn house: house rent cheap nlso 17 I
good chickens Come take our choice.
Cull nt 'jifij Hudson Ave. 31S4
TWO 3.':xl iire-i. now. t60. In.ii1re Tro j
Lnundry engine room. 3 1S2 !
LEAVING city Must seTi Jjo.i player
piano cheap foi euh. Victrolai also 3 j
room ho-iso. 1121 Tw ent fourt h ,ct. 3173
TR VM nml harnci'.i for sale chenp Phone
8368 R 3 i?n
CANARY bird.x ringers ;T3 T ntv-t i'th
81 ri tr7
(JOOO teom. well matched, ith barn. Sa,
1400 ibs price $250 Inquire Hanaen Feed
1 ..id Call 57 R 3 Stanli 1 3462
1 TWO fresh mllcn cows and four spring
-rs .1 A le Phor.e 3 ' " S
R N ;l". h.-ater gas Mtovc. fumlture 2241
1 Adams Axe. 32S
TON and half LudlOW wagon and double
harness, nRo e..if In. mnre weighing 12e.fl
1 lbs., all in good e,nj,r for s.ile rheap.
8158 Polk Av ,34 2!)
ROUND ii r nge. buffet, gaa stove.
kitchen tabli- good as new Phone 1171 J
H RF horr.opoiver Century motor 1.1 0
830 volts 50-lb n frlgerato-- Call 11-12.
v- I E I LEON . berries r TTiT 737
Twelfth 81 337
R' 1 1 . R top offl 1 desk cheap Phone 3221 .1
, ? 1 1 S
' 800 TOUNG breeding ewe- welph ' ffl 1 1 .
?7 50 Rhone l.il J A Lag, 3377
A PEW goo.) uncalled for suits two pairs
lof p.anls rlth every suit, cheap. Scotch
W..oI- n M 1!. j-I'-'i W , blligt.-ii . ': 1 1
2 BOYS' and 2 men's bicycles in a 1 1 on
dltlon. cheap, also expert bicycle repair
wrork. 33 11 Childa Am- 2 3:. 3
1 VLMOST new blc-rle. also a cream sep'i
rator Call 817T-J, 8363
. SED very IK'le two way OliVBT plow,
two section harrows, one hand cultivator,
two sets work hoipcsr. 137 Twrntv-flfth
.ARAGE for wile. C:,; af'er 4 p ni 173
Poplar Ave. 8851
VRCF.SSARV artlclrs for sale oil stove, j
hnrness, tugs, collar?, tr.ansoms Phone,
1830 ' 3325
2 OOOD milch cows 22" Harrison Ave
PI one 8997 M. 8334
CHERRIES I cen1 pt r pound if on piek
them Phone S R I. H B child. Rlverdnle
3322 .
1 r'Y grnnd p'.ono S7f'0, nnd ras range !
" 8340
HARTF-R Otik range cheap Ml Twen I
j aeoond Bl
'PIN'i ref nger-i tor nnd vacuum cleaner.
If" T-a 1,1 ,,'ni ! .- I'll. - -1 ' - 1 I
HOSE counter, m-cycle, amokeatack,
Ictiuera. liipod. sureyor's tnje I'. 333
I'lipsr v,:-r Harnesaas, 1087 Twi Ifth
I on 2798 8248
WILL sell or rent at a bargain, nickel
I slot electric piano. Pantone. Twenty
ninth and Hudson. 317"
CALLED foi- ni't. A few o. tho .
excellent Dundee tailored suits, various
sites, one frock: selling at cost. Dund-
Woolen Mills. Hudson Avenue. 3'i",9
1 'H i:RRIF.S M S7 Twi llth sir. . t Phone
2798 8173
CANARY bud... 2:20 Llfnobi in.ru
PIANOS and other m.islcal Instntmerts.
Terms without Interest. Pantone. 874
H ' I son 903
I NCAI RFl' lor puUm tedor made: hlu
reduction. Gordons, 211-2j Twenty-f'f h
Bt Rhone 419. 1U7
Buy your paint nt Stowe's and nave
money lbOO ashinfcton avenm Phone
68C-J. 1318
Information Bureau
ANYTHING Ni.w or Old
ANVTHING A to Znrw er old
; bought, sold pr traded Phone 333
Bramwell Hook end Stationery. ?3CJ
I Washington Av 1 hone 3C0. 2058
Utah Katltonal Bunk, southeast comer
Twenty -fourth and Washington Phono BL
Dr. Hehcr .1 McKay, Chiropractor 212
Col Hudson Building 3243
I I". Stmpplck, carpenter and Jobber 158
Twenty third St phono 1018 3-122
K. Van Kampen for upholstering, tur
rets cleaned altered and laid Remaking
of mattreseca. Phone
Rxpert carpet ck-aning. mattress reno-viititiu-
ujihol uerlfig Ji nd t .rings re
Btretchedl, Cal' K. J. Hampton Co..
reathei renovating Phone 2586-w.
Rhone 13J. 2-'C-&u Washington Ave
Mo'subu & 'Jo., leading Japanese res-
r tit )n Ogde-i 273 2 jt h St.
DREfiSMAICNC and allk shirts made to
order. Phone 1095 M C22 Thirtieth St
'2753 I
iiu,i.ur a newing mono iiu zmn
j Manroo Ave. 2Hi0
The hTew M. thod Dentists re special
ists In all branches of Dentistry J4W
waahlngton Ave. ajon
Ogden Engraving Service Co . makers
01 fine cut In one or mora rolora 411
Twenty-fourCi street Phono 463.
Geo. D. Dennett, corporation nnd group
Insurance a SPQI laity. Phono 121-W. 1614
1 Alex. H Moves, resident ngent New York
I Life Insurance Co. 44J Rlnford avenue
Phone 1407 and 1677 w 28C7
Western Hide A Junk Co . 2S23 Wuh
1 Intrton Ave. Phone 8i1.
1 Ogdm J jnk liou-o, 20&9 Washington
I c Phone 210
paper hanqing
Paper hanging, painting, kalsomlnlng.
paper cloanlng Reasonable. 3220 R
VS'lllnrd Kay. real est.ala and loons
2471 Wushftigton Ave Phone, 409. Ib74
Garbage ai.d rubblnh hauled cesspooli
ond tolleti cleaned. John Chlpp & Go
Phono 828, 2348 Hudaon Avenue. 6732
Trunk and bag. reiilrlnir round cor
ner from Standard. Gallachur n. .'S73 Hud
ccn 2111 ,
EXPERT window and wall paper clean
ing. American Window Cleaning. Ph. C3I I
I Board and Room
BOARD and rooms: large unfurnished1
room for rent. 8148 Jofforeon A Phone i
1M8 M. 33JJ '
SEVEN R.OOM .rick house, modern with
basement. 607 Chester St. 3.r. 12
1 n pupil out of 60 In tho United
stut. y.i eventually gruduatis from col
lege. 1
Il truck, 1 Blaxwell roadster Thone
3f-, Srovlllo Papei Co 3 17S
INDIAN motoreycle, 1917, 3 speed, fully
equipped: In perfect condition A bargain
, Inquire at Indian Ajengj j 18 I
Rulck Touring. C passcngor
I Studebakcr. 7paaaenger touring.
Chalmers touring. 5-passenger.
Chalmers touring 7 passenger
Hupmohlle molel N. 5-passongcr.
OIJsrnohl eoupe.
Case touring
Oadlllnc 8. touring
Nash 2-ton truck.
Studabaker 1 ton truck.
All In first clnss mechanical condition
220(1 A"ashlngion Ave Ogdm I'tnh
MIT' HRLL Six tc trade for motorcci
with side .-ar 32fil M. 333S
FOR SARK Hv owner Good famllv nuto
chenp Phone 1427, 3359
SEVEN-PASSENGER Cadillac touring
ar In excellent condition. Cheap. 818
Twenty fifth 81 331)
E-PAS8ENOBR Overland car a-i condi
tlon. SHle cheap Ov nor leavlnp town Box
20, lfon Rane 336
FORD ton truck In good condition Cush
Ion and pneumatic tires Cheap for cash
23' Washington 2912
RIGHT Cadillac truck, 19H. Hudson
Studobaker 1517 New Franklins First
class nuto shop Barlow Brothers, 24t;;
Grant n venue 9f.9
ti nan r 1 cn u . , . - . . x
Arrow. In excellent condition will guar
antee. I nr ed th n oney, that Is the ron
ton you ran buy the biggest bargain In
Ogden Apply aftei 3 p. ni at lKr. 27tb
, Bj 3413
1 --...-.9ALNOTICi
State of Ftr.h. Offlr 01 State Rond Corti
I mission. Salt Lake Cltj ' 'nh
! Sealed bido be rt elved by the
State Road 1 ommlsslon of t'tah Stats
' a pita I Salt Uk" Cllv, fab nt 2 o dork
P m. July 27 !9?0. and nl ihnt time
publi.l openee?. for grndint.- Uld con
i.-.truoting nn otphteen foot (IS foot) hltu
mlnoua eoncrete roadwaj on the t-, t.
road between "gden and Huntevllle, ft dls
jtance of 7 3! miles In Weber County,
I8tate of Utah, the snnie bring designated
as Rtah Federal Aid Proje. 1 No 3".
Plans and specifications are on file n
the office of the State Road f'ommlsslon.
iSnlt Lake ru . ,1, an( the office of
I Bureau of Public Road? 108 Hudson1
I Building Ogden, CI it.
! The above plana and specif lea tlona may
be obtained at th' office of the Stat'.
Road '"ommlsslon on depositing Five
I ($5.00) Dollars. Any addittonnl Informa
tion nia be secured from the State High
wi Engineer nt Salt Rake City Utah
The right to reject nm or all bids Is re
Cash or certified rheck for Five Thou-1
sand Dollars (J5000 00) made payable to 1
the I'tah State Road Oommiaslon must ac- 1
company each bid as evidence of good J
faith and as a guaranty that If awnrcle,)
the contract, the bidder will execute the
contract and give bond as required
8 acre tar; 3 4 St
Ogden Petroleum Co., prlmlr.-i place of :
business. Ogden, I'tah.
Thre are drllno,ucQt on the following
describecT stocks on account of assess- 1
I ment No 11 levied on the 22nd day of
May, R20. the several amounts set oppo
site the names of the respective share
holders, as follows:
No. Shares Amoun'.
Allen. E. J 440 inon $ .j On
Abbott, O. H C81 1000 .".no
Abbott. Q. H 683 1000 5.0)
Brandon M. H f5 "II 3.55
Bj bee, Ehnma ".l 1 100 ;im
Ranchman, Fmll ....376 500 2.6'
Child. Mrs. C. C 657 f.OOO 30.00
Child. Mrs. C. C 462 2000 10 00
Combe, James 64S 100 5. CO
Davis. F C 313 250 l 2i
Davis. W. B. 342 500 2.50
Do vie. A. B. 520 500 2.50
'Doyle. A. B 671 250 1 25
Francis. Frank 20 4000 20 00
iFnrr. R. W 472 1000 6.00
Fan. C. L. 454 500 2.50
jFarr. C. L 631 400 1.2S
'j.-nsen. David 47 1000 5.00
Jensen. David 325 3000 IS.Ofl
! Jacobs E. H. 140 250 1 Ifi
Jones R. M. 631 lOOo 5.00
Karadl.nos, Tom 262 1000 5.00
Light. Llllle . ,.446 100 .50
IMcOormlck. J L. ...304 1000 5.00
MrBrldo. Helen 601 200 1.00 1
Powell. S C 256 500 .8 50
iPldcock. J W. 660 1500 7 5.1
Perrln. Thos. D 623 1000 6.00;
Perrln. Thos. D 623 1000 5,00
Sorenson. Nels 67 2000 10 03'
Sorenion H N 271 350 1 7.'.
Wysong, Mattlo 170 500 2 50
'Wllron. W M . ..688 217. 1.5S
And In accordam-e with law so ninny of
each parcel of such stock as may be nee
essary will be Bold at the olice of the
icompony, No 364 Twenty fourth Street.
' Ocden. Ftth. on the 23rd day of Jul.
, 1 320. at the hour of twelve o'clock noon
. to puy tho delinquent assessments, to
gother with the cost of advertising und
'expense of sale.
Secretarj' Treasurer.
P. S. The above dellnepients nre pay
able to the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer.
:J R. Hlneholiffe. at the Plngre. National
iBank, before the above mentioned dale
Notlcu Is hereby given that Ogden City
1 proposes to make the following public Im
provement, to wit Construct pavement In
.Paving District No. 133. together with
j work incidental thereto, according to
plans, specifications and profiles on file
in the office of the City Engineer. And
scaled bids are Invited for said work and
will be received at tho office of the City
Recorder In the City Ilnll at Ogden. 1 lah.
1 until ten o'clock, a m . on the 29th day
of July. 1920. Instructlona to hldders.
plana and specifications for said Improve
ment can be seen nnd ramlned nt tho of
flee of the City Engineer In the City Ha. I
of said city.
The right Is reserved to reject any ond
all bids and to walvt any defect.
By order of the Board of Commission
crs of Ogden City, Utah, thin, the 8th day
of July, 1920.
City Recorder.
First publication. JuR- 9. 1920
Iuit publication. July 28, 1920.
Published in tho Ogden Standard
Examiner 1411
Cfllltlllt County Clerk or the Respec
tive Signers for Further
In tho District Court of the Second Judi-
clal District. In and for Weber Count .
Slate of I tah.
In Ro Application of Frank Hasson to
Change His Name lo Frank on Mobr.
The petition of Frank Hason. pra Ing
that the court make nnd enter its d. .
permitting him to change his name from
Fronk Hasson to Frank Von Mohr will
tie belli 1 l)V I rpll 1 I llieflt 2 Of SO id COUM
on Monday, the 2nu day of Auguat, 1320,
at 10 a. in., in the court room of ald
court, at Ogden City, I'tah.
Witness m ha!id nnd the seal of this
court hereunto affix. 1 this 29th doy at
June. R)2U.
WALTBR N. FARR. f'lerk
C. R nORRi.NOSWORTU. Attorney for
Petit oner.
Estat" of Leona a. Rpton, deceaaed.
Creditors will present claims with
VOUChera to the undersigned nt tho ofllce
lof S. T. Corn. No. 311 312 First Notional
I Bunk bulldlnir. gilen. I 'tah. on or bo
fore the seventh doy of September, A, D.
1 1920.
henry c. UPTON. Administrator.
COLFAX, Wash., July 1.3. A half
block of the business . tlon of Colfax
whs destroyed by flru pf unknown ori
gin estrrdi Richard .Man;rd.
wounded overa u veteran, waa badly
burned Aurlng the blasfl "hen he fell
Into a mass of live wires.
The damage a estimated at $00,000.
FI OKNE. re., July 13. Eugene's
largest department store was almost
completely iiostroicii yesterday inn
flee of unknown origin, whloh did
dumage eatluiatod at cloae to $100,000.
Scattered Dealings Make Up
Bulk of Trading On Salt
Lake Exchange.
The demand for mlnlnp stocks this
j morning on the Salt Lake Stock &
Mining Exchange was jul"t with
prices 6iayti,g about steudy. New
Qulncy was the most active stock of
, the day, 15.500 shares chaivglnr; hands
at S and 6',4c, Tlntlc Standard, which
has been very active for the past few
i days, quieted down to a certain extent,
I only 100 shores being sold at S3 . 30.
Columbus Rexall sold at 4 and
I 4 8 ',4c Crown Point brought 3c, Howell
I changed hands hi 7c, New Qulncy was
very active at 6 and fiVic, Eureka
Mines brought 0 4c, Prince Con was
steady around 30 4 and 31c, Silver
Rlnrr Con went :tt Jl 55, Silver Shield
Sold at .10c and Zuma changed hands
I at 18 Vac
: (Ctiotaiimts i'im ins)), , oer prlva&S
wlrt of J. A. Hugh' . Co.,
Koclee Building.)
Bid Abk.
' Alta Con $ . 05 $ . 06
Alblon OCVa -08
lAltu Tunnel 04 V 06
j Heaver Copper .00 4 01
Rig HIM 02 4 "3 ,
I Rig 'ottouwood 01 j
; Bullion . . . .02 .03Va
Black Metals 05 4 S
Columbus Rexall ... .44 . 4 . 4
i ri.wn Point 03 ,'3 V
Colorado Con. ..... .034 -05 1
Central Eureka 01 01 V-j 1
Cardiff . 1.25 1.85
j Dragon con , . .10 .20
I Daly West 4.15 4 75
East Crown Rolnt ... .03 .024!
East Tin. Coal 01 .03
Lorn Tin. C In 08
Eureka Mines 064
Eurrka Lily 07 .09
Eureka Bullion 0S4 .10
Bknma Silver 07 .07 Vi
Empire Minos 04 1
JoId Chain O6V3 .10
Grand Central 35 .47 '
Howell 07 - .07 V4
Iron Rloasoiu 6 .30
Iron King 23 .25
Judge -lining 3 -50 5.00
Kennebeo 11 . '( 2
Keystone 75 . SG
Leonora 01 01j,
Lehl Tlntlc 08 Vi .0ta
May Day 04 .02-
.Miller Hill T 02 I
.Mammoth ........ .30 .76
.MR higari-l'tah 024 .03Vii
North Stan .'ii-1 .04 4
Now Qulncy 06 4 .05 4
pohongo 00 4 -01
V', H.I el,.. r- ? r. 1C
Riutus 31 . . 35
1 Prince Con 30Vi .32
jl'tovo 04 .04 4
i Raloma 01
RlCO Argentine 02
Rico Wellington . .. .164 -23
Sells 05 4 -06
811. King Coaln .... 1 60 1.62 4
811 King Con 1.50 1.62 4
Sioux Con 034 -04
Soulh Hocla. 95 1.00
outh Standard 17 .20
,i!er Snleld 29 .30
Tar Baby 03 4 .04 4
Tlntlc Central 02 .02 4
Tlntlc Standard .... 3.30 3.35
Utah Cons 01 .014
Unele Bam 004 .03
Victor 04
Lnlon Chief 05
aal Toledo 04 .05
U'ulker S.15 3.50
Wood lawn 08 .10
Yankee 02 .09
Zuma 18 .184
Lmplre Copper 30 .40
OimniIiij; Sales.
Columbus KOXSJI 100 at 48 4c.
Crown Point 1000 at 3c.
New Qulncy 10,000 at 5c.
Eureka Mines 2000 at 54c.
Prince Con. 1500 at 31c; 200 at
31 'jC
fculver King Cou. 100 at $1.55.
sioux Mines 2000 at 34c.
I Silver Shield 600 at 30c.
j South Standard 100 at 20c.
Tlntlc Standard lOo at $3.80.
Closing s.il.
Columbus Rexall lou at 4S4c; 100
at 48c.
Howell 2000 at 7c
Iron liloasom 200 at 30c, 100 at
.New Qulncy 6000 at 6 4c.
Sella 500 at 5c
Zuma 600 at 184c.
CHICAGO, July IS. Absence of uny
(ports of actual damage from blacK
1 ust In the spring wheat belt tended
today to check bullish sentiment re
garding corn. The corn market was
'also bearlshly affected by prospects
ot larger receipts of uub tiers; On the
'other hand, estimates were current
that owing to black rust the spring
wheat yield would be reduced 21,000,
000 bushels compared with the July
! outlook Opening prices, which arlod
itioin the same as yesterdays finish
to "gc lower, with September $1,58 4
i 1 58 and December fl.42 to 1.
42 4. were followed by a moderate up
turn and then by a sag below the Ini
tial level.
Oats wore relatively much weaker
trum corn, Alter opening 4 to lc
down. Including September at 79 4 to
7y'T(c, the market rallied a little and
then declined lower than before
Provisions reflected setbacks In the
value of hugs and grain. Selling, how
ever, was nut urgent.
CHICAGO, July 13. (United States
r&nroau of Markets) Cattle Receipts
1 1.000; yearlings and handy weight
Kteers strong to 10c higher, top $17 -l
.. , hASVy slow; best grassers strung,
others druggy, bulk steers, all weight.
J 1 3 . 00rr 16 . 7 6; good she-stock and
butcher bulls strong, others and stock
ors steady; calves strong.
Hogs Receipts 3 6,000; generally 15
to 26c lower; light off most, bulk light
and light butchers $ 15 . 60 ft 16 . 10 :
hulk 250 pounds and over lf,76fi
15 60; pigs strong to 25c higher; bulk
Sheep Receipts 11,000; market
slow, mostly steady; very guod west
iern lambs $16 00; top native lambs
$16 00; bulk 116. 00O16. 00; choice;
heavy native ewes $8. 26; bulk fat I
bwaa $S . 00& 8 . 25; choice fat owes up
to $13.76.
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. July 18.
tl'nltd Slates bureau of Markets.)
Cattle Receipts 1700; beef steers
steady to 26c lower; top $16.75; best!
heavies $16.60. she-stock and bullB:
mostly 25c lower; calves 60c lower,
bulk vealers lll.OO01S.OO; feeders 1
Steady; uarantlno receipts 77 cars.
Hogs Receipts DOoO; market loft
15c lower; top $15.86; bulk heavies'
ond mediums $15.40(18.50; bulk
light $16.00 15.60.
BllSSP Receipts 4000; shoop :
Steady; native ewes $7.50. lambs fullx j
26c higher; top natives $16.86; bulk
good and choice $15 00 or abOVS
NEW YORK. July 13 Copper, Iron,1
tin. antimony unchanged.
Lead firm; spot offered at 8.75c.
Zinc firm; Eant St. Louis delivery I
spot 7.80c bid, 8.00c asked.
At IxHidon- Spot copper fSO 17s
6d; electrolytic 106; tin 1266 6a; lead
1341 15s, zinc 'J0 12su J
! mm. uracils
Irregular Course of Oils Fea
tures Activities of Rising
NEW YORK, July 13 Substantial
recoveries from yesterday's weak close
accompanied the active opening of to
day'a Stock market OUh Mt.-els and
. ulpmenta were the conspicuous lead
ers. Roya Dutch, Mexican and Pan-
Imerlcan Petroleums, Crucible Rep-
' lcgle and lialdw ln gaining 1 to 1 "o
points. Canadian Pacific and R-u.dlrig
again represented the firm to strong
rails with Bt Paul preferred and St
I I.ouls and San Francisco. Backward
features included the shippings, t op
pers, tobaccos aift chemicals. Buying
I of United States Steel lifted the gen
eral list to higher levels within tho
flist half hour
Alternate setbacks and recoveries
featUrSd the Inilflnl of thp tiirnnnnn
Extensions to early gains were made
l steels, equipments and oils, but
those aiid aiflllated shares reacted
sharply when Houston ii fell six
points On the subsequent rally mnny
l.iaspji w-ei largely regained, motors
and their speclatles participating In
the Improvement with shippings. The
money market was unchanged, call
loans opening at eight per cent on
freer otforlngs. In the bond market
Belgian 7 4s made a now high record
:t 100 4 and the new Swiss govern
msnt Sh Just llbted sold at 102
Pools became more active in oils at
tnlddiiy. Pan-American and Mexican
Petr im making extreme gulns of
o'rj and 6 points respectively, while
Houston recovered Its six point loss
and .m additional 3 points. Thee
movements were Ignored by the gen
eral list, Siec-ls, equipments and rails
XEW YORK, July 13. Mercantile
pi.pei unchanged.
ISxoliange easy; sterling Demand
$3.D3. cables $3.93.
Francs' Dcmanu 8.35c; cables
Belgian francs: Demand S 95c, ca
bles 8.97c.
QUtlders; Demand 35.25c. cables
Diie: Demand 5 94c, cables 6.06a.
Murks; Demand 2.6flc; cables
New York exchange on Montreal
12 per cent discount.
Time loans strong, all dates 8 '- per
firm; centrllugal 18 . 56c; reilned
ru .ni . tip., granulated 22 . U'J v 24 n"t
Fuiurea were quiet early and trad
ing wus conllnea to the September
position which was 25 points lower
iihan lost night's closing level at rmd
day, under liquidation.
Sugar futures closed steady; sales
30y tons. September 17.45c',3 Octo
ber 17.10c, December 15.S5c; Ja..u-
jary U.ouc; March 19.25c
OMAHA, Neb., July 13. (United
States Bureau of Marketa.) Hogs
Receipts 10,000; market 10c lower,
bulk $1 . I'll i& 14 . 50; top $15.40.
Cuttle Receipts 4400. market gen
erally steady on all grades; best beeves
16 25.
Sheep Receipts 10.000; killing
classes generally 5c higher; good and
choice range Ui.-ibs $16 00tjl6 25.
best wethers $8.76.
NEW fORKi July 13. Pinal prices
loday were:
3 Via 91.16. first 4s S6.10; second
I; 86. SO; first 4 Us 96.40. second 4s
96.64; third 4 Us 89.10; fourth 4 Us
86,76. Victory 3 "us 95 '.'4. ictory
4 Us 96.00.
MINNEAPOLIS. July 13 Flour un
, .nged to 20c higher; In carload lots,
; family patents quoted at $14 .20 to
14.40 a barrel in 98 pound cotton
1 sacks.
Bran $49.00.
CHICAGO, July 13. Potatoes
: weaker, receipts 82 cars, Virginia cob
blers $13 76 fj 14.25 barrel, southern
triumphs $7.00 cwl.; central cobblers
and ealy 1 Milos $7 .00.
NEW STORK, July 13 Bar sliver,
domestic, unchanged; foreign 93 Vac.
Mexican dollars 70
LONDON, July 13. Bar silver
1 53 Sd por ounce.
Money unchangod.
Discount rates unchanged.
Amsi. Sugar $ 14.00 $ 14.25
Con. Wagon 102.00 104.00
Cement Securities 119.001
Utah-Idaho Sugar 8 50
Lion Coal 65.00 76 . 00 i
Lion Bonda 91.00
Amal, Sugar pfd. ... 100.00 102.76
Mutual Creamery 11. on
,d. a Port. Cement 95.1SJJ
Flist Natlonsl Bank. 330 00 I
Ellison Ranching 130.00'
Beeurlty State Bank. 160 00 165.00
IZ. C. M. 1 . . 33 .00
Ooddanl Packing 5.00
Utah Power & Light 94.00
Sup. Rk. yptrs. Coal 117.60
CHICAOO, July 13.
Open High Low Close
I Corn
Sept. $1.5SU 1 59U 166 1.56
'Doc. 1.42 1.43 4 1.40 1.41 94
Sept. .79', .80 .78 U .78U
Dec .77 Vj .77 Ti .767 .76 4
July 28.02
S pt. 80.00 80 DO 29 25 29.60
Sept 19.50 19.65 19.26 19.80
't 19.78 19. S7 19.57 19.62
July 16.40
Sept. 17.50 17 50 17.80 17.30
BERKELEY. Cel.. July 13. The
western district of the American
physical educutlon association com
prising the Mtatoa of California, Ore
gon, Washington. Nevada, Montana,
Idaho, Wyoming Utah and Arizona,
will convene at tho University of Cali
fornia Wednesday for a u.ieo day ses-'
slon. Jay B Nash of Oakland, will '
preside Among the speakers will bs
Dr. William Burdlck of Baltimore.!
Pruf Edna A. Cocks, of Oregon Agri
cultural college; Clark W. Hetherlng-j
ton. state Miprvsor of physical edu-l
ration; Dr. Berths Stuart of Reed
college. Demonstrations will bo con-,
ducted by the Play School of the Unl-'
vi rlty of California summer nesslon.
Where 800 children are enrolled.
A Buropean florist has found thati
plants can bo forced by Immersing
1 heir leaves and branches in hot water J
while tho earth is kept dry. '
(Last Sale)
Allts-Chalmcrs , 37
American licet Sugar 91
American Can ........ 4 1
American Car A Foundry 135 U 11
American Hide A Leather pfd... 86
American International Corp. . . 86
Amorlcun Locomotive 100
American Smelting & Refining. . 61 kk
American Sugar . 125'
American Sumatra Tobacco . . 89
American T. & T 93 U
American Woolen S7
Anaconda Copper gfJU
Atchison so U
Atl., Gulf & W. Indies 158 ,
Baldwin Locomotive 118
Baltimore & Ohio 3 'j
Bethlehem Steel "B" 89 1
Canadian Pacific ...129i
Central Leather .' 64
Chandler Motors 100
Chesapeake & Ohio 54 H
Chicago, MU & St Paul 34 V
Chicago. R. I. & P 37 U
Chlno Copper 30
Colorado Euel & Iron 34B
Corn Products . ... $Z7b
Crucible Steel 153 U
Cuba Cane Sugar 61 U
K"" 13V H
General Electric 140B
General Motors 86 T
Goodrich Co 62
Groat Northern pfd 70
Great Northern Ore ftfs 36 u
51', H
Inspiration Copper 50 U
Int. Mer. Marine pfd- . D3U
International Paper g&i l
Kennecott Copper 26
Louisville & Nashville 100 B
I Maxwell Motors .. 23V.B
Mexican Petroleum loif
Miami Copper .214
Middle States .Oil 21 4i
Mldvale Bteet ad
'Missouri Pacific 26
'New York Central 61U
N. Y., N . II & Hartford 30 -s
I Norfolk & Western j,a u H
( Northern Pacific 11 iH
'klahornu Prod. & Ref 4 U H
1 Pan Amorican Petroleum 105U
; Pennsylvania .. .v u H
People s Gas 33 H
Pittsburg & West Va 80 HB LH
l Bay Consolidated Copper 16 ft H
I Reading . . 90 H
I Rep. Iron & Steel 93 u iH
Dutch .N. Y 114A H
8hel Trans. &-Trad 76 H
Sinclair Con. OH 31 H
1 Southern Pacific 94 H
Southern Railway 29
( Standard Oil of N J, pfd 105 LH
Siudebaker Corporation 72U L
.Tennessee Copper 10 kV
Texas Co LH
Texas & faclflc 41? H
Tobacco Products CS Va
j Transcontinental OH i5-yt
Union Pacific m
, U. S. Food Products 6S killlllS
C S. Retail Stores 77 ffH
U. S. Ind. Alcohol 914 sBBBsfl
j United States Rubber 90 iH
; United States Steel 92 iH
Utah Copper 67 '-j H
W'estinghouso Electric 49 H
Willy s overland 19 H
American luc. Lead and Sm. . . 14 Vi
Butte & Superior 22Vs
Cala. Petroleum 32 H
Montana Power 59
Shattuck Arizona sb
CHICAGO. July 13. Wheat Ne. 1 lkV
Corn No 2 mixed $1.59 1.62; No iSSSSSSSV
2 yellow $1 60 V-7 1 . 03. 1
Oats No. 2 white 11 .06 ft 1 . 08: kV
No 3 white $1. 03 1.05 ft. 1
Rye No 2 $2. 33 & 2.34. kfiiiiiV
Barley $1.20 1.32. H
Timothy seed $10.00 12 00 LS
Clover seed $25 . 00 35 . 00. LH
Pork nominal. tH
Lard $18.65.
Ribs $16. 00 17. 00.
00 IlilllllV
i H
LONDON. July 13. The council of Lm
the league of nations has decided to
refer tho question of the Aland
Islands to a commission of thrne tn-
j ternational Jurists, who will bo nom-
inated by the president of the league.
, The Swedish and Finnish govern- H
I ments have agreed to abstain from H
I any action likely to aggravate tho
situation, pending the decision of the j
VIENNA, July 13 The Hungarian
boycott continues. Thf workmen as
sort that the country is sealed tight.
The Austrlans charge that the Hun- H
girlan .'.Idlers are kidnaping girls
and mistreating women In the frontier
MADRID. July 12. Admiral Floras,
-former mln'.ucr of marine, died her
yesterday morning.
Admiral Flores early in the present
year offered his resignation because
of dissatisfaction over the naval
budget. When he retired his port
folio was temporarily taken over by
mier SsJaxar,
MADRID. July 13. The residence LL
of tho duko of Blvona, In this city.
was destroyed by fire today. Tho H
valuable furniture and historic objects
of art were saved. No one of tho H
duke's household was Injured.
In February last Italian peasants
sacked the residence of the duke of
Blvona nt Hihcra, after having dls
armed the soldiers and wounded a
carabineer. The duke was comnsllad bbbbh
I to sign a paper ceding his land to
ih." pi Afterwards, the duko H
was permitted to leave. A sensation
was created In Spain by the attack
on the ducal residence
ROME July 13 A despatch to the
Tempo from Corleso Portlcor.i ro
th. it thr . persons, inciting
a Utile girl. Were killed and several
persons injured Sunday during a con
(Hot between, the police and a crowd
which was carrying out a. demonstra
tlon in opposition to the rationing
of bread.
MEXICO CITY. July 13 Work
men to the number of 60.000 will
participate in a demonstration In
honor of provisional President do 1a
Htlsrts on July 25, It was announced
today The workers will thank tho
president for his attitude on labor
MEXICO CITY, July 18. Mexico
will send a delegation to represent
the government at the celebration of
tho centennial of Peruvian lndepend
once next July.
00 1 ssssss
Grent Britain, Denmark and Nor
way have enacted unemployment in
siirnnco laws.
jflHrjiiearq I
oodin salt lams.

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